#390 – Mail-Right Show: How To Be A Hyper-Local Real Estate Agent 2023

How To Be A Micro Hyper-Local Real Estate Agent 2023

Are you looking to take your real estate career to the next level?

With the ever-changing market, agents need to stay ahead of trends. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to be a hyper-local real estate agent in 2023 and beyond.

Discover tips on maximizing your resources and using local knowledge to your clients digitally to find quality listings that will help you stand out from the competition. Get ready for success, as this podcast shows you precisely what it takes!

#1 – Local knowledge marketing using your social media and website

#2 – Website hub community pages tips and insights

#3 – Social media tips and insights

#4 – Using video and podcasting to show you local knowledge and marketing positioning

#5 – Email marketing and postcards

#6 – Final thoughts and insights?

Episode Full Show Notes


[00:00:10.540] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Episode 394 of the Mail Right Show. John is still laughing because my last intro is so violent that he made me repeat it. Today’s show will be about how to be a hyper-local real estate agent in 2023. Really excited to get into this topic. It’s been relevant for a while. It’s only getting more relevant as time goes on. John is the one, as per his usual, who chose the topic. Jon, why don’t you do two things for us right now? Number one, introduce us so that we all know who you are. Number two, explain why you thought this would be something fun for us to discuss.


[00:00:50.350] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, thanks, Rob. I’m the co-founder of mail hyphen write. Com. We build beautiful websites on WordPress. Plus, we have a CRM, email, text marketing, and a load of other functionality. We compete with real geeks, and they’re interactive in a deadly punch up to the end. Back over to.


[00:01:14.920] – Robert Newman

You, Robert. No, not yet. That’s why you…


[00:01:18.150] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s why your homework is it?


[00:01:20.350] – Robert Newman

Talk more.


[00:01:21.690] – Jonathan Denwood

Talk more? I told our listeners, the viewers, really what we did. Basically, I was looking for the subject. We covered this a while ago. I saw some other influencers on YouTube talking about it. I know you’re passionate about it, so it’d be a good topic. The six things I’ve listed are website hub, community pages, tips and insights, social media tips, and insights, using video podcasting, email marketing, postcards, final thoughts, and insights. They’re the significant areas that we’re going to be discussing, Robert.


[00:02:02.290] – Robert Newman

Cool. All right, everybody. So a hyper-local. This falls directly into my Bayley Wicket as an SEO specialist. Four quadrants, really, that search engine optimization is widely impactful for your average residential real estate agent or broker. That is the image library, the traditional search, which you’re all familiar with, and the video, which is YouTube. And then last but not least, with growing amounts of influence and popularity, it’s hyper-local because Google is deciding how you will get found using searches like Realtor Near Me or Best Realtor in City Name. Whenever you mention your profession and city, you pull up a different search pack than normal. It’s called a hyper-local search pack. That hyperlocal search pack has your information in it. If you’re in the top three, and I speak from experience here, in any market, big or small, you are going to be riding a lot more business. And here, can everybody hear that? Everybody is the real thing you all want to tune into here. You get listing calls. The number of times, Jon, that I get on the phone that real estate agents are like, Yeah, but I want listing calls.


[00:03:18.720] – Robert Newman

I want to list calls. How do we get listing calls? We want listing calls. We only want listing calls. We don’t even want buyer calls. How do we make that happen, Robert?


[00:03:28.800] – Jonathan Denwood

This is how do you make that happen, Robert? The magician, which you are, Robert. How do you make that happen?


[00:03:39.120] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:03:39.750] – Robert Newman

I’m not as good at it as people who are doing funnel work like Chris De Maeshowe r on Google and just seeking that lead using home evaluation tips and strategies. But I will tell you this, your weight in terms of the types of calls you get tends to be like 60, 70 % listings versus buyer calls off that specific marketing destination. I’m not talking about anything else, just your Google My Business profile and just if you’re ranked in the top three. So it’s a worthwhile place to be for sure. If everybody’s wondering why should you listen to this? Why does it matter? Okay, that’s why. Now, we’re going to go on the number one here, local knowledge marketing users, social media and website. Now, I understand how I do this, but, John, I didn’t really understand how you wanted to tie social media into the conversation. So I’m actually going to throw that over to you and ask what you were thinking when you said tie social media in. So how do you mean that? How would you suggest that people do that?


