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#419- Mail-Right Show:Best YouTube Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies For 2024

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Best YouTube Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies For 2024

Best YouTube Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies For 2024

Stay ahead with our comprehensive guide to YouTube real estate lead generation strategies for 2024. Uncover expert insights, tips, and techniques designed to maximize your online presence and capture valuable leads within the dynamic landscape of real estate marketing on YouTube. Take charge of your success by showing today that it’s time to elevate your business with strategic lead-generation methods.


1 – Consistency

2 – Topic Selection

3 – Start with What You Have

4 – Focus on Your Thumbnails

5 – Improve Your Titles. – VidIQ or TubeBuddy

6 – Have a Call-to-Action

7 – Do Property Tour Videos

8 – Create Testimonial & Case Study Videos

9 – Collaborate with local Influencers

10 – Analyze Your Metrics


Episode Full Show Notes


[00:00:04.980] – Robert Newman

Okay. Three, two, one. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, real estate professionals of every experience level. Today, we’re going to talk about a subject that we could make the whole year just talking about, and your time would be well spent tuning into the show every week. This episode is number 419. The show that you’re listening to is the MailRight Show. It is a show about real estate marketing, mainly in the digital space. Today’s subject is the best YouTube real estate lead generation strategies for 2024. Ladies and gentlemen, I talked to a realtor who had been talking to somebody in his local market, Dallas. That somebody had started a brand new four years ago and is building this business up to $100 million in gross sales and something like 30 salespeople, all of YouTube. If you’re not on YouTube, if you’re not looking at it as a lead generation strategy, if you’re not trying to find your niche, your vertical, your subject that you talk about with a great deal of authority, you are missing out on the lead generation revolution of this decade. The next decade is probably going to be AI, but it’s also going to involve video.


[00:01:22.460] – Robert Newman

It will just be using AI tools to help you produce more and better videos, pictures, and things like that. If you’re behind, ladies Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to break it to you. Still, you’re behind not only the number one strategy, but you’re probably behind a seismic shift in how the real estate industry works. Having said that, before we dive deep into this, I’m obviously a big fan of video, and so is my partner who will introduce himself and share his thoughts about video. But for those who don’t know him, this is John and Dinwood. He is an expert in many things, but he is one of the world’s best guys when talking about WordPress. He’s got a massive show called WP-Tonic, and this real estate business is another business he has. He also has a learning management system business. On top of all that, John is a fantastic resource, a delightful human, and a Pugnacious spirit. You can go ahead and introduce yourself to the folks.


[00:02:27.330] – Jonathan Denwood

I like that, Pugnacious. I love that. That’s good. That’s a new one to me. I’ve had some other things said about me, but not that. Thanks, Rob. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this podcast. I’m the co-founder of Mel Hyfe and Right. We’re a great lead-generative platform where you can run your Facebook adverts and combine email campaigns, text messages, and a CRM on one platform. Or if you haven’t got the, It’s time to do it yourself. We can do it for you. Back over to you, Robert.


[00:03:04.970] – Robert Newman

When we dive into this, I’m just going to really drive the nail home. When it comes to real estate agents who are spending less and making more and who are new into the business, just a few years into the company, if you want to say, who do we know that is making millions of dollars and what strategy they’re using? It always comes back to something related to video, almost always YouTube. There are people making money on TikTok. There are people making money on Instagram. I have yet to find a realtor doing as well or going as big as they can on YouTube. The best part about video strategy is if you did nail it on YouTube, you could use the same video and all the other platforms we’re discussing. Making YouTube is always my number one recommendation for lead generation. Additionally, which we don’t talk about much on the show, we never have so that I will mention it now. For those of you who are vets, for those of you who have been in the business for a while and are looking for not only a strategy to do some lead generation, but might be looking for a tip or trick or hack to propel ranking in your hyper-local Google business profile, to propel ranking on your website.


[00:04:23.900] – Robert Newman

Believe it or not, YouTube video does that for both. It is a massive Massive SEO signal, enormous, a major hack. Not to mention, if you learn how to optimize videos and you learn how to do them, you can rank a video in two days. That is free traffic to the video in two days. Nothing that I know of is faster. Nothing. Not even Instagram. Instagram, you tag your post, maybe you get some traffic in a day or two, maybe Instagram, but your traffic is gone after a few days because the hashtag pulls your content so far down the masonry outlay of Instagram that you have to keep doing new content over and over again. Not so of YouTube. One video can last you for up to 5 to 7 years. Having said all that, John has been kind enough to write an action plan for how you would develop What’s the mindset, walk into doing YouTube lead generations. We’re going to do a few tips and tricks. But the number one subject on our list here is consistency. John, when you say consistency, what are you thinking? What does that mean? If I want to say I’m a real estate agent and I want to produce video consistently, what is that in your opinion?


[00:05:54.370] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, it’s similar to the situation with blogging. But blogging, but blogging… Yeah. Google, YouTube. Google owns YouTube. The second biggest search engine on the internet is YouTube. They want to see the consistency of your producing videos. So at least, I would say at least one video a week, if you can. And they really want it to be created around the same time. Consistency will get you marks from YouTube, basically. But unfortunately, because of the nature of the real estate business and its ups and downs, it’s hard to be consistent. On the other hand, you don’t want to use it as an excuse because you have fantastic technology probably in your pocket, your phone, and there are ways of producing video that can work, where you can be flexible to some degree, where you’re taking the video. So, hopefully, that makes some sense, Rob.


[00:07:20.500] – Robert Newman

It did. I’m going to say a minimum of once a week, if any of you are wondering how many videos those million dollar producers are doing, generally speaking, it’s about 100 per year per agent. So it’s about one video every three days is about, I think, where efficiency maxes out. In other words, yes, one per week, but if you’re really on top of your game, how many could you do that might be effective? I actually don’t think If you did a video a day, which I’ve heard people aim at, I think that’s unless you’re doing reels, which is different. You have traditional videos and reels. If you’re going to aim it at… Suppose you think you have the discipline to do something every single day. In that case, I’m going to say, do three reels and three one to five-minute videos, and every once in a while, do a 20 or 30-minute video if you feel like you have the level of expertise necessary to talk about a subject for that long and keep your audience engaged. Topic selection. So this is an exciting subject. If it’s me, John, I talk about… I actually use VidIQ, and while I generally pick the title, I prefer the subject, like Google My Business as an example or profile tricks and tips and hacks.


[00:08:37.000] – Robert Newman

I really find myself leveraging AI. I developed a generalized tile, such as Google business profiles, and then I put it into my AI and BitIQ. I oftentimes use their titles. I think they’re pretty good. But the topic itself is generally, I’m pulling it from either questions that my constituencies have asked me Or I go on to Google and search a broad keyword such as Google My Business, and then look at the people also ask subject line and just stick, because Google is only sorting those questions up by search volume. So keyword research has really gotten simplified. If you know how to use Google. You just go down and look at people and also ask and decide if you want to do a piece of content on any of that. That’s my thoughts on topics. What’s yours?


[00:09:27.420] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, it’s actually everything you I said is correct, but I was approaching this from a totally different perspective. You’re probably your SEO expert, and I didn’t understand this. It was only looking at… I was looking at a lady that has a YouTube channel with a quarter of a million subscribers, and she specializes in training in building courses for people that are looking to build an educational-based business with seven figures. And she’s been successful in building her own business, educating people to build courses in the six, seven figures. And she brought this up, and I was only watching her that I realized this. This is your videos, it’s going to be around different topics, but it’s all got to be around the same umbrella. So what I mean is, if you do, and I did that a bit with my WP Tonic channel, is that, and I forgot what the term in SEO is about, you got to be seen as a thought leader, as a topic authority. That’s what YouTube’s looking for, that you choose a topic and your videos are consistently around that topic. What I mean is you can’t be doing things about real estate in one area, and then you put on some videos about car repairs.


[00:11:30.160] – Jonathan Denwood

You can do that, but that won’t help your channel and how it’s viewed by YouTube. It’s tricky You don’t want the topic to be too broad, and obviously it can’t be too narrow because then you’re running out of topics. So it is a little bit tricky. But on the other end, if you go too broad, you’re going to confuse YouTube, and that’s a problem. Is that making sense?


[00:12:05.950] – Robert Newman

Yeah. I’m going to tell everybody my favorite strategy with a lot of this list, a lot of it. Something I’ve done my entire career, something I’ve done as a salesperson, something I’ve done. I always just find somebody who’s already doing the thing that I’m thinking of doing to a high degree. I try to verify results. Do you really make the money that you seem to claim to which is a big problem in real estate. Not everybody’s making what you think they’re making. But if I can verify indeed that the transactions are taking place, I’m just going to look at what that person is doing. Now, you shouldn’t copy anybody because if you’re in the same market and the same person copying them is only going to get It’s going to detract from their results and not give you that many results. But taking the style, the conversational tone, altering some of the subjects, looking at really go through comments, which is going It can be a subject that you have here somewhere I saw it already, which is gathering feedback. Well, guess what? Feedback is public in social media, and it is not conditional to that person.


[00:13:12.720] – Robert Newman

In other words, just because I have feedback and you’re my competitor, if you are really smart as a competitor, what you do is you read through your competitions comments because you’ll discover that people are quite vocal about what they do and don’t like about both content and the core offering. So you can learn a lot about your audience by watching how they’re responding to popular videos, which will help you design a topic list that might be really relevant to the people that you’re trying to speak to.


[00:13:42.520] – Jonathan Denwood

You got to be a little bit cagey here, folks, because you can actually buy subscribers. You can buy subscribers for your YouTube channel, you can buy subscribers for your Twitter, you can buy subscribers for all these social platforms. They’re actual companies, businesses that you can hire them to get subscribers. Obviously, if the different platforms find out, and if you overdo it, or they will find out. The other thing is, if you got a channel that’s got a quarter of a million, half a million subscribers, and you look under some of their popular videos and there’s no comments, There’s no engagement. They’ve probably bought most of those subscribers. So always check that if somebody’s getting a high, or saying they’re getting a high viewership and they got a load of subscribers and you look at some of their popular videos, and there’s no comments, there’s no engagement, that’s when some red flags should be coming up in your mind. Agreed.


[00:14:58.150] – Robert Newman

All right. So Number three on our list, we’re going to have to accelerate it here a little bit if we want to get through the entire list, is start with what you have. I have no idea what you mean by that, Jon. Why don’t you help me out?


