025: With Special Guest Kelly Mitchell Of Th Agent Caffeine Podcast

Agent Caffeine Podcast.

In this great show, we interview Kelly about her background and how she got into the industry and what she sees as the changes and challenges in the industry in the coming couple of months. We also discuss some of Kelly’s recent interviews on her show.

We start with what she sees as the changes that local and regional brokerages will face in the next couple of years, and she doesn’t back off telling how she sees it.

“Jonathan, I think a lot but not all, brokerages are living in the Seventies and Eighties with a “turn and burn” philosophy towards agents and it is just not healthy or sustainable! The brokerages that don’t wake up are going to go down the road of the travel agent!”

We talk about the bad experiences that a lot of clients have connected to buying or selling a home using an agent or a brokerage. However, I like to point out that in show 023 we talk about The National Association of Realtors’ detailed report a couple years ago which showed that 80% of users would be happy to use their agent again. So we do have some very mixed messages here.

We also talk about the amount of rubbish leads that brokerages normally get from their agents that never will lead to any real concrete sells and that most of these rubbish leads come from online advertisement and online portal sites like Zillow.

Kelly recently has moved from Hawaii to Nabber, so she has been on the market to buy a new home. She goes into some details on what the process was like trying to find an agent she could work with.

We then go on to talk about a number of other subjects that Kelly has recently discussed with some of her guests on her show. Do listen to the show– it’s full of great insights from one of the most insightful and intelligent ladies in the industry at the present moment.

We also start talking about Kelly’s semi-new direction she is developing connected to a couple of new online projects that are all about “Wine!”