[00:04:47.490] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think there’s two factors here. You show your knowledge of the subject through social media. And then if you’ve got built up an email list, you can import that list into specifically Facebook or Instagram, and then you can target those people that are on the list, retarget them. And it’s a great way of just keeping yourself. Or if you’ve got a specific property or other examples, you can retarget to that list through social media at a reasonable cost.


[00:05:31.800] – Robert Newman

I don’t disagree with any of that. It doesn’t necessarily impact your ranking. However, there is something, there’s a lot of language that everybody uses, myself included, that says, oh, hey, you’re going to be a hyperlocal specialist of some kind.


[00:05:49.950] – Jonathan Denwood

Fund your niche.


[00:05:53.190] – Robert Newman

Which is another way of saying, let’s focus on real estate branding that’s actually current for the Millennium that we’re in because hyper local marketing and demonstrating expertise inside the local marketplace is actually a better branding tactic than a fancy card or matching website. Branding is usually a multi layered effort where one, you have people that engage with you as a person and your company’s business track record. Two, one of my clients makes all of their agents get dressed up in all white and then take these beautiful pictures. Their offices are modern, sleek, and white.


[00:06:35.410] – Jonathan Denwood

Do you think I should dress as a clown? Do you think that would help me?


[00:06:39.710] – Robert Newman

I already asked you to dress as a revolutionary general, and you wouldn’t do it.


[00:06:44.610] – Jonathan Denwood

I can’t please everybody.


[00:06:47.230] – Robert Newman

Yeah, you know I did, too. Everybody, I’m not kidding. I asked. I was going to get dressed up like an American dude, and he was going to get dressed up as a British, but he wouldn’t go for it. So what we’re going to do… Sorry, with HyperL ocal, it’s…


[00:07:06.140] – Jonathan Denwood

Sorry. He hasn’t had much sleep, but then he’s got to part with me, folks. He’s been working all day.


[00:07:12.400] – Robert Newman

You can’t do this to an ADHD co host. You really can. It’s not fair. Forget all about what we’re talking about. All right. Hyperl ocal. Social media is… I find it to be tricky, but what I do not find to be tricky is that, and what I recommend to everybody is you want to keep a social media strategy simple. You want to keep everything as low time constraint but as impactful as possible. Use the same images across all of your platforms. Google my business, use the same videos, make sure that they match in size and format in length according to the platform that you’re using. There’s companies out there that right now, John, that specialize in shortening or elongating existing videos. And they’re really just making sure that your existing content can be played on as many different platforms as possible. If there’s a strategy that I recommend that connects into hyperlocal, let’s say you do a neighborhood tour, you did 10 minutes. Well, 10 minutes goes up on YouTube, three minutes goes up on Instagram, the same three minutes goes up in your Google My Business profile, and all you had to do was shoot the one video, have one person edit it into two different versions, and put it up on two different platforms.


[00:08:26.690] – Robert Newman

It’s actually not as complicated as it sounds. And that way, you get into doing hyper local marketing across all of your platforms because some people like Pinterest and some people like Instagram and some people like Twitter. Well, not very many people like Twitter anymore. And some people like Facebook. Wherever there are, you want to post your content that’s really that simple. That’s it. So I’m going to move on. Website hub community pages, tips and insight. All right, I know exactly how we do this ourselves. But, Jon, why don’t you once again lead us off and tell us how you were envisioning this application?


[00:09:03.840] – Jonathan Denwood

I think with your website having pages about what’s going on in your community. Also a link to evergreen pages that have insights about particular geo areas. It depends because I think you’ve got two possibilities here when it comes to hyperlocal and niche fine, as I call it, is that you find a specific niche like, I don’t know, a particular target audience, a particular type of property, or you specialize in a geo area, or you can combine two together. But when it comes, it’s going to probably be a combination of both. So your community pages should be community pages about what’s going on in the community, and also some pages about those particular communities that could be evergreen. And you can combine the two together, if that makes sense.


[00:10:07.880] – Robert Newman

Yeah, it sure does. All right, ladies and gentlemen. So I don’t agree with anything that John says, the way that we apply community pages. We connect video into hyperlocal. So the way that hyperlocal connects into a community page is honestly, if you’re using the same email address as… And you’re focused on hyperlocal in the sense of you’re trying to get Google ranking, which is the only area of which I’m really highly qualified to speak in as an expert. Well, then what you would do is you use the same email address for both your YouTube channel and your Google My Business channel. And now you’re getting credit automatically on your hyperlocal profile for the videos that you’re posting, especially any ones that you have geo tagged. So it may sound like I just said a mouthful, but you can also post those videos to a community page, just as John just said, website hub page. And then you get double the credit. You get the credit for the page on the website, the YouTube page, actually triple credit and credit for the hyperlocal signals that you’re sending to your Google My Business profile. Because believe it or not, Google, like every other big data company out there because it’s all there are.


