#428 – The Mail-Right Show: Best WordPress DIY Builders to Build Your Real Estate Website On In 2024

428 - The Mail-Right Show: Best WordPress DIY Builders to Build Your Real Estate Website On In 2024

Best WordPress DIY Builders to Build Your Real Estate Website In 2024

Discover the top WordPress page builders for real estate websites in 2024. Transform your online property showcase with ease and style.

Are you ready to take your real estate website to the next level in 2024? Uncover the most powerful WordPress page builders tailored to showcase properties effectively. Learn how these cutting-edge tools can enhance user experience and boost engagement on your site. Dive into our video now and start building a standout online platform for your listings!

Episode Full Show Notes


[00:00:15.690] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mail-Right podcast. Today’s episode is number 428. Is that right, John? Yeah. Okay. Today, we will discuss the best WordPress do-it-yourself builders to build your real estate website in 2024. It’s a fantastic subject. It plays so profoundly to my partner’s expertise. I’m incredibly excited about what I hope all of you will be excited about because I know I will learn from John today, and I’m super duper into it because this is not my expertise. I have some knowledge, but nothing compared to John. So, John, without any further ado, for those people who may not know your qualifications on this subject or who you are in general, why don’t you go ahead and do an introduction?


[00:01:13.580] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m the joint founder of Mail-Right.com, and we build fantastic WordPress websites. We also provide a CRM landing page text and email lead generative platform all in one bundle. Over to you, Robert.


[00:01:41.770] – Robert Newman

All right. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to We’re going to look at John’s notes. For those of you who are new to the show, John does the production on the show, and I act as an industry influencer host. Now, I’ve been doing this for 16 years. John is slightly newer into it. But John has been a WordPress entrepreneur for a long time and has built quite a few websites. He has another company that creates learning management systems on WordPress. He has a podcast that is incredibly, incredibly, incredibly popular called WP-Tonic, which is about WordPress, essentially. Is that correct?


[00:02:23.800] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, it’s aimed at the WordPress professional and SaaS bootstrapper.


[00:02:29.610] – Robert Newman

Okay, so definitely. And John’s guest list, some of the people that John has had the chance to meet and talk about on this other show, have literally made my mouth drool. It’s just a male writer, specifically for real estate professionals, whereas WP-Tonic has slightly brought our audience. So having said all that, just getting into this, I’ve never even heard of the first person that you put on here. And you also took the time to put in the notes, Gutenberg-based page builders. So before we get into that, will you please do us all a favor, myself included, and explain what Gutenberg is?


[00:03:06.880] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. About six years ago, six to seven years ago, WordPress ran it. Matt Manweg, who’s the joint founder, has a commercial company called Automatic. They have managed to get quite a large investment. I think it’s around $900 million into Automatic. But WordPress is a strange hybrid where it’s open source, but it also has a lot of reliance on this company called Automatic. And Matt Manweg said that WordPress has to move forward. They developed this internal page website builder, which is called Gutenberg, which has been an ongoing project. Based on this core technology called Gutenberg and blocks, blocks are like sections that you can drag off. Based on this technology, third-party plugins build on this Gutenberg technology. And why you should care is that it’s much quicker than many of the other solutions out there. And I think Rob would confirm this, that one of the major… It’s only one thing, but it’s a significant thing that Google looks for is a very speedy website. So if you’re looking to build something that’s your real estate website, and you’re looking for something that is based on core WordPress, and that’s also speedy, looking at a Gutenberg-based solution probably might be a good idea.


[00:05:35.450] – Robert Newman

Yeah, I agree. So, ladies and gentlemen, I also build on WordPress and create a real estate website like John, but I use WordPress as my base platform. I’m just not as familiar with the… I have a developer team that I work with, and I focus on SEO. So yes, speed is important, things like that. Page builders are essential, but here’s how I view for their importance. It’s ease of use. It’s like the CRM conversation. Websites and CRMs are only as good as the people and their ability to use them. I use page builder plugins that build on top of Gutenberg. I know that sounds confusing, But it just makes everything easier. The easier that something gets, but unfortunately, some of these paid builders, like the one I use, Elementor, slow the site down a little bit. So you lose some of the speed but gain ease of use. One way or the other, though, Gutenberg is of many, many different decisions that Matt has made. Gutenberg is another good one. Execution with so many things in tech is another question, in my opinion. It’s not that he isn’t doing the right thing, it’s just how he’s executing it.


