#392 – Mail-Right Show:Video Lead Generation Advice For Real Estate Agents

Video Lead Generation Advice For Real Estate Agents

Are you a real estate agent looking for new leads? In this podcast, we provide valuable advice on how to generate more leads and increase your sales. Learn tips and tricks on using social media effectively, creating compelling content, building relationships with potential customers, and more. Don’t miss out – watch the video now to get the most up-to-date lead generation advice for real estate agents!

#1 – Just-Listed Videos

#2 – Home Valuation Videos

#3 – Local Market Update Videos

#4 – Community-Based Videos

#5 – Road Warrior Videos

#6 – Aspirational Videos

#7 – Relocation Videos


Episode Full Show Notes

[00:00:06.980] – Robert Newman

Welcome back to the Mail Write Show, ladies, and gentlemen—episode 392. John was accusing himself of being fake. And then I realized I had misheard him and that he had a toothache. So it is now John’s turn to be sassy on the show. I usually take that mantle, but he s going to take it today. So without any further ado, for those people who are new to the show, and there should be a few because I figured out how to share this show directly to my private Facebook group, Jon, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself?


[00:00:42.720] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m the joint founder of, Mail-Right.com. We build beautiful websites on WordPress, plus we provide a CRM, a social media calendar, and a lot more. We compete with real geeks, Back over to you, Rob.


[00:01:03.000] – Robert Newman

Okay. Since the only live audience I know about is my own Facebook group and they all absolutely know who I am, I’m just going to stick with this. I’m a tech founder, just like John. I focus on search engine optimization and putting realtors back in control of their own marketing destiny. So without any further ado, we’re going to dive into one of John and my favorite subjects, certainly one of my favorite subjects, which is video lead generation advice. We’re going to which is probably at this point over the last few years, I have to say it’s the most popular category of advice I get asked about. I get asked everything from treatments for videos that scripts to write out to what videos generate the most leads to what videos generate the most traffic and the difference between the two. So I’m looking forward to diving into all those subjects. But as per his usual, John was the one who decided on the subject. And so, John, before I just dive right in, as you know, I will, I want to ask you, was there something specific? Did you have a specific idea about how you wanted to advise agents on lead generation for this particular video?


[00:02:19.380] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I’ve put down about six videos that might get you some leads. I’ll quickly run through them, and we’ll get your response. And if you think it’s a good way to progress, maybe we talk about as many as possible. So number one, just listed videos, properties that just listed, home variation videos, what the local… What value do you get for a certain property, local market update videos, and community-based interview videos? Number five, what I call road warrior videos. What I mean by that is that people like to see what you’re doing, a small insight about the day-to-day working as a real estate agent. I think people quite like those if you’re up to it. And aspirational videos, properties that might be outside the budget of your normal target audience, but people like to see them and show them people about them. So they’re the six types of video ideas that I think you could utilize to generate leads.


[00:03:39.780] – Robert Newman

Copy you. So amongst those ideas, so I have collaborated with and consulted with a lot of the top video producers that are out there. There’s many, many names, but probably if I try to put a number on it, I’ve talked to people that have collectively probably generated about 100 million views. And here’s what those people have said in relationship to videos that create leads. And there’s also my own client base has probably generated a much smaller number of views, which may be under a million. Then I’ve talked to them and I know what generates my clients leads 100 % for sure, no doubt about it. So just listed videos and road warrior videos as you describe them, tend to be… They gather audience. I don’t know that I would say that they… I haven’t gotten input that says that they really truly gather leads. Maybe just listed occasionally would gather some leads from an existing audience on an existing YouTube channel with somebody that you had created a hell of a relationship with, in which case I think just listed videos would probably do much better in that circumstance. In terms of of what works for our audience, so I’m going to go through these, but we should dive into them a little bit more.


