#433 – The Mail-Right Show: Some of The Best AI Productivity Tools For Realtors in 2024

#433 - The Mail-Right Show: Some of The Best AI Productivity Tools For Realtors in 2024

Discover cutting-edge AI productivity tools for realtors in 2024. Streamline your workflow and maximize efficiency.

Dive into the future of real estate productivity with our comprehensive guide to the best AI tools for Realtors in 2024! Learn how artificial intelligence transforms traditional practices, empowering agents to work smarter, not harder. Take advantage of this opportunity to supercharge your workflow and achieve unparalleled results in today’s competitive market. Click play now and elevate your real estate game.

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[00:00:12.810] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to episode 433. 33 is a lucky number if you’re in the numerology. So once again, 33 is prosperity. So, today’s show will help all of you out there have a bit more prosperity. So that’s the dream, that’s the goal, that’s the desire. So we’re going to talk about writing tools that use large language models, other words known or currently collectively being referred to as AI. Most of them are probably using some open chat 2BT back-in because not Everybody has the ability to develop a large language model. Most likely all of these services are using a similar back-end to create performance. John has used all these tools in complete transparency. I’ve only used one or two when I glanced at the list. He’s probably going to be leading our discussion. Since he is going to be our fearless leader for this show, John, I was hoping that you would just introduce yourself.


[00:01:25.710] – Jonathan Denwood

Oh, thanks, Rob. I’m the joint founder of Mel-right. Com. We build beautiful websites for real estate agents and offer CRM, email, text messaging, landing pages, and a lot more, all combined in a great platform. Welcome, Rob. I’m back over to you.


[00:01:47.290] – Robert Newman

Cool. All right. My name is Robert Newman. I’m the founder of InboundREM. It’s an SEO company, but really, for most of you, you should just go to the website. I will teach you how to do most things related to search engine optimization, such as hyperlocal, all for free. Just go to inboundrem.com and see what I have got going on there. I’ve been a thought leader for, God, 16 years in the space, so hopefully I’ve got something that would be interesting and worth your time. John, let’s talk about number one on your list, which is probably one of the most popular writing applications. I’ve never used it, but I’ve certainly heard of it 5,000 times. Jasper. Let’s talk about Jasper.


[00:02:33.560] – Jonathan Denwood

Jasper is one of the leading platforms if you want to write pretty quality content by utilizing AI. It’s owned by the same people as Href. I think they’ve put money into this, and it’s a pretty, pretty slick platform. It does long-form articles. I have utilized it. The only thing about it is It’s reasonably expensive. It’s not ridiculous, though. It starts at $49, which is called Creator, and the next version is Pro ’69. Basically, it’s aimed at teams where you can have different people, but they would have a consistent brand voice. It’s just a UX design. The interface design is pretty slick, one of the slickest of all these types of tools. The content quality optimizes content to be SEO-friendly. I’m not going to delve into all that because we could I’ll talk about that, and you probably know more about that than me, but it basically goes out there and you can give it a list of keywords, and it will make sure the keywords are in the article. And the quality that it produces is pretty impressive.


[00:04:23.080] – Robert Newman

I will make a comment here because you’ve mentioned some keywords here. So Arefs, for those of you who don’t know, is probably one of the best-regarded SEO analytics tools that’s currently available on the market. And it does things like measure how many backlinks that you’ve got. It does really cool things like properly segmenting your keywords into what is called semantic keyword groups. It has a very interesting way of measuring domain authority and allowing you to understand or make a guess, a very good guess, at how authoritative a domain will be. Then about four years ago, they started their own content campaign, which has been extremely good, where they’re making content that is, almost bar none, some of the best SEO-related content that you can get. All you need to do is subscribe. It’s free content that you get. Obviously, a lot of it leverages their tool. Their job is they constantly do educational content that leverages AREFs, the tool. Now, I’m mentioning that deep backstory because when they say they’re invested, if that’s true, that they’re invested in Jasper, that would seem to imply a vote of confidence in both AI and Jasper in general.


[00:05:41.260] – Robert Newman

Now, my personal experience is that since Google already has the tech for large language models in the form of Bard, they are figuring out ways to penalize significant language model content. It’s not necessarily spoken, but if you’re following along with their updates over the last year, the first way that they addressed these updates was to say, We want to see something on the page that comes directly from the website owner, such as video, because video is not yet to the point that most people can produce an utterly AI-generated video that looks authentic. I say all this because John said SEO. Well, we use Jasper for SEO, and you were asking for a lot of potential issues unless you need to do the following. You need to change, add, or subtract 30% of the text. Everybody, listen to me, 30% of the text. It would be helpful if you added a video that you personally did to the page that you had with Jasper write. It would also be helpful if you added some custom-designed, not AI-generated, custom-designed infographics or interactive elements on the page. Now, as real estate agents, you’ve got lots of options, mortgage calculators, search bars, all sorts of shit.


[00:07:06.830] – Robert Newman

All of that needs to get done in order for your page to be long term, not today. Today, this recommendation is fine. You could probably use Jasper and do reasonably well. But a year from now, I would lay a heavy amount of money on no. So you’d be making a very temporary solution, and then, likely, you’d have to go back and fix your entire website. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. Trust me, it’s not worth it. I have yet to use Jasper to see what content it writes. I’m sure based on the test that I have done on ChatGPT 4 in general, which I have a video up on, I’m certain that it’s probably really good content, John. They can go out throughout the entire internet and take the very best of everything, which is precisely what it does, and then combine it into a new piece of content. Of course, it’s going to be good. They can take the best of the best and apply Now, hopefully, Jasper has an updatable feature because when I’ve been noticing that with the LLR models that are currently existing, they grab that information from 2016 and 2017. That’s when those designers and developers decided to make the best of five years ago, which could be more useful when you’re trying to write cutting-edge content.


[00:08:23.100] – Robert Newman

I’m going to say, be very careful. However, I’m going to give one recommendation I had to give that whole diatribe because I do know what likely AREFs had in mind when they looked at Jasper.


[00:08:39.800] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think they had to go into something like this. I think they were driven by business logic to go in. I think they’ve made a lot of money from it.


[00:08:51.390] – Robert Newman

Let’s just say that… Here’s the last little thing. Here’s what doesn’t happen in SEO, and it’s reasonable. Everybody usually aims. If you say a semantic keyword for you and me, John, real estate marketing companies, that’s a huge keyword that has 300 little keywords under it that basically mean the same thing. It’s a big semantic keyword. All of us, you, me, everybody else, we’re like, top 10 real estate websites, top 10 this, top… We’re all aiming at the real estate marketing semantic keyword. But somewhere well down that list, if you’re tearing out those semantic keywords, somewhere down there, there’s the best real estate marketing company for Real estate agents that make less than $100,000 a year, as an example. But this is the first time I’ve written an article like that. I doubt you, and if I’ve never done it, no offense, but I don’t think you’ve ever done it. I don’t know if anybody else has ever done it. It’s not just you and me. I don’t know anybody else in the industry who’s done it because who would target a piece of content at some… Yet, it would be very helpful if we did. If we did write that piece of content, it would be extremely helpful to the people at large.


[00:09:57.140] – Robert Newman

Jasper would help a lot with that.


[00:09:59.880] – Jonathan Denwood

Piecing together-Yeah, I think we’ve lost most of our… Well, quite a bit of our listeners, but I knew that was going to happen. I do agree with you, folks. It’s really a great piece of technology, but if you’re going to… I think it’s worth looking at, folks, but it’s not for the casual use. I do agree that I wouldn’t go crazy with this. I think having some restraint and listening to some of Rob’s advice would probably be advised. So have a look at it, but I wouldn’t go beserk with it, put it that way.


[00:10:46.670] – Robert Newman

Thank God you listened Grammarly as number two. Okay, Grammarly we use, and I’ve been using for close to 10 years. I have so much experience with this tool.