[00:15:12.850] – Jonathan Denwood

You got to start. You got to start making videos. Don’t get caught up too much about the technology. You’re probably going to have a really great phone. It’s the sound quality that you really want to concentrate on, and As long as you can get a stick, put the iPhone on the stick, and long as you sort out the sounds, you can record video, and then you can be pushing it. Don’t get too hung up, initially, about the editing or anything. So don’t get fixated. Do it, because the big… As soon as you start doing it and you start getting some traction, you can investing about improving the videos. But you got to start somewhere.


[00:16:08.230] – Robert Newman

Copy you. I don’t have much to add there, and we’re a little limited on time. So instead of talking about something I didn’t even understand when I focused on it. I’m going to move on to number four, which I have a lot to say about. Focus on your thumbnails. I’m going to let you kick us off there, but I do have a lot to say on this.


[00:16:26.310] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s really crucial, and you really got to experiment on the thumbnails. But the great tip, Canva really helps with this. If you’re starting out, folks, they’ve got a number of templates, and it makes it a lot easier. So you have access to these templates, the free version of Canva, but I would pay for the paid version. It’s about 120 bucks a year. It’s not outrageous. And it will help in producing your thumbnails enormously if you don’t have a graphic, somebody on your team that’s got a graphic eye. And spending a bit of time on the thumbnails is going to be one of the really worthwhile the expenditure of spending a bit of time and energy. Over to you, Robert.


[00:17:23.700] – Robert Newman

So I have a lot of thoughts on this, but before I share those thoughts, John and I would like to thank the sponsors of the MailRight show today, which, of course, is mail-right. Com and inbound-rem. Com. If you get a chance, why don’t you go check out those websites? There’s lots of information on both about real estate marketing. When we come back, I’m going to share my thoughts on thumbnails, and we’re going to go to a short break. We’ll see you in a minute. Three, two, one. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mail Right Show. Thank you so much for sticking through with us through the break. Once again, we would like to thank our sponsors, mail-right. Com and inbound-rem. Com. If you got a chance, go check out those websites. There’s plenty of free information on real estate marketing on both. Now, on to the question that relates to thumbnails. Thumbnails are an SEO signal, which is why I have so much to say about them. Click through rates is something that’s very important both in YouTube and in traditional search engine optimization. How many times somebody clicks on your result directly impacts your ranking, directly.


[00:18:29.820] – Robert Newman

Thumbnails in terms of overall video engagement, things like that, affect none of that at all. However, whether or not somebody chooses to click on your video versus others, like when you’re looking at that list of videos, thumbnails matter a lot. Traditional logic says that the talking head, like this, is the way to go. I have found that while that is actually true, it is so overdone, there are now second and third thumbnail-like styles that you can do that will have an impression. What I’ve done at Inbound REN that is starting to slowly see results, my click-through rate is scaling up. I think the reason why is I’ve eskewed the talking head things. I just got sick of seeing it everywhere, and I was thinking, if I’m sick of it, everybody else must be sick of it. I went with an animated character, and and more of a stylized graphic thumbnail, which at first dropped my click-through rate, did not increase it, decreased it. My expenses went up, which makes it all sound very counterintuitive. But I’ve been doing it for a while, and my click-through rate does seem to be slowly but surely scaling up a little bit.


[00:19:48.170] – Robert Newman

Not to mention I like it for me personally. What my advice here with thumbnails is you should pick a branding style. You could change it year to year for sure, maybe even, but I would say, pick a branding format year to year and make sure that you stick with it, because if you’re producing high quality content, which I do, people will start to recognize your thumbnail versus others without having to read your name. If they like you, if If you’ve seen something of yours, if you’ve been exposed to them enough, they will click on it. They will automatically click on it over other people because they’re familiar with you and content that you’ve done and the answers that you’ve given to other questions that they felt was high value. That’s my That in turn will increase your engagement rate, it will increase your SEO value. There’s a lot of ancillary benefits from coming up with thumbnail strategy that really signals to people that it’s you. Now, your face obviously also does that. People get used to seeing you and they will click on that as well. Facial recognition is a reasonably strong way to do this.


[00:20:53.620] – Robert Newman

My only problem is that when I see results in real estate, which I do, and it’s 10 pictures different realtors, I get a little face blind, and I figure that I cannot be the only person that experiences that. So I’m giving you another solution to this, another idea surrounding thumbnails. All right, improve your titles. We talked about this a little before we turned on the camera. So, John, why don’t you kick us off?


[00:21:24.150] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, like the thumbnails, choosing the right titles is going to be all important. And really there’s two tools that you can use. That’s VidIQ or Tubuddy. I think you use VidIQ. I use Tubuddy. I think they’re very compatible. It’s just some people think one or the other is better. But utilizing one of those tools is important because it’s really similar to blog post selection. That’s where somebody choosing to do a blog post on a subject that’s got no search volume is a total waste of time, really. It’s the same in producing a video with a title that’s not getting… But it’s also very similar to the world of SEO. Choosing a title that’s very, very competitive. If you got a new channel or in the world of traditional SEO, choosing a subject that’s highly competitive when your domain relevance is not that high, it’s not probably a good idea either. So you got to find the Goldilocks area where you’re getting enough search volume to make it worthwhile, where it’s not too competitive with established channels That’s what I would say about that.


[00:23:03.660] – Robert Newman

Copy you. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I agree with everything that you’re saying. Vidiq is the best $10 a month I spend. Across all the SEAS, I spend about $1,500 a month with various tools, Arefs, SEMrush. But when you say, what tool gives me the top value for the money that I spend on it? It is without question. It’s that and PinPinterest, which is another subject. It’s an AI tool that automatically shares content from my website to various social platforms. Those two platforms deliver the most value for the least amount of money by far. Pinpinterest has grown me an audience of 25,000 relatively organically on Pinterest for probably $500 total over five years. Super cheap and efficient. Same thing with VidIQ. I optimize my titles, I look at my descriptions, I do my keyword research, I do my competitor research, I do it all with VidIQ. I’ve learned I’ve learned a lot about thumbnails. I thought I knew a lot when I came into them. I’ve learned not a ton, but some, all off-free videos, you get access to the library. Mostly, though, it’s titles, tags, and They do this keyword thing where they give you the competition for each keyword that you’re targeting, like the difficulty level, which helps me actually decide how I prioritize my content and where I go deep.


[00:24:33.570] – Robert Newman

I mean, it’s a tremendous amount of value, in my opinion, for $10 a month. So improve your titles, that’s one way to do it. And if you don’t want to do it that way, look at your competitor’s titles, words like secret love, things like that. At least read a few blog posts on marketing language, and then don’t spend the $10 and improve your titles. But make sure you educate yourself a bit. Have a call to action Listen, love this, love this, love this. Oh, boy, do I love this? What’s your calls to action, John?


[00:25:07.450] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I normally take them to a blog post, or if I got a blog post, well, it’s normally a blog post that I’ve written about the subject, and that’s the main call for action on the video. But you need some call of action. You should be utilizing the videos to views, but you should be taking them to your website. You should have a website, and that website should be of a quality that promotes you in 2024. And really, Actually, it should be going to… If you’re not producing a blog post that gives more information about the video, you should then be taking them to a landing page that has a quality offer that offers something of real value to the target audience.


[00:26:06.750] – Robert Newman

Agreed. Across the board. My calls to action are also links to blog posts, another SEO signal. But I also have my phone number and a link to my calendar in about 50% of my videos. I book about 10 appointments per year straight off video. Nobody even visits my website. Now, I’m not that big of a fan of that because oftentimes, they’re the same level of quality as leads that I get that actually go to my website, which is why I don’t consistently do it in every single video. I still experiment around with it, but a call to action is a calendar link. I occasionally also get a phone number. I’ve got I also between five and 10 calls a year off videos because I include my number in every single video that I do. So in total, 20 additional interactions with people that probably yielded me five customers or maybe $100,000 in revenue total, which is relatively decent for simply including a call to action inside a phone number, inside a video. It can yield you big results for a very small activity. Do Property Tour. So number seven, do property tour videos. Fascinating that you put this on this list.


[00:27:24.060] – Robert Newman

I wouldn’t have. So why don’t you tell us about this?


[00:27:26.570] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, if we use the bread and butter to some extent, If you’re a real estate agent, there’ll be other topics, which is linked to topic selection, which is linked to other shows that we’ve done, Find Your Nish. Basically, I could have said for number 2, Topic Selection, I could have said find your niche. If you find your niche, you’ll be able to do it’s either an area of your city or region or it would be a time. So that’s property tours. I think there’s an expectation if you’re a real estate agent, you got to mix it up with different types of video. But I think it’s a bread and butter that you do property tours. And I think the great thing, the big advantage you’ve got, folks, is the subject that you’re involved in is everybody’s interested in it to some extent. So the more you can do and do all the things that we’re telling you to do, you will get viewers, in my opinion. Over to you, Rob.


[00:28:50.800] – Robert Newman

Property tour videos. Ladies and gentlemen, seamless plug, on inboundrem. Com, I recently did a video that we did a It was a major blog post. It was like 6,000 words, and it was talking about what you’re producing. It was, I think, 101 ideas about what types of social media content a realtor could produce. Basically, you have two or three different categories that those posts fall into. Audience generation, lead generation, and brand generation. Property tour video is a little bit of brand and a little bit of audience. Generally speaking, Property Tour videos are to talk to people that already know who you are. They are not going to create new audiences unless you get very lucky and somebody specifically searches that address on the internet, and they’re probably not going to, or searches that address on YouTube. I’ve noticed that when I was doing the video, I used just some examples, some real estate agents that had actually targeted Camden, the keyword Camden, Michigan, on a property tour video. You’re doomed if you do that. You’re doomed because somebody’s coming in expecting to learn about Michigan and they learn about property. Maybe you get views, but they’re going to be curiosity views because they weren’t looking for this thing that you targeted.


[00:30:11.350] – Robert Newman

Strangely enough, the Property Tour video was ranking in the top 10 for Camden, Michigan on YouTube, which just shows you how little content there was in YouTube for the keyword Camden, Michigan. It was staggering, shocking, really. There are still major markets in the US that have nobody doing anything interesting with video. So what does a property tour video do? Now, if you have a big subscriber list, if you have an email list, if I can go on and on, there are good reasons to do property tour videos. Excellent reasons. You need to do them for the customer, number one, for the people that have hired you to be their listing agent. You need to shoot them out to all the people that follow you just so that they can keep track of what inventory that you’re currently representing, which is branding. That’s branding. That doesn’t matter whether they’re ready to buy or sell. You want people to understand what inventory you’re currently repping, even if it’s been the same for 20 years, it does not matter. Then you also want to occasionally have people who are following you look at that piece of property for maybe an investment, a second home, maybe they’re scaling up or scaling down.