[00:11:18.710] – Robert Newman

Facebook, big data company. Google, big data company. They’re big data companies and a big data company tracks you, tracks where you are, tracks what you like. Well, Google tracks your location. They track your they track the engagement with your content. And what they’re doing is they’re trying to say, Are you an expert in your thing? And if you are an expert in your thing, especially if your thing happens to be like Van eyes, Van eyes, California. And I’ve got a profile that says I’m a Van Nes realtor. Well, then there’s a very good chance that if people are engaging with my content, whether that be pictures or video or whatever it is, they’re going to rank really, really strongly for that keyword inside Van eyes because Google knows it’s not a guess. They know that you’re talking about Van eyes lifestyle or real estate, one or the other or both, and that people are engaging with you. What does that mean to them? That plays into expertise, which means that they are absolutely and sometimes experienced, depending on how old those videos are, which is two parts of the acronym EEAT, which is what Google is operating their entire algorithm on 2023.


[00:12:26.870] – Robert Newman

All right, I know that was a lot. Thank you, everybody. That was my TED Talk. No, just joking. All right, number four.


[00:12:33.300] – Jonathan Denwood

Using video on my thing. I’ve got something to say.


[00:12:36.190] – Robert Newman

About that.


[00:12:36.850] – Jonathan Denwood

I think what would be good, actually is you get a lot of people that set up over green pages, and the beauty of it, you don’t have to update them every month. You can leave it six months. But what’s a good combination is to do a nice build out, have a nice video, but then have a section on the site that draws from your page that you update with the latest community stuff. So there’s a section on the site that draws content about events, and it can be from another section of your website. So it’s just keeps… So you’ve got some detailed content that you don’t have to keep changing, and you have to do it every six months or every year. But it has some fresh content on it. So that pleases the search, the things that you outlined. That’s how I see it.


[00:13:34.100] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. All right, we’re going to move on to our next point, but we are actually going to go to our break since we only got about 30 seconds left before it’s time. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let’s click that like button. If you are looking at me on social media, you can see my eyes. All right, click the like button. Let us know we’re doing a good job or tell us we’re doing a bad job. Just give us some input. All right. We will come right back. And when we do come back, what you’ve got waiting for you is using video and podcasting to show your local knowledge and marketing position, email marketing and postcards and any final thoughts at John and I have, as well as some insights. All right, thank you for tuning in. We will be right back. Stay tuned. Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need Mail Right. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee.


[00:14:35.540] – Robert Newman

So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail. R ight. Com. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve got John and Robert hosting the MailR ight podcast. And what we’re talking about today is for those of you who are looking for good marketing insight that are real estate agents or realtors, we’re trying to provide that. And today we’re talking about hyperlocal. And hyperlocal is going to be searches that help you get found by… Well, actually, let me rephrase. That’s not how John intended the topic, I don’t think. I, who am focused on my little piece of this world, which is how people get found, that’s not really what John said. He said how to be a hyperlocal agent in general, generalized. So we’re going to move on to another generalized piece of information, which is using video and podcasting to show your local knowledge and marketing position. Now, I have a lot to say on this one, whereas I don’t feel like I’ve had as much to say on the others. So, John, why don’t you hit us with what you were.


[00:15:33.180] – Jonathan Denwood

Thinking when you added this? It’s all linked because it’s about not being seen as a commodity. It’s about seeing as an expert about your local area and showing online that you are. It’s that simple, basically. And a way of doing that is a great way of meeting some of the most influential people in your community is what you’re probably doing anyway, going to various events physically, but you’re doing it digitally, is to run a podcast and having important people in your area on it. And they will show you talking about what’s going on, which also talks about what’s going on in your area. And you can utilize that to build your network of people you know. And it shows your knowledge and you actually are a local resource. And you can do that with your video as well. Doing that in your video is important, showing that you know your local market, your local area, what’s going on. So it all combines, doesn’t it?


