034: Zillow & BombBomb With Special Guest Dave Woodson

We have Dave Woodson comes back from last week’s show for a more detail discussion on some things from how long has Dave been a full time and very active agent to what has the job and what hasn’t worked for Dave over the past year. David is a great fan of video and BombBomb link to directly connecting it to his Zillow leads.

Dave spends about $1000 month with Zillow and has learnt that one of the key elements of getting the biggest return towards using Zillow is responding to them quickly as possible, and BombBomb has been especially important in having an automatic response system that with the use of video come across as being a personal response. We also go into some depth connected to how he uses social media especially Twitter to find new leads that his local competition doesn’t even know are available. In 2015 sold about 23 homes.