[00:31:15.380] – Robert Newman

There are reasons why somebody might become interested in that specific property, especially if you get very, very lucky. And your property tour includes some amenities that are unusual for the area, such as a pool, a riverfront, lakefront, two-story instead of one-story, dual family Home, Detached Residence, Duplex, Fourplex, Triplex. I can go on and on. Some defining factor that makes that property tour exceptionally notable. And then you would put that in the title, like you’d say, Except Riverfront View, and then maybe the address in the description to make sure that you’re getting… The number one search for property tour videos that’s going to get you traffic is that many internet users have gotten very good at putting an address into the internet. Occasionally, believe it or not, a YouTube video will rank if If the address is on the property tour as the title of the video, every now and again, you compete against Zillow and Truly on those other guys and managed to get a massive stream of traffic for free just because you happen to put the right title on the video. Property tours, very specific, very, very specific use, but they can generate leads.


[00:32:20.860] – Robert Newman

I do agree with that, but I’d say the use case is extremely specific. All right, create testimonials in case… Number eight, and we got two more where our show is going to go a little long because it’s a big subject for John and I. Create testimonials and case study videos. Oh, boy, you know how I feel about this one. Lead us off, man.


[00:32:40.720] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, they’re not going to do the property tours. They’re expected, and you’re going to utilize them on a load of other platforms. Because it’s linked to do property tours. If somebody really likes your channel and they start watching 2-3, they’re probably going to binge watch because I do it. If I come across a new channel and I really like this stuff, and I’ve got either a bookmark it, because I don’t watch television, American television. So if I got a bit of a moment and I just want to relax, I take half hour off and I do a bit of binge watching on YouTube. So if they really like your channel and that, they’re going to bin watch, as I call it, and they’re probably going to consume a lot of your videos or quickly go through them and choose ones. And having testimonials and case studies is just a way of confirming that you’re the right person, that if they’re looking to sell or buy the property, you’re the person that they should approach, and you can utilize them for a load of other stuff. Over to you, Rob.


[00:33:59.800] – Robert Newman

Case studies and testimonials is how you lock in lead generation using video. Your first opening intro video is on your channel. Should either be a very strong mission statement or very strong video. If you feel like you know exactly who you are and what you offer and you can succinctly say it, then you should be on your intro video. However, most of us don’t know that stuff necessarily. And so what’s the second best option? Customer testimonials, customer case studies. What is somebody else saying about you? What is somebody else saying about the channel? What is somebody else saying about doing business with you? That is a really strong intro video onto your channel that will set you up for conversion. In other words, people watching others of your content on I’m going to binge, just like John illustrated. But if you set it up, the first video was like, Oh, wow, this customer loves this guy. Then if you follow it up with a couple, that’s testimonial video. Testimonials and case studies can be the same thing. If you have a very educated client or if you’re participating in the testimonial yourself, a dual dialog that you’re guiding by basically covering the points that you make that turn the call into a case study, such as, John, your client of inbound Can you share with us how many leads you got off YouTube?


[00:35:18.490] – Robert Newman

Can you share with us how many leads you got off your website? Can you share with us? Now that you shared that with us, can you share with us how many of those leads converted into transactions? Then you go blah, blah, blah, and Now you say, Okay, if I’m doing my math right, that was about a total of $200,000 in GCI. Does that sound about right to you, John? You go, Yes. Okay, so, John, based on what I’m hearing, it would sound like this year you spent maybe $30,000 with us, but you made 150. That means that you made five times more than you spent. Does that sound correct to you? And you go, Yes. Now you’ve got a rock solid case study testimonial video wrapped up into one. That’s when, boy, oh, boy, those are effective. They’re so effective to get people to call you, so effective to get to create actual interaction with your audience, which is the first step in conversion, doing something like lead generation, which is what this whole series of subjects is about. If you were to do one thing off this list and do it well, case studies and testimonials via Bio video are literally my top number one, do not skimp on this recommendation.


[00:36:37.000] – Robert Newman

My number two recommendation is a very strong bio video where you explain who you are. If you do a very compelling job on telling your own story via a video that can also convert. The best combo is to have both. Strong mission along with case studies and testimonials, believe it or not, the two of those things combined will oftentimes generate you the lay down customers that I talk about on my social media and that I actually get at InboundREM, which is staggering because we’re mid-range to high on the price range. For us to get a lay down, that means I basically convince somebody to spend $20,000 to $50,000 without ever meeting them. Just think about that. That is two cars combined. In some markets, that’s a house. I convinced them to make that decision solely on my digital media. People will make staggeringly large decisions if you just give them the right resources. All right. Collaborate with local influencers. Love this one. What were you thinking when you put it on the list?


[00:37:46.040] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, it’s a bit like we’ve spoken before about becoming the digital mayor of your town, region, city, working with other local businesses, promoting doing joint promotions where you’re highlighting restaurants, doing reviews. It’s really useful. You got to be a little bit careful because you might be confusing. It depends on what your subject is, the subject for the channel. If it’s geography-based, I think it’s going to be less where it might give mixed signals to YouTube. But I think if you handle it right, it shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. But if you’re geography-based, it’s just going to help a lot anyway. But it also builds a lot of goodwill. You could pick you back on those people’s… If they’re well-established and they’ve got a lot of social presence online, it’s a win-win scenario. Over to you, Rob.


[00:39:02.850] – Robert Newman

So we’ve got 150 content ideas and including quite a few that fall into the local influencers all on the website. We’re running out of time. John, I included the link. This is a massive blog post we did with huge amounts of research connected to it. I’m going to ask that you include it in the show notes. You can feel free to make it a do not follow link. I’m just only asking for people to have it as a resource. But I am asking that you distribute this because it is that good of a post. But one of the ideas that we have on there, and there’s 150, I said 101, it’s 150. One of the ideas that we have is doing a trade with another realtor. An Agent Takeover Day is an incredibly strong way for you and other like, digitally minded real estate agencies to trade audiences. It’s a clever way because you may have a specialty or a vertical, especially if you’re talking to me, and you may want to expand your footprint into other types of verticals. A good way to do that is to give somebody access to yours and you to theirs.


[00:40:05.130] – Robert Newman

Depending on how strongly defined you are by that niche, you’re really probably not giving up any of your business any more than they are. What you’re doing is creating mutual value and mixing up the content that you produce, thus creating value for your audience. Remember, the best social influencers, the best content producers always focus not on their own needs or the bottom line first. If you always just focus on what the audience needs, what is useful, what’s good for them, it will end up being good for you for sure, 100%. Just focus on them first. That’s why agent takeover is irrelevant. I get objections sometimes. Would I really want to help cross-promote another agent’s business? Jesus, step out of the last decade and into the new one. Let’s talk about if somebody has a thousand followers and you have a thousand followers, maybe you can both pick up 250 followers. There’s so much value in all social sharing content like SEO juice. I can go on and on. There’s so much ancillary value. You’re going to make three times as much off the boost in the audience that you’d ever lose because maybe one of your clients thinks the other realtor is prettier, or they want to call them, or whatever the case is.


[00:41:16.620] – Robert Newman

It’s a new era that we live in that is better to collaborate than to contest. Analyze your metrics. Number 10, final one on our list, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve gone a little bit over. Just consider this all the bonus show notes. We’re at the final stretch, though. Analyze your metrics. John?


[00:41:37.880] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I’m not good at it, and I think you’re a lot better at it. I am getting better at it because I realize. The great thing about YouTube is it provides fantastic free analytical data. And unlike on the traditional SEO, where Google seems to be determined to make it as vague as possible. With the YouTube platform, you still get tremendous strong analytical data, and it’s free, it’s available, and you should be looking at it. A load of free videos tells you how to look at this data. It’s not unlike some of Google’s platforms where you need a PhD to work out some of it. This is reasonably easy with a few videos looking at the data, and doing something with the data. It will help you be more successful. Over to you, Rob.


[00:42:47.020] – Robert Newman

Don’t disagree with any of that. The only thing I will say is, yes, I have an advantage, a built-in advantage. Different histories, different skill sets. I came from telemarketing call center services, especially as I was leading and running very large call centers. My last was seven call centers and probably 1,500 people spread throughout the globe. That job was all about analyzing numbers and making small changes inside vast processes so that you could make those numbers be more effective. A 1-5% difference in the result, whether on the intro call saving a client or keeping people in continuity plans, was an incredibly important task. Throughout the year, I improved efficiencies by about 25 to 30%, which yielded 3 to $5 million for the business. I got used to looking at metrics and understood their value, and I still understand what their value is. Small changes stupidly add up over time. That’s why so few people look at metrics. You make a few minor changes, and then you have to go back and track the changes. It feels like a lot of for a slight incremental difference.


[00:44:04.280] – Robert Newman

But if you do that consistently, very similar to working out or lifting weights, it’s like, by the end of the year, you notice, Oh, my God, I’m 10, 15% more effective than I was at the start of the year. Then if you combine that with my business’s seven-year history, I’m now 150% more effective from watching metrics. It adds up a lot over time. Slowly but surely, it adds up, similar to getting it used to doing a YouTube video every week instead of one a month, which is something I’ve been at fault with. Most likely, my business would be three times the size if I kept up with that discipline. This is just another discipline. For some of you, I have an accountant, and it’s funny because I can’t get her to do a video to save my life. She’s done one in three years, and I don’t think I will ever get her to do another. But she’s good at analyzing the analytics on her website. Maybe she is one of the best in my database because she likes numbers. So if you’re a numbers person looking for a way to make money off those numbers, maybe you don’t have the charisma and the numbers simultaneously.


[00:45:08.470] – Robert Newman

Then my advice to you deeply is to look at engagement rates, click-through rates, how long people stay on the video, and where they drop off. These are critical metrics and then make small changes in how you’re doing these videos, maybe shortening the length. If you’re doing long-form content, does it extend engagement across your channel? Shorter-form videos, in the long term, are easier ways to rank a channel globally. However, long-form content is more accessible to get conversions. You must decide what you want to do and probably mix up your efforts. All of that is best done by analyzing your metrics. Now and again, you do a long-form video with the hope that somebody will watch enough short forms that they’re willing to spend 10, 15, or 20 minutes engaging with you. I promise you that if you find that you’ve built up the ability to keep somebody’s attention for that length of time, you have an excellent opportunity to create a relationship and thus get a client. That’s the reason you do long form. You have to figure out a way to connect with people because once they feel connected to you, you are so close to them potentially reaching out to you.


