Mail-Right’s automated email marketing program has a zero tolerance spam policy. We actively monitor the addresses that are uploaded into our system. Any customer found to be violating our anti-spam policy will immediately be cancelled.

Every email we send contains a mandatory unsubscribe link.

What is spam?

Spam is unsolicited bulk email that is sent indiscriminately.

Is sending spam illegal?

The federal anti-spam legislation was enacted on Jan. 1, 2004. This law made sending spam illegal. The law outlines requirements for sending commercial email. The penalties can include fines and/or imprisonment. We are committed to remaining Can-Spam compliant.

Mail-Right WILL NOT Spam for You

How to avoid sending spam

  1. Don’t use a purchased list of ANY kind.
  2. Don’t send to generic emails like info@ or sales@
  3. Don’t send email to people you don’t know.

For a full list of the anti-spam guidelines, visit the Bureau of Consumer Protection Website here: