#412- Mail-Right Show:Best Type of Facebook & YouTube Videos For Real Estate Agents in 2024

#412- Mail-Right Show:Best Type of Facebook & YouTube Videos For Real Estate Agents in 2024

Best Type of Facebook & YouTube Videos For Real Estate Agents in 2024

#1 Short-form vertical video content, organic or paid ( Your face doesn’t need to be shown in this type of video).

-a- Inspiration quotations (6 to 8 seconds long)

-b- Testimonials (6 to 8 seconds long)

-c- Properties walkthroughs (pro tip avoid mirrors).

#2 – Business spotlights (promoting local business in your videos)

#3 – Monthly or quarterly market update videos.

#4 – Promote a listing of the week’s video

#5 – Educational (the basic information on the process of buying or selling a property).

Episode Full Show Notes

[00:00:02.800] – Jonathan Denwood

Welcome back, folks, to The Mail-Right Show. This is episode 4:13, Lucky13. Rob Robert, my regular co-host, is on his vacation. He’s in England, my native homeland, folks. Yes, Rain in. When he told me he was going, He’s actually gone to Wells, Adam, in December. Lovely. That’s what I’ve got to say. The weather must be beautiful. That’s what I’ve got to say. I’ve got my co-host, my co-founder, I should say, of Mel Wright, Adam Brown. Adam, would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners quickly?


[00:00:53.930] – Adam Brown

Yeah, thanks for having me on again. We got a pretty exciting program today to share some good tips. But I am a co-founder, like Jonathan said, we’ve been working together 2-3 years and complement each other really well because he’s really good at certain things that I’m not quite as good at, and then I’m good at something that he’s not quite as good at. We learn off each other, but we also build into each other and each other’s strengths, which is excellent. It also makes for a lot of good information because you’re getting both sides of the equation there. Nomo Marketing at Seaside does a lot of videos, photos, some website stuff with Jonathan, logos, and things like that. I’m excited to get into this. How about you?


[00:01:41.510] – Jonathan Denwood

I’m Adam’s video expert, and he also does the Facebook adverts on the website, design, and development. We make a good mixture, folks. In this episode, we’re going to discuss the best type of Facebook YouTube videos for real estate agents in 2024. Video is essential. If you want to build your brand in 2024, it’s crucial. I think there’s a rush to quality. What I mean is that people who will be selling and buying homes next year will look at those with a great brand and show that they know what they’re doing. What do you reckon, Adam?


[00:02:39.370] – Adam Brown

Yeah, and the video is just huge. Almost every podcast and video we make is about the importance of videos, along with a couple of other things that we share about. But we can’t overemphasize how important it is, so keep listening.


[00:03:02.240] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, let’s go for number one, short-form video. I’m talking about 10, 15-second videos. They can be utilized on multiple platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and YouTube Shorts. They’re getting more popular on YouTube. Google and YouTube really have been promoting its short format. These are vertical videos, not horizontal. Like I said, they’re fast. We can help you produce these as well. The other good news is you don’t have to be on them, basically. I’ve got three subcategories and ideas of content for these short videos. Also, there are AI platforms that can help you produce these, or we can create them for you. What are your views on this, Adam?


[00:04:07.410] – Adam Brown

Yeah, all good information right there. 10-15 seconds is a trend right now. Who knows next week, right? What it’s going to be like. But those short static images that then people, especially on Instagram, so a sharp static image that you can then scroll to, so you’re getting people to stay on your post, engage with you. They’re touching the screen, and they’re interacting inside that platform. Those are pretty huge too. But yeah, if you can keep your videos to 7-15 seconds, that’s a good mark, a benchmark to set as a goal.


[00:04:52.800] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. Before I go into… Yes, the subcategories I got here are inspiration quotations. People love… We all fall for it. If you see a video, it’s moving, and there are various techniques that you can use to get in movement with the quotation that’s inspiring or interesting. You can rapidly produce them, and they do have of effect. Testimonials are really great. Just having the text and having a voice overhead read out with the text showing at the same time is very effective and quick. You can do walkthroughs, longer ones, and then you can cut them up using AI. As I said, we can help you with this. Basically, you can cut up a walkthrough. A walkthrough doesn’t have to be a home that you’re actually the agent for. It can be homes that your breakage is happy for you to show, or it can be quick videos of the outside of homes that are on the market. There are various ways of getting that content. Then you can do long-form, break it up into short form, and populate Instagram and the others. What do you reckon, Adam?