[00:46:16.640] – Robert Newman

That’s it, guys. We’re going to do another show. It looks well; second show, question Mark. I agree we should do one. We’re going to do another show. Real estate video has a lot to it. And so if you stay on our channel, and I strongly recommend that you do, note that we’re going to drop a show on leveraging trends, how you respond to comments, and how you look at your competitors. John has created another incredible list of things to talk about that relate to the video, and I couldn’t agree with it more. There’s no way for me to say, God, let’s do it. Let’s dive into it. I’m super excited about it. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been Robert Newman. If you’d like to contact me, do so at robert@inboundrem. Com or go to inbound, the word inboundrem. You can see it behind me for those of you watching on video. God, All right, watching a video. And add a. Com to that. It’s the word, and you can find everything you need to know about me there. John, how would you like people to do the same with you?


[00:47:28.770] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, it just goes over to, and you can email me or go to the mail-right. Com website, look at the videos and all the information they’ve got on there and then book a chat with me. It’s right in the main navigation. You can book a chat, and we’ll see if we can help you. Back over to you, Rob.


[00:47:52.670] – Robert Newman

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s been the show. It thumbs it up. For those of you on YouTube, do us all a favor. John is better about dropping these on Mailright than I am. However, I am getting really good about dropping these into my Facebook groups and things like that and on my Facebook page. If you can do us both a favor and interact with the content wherever you find it, doesn’t matter where or what platform, that would help us a lot. If we’re helping you, if any of you have gotten anything of value in this entire video, do us a favor and like something, leave a comment, and share it with some people. We’d appreciate it. That’s it.


————— ————— —————

The Hosts of The Mail-Right Show

Jonathan Denwood


Robert Newman


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#418- Mail-Right Show:How to Attract Real Estate Clients Instead of Chasing Them In 2024

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

How to Attract Real Estate Clients Instead of Chasing Them In 2024

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Show Introduction


#1 – You Must Be Seen As One of the Leading Real Estate Experts in Your Area

In the highly competitive real estate industry, establishing yourself as a leading expert in your area is crucial for success. Building a solid personal brand and professional reputation can drive more clients to your business and help you stand out.

To be seen as a top real estate expert, it’s essential to deliver exceptional service and results for your clients consistently. This includes staying current with market trends, in-depth knowledge of local neighborhoods, and demonstrating expertise in real estate transactions.


#2 – You must have CRM and database linked to an effective digital marketing platform

Integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with a database is essential to maximize your digital marketing efforts. This integration allows for the seamless flow of customer data across various touch points, enabling personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

A CRM system captures and organizes customer information, interactions, and behaviors, providing valuable insights for creating effective marketing strategies. By linking this data to a database, you can ensure that all pertinent information about your customers is readily accessible within your digital marketing platform.

#3 – You must give value to your possible future leads through your social media content marketing

To engage potential future leads through your social media content marketing, you must ensure that your content delivers real value. This could include providing helpful information, entertaining and engaging storytelling, or offering practical tips and insights. By consistently delivering high-quality content that resonates with your target audience, you can build trust and credibility, encouraging leads to see the value in your offer.

#4 – You must use reviews and client success stories

Client success stories and reviews play a vital role in showcasing the impact of our services. Take for example, Lucy, who was able to achieve her fitness goals and transform her life with the help of our personalized training program. Her glowing review is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

#5 – Be yourself, and your online content should be aimed at your real estate niche

When creating online content for the real estate niche, staying true to yourself and your unique voice is essential. Being authentic and genuine can build trust with your audience and stand out from the competition. Share personal anecdotes, insights, and experiences that showcase your expertise in the real estate industry.

Take the time to understand your target audience and tailor your content to their specific needs and interests. Whether through blog posts, social media updates, or videos, provide valuable information that addresses common pain points in the real estate market. This could include tips for first-time homebuyers, advice on staging a property for sale, or insights into local market trends.

#6 – Always remember real estate is a personal business (build trust)

When it comes to real estate, building trust is essential. Clients are entrusting agents with one of the most significant purchases of their lives, and establishing a personal connection can make all the difference. Understanding a client’s needs, preferences, and concerns lays the foundation for a strong relationship.

Listening attentively and showing genuine interest in helping clients find their perfect home or investment property can go a long way in building trust. Demonstrating expertise, professionalism, and integrity in every interaction further solidifies this trust.

————— ————— —————

The Hosts of The Mail-Right Show

Jonathan Denwood


Robert Newman



038: Good Quality Photography With Special Guest Greg McDaniels
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#417- Mail-Right Show: We Predict The Major Digital Marketing Trends of 2024

Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

We Predict The Major Digital Marketing Trends of 2024

Curious about what’s next for digital marketing? Look no further! Our latest video unpacks the major predictions for 2024, covering everything from influencer-driven campaigns to data privacy regulations. Gain actionable insights that will empower you to adapt and thrive amidst upcoming industry shifts. Take advantage of this invaluable knowledge – hit play now and be prepared for success in 2024.

Episode Full Show Notes

[00:00:00.650] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to episode number 417. John and I have done this 417 times. And today, on January 25th, 2024, we’re going to do one of my favorite shows that we ever do. We will talk about market predictions for digital real estate marketing in 2024. John, you feel free to adjust that title a little bit. But I think this has got to feel to the average real estate agent like this is just a massive time of change. Every time I turn something on, that’s what made me ask John if we could talk about predictions because every time I turn on any device, as any of mine from any providers, my email is complete, swamped with what sounds like new stuff in it. It says that way. John, before I go off on one that is more than just the intro of the show, I would love it if you would do me and the rest of the audience a courtesy and introduce yourself and share a little bit about yourself.


[00:01:27.980] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I’m the co-founder of mill-right. Com. We’re a platform of CRM with a focus at real estate, plus much more. We provide a suite of marketing tools that allow you to do Facebook marketing yourself, or we can do it for you. Plus, we build beautiful websites. We have starter themes, or we can semi-custom or do full custom design on WordPress. You have the flexibility combined mind with the power of a CRM and a marketing suite. It’s a great platform. Back over to you, Robert.


[00:02:08.530] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I’m going to talk about a prediction that really isn’t a prediction. It’s already happening. But I’m going to make some predictions about it. We’re going to talk about AI for a second. John and I have already talked about AI in the year’s first show. We talked about some AI plugins, which, by the way, John, I have now dedicated a team member to going and researching those plugins and then sending me a report. Because there were some things that we were talking about, which I was fascinated by, I didn’t have the time to dive down those rabbit holes anymore. I sent somebody to go do it. Now, most of you won’t have that luxury. Most people listening to this show don’t have the luxury of sending somebody to dive down AI rabbit holes. So here’s my prediction. I think that we’re going to continue. I don’t think that anybody here that listening to the show is going to be able to turn on a phone or listen to a show without hearing the word AI I’m going to say this again. It’s not AI.


[00:03:19.140] – Robert Newman

All right, number one, that’s my first prediction. It’s not AI. It’s behavioral learning. It isn’t anything different than the search engine technology that’s been here, except for how the data is presented to you. What do I think we will continue to see done with behavioral learning, though? The difference also is the way that the code code is somewhat like an open source Google. In other words, you can tell the code, you can ask AI to do work for you. That’s where behavior learning has really garnered. That’s fascinating. You can say, write a blog post, and it’ll write a blog post, which Google won’t do. It’ll send you to a blog post that you could copy if you wanted. Ai will take the same information and write something for you that would be similar to a prompt or what you’re looking at. I believe that here’s a couple of ancillary predictions. Number one, I think that a lot of people are going to see a really fast head when it comes to plagiarism and AI. Ai is stealing content. All my SEO chat boards and rooms that I sit in are full of content producers right now incensed with somebody who, with an AI tool, went through their site map and basically took every single title and just recreated the same site map using AI and essentially effectively stole their traffic.


[00:04:47.460] – Robert Newman

Because a single human could ostensibly make a content grab in about five or six hours, which might have taken the website owner five or six years, it is ridiculous. That’s got to come to a head, and I predict that it’s going to happen in 2024 and going to continue in 2025 and 2026. Now, let’s get Coming to real estate. I expect that the behavioral learning tools, I think that somebody’s going to come up with a really good AI, real estate, assistance type tool. Somebody who answers your calls makes your appointments and basically manages your calendar. I think that’s all going to be done with a combination of scheduling and voice AI. I think somebody’s going to come up with the cool little tool that we’re all going to use, that it’s going to wash across the whole industry. And next year in 2026, when John and I are talking, we’re going to be mentioning this tool as if it’s like an industry standard. I have a few others. It’s nice to make. AI is a big topic, and I have a few other predictions that I’d like to make. But before I go any further, John, I want to break this up into bite size.


[00:06:07.620] – Robert Newman

Do you have any ancillary or retorts to my first handful of predictions as it relates to AI?


[00:06:14.430] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, if Can you comment about people producing mass blogging content? I’ve gone the middle way. I do use AI to create content for both properties that I run on a day on a daily basis, but it’s heavily edited. I add video and podcasting to that content to signal to Google that it has as more to give it proof that it has an element of individual insight rather than… I’ve seen some quite good results by that. That positioning. I think consistently, I think that’s what Google is going to be looking for during this year, next year is They’re just going to accept that so much content is going to be produced by this, still call it artificial intelligence, but I do agree. I think that’s a terrible term because I do agree with you. It’s a tool that mimics intelligence, but in no way or form do I think it’s intelligent. But who am I? I’m not a scientist that specializes in that field. There are a few that would disagree with me, but that’s my position. I think Google is going to be looking for signals around domain authority and specialization in a particular topic.


[00:08:10.270] – Jonathan Denwood

So it’s pretty linked to what we’ve said in previous shows. You need to find a niche, and your marketing needs to be around that niche if you can find one. Then you need to give signals to Google that it’s not all machine-generated, that you are an expert, and by video, by podcasting, by longer form, by editing the content, you give these signals that it has a higher value than pure generated AI.


