The Realities of Becoming A Luxury Agent in 2023 With Gary Gold of Beverly Hills

The Realities of Becoming A Luxury Agent in 2023 With Gary Gold of Beverly Hills

Picture yourself closing multimillion-dollar deals while living a life of opulence – sounds enticing, right?

Discover what it truly means to be a luxury agent in 2023 as we delve into the behind-the-scenes realities of this thriving industry. Uncover insider tips on building your brand, establishing connections with affluent clientele, and navigating high-stakes negotiations like a pro! Ready for an enlightening journey towards becoming a top-tier luxury agent? Watch our captivating video today by clicking below!

The Realities of Becoming A Luxury Agent in 2023 With Special Guest Gary Gold.

#1 – Gary, Can you give us some quick background info connected to your experience with luxury?

#2 – What are some of the most significant general differences that agents need to understand if they want to move into the luxury market?

#3 – What are some significant mistakes agents make in the luxury market?

#4 – What have been a couple of tech projects and service over the last couple of years that you use regularly that has made a difference to your business?

#5 – What have been some of the biggest online influences or personal mentors connected to your business career development?

#6 – If you return to a time machine at the beginning of your career, what essential advice would you give yourself?

Episode Full Show Transcript

[00:00:10.760] – Robert Newman

Back, ladies and gentlemen, to The Mail-Right podcast. We’re super excited to have Gary Gold. He’s a legend in the luxury space. I am lucky enough to say that my path has crossed with him many times. He went out to a concert with the gentleman who is directly responsible for entering me into the real estate marketing space, John Crabb, and he did that recently. Anyway, we’re super excited to have him on the show. Gary, if you wouldn’t mind, why don’t you do your own little introduction?


[00:00:44.860] – Gary Gold

Yeah. I’m in the way, between Jonathan and Robert; I think Robert’s the brains of the business because when they counted down to sink the show, he did the three, two, one countdown. He did it well. He did it very well, by the way. Thank you.


[00:00:58.030] – Jonathan Denwood

Thank you for further your place, Gary.


[00:01:00.740] – Gary Gold

Well, Jonathan, you just know how to surround yourself with talent. I mean, that in itself is a skill. It was pretty.


[00:01:10.190] – Jonathan Denwood

Impressive how you How much has Robert paid you to say that, actually?


[00:01:14.320] – Gary Gold

Yeah, he hasn’t. I just can also just recognize talent, and this talent’s down three to one. Probably does the ABC as well, too. I started in real estate so long ago that it’s embarrassing even to say it. I started when I was 17. The first house I sold in 1979, ’80, was a little foggy. It was $700,000, the first one. $700,000 is probably equivalent to maybe a $3 million house, and that’s how I started. But it also was an equity trade land contract. I forgot what that is. The second one was like $600,000. It was also a big house, probably worth $3 million or $4 million. Say this is in the Valley. I had to get 26 investors on a second trustee and convince all of them that their loan was worth 25 cents on the dollar. I didn’t know it then, but all these things I was doing were impossible. But I was so ignorant that I did it. That’s how I started, which is fortunate I started that. I was, for the first probably 12, 13 years of my career in the Valley, and then I made the jump over to Beverly Hills and started all over again.


[00:02:39.920] – Gary Gold

That’s when things got really real. I was successful in the Valley, but when I made the jump to the West Side with Jeff Highland, that’s when things really blew up.


[00:02:59.010] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. Thank you for that introduction. Jonathan, for those people who may not know you, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to any new listeners that we might have?


[00:03:10.040] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m the joint founder of meld-right. Com. We’re a competitor to Zoo, Real Geaks, and Serre, Interactive. We provide a CRM, email, text messaging, landing pages, and a host of other things all in one great platform that’s easy to use and you own it. Back over to you, Robert.


[00:03:33.920] – Robert Newman

All right. Without any further ado, I’m just super excited to dive into these subjects that we’ve got. It’s a rare pleasure to get somebody with Gary’s pedigree onto the show. Your name is mentioned synonymously with some of the largest real estate transactions that exist in the Southern California luxury markets. place. I constantly see your name pop up on Inman, the Los Angeles Times, the Digital Edition, and all sorts of things. John has gone ahead and queued up some really great questions that I think that bears some merit in asking you. We get, and I’m sure you get this 10 times as much as we ever do, but there is a huge difference between selling at the average price point inside a marketplace and selling at the top price point inside a marketplace. And if you wouldn’t mind, maybe let’s use this as an example. If you move from the valley and you were already doing high-priced homes in the valley, then you moved into the west, you moved in the west side, and you’ve just acknowledged in your intro changed the game. So why don’t you go ahead and share with our audience? What were some of the differences?