[00:05:05.190] – Robert Newman

Road Warrior, I would have said if it was neighborhood tours, neighborhood tours actually generates my clients a surprisingly large number of leads. A mystery that I don’t know, Christoff Chew, to my recollection, was the first client of mine, or not client, but consultative partner, maybe, or person that I spoke to or business associate. He was the first person that I recollect telling me in a surprise tone that actually some of the videos that get calls are when he’s just driving around talking about a specific area. And that was many years ago that we may have had that conversation, if my recollection is correct. But in addition to that, I’ve had many clients since then say the same thing. So whether or not my memory is correct about Christoff, what is absolutely 100 % correct is guys like Brett and other people that are my clients. These neighborhood tours just generate a lot of calls. A lot of calls, a lot of comments on channels, a lot of, Oh, look, there’s my old house. This, that. The other thing about the neighborhood, then a lot of communication, which nobody is more surprised by that than me.


[00:06:24.830] – Robert Newman

But it’s been consistent and it’s been over many years and it’s never stopped. So neighborhood tours, getting in your car, driving around. Now, to go along with the neighborhood tour in the bonus section of this video, assuming that John doesn’t decide he wants to do something different, I’m going to say there’s a science to neighborhood tours. W hat do you say on the tour while you’re driving the car? I’ll share that after the break. There is also relocation videos, which, Jon, I don’t know if you’re part of this group. If you’re not, you should because we’ve had both the founder and co founder of this group on the show in the past. That is, I forget her first name, but small horn and then Matthew Lawson. They founded a group called the Real Estate YouTube Mastermind on Facebook. If everybody’s listening to the show, seeing the show, I can’t recommend enough that you request access. It’s Christina Smallhorn. And see if they’re still accepting new members. They’re up to many, many millions of members at this point. Or is it millions? Off the check. But maybe 11,000 people, not millions. Might be 11,000. And they talk a lot about what videos are producing leads for them.


[00:07:46.470] – Robert Newman

And here’s what I’ve noticed is consistent thread throughout the 11,000 people producing videos in all corners of the United States. Relocation videos are one of the top feed generators that I’ve seen or heard of inside the real estate space. What is a relocation video? Relocation video is where you talk about top 10 reasons people move to city name. Top 10 things you need to know before you move to city name. These videos are generating a lot of leads. Now, I have one that consistently surprises me. Another one. And it consistently, I feel like I’ve never been able to confirm one way or the other with Christoff how well these perform for him, but I know how well they perform for me and my audience. That is market reports. I did not understand how valuable that would be to an insular audience. In other words, if you live in, let’s say, John, you live in Re no, right? And let’s just pretend that you have a Re no real estate license. And of course, you and I and everybody else in the brother can get a global real estate report. We can go to Inman, we can go to Los Angeles Times, we can New York Times.


[00:09:11.830] – Robert Newman

We can get so many people have broad article s as it relates to the market. Apparently, that doesn’t carry as much relevance for people that would live in Reino as hearing from an actual Reino real estate agent talking about Reino specific fically what they’re seeing, how many homes over a certain price they’ve sold, which is a tip that I’m taking from Christoff’s channel, how many transactions were happening at the same time last year. Like, somebody with boots on the ground inside the Reino market, those kinds of marketing reports get a tremendous amount of response when sent to people via an email list. People tune into them. It works very well for Brett. It works very well for other clients that I’ve got. It’s a tremendously powerful video that you can do where hopefully, if you’re in tune with what your local market is and you have a defined geographic audience, in other words, I wouldn’t do all of Los Angeles County. I might do a triangle inside the Valley where I live, like Encino, Resida, and Van Nes, which is basically neighboring cities all tied together. That is when you start. And as far as I know, Christophe strictly does Beverly Hills.


[00:10:31.050] – Robert Newman

So that really is a compelling piece of content for lead generation. I have a lot more I could say on the subject because this is probably the number one subject that we focus most of our research time at Inbound R AM. It’s the number one thing I talk to clients about. Video is the linchpin to our lead generation strategies. Our clients that do video make a tremendous amount more money than the clients that don’t. And we’ve case studied that like ad nauseam. So I’m curious to know, Jon, do you have any questions or comments about what I’ve said so far?