[00:08:59.270] – Robert Newman

Good point, I’m glad that you’ve figured out a way to leverage AI for whatever you’re using it for. I’ve noticed that your content is a lot more prolific, and it covers some of the same stuff that we talk about here on the show. I’m glad to see it because there is a need for individual real estate marketing companies, like founders like us, voice, while we’re still small enough to have a voice and we’ve got the time. It’s very uncommon, which is why I used it as a strategy myself. For anybody, even with… Let’s say that expertise comes on a scale of 1-10. For anybody to be saying anything about real estate marketing that even has knowledge above a five is unusual. It’s like a lot of people talk about real estate marketing, and either they have a single area of expertise, quote, unquote, expertise. But oftentimes, it’s just like a young real estate agent who figured out how to do Facebook ads and then figured out that nobody else in his office knew how to do Facebook ads. Then he turns himself into a guru based on Facebook ads. There’s so much more to digital representation than just that.


[00:10:16.630] – Robert Newman

Anyway, I don’t want to poopoo anybody because from that one little expertise, you can make enough money to turn yourself into a full-blown expert. My experience, though, is that very few people do that. They figure out one little thing they can sell to a lot of real estate agencies, and then they take off with it. Here’s my next prediction, or I’m going to stick vaguely in the realm of AI. We’re also going to see a prolific amount of video coming from AI, and real estate agents are going to hear about video AI in some way, shape, or form before 2024 is over. Now, John and I already reviewed a tool called invideo. Io. I’ve got my team looking at it to see if we feel like we can leverage it effectively for real estate. Perhaps we can. Perhaps we cannot. It’s just going to depend. We’ll see.


[00:11:24.860] – Jonathan Denwood

I’m excited about it. It’s just one of me. There’s about half a dozen of those type tools. Me and Adam are looking at all of them because Adam is a professional video maker. That’s how he makes Facebook and video, his bread and butter. I think it could be really quite helpful because a lot of agents, they just don’t want to be in front of the camera. So these tools can help in making videos which they’re not required to be in front. But on the other hand, it will always be best if they are in front of the camera, if they can do it. But you just got to be realistic, haven’t you? I think so. Would you agree with that?


[00:12:21.070] – Robert Newman

I would agree with that. I would agree with that. And some of my predictions, guys, ladies and gentlemen, is that there’s going to be a different type of real estate marketing service. There’s already a lot of people making Oxford or all moves when it comes to real estate and video. My prediction is that somebody’s going to leverage AI and make yet another service that you as real estate agents can use as an independent marketing company. If I was starting from scratch and wasn’t committed to what inbound REN was already doing or had the finances just to start out a new division without thinking about it, I would do it. It is It’s a needed industry service for real estate agents. It really is a really incredibly important block to your marketing is to get video done. But somebody needs to make it easier. I mean a lot easier. I don’t mean like Levi or Krista Maysha or who’s just sitting there telling you how they used some good ideas about leveraging video and then went off to make $38 million in selling real estate using videos. Because here’s another thing that I think that most people intuitively know.


[00:13:31.760] – Robert Newman

It’s not a prediction, but it is a comment. It’s the very second you take a Krista Mayshaar who’s making $9 million a year as a coach, and she’s coaching hundreds, if not thousands of agents, is It’s the very second that the strategy starts to become less and less effective because everybody in every market is slowly but surely starting to leverage this coaching information. So, generally speaking, strategic things shift in real estate. They tend to the needle moves, which frustrates a lot of agents, which is why I don’t tend to move with trends, not needle moves.


[00:14:08.660] – Jonathan Denwood

Can I make a prediction on that? Please. Hit I think in the later on this year or the beginning of next year, I think there’s going to be tools where, well, they’re there anyway, but There will be a interface, a product where agent can put text in and their voice will be mimicked. It will be able to just take a facial picture or a facial video through either your iPhone or through a webcam, and then it would be able to mimic you on video. It It would look natural. It would look like the agent, and it would have templates of verbiage. All you would have is it could have a library of… And it just be you, our official you in video form. Can you imagine how of me? That’d be your renders, wouldn’t it, Robert?


[00:15:27.370] – Robert Newman

I love that idea, though, man. Good God, I hope you’re right. That’s what… It just took my breath away, John. All this talking about video in… I really… God, I hope you’re right. I could leverage that so heavily and deeply and well at Inbound R-E-M. Our consistent number one problem still isn’t… I just keep making moves as a business owner to try to handhold and and put people… But if you’re to say, Robert, what’s your number one business problem? It is that I still can’t get people to do video. And the level of commitment that people have made to the company, to me, it’s $20, $30, $40, $30, $40,000 sometimes. And you still, shockingly, can’t get them to do the thing. And when you do get them to do the thing, it is so time intensive for them because it takes a lot of mental preparation for most people. It’s not just getting in front of the camera, which you and I do, but it’s a lot of mental prep for the average agent. So they feel like, Robert, I did a three-minute video, and it’s like a year later after they hired us. You can sense the- Well, it’s not going to the dentists.


[00:16:51.490] – Jonathan Denwood

You know you need to go to the dentists for the cleaning, the deep clean. You know you need to go to the dentists on the regular checks. You know you should do it, but you don’t want to do it. And that’s their position around video. I think we’re coming to our middle break, Robert.


[00:17:13.260] – Robert Newman

Sure. All right. So, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to go to a break. John just made a great prediction that I hope is true. We’re going to make some other predictions, and we’re going to come back at maybe the beginning of 2025 and review the show. We didn’t do that today because I’m lazy, but we We probably had another market predictions video. From what I recollect, we were probably about 50% right on our predictions. We’ll be right back. Stay tuned. Have a little bit of fun with us. See where our heads are going in terms of what’s going to happen in 2024 and slightly beyond. We’ll be right back. Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need MailRight. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30-day money-back guarantee. So don’t delay. Get started today. Go to mail-right. Com. Welcome back, Ladies and gentlemen to the MailRight Show. I’m so excited to be here with my partner today, Jonathan Dinwood.


[00:18:21.970] – Robert Newman

We’re talking about marketing predictions for 2024, and we’re discussing We’ve used a lot of AI predictions. Now, I’m going to use a couple more. I’m going to leap out, John, and do a couple of predictions not related to AI, just related to the business. Now, I At the end of 2024, here’s what we’ve been seeing happen. There are so many marketing companies taking a massive punch in the mouth right now. I can’t even begin to tell you. I don’t have numbers because everybody is playing this stuff close to the vest, but almost every major real estate marketing company out there is laying people off. There’s more than just a little bit of panic going on. The numbers have diminished. We’re walking out of a very soft real estate marketing season. A lot of real estate agents have been investing money that they basically saved when the market was better and keeping their systems running. A lot of agents got out of their systems because it’s pretty rare that agents plan financially for their marketing. A lot of people bailed. Very few people were ever set up correctly when they took on marketing contracts to be thinking long term.


[00:19:41.050] – Robert Newman

Blissfully, InboundRM has been somewhat impervious to that because I take a lot of time with each individual client, which is just bizarre. It’s not a very good scale model, but it is a very stable model. Here’s one of my predictions, though. John, I don’t think that we’ve seen the end of the shakeout when it comes to real estate marketing companies, specifically. I think that we’re… And I don’t have any idea where it’s going to come from. But before the end of 2024, I think that we’re going to be talking about major real estate marketing shifts, like somebody big going out of business, more consolidation, somebody shuttering a division that they buy someplace else. The companies with really big pockets, this traditionally is Historically, it’s the time. If the guys at Ylopo are not getting a door knock sometime soon from somebody big with huge, huge pockets, I will be absolutely flabbergasted. I think the purchase of the follow-up bus- I was just about to say that it was a red for boy. Yeah, I think that was, say what you will about those guys. They’re not dumb business people, man. It was great timing. You hit a founder like you and me when we’re in the middle of what we know is a winter for our business, and you know that you have the financial bandwidth to just carry the business through, which you think is a good business, but it’s just a hard time.


[00:21:13.930] – Robert Newman

When is an entrepreneur more likely to say yes to some offer? Somebody comes through with a big enough number, I might think about it because you don’t want to just keep struggling through the day to day at times. You get frustrated. John, what do you think?


[00:21:30.170] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, yeah, I also think a lot of real estate marketing, you look at some of the established players, it’s a bit difficult. I don’t normally say this because it sounds like I’m trying to sell my own book of business. But you look at a lot of it. A lot of it is very mediocre, isn’t it? But it’s also around… And when you look at some of the prices, it isn’t particularly cheap. So that’s not really to give them some grace. But a lot of it is mediocre, isn’t it?


[00:22:10.290] – Robert Newman

Yeah. I’m going to make a quick little prediction for Mailright, just for funsies. John, I’ve noticed that your marketing pops up in my feeds, YouTube, other places. I’m now easy to find you, whereas previously it was hard to find you. Between that and the fact that I think that this is the time that nontraditional platforms run by a small business owner. Generally speaking, you and I have a very large headwind into making sales because we’re up against much more established players. Every agent’s heard of them. They have somebody in the office that’s using their shit. It’s very hard at any price to convince them to use something else. I think that this is going to be different, though. I think you’re heading into what’s going to be bad for many people, I predict will be good for Mailright. I think that your business is going to grow and grow well in 2024, whereas other years has not been quite as smooth for you.


[00:23:08.340] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I didn’t quite know what I was selling, really. But I’ve had the same journey with my other business. My other business is really doing very well now. Melright is making some progress, but it’s my other business. Last year was a fabulous year for my other business, Rob. I’m not a mean there, but I did very well, actually. It was a bit of a shock, and I had a bit of a large tax bill, which I’m paying still. I was there, I’ve almost paid it off, actually, Rob. It was a bit of a shock, Rob. Well, not last year’s year. Well, I’ve had a good couple of years, but it was a bit of a shock, actually. Yeah, Yeah, but you’re right. What you say, I do hope… Because it’s been… It’s taken me… I just feel that I’m running out. Well, I’m 59 now, Rob. But on the other hand, I’m much fitter than I was. And I haven’t got the resources to have the retirement that I would because a lot of it had to go to my divorce. So But on the other hand, if I could retire, I’d be dead bored.


[00:24:35.710] – Jonathan Denwood

I’d be bored out of my skin, Rob. Running your own business isn’t like working for somebody. It is different. It doesn’t feel like… Sometimes the lones are so intense from the highs. You can have a really good at morning, and then you can have a really bad in interaction with a client and your afternoon just goes down into the pits. And every day can be like that with enormous ups and downs. But at least it doesn’t quite feel like work for me at any time. That’s why I work really crazy, funny hours. What are your hours? I don’t have any set hours, Robert. I take a few hours off and then I’m still working at 12:00 at night. But it doesn’t actually feel like work, if you know what I mean, Rob.