[00:04:51.630] – Robert Newman

How did the game change?


[00:04:56.750] – Gary Gold

Well, the numbers… Now, when I started in real estate, a listing agreement was one page. A purchase agreement was two pages. So along with selling more expensive homes, the business has gotten more complicated. But when I sold the Playboy Mansion, it was three months of… We agreed on a price, and it was three months of getting the contract down. Now, that was the most extreme example I’ve ever had, where Hugh Hefner got to stay there for the rest of his life. He did really… However long that might be. I remember when I went on the listing appointment, it was monumental to get the listing because I just wasn’t the most likely person to get that listing at the time, and I won it and I convinced him I was the best person to get it. Then we’re walking out the door and they said, Oh, by the way, Hefand he didn’t effectively own it anymore. A private equity firm owned it who he sold Playboy to, but he had the right to stay there for the rest of his life. The sellers go, By the way, Heff gets to stay there for the rest of his life.


[00:06:14.800] – Gary Gold

I said, No problem, we’ll work that out. Then I remember walking out and going, How the hell am I going to do that? It was very complicated. Very, very complicated. On top of just that one element, the house was run with huge staff and a lot of expenses and a lot of deferred maintenance, and someone had to take that over. It’s this moving target and figuring out how to do that. I went into something I call missile lock. The only thing I focused on was getting that deal done. I knew it would change my career, which it has. I’ve had a few opportunities like that. But as prices get higher, it becomes a more nuanced business. A lot of the deals I do, it’s more like detonating a bomb than selling a house. It’s like you don’t want to don’t want to snap the wrong wire when it comes to negotiating these deals. Not always. Sometimes they’re easier, but often there’s tons of lawyers, there’s accountants, there’s sophisticated clients, much more demanding in general, and very high touch. I have friends that sell hundreds of houses a year and I envy them in many ways.


[00:07:46.620] – Gary Gold

They, Yeah, we’re spending the month in France or something, and I can’t imagine not being in front of my phone for six hours, let alone going away for a month. It’s because they’ve got a lot of people working with them, they’ve got systems in place, it’s very organized, they’re not relying on any one deal. Mine, I’m a big game hunter. Everything is like brain surgery. I’m available all the time for my clients. I do have boundaries sometimes. I do have that, but I make myself available. Just one example. I do becrum yoga. Becrum yoga, from walking in the door to walking out the door is at least two hours, two and a half hours. I get there half hour early, and you don’t stop sweating for a half hour before you’re done. The whole process takes some time. If I’m in the middle of a deal, I’ll text my client a message, Go into yoga. Be out in three hours. If you need me, I’ll reply at 8:30. That’s not all the time, but it’s a lot of the time. I have no problem with that because the payoff is so big. When I go to town, there’s nothing more fun than being on a vacation.


[00:09:11.010] – Gary Gold

You’re in Vegas, you’re in Hawaii, you’re somewhere, Cabo, and you’re on the beach or you’re in your hotel room and you’re working on some giant deal. That’s awesome.


[00:09:25.040] – Robert Newman

I seem to recollect, and mind you, to be fair, Gary, these conversations that I’m recollecting are literally 10 years old. That’s the last time that you and I were talking on a regular basis. But I even then seemed to… I had this thought that… I thought that your mind gravitated towards the complex, like these huge deals that you’re talking about, lawyers, maybe as many as 10, 20 lawyers and accountants. That’s a lot of moving parts to do a single real estate transaction. I don’t care what the price is. You could probably make more money selling more homes in other areas if you really wanted to.


[00:10:02.070] – Gary Gold



[00:10:02.380] – Robert Newman

The level of complexity that you’re talking about. I think that there’s a type of personality that gravitates towards this. I’m just asking you if you agree.