[00:06:51.280] – Robert Newman

It’s a little bit shaky, in my opinion, just my opinion. John’s much… Again, I got to keep in mind, this is definitely somebody else’s expertise. Let’s talk about the number one. Again, for those guys who are listening to the show, we’re doing a show that we’ve never done before. If you want to go ahead and build your own website, these are some On WordPress, these are some people that you might consider. Number one on the list, put there by John, is CadenceWP. I don’t even know who these guys are. John, why don’t you tell us a little bit about them?


[00:07:26.700] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, Cadence. It’s owned by a hosting company, actually. Cadence started off with a very talented developer called Ben, and he lives in Montana with his family. And he built a very large theme-based business. And he got into Gutenberg early and built this framework, this theme, based on Gutenberg technology, and he built a really fantastic business. Then he was offered to come to Liquid Web. Liquid Web is quite a large hosting company. It’s actually probably larger than WP engine, actually. He sold his business, but he’s the head of Cadence, and he’s the head developer. I know Ben, he’s very talented, and he’s built on Gutenberg technology, and it’s a FAB framework. One of the attractive things is it comes with a very large library of predesign templates. I think they do have one or two that are designed for real estate agents. I would have to confirm that. In the near future, we’re going to be offering about six to a dozen themes that have been specifically designed for real estate. Sure. That is based on Cadence technology at Mailright. We’re in the process of developing them and testing them. But you probably could take one of their general themes and and adapt it.


[00:09:32.620] – Jonathan Denwood

And as long as you weren’t attempting to do a lot of customization with the IDX feed, as Robert utilizes and recommends, so does Melright, we recommend IDX Broker. And as long as you’re not attempting to customize what IDX Broker produces, or you’re going to have to hire somebody to help you do that. I think you could produce a really nice website, even if you weren’t utilizing a directly designed starter theme, which is the wording that Cadence utilizes. And it’s going to be very unreasonably good quality hosting. It’s going to be super quick. So I like it. Beautiful.


[00:10:29.680] – Robert Newman

I know nothing about them, so I’m not going to say anything. I love all the history. I’m a big fan of it. So thanks for sharing what the background of Cadence is. I will say this just to add a thought. For those of you who are on the show or listening to the show, in my experience only, and once again, John, you can jump in if you have a definitively different opinion, but I think that Even though there is a tremendous amount of advertising that says that just anybody can build a DIY WordPress site. I’ve built plenty myself. I’ve never found that just anybody can do it. I’ve usually found it to be a big learning process, no matter how simple it was to unpack the theme, no matter… I never found it to be… It’s not a novice’s game. There should be some in my opinion, because without it, there’s all sorts of questions that come up. You got to upload it to a hosting place. I built a site on WordPress, the hosting environment, wordpress. Org. That was a whole learning experience for me, John. I didn’t know that you need to do any of that.


[00:11:47.630] – Robert Newman

When you unpack the theme and then discover that there’s all the stuff inside the theme, and then you get introduced to the idea of plugins. I’m like, What’s a plugin? What’s a bloody slug? WordPress has created all this language around their specific website build that’s actually not standard. They’re making it industry standard, but if you don’t know it already, I found it to be a huge amount of learning, even to do the Unplug It, Do It Yourself product. Do you disagree or do you agree, or are you just so deep in the trenches, you just have no idea what I’m talking about?


[00:12:24.210] – Jonathan Denwood

Oh, everything you’ve stated. I think utilizing a modern framework like Cadence or one or two of the others we’re going to talk about. And there’s non-Gutenberg WordPress-based. You’ve mentioned one, Elemator. I’m going to discuss that. I actually think Apart from the hosting side, I think utilizing something like Cadence or one of the other solutions isn’t really that much more difficult than utilizing Wix or Squarespace, who are SaaS competitors, software as a service competitors. Really? But no, I don’t honestly think utilizing one of these is a lot more difficult apart from setting it up and getting the hosting side of it. Okay. Besides setting it up. Pardon?