[00:11:10.810] – Jonathan Denwood

No, I think it’s all good stuff. I think the reason why I didn’t put the relocation because so many people are doing it. We have had a couple of experts on talking about it. So I think the other factor before we go for a break is I think it’s also a place of when you get into the groove that you shouldn’t forget about paid video campaigns for YouTube because they’re this is a lot cheaper than normal Google advertising at the present moment. There’s still a difference in price. And I think I certainly wouldn’t go down that route until you’re happy with the type of video you’re doing. And like I say, you get into a groove. But then I wouldn’t if you got a little bit of money to spend, I think it will help with your message getting further faster.


[00:12:21.740] – Robert Newman

I agree with you. And in particular, I’m going to surprise everybody, including myself and say, one of the things I agree with a lot is doing just listed videos and then putting maybe $10 to $20 into advertising that video on YouTube. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can do an extremely micro sized budget and get an extremely walloped size impact on video. Because if you’re advertising to a very specific market, like let’s call it a neighborhood as opposed to a city keyword, but a neighborhood keyword, and then you advertise that video, your budget needs to be very small and every view that you get is probably going to be very relevant. Because if somebody’s looking on YouTube for a specific area like a neighborhood, then there’s probably not that many of those searches, but they’re very focused on trying to find some thing in that neighborhood, which means that perhaps your video will be exactly what they want. M ost of my strategies are extremely micro specific. I like clients like Brett, who tell me that they’re getting a 50 % close ratio. That’s my objective with leads is to do really high conversion so that the conversation as it relates to follow up and pipeline designs and things like that, it’s diminished.


[00:13:47.210] – Robert Newman

Obviously, it’s still there, but all the importance for these mass lead generation things is to filter out the very, very large amount of low quality leads that John and I have talked about ad nauseam and basically throw 95 % of what you’re calling as a lead into a follow up process and then follow up with them ad nauseam. And it’s a great way to generate a relationship with somebody. But I like the idea of I take a call and there’s a relatively high % chance that it’s going to be a deal because we all get excited about that. The mental discipline is lower because you’re just like, Every call is going to be potentially a sale. It’s really easy to pick up the phone. It’s really easy to get excited about leads. It’s really easy to not get exhausted in the follow up process, which I have done many times as a professional salesperson. Anyway, we’re going to take an early break. It’s four minutes and 50 seconds into the show, which means we are about 10 seconds away from the midway mark. And then when we come back, assuming John doesn’t mind, we’re going to talk about the specifics of what you should say inside these lead generation video types, because I do want to let all the people that are watching out of my Facebook group get some actionable advice from us and make sure that you walk away with a reminder of what specifically you should be saying and doing inside video if you’d like to produce some leads.


[00:15:19.340] – Robert Newman

Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.


[00:15:22.400] – Speaker 3

Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need mail right. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail. R ight. Com.


[00:15:46.270] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to episode number 392. This is the Mail Right Show, and we’re talking about video lead generation. We’re giving you some advice about, first of all, what type of s of videos produce leads. Now we’re going to talk to you specifically about what you should say in those video types. Market reports. I covered this a little bit. I want to cover it a lot more. Year to year comparisons are incredibly popular. They’re attention grabbing. They make it feel as if you have a deep amount of insight into your own marketplace. I suggest that you go back anywhere from one to three years for since we just are coming out of a pandemic, I think it’s particular interest to people, pandemic production versus non pandemic production. If I was an agent doing a market report, I would focus on how many homes are selling now, how many homes have sold over the last couple of years, what the progression is. And then once I’d given that progression, I would say, these are my thoughts and feelings about the way the marketplace is going, considering things like mortgage rates, what you’re hearing from the people that you’re talking to.