[00:10:11.310] – Gary Gold

I think they gravitate towards me. I do envy people who just have simpler transactions. That might even be a flaw in my armor. But I’m willing to take those on. I would prefer and rather do easier ones. Some of these things are so complex and I’m very good at complex deals. I’ve been doing it for a long time. The attorney that we worked on Playboy with, she said, Because you’re the best agent I’ve ever dealt with, in terms of negotiating contracts and dealing with that. I’m very good at doing complicated things. I figured something out, and I think that’s one of the reasons I list the Playboy Mansion. When I first had an inkling that this could be a lead, I remember my client, he’s the managing partner of Playboy.


[00:11:13.030] – Robert Newman

He one.


[00:11:13.620] – Gary Gold

Day said, What do you think the mansion is worth? I never thought like this is something that you sell. I don’t even know what it was. I actually didn’t even think of it as a house. It was more like a landmark. He said, What do you think it’s worth? I just said to myself, I fucking have no idea. I’ve never been there. I don’t know enough about it. I knew it was expensive. I knew it was really expensive, and I knew there might be some intangibles there. The only thing I knew is I said, You know what? Playboy’s mansions are really one of a kind top of property with values that are beyond just maybe the intrinsic value. Let me get back to you on that. I’d like to think that through. That’s all I did. I just wanted to get to the next step. That is how I do complicated everything or anything. I don’t need to know how to do it. I just know what the next step is, what’s the next step I need to take. Even if that next step is wrong, it’s still a next step. And then it’s wrong and then you’ll find the right one.


[00:12:24.870] – Gary Gold

That really is, if anything is a secret because I’m very good at figuring out how to do things I don’t know how to do. That’s just because not looking at how do I get there? How do I get just out the door? How do I just take the next step? The first thing I said is just I just want to have another day where I can answer that question. I came back and I gave him some vague answer because it was vague. Nothing has ever sold for probably the price it was worth. He just started asking me different questions about it. I just kept the conversation going. He didn’t ask me if I… He didn’t offer me the listing. He didn’t say he was going to sell it. I said, I need to keep this on my radar. I just kept on providing value to him and kept on answering questions for him. We said, What do you think of auction? I told him I didn’t think it was necessary for that property. After maybe a year and a half, it was like it got real and they wanted to sell it. I just wanted to get…


[00:13:30.050] – Gary Gold

I just want to shop. I’d like to meet with you guys and give you a proposal. He said, Fine. Then I said, Okay. Because I went from, There’s no way I could even ask for that listing to, I think I could figure out how to just get in the game. To when I started figuring out what I need to be to get… What do I even need to do to get that listing. At some point, I did so much research and I had a plan. I went from, How could I even ask with a straight face to I’m getting that listing no matter what? But that wasn’t from some great confidence. That was just kept on taking the next step. All of a sudden, I’m very creative. It’s like, Okay, I see how to do this. I see the resources I need. I see who I need to bring in. I see what I need to do. I see what my strengths are, and I got it to the next step. There was a lot of next steps to get that listing. It just wasn’t a straight shot.


[00:14:31.690] – Robert Newman

It’s a year and a half. If I’m understanding you correctly, to even feel like you had an opportunity to treat it like a lead, you spent a year and a half of investing your time. Did I hear that correctly?


[00:14:43.490] – Gary Gold

Well, he was a client of mine. He liked me, and it was just a conversation. I just kept on. I said, I need to stay in this conversation and I need to start doing this. I started getting comfortable and learning more and understanding it. Then I remember… But they didn’t decide they were going to do it for a year or so. Then I remember going on the listing appointment and I said something very compelling that I think really set me apart. I said, You are meeting… Because I knew who they were meeting with. I go, You’re meeting with the best agents literally in the country. Every single person that you are listing with will get your house sold. There’s no question about it. They all know what they’re doing. I go, I’ve been doing this a long time. I know how to get this house done. I can absolutely do it. I go, The one distinction between me and everyone else is for them, it’ll all be another notch on their belt and a big one. I mean, it’s the Playboy Mansion, probably the biggest sale ever. For me, it’s going to change my career.


[00:15:45.100] – Gary Gold

You own me. This is the most important thing I could ever do to change the trajectory of my career. Fortunately for me, I think some of the other people that went on that interview came off really arrogant, like they had a sense of entitlement. Sometimes when they’re up against not as formable an opponent, that will happen. I knew the one quality I had is they knew, liked, and trusted me. The other people, they didn’t know very well. They were bigger names, but I had developed a relationship with a key member who I’ve already proven myself to. There is no question about trust, about effort, about character. That I knew I had going from there. Being sincere and not opposed to trying to sell myself of being an equal, I think that was it.


