#416- Mail-Right Show: Best Real Estate Facebook Ads For 2024

Best Real Estate Facebook Ads For 2024

Ready to dominate the real estate market with top-performing Facebook ads? Look no further than this comprehensive guide for 2024! Gain insights into advanced ad strategies, audience segmentation, and proven conversion tactics that will set you apart from the competition. Elevate your real estate marketing game by watching this must-see show.

#1 – Introduction

The influence of AI on Facebook advertising is extensive and significant. It has enabled improved targeting of audiences, the creation of dynamic ad content, the use of predictive analytics, automated ad placements, and suggestions for ad copy and images. Additionally, AI has facilitated budget optimization and predictions for ad performance.

#2 – Facebook Lead Ads

If you or another representative in your office lists a new property, it can serve as compelling content for a Facebook lead ad. You can craft your ad with a brief description highlighting the property’s key attributes, such as the number of rooms, distinctive features, and proximity to parks or schools.

Also, could you incorporate three to five images of the home? In return for the lead’s details, please provide them with the price of the house, its address, and additional photos. Please ensure that your ad directs users to a landing page on your website or uses a Facebook lead form to maintain all interactions within Facebook.

#3 – Custom List of Homes

One practical approach for real estate Facebook ads is to feature customized lists of homes. These lists could include properties under $300k or homes with a pool tailored to match the preferences of potential buyers in your market. You can create appealing lists that resonate with your audience by identifying the most sought-after features.

You can direct interested parties to a landing page on your website or utilize a Facebook lead form for engagement. Once leads are captured, an automated email can deliver the list, typically via a link to your IDX website showcasing only the properties on your list. Before receiving the list, leads will be prompted to provide their contact details. When creating these ads, it’s essential to include relevant photos that accurately represent the advertised properties, such as an image of a home within the specified price range for listings under $300k.


#4 – Create Retargeting and Lookalike Audiences

With a sizable customer list of at least 200 individuals, you can upload this audience onto Facebook for retargeting through advertisements. These individuals may have made past purchases and could be interested in purchasing or selling a second home. You can maintain brand awareness and stay top-of-mind by running cost-effective ads targeting this audience. Additionally, consider utilizing Lookalike Audiences based on your customer list to identify individuals with similar profiles who may also be suitable for your real estate services. This approach provides a workaround for Facebook’s targeting limitations within the real estate sector.

In summary, we have outlined a number of Facebook ad strategies for real estate that encompass campaign strategies, ad types, and audiences, which can be implemented to enhance success. By leveraging these strategies, you can expand your real estate leads and gain a competitive advantage over less sophisticated peers. Furthermore, there are numerous targeting options available beyond those mentioned here.

Facebook provides the ability to be highly targeted and endlessly creative in how you market real estate to reach potential home buyers or sellers. It’s important not to let your competitors surpass you in this regard.


#5 – Types of Real Estate Facebook Ads to Avoid in 2024

Free Home Evaluation

In the past, real estate Facebook ads of this nature were widely favored. Still, they have now become obsolete due to the availability of free home evaluations on platforms like Zillow and other real estate websites. Unfortunately, these ads aren’t effective in attracting leads, as there is no compelling reason for potential clients to select your services over established platforms such as Zillow. Unlike waiting for an email response from you after providing their information, Zillow offers immediate results.

Personal Branding Ad

An effective real estate advertisement centered around personal branding requires an established agent or a substantial investment in advertising. Simply featuring a photo, logo, and experience description will only entice clicks if the audience is already familiar with your brand. These ads typically fail to offer any value in exchange for contact information, rendering them ineffective. Furthermore, they are not suitable for those with budget constraints seeking more cost-efficient alternatives. Nonetheless, personal branding remains crucial, and running ads can prove beneficial in the future.

Using Boosted Posts

Enhancing your posts through boosting is ineffective for generating leads, as it mainly focuses on increasing engagement rather than capturing potential leads. Although boosted posts may appear straightforward for creating impactful ads and gaining visibility, they typically result in limited lead generation. Raising is better suited for branding purposes and should only be utilized once a robust lead-generation ad campaign has been established.

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