[00:16:59.770] – Robert Newman

Is anybody listing a home for you? Are they listing concerns about selling that home and getting into another one? Or is their plan to buy that new home all in cash so they don’t have to worry about the higher interest rate? If anybody is talking to you about higher interest rates, what is their game plan surrounding those interest rates? I think all of those things are going to be highly relevant. And hear me on this, really good information to potentially generate leads. A guy that might very well be watching this show right now, brought Briant McKiller is brilliant at selling against every resistance. He’s a mortgage broker who also owns a real estate company with his wife. And we do the SEO on his real estate website. And what I’ve noticed is that he is doing an amazing job of coming up with reasons why people should buy mortgages right now, today. He’s just selling against every resistance, and it’s brilliant to watch him do it. I’m sure his lead count is down. I’m sure things are tougher than in hot markets, but at the same time, I’m also sure he’s generating results because he’s been at it for a really long time and he doesn’t stop.


[00:18:12.530] – Robert Newman

That suggests to me that his methods are successful. I suggest that you use them as a real estate agent. Sell against every resistance. Deal with the fact that the interest rates are high. Talk about it inside your market report. Which leads us to video type number two. Neighborhood tourist. All right. Listen, when you’re talking about neighborhood tours, the things that I’ve noticed seem to generate response is number one, depends on what your neighborhoods are. But if there’s big amenities, like in Van Nes, we have a microbrewery that’s right down the street that took over a mechanic shop. It’s really well known in the area. It’s a very unusual store, restaurant. People go there all the time. All the mechanics in Van Nes take off and they come to this place and shoot darts and drink beer, which is made on premises. It’s a really unusual spot, especially since Van Nes is all blue collar, all. When you’re talking about you’ve got the Van Nes Airport, you’ve got a few notable things. You’ve got the Van Nes Courthouse. These are all things that make Van Nes notable. So when you’re doing a drive around, you obviously talk about property prices, how much the average home goes for, how many of the homes have sold in the neighborhood.


[00:19:30.710] – Robert Newman

These are all things that you also talk about when you’re driving around. Changes that you’ve seen in the neighborhood, if you yourself either live there or sold in the neighborhood over 5 to 10 years, are families living there? Are they moving in and out? Is the general demographic of people getting older? Is it getting younger? Is it stayed exactly the same since you started marketing to the area? Do people send their kids to the schools in the area? Is it single family residences? All the details of an area, I would really love it, John, if people would not take them for granted. Who lives in your area? Who’s in Re no? Who’s in your neighborhood? Are they older white professionals like you? Are they not? Are they blue collar? Are they entrepreneurial? Are they families with kids? Do they send those kids to schools as far as you know? Have you ever stopped to talk to any of those people? And if so, what has their report been on the area that you live in? Are they happy there? Do they wish some things would change? These are all things that you would discuss while you’re driving around a neighborhood.


[00:20:37.260] – Robert Newman

If anybody’s curious to see some of those videos, you need to go to Brett Wallace Realtors, do that search on YouTube, or Christoff Chew, who doesn’t even need the realtor at the end of his name for his videos to come up. In either one of those cases, you’ll see a great storyteller who understands the details of the area that he’s servicing. Great, great details. Christoff has the advantage of being able to drive past a home and say, such and such a movie star lived here back in the 50s. That’s so cool and a great detail. Brett doesn’t have that because he’s in a completely middle class area on the suburbs of Houston. So what Brett would be talking about would be the things that would be interesting to middle class people, which is where do the kids go to school? How are the parks in the area? Which he does talk about. What are the amenities that he’s seeing changed? I’ve heard him talk a few different times about stores that are making breaking ground, being new to the area, things like that. These are all things that middle Americans would probably appreciate, find interesting.