[00:16:43.770] – Robert Newman

Incredible. We’re going to go to a break. And when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, John is going to ask the third question on your list, John, if you don’t mind picking it up from there. Stay tuned. We’ve got a lot of really great things with a one of a kind guest. It’s been amazing hearingout. I am deeply fascinated. I feel like this show is probably going to go viral just because you keep saying the word Playboy mentioned over and over again. And who isn’t fascinated with the legend of that space? Even hearing about it is just incredible. Anyway, stay tuned. We’ll be right back. Do you want quality.


[00:17:23.570] – Gary Gold

Leads from homeowners.


[00:17:24.740] – Robert Newman

And buyers right in your.


[00:17:26.280] – Gary Gold

Own neighborhood?


[00:17:27.110] – Robert Newman

Then you.


[00:17:27.550] – Gary Gold



[00:17:27.750] – Robert Newman

Mailright. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no-question-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail-right. Com. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We are in our second part of our show with Gary Gould. The first part of the show, he was really, really generous with us and gave us a lot of the play-by-play on how he developed a relationship that was strong enough to, one, acquire the Playboy mansion as a listing and two, actually sell the property. It’s pretty insane stuff. John, why don’t you go ahead and take it away?


[00:18:11.510] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. Gary, it was a couple of the basic mistakes you see regularly agents make who are trying to get into the luxury market. I know that you work a bit with Tom Ferry. I understand you’ve got a course, and I would imagine that part of that course covers this subject. Maybe you can give a quick outline of a couple that you regularly see agents make. I think that would be really helpful, Gary.


[00:18:43.880] – Gary Gold

Well, it’s funny. I do teach courses called competeandbeatthebest. Com, which… No, that’s a sales place. It’s called Compete and Beat the Best. I teach agents how to compete against the best agents to get the best listings and win consistently. Because often when you’re trying to break in, all the time you’re going to be up against people who have a better track record than you. That just on the surface, they’re more likely to get it. One of the things I teach in that course is how you can be the best agent for them. Like I did with The Playboy of Action, I didn’t have to prove I was the best agent. I had to prove I was the best agent for them. That is one of many things. But the last part of the course, I talked about 32 things that agents do that cost them a commission. You’re spot on with that. But I’m happy to get into that. I would say one thing that people should be aware of is I believe every agent will get an opportunity or more than one opportunity like I did with the Playboy Mansion, and I’ve had several others.


[00:19:57.670] – Gary Gold

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few opportunities that I completely seized and it blew up my career. I’ve had a few that I seized and it blew up my career in a negative. I’ve gone both ways with that. But I’ve had a rocky road, let’s put it that way, which has just made me all the better teacher. We all get opportunities to see something that can really change it and can come in a lot of different forms. Because more questions than… I speak at a lot of conferences, and I’ve probably had a couple of thousand people come up to me and ask me, How do I raise my price point? How do I get to the next level? Sometimes, being the smart ass I am, I go, Just go to sellers that need a listing agent and don’tknowanybody. Com, and they have a lot of money. And they have a lot of money. That’s not how it happens. I’ll give you another example how I broke. When I moved from the Valley to the West Side and I didn’t know one canyon from the next, I was starting from scratch. Because you got to be able to recognize these opportunities and they come in a lot of shape.


[00:21:17.240] – Gary Gold

I’ll give you a really good example. I didn’t know one canyon from the next. I was starting from scratch. I went from having my own company to being at a desk in a real estate office, having to prove myself with people that were these little boppers and they were doing well because they had been… I was starting from scratch and I didn’t like it. I remember I went to the Palm Restaurant and I ran into a client from the Valley, and he was in the music business. He was with, he used to be in promotion, now he’s a manager, and he’s with a client. He said, Can you help us find a $2,000 a month apartment? When I moved to the West Side, I didn’t think what I was going to be doing is taking people out and showing them $2,000 a month leases. But my instincts told me these people are in the entertainment industry, they’re managers. I’ve done a lot of business with them in the past, and I have nothing going on. I need to get the ball rolling and I need to give this a shot. I took that person out.


