007: Advice on Open Houses And How to Use Youtube

Bill’s wife did her first open house with Chase International and we talk about the power of doing open houses if you really want to build up your local exposure in the community.

Bill gives some tips on how to market your open house events. I give some more insight into social media connected to using one of the most powerful and flexible devices that an agent has available i.e. their smart phone.

I personally feel that the iPhone is the semi-perfect tool for an agent.

What you can do to promote your business using a smart phone– you can be much more active and effective on a number of social media properties like Twitter, YouTube (this is a really big and important opportunity that I see a lot of agents not really using correctly i.e. you can place some really quick and dirty but watchable video properties that you are selling on YouTube and then re-use the videos on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Also if you have, and you really do need this, your own website that’s fully responsive and mobile friendly.