[00:13:18.340] – Robert Newman

I said besides setting it up. That’s a huge disclaimer.


[00:13:22.340] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, a lot the hosting, the specialized WordPress hosting, have a one-click install, and then you just upload the theme. I can tell you for a fact that certain elements of Squarespace, certain elements of Wix aren’t as easy as their advertising makes out, because we regularly get people that utilize these platforms and they decide to go to WordPress. In some ways, I think it swings and roundabouts, Robert.


[00:13:53.640] – Robert Newman

Okay. I’ll keep saying it, you’re definitely the expert in this space. I I can only speak from some limited experience, and then what am I going to say?


[00:14:05.090] – Jonathan Denwood

If you’re going to be really challenged to get something up on Squarespace, or you’re going to be really challenged to get something up on Wix, your You’re definitely going to be a bit more challenged with WordPress, but utilizing Cadence or one of the others is, I’m comparing what it was like five or six years ago, and it’s definitely moved on and easier easier to do than it was five or six years ago. But like I say, if you’re going to be challenged with something like Squarespace or Wix, you’re definitely going to be a little bit more challenged getting it up with WordPress.


[00:14:44.210] – Robert Newman

Okay. I’m going to say, and our challenge as host, ladies and gentlemen, is that I’ve got an ever-increasing number of people that are calling me, John, I’m thrilled to say, after I’ve seen years of doing this, that more and more of them have some technical knowledge. But the amount of calls that I’ve taken from inside the real estate space where somebody even struggles to check their email is like, there are way more than I think many other industries, way more. And so when you’re like, Oh, it shouldn’t be… And you’re not really saying it that way, but it’s like, Yeah, for some people, just the idea… I the word content management system, and they go, What are you talking about?


[00:15:34.070] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, but beggers can’t be choosers. If you haven’t got the budget to hire something like Melright or hire Robert or hire, you’re really tight. But you know you need to get, and you haven’t got the money to spend a load of money in IDX customization, but you need to get something up because you know it will be beneficial, but it’s got to look really decent These are cost-effective solutions. Like I say, beggers can’t be choosers. If you haven’t got the budget and you feel there’s a need to get your own website, this is one of the more cost-effective ways where you can get IDX also if you want to pay for it. But obviously, I think hiring a professional, hiring Robert, or you to look at the Melright platform, which is all based on WordPress technology, is a really good idea. But there’s a market for the DIY, isn’t it?


[00:16:43.660] – Robert Newman

There really is. Let’s put a pin in it. We’re going to come back. John is going to continue to share some of his brilliant thoughts with everybody. When we come back from break, we’ve got three more recommendations on our list for you. John is going to walk you through them and list the pros and cons as it relates to some of these other platforms. We got a lot of great content. If By the way, if you are in the position that John just said, you’re really tight using his language, listen, this is the show for you because you don’t have a lot of options. You don’t have a lot of content producers like us trying to explain to you what you’re really really beginning low cost budget options are. We’re super excited to get into it. Stay tuned. Three, two, one. All right, welcome back to episode number 428. John has really decided to be of service to the world at large today, and he’s sharing his years and years and years worth of WordPress knowledge. And he’s running through some of the do it yourself builders that are very low cost, how to put up WordPress, and he’s doing a review on them.


[00:17:44.390] – Robert Newman

This is strictly for those of you who might be at the beginning of your career, low budget, not yet in a place where you can recommend using a vendor of any kind, this would be a place you can go to, theoretically, number one, get a website up. And Number two, this is the one thing I agree with strongly. Why would somebody do this? In my opinion, it’s about you train and condition yourself to use a good content management system. Because later on, you can always hire a guy like, John might be the first person you consider, and then maybe a while later, you might consider me. Because we’re just doing different types of products. We’re both using WordPress, though. We’re both using this platform. If you’re already used to it, it is actually going to be easier easier and easier and easier to hire other people in the WordPress world to work with you. You’re going to find it simple. John, without any further ado, that you’ve got a remaining three people to talk about. What’s number two on the list?