[00:22:24.400] – Gary Gold

I actually kept on calling her because not only did she need a little apartment for two grand that I’m going to make 12 cents on, she was hard to get a hold of, but I just kept on pursuing it. I just thought there was something there. By the time I took her out, she was having some success as a singer. By the time I sold her a house, she was having a lot of success as a singer, and we became friendly. By the time she moved into that house because she remodeled it, she was one of the biggest stars in the world. It just happened to work out that way that it was Paula Abdul. She wanted to buy a much bigger house now because she’s a big star. She’s like someone who just hit the Billy Eilish at the time. What I did is, I don’t want to silence this thing. I didn’t think of that before. What I did is there were all these new construction homes on the west side.


[00:23:33.020] – Robert Newman



[00:23:37.850] – Gary Gold

Went and showed her all these homes that were under construction that weren’t on the market yet. Itried to all these developers, and there were three and four million dollar houses dispersed throughout Bellar and Beverly Hills. I’m walking around with Paula Abdul, and I’m showing them all these houses. I ended up not only selling her a $3 million house, double ended it. This is 1989. I also listed in the next year and a half about 25, three to four million houses, new construction. I was on the boards, and that was from a saying yes to a $2,000 a month lease. But I was strategic about it. I knew that could be an opportunity. Opportunities take shape in a lot of different ways. It could be that person might be in the entertainment business, that person might be an attorney with other clients, that person might belong to a country club, or they might open you up to USC Alumni. It could be in a new area that you want to break into, and having that listing and holding an open house and marketing will help you blow up in there. But that’s how we often get…


[00:24:57.320] – Gary Gold

Sometimes it’s just one scratch and one deal at a time. Sometimes it’s just like major house like the Playboy Mansion or your version of it in your area, something. Or it’s a famous architect or it’s a well-known seller or buyer.


[00:25:14.300] – Robert Newman



[00:25:15.160] – Gary Gold

You do that and that person happens to have a business manager who could help get you other business and you’re doing it there. You want to look for those opportunities because that’s how it often happens. Someone does this one thing and it just blows up their career. I’ve had several of those opportunities, and I’ve taken advantage of a bunch of them. Every agent will get those opportunities. Most of them won’t recognize it. Interestingly enough, I know a few people that literally leases got them there. Now, that’s not for every market or every situation. You got to keep your eyes open. You got to have your spider’s sense open for, could there be more to this than just, in that case, a tiny potential commission. Right.


[00:26:03.470] – Robert Newman

We’re going to switch gears a little bit here because I’m deeply fascinated with this conversation. I don’t recollect exactly what part of your journey is, but I do recollect having some conversations with you a long time ago where technology wasn’t yielding you the results that you wanted for your career. I remember that vividly. Here we are, 10, 12 years later, you’re literally one of the hottest luxury real estate agents in all of Southern California at this particular moment. What are a couple of pieces of technology that you do buy into? Right now at your current level of faith, is there anything that has crossed your desk that you use or buy into or think is a hot thing? Is there any- Yes.


[00:26:48.370] – Gary Gold

Okay. There’s a couple that are really good. Because the other thing that’s different about being a high-end agent, it can apply to anything. High-end agent just means high-touch, high-service agent. You can be doing it at a lower price range, and that’s your distinction. You just provide a ton of service and you’re very professional and you overdeliver. There’s one piece of product, and it’s not the only one, but it’s one I use something called Property Shark. I am not affiliated with Property Shark at all. What it is, it’s like having a title company. What the title reps have, you have now, basically. But it does a couple of things that are really cool. Let’s say you’re going on a listing appointment, and this is where you could find an opportunity that you didn’t realize was there. Someone wants to sell some little rental. You look it up. Then one of the things you can do with that is you look up the rental he owns it, you can see what he bought it, you can see permits, if they’ve ever thought of remodeling it, you see how much he owes, you see history of documents, all that’s great.


[00:27:54.960] – Gary Gold

But then also you can switch gears and look at his name, and it’ll show you other homes associated with that seller. You realize this guy is selling a $700,000 condo, this is a rental, but he owns 20 of them. He also owns a $10 million house in Bel Air. Those situations are unbelievable. So it does that. The other thing that it does that’s really good is it digs a little deeper. If it’s a corporation, it can tell you who’s behind that and it can just be more information. Now, I have a friend named Steve Humley who’s got a company called The Genie that he’s launching. A couple of people are using it at this point. That takes this concept into even a bigger level. You’ll be hearing more about that. That is one of my favorite things. Another one that I love is, and it’s simple, I keep an iPad right next to my monitor and my phone in front of me and all three of those devices, and I have the Ultra Watch here, all of those items have different qualities and do things best. Let’s say I’m just looking at what houses to caravan or I’m doing comps for a client or I’m going to go out with a client because I’m selling everywhere.