[00:10:59.460] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I use it all the time. I use the Pro version. Folks, basically, I rely on it. I got the Premier. The Premier is $12 a month, or If you pay yearly, I think it’s 30 monthly, so definitely get your yearly one. It’s one of half a dozen online subscription extensions, I just pay it without wincing. They provide a Chrome, a Firefox, I think a couple of other extensions for other popular browsers, but the two Firefox and Chrome and Edge, I think Edge as well. It works on all the leading browsers. They do provide an app that works on PC and Mac, and it really works well. What would you say, Rob?


[00:12:05.970] – Robert Newman

I would say 100% true. So ladies and gentlemen, Grammarly is something I’ve used, and I use the $12 license, and I love it. It helped me out. I type too fast, I think too little, and Grammarly smooths out the edges. It’s also great for a professional writer because you get a lot of corrections in real-time as if you had an editor sitting at your desk. It doesn’t change everything. It’s not perfect, but it’s about 80% perfect. I have a huge amount of overseas writers that I’ve now paid for a team account, John, which is one of my larger SAIS bills at this point, and it’s $150 a month. I have 15 people a month using it, I think, is what the number I don’t know. I’m not sure. But we do a lot of writing, obviously. We are not using AI, but we are using Grammarly. We do a lot on Grammarly. Grammarly is a form of autocorrection that is the perfect mix, in my opinion, between AI and yet a real-life human being writing something because it will fix it in a standardized way. But at the same time, it does a lot of really compelling things like what What style do you want to write in?


[00:13:31.620] – Robert Newman

Engaging, technical, all these great things. I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re looking for a writing tool and you’re trying to scale the line between AI and something that’s highly Grammarly, two thumbs up. Let’s move on because I took too much time with Jasper. But man, yes, Grammarly, yes. Crollbot. I’ve never used this. Never even heard of it until you listed it here, so you’re going to have to help me out.


[00:13:58.850] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I use it all the I’ve got the Pro version, it’s $99. Basically, you can put other people’s copy and it will rewrite it so they can’t see that you’ve just lifted their content. It does a reasonable job. It also checks for plagiarism. If somebody’s writing for you, you can take sections of their copy and make sure they just haven’t lifted it off somewhere else. It also has a reasonably effective AI detection. I. E, you can put copy in. That’s been done with Jasper and some of the other tools out there. It will tell you if it can detect that it was written by AI. But my experience, I’ve used them all, basically, all the AI detection tools. They’re all a bit iffy But this is a rectable, and I use it all the time. I can say I pay for the Pro version for $99, Rob.


[00:15:11.990] – Robert Newman

Okay. It sounds like an interesting tool. I have mixed feelings about taking somebody’s content and mixing it up to the point that it appears to be original. I only have one idea surrounding everything that I do. It’s been my idea for a long time because It was in the original script close to 15, 20 years ago when the two guys that founded Google put it out there. It was really fascinating because their driving idea behind Google originally was, We just want to be useful. We want to help sort everybody’s information and be useful to the end user. They stuck with that for a long time, and I gravitated towards that mission statement, just be useful. Taking something of somebody else’s and regurgitating it is just you saying, I’m going to be useful like this other person was. You’re not really being useful in your own right. You’re copying somebody else’s usefulness that you like. I have mixed feelings about that. But what I don’t have mixed feelings about is if you think you have something interesting to say on a subject and somebody else has written it out in a way that you find compelling, but you know that your opinion is like a contrarian opinion or that you have additional elements to add to it, here’s what I would do.


[00:16:25.070] – Robert Newman

I would do a video on top of that edited Qobot thing, and I would feel pretty okay about it. If I had a lot of unique interesting things to say as it related to the content that had not been said yet, that I felt it would be useful, then by all means, Qobot sounds amazing.