[00:06:18.210] – Adam Brown

Yeah, all perfect ideas. Try to include captions on those. One, it’s suitable for the hearing impaired so that they can see as you’re talking if you’re on the video, or if somebody is on the video speaking, they can see the words that are coming out if they can’t hear them. And then also, it reaches more people. So the algorithms pick up on it. You’re also getting keywords that those algorithms also can read on the screen. And so that’s going to be good for SEO, which is Jonathan’s considerable strength. It is one of the big ones for him. So using captions that explain the words being shared, even if it’s a five-, six-, seven-second video, are really important. It’s constructive, and it’s also resourceful as well. So include those. And when you do it inside the platform, that’s typically going to give you a little bit more reach. But if you’re hosting multiple platforms, many of us will make them on a different app or program, and then we’ll import them into there and post from there. There are options, but I try to include those in your short and long videos, too, honestly.


[00:07:36.200] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. Funny enough, folks, especially with YouTube, YouTube seems to be pushing to ends of the video market or type of videos. You’ve got the short-form video that we just talked about, and then they seem to be promoting heavily long-form video, which are basically podcasts. They’re doing a big push to promote podcasting on YouTube, like hour-long YouTube podcast videos. They’ve got a whole section tab now on YouTube for podcasting. They’re really pushing their YouTube shorts and then they’re really long-form. It’s quite interesting. Where the classic is about 10, 15 minutes. When it comes to YouTube videos, I consume all sorts, so God help me. I watch too much YouTube, but it’s better than normal American television, isn’t it? There’s only so many weather channels and murders you can watch, isn’t it? Number two, business spotlights. This is a great way of building your brand through video and building your connections in the community. What do I mean by business spotlights? Well, basically, you video people in your local community and you interview them, do a quick interview, and it’s business owners and you spotlight restaurants, services, anything around property or any popular business. If you say you’re going to edit a video and you can give them the video and it’s cross-promotion, and most business owners, some will say no, but majority are going to be delighted.


[00:09:45.450] – Jonathan Denwood

It gives you the opportunity to also build a relationship with that business owner as well. It’s a win-win for everybody and it really… Because it’s hyper-local, you can put keywords in, you can use it on your website, you can use it on your Facebook, you can put it on YouTube. You can use it on multiple platforms and it’s hyper-local video, relevant content. It’s really a great idea. What’s your thoughts about this, Adam?


[00:10:21.490] – Adam Brown

Yeah. Don’t forget, too, some of these you can add on to your Google Business profile if it’s appropriate. They’re a little more strict on that and not as much of a social media type of a platform as far as your Google Business profile. But definitely start looking into that if you’re not, because it is drastically underutilized. Just YouTube Shorts are really underutilized. And I guarantee on your phone, you have shots of where you live. Really, Jonathan and I, reenforces so much. But you need to be the digital mayor. If you’re in real estate, you need to be the digital mayor of the area, the city that you live in. Paying it forward and sharing about different businesses, they get so excited about that, most of them, I would say generally, and so sharing about them and the highlights, what makes it such a cool spot or a great environment to go grab a coffee or grab lunch or something like that? You can be super strategic. Like Jonathan said, it’s great for SEO too all around. We encourage you to start doing that if you’re not already. If you are doing it, just continue to improve what you’re doing.


[00:11:42.380] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, because what I was saying is combining these different formats, like the videos that we started off the short-form vertical that we can help you with, that you don’t need your head, your face to be. We’ve also got a calendar system, so we can help you produce these videos and then we can place them on a calendar for you and combining them with video that you are in and you are presenting. It’s really producing enough content that’s sustainable for you because consistency is important. But we’ve got to be realistic here. It’s feast of fun and normally in real estate, but it’s keeping that consistent with our help. Us, you may be setting out one or two hours each week to do some of the videos that we are suggesting, which is one of them doing a business spotlight, mixed with a couple of others that we’re going to talk about.


[00:13:01.110] – Adam Brown



[00:13:01.740] – Jonathan Denwood

Works. What do you reckon, Adam?


[00:13:04.310] – Adam Brown

Yeah. You’re going to have a little bit of editing time where you can send that off to get edited as well. There’s help there, or we can help you with that with one of our plans that we have. There was something I was going to share that one of the things I noticed when people were doing the business spotlights is the audio is really bad. If you have bad audio, it ruins the whole video. Even if you’re using your phone, which I have a $10,000 camera I normally use for these Zoom recordings and podcasts and stuff and for my business, but guess what I’m using? What am I using right now, Jonathan?