[00:18:44.310] – Jonathan Denwood

I’m going to go through all three of the Gutenberg, and then you can remark, and it hopefully gives us enough time to go through the non-Gutenberg quickly. So quick, Spectra. Spectra is a bit cadence. Specter is owned by a company called ASTRA. Astra are big in Alimator and Gutenberg. They provide… It’s very similar to Cadence. There are some differences, but I’m not going to go into them now, but they’re very similar. Cadence has about 700,000 active users, and I think Specter has about 400,000 active users. They both provide free and paid. I would look at the paid version. I personally think Cadence is a little bit better than Specter, but there are people that would say Specter is better than Cadence. They’re both quality companies. I think probably Specter, especially Ashtra, do have a few more themes, starter themes that are aimed at real estate agents. On to the next one, Generate Blocks. I know the developer, it’s a privately-owned company, smaller than the first two, but he’s been in the WordPress space and running this company for a number of years. It really appeals to the more professional web designer because they don’t provide a lot of starter themes, but the code it produces and the speed it produces, the basic way you build or edit a website is going to be similar to Cadence and Spectra, but they don’t offer a lot of starter themes.


[00:20:47.320] – Jonathan Denwood

But if you look at the code, it’s super quality and it’s super quick. And he’s adding, I think it’s just come out. He’s come out with a more class. This is web development talk, a class-based system that makes it more appealing to the professional developer and makes it even more quick and powerful. And the last one is max blocks. These people were big in the divi world and still are, and it’s one of the solutions that’s non-Gutenberg that we’re going to talk about. And they’ve produced and they’ve put a ton of work. And it’s the total opposite of Generate Blocks because they got, even with the free products, and the paid product is very reasonably priced. They offer… They’ve got about 300, 400 template starter themes in their library. I don’t know if any of them are specifically designed for real estate, but they’ve got an enormous library and they’re gaining market share. They’re nothing like Spectra or Cadence, but they are because they’re offering so much for free and even in the pro version, even a lot more. Like I say, they’ve got hundreds and hundreds of well-designed starter themes. That offer quality, that’s quite amazing.


[00:22:22.100] – Jonathan Denwood

Because of their background in divvy in all those years, even though they’re a small team, I don’t think you’re going on much of a gamble. They’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money to get where they’re going. They’re the Gutenberg solutions that I would recommend. Shall we go on to… You got a comment before we go on to the non-Gutenberg page builders?


[00:22:50.850] – Robert Newman

No, I mean, I could make some, but no, we got a lot more to cover, a little amount of time. Let’s get into it.


[00:22:57.280] – Jonathan Denwood

So the non-Gutenberg, these are plugins that you installed that are not based on this Gutenberg core WordPress technology. And the big daddy, the big guerrilla is Alimator. Alimator really Elemator. Elemator, yeah. Elemator. They really dominate. They were one of the first that really got into the page, the non-code, drag and drop page builder. The one before them that had a large market share and still has is Divi. But Elemator really took off because It was the first in the market. Now, until recently, the problem with Alimentor was that the code quality wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t fantastic. It produced a lot of additional code to produce this drag and drop environment, which they were one of the first to develop. You overcome it, but you can overcome it by just provide them really good hosting, like WP engine or my other business, we provide hosting that WP tonic. We instill support Elementor, and we offer it. But we’ve got more Gutenberg. And also recently, they changed their core technology to something called flex box. And they’ve done this to reduce the amount of code necessary to produce a certain page or website layout, and that offers the prospect of it being quicker.


[00:24:54.800] – Jonathan Denwood

But I think they’re running almost, I think it’s 10 to 14 million websites that are active users of the product. There’s quite a few millions upon millions of people utilizing it. I think as long as you got good quality hosting, that’s probably going to cost you between $20 to $40 a month. You’re going to get around some of the performance problems that Elementor can produce. Got any response to that?


