#396 – Mail-Right Show: How Do You Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent in 2023

How Do You Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent in 2023

Are you ready to enter the world of luxury real estate? This informative podcast will take you through the steps to becoming a successful luxury real estate agent in 2023.

We cover everything from building your network to mastering high-end marketing strategies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and elevate your career.

#1 – Elevate your brand (quality counts).

#2 – Tailor your content towards luxury communities in your market.

#3 – Do property tours and open houses of luxury Properties.

#4 – Personally prospecting luxury communities digitally and physically (door knocking).

#5 – Go to networking community events (go where your target goes connected to community events) however you need some personal connection or interest in the event.


Episode Full Show Notes

[00:00:00.000] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. This is episode number 396 of The Mail-Right show. And today we’re going to talk about our ideas about how you become a luxury agent in 2023. Jonathan Denwood, my fabulous co-host, is the host of The WP-Tonic show. He’s the host of another show whose name I haven’t quite nailed down yet, but it’s The Money Machine, something like that.


[00:00:35.030] – Jonathan Denwood

Membership Machine show.


[00:00:37.400] – Robert Newman

Membership Machine Show. He is also the original founder and the original creator of this show, though we are now partners in this show. Please, John, do us a favor and introduce yourself to our audience for those that may not know you or have forgotten.


[00:00:56.770] – Jonathan Denwood

Unforgettable, I think. I’m for the wrong reasons, I’d imagine. Thanks, folks. I’m the joint founder of Mail-Right.com. We have a great platform, great value, and you get a great design. It’s a real competitor to real geeks or Sarah, interactive.


[00:01:20.560] – Robert Newman



[00:01:21.400] – Jonathan Denwood

With features and a CRM and loads of other juicy stuff. Back over to you, Robert.


[00:01:28.640] – Robert Newman

All right, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Robert Newman. I am probably one of the world’s most experienced real estate online marketing consultants. And if you want to check me out, go to Inboundrem. com. We are going to get into, I think, the experience that we both have, but me, in particular, are really going to carry the weight of this particular show. I’ve been doing business with luxury agents since 2007, 2008, and I’ve actually watched a number of agents transition their careers. I’ve certainly had long conversations with some of my clients about how they transitioned their careers originally. That’s where these ideas come from. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, let’s get into how you become a luxury agent. Now, first of all, John has his number one, Elevate your brand. Now, I think that it’s important that people understand that I talk about informational branding a lot. I’m going to share my view on this, and then, John, I’m going to ask that you share more of the traditional branding viewpoint, if you wouldn’t mind. Yeah. Okay. So from an informational branding perspective, you want to go on to the places that you can share probably video and pictures and images and things like that because informational branding is more about how you equate yourself through visual or audio mediums, like something that’s multimedia.


[00:03:06.700] – Robert Newman

And how do you make yourself relevant for luxury? Well, that’s not all that difficult to understand. It may be difficult to execute. But you would go on to Instagram and take pictures of the kinds of homes that you’d want to represent, the neighborhoods that you’d want to represent, and then you’d talk about them. Now, if you’re doing informational branding, doing my type of branding, what you would do is you’d go to the county recorder’s office, look in the neighborhood, and find two or three homes that really interested you after looking at all the people that own the homes. Informational branding is about telling the story of the hyper-luxury property. And just to give everybody here an example, I was on a guy’s website that is a luxury agent, Orange County. He only has four properties listed there right now, but all of them are 40 million plus. And each one he had written and had a video story on. Each one is in front of the property, usually lounging around somewhere where the camera catches a really good view of the property. I don’t know if they’re his exclusive listings or not, but I would guess not.


[00:04:10.430] – Robert Newman

He’s just decided that he’s going to represent only 40 million dollar plus properties. He’s sitting there on, in one case, on a bench that’s in front of the property, and he’s casually talking about all the people that have owned the property in the past.


[00:04:27.620] – Jonathan Denwood

Which has been- Funny enough, Rob, I can see you on a couch in front of a 40 million property.


[00:04:34.920] – Robert Newman

Thank you, John. Thank you. And that’s.


[00:04:38.440] – Jonathan Denwood

That is- What drink would be in your hands, Rob?