[00:29:24.890] – Gary Gold

I don’t know the market at one place like if you had a farm. You just know everything. Sure. It’s such a wide area and so vast that I’m looking all over the place, sometimes even outside of LA. When I’m looking at property, let’s just use for comps. You’re going to go and you’re going to go and you’re going to talk to a seller. I have next to me, I have my iPad pro next to me, and I am on either Google Earth or Google Maps. Google Earth or Google Maps. I am looking at an aerial view of that property. Then you can also go down to a street view and walk down the street and you can see why is the house that you’re selling looks like it was on the market for 10 and there was something that sold for 12. You go look and you see that the home that sold for 12 is in just a superior location than yours that might be behind an apartment building. You get to see things. I love looking at Google Earth in addition to just the MLS and getting more information and looking at Property Sharp, getting more information.


[00:30:36.980] – Gary Gold

I’ve been on a couple of listing appointments lately that the people have been using their house as an ATM machine for years. I mean, it’s like one hard money loan after another until they have no equity left. You go on a listing appointment, it’s really important to know where they’re coming from and knowing what their intentions are. Often people will say one thing and have another one. They’ll maybe ultimately tell you things, but the more you know about why someone’s selling and why they’re buying, the better you can serve them. Propertyshark and as simple and free as it is, Google Earth and Google Maps are unbelievable. I am using, to a certain extent, AI. I’m just using it. It’s a good thing to start with when you’re writing copy. It’s a good thing to end with just to shorten it or check if you’re saying something offensive or saying something off-colour or anything like that. I don’t think it’s the end all at this point. I think people are going to get smarter where AI is really just going to be a tool and people will be able to see, Oh, yeah, this is just AI.


[00:31:53.480] – Gary Gold

But it’s a really good thing. I wrote this copy just to forever, and it was 1,500 characters and I needed to get under 1,000. I threw it in ChatGPT and I go, Rewrite this. It’s 1,000 characters. After a couple of tries and a couple of the right prompts, it was really good and it saved me a lot of time.


[00:32:17.080] – Robert Newman

I’m going to send one referral back to you and I’m going to be transparent about this. I sit on the board of advisors and I have an ownership interest in the company that I’m going to mention to you, but I see a lot of PropTech come through my desk. This one is fascinating and geared specifically towards the top 1% of real estate agents. Puts you in the role of essentially being the title and escrow company without you having to do anything. Sign up for the service and you take a piece of the backend transaction. At the same time, they automate everything, digitize everything, all 500 pages, all the documents. Everything is digitized for you so that you can see it in one transparent place on a dashboard, plus gives you a piece of the backend. If you haven’t heard of it or if you haven’t had anybody else start to talk to you, the movement that I see for really big producers on the broker side and the super luxury agent side is taking a piece of other pieces of the transaction in a meaningful way. Powered by Nile is one of the companies doing that.


[00:33:23.790] – Robert Newman

Place, which is a Ben Kinney company, and I have no interest, no ownership interest in that. That’s another company doing the same concept from a different direction. But if you haven’t checked that out, number one, it’s probably a huge profit center for somebody like you where you just haven’t even thought about it. Number two, there might be huge technological advantages for you to even look at it. Last but not least, as you are well aware, they will bend over backwards to attach your name to any of these PropTech companies. You would have a huge negotiating factor if you decided you were interested in the technology at a super high level.


[00:34:09.510] – Gary Gold

Up to now, I do like people bending over backwards from me, I’ll be honest with you. But I haven’t taken a piece of anything. My commissions are so big, I just want to keep my referrals pure. But the world has changed and there’s affiliate marketing, and as long as it’s done properly, I’m open to it. By the way, I don’t think you’ve gotten… Very few people know this, but I’m the inspiration behind AI. I don’t think you knew that, did you? No. I was working with you. The guys that originally invented it, they were clients of mine. I was showing them homes. He was asking me questions. He just was drilling me. They both were one after another. I remember one looked at the other and he goes, He’s not really that smart. He sounds intelligent, but it’s like artificial intelligence. Then the other one, the light bulb went off. I think that that was the inspiration for AI right there.