[00:16:39.920] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I want to point out I don’t use it on whole posts. I use it if I’m on maybe one paragraph and I want to quickly use it out of courtesy. I just don’t want to lift it. And also I just don’t want some snobby little prick emailing me saying they’re going to sue me because I dare to copy two sentences. So I just put it through there and then have a quick check, and it saves me a little bit of time. But I wouldn’t lift up because it’s not good enough, basically. I also use it because of my dyslexia, because I actually like writing, but one of the tendencies of my own form with dyslexia, and I think people that don’t have it also suffer from this, is there are keywords that you like to use all the time in your vocabulary and in your written vocabulary, unless you’re a very polished writer of a high standard, you can keep on utilizing the same words. Well, it highlights that and it will swap the word out. So the frequency, because it’s a sign of poor writing quality, that your vocabulary, you keep utilizing the same keywords.


[00:18:12.020] – Jonathan Denwood

So I use it for that as well. I think it’s time for our break, Rob.


[00:18:16.730] – Robert Newman

All right, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be right back. John and I are going to talk to you about more AI tools. Hopefully, there are people that are sticking it out with us. We know we’re doing some deep dives. I feel like there’s a lot of conditions that go along with them. We’re going to come back with another set of tools and probably conditions, knowing the two of us. But listen, we’re excited to have you here. We really appreciate it. Stay tuned. Three, two, one. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to episode number 433 of the MailRight podcast. We’re really excited to have you here. We’re We’re talking about AI writing tools, and we just ended with Quilbot, and we’re on the number 4 on John’s meticulously prepared list. It is Hemingway.


[00:19:10.010] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. Hemingway is a really interesting tool. The free version, you can get away with just utilizing the free version, folks, but I actually paid for the paid version. I want to point out I use all these on a daily or weekly basis every so. Hemingway really It helps on the opposite of what I said before the break when it came to Quilbelt. Hemingway stops you from being too flowy, as I would say, too wordy with your writing. A lot of people write too sophisticated. They reckon for your written materials to be really readable in North America, that you should be aiming at a seventh grade level. And Hemingway helps you with that. It will flag up two-wordy paragraphs and sentence structures. I think on the paid version, it does a better job of actually giving you alternatives. So it basically will help you write more readable content.


[00:20:30.000] – Robert Newman

Got you. I don’t have anything to add, so we’re going to go on to the next one on the list because I’ve never used Hemingway, never heard of Hemingway before the call started, so I’ve got very little to add. Now, this next one also I may want to spend a little extra time with, so we’re just going to jump into it. Seawriter. Ai.


[00:20:47.360] – Jonathan Denwood

This is going to be the most controversial of this list, I feel. I have used it, The free product and what is their prices? Yeah, free for five articles. Monthly starter, 50 articles a month, $19. It doesn’t do a bad job, actually. It is nowhere near up to the quality of Jasper, but unless you’re in the top enterprise-level plan with Jasper, you’re not going to write. This is a semi-professional tool. It’s not a tool that I utilize for its target audience. It’s aimed at a certain SEO expert that has thrown their hat in completely. There’s a certain group of SEO gurus on YouTube that have promoted this tool quite a lot. It also will produce images for the articles. It does a pretty good job, actually. You do have to check them, though, but it does a pretty good job. And the writing standard, like I say, isn’t comparable to the top tools out there. So have a look. I would warn you Have a look at it, but don’t listen to Uncle Rob here. Don’t go bonkers because this could get you into some real hot waters. You got to study what you’re doing if you’re going to go in to utilize something like this.


[00:22:51.810] – Jonathan Denwood

Listen to Uncle Rob. Uncle Rob, what have you got to say about this?


[00:22:57.300] – Robert Newman

Just 10 seconds of looking at this, and It’s obviously generated a lot towards what are called affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers are people that take a product that they want to sell that belongs to somebody else or a service, and they’re going to get a percentage, but they’re proficient at online marketing, whereas the core service is oftentimes not. Or a dirty little secret of the core services is oftentimes bigger brands want the results that Black Hat marketing can deliver them, but they can’t seek it directly. But what they can do is offer an affiliate commission, and they damn well know that affiliates will go out and do strategies like this where they just they create a website in a matter of days and proliferate it with lower quality content. Just looking for the opportunity for maybe Google to rank it, they’ll do the same with link building For a couple grand, you can put up an affiliate site, which is still a reasonable amount of money. But when I say put up an affiliate site, you can actually put up a thousand pages with a decent domain authority. All of it’s scammy. All I need all of you to hear me.