[00:04:41.590] – Robert Newman

Probably just another one of these energy drinks, just like the one I have here. They change, John. I don’t have a single brand. I go through the gambit. But the idea, informationally, is that you tell a compelling story about the property that you want to list, that you do it on social or YouTube or Facebook or a Facebook group, and you start literally putting in the work to make yourself known in conjunction with the property that you want to list and sell. That’s the new AG online marketing digital approach. John, what do you think the other side of it is, like elevating your brand? What are the other things that you could do that might be more traditional?


[00:05:27.940] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think in the past, I think being in front of a Lamborghini, in front of some of the houses, having some very glamorous pictures of yourself on your website, I think that’s seen it as being luxury. I think things have changed rapidly. I think in some ways it’s probably easier to get your foot in the door by video, by Instagram, YouTube, by being able to produce a lot of video around the type of properties and listening to this podcast, listening to you. But I think the more traditional methods is door knocking is maybe going in these… The 40 million, that doesn’t work at all. The only way that’s going to work traditionally, if you’re able to go to some events or be part of an organization where those type of people are members are involved with and just building some relationship with those type of people on a lesser scale. But in the lower end of the luxury thing, maybe door knocking and that type of approach. Because Tom Ferry, one of his most popular videos on his YouTube channel is a lady based in Southern California. It’s about a five to six year old video, done at one of his great conferences.


[00:07:25.120] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s how she built her book of business by going… It’s a coastal town and she just built it up through consistent door knocking and it’s one of the most popular videos on his channel.


[00:07:42.920] – Robert Newman

You don’t remember her name, do you?


[00:07:44.380] – Jonathan Denwood

No, I don’t actually. I can see her in my mind.


[00:07:47.980] – Robert Newman

Is she Asian?


[00:07:50.110] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:07:50.780] – Robert Newman

Okay. Interestingly enough, that’s not the only client that has done that. These are two people I’ve done business with. Jackie Thompson has also done door knocking in a community here in Orange County called Shady Canyon. Shady Canyon lists between 5 and 10 million, and Jackie currently is top 20 in the state of California. There are agents out there that build books of business, but it happens slowly, and I don’t think that door knocking is the right language for it. That’s not the language I would use personally. I’m not saying anything wrong about what you’re stating, but I’m saying more like community networking outreach. I know for a fact that Jackie does not knock on the door with a pitch. I know she’s there to just introduce herself and say.


[00:08:43.180] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, that’s why I meant. I don’t think going in with the traditional what is seen as a traditional pitch, and I totally agree with you, that wouldn’t work.


[00:08:56.800] – Robert Newman

Right. Another thing about Jackie is that she worked hard and moved into the community that she decided to target and then owned the community that she decided to target. It was a genius marketing plan, one that she worked towards, I think, I don’t know this for a fact, but I think she worked towards it for a while. I don’t know if she backed into it if it was planned, but I’m going to say for the sake of this podcast that I would like to think that it was planned, that she knew that this was an area that she loved and that she decided to move into it. And then she owned the market. And by owning the market, she’s seen huge success. I have no doubt that she probably knocks on the door and everybody that moves in or moves out like I would. I see no reason why she wouldn’t. Tailor your content towards luxury communities in your market. Content, that is what we talked about in number one. So tailor your content. Content is anything that you produce that is going to be visible for other people, including, by the way, PDFs, business cards.


[00:09:56.750] – Robert Newman

There’s a lot of different types of content they can do. You’ve got or online marketing, which is now almost traditional because it’s so prevalent, and that’s taking pictures and going out with your cell phone and sitting in front of properties that are in the communities that you want, making sure that your content is geared. Like if you’re going into Bel Air as an example, you’re going to want to take a picture of the Mount Olympus gates and things like that. For those of you who are located in California, it’s a popular community and everybody knows what these gates look like. You’re going to want to take a picture of the gates just to illustrate that you’re getting into and out of these communities, luxury communities, even Jackie’s community, any time you start talking about inventory that is in the topthree to four % of your marketplace, maybe 5 %, my opinion about content is that it becomes very individualized. Whereas most of us are not ever doing a huge amount of research or deep dive into a single property. When you start hitting that level of cost, you actually do need to know all the people that bought and sold the property prior to the person that you’re speaking to.