[00:25:34.920] – Robert Newman

Completely. And that’s… I mean, this is an off topic. But personally, John, everything I’ve read, seen, and believe in myself, this is I don’t believe in working all that hard. I like to work about 36 hours a week when I can get away with it. Sometimes that just means I’m on the phone, I get off the phone. That’s all I do because I’ll be on the phone for 8, 10 hours a day when we’re busy. But once I’m done, I’m done. I don’t do content production. I don’t do the rest because I balance. But this idea of retirement, stop working, stop contributing. I think it’s just the fastest road to death. Intellectual death, physical death. I just don’t believe in it. We’re not meant to be creatures that just sit still, not even when we’re old. We’re meant to reduce activity, sure, or focus our activity. But to say that we’re not taking long walks, experiencing the world. I would say that as we get older, it’s just work less and make sure that the activities that we’re doing are ones that we really enjoy that fall into whatever our professional expertise was. But that’s just my opinion.


[00:26:44.100] – Robert Newman

All right, a couple more predictions for 2024. Now we’re going to get into my direct area of expertise for me. John, feel free to throw a couple of these in for you for the areas that you really focus on. I focus a lot on SEO, search engine optimization. There’s a lot of changes happening in SEO right now, not in the core function of Google. Google has actually gotten to the point where user behavior signals is 23, 24, 25% of your score for your local, your video, your images, your traditional search. All of that is SEO. All those things are SEO. They’re controlled by Google who runs them by an algorithm. That algorithm, I understand better than most people, not better than everybody, but better than most people. Certainly, when it comes to that algorithm in real estate, now there’s very few people that could probably have as intelligent of a conversation as likely. Here’s where I think that AI has been or behavioral intelligence and monitoring has been in place at Google for a decade. What’s happening is the computing and processing power is eliminating a lot of the time. As their computing systems better and better processing information in real-time, we’re seeing massive changes hit the algorithm.


[00:28:07.250] – Robert Newman

Those changes relate to how Google in real-time can look at user behavior and adjust your ranking, adjust how you’re found. If you have a piece of content and people really enjoy it and they’re on it for a long time, they click on it, Google is getting better and better at ranking that content faster and faster. That’s the easiest way that I can put it. They’re doing the same on YouTube, they’re doing the same on hyper local, like profiles, everything. I think that we’re going to see an authorship thing come back. Now, it’s still there. It’s still in your profile. They never turned it off. The belief is that Google had this… Years ago, ladies and gentlemen, Google had what’s called the Google author profile, which connected you personally to content that you published. There was a lot of crying, though, when that happened, because obviously all the people like me who are professional content producers, were really running away with the rankings when they added factors into authorship. Because some people are dedicated content marketers and their stuff has engagement and links and they know what they’re doing and the list goes on. So Google mothballed it.


[00:29:15.920] – Robert Newman

But they didn’t turn it off and they didn’t remove it. They simply said, Until we can figure this out a little bit better, we’re mothballing it. Boy, in the days of AI, I can’t think of a time where authorship who’s really producing something and attaching your name to what you’re producing is more important. I predict that some version of authorship is going to come back.


[00:29:41.440] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s very uncanny you’re bringing this up. I’ll bring this side to the Because I’ve been thinking around the same way, but slightly different. You know what I think is going to happen? Is blockchain. Blockchain was pushed, 3.0 blockchain cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency side, I think a lot of that was smoke and mirrors. I never invested any money in it, and I still do have very dubious feelings around a lot of the crypto community, and But when it comes to blockchain, I think that’s totally different. But it was a technology that was interesting but didn’t find real traction or a reason that it could be really useful. But I think if you mix blockchain as a way of identifying real ownership when it comes to digital content, because I think what you’ve just said is It’s going to become more and more, where did this bit really come from? Was it really made by the source that it potentially seems to have been made? This will become more and more critical. I think blockchain and having the ability to mark that in a unique way linked to ownership is going to become a powerful tool.


[00:31:30.570] – Robert Newman

I hadn’t thought about the blockchain bit, but that’s certainly a possibility. Here’s where my prediction lies, ladies and gentlemen. With the average person, me or John or anybody, really, with just a modicum of knowledge, can go out and produce 500 pages of content like we can. I could do it right now. Between the time I turn my camera off and the time it work starts tomorrow, I could produce 500 pages. It would take me a bit of time and that’s all I would be doing, but I could do it because all I’m typing out is prompts and then letting machines I can’t produce the pages that I’m reading them, but I can read a page every few seconds, which means that I can actually write, quote, unquote, write 60 edited things, probably within an hour. It would take time, but I could do it. That’s a problem, though, because we’re not really producing anything new. What we’re doing is we’re just taking, regurgitating, throwing it online. Now, not that many people have figured it out yet, but it’s going to be a wave of people figuring it out. People are going to learn how to use ChatGPT, and then they’re going to produce it.


[00:32:35.210] – Robert Newman

And those people are going to be basically a mix of lazy and bad actors, which is not what the internet is for or about. Not by Google’s eyes, not by my eyes, not by most people’s eyes. What makes Google interesting is conversations like this. John and I, we have made a suggestion for three or four thoughts that are unique to us. There are predictions AI cannot make them. We made them. So now you cannot copy that. You could, theoretically, but the original idea knowledge came from us. So you have to look at that and go, that’s the value of the internet. That’s the value of creating videos. If there are people following this podcast, I would surmise that our original thinking inside the digital marketing space is is the reason you should be following the podcast. I’m not saying these things are going to come true, but as a real estate agent, you need to be digitally savvy, which is why John and I do a podcast. There’s not that many people that focus strictly on digital that know what they’re talking about. Say what you will about John and I, we make our living in that space.


[00:33:50.150] – Robert Newman

This is us. I think that we’re going to see… There’s got to be a way. This prediction is based on logic. There’s got to be a way that you quantify who’s an original thinker and who’s just leveraging AI. There’s got to be a way because it’s going to become a problem and it’s going to become a problem fast. I like both of John and my predictions. Whether we’re right or wrong, this I guarantee you, there’s going to be something that steps into this hole.


[00:34:21.770] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ll just give you this example before we wrap it up. Sure. Over the last week, I’m working all these strange I took Tuesday morning off. I went skiing for the morning, right? Came back, didn’t do too much. But in the evening, I worked up to 12:00 at night. From 6:00 to 12:00, I caught up. But between that for 15 minutes, I just watched some quick YouTube stuff just to switch off before I go on to the next task. I just need a quick little break to calm my brain down. So I watched the most benign stuff on YouTube. And in my feed comes up this Filipino singer who was supposed to be on American Idol and The Voice, the UK Voice. It’s a similar program to American Idol, right? Or American Got Talent, those three. He was on He seems to have been on all three shows. I thought, that’s not possible. And he’s sitting away, he’s a funny-looking dude, right? And he said, it’s all been created in AI. I was intrigued. So I did some searches. He hasn’t been on any of this stuff. He’s just gone, oh, there’s actual video, YouTube videos of people showing how he done it or whoever’s behind it.


[00:36:02.180] – Jonathan Denwood

And it’s all been artificially made, Robert. Fascinating.


[00:36:09.650] – Robert Newman

Seriously fascinating.


[00:36:11.860] – Jonathan Denwood

I found it intriguing, but I also found it a lot of it at the same time, Robert.


[00:36:19.330] – Robert Newman

I’ve seen some videos with obvious movie stars and things like that doing things that they’ve never done. The renderings are very, very good. I think that I think that what we’re saying, I don’t know. That to me is not creation. It’s emulation. But it has its uses, emulation. Every time we figure something out, there are going to be some really bad actors that are going to use this emulation stuff and mess with people. What I love about emulation is exactly what you said earlier, though. I’d really like to see the average person be able to take a screen photo of them, type out a script, and have their self-avatar speak to the world because that would take away a lot of the camera fear that a huge amount of my clients have. And as long as it’s a representation of you at some point in your own life, you’re not plagiarizing anybody else. You’re taking your own image and putting it online. I think that that is not only fair, but if you have something good to say about your area, your lifestyle, your profession, your anything, I think it’s a great way to diminish the barrier between knowledge producers and knowledge receiver to get that information.


[00:37:49.640] – Robert Newman

The thing about online, and it’s crazy to me, is that I must educate people. People who’ve been selling real estate for 25 years, they sit here, and they come online, and they go, I don’t have anything to talk about. I’m like, how is that even freaking possible?


[00:38:03.880] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s a very odd situation because these people’s business is face-to-face communication. But put them in front of a camera and in order, They can’t bring together two coherent sentences. I just find it very interesting. You could understand an engineer or somebody highly technical That doesn’t have to talk to many people. But when you’re a real estate agent, it’s part of the essence of the job to have discussions with people. I’m not disparaging, but when you put me in front of a camera, many of them type me and look up.


[00:38:50.790] – Robert Newman

I agree. It’s just the shift in their mind is too significant for them. Just pretending that somebody’s there or trying to access their knowledge because somebody hasn’t asked them a question; they know what to say and how to retort, but they don’t know how to communicate on their own. The exercise, I say, is, Okay, take your top 25 questions. And then oftentimes, I’m still hit with, Oh, I can’t remember any. It’s like? What are your top 25 objections? You seriously can’t remember them? Come on, give them to me right now. And then once we get into that exercise where here’s the objection, here’s I’m like, guess what? They’re no longer called objections. They’re called freaking questions. People put them online. You answer the question. Can you answer the question? Because somebody will roll off their 25-year train response, and it sounds beautiful. It sounds natural. If you’ve been selling anything in real estate for 25 years and got some good responses to people’s questions, I need people to say that in front of a camera. And it’s crazy how they usually cannot do it. But we’re at the end of our show.


[00:39:58.870] – Robert Newman

We’ll have a lot of fun this year, ladies and gentlemen. It will be a crazy year to be in real estate marketing, and I’m super excited about it. Wherever there’s chaos and change, and there’s never been as much as the last couple of years, turmoil and change, there’s opportunity. I want to hit that note. There’s a massive opportunity in the digital space coming up here. For those of you who are young and new agents, I’m telling you, you have a natural advantage, and don’t let anybody else tell you differently. Get into technology, look at AI, look at this stuff, start to see how you can leverage it for mostly video production, which is where I would start, and then begin to look at how you might leverage that on your Google My Business profile. Those are two things that I have invested a lot of inbound RMS resources into, and I’m rock solid about the fact that this is going to go well, it’s essential to talk about in 2024. If you’d like to look you up, John, if you’d like somebody to set an appointment. And by the way, for everybody listening to this show, I want to be clear.