[00:13:42.460] – Jonathan Denwood

He doesn’t like it, but he’s been let down by the software of his camera. He’s using his iPhone, but I think it looks fantastic. But he’s not happy with it. But he’s a professional to talk if he got-.


[00:13:56.480] – Adam Brown

But you know what? It’s working and it’s pretty appropriate because that’s probably what most of you are going to be using is iPhones. And so it works. We’re using it right now. We’re doing a long podcast, and it works. It looks good. I can’t really trick it out as much as I would like to with my good cameras, but hey, it works. So yeah, just back to the audio. You can get little road mics. They’re really not expensive, especially if you’re in it for the long run. I think Ceremonics is another good brand. Deity is another good brand. Look up those and their Bluetooth. You can get ones where you can hide. I don’t particularly like when people are wearing the big rectangle mic on their shirt. I think it looks pretty cheesy. So I like to hide them. If people are okay with that, you can let them install them in their shirt. But it makes such a difference to have good audio. So invest in that. You could probably, for around 100 bucks plus or minus, get a decent audio set up.


[00:15:00.330] – Jonathan Denwood

Don’t give them too much information because next week that’s what our topic can be there. Perfect. And also some AI video editing tools out there. We can have a mixture. I think it’s time for us to go for our mid-break, folks. We will be back with some other suggestions about video that can help you market yourself and build your brand in 2024. We will be back in a few moments, folks. Do you.


[00:15:30.630] – Adam Brown

Want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need mail write. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no-question-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail-right. Com.


[00:15:54.010] – Jonathan Denwood

We’re coming back, folks. We’ve been talking about all formats of video that can promote yourself and promote your business that will lead to some really quality leads, I can guarantee it. Because if you’re just listening to this podcast and you’re just doing some of the things that I and Adam are suggesting, you’re just going to be probably in the top 20% of agents that are doing anything like this. Unfortunately, the majority aren’t, and they’re the ones that are going to struggle in the next couple of years. Because if you do listen to what we’re suggesting, you’re going to be in that top 20% of agents that are going to be okay or build their business in the next couple of years. That’s my little spill, but I believe it. Next one, monthly or quarterly market update videos. Well, it’s linked to your email. If you can do a weekly email, I think that’s best. If you can’t do a monthly one, we can help you with that. We have our standard plans and then we’ve got plans which can fit in to your particular requirements. If you’re looking for a particular mix, you can always book a call with us on the mel-right.


[00:17:26.670] – Jonathan Denwood

Com website and we can build a bespoke package for you that includes our standard technology stack, which is amazing. But mixing video with your newsletter and sending it out will increase the engagement of your eye. You take a frame. You don’t have to utilize something like Bon Bon. You can just take a screenshot of the video that you’ve uploaded to YouTube. You can place it, give a written introduction, and then they can click on that to watch the video and it just gets more engagement. What’s your thoughts? If you can do a weekly one, but either it has to be good content or do a monthly market update, or if you got to just do it quarterly, I think it’s best to do a monthly one at least and then do a bigger one quarterly. It’s got to be interesting. There is a lot of agents that do these and they’re pretty dry and they’re basically folks, they’re pretty boring. You’ve got to put yourself into the listener viewer or the consumer’s shoes. Would you really want to watch something that’s half-an-hour? Really, really boring? I don’t think so—so always try and put yourself in those shoes.


[00:19:04.670] – Jonathan Denwood

What do you reckon, Adam?


[00:19:07.380] – Adam Brown

Yeah, agree. I think if you could do once a month, that would be great. Once a week might be hard for most. So you want to set goals you can reach and achieve, otherwise it just doesn’t feel good and you end up giving up and doing nothing. And also make sure that information is resourceful, but also entertaining, like Jonathan said. And if it’s too long, how many people are really going to have 30 minutes to what?


[00:19:38.000] – Jonathan Denwood

What I was thinking, Adam, is the weekly one. You just do the video and then you can use it on… And then you just do a paragraph for writing and you send it out to your list, and in monthly you do a longer one, a longer write-up, but you’d still keep the video to 10 minutes or less.


[00:19:59.610] – Adam Brown

Yeah. And then you can use clips from that on your social media, write any of the highlights or key things that you maybe said and reuse that on other platforms, and you’re going to start reaching a lot more people.