[00:11:12.060] – Robert Newman

You need to know what other properties are available in the same community and you need to know them like the back of their hand. And this is coming from Christophe Chue, who actually usually does have all of that information. If you go into Beverly Hills with him, he can generally tell you not only what’s available, but he’s generally been to that property and walked through it and understands it at an intimate level. How many bathrooms? What is the decor like? What are the rules as to tearing the property down and then renovating it? When you say tailor your content towards a luxury communities, part of that to me is how do you speak about that luxury property inside that community? What do you think, John?


[00:12:00.710] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I think you’re totally right. I also think, once again, I suppose I’m going to over hammer this, but I think you can see where I’m coming from. It’s all about video, babe. It’s about pictures, but it’s also talking, getting yourself in front of a camera on the type of properties that you want to market. The time lag is going to be there. But I’ve also seen… Obviously, I have no way of saying if they’ve been totally truthful. I presume they are. I have watched a few videos of people talking about how they’ve utilized video, how they’ve moved into a higher price-level area and they’ve utilized video and they’ve got their first sale in about three months. But they really utilize a lot of Video and they had a plan of action which you talked about a couple of minutes ago. I’m not saying I think you have an understanding about marketing and know how you’re going to position yourself.


[00:13:15.450] – Robert Newman

I think that this is a very overlooked comment, but I’m going to say it because I don’t see it listed here. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please do not try to rep luxury property just for money. Have a passion for digging into the details. If I was ever to do luxury, John, it would be because luxury would justify me doing the deep dive into everything that I do that I would appreciate. It would be worth it. There would be a commission on the end of it that would justify me going down to the Registrar’s office. Because that would fascinate me. That part of the process fascinates me. Once I understood who built the bathroom fixtures and were they imported from France and from a custom marble maker and why, all of a sudden the story comes alive for me and the telling of a compelling story is what I love about sales in general. And so I would lose myself in that. It’s the only time I could see myself drifting into luxury is losing myself in the story bit of it and finding the client that would love the level of detail that I would go into if I was repping that property.


[00:14:41.160] – Robert Newman

There’d be a part of the process that I was passionate about. That is something that I’ve noticed inside all of my top, top, top luxury agents. There is part of the process that they are actually passionate about. Christophe loves going out and walking the properties. It’s not a chore for him. It’s something that he appreciates and just gets off on. And so since he’s passionate about it, it’s part of his routine. And one, by the way, that I noticed that a lot of luxury agents struggle with, but not him, because I think that he loves it.


[00:15:22.730] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. I think it’s time to go for a break, don’t you think, Rob?


[00:15:26.720] – Robert Newman

Yeah, I do think that you were correct. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be right back. Do us a favor. If somebody shared this with you, please do us a favor, share it with other people. If you haven’t already told other people about the MailRight show, we would really appreciate it if you did. And if you happen to be on a social platform of some kind, smash a like button, leave us a comment. Tell us if you suck. Tell us we’re fantastic. Tell us you’ve listened to all 396 of the shows. We’d appreciate it. Be right back. Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need mail write. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no-question-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail-right. Com. All right, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. This is episode number 396. We’re talking about how do you become a luxury or ideas for how you become a luxury agent in 2023.


[00:16:33.300] – Robert Newman

I want to say I think there’s probably many, many different ways to become a luxury agent. There is the old, the tried and true way that everybody hates, by the way, which is you could be born into money, you could already know money, and you can basically… And by the way, one of my clients that I have listed on my website, somebody that I’ve done a lot of business with, or I’m sorry, that’s not a true statement, somebody that I’ve done some business with, she was not born into it, but she married into it. And so she was real housewives of LA and just all these different things. But the way that she got there was the person that she was married to. There are other ways to do it, and that was Marisa Zanek. There’s more than one way who is married to Dean who’s really famous, like a really famous producer. There’s more than one way to get into luxury. We’re covering how do you work your way into luxury? What would our ideas be if you’re not born into it, if your parents don’t get you into it, if there’s no nepotism involved, if you’re not marrying into it?


