023: Special Guest Agent, Broker, Trainer, and Podcaster: Greg McDaniels.


This show is only 30 minutes but we cover loads of stuff, and Greg gives a load of value and insights during the show.

I ask Greg what are some of the main problem agents will be facing in 2016? Greg gives me a powerful list of reasons; however, they won’t be what you expect.

Bill Conrad, my co-host, describes what one broker’s leadership system was when he was starting out in the industry. “I get my agents into real debt, that makes them committed to selling.” Sounds like a charming man!

Greg remarks strongly that too many agents back off in what is so-called the down season and that is a big, big mistake. In reality, they should increase how many people they are talking to in the next couple of months.

Also, we discuss this semi-shocking fact that agents, in general, are terrible in keeping in contact with their local communities. The National Association of Realtors, a couple years ago, did an excellent report that showed that 80% of users would be happy to use their agent again, but on 13% this is mostly down to the fact that the agent is terrible in maintaining contact with these old clients. Greg uses a CMS called Contactually to help him with keeping in contact with one of his best resources.

Greg remarks that most agents have three things in common.

  1. lazy
  2. cheap
  3. paranoid

We quickly move forward and ask Greg what other software does he use daily and would recommend to agents? He likes Homesnap, which gives a great visual and simple way of seeing and understanding your local market connected to home prices.

Another service that Greg really likes is NeighborhoodScout that gives you free great info on different areas connected to crime and schools and loads of other information that homeowners would be interested in learning.

We then go on to why so many agent or brokers don’t answer their phones and also why generally follow up in the industry is so bad. Greg gives some insight into this and then recommends another company that his brokerage uses to keep in contact with his clients Home Actions.

This show is just full of great information!