#421- Mail-Right Show – Real Estate Lead Generation Instagram For 2024

Real Estate Lead Generation Instagram For 2024

Real Estate Lead Generation Instagram For 2024

Elevate your real estate game with our exclusive video on Real Estate Lead Generation via Instagram for 2024! Learn how to leverage the algorithm, create engaging content, and convert followers into clients effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your lead generation efforts and dominate the market.


#1 – Create a business profile.

Please make sure you use a business profile rather than a personal one on Instagram. To transition your account to a business profile, navigate to Settings, then Account, and select Switch to Business Profile. A business profile on Instagram gives you access to valuable features such as contact buttons and post insights. Also, you can promote your posts as advertisements if you like. Opting for a business profile streamlines the process for individuals visiting your page to connect with you or discover more about your enterprise.


#2 – Use hashtags.

Utilizing hashtags is an effective method to engage with individuals who share similar interests. By incorporating relevant hashtags, your posts become visible in searches for those specific tags, increasing the exposure of your content to potential new followers intrigued by the subjects you discuss limiting the number of hashtags per post to 30, and maintaining a balance between popular and niche tags that align with the shared content. For instance, consider using hashtags such as real estate, open house, house hunting, and homes for sale when promoting an open house event.

#3 – Geotag your posts.

Using geotagging can effectively engage with potential customers in your area. Attaching a location tag to your posts makes them visible in the location’s feed and appears in search results for that specific area. For instance, users searching for NYC real estate will come across the most recent real estate content from New York City, including yours, if you have added the appropriate geotag. Geotagging proves particularly beneficial for targeting individuals within a particular city or neighborhood.

#4 – Post images and videos of properties you sell or rent.

If you’re involved in the real estate industry, ensuring that your Instagram profile showcases your properties effectively is essential. Share top-notch photos and videos showcasing the interior and exterior of your homes for sale or rent. This will attract interested buyers and renters and show your keen eye for detail and design aesthetic to potential clients who may want your expertise for their future properties.

#5 – Use Instagram Reels/Stories.

Use Instagram Stories to give your followers an exclusive glimpse into your daily activities. Showcase the properties you’re currently working on, offer previews of upcoming listings, and even take viewers on virtual tours. With a vast audience of over 500 million active users, Instagram Stories presents a powerful platform to engage with a wide range of people.

Embark on a creative journey with Instagram Reels, a fresh approach to content creation on the platform. These immersive full-screen vertical videos can span up to 90 seconds and are equipped with various innovative editing features such as filters, captions, and stickers. Dive into a world of audio tracks, including popular tunes from fellow users’ feeds, and effortlessly incorporate video clips into your reel. Access all these exciting tools through a seamless scrolling feed at the bottom of iPhone screens or within stories for mobile users.

#6 – Go live on Instagram.

Like Instagram Stories, utilizing Instagram’s live feature provides a unique opportunity to offer your followers an exclusive glimpse into your daily activities. Whether showcasing ongoing projects, providing previews of upcoming listings, or virtually guiding viewers through open houses, going live on Instagram allows for authentic and engaging interactions with your audience. Additionally, due to the preferential treatment in the Instagram algorithm, live videos are more prominently featured, increasing visibility among your followers.

#7 – Use Instagram ads.

Instagram provides various advertising options to help you connect with your desired audience. These include photo ads for showcasing properties, video ads for property tours, and story ads for promoting events like open houses. Additionally, carousel ads allow you to display multiple visuals within a single advertisement. Instagram ads are an effective tool for reaching individuals who may not be familiar with your brand but share an interest in the content you publish.

#8 – Partner with influencers.

In case you’re new to influencer marketing, it’s a strategy where individuals with a significant social media presence collaborate with brands to endorse their products or services. Utilizing influencers can expand your reach and attract attention to your property offerings. When deciding on an influencer partner, you can choose someone who genuinely appreciates real estate and whose followers are inclined toward the properties you have on offer.

#9 – Host a contest or giveaway.

Organizing contests and giveaways can effectively spark interest in your brand and encourage engagement with your content. For instance, run a competition to discover the most captivating real estate image or footage or offer a complimentary home inspection as a prize. It’s crucial to adhere to the guidelines and laws governing such activities when devising your promotional strategy.


#10 – Share your expert knowledge.

Utilize Instagram not just for promoting listings but also as a platform to showcase your expertise in the real estate sector. Share valuable insights such as home buying and selling tips, guidance for first-time buyers, and helpful information on the home purchasing process. This approach not only aids in attracting potential clients but also establishes you as a reputable figure in your industry. Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users monthly, making it a potent tool for real estate professionals seeking to expand their client base and business reach. Adhering to these strategies ensures that your Instagram presence is productive, allowing you to concentrate on other operational facets of your enterprise. Happy sharing.

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