[00:24:01.780] – Robert Newman

I know where to go to get like scammy links. They work for like 60 days, and then they start to fall off, and then it gets bad. Some websites will be blacklisted If you’re an affiliate marketer, you don’t care. It’s a risk worth taking because you can put up 10 of these because a successful affiliate marketer will be making millions. Putting up 10 of these sites for the right I offer using a tool like this, no problem. It’s a great tool for them. If it just generates medium value content, for the average person, I’m sorry, John, I would say, Stay away from this.


[00:24:44.430] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I was Maybe I shouldn’t put it on the list because I’m just tempting people. I just use it and then I use other tools to rewrite what it’s rewritten, and then I give it a good read myself and I manipulate But there’s other people that do know what they’re talking about. There’s a whole group of SEO experts that I religiously follow on YouTube, and some of them have got themselves into some hot water with Google going down this route. But it’s out there. It can’t be denied. So I thought it’s best that we discuss it. I’ve got your input I’m all about.


[00:25:33.540] – Robert Newman

I don’t agree with what Google says about link building. I think that certain PBNs are probably pretty good. I could go on and on. I don’t disagree with Google, though, because we’re racing to the bottom using AI tools. My frame of mind is simple. I understand large language models. They operate off what has been done in the past. That’s it. That’s That’s great. But if you are a person who has thoughts that do not rely upon everybody who came before you, this is terrible. Everybody’s going to be stealing from you continuously, nonstop, because you’re the thought Yeah, I see what you’re coming.


[00:26:15.880] – Jonathan Denwood

I won’t deny it. I’ve got to be frank about it, but that’s the internet, Rob. In the WordPress space, there’s a leading company that has purchased over 30 of the leading WordPress plugins out there. The owner is somebody I don’t particularly like, and he’s built a whole gray network of linked websites. Google still gives the articles on all his websites, which are very low-quality content, and they all recommend the plugins that he has bought. Google, on almost any search on any WordPress topic, his network of linked websites will be in the top one, two, and three of what comes up.


[00:27:14.980] – Robert Newman

There’s another company out there in the real estate space started by two Google engineers in the search category, no less, and it’s called Condomania. Not condom, condo. You guys can look it up there in Arizona, Scottsdale. They’ve done the same thing, John. They’ve done it effectively for a long time. What that tells me, since they used to work for Google, is that there’s just no way for Google to catch certain things, which is a PBN, which is what you just described, a private blog network. You own all the websites in a very large chain. There are some efforts that you have to make to make them undistinguishable from Google, and I’m not going to put those online in a public format since I am an SEO, and I don’t want Google to blacklist all my stuff. But I’m just simply going to say there are ways to do it, and you guys can all research that yourself if you have any interest. I don’t disagree with the idea. In general, it’s the abuse of a good idea. If I own 15 websites because I own 15 companies and I decide I want to link my companies together, I see everything right.


[00:28:17.890] – Jonathan Denwood

No, he’s not doing any… Some people in the WordPress community have called it Black Hat. I don’t like the individual, but he’s not doing anything Black Hat. It’s gray, and he’s not doing anything illegal. If he was doing things Black Hat, it’s not illegal. It might get you into trouble with Google, but it’s not… We still need to be in the situation where Google is the state. But there we go. On to the next thing.


[00:28:48.050] – Robert Newman

Yeah, so we’re into bonus time here, folks. I’m going to give you some final thoughts on this, if I remember, if we have the time. But we have two more items on our list that John painstakingly researched and placed here. Runway and Doll E3, are the two that are remaining. So we’re going to talk about those. John is going to lead those conversations because I’ve yet to use either one of them. John, go ahead and start us off with Runway.