[00:17:51.460] – Robert Newman

How do you get into luxury real estate if all of those things are not present for you? Now, if any of those things are present for you, we probably don’t need to tell you how to get into it. You probably already know.


[00:18:02.690] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, the other traditional method is to be a buyer, a junior agent or buy agent for an established luxury agent, isn’t it? For a few years and just learn the ropes, isn’t it? That’s the other way, isn’t it? I think what you just outlined and what I’ve just said is normal. I think there is a third way now, which is utilizing video, digital marketing. I think there’s probably three ways of doing it now. I think all the three ways work, don’t they?


[00:18:40.790] – Robert Newman

Yeah, they do.


[00:18:41.760] – Jonathan Denwood

Just one other thing. I’m not trying to be funny here, but especially in their way and some of the other… This is going to sound really shallow and ridiculous, but I think it’s true. Do you think you’re going to totally exclude me? This is why I wouldn’t stand any chance in their way. Do you think you’ve got to be physically good looking as well?


[00:19:08.020] – Robert Newman

I think it helps. Listen, everybody… I’ve had countless conversations, and some of the agents that I list on my website are really attractive, and a lot of the really famous ones are really attractive. And like Josh Flag, who’s gay, but he’s really attractive. You start going through like, Who do you see in front of you? And while they’re not really attractive, they’re very well presented, the Altman’s, everybody seems to have this visual style. And I think that part of that comes down to, do you need to be really attractive? I’m going to say no. But if you’re not really attractive, do you have to have twice the charisma and twice the physical appearance brand? I say yes. I say in hyper luxury, it probably helps. Like even Joyce Ray and Jade Mills, these are women who take a lot of time and energy looking a certain way. And I think that the reason they do that signifies some of the other women that call them. They need to be in the same category as those women. And I’m not saying that I know this for sure, but they probably do get some plastic surgery done and things like that.


[00:20:25.130] – Robert Newman

Not so much, I don’t think, maybe because of them personally, personally, but probably because they need to belong to a certain group of people. They need to be part of it. As a service person, you need to appeal to this group as much as you can. If you’re going to perform at the highest level, which both Joyce and Jayden do, $680,000,000 in sales last year, that just doesn’t happen on accident. You know.


[00:20:55.780] – Jonathan Denwood

What I mean? I think you take this on what come to mind as you were speaking aboutthat. Was Margaret, funny enough, Margaret Fatcher. Now, is that when she became Prime Minister of the UK, she had been worked on quite considerably. She had been elected the opposition Prime Minister in waiting. When you see early films of Margaret Fatcher to what she looked like when she became Prime Minister, she had a whole team work on her. She had lowered her accent. Her dress had been modified. She became a bit of a power dresser, was linked to always wearing a blue suit or certain jewelry. But you see it, she had presented a brand which was herself. I think the same work with real estate as politicians with other people in the public eye.


[00:22:07.470] – Robert Newman

I agree with that, and I say that that is all… I agree with that. Listen, when you’re really deeply in the public eye and you’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible for whatever your reason is, I think appearance does matter. That is not what I coach to most of my clients, though. Full transparency, John. I usually lean heavily on my own attitudes about informational branding. I’d much rather look how I want to look, not grow funky ass beards and do the whole thing, which by the way, I get comments on John, it does turn some people off. You’ve asked me off camera a couple of different times, and I actually do physically turn some people off based on how I decide to.


[00:22:54.840] – Jonathan Denwood

Present myself. Well, I do that without the beards. I just do that when I open my mouth.


[00:23:00.400] – Robert Newman

But it’s more important to me to… I make up for that in knowledge. So if you’re a person that’s going to get passed to parents and go.


[00:23:12.590] – Jonathan Denwood

For- You’re going to be amazed. You’re going to be amazed, Robert. There are some people that don’t appreciate my English humor, Robert.


[00:23:21.280] – Robert Newman

Well, I do. That’s all that matters to us and this show. Ladies and gentlemen, when you’re talking… That was a great question, by the way, John, because it comes up a lot, a shocking amount inside my consultations. And so it does help, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing that you look at. For every celebrity that’s got tons of plastic surgery and is super hot, there is a not-so-great-looking immigrant that has built up a business and made like $500 million and is nothing to look at.