[00:35:18.870] – Jonathan Denwood

Funny enough, Gary. I get there every day, actually, but there we go.


[00:35:23.970] – Robert Newman

We’d like to do one last bonus question. If we can get maybe… Do you have five or ten more minutes to offer us, Gary, or are you? I do. Okay. I’m fine. We have two questions, but I’m going to say, John, that you pick one of the two. They’re both your questions, and we offered up as bonus content. I will say this, the last two questions we had to… I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you, Gary, were both aimed at newer agents looking to maybe break into the luxury space.


[00:35:50.810] – Gary Gold

Can you make a multiple choice?


[00:35:53.190] – Robert Newman

I don’t know, John.


[00:35:55.560] – Jonathan Denwood

I think the… Sorry, Gary. What have been some of the… Are there some influences, some people in the industry that when you see them write something or they’re on YouTube, you say to yourself, If I’ve got a moment, I’m going to read it or watch it. Are there people that have.


[00:36:16.090] – Gary Gold

Influenced- In real estate or just in general?


[00:36:18.720] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, in real estate. But if you want to name some people outside it, fair to have a go at it, Gary.


[00:36:25.780] – Gary Gold

I’m really impressed with Andrew Huberman. He’s a scientist, punk rocker, skateboarder on YouTube. He’s blowing up. He’s one of the biggest ones. He talks about human potential and human performance and health, but it’s just completely scientific. It’s all based on science and he’s compelling. The one thing I’d said that I’ve been talking about lately, he said, Condition yourself. He goes, It’s the best. The most valuable currency in the world is dopamine. It’s what inspires us. It’s what makes us do things. It’s what drives us. If Elon Musk, if you could get rid of his dopamine, he couldn’t wake up in the morning and get a job. He said, Condition yourself, and this is so important for agents, to trigger a dopamine response, not in the sale when you close a deal, but in the pursuit and the process. He goes, Because so many people hold their breath and grind through something, you hear this word grinding, and then celebrate the big win. They imagine being on a beach in Hawaii, relaxing, and the world is a peaceful place now. He goes, This is a recipe, and he speaks in facts. This isn’t some story. This is a recipe for depression.


[00:37:53.660] – Gary Gold

Because you go through this whole thing, you get this moment that lasts just for a brief time, and then the ability to recreate that, you have to go through a whole cycle again before you feel that again. Not a good thing. He goes, If you trigger yourself to get a dopamine response, and you can do this and crave the pursuit, then you make a sale, do a little jig, and then you can go right back to the pursuit. After he said that, I noticed all the good agents do not sit there and hang with the sale that long. They’re competitive and they want to do the next deal.


[00:38:38.210] – Robert Newman

I love that.


[00:38:39.340] – Gary Gold



[00:38:39.650] – Robert Newman

Would say.


[00:38:41.510] – Gary Gold

Hearing the one person who I think is very analytical and he’s all numbers and we’ve worked together. There’s a guy named Tim Smith and Orange County has a huge team. Heis he really has great insight. He does. I’d say everyone I’ve heard speak, I think Tim has got incredible insight. I think Tom Ferry has interviewed him a couple of times. He’s been on a couple of things. He’s out there selling.


[00:39:17.260] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:39:18.400] – Gary Gold

He really has a good… He’s got a good rap and he really understands the business and really gets behind something and he executes. He thinks something, he talks about it, and then he goes out and he does it. So I’m real impressed with Tim, amongst others.


[00:39:35.130] – Robert Newman

That’s incredible. For those of you who are listening to the show, Tim Smith and Andrew, what was the last name? Kuberman. Kuberman. So strong recommendation to go out and check those guys out. Gary, I’m actually going to check both those guys out probably as soon as the show wraps here because I know a lot of real estate influencers and I don’t know either one of those gentlemen.


