051: How Mortgage Brokers and Agents Can Work Effectively Together

Jayson-bates-2We interview Jayson Bates and discuss how mortgage brokers and agents can work effectively together. Jayson is a mortgage broker with over twenty years experience who is also going to be my new co-host for the Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Show. Jayson successfully uses online technologies from social media to pod-casting to promote his Real Estate services . Jayson is the founder of his own popular podcast aimed at the real estate agent community called “Valley of the Sun Real Estate Show.”

In this episode we discuss how agents and mortgage brokers can work together to promote their businesses and what works and what doesn’t work based on his many years in the business. We then go on to talk about where he sees the mortgage broker business going in the next 5 to 10 years. Will the independent broker have a future?

We then discuss how he personally uses technology to market himself in his local area and what has worked for him.