[00:25:35.290] – Robert Newman

We use Elementor on our installs. We swear by it. It’s a fantastic tool. There’s a thousand things you can do with it if you have the agency model. The saving of a lot of design elements inside Elementor, so it’s all drag and drop, allows us to create a specific experience for our customers that relates to real estate, different search bars, different design elements, which we actually do leverage all the time. It allows us to do a fairly advanced semi-custom site in incredibly reasonable amount of time, lowering the cost and lowering the cost of acquisition for a fairly customized website with an actual set of designers and marketing people behind it. A drag and in this whole world that we’re living in right now, John, it eliminates the perceived value of UX and UI specialists. What I like about Elementor is it can take a UI guy like myself. I don’t have a lot of technical skill sets as they would normally be related, but I am creative and I’m very good at user interface. Obviously, that’s an SEO skill set, which most people don’t understand. It’s not so much like it’s something pretty It’s ease of use.


[00:27:01.850] – Robert Newman

Is it natural? Does it navigate well? Do you want to click on it? Things like that. That’s all user interface. And so Elementor gives me so many options for user interface. I can go through my palette of 10 design options for a homepage, like 10 search boxes as an example. But if I don’t want to use the 10, we can always have the designer design another one and put it in Elementor, or a client can point out an element that they like on somebody else’s site. We can decide whether or not we want to keep it as a permanent addition to our design tool kit inside Elementor. Theoretically, our clients can use the same design kit at any time, basically allowing us to be a a version of a square for our own clients, but yet at the same time be a bespoke agency. I love Elementor. That’s the bottom line. Let’s go on to the next one. Number 6, Divi.


[00:27:56.320] – Jonathan Denwood

Divi was on the market before Elementor. Still extremely popular. The owner and the team behind Divi are some of the best marketers that I know in the WordPress space. Their SEO, their ability, their content they produce, the video they produce, they really know. These are online marketing animals, as I’m concerned. The owner really knows his target audience. A lot of DIY people still love Divi, and there’s a lot of graphic designers that still love Divi. The basic technology does not produce fantastic code. You need quality hosting if you’re going to run a Divi website, in my opinion, but it’s got a fanatical law following, and it’s got a lot of themes that it provides. There’s a lot of third-party themes. They are attempting to move to Gutenberg technology. They have been saying that they’re going to be doing this for almost three years. They have got it in beta, but they haven’t managed to release it to the public. Yet. People are wondering if they ever are going to be able to, but we have to see. The next one is Bricks. Bricks has become the darling of the website freelancer WordPress agency who doesn’t like Animator.


[00:29:59.140] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s I wouldn’t recommend it for a DIY individual unless they want… It’s a real hobby being mucking around with websites, but it’s enormously powerful. It has a drag and drop. It gives you total control. The code it produces is some of the best that I’ve ever seen produced by a page builder. When I became a web developer, you had to hand code things, and the standard of code it produces is very similar to somebody. If you looked at the code of somebody that had built a website that knew what they were doing. Very clean code, It’s a powerful builder. Like I say, for the freelancer, for the web agency who don’t like Alimator, but there’s loads of agencies like Rob, the one that Robert owns, and there’s loads of agencies that just love Alimator, and I’m agnostic about it because I think they all have their strengths and weaknesses. And lastly, we’re going to talk, and maybe next week we’ll delve in this a bit more detail, is there’s a whole world that’s controlled by this company called Theme Forest. Now, Theme Forest is just a website, a marketplace, where third-party theme developers offer themes, plugins, all sorts.


[00:31:44.200] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s based in Australia. It’s one of the most popular and profitable WordPress properties. I think it’s a publicly limited It’s a company in Australia, I think. And there’s thousands upon thousands of themes and plugins, and there’s a lot of work, a lot of themes, aimed at the real estate agent who wants to get something up themselves, or a WordPress freelancer, or a lower-level agency at a lower price, tend to utilize these themes. Now, there’s strengths and weaknesses. Next week, I’ll be going through maybe half a dozen of the most popular Theme Forest themes. But you got to be aware what you’re getting into because there are some amazing quality solutions on Theme Forest, but there’s also a lot of trash on Theme Forest. And you could make a real big mistake by choosing the wrong solution on Theme Forest. But a lot of people in the WordPress professional area, really rubbish Theme Forest. I think I’m more realistic about it. I think it has its place. I personally wouldn’t go there, but I understand why a lot of people that on a small budget and they just want… The other thing is a lot of these bigger theme, these starter themes on Theme Forest, they have IDX integration.


