029: Marketing Plans for 2016 With Special Guest Greg McDaniel

In this episode, we talk about why it’s critical if you are the agent to have some marketing plan for 2016 with special guest Greg McDaniel!

We have a slight false start then Greg McDaniel joins us and then we go hardcore and get a load of insights and great info from Greg.

Greg has one initial insight which is why it’s important to have a plan in dynamic balance, i.e. that in 2016 you don’t spend every moment in the office.

I talk about why it’s important not to rely on just one primary referral source like Zillow. I talk about why it is best to have three major lead generation elements that work connected to your annual marketing plan.

We suggest some possible workable mixtures connected to Zillow, Facebook and email marketing, plus other third party lead referral systems, which Greg brings to the discussion.

We also discuss Bill’s wife Karen Conrad’s situation and how she could or should market herself in 2016. Greg talks about how Karen might look at using the Homebuzz app to offer more value to her potential clients in the New Year. What Greg points out is that all agents are different and it essential to choose the marketing system that works with the individual style of the agent.

Greg also gives us a couple of quality lead generation online services that are probably a more suitable partner for Karen then Zillow. We look at Boldleads that is a bit cheaper to use then the other company that Greg highly recommends connected to lead generation — Prime Seller Leads.

Greg just gives a load of insights in what Karen can and should be doing to get her 2016 first quarter rocking and rolling!!!!