[00:41:07.560] – Robert Newman

This is the year you want to get directly on the phone with guys like me and John, if you can. It’s more complicated with me. It’s easier with John. I strongly recommend that you take a call with him, that you talk to him not only about his platform, which is what he talks about a lot online, but you see if you can get him to give you some input about what you would do strategically in general, because he does have a lot of knowledge. He’s been hammering away this show with me for three and a half years, and he was doing it before that, too. Plus, he’s got all the broad digital knowledge that very few people do. He’s the real deal, and he’ll probably take his time and try to help you. So, with no further ado, John, how would you like them to do that if somebody were to do that?


[00:41:46.990] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. Can I say, I had the privilege today to interview the Matt, the founder of WordPress and Automattic. And you find that on my other business website, folks,  WP-Tonic. And I think you should listen to that interview. So I did that this morning, but it’s up on my other business YouTube channel, WP-Tonic. So jealous, John.


[00:42:11.000] – Robert Newman

So jealous right now.


[00:42:14.360] – Jonathan Denwood

It was It was interesting. To say it was interesting. He’s had a lot of media training, put it that way. And it was an interesting discussion, to say the least. But if you want to contact us at, just go to and book a chat with me. It’s right in the top navigation. You can book a Zoom with me, and we just have a chat and see if Melriott is a good platform. I’m sure you get some value from the conversation. Back over to you, Robert.

[00:42:51.890] – Robert Newman

With both John and I, you can get a lot of value from both of us on YouTube. John has started to do similar videos to what I’ve been doing for years, like Wylope reviews and things like that. I strongly recommend you check those videos out and hear what John has to say. It could be a precursor to any calls you do with either of us. You’ll get some of that advice online regarding what we might tell you about various platforms. If anybody would like to check out InboundREM, you can go to the word I’ve got a number of About pages and contact forms there. You can reach out to me directly using any of them. I recommend, though, that you spend time reading the content. Over the years, I’ve got a content writer trained and is taking up a partnership role at InboundREM. He’s becoming more of a team member, like a co-collaborator, than anything else. He started to do some incredible things, writing and researching Google My Business, doing long case studies, and figuring out some stuff that not even I knew.


[00:43:55.690] – Robert Newman

I strongly recommend that you guys check that out. It’s incredible stuff. I don’t think anybody else has it. Go ahead and read it and see why we believe that one of the anchors of your marketing should be Google My Business over the next one to three years. That’s it. Thank you for tuning in. John, it’s been a little longer show than I intended, but I love these marketing predictions. Why do you take us offline?

————— ————— —————

The Hosts of The Mail-Right Show

Jonathan Denwood


Robert Newman




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Best New AI Tools That Make Facebook Ads Easier For Realtors in 2024

Thursday, January 25th, 2024

2024 AI Tools: Revolutionizing Facebook Ads for Realtors & Optimizing Results

As the real estate industry evolves, professionals constantly seek innovative tools to optimize their marketing strategies and drive exceptional results. In 2024, AI-powered tools have emerged as the leading solution for real estate agents looking to simplify and streamline their use of social media advertising, particularly on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Realtors can now seamlessly create and manage effective ad campaigns by harnessing these state-of-the-art technologies while gaining valuable insights into market trends and consumer behavior.

Table of Contents

One key development in this area is the introduction of AI-driven creative tools that help real estate agents craft captivating and highly engaging social media posts and ads. These new-generation tools ensure that a realtor’s content resonates with their target audience and eliminate the guesswork associated with crafting captions, choosing relevant hashtags, and retargeting potential clients. As a result, agents can leverage data-driven insights to fine-tune their advertising efforts and improve their reach, engagement, and return on investment (ROI).

Artificial intelligence has also contributed to the growth of automated lead generation and social listening tools specifically designed for real estate professionals. These tools enable agents to easily monitor market trends, competitor strategies, and social media platforms, providing them with actionable insights to formulate and execute winning campaigns. With the aid of these AI tools, realtors in 2024 can undoubtedly focus more on what they do best – delivering top-notch real estate experiences for their clients.

Key Takeaways



In 2024, the world of real estate advertising will be revolutionized by AI-powered tools that will make Facebook ads easier for realtors. One such game-changing tool is Midjourney. This AI-driven platform enhances the efficacy of real estate agents’ marketing efforts by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, such as chatbots, analytics, and seamless integrations with Facebook and Instagram.

Midjourney focuses on the following key aspects:

  1. AI-Powered Creativity: The platform offers a powerful image and video content creation tool, enabling real estate agents to design captivating ads. It leverages artificial intelligence to tailor content that resonates with the target audience, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates.

  2. Social Listening and Analytics: Midjourney’s AI technology features social listening capabilities to help real estate agents monitor market trends, analyze audience behavior, and gain valuable insights into their marketing campaigns. By effectively utilizing these insights, they can manage their social media ads and optimize their strategies to drive exceptional results.

  3. Lead Generation and Conversion: Agents can use Midjourney to enhance their lead generation and conversion strategies. The AI-driven platform helps them create targeted ad campaigns by testing different audiences and identifying the best-performing demographics. In addition, midjourney offers automated retargeting and ROI analytics that improve ad efficiency and build brand loyalty.

  4. Platform Integration: Midjourney can seamlessly integrate with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Realtors can seamlessly manage their Facebook Business Pages and social ad campaigns, coordinating all their marketing efforts under one platform.

  5. Automation: Midjourney’s AI capabilities transform how real estate professionals manage manual tasks, such as creating social media posts, captions, and hashtags. Agents can devote more time to nurturing leads and closing deals by automating these processes.

As the real estate industry evolves in 2024, AI tools like Midjourney are indispensable for agents seeking to supercharge their marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition.

Prices Free | Basic $10 | Standard $30 | Pro $60 | Mega $120

Get Munch

Get Munch

Get Munch is an AI-powered tool designed to help real estate agents optimize their Facebook ad campaigns in 2024. This innovative solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights and improve the efficiency of ad management. Here are some key features of Get Munch:

  1. AI-driven ad creation: Get Munch uses AI technology to generate creative, engaging ads that resonate with your target audience. It can create captivating visuals and compelling copy, ensuring your ads stand out and attract the right prospects.

  2. Advanced analytics: The tool provides in-depth analytics, enabling real estate agents to understand their ad campaigns’ performance better. This information is essential for making data-driven decisions and optimizing your advertising strategy to maximize ROI.

  3. Social listening: Get Munch offers a feature that tracks conversations and trends across various social media networks. This function allows agents to stay informed about market trends, identify potential leads, and engage with clients in a more targeted and personalized manner.

  4. Automated ad management: This AI tool automates several manual tasks, such as scheduling, targeting, and budget allocation. As a result, real estate agents can focus on more critical tasks, like building relationships with clients and closing deals.

  5. Cross-platform compatibility: Get Munch integrates with Facebook and Instagram, allowing real estate agents to manage their ad campaigns across both platforms. This feature simplifies the process of planning, launching, and monitoring multiple campaigns, ensuring optimal results.

  6. Improved targeting: The AI-driven targeting capabilities of Get Munch help real estate agents reach their ideal audience more effectively. It can identify the best-performing demographics, locations, and interests, enabling agents to tailor their ad campaigns for maximum impact.

In summary, Get Munch is a valuable tool to help real estate agents optimize their Facebook advertising strategies in 2024. By leveraging AI technology, agents can gain valuable insights into their ad campaigns and drive exceptional results.

Prices Pro $49 | Elite $116 | Ultimate $220



Writesonic is an AI-powered tool designed to optimize Facebook advertising for realtors in 2024. This software helps create high-converting ad campaigns through its advanced AI technology. Writesonic’s features include:

Writesonic’s easy-to-navigate platform equips real estate agents with diverse AI tools to boost their marketing efforts on Facebook in 2024. Using AI-powered technology, this cutting-edge platform takes the guesswork out of crafting effective, well-targeted ad campaigns.

The user-friendly interface allows realtors to tailor their marketing content to resonate with their target audience and build brand loyalty. Writesonic streamlines managing social media campaigns across various platforms, driving exceptional results with minimal effort.

Writesonic’s AI-driven features not only enhance the quality of ad campaigns but also save valuable time for busy real estate agents. The platform’s AI technology and analytics integration grants real estate professionals valuable insights into their marketing strategies, enabling them to optimize their advertising efforts and maximize the return on investment.

With Writesonic, real estate agents in 2024 can confidently leverage the latest AI tools to create and manage impactful Facebook ad campaigns, quickly reaching potential clients and transforming how they market their services.

Prices Free | Freelancer $20 | Small Team $19 | Enterprise $500

Ad Creative

Ad Creative


In 2024, real estate agents can leverage AI-powered tools to optimize their Facebook advertising efforts. These tools enable the creation of highly engaging and targeted ad campaigns that resonate with potential clients. Some essential features have transformed how realtors manage their ad creatives.

Using these features, real estate agents can capitalize on the latest AI technology to create engaging, optimized, and compelling Facebook ad creatives tailored to specific audiences. With the ability to drive exceptional results, AI tools are transforming the way agents market real estate in 2024.

Prices – Free 0 | Startup $21 | Profession $141



Invideo.IO is an AI-powered creative tool that enables real estate agents to easily create captivating video content for their Facebook ad campaigns in 2024. Integrating seamlessly with Facebook and Instagram, this tool transforms how videos are produced and improves ad performance. Let’s explore some of its features:

Templates and Customization: Invideo.IO offers a vast library of pre-designed templates for various industries, including real estate. Agents can select a suitable template and tailor it according to their needs. Customizable elements include text, colors, images, and even branding. This feature allows agents to produce consistent, eye-catching content, improving their reach and engagement.

Smart Scene Transitions: Leveraging AI technology, Invideo.IO recommends appropriate scene transitions based on the content. The tool analyzes the images, text, and other media, making the video content more appealing to the desired target audience.

Video Optimization: The platform features an automatic video optimization component that analyzes the performance of various elements within an ad. Agents can fine-tune their ads by utilizing AI-driven analytics to achieve the best possible results. Examples include tweaking headlines, adjusting visuals, and experimenting with different CTA positions.

Caption and Hashtag Suggestions: Invideo.IO enhances your videos by providing AI-generated captions and hashtags that resonate with your target audience. The tool identifies keywords and phrases relevant to your content, ensuring your video reaches the right audience.