[00:33:43.510] – Jonathan Denwood

It will work with a specific IDX plugin. You just got to know what you’re getting involved in, really. What do you reckon, Rob?


[00:33:58.060] – Robert Newman

Well, I agree with all that. I actually I have more input about Themeforce than I do most of the subjects that you’ve covered. Don’t know most of these companies. I actually just sent brick builders over to the lead developer on my team so that he can comment on it. I like Powerful. I like the way it’s laid out. I can also tell you in the 10 seconds that I was on the site that it cannot possibly be your most adoptable DIY because there’s language on here that I struggle with, and I know what I’m talking about.


[00:34:30.510] – Jonathan Denwood

You’re talking about bricks, are you?


[00:34:31.580] – Robert Newman



[00:34:32.670] – Jonathan Denwood

Oh, yeah, bricks. It’s aimed at the freelancer.


[00:34:38.280] – Robert Newman

Okay, so it’s not really a DIY.


[00:34:41.800] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, there are some DIY-ers that It’s aimed at the very knowledgeable…


[00:34:51.140] – Robert Newman

I would say that this is aimed at the small business owner with the technical background. Diy, to me, in this case, would be somebody somebody who’s already a proficient digital entrepreneur and is looking for a better than average tool that they can use and is not scared of a technical product. Then maybe Bricks would be the one you look at because I haven’t heard of it.


[00:35:14.780] – Jonathan Denwood

They’ve been very aggressive on AppSumma. Appsumma is an online discounter, folks, and a lot of freelancers and web agencies spend They’re the king of the lifetime deal, AppSumma, and bricks to get traction have been very aggressive with their lifetime deals, Robert. They increased it. I bought it because it was such an attractive price, and I know the developer team behind it, Thomas. It’s based in Germany, and they’ve got a lot of experience in the WordPress space. I know he’s invested half a million dollars in de-verbing this, so they’re serious. They’ve been very aggressive with their lifetime deals, and that’s why it’s Freelancers and smaller web agencies love their lifetime deals, Robert. That’s how they’ve really got traction because they’ve been offering these lifetime deals.


[00:36:29.300] – Robert Newman

It’s It’s got a lot of very relevant people giving testimonials on it, which I look at every single time I check somebody new out. And Bricks has the right pedigree in terms of who’s saying what about it, including John, by the way, first person, right pedigree. Then there would be other people with right pedigree. You do your own research. John and I are like, I don’t know about John, but I’m going to give the disclaimer. It’s like investment. Listen, we are talking about these people. We’re not really giving you advice. Make the decision that is Well, we are giving you some advice. We’re giving you input. Make your own decisions. These are all big decisions. Who you build your website on, it could be a many years relationship with this company. Theme Forest is something that I use for a while. And honestly, John, while I had to use it because I was getting started from me in a garage and one personal assistant, and that was it, it caused me a lot of problems using Theme Forest.


[00:37:25.320] – Jonathan Denwood

You got to know what you’re getting involved with. So if you’re up for it, maybe we look at some of the most popular real estate themes in the Theme Forest because I think-But I think-Yeah, go on. Hold on.


[00:37:41.860] – Robert Newman

From Theme Forest, I went to Agent Evolution, the company IDX broker bought, the theme builder. I went to Agent Evolution, which is a particular theme builder. That caused me a lot of problems. You know why it kept causing me problems, everybody? Everything that John is saying that I know is almost incomprehensible to all of you; how a website is built is based very heavily on the code and how it’s built. Some load, oftentimes, things that look fine to you are not built in a way that the search engine is like or that they digest quickly or take a while. John’s referencing it in terms of web code load. But theme builders put many extraneous things in there because they’re trying to build a one-size-fits-all tool. That’s the way my developer explained it to me. I’m not professing to know this. I’m telling everybody I spend a lot of money on my guy who then tells me, Well, Robert, what they did is they put in 50 different solutions into the code, but you only need one. There are things like that that you cannot see. Anyway, John, I appreciate you sharing your expertise with us on this subject.