[00:29:08.750] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, Runway is amazing. It helps you break up videos like this video. I could use Runway, and it would suggest natural breaks. It would break the video into 10, 20 videos. It would put captions on the video, and I could use it for TikTok and Instagram. It has tools that you can put in a small script, and it will make a video. Actually, it will produce a video, the prompt that you put in, and it will produce And it does a lot more. And for $15 for the standard and $35 for the pro, and they do are unlimited for ’95, if you’re really If you’re into video and you should be as a real estate agent, I think this is the bargain, one of the margins that you should definitely buy, because it will help you produce a lot more video that you can utilize on a lot of different platforms, Rob.


[00:30:31.290] – Robert Newman

Okay. All right. Give me one second.


[00:30:45.630] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:30:46.420] – Robert Newman

Jesus Christ, I cannot escape it. Forgive me. I cannot escape the fire.


[00:30:53.750] – Jonathan Denwood

He’s been pursued by clients today, folks. So let’s end the last one so Rob could He’s got to go get a gun and shoot himself. Del E3. Del E3. Well, it’s not got the most intuitive interface. A lot of these image generators news in AI technology. There’s a couple of others. They’ve got God awful interfaces. I wouldn’t say it’s intuitive, but it’s usable. You have to put in prompts, and You probably will have to adapt the prompt. But for what it does for the price, which is $20 a month, it does a pretty good job, actually. But I wouldn’t say any of these AI image generation operators are the most intuitive when it comes to interface design, but this is one of the better ones.


[00:31:53.770] – Robert Newman

Awesome. Here’s my closing thoughts on just some stuff that we’re talking about earlier as it relates to Google. I just want to be clear with everybody. Listen, I live in this world, breathe in this world. I own Google stock. I work in the Google space. But I got to tell you, any big corporation, when it gets large enough, there’s all sorts of rules that are in these algorithms that actually impact Google favorably. They design certain elements to successfully promote other Google service and tools. Some of it’s logical, some of it’s a little scurrilous. Google is a big corporation, and I understand the way their tech works better than most people. Here’s the thing. Some of the time, they need to make big, broad rules that affect very specific bad actors, people that have access to thousands of people, and they’re going to proliferate the internet with PBNs that are just horrendous and ruin all of our experiences when it comes to search. I understand that. But when you’re talking about a small handful of high-quality websites that try to provide some small amount of value, each one, if you can make it happen, my opinion is you should.


[00:33:11.100] – Robert Newman

Google certainly makes every single thing happen for themselves that they possibly can. There’s nothing to say that we, as entrepreneurs, can’t. Where you need to be very careful is the things that they’re looking at heavily that are going to get your website blacklisted. Once that happens, it is next to impossible to reverse that process. If you’re investing tens of thousands of dollars or years’ worth of your time into something, you do not want to run the risk. That’s my opinion. I’ll stick with it every single day and twice on Sunday. It’s not worth it. Look at some of these tools through that lens. If you’ve got a huge investment, I wouldn’t mess around with almost anything on the list except Grammarly, because why risk it? There’s a very small chance sometime in the future that an LLR scan will happen. But it’s not impossible, guys. We don’t know if OpenAI will open source their code. Developers are insane people. You just don’t know what they’re going to do. You don’t know what Sam Altman is going to do. He’s not your typical entrepreneur. Pay attention to who these people are that run these shops. It’s really important because if you’re making a big investment on the back of their tech, what can happen is that you’re going to get boned, very similar to the way a lot of people are getting boned with Elon Musk because he is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.


[00:34:40.970] – Robert Newman

He’s got a lot of mental and emotional issues going on that impact his decision-making. For a very long time, the impact of his business is in a positive way. Now they’re not at all. The same thing can happen with this AI stuff. You just have to be, in my opinion, cautious about it because you could go down with the ship if you make a big enough investment in this area. That’s all I want to say, John.


