How Our Review Management Works

Mail-Right’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) service helps manage how others see you. And we do it in a way that’s designed to help grow your business. Some ORM service benefits:

• See how your junior team members appear to current and prospective customers
• Know what people say about you and your team on top review sites
• Generate more positive reviews using convenient mobile, email, and check-in apps
• Monitor negative comments to efficiently address customer issues
• Rank higher than your competitors by promoting positive reviews and star ratings
• Stand out from others by automatically sharing your best reviews across social media platforms
• Receive easy-to-read ROI reports* showing consideration growth, ratings, and online traffic

Protect And Promote Your Business!

Mail-Right’s ORM service keeps your finger efficiently on the pulse of important conversations around you. By responding quickly to customer service issues, immediately addressing false rumors, and promoting well-deserved compliments, we help protect your current business and generate new clients.

You Also Can Use Our System With Your Open-houses!

Our system works with any type of popular tablet you can buy that has a modern browser and which then can be easily tethered to your iPhone or Android smartphone. It is easy which this quick video that explains how to link you iPhone to your a cheap tablet

You know people are checking you out online before they ever decide to work with you. What are they finding?

With Mail-Right, you can take control of what they find! We make it easy for you to present your best face on Facebook to build a powerful, positive online reputation.