[00:38:52.020] – Robert Newman

It’s amazing. Thank you so much for taking your time and your energy. Thank you for putting the subject together because I don’t know we’ve ever done this in four years. I think you and I have been working together on this show. Incredible, incredible. I learned a lot, and I’m still learning a lot. I’ve got everybody pulled up. I’m going to look at them when we get there.


[00:39:09.620] – Jonathan Denwood

To finish off, I think if you’re going to go down this route, I would look at the first two or an LMA tour. I would either look at the LMA tour or look at the first two, Gutenberg, Cadence, or Spectra. But I think you should stand a chance and get something up.


[00:39:37.490] – Robert Newman

I’m going to sign off. If anybody would like to reach out and get more of my thoughts, I don’t have a lot of DIY thoughts on my website. I don’t talk about it much. This is a new subject. I’m going to say this. It probably sounds like I’m pooh-poohing it. I’m not. I’m not. John was 100% correct. If you’re a beginning agent and you are just getting up… I don’t know that I agree that WordPress is as easy as Square or Wix, but there’s a much deeper… John, you get to say your bit when I’m done because I know you may disagree, and that’s fine. But listen, I will say this. There is long-term thinking that goes with WordPress, which is way better than any other platform. You can build websites you own on WordPress. You can find guys like me and John who’ve done a lot with the tool and customized it. We’re probably going to give you, some of us, John and I both, are going to provide you with a lifetime license to the thing, which means you get to use it, vanadium, and you can control it way more than you can’t square Wix.


[00:40:48.160] – Robert Newman

There is way more value in that if you’re interested in independence and ownership. There is way more value than that if you’re interested in SEO. All those long-term ideas work best with WordPress. That means that learning WordPress, which is a content management system at the heart of it, is the way to go with a long-term independent thinker. This means that if you wanted a baby step, let’s say you’re listening to the show and can’t afford me, you can’t even afford John, and that’s a perfectly reasonable situation. Well, then, what could you do that would still advance your career and maybe make your long-term thinking have some merit? This is it. This is a significant first step, in my opinion. That’s how I’m going to sign off. Do you want to get into it? Let’s look at a do-it-yourself builder for a couple hundred dollars a year and a minimal hosting fee. You’ll learn a lot in the process. Maybe you’ll succeed, perhaps you won’t, but the knowledge can’t be taken away from you. And you can leverage that many, many times in your real estate career, many times.


[00:41:54.550] – Robert Newman

Robert@inboundrem. Com, if you’d like to reach me, John, I will turn it over to you, let you sign off, and tell people how to contact you.


[00:42:02.850] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, sure. I agree with everything you just said. So the best way to get it is to go to the mail-right. You can book a chat with me on the Com website. It’s right in the top navigation. We can have a quick chat and see and maybe have the opportunity to show you what Mailright does. Back over to you, Rob.


[00:42:23.270] – Robert Newman

Okay. So guys, listen, thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you go to John doesn’t know this, but I’ve been getting more feedback that people have been finding me on. I’ve gotten two leads in the last 30 days from people who actually saw me on the MailRight YouTube channel and then looked me up. Sometimes happening there, John. I don’t know what it is. I haven’t checked it out myself in a while, but I will say that for those of you looking at this particular show, reach out to John. If you’re a DIY or have questions, you’re trying to establish a relationship with somebody who’s in the real I’m the SEO guy. Not that John doesn’t have his skills, but this is my breath for 16 years. John has been in the DIY space, the WordPress space, for a long time, and is acknowledged by many people who know what they’re talking about as a thought leader in this category. So, reach out to him and ask your questions 100 %. I can’t say it enough. That’s what I got.


[00:43:26.700] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, we’ll go now, folks. We’ll see you next week.


[00:43:31.880] – Robert Newman

All right, we’ll say no, sorry.


[00:43:34.010] – Jonathan Denwood

Bye. Bye.


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