[00:35:03.900] – Jonathan Denwood

I wouldn’t disagree with the fundamentals. I think you can utilize these products, folks, and it will be beneficial. But on the other hand, I do agree with Rob. There are certain voices in the real estate industry that will say everything can be done with these. I don’t use it that way, and I’m more gun-hole about all this than Rob is. But I do agree with Rob. Caution would be the better road and valor here because I’m reasonably cautious about it, Rob. I mix it up with a lot of unique content, and I’ve been quite cautious about it. For me, cautious. But so I agree. It’s time to end the show, Rob.


[00:35:55.300] – Robert Newman

Ladies and gentlemen, one way or the other, this is a subject that, in those cases, John and I are pretty close, and we’re not on opposite ends on this subject, but we’re a little farther than we usually are. I do use AI. AI is the wave of the future. Don’t disagree with any of that. I think that we’re in the frontier days of this stuff. I think that making massive, huge, gigantic decisions when you’re in the Wild West of a burgeoning technology is always risky. Same thing with crypto, same thing with this. When it becomes established and less risky, you should learn about it; you should understand how it works. I endorse all those things. You should test these tools. I suggest that you don’t lean on them 100%. You should do what John has done, especially if you’re in John’s situation. And then I specifically changed my recommendation to a, Absolutely, these are life-changing. If you have a learning disability, a speaking disability, a reading disability, I can go on and on. A visual disability. If you stutter and you’re trying to get stuff done on video, then he made a great recommendation for Runway.


[00:37:03.590] – Robert Newman

I don’t know if that works, but if you have an impediment to communication, then I’m like, go all in.


[00:37:11.600] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ve got a double impediment in English and dyslexic. I’m doubled bug, isn’t I, Rob?


[00:37:22.090] – Robert Newman

John, why don’t you go ahead and tell people how to reach you? You’ve been a great leader in this show. You handled me with kid gloves as usual.


[00:37:30.660] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, it’s not that. Fundamentally, I do caution. If you invested a ton of money, you’ve hired people like Robert and his team, and you’ve invested a load of money, time, and energy, I would strongly advise you not to bother with some of these tools. I use it, but I have done a lot of studies and put a lot of effort into utilizing all these tools, but even I back off because I’m going to put only some of my eggs in one basket, so just be aware. But there are, as I say, there are other people in this industry who will tell you that it will solve all your problems, utilize everything on everything you do, and they’re just turning you a load of crack, folks. The best way to content me is just to go to the mail-right. Com website. Have a look, have a read. They have plenty of content on their videos, blah, blah, blah. You can also book a chat with me. Back over to you, Rob.


[00:38:43.920] – Robert Newman

Okay. All right. If you’d like to follow me or learn what my thoughts are, there are lots of ways to thread the needle and lots of applications for AI. I’m not saying there are no applications. I’m just saying caution. If you want to follow along with me and see what I’ve got to say on the subject as I do more research, go to inboundrem. Com, you can find my YouTube channel. Subscribe to me there, subscribe to our newsletter. I think that we do a lot of exciting things in terms of what we’re talking about. I’ve already talked about ChatGPT. I’ve talked about AI. I’ve talked about the NARS settlement. I’ve talked about all sorts of stuff. I’m committed to talking about something new every Thursday after we do the show. I’ve got some thoughts. I’m going to get off this thing, and then I’m going to record those thoughts, and then next week you’ll see them. John has been propelling us towards conversations around AI, and I sincerely appreciate him as a person and a co-host because it’s the dominant conversation that you all are hearing. I have a very unusual view on it is that everything that’s dominant usually goes like, excitement phase, excitement phase, excitement phase, complete and utter crash.


[00:39:56.700] – Robert Newman

The government hasn’t gotten involved in this yet, and Google hasn’t really formulated its staunch response to AI yet. It’s all happened so fast, becoming such a common part of the daily vernacular that everybody forgets it’s less than a year old. Let’s display a little bit of wisdom and caution based on the past. That’s it. All right. Bye.


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