[00:24:00.900] – Jonathan Denwood

I think it’s just a door opener, isn’t it? I think it’s like intelligence. There’s a lot of emphasis on the intelligence, but the truth is there’s been some scientific research about IQ levels and about a lot of people with a very high IQ level that… It’s in the eye of the beholder here. What I’m saying is they’ve gone back to their lives. If you compare the IQ level in their professional career, they seem to not have got as high a higher up in their professional career as what others would expect. The reason why I’m humming and hiring is because it’s in the eye of the beholder. Maybe they didn’t want to get to the top echelons of their particular pathway, who knows? But what I’m saying is these things tend to be just door openers, but you still got to do the work. If you don’t do the work, it still probably ain’t going to work out for you, is it?


[00:25:09.350] – Robert Newman

True. We’re going to move on to the next question inside this email here, which is do property tours of luxury properties? We’re going to breeze through this. We’ve already covered it a little bit. We’re growing short on time. We’re probably going to expand this show by about five extra minutes. Do property tours of luxury properties. Now, this is pretty simple, guys. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. It’s simple to understand, but may be hard to do. Now, I’m going to share this analogy. When Christophe Choo decided to do Beverly Hills, he was working in the South Bay in California. Twenty-five years ago he decided that he wanted to be a luxury agent. He switched his office and he switched his office, one, to be closer to the types of communities and properties that he wanted to sell, and two, and this is really important, at that time, getting the flow of information about when and where these properties were open to be appearing. They just worked better out of his office. He was not an established agent. He did not have a good flow of information. Now, these days that has probably changed. But the first part of my comment, it hasn’t.


[00:26:21.120] – Robert Newman

If you want to serve luxury communities, it’s going to be very helpful if you’re close to these communities, either in them or close to them, so that people feel like you’re connected and committed. You’re going for a lifestyle, man. You’re going for a full-on, I’ve got $5 million, and you’re not going to spend that $5 million with a guy that lives 15 miles away in a condo and has no association with the community that you’re trying to rep. Would you agree with that, John? Or do you think I’m out for lunch?


[00:26:56.600] – Jonathan Denwood

What do I think about that? I think it really depends on your age. I’m amazed at the decisions that people do make. I’m amazed at TikTok, I’m amazed at Twitter, I’m amazed… I try and keep my attitudes flexible because I’m getting older now, I’m old now, but I still try and keep myself up to date and with it to some extent. But it’s a bit like that event that happened in New York, that influencer in the gaming industry where he was handing out Xboxes and he got 3,000 people turned it up and there was a semi- riot in Central New York. When I was looking at that, I thought, I just don’t understand this. This is the outside. Am I becoming an old codger? Slowly, without me realizing, because I just don’t get this. I just don’t get how this is. Harry gets 3,000 people and he’s getting hammered. I think it’s a little bit unfair because I don’t think he realized that he was going to get a 3,000-plus crowd and they’re going to start off a semi- riot in New York. But I just felt totally… I just didn’t understand it, if you know what I meant.


[00:28:28.690] – Robert Newman

I do. All right, just because of time, we’re going to move on to the next one, which is number four, Personally prospecting luxury communities, door knocking, which we’ve already covered. Actually, if you don’t mind, John, I’m going to skip past it. Go on to number five, which is go to networking community events. Go to where your targets get connected to community events. However, you may need some personal connection or interest in the event. I agree with that. Guys, ladies and gentlemen, I have a lot like Jade Mills here in LA. She advertises in the back of the opera magazine for the LA Opera. She is part of the communities where she believes people are servicing. The guy that I’m mentioning whose name is just escaping me right now. He mentions at the bottom of his website a proud member of the Yacht Club because he’s repping Leto Island in Newport Beach, which is a coastal community. He’s a member of the actual Yacht Club. I wouldn’t be halfway surprised if he had to slip himself. It helps if you’re part of the same community activities that people in your luxury community are part of. I have had countless luxury clients come through, and I’m just going to list a few, John, so everybody knows.