[00:39:56.430] – Gary Gold

Thank you for that. I’m not sure if either of them are real estate influencers. Either then Tim is a great agent. When he speaks, I think he’s great. I don’t watch a lot of real estate. I’m a big fan of Tom Ferry. I think he’s great. I think me and him are different. I’m an agent. He’s not. But I like what he has to say. He said some of the smarter things that have resonated with me. The one thing he said, and I just never forgot it, I tell him and he doesn’t remember, but it was so great. He goes, Don’t tell people what you think. Tell people what you know. I used to hedge my bet. Well, maybe we could check out your price and be definitive, be sharp, spot on. Tell people exactly the numbers. I currently have a listing with the Josh and Matt Altman. Josh, he’s so direct and so knowledgeable when he talks to our seller. Very impressive. So many people try to be lally-gag. The best agents I know, just… I mean, you can have finesse, but the truth is the best bullshit. It really is.


[00:41:21.980] – Robert Newman

I like that one a lot. Well, Gary, you’ve been incredibly generous with your time. We’re going to wrap the show-up. Before we go, I am sure there is a reason you agreed to come to our little quarter of the podcast world. What would you like people to look at? If they want to look you up and do some more research, where do you want to send them?


[00:41:43.540] – Gary Gold

I’ve been doing things like this for a dozen years. I like doing it. I like giving out information. Right now, I have a bit more of an agenda than usual because I’m really excited about teaching this course, where I just give all the fundamentals. It’s a four-hour live and online course over four-week periods, and people are getting great results. Literally, after the first week, they’re getting listings and making sales and taking out buyers for people who literally fell through the cracks in their CRM. It’s called competeandbeatthebest. Com. I mentioned it before. You should check it out. I’m in my beta right now, so the price is really great. The classes are a little bit smaller than I, am right now, on purpose. I teach it, I created it. It’s like my life story in the form of a course, teaching, basically opening up my playbook and showing you how I do the fundamentals on the highest level. That’s what it’s all about. I would have been on the podcast anyway. I like the sound of my own voice, but right now, I’m getting that off the ground, and it is blowing up, and I’m really happy about it.


[00:43:02.020] – Gary Gold

I love teaching agents as much as I like selling. I really do. I used to do stand-up. It’s like, in a way, that connection with people I really like. It’s competeandbeatthebest. Com. Go there and check it out. If you want to get a little bit more information, there’s a place where you can book… I’m going to go on the call with me so we can talk about it in more detail. It’s like I’m your therapist for 15 minutes, your real estate therapist. They tell me their troubles, and I tell them their solution. There you go.


[00:43:44.860] – Robert Newman

Awesome. John, if somebody wants to look you up or research you, where would you like them to go?


[00:43:52.800] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ll just go to the website. You can book a therapy chat with me if you like. If you like English Uber, I’ll bring your day up. I don’t think I’d be as effective as Gary, but I can have a go at it. You can do that, Robert. Back over to you, Rob.


[00:44:09.900] – Gary Gold

But is there any English pub or fishing chips place in Carson City that they might also see?


[00:44:17.730] – Jonathan Denwood

No, in Tow, there is an English pub actually that does do some good fishing ships, actually, Gary, but not in Carson, not in Carson. Robert says I remarks about Carson City because he’s a bit of an L. A. Snob; actually, Gary thinks I live in the wilderness.


[00:44:36.980] – Robert Newman

Well, you live in a city where heavy metal bands go to die. But anyway. Listen, for those of you who may or may not know me, my name is Robert Newman. I’m the founder of InboundREM At this point, I sit on a couple of PropTech advisory boards. I founded my own technology company, and my pedigree is in the real estate SEO space. So if anybody wants to learn more about that, just head over to inboundrem. om, and you can learn all that you would want to learn. Thank you again, Gary, for agreeing to come on the show. It has been super fun to reconnect with you again. I say you should go check out Gary’s site for all those people listening. I don’t remember all the details, but I do know that you have a more colorful past, just like I do, and you’ve still managed to grind away and get to where you are. I think it’s an incredible story.


[00:45:34.990] – Gary Gold

Yes, I’ve been there. I’m 38 years sober. Seven times. I’ve been a rocker. Oh, right on.


[00:45:44.560] – Robert Newman

I remember you saying to me originally, But we can do that offline. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, everybody tuned in, we deeply appreciate you. Thank you for tuning into the show. Tune in again the next time when we’ll hopefully have another great guest, or John and I will just talk to each other about something related to digital marketing. Either way, we hope you join us.


[00:46:03.900] – Gary Gold

Take care.


Special Guest Gary Gold


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Jonathan Denwood


Robert Newman



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