027: How to Use Video Effectively With Special Guest Greg McDaniels.

Greg joins again and gives some information on how he uses video himself to promote his brokerage. Greg is one of the favorite guests because he always has such insights and general knowledge.

One of the reasons why video is exploding on the internet is sites like YouTube and fantastic hardware like the iPhone 6 Plus. Greg starts by giving some tips on how he uses tags with Facebook connected to his videos that he places on his own and also his brokerage’s Facebook page. He also talks about what your videos should be about.

Greg then talks about what results he thinks he has obtained from using video.

“Jonathan, I personally don’t use it to get direct sell leads. I use it to increase my visibility in my local community as the real local expert when it comes to real estate, i.e., as an education tool.”

Then we talk about the couple of the tools that Greg uses connected to the video. The leading tool he uses is BombBomb.

“Jonathan, it just makes the whole process of sending out video emails so much easier, and the level of engagement is so much higher than just a normal email.”

We then talk about the new breed of live video apps like Periscope and Meerkat and BombBomb agents can use this to stand out from the crowd of other agents.

This great episode has a load of great information for you the agent that’s determined not to be a “secret real estate agent in 2016.”