The Top 5 Real Estate CRMs to Grow Your Real Estate Business

All real estate professionals share a mutual goal: to get and convert more leads, thus, grow their real estate business.

But we know it’s easier said than done: leads may not be ready to buy; need time to nurture the idea; and coordinate their desire to purchase.

That’s why all real estate professionals need a customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM system helps you keep your customers’ contact details up to date, track every interaction they have with your business, and manage their accounts.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top five CRM systems that you can use for your real estate business, including:

● Top Producer
● Followup Boss
● HubSpot
● Contactually
● Wise Agent

Like all software, it will have its pros and cons: usability, cost, etc. But after reading this article, you should know which CRM system is right for your real estate business.

Top Producer

Top Producer is a CRM system built specifically for real estate professionals and is undoubtedly one of the most popular CRM systems in the industry.

And rightfully so: Since its release more than 20 years ago, Top Producer has consistently added new features and integration – all tested and proven by the real estate industry – that help real estate professionals increase leads and sales.

We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of the Top Producer CRM system below.

Top Producer has a low startup cost. Top Producer has three plans: Top Producer Transaction Bundle; Conversion Bundle; and Top Producer Bundle. The recommended plan – Top Producer Bundle – is only $100/month and includes all the features you need in an efficient CRM system.

Top Producer includes many helpful products included in its CRM system. Top Producer products include:

● Top Producer CRM: allows you to get better organized, build relationships and keep in touch with past customers to generate repeat and referral business.
● Market Snapshot: allows you to create agent-branded neighborhood reports and listing alerts with market statistics, school and community information.
● Reesio: helps you simplify your sales cycle, manage transactions seamlessly from start to finish, and build customer satisfaction and referral business.
● FiveStreet: allows you to consolidate your leads into a single view, then automatically send personalized responses helping you to be the first to make the connection.

Your access to these products will vary by the plan that you choose.

Top Producer has an outdated interface. The functionality is there; however, because the interface does not feel up-to-date, it can be unpleasant to use. Therefore, the learning curve could be steep for some customers.

Top Producer may have too many features for some customers. Some CRM systems pride themselves on providing only a few, strong features. Not Top Provider: it gives you everything you could need for your CRM system and more. For real estate professionals with lots of experience with CRMs, this is a pro. On the contrary, new real estate professionals may find the number of features overwhelming.

Followup Boss

Follow Up Boss

Followup Boss, like Top Producer, is a CRM system built specifically for real estate professionals and is designed to help real estate teams distribute and contact leads.

One of Followup Boss’s most appealing features is its ability to see where your leads are coming from: an essential feature to help you determine where to allocate your marketing efforts.

We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of the Followup Boss CRM system below.

Followup Boss includes easy automation. Automation is essential element to an efficient CRM system: Instead of having to spend your time manually contacting all of your contacts, Followup Boss has automatic text and email notifications for the agents assigned to the lead. This is a great way to save more time to get more leads.

Followup Boss includes many lead integrations. Lead sources are essential to your CRM system because it allows you to see where your leads are coming from. Followup Boss integrates with the top lead sources, such as Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin, so you can capitalize on your best lead sources (and improve your efforts on low-converting lead sources).

Followup Boss has a high monthly cost. Followup Boss has four plans: Team, Established, Growth, and Expansion. The recommended plan – Established – is $199/month, while the remaining plans cost as much as $499/month. Therefore, unless you run a team of agents, Followup Boss is likely not the best CRM system for you.



HubSpot is a fairly new CRM system. It is not created specifically for real estate professionals, however, because it’s free, it is great for new real estate professionals.

We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of the HubSpot CRM system below.

HubSpot is a free CRM system. That’s huge for new real estate professionals who need a CRM to quickly organize their new contacts. Despite the free cost, you don’t lose any of the core functionality of a CRM: you can organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers.

HubSpot is not designed specifically for real estate professionals. Because the HubSpot CRM system is not designed specifically for real estate professionals, it does not include several features that are essential to real estate professionals, including automated texting, drip sequences, and real estate CRM specific contact tags. Nonetheless, you can still track your conversations and move prospects through the process.


The Contactually CRM system is a fairly new CRM, released in 2011. It’s designed specifically for real estate professionals and is the best CRM for real estate professionals that are looking for easy onboarding.

And it has a simple goal: to ensure you contact people frequently, thus, increase your chances of turning leads into conversions.

We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of the Contactually CRM system below.

Contactually helps you focus on the main activities. Instead of bombarding you with all of the features simultaneously, Contactually has designed its CRM to ensure you focus on the most important element: getting through your daily contact activities.

Contactually can make it difficult to craft custom messages. Contactually prides itself on making easy to communicate with people quickly and easily. However, it has it pitfalls: the focus on brevity can make it difficult to craft custom funnel messages.

Wise Agent

The Wise Agent CRM system is designed specifically for real estate professionals and provides all the features real estate professionals need to succeed.

We’ve reviewed the pros and cons of the Wise Agent CRM system below.

Wise Agent consolidates your email, calendar, and tasks all in one place. That means you can forget the days of having to bounce between several different applications – a big time saver so you can spend more time getting and converting leads.

Wise Agent is available at a low cost. At only $27/month, Wise Agent gives you all the features you need at a low cost.

Wise Agent marketing materials look outdated. Outdated marketing materials may be a deterrent to real estate professionals trying to portray a modern brand.

Think deeply about the CRM system you need for your real estate business.

Are you new to the business? If so, you likely need a CRM system with easy onboarding and a low start-up cost, like Wise Agent or HubSpot. Are you busy with dozens of leads and need to automate your tasks? Followup Boss may be the best CRM system for you.

You know your real estate business best: take time to review the CRM systems, then grow your real estate business with confidence.

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