[00:20:13.120] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, it’s just planning out. I would just blank it out, just planning out a bit, blank a couple of hours every week, make sure, unless it’s really something really, really urgent, like a really commission check, blank it out. If it is urgent, obviously you can adapt, but it’s best to blank out a specific period of time so you can do some of the things we’re suggesting and then mix it up with some of the AI tools that we’re going to talk about next week and you should get a result. Promote a listing of the week video, which could be part of your newsletter. The great strength, folks, is there’s whole TV channels about property, about flipping property, there’s whole channels. People love consuming walkthroughs. It’s a staple, but it still works. You need a certain degree of equipment to so you don’t… It’s not all shaky and that. But then you can cut those up as well and use for your shorts as well. People just love walkthroughs, don’t they? What do you reckon, Adam?


[00:21:36.880] – Adam Brown

Yeah, walkthroughs are cool and try to focus on things that maybe also stand out. If it’s just a room and there’s no furniture in it, don’t spend five minutes in there. Show the room, move on if there’s a cool, updated bathroom or if the kitchen has updates, upgrades or the backyard, or there’s like, a water feature, swimming pool, or whatever it is that maybe has a little bit more wow factor that’s more entertaining and will keep people watching or get them to start to watch because of what you’re showing, that’s where you want to try to focus more of your time on that.


[00:22:17.360] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. And the truth is, your first two, three, four of these is going to be rough after that. You get better at it. The important thing is, like I say, try and do one once a week. Do it before people turn up. If you’ve got a property that you’re representing, do it before a client or possible buyers turn up. Plan it. Or if you haven’t got properties, ask your broker or do property tours of the outside. Keep doing it, folks, and don’t give up after the first few weeks. Make sure you can do one a week, and you will get results. Finally, education, well, that’s more YouTube. There’s a bit of overlap between the monthly quarter market. But educational videos, what I mean is that in the process of buying or selling a home, a lot of people don’t know the basics. It doesn’t have to be really high level. We go through the basic process of how to get a mortgage and a host of other things. What’s it like? Dealing with the HIE, the Homeowners Association, just going through the basic stuff, and also going through what we call Evergreen videos, which are about the actual area that you’re doing business in, the city, town, region, those types of videos.


[00:23:59.870] – Jonathan Denwood

They’re great for writing written content and placing it on your website. Once they’re set up correctly, they can get results for over a year or two years with a little bit of updating, but not too much. What do you reckon?


[00:24:15.690] – Adam Brown

Yeah, I love the evergreen highlight that you just mentioned, too, because, as Jonathan said, it could be resourceful. Say, you want to share about different parks and neighborhoods. You don’t really need access inside anyone’s house, but you can also indeed show homes in the area as you’re going through there or riding a bike or whatever you’re doing, skateboard or whatnot, and show the houses, but then show where the park is. Or maybe there’s a beautiful canyon next to it where people like to walk, ride bikes, or do Frisbee golf. Those are all just perfect ideas. Granted, those aren’t necessarily educational, except if you’re educating them on all the different parks near you. So think of it that way as far as these educational videos go. Short and Sweet is good with these as well, and make sure you’re explaining the area and giving people the information that they would want and what they’re looking for.


[00:25:14.300] – Jonathan Denwood

As I said, we can help you with the non-facial content. We can help you with those types of videos and advise you about the equipment. Adam knows a ton about all this, and he can advise you. We can be your mentors and support network, and that can be part of one of our bestowed packages. We can give you ideas, help you on the technique side, and advise you about the equipment. Well, we’ve done that. We’re more than happy to do that. I think we’re going to wrap up this podcast. As I said, next week, we’re going to be talking about sound, cameras, and equipment, plus some AI tools that can help you with these short videos and some other aspects around graphics and video. You have the tools to produce this type of content in 2024. So, Adam, what’s the best way for people to find out more about you and what you’re up to?


[00:26:26.870] – Adam Brown

Yeah, they can go to Mail-Right. com. Is that what you mean? Or do you tell me personally?


[00:26:32.410] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, we’re following you on Twitter. Where can I find you? On Facebook?


[00:26:36.300] – Adam Brown

Yeah, Explore Marketing, LLC. Most of them are on that, obviously, where the usernames weren’t available. You can check that out. Obviously, check out the Mailright accounts as well. Follow us, give us a like, share, and comment because we do like to hear your feedback, your experiences, things you’re trying, maybe things that have been successful, things that are more challenging. Include that even on our videos here. Anything else?


[00:27:09.390] – Jonathan Denwood

No, I think that’s great. We’ll see you next week, folks, where, like I said, we’ll be talking more about video. Give us feedback on how you’re finding these podcasts and some topics you’d like us to cover. It’s about giving you value. That’s what it’s all about. We’ll see you or you listen to us next week. And to you soon. Bye. Bye.


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