[00:29:47.700] – Robert Newman

I had a luxury client who does custom dev, waterfront homes in the luxury parts of the Florida coastline. Her husband was a custom yacht builder. They synchronized their careers so that she wrapped the homes in the land and he built the odds that goes on with it.


[00:30:09.220] – Jonathan Denwood

I went out with a nurse that was a daughter of a funeral taker, but the mother was a hospital consultant. It’s a similar thing. They died with her and he buried them.


[00:30:29.810] – Robert Newman

That’s my thoughts. What do you think about? How are you going to approach the community or networking side of.


[00:30:40.060] – Jonathan Denwood

It, John? I think you just put it really quite instinctively because you don’t waffle like me. But if you’re dealing with half a million dollar, yachts plus, and you don’t get that much for half a million when it’s new, folks. Because I used to be in sailing in the UK, but different type of sailing. I have actually got a skipper license in the UK. I don’t know, Robert. Skippers, could you see me with a cat?


[00:31:16.550] – Robert Newman

Actually- I can, actually. I think you could.


[00:31:21.050] – Robert Newman

I totally could.


[00:31:22.570] – Jonathan Denwood

I can as well, funny enough. There we go. But to be serious, if you’re in the yacht in crowd, funny enough, there’s a few yacht in clubs in Lake Towers and it’s the same scene up there. If you rent, you got a yacht up in Lake Towers and you live in the Bay Area, they come up to sell the yacht on late time. It’s the same thing. That’s just a great feeling. If you’re into sailing, it’s a great way of getting in with that crowd, isn’t it? You’re talking the same language, got the same interest.


[00:32:03.470] – Robert Newman

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to get a lot of really clever ways to generate interest, I’m going to recommend an old book, but still viable today, maybe more viable than it was the time that it was written. Harvey McKay: How to swim the sharks without getting eaten alive. There is a lot that I learned from Harvey McKay’s strategies that would play very well into the luxury market. Now, luxury markets, when you’re dealing with prospects, you’re dealing with people like let’s just say you do an open house and you see five people in the open house and the property is $25-$30 million. Everybody in the house is somebody, for sure, almost, unless you got a lookie-looking. Understanding who your audience is. This is where your market research and strategy comes deeply into play. As an example, once Beyonce and Jay Z bought their $80 million estate in Beverly Hills, there have been a couple of ancillary sales that have not made the press quite as much, but it’s friends of theirs looking in the same market buying a property close by. All you got to do is follow along with the news and look at where the relationships lie.


[00:33:16.510] – Robert Newman

Now, what does that mean to everybody who’s listening to the show? That means think to yourself music personalities. And one of the ways that Jay Z has made himself rich is through clothing labels and designs. So our last thing on the list is dressed for success. I want to be clear with you. If anybody’s listening to this show and you’re thinking that you want to break into hyper luxury, you are no longer able to Coast in your career. You have got to be a hunter, a top one percenter. Top one percenters do things differently, man. They’re going to do all the research that I’m talking about, and they’re going to show up at the open house in probably some Jay-Z apparel, understanding that they might very well run into one of these hip hop personalities. And why would you do all that? Because it’s a natural segue into a conversation if you happen to see somebody else wearing a similar street brand. Dress for success these days. I’ve met tech guys who look like they’re wearing hoodies and sweaters, but they’re wearing $5,000 worth of gear. You just don’t know that the brands, unless you understand fashion, you don’t understand that the brands that they’re wearing, it’s a $5,000 hoodie.


[00:34:36.420] – Robert Newman

You must know that stuff if you’re aiming at this really elite market. Now, if you’re just aiming at top 10, top 20 %, your average price in a market is 750 and you’re going to sell a five million-dollar home, none of this really applies. It could be helpful. But if you’re going to go for the top one to 2-3 to four to five %, which is where most of my clients that are notable, are the level of what they do and how they prepare. We don’t have enough time inside the show to note all that. They will research a client who’s coming to see a property. Just see it. No commitment to buy. They’ll research that client. They’ll dress for the client. Whoever that is, is it somebody that is a timber heiress? They’ll do research on that person, look at what they’re.


[00:35:30.990] – Jonathan Denwood

Wearing online. I’ll better get online and buy that secondhand $5,000 hoodie.


