017: With Special Guest Toby Salgado of Super Agents Live Podcast

We have our first guest on the show Toby Salgado of the Super Agents Live Podcast. Toby has over the years had a number of successful businesses. However, he has always had a major love of real estate and the real estate industry in general. Toby is on his 195th interview of some of the leading experts and producers in the industry.

We talk about technology, but in the broad sense, i.e., what is the key area that technology can really help an agent or small broker in 2015? Here are the key areas that Toby feels that you, the agent, have to get right if you want to be successful in the real estate industry.



  1. Database CMS (customer management system), it really doesn’t matter what one you use as long as you do use one!
  1. A website that works in generating leads and gets good SEO (search engine optimization.)
  1. Answer incoming queries from email to phone calls as quickly as possible. Use automated online services to help you with the busy times when you are not available.
  1. Traditional things still work it is a face-to-face industry.
  1. This is a business, so act like you are in business.