When you are showing properties, working with current clients, and closing deals, who has time to keep up posting on Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest?

With Mail-Right’s Social Media services you never have to spend your time researching or writing social media content, or worrying about your audience finding outdated material when they go to your social sites.

Mail-Right’s Social Media system will automatically post relevant Real Estate content to your Facebook page and Twitter account for you all month long. Stay top of mind and move sales forward!

Since the average client will research agents online for two to three months you will be able to rest easy knowing that prospects will find that you are up-to-date and relevant on all of your social media. Whew!

Why is this important? You see Facebook Likes, comments, and re-tweets really don’t matter unless they lead to a real quality lead for your inbox! We have developed a structured system that gets you the best results out of social media.,

Even the most active agent on social media probably doesn’t post enough. Unless you love the camera and have a very large personality doing enough social media is really going to be painful for you. This is why Mail-Right helps: we put your social media on steroids! We also believe if you are really serious about getting real results from Facebook you’ve got to be prepared to give Facebook some money every month, and we have linked this fact to our Premium and Elite plans, which we directly integrate into our great value Standard plan.

How it works

Social media is a low-cost way for you to stay engaged with your clients and prospects. Mail-Right makes it easy by helping you manage, post, and follow multiple social media accounts all at once.

Mail-Right’s social media calendar lets you:
• Schedule up to a month’s worth of posts at one time
• Grab and drop content from anywhere on the web
• Populate every account at once
• Broadcast new services or specials
• Add new posts any time from your phone or computer
• Monitor performance of all social media accounts in one concise monthly report

Whether you’re new to social media or highly experienced, you’ll enjoy how quickly and easily you can stay active on several social media platforms at once. It’s so easy to use, anyone can do it.

If you’re really pressed for time, use our…

Auto-load calendar

Short on time? Let us post on Facebook and also Instagram for you. With the Auto-load calendar, we’ll populate your social media calendar with friendly Facebook posts, Instagram and Twitter every day of the month. All you need to do is review the calendar and hit “approve.” Then relax, you’re set for a whole month.