E-mail Marketing Opening Rates

The data below represent aggregated delivery results for all subscribers from 01/01/2012 – 09/30/2012.  Your individual performance can be viewed by logging in and clicking on View Reports in your Control Panel.

Delivery 95.81%
% of emails sent that were accepted by recipient’s email client
Unique Opens 27.93%
% of emails opened at least once by the recipient
Bounces 3.69%
% of emails sent that were returned by the recipient’s email client
Marked as SPAM 0.17%
% of emails marked as SPAM by the recipient
Unsubscribes 1.17%
% of recipients who requested exemption from future sends

How do we stack up?

For the real estate industry vertical, Constant Contact reports an email marketing open rate of of 14.6% and a bounce rate of 7.6%.  Comparatively, Mail-Right.com email messages are opened 191.3% more often than Constant Contact messages and bounce 48.5% less frequently.

The data in this report have been prepared by Send Grid, an independent e-mail delivery and management service.

Statistics Updated: 10/17/12 for the period (1/1/12 to 9/30/12)