[00:21:39.180] – Robert Newman

So it makes those video tours very sticky, lets people want to watch other tours that you’ve done of other similar neighborhoods. They might be shopping, and in turn, seems to generate calls because… And here’s my belief, I don’t have the statistical proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. But I’m going to say my belief is that there’s no better way to prove to somebody that you know the hyper specific area that they’re looking at than these video tours. Imagine, Jon, you live in a fourplex, right? Do I remember that right? Yeah. Okay. So just pretend, I know this isn’t the case, by the way, I remember the details, but just pretend it’s like a 12plex, but it has a name, Hamilton 12plex, but you all own your own individual things. And there’s a barbecue area that all the residents can gather in. So it would make sense then, wouldn’t it, for you if we thought 10 people were searching for Hamilton Place, that you go down, do a little tour, show your barbecue, show the pool, show the whatever, talk about it. Because does it make sense to you? Does it track why, if you did all that and then said, Oh, I’ve lived here for 10 years, why people might decide that you’re the resident expert on Hamilton Place?


[00:23:08.680] – Jonathan Denwood

It would, yes.


[00:23:12.100] – Robert Newman

Those types of videos really work well. I’m going to give you one of the case study. I hope they’re tuned in through my Facebook group. Tiffany, Justin, I’m calling you out. I don’t know what the lead generation has been on this video, but they happen to live in Daytona Beach. And for those of you who don’t know, Dayton Beach homes one of the bigger master plan communities in the Florida condominium world called Margaritaville. I’m sure most of you understand that this is a Jimmy Buffett song that he’s branded the whole Margarita thing, and that this community is incredibly popular. As a matter of fact, when I look it up on YouTube, there are 10, 12, 13, 14 videos. Yet, Justin and Tiffany have 8 to 10,000 views on their video. Now, why? Because everybody was doing videos on Margaritaville. And the answer is pretty simple. They decided to shoot the amenities, not the units. Because Margaritaville is huge. It’s like a small city, John, if you don’t know. It’s massive. I don’t have… Pretend that it’s just basically a whole entire entertainment complex. It’s got bars and stores and pro shops and swim shops. And how do I know all that?


[00:24:29.650] – Robert Newman

Because I watched Justin walk around and show him to me on the video that he did. And nobody else had done an amenities video. Justin was the first. Everybody else was shooting the units, but not him. Shot the amenities, and now they’ve got tons and tons and tons of views on the video. Now, if they didn’t get any leads, it bumped up the traffic and the authority of their YouTube channel by creating a popular video. If they did get leads because they were the local resident Margaritaville expert, then they produced a video shot on a cell phone, walking around on their own two legs with no editing, and did it in about 30 minutes that out ranked many of the videos that are already on YouTube just because they decided to shoot something that was actually relevant to their audience and not themselves, which was the amenities. So for those of you listening, that’s another very specific thing. If you’re doing buildings, if you’re doing communities, make sure that you’re shooting the questions that people have. That’s the HOA meetings, the amenities of the building. These are things that I don’t know why, but people don’t focus on them.


[00:25:40.570] – Robert Newman

But, Jon, I’m going to just ask you another test marketing question. So let’s just say you’re thinking about retiring.


[00:25:46.950] – Jonathan Denwood

I didn’t hope you’re going to pass me on this weekly exam that you give me.


[00:25:51.850] – Robert Newman

So you go to Florida, you’re going to live there, and somebody like you know that all these YouTube videos exist. Would it be interesting to you before flying out to Florida to see a complete total tour? And I’m talking about everything, the grounds and the units. Would that be interesting to you to watch before you flew to see a specific area?


[00:26:12.810] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I would be doing my research. I’d be looking around. I think it would be Google and especially YouTube where I’d be doing the bulk of that research.