Here are some benefits of using Invideo.IO for Facebook ads in 2024:

In conclusion, Invideo.IO is essential for real estate agents to optimize their Facebook advertising in 2024. Its AI capabilities and user-friendly interface enable agents to create compelling, goal-oriented content that resonates with their target audience.

Prices Free $0 | Plus $25 | Max $60



In 2024, attention to all real estate agents: AI-powered tools have transformed how you manage Facebook ads, optimizing and streamlining the process. These tools leverage artificial intelligence to create engaging, result-driven ad campaigns that resonate with your audience.

One of the critical elements AI tools provide is social listening and analytics. This allows real estate agents to gain valuable insights into market trends, user behavior, and preferences, resulting in the ability to make informed decisions that drive exceptional results.

Consider the following AI tools in 2024 that help optimize Facebook advertising for realtors:

  1. AI Social Media Caption: This tool helps create attention-grabbing captions for social media posts and ads. It suggests combinations of keywords, hashtags, and emojis, enhancing your content’s overall reach and engagement.

  2. Midjourney Image Creation Tool: This innovative tool uses AI to generate visually appealing images or videos, perfect for advertisements that catch the user’s eye. You can experiment with various formats to find the perfect visual for your real estate marketing.

  3. AI-driven Analytics: Access real-time data and insights to determine the performance of your ad campaigns. This enables you to continuously improve your reach, tailoring the content to suit the preferences of your target audience.

Integrating AI technology in Facebook ads for real estate professionals extends beyond ad creation. Chatbots, for example, can provide instant support and address inquiries, leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.

AI-powered tools for managing social media advertising will be invaluable for real estate agents in 2024. By automating manual tasks and using AI insights, these tools equip professionals with the resources necessary to build brand loyalty and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of online advertising.

Prices Solo $49 | Pro $99 | Pro Plus $179

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best new AI tools for real estate agents in 2024?

A: In 2024, there are several AI tools designed specifically for real estate agents to streamline their processes, enhance marketing efforts, and generate leads more efficiently. Some of the notable ones include tools for social media caption generation, lead generation, automated ad creation, and AI-powered data analysis for targeting potential clients.

Q: How can AI tools make Facebook ads easier for realtors?

A: AI tools can make Facebook ads easier for realtors by automating the ad creation, optimizing ad targeting based on user behavior and preferences, analyzing ad performance in real time, and providing insights to enhance future ad campaigns. Additionally, AI tools can assist in generating compelling ad captions and visuals to attract potential buyers or sellers within the real estate market.

Q: What are some examples of AI tools that make Facebook ads easier for realtors in 2024?

A: Some examples of AI tools that make Facebook ads easier for realtors in 2024 include advanced social media caption generators, lead generation platforms powered by AI, automated ad creation tools, and AI-driven insights for real-time optimization of ad campaigns. These tools aim to simplify the process of running Facebook ads and improve their effectiveness for real estate professionals.

Q: How can real estate marketing benefit from new AI tools in 2024?

A: Real estate marketing can benefit from new AI tools in 2024 by leveraging advanced technologies for personalized ad targeting, data-driven insights, automated lead generation, and enhanced social media engagement. These tools enable real estate agents to optimize their marketing strategies, improve customer engagement, and achieve better returns on their advertising investments.

Q: What advantages do AI tools offer to real estate agents in 2024?

A: AI tools will offer several advantages to real estate agents in 2024, including improved ad targeting, automated ad creation, personalized lead generation, real-time performance analytics, and enhanced social media engagement. These tools enable agents to optimize their marketing efforts, reach their target audience more effectively, and increase productivity.

Q: Are there AI tools specifically designed to assist real estate agents with lead generation?

A: Yes, AI tools are specifically designed to assist real estate agents with lead generation. These tools utilize advanced algorithms to identify potential leads, analyze behavioral patterns, and personalize outreach strategies to attract and convert potential clients within the real estate market.

Q: How can AI tools help real estate agents with social media marketing and ad campaigns?

A: AI tools can help real estate agents with social media marketing and ad campaigns by providing features for automated ad creation, personalized caption generation, targeted audience segmentation, real-time performance tracking, and predictive analytics. These tools aim to simplify the process of running effective social media ad campaigns and maximizing the impact of marketing efforts within the real estate industry.

Q: Where can real estate agents access information about the latest AI tools for their industry?

A: Real estate agents can access information about the latest AI tools for their industry through industry publications, AI technology showcases, real estate marketing events, and professional networking platforms. Additionally, industry-specific webinars and online resources often provide insights into how these advanced technologies can supercharge marketing efforts in the real estate sector.

Q: How can AI tools powered by AI benefit real estate agents in 2024?

A: AI tools powered by AI can benefit real estate agents in 2024 by offering advanced capabilities for ad optimization, lead generation, data analysis, and social media engagement. These tools leverage artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks, provide personalized insights, and enhance the overall efficiency of real estate marketing strategies, ultimately helping agents achieve better results in their campaigns.

Q: What role do AI tools play in real estate Facebook ads in 2024?

A: AI tools play a significant role in real estate Facebook ads in 2024 by streamlining the ad creation process, optimizing ad targeting, analyzing ad performance, and providing valuable insights for improving ad campaigns. With AI tools, real estate agents can leverage advanced technologies to create more engaging and effective Facebook ads, ultimately enhancing their online visibility and lead-generation efforts within the real estate sector.


Final Thoughts

In 2024, AI-powered tools have revolutionized how real estate agents approach Facebook advertising. As an agent, it’s essential to leverage these new technologies to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

These AI tools offer numerous benefits: they simplify the ad creation, improve targeting, and provide valuable insights. AI-driven tools like Midjourney Image Creation Tool seamlessly transform static images into eye-catching videos that resonate with the target audience. Moreover, such tools consistently help optimize ad spending and improve ROI on marketing efforts.

Real estate agents can significantly benefit from implementing these AI tools:

Real estate agents can rely on platforms like Facebook Business Suite to control their presence, track engagement, and optimize their marketing strategies when managing multiple social media networks. Facebook and Instagram advertising is more effective when agents experiment with various ad formats, invest in high-quality materials, and conduct A/B testing for optimal ad performance.

In conclusion, the latest AI tools are transforming Facebook advertising for real estate agents in 2024. By embracing this technology and adapting to the ever-changing market landscape, agents can stay proactive and drive exceptional results in their marketing efforts.

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#416- Mail-Right Show: Best Real Estate Facebook Ads For 2024

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

Best Real Estate Facebook Ads For 2024

Ready to dominate the real estate market with top-performing Facebook ads? Look no further than this comprehensive guide for 2024! Gain insights into advanced ad strategies, audience segmentation, and proven conversion tactics that will set you apart from the competition. Elevate your real estate marketing game by watching this must-see show.

#1 – Introduction

The influence of AI on Facebook advertising is extensive and significant. It has enabled improved targeting of audiences, the creation of dynamic ad content, the use of predictive analytics, automated ad placements, and suggestions for ad copy and images. Additionally, AI has facilitated budget optimization and predictions for ad performance.

#2 – Facebook Lead Ads

If you or another representative in your office lists a new property, it can serve as compelling content for a Facebook lead ad. You can craft your ad with a brief description highlighting the property’s key attributes, such as the number of rooms, distinctive features, and proximity to parks or schools.

Also, could you incorporate three to five images of the home? In return for the lead’s details, please provide them with the price of the house, its address, and additional photos. Please ensure that your ad directs users to a landing page on your website or uses a Facebook lead form to maintain all interactions within Facebook.

#3 – Custom List of Homes

One practical approach for real estate Facebook ads is to feature customized lists of homes. These lists could include properties under $300k or homes with a pool tailored to match the preferences of potential buyers in your market. You can create appealing lists that resonate with your audience by identifying the most sought-after features.

You can direct interested parties to a landing page on your website or utilize a Facebook lead form for engagement. Once leads are captured, an automated email can deliver the list, typically via a link to your IDX website showcasing only the properties on your list. Before receiving the list, leads will be prompted to provide their contact details. When creating these ads, it’s essential to include relevant photos that accurately represent the advertised properties, such as an image of a home within the specified price range for listings under $300k.


#4 – Create Retargeting and Lookalike Audiences

With a sizable customer list of at least 200 individuals, you can upload this audience onto Facebook for retargeting through advertisements. These individuals may have made past purchases and could be interested in purchasing or selling a second home. You can maintain brand awareness and stay top-of-mind by running cost-effective ads targeting this audience. Additionally, consider utilizing Lookalike Audiences based on your customer list to identify individuals with similar profiles who may also be suitable for your real estate services. This approach provides a workaround for Facebook’s targeting limitations within the real estate sector.

In summary, we have outlined a number of Facebook ad strategies for real estate that encompass campaign strategies, ad types, and audiences, which can be implemented to enhance success. By leveraging these strategies, you can expand your real estate leads and gain a competitive advantage over less sophisticated peers. Furthermore, there are numerous targeting options available beyond those mentioned here.

Facebook provides the ability to be highly targeted and endlessly creative in how you market real estate to reach potential home buyers or sellers. It’s important not to let your competitors surpass you in this regard.


#5 – Types of Real Estate Facebook Ads to Avoid in 2024

Free Home Evaluation

In the past, real estate Facebook ads of this nature were widely favored. Still, they have now become obsolete due to the availability of free home evaluations on platforms like Zillow and other real estate websites. Unfortunately, these ads aren’t effective in attracting leads, as there is no compelling reason for potential clients to select your services over established platforms such as Zillow. Unlike waiting for an email response from you after providing their information, Zillow offers immediate results.

Personal Branding Ad

An effective real estate advertisement centered around personal branding requires an established agent or a substantial investment in advertising. Simply featuring a photo, logo, and experience description will only entice clicks if the audience is already familiar with your brand. These ads typically fail to offer any value in exchange for contact information, rendering them ineffective. Furthermore, they are not suitable for those with budget constraints seeking more cost-efficient alternatives. Nonetheless, personal branding remains crucial, and running ads can prove beneficial in the future.

Using Boosted Posts

Enhancing your posts through boosting is ineffective for generating leads, as it mainly focuses on increasing engagement rather than capturing potential leads. Although boosted posts may appear straightforward for creating impactful ads and gaining visibility, they typically result in limited lead generation. Raising is better suited for branding purposes and should only be utilized once a robust lead-generation ad campaign has been established.

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