The people who know you are your biggest source of quality referrals and you know the importance of sending out regular emails to them but, let’s face it- you’re busy! Who has the time?
We do!

With your Mail-Right account, you will be able to relax, knowing that we have your online marketing covered!

Every month Mail-Right selects five to ten suitable stories to automatically email your clients and prospects and build your value with them as an expert.

If you choose, you can personalize the emails, change the delivery dates or add your own content, all in as little as four clicks!

What if you forget? No worries! Our system is all automatic and your list will receive regular, relevant emails from you regardless.

Most agents just don’t have the time to learn or regularly use a powerful and very complicated Real Estate CRM (customer relationship management system): however, every agent knows list building is all-important in the long term. We at Mail-Right offer an easy-to-use system that’s focused on your local community: it is not meant to be used on your hot list of people who are actively looking to buy or sell in the next six months. Our system has been developed for the larger, non-active community list: the same people who you rely on to refer possible quality clients to you!

Our system has the second benefit of building you a custom list to import into Facebook that will dramatically increase how many local people see your posts if you decide to do some Facebook post-boosting or re-targeting yourself. If you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself you can upgrade to Mail-Right’s affordable Premium service and we do all this work for you!

How it works

1. Professional and user-friendly templates. With a few simple clicks, you can drop in a picture of yourself as well as connect to your social media channels instantly.

2. Mobile-friendly viewing. All email templates adjust for easy viewing on smartphones. That’s important since nearly 7 out of 10 people read emails from their phones.

3. Quick scheduler. Set your calendar to send one email per month or up to one per week.

4. Pre-written content. Each month you will receive 5 engaging emails. Choose the one(s) you like. For a personal touch, change a few words or add a few sentences of your own.

5. Flexible calendar. You can swap out emails for some of your own. Or add your own into the schedule. This is handy for making quick announcements or promoting timely services.

See how Mail-Right keeps you part of your clients’ daily conversations.

Why Email Marketing

It’s a cost-effective way to grow your business:
Email marketing is an inexpensive and efficient way to nurture relationships with past and current businesses. This builds repeat business and encourages new referrals. Just as importantly, your stronger relationships may encourage customers to seek your advice first, instead of the Internet.

Benefits of email marketing

Well-written and consistent e-mail marketing can be extremely effective for growing both brand new and large real estate practices. Because you can use email to:

• Target specific customers
• Cross-promote certain services
• Increase the number of website visits per client
• Build credibility, trust, and loyalty
• Announce new features/services
• Actively increase referrals
• Be seen as the credible expert
• Increase revenue
• Stand out from other local agents

Experienced marketers in nearly every industry prefer email because:

• You can measure results from every email campaign
• Email can be directly linked to driving sales
• You can quickly make changes to optimize performance results
• It’s more profitable and affordable than most other advertising options

See how Mail-Right keeps you part of your clients’ daily conversations