[00:26:27.740] – Robert Newman

And I think that’s where the trend is nd then if you tell a compelling enough story, if you’re useful enough, what I’ve observed, what my clients have observed is that people will call you, usually out of the number, telephone number put into the description of the video. So that’s usually where they call you. So we as an SEO company link back to websites to make sure that we’re getting some SEO juice. But when it comes to a good amenities video or a good lead generating video, oftentimes you don’t even need the number on your website You just need the number in the description of the video itself. And then somebody calls you directly from there. But if you have the video on your website, just for those, and I think John already knows this, but you get double credit, a really successful video, oftentimes propels the page that you put the video on to the tops of the search engines. So you get twice the value out of the same video. I could go on and on and on and on, but, Jon, I want to hand it back over to you and give you an opportunity to close the show out with any additional thoughts you have about video, any additional thoughts about how mail right leverages video, whatever you want to talk about.


[00:27:38.860] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, we’ve been building out our own videos and we’re getting more and more traffic report. For the past eight, nine months, we’ve been putting a lot more effort in our own, the MailR ight channel, and it’s starting to pay some dividends. I think the main thing, and it’s the main thing why you should really look at doing this, is that so many agents will say, I just can’t be bothered with this. I just don’t have the time. I just don’t understand how to do it and I don’t want to do it. And if you keep telling you these things, you’re not going to do it. But for the first 2-3 videos, it’s hey are going to be a bit rough, unless you’ve got some acting, or you’ve got some public speaking, or you’re the type of personality that just jails with video. It is going to be uncomfortable, but just get over it because I know no thing that you can utilize on multiple platforms that will influence people as much as video. They just t just isn’t in 2023. I think you totally agree with that, don’t you, Robert?


[00:29:05.080] – Robert Newman

I do. There’s very little that’s as influential as I have oftentimes said it. But learning by doing or learning by watching, hearing and seeing, which is kinesthetic, it’s like there is nothing more powerful in the process of how people make decisions right now in the generation that we’re in. And that’s bled into every single marketing demographic that there is. Even the silver generation is starting to be impacted by video because we are all conditioned to TV. What was different was how you consume the media, find the media. But now those numbers have shifted to the point that there’s almost complete penetration for how people find these videos like this, like the search volumes going up. And the pandemic is partially responsible for that. That is really where the tsunami of interest has come from in terms of Realtors because I’ve been talking about video, YouTube until we’re blue in the face. And there was a lot of interest, but I would say that it’s changed from interest to total adoption. I’m watching people adopt video across every market. Realtors are finally realizing it doesn’t really matter how reluctant they are. They have to do it.


[00:30:14.420] – Robert Newman

And I agree with that. If you’re not on this wave, you are missing out on the most relevant shift inside the real estate lead generation market for probably…


[00:30:26.240] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ll probably go even a step further. I think if you want to be relevant as a real estate agent professional in the next few years, if you don’t get into video pretty quick, you’re going to become rapidly irrelevant. That’s my feeling.


[00:30:52.180] – Robert Newman

Yeah, mine too. All right, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to wrap it up and we really appreciate you attending the show today. I hope that you got something from it. I hope that we either reminded you of something that you should do or we taught you something that you need to do. As usual, my fearless co host, John, the founder of WP Tonic, the founder of MailR ight, the founder of a third show, which I don’t remember the name of.


[00:31:17.270] – Jonathan Denwood

The membership machine show.


[00:31:18.950] – Robert Newman

The membership machine show, a multi entrepreneurial driven English bloke. How would somebody wanted to reach out to you and, let’s say, learn something about WordPress websites. How would they do that?


[00:31:33.470] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, go to the mail hyphen write. Com. Have a look at the great plans we got to offer. Book a call with me and book a Zoom. I take the majority of the calls. I love to chat, and show you what we got to offer—had a couple of really great chats last week. Always happy to try and help our clients, just like you, Robert.


[00:31:59.750] – Robert Newman

I thought it was beautiful. So ladies and gentlemen, if you’d like to reach me, you can go to inboundrem. Com. You can go to the About page of the Services page. Either one will drive you to a calendar or contact form. And either I or one of my team members will reach out to you and happily schedule a call. I’m still taking calls myself until the end of the year. And then after that, it will be a mix of me and my team. So thank you so much, everybody. John, if you would, sir, sign us up.


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