[00:35:34.900] – Robert Newman

Yeah, well, if you were planning on doing business with a whole bunch of tech bogans, yeah, sure, maybe. If you’re doing business with Bankman-Fried, maybe. That’s what I’ve got for Dress For Success. I just wanted to go first because my traditional thinking on Dress For Success is like, Let’s wear a suit. I think that’s incomplete. It is always good to wear a suit. I’m not telling you not to wear a suit, but I would say that in the luxury markets, that is really subjective in.


[00:36:07.920] – Jonathan Denwood

Today’s world. I think you made a good point there, I totally agree. Especially in LA, Las Vegas, the top echelon in Las Vegas. It depends which area. Each state has a pocket of these really wealthy type of individuals. The way you’re going to address, if you’re dealing with… If you’re in the south of Savannah or something, or you’re up in Wyoming, it just depends on the crowd you’re mixing with. But I think the main thing, you’ve got to be dressed so you fit in with the crowd that you’re going to be representing on you. I think that’s the thing you’re trying to point out, isn’t it?


[00:36:50.900] – Robert Newman

I do. Yes, absolutely.


[00:36:53.650] – Jonathan Denwood

I think we should wrap it up now, Rob, because I think you’ve had a good show. I’ve just waffled you, haven’t I?


[00:37:02.170] – Robert Newman

You’re so funny. All right, everybody, I do agree with John. I don’t agree with you on the second part. I do agree on the first. We are going to wrap the show up. John, let’s do something. Let’s continue to do something unique here because we always sign off the same way. Obviously, you’ve got.


[00:37:19.640] – Jonathan Denwood

Your- This gets me worried, Rob.


[00:37:23.260] – Robert Newman

How about we send people to the Mailright YouTube channel today?


[00:37:28.200] – Jonathan Denwood

Yes. How does that sound? Yes, I don’t.


[00:37:29.990] – Robert Newman

Want to. Okay. So if you’d like to see more of our great content and learn more about John, you can go do so at YouTube/mailright, M-A-I-L-R-I-G-H-T. Unfortunately, John, one of the very few areas I deeply screwed up is my YouTube channel, which is Inbound rem Van eyes. I thought there might be some signaling for hyperlocal, and I was just curious to experiment with it. But of course, you can’t change branding or brand channels. I screwed mine up, but that is mine. It’s Inbound rem Van eyes. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we sign off?


[00:38:14.370] – Jonathan Denwood

No, we’ve got some great interviews coming up. I’ve managed to arrest some victims. I think we’re going to have some great conversations in August. I’ve enjoyed this conversation. I think we’ve given some good insights.


[00:38:29.310] – Robert Newman

I think so too. I think so, too. And I think this is one of those quick… This is one of those subjects that everybody like… It’s the equivalent of info real estate porn because everybody wants to know, even if you have no plans of moving your career, everybody’s like, Yeah, but what if I did want to sell that $40 million home? What would be involved? Everybody wants to know. I get it. It’s fascinating. But so that you know, some of the time, those real estate agents are working all year for that $141 million sale.

[00:38:58.440] – Jonathan Denwood

Oh, that or more. The timeline, it just goes out. That’s the thing you’ve got to realize that you think your present clients are demanding. When you start getting into that area, you’ve just got to be up for it, and you just got to know what you’re getting into.

[00:39:18.780] – Robert Newman

Right. Mentoring, which would be the last thing I would say about how to become a luxury agent, is to find a mentor. But we’re out of time. That was your bonus content, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe one of the shows… Before we do sign-off, I think that John, a show we’ve never done, we should do, is how to identify and acquire a great real estate mentor.

[00:39:42.480] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s a show. Funny enough, as you say, one of our guests, if he turns up, said, Yes. I won’t tell you who he is until the end of this month. He’s a top luxury agent in California. He’s one of the top producers and agreed to come on the show to give us his insights about luxury.

[00:40:04.550] – Robert Newman

Well, great. We should ask him what it would take for somebody to get him as a mentor.

[00:40:08.930] – Jonathan Denwood


[00:40:09.760] – Robert Newman

All right, take a tough one, then.


The Hosts of The Mail-Right Show

Jonathan Denwood & Robert Newman



Robert Newman




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