[00:17:01.520] – Robert Newman

It really does. So everybody who’s listening to the show, podcasting has got to be one of the most relevant, newer methods of communicating to the world at large. Video and podcasting have taken off in terms of popularity inside the real estate space, in my opinion, at the same time. I’m not saying that they are both recently new. They’re not. They’re both actually fairly established ways to communicate. What is changing is the way the world at large consumes media. Now, when I talk to my friends, there’s an almost consistent conversation of what’s your top five podcast? That wasn’t the case five years ago. The pandemic changed everybody a lot. How do you produce digital content? What is it? So when you start talking about hyper local or hyper specific marketing copy, for three years, John and I have been doing this show. John approached me and the show is on real estate marketing. And we really stick pretty closely that topic every once in a while. We go off on a Hummer. But we mostly stick to this show’s format and talk about real estate marketing. And on his other show, he sticks pretty closely the WP Tonic Show, which is a much bigger show than this one.


[00:18:19.070] – Robert Newman

He sticks pretty closely the topic of WordPress, WordPress development, what’s happening in the WordPress world, things like that.


[00:18:26.280] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, actually, Rob, I do three podcasts.


[00:18:29.730] – Robert Newman



[00:18:30.480] – Jonathan Denwood

When did you have a third? About six months ago. It’s called the membership machine show, which is about membership websites and community websites, which is my main business, apart from MelR ight. Okay.


[00:18:49.700] – Robert Newman

But here’s what this allows you to… I mean, that’s a lot of work. That’s what I’m thinking.


[00:18:55.340] – Jonathan Denwood

I’m a machine, Robert. I’m a content producer machine, Robert. Don’t look.


[00:19:00.770] – Robert Newman

At my face. Everyone knows me, everybody. John looks at me and thinks I’m being super critical. I wasn’t being super… The look you saw in my face was like, Oh, my God, man, that’s a lot of work. That’s what you saw. That’s a lot of work. That’s it. Nothing else. So, ladies and gentlemen, what should you take away from this? If you feel like you have something to say on a very specific subject, a lifestyle, you like going to restaurants in the area that you live in. I know somebody that I talked to not that long ago that wanted to sell luxury condos in Las Vegas. And they mentioned that they went out to dinner almost every night. It was the way they talked about it. They knew the chefs, they knew the… There’s a word for this, the wine guys. They actually knew the major Ds. They knew the names of half the staff. They knew where the food had been brought in from. They were just so into the concept of fine dining. I made the recommendation, you know what, you really should start talking on a podcast about this dining experience, the lifestyle in Vegas, and why you, in particular, this person also lived in a luxury condo, which is a great way to get into selling a particular type of real estate.


[00:20:15.390] – Robert Newman

If you already live in the real estate and you’re thinking, Huh, maybe I should represent it. My answer is yes, definitively. You love it enough to live there. Why wouldn’t you turn around and talk about it? Let other people know why you love it so much. It should be an easy conversation for you to have. This is where podcasting really allows you to connect into hyper focused people. It also does something for you that John and I have talked about ad nauseam, but I’m going to talk about again. I think this is the most important thing that podcasting will do for anybody that starts the show. Do not ask me why. I don’t get it. John and I are two old dudes that throw on a pair of headset and talk about real estate marketing, but we have had some of the biggest names inside the entire real estate industry on this show. Would you write, John?


[00:21:04.460] – Jonathan Denwood

People love talking about themselves and what.


[00:21:07.250] – Robert Newman

They do. Yeah. You say, I’ve got a podcast and you take a name of anybody that you know would never take your call, and all of a sudden their assistant’s forwarding your information directly onto their desk. It’s absolutely bonkers. We’ve had major CEOs on this show way more than once. We’ve had all the operating officers of the video bomb bomb. We’ve had famous agents. The list goes on and on over the years we’ve done the show, which, by the way, does one thing for John and I that you can’t take away. It adds pedigree to your own relationship. It adds pedigree to you as a person. You can say, I’ve had conversations with X, Y, and Z. You can say this when you’re talking to prospects. There’s nobody that can take away the power of a good podcast, even if you’re not getting leads directly from it. If you’re a good sales and marketing person, you can absolutely leverage the show to help you close deals for leads that you’re getting other ways. Or you can reference the content and send people there proactively to a show that they think is interesting. And I’ve done that numerous times and it’s never failed to make a massive impact.


[00:22:22.060] – Robert Newman

Has it always made a sale? No. Do I know that I walked away creating a one of a kind impression in the person’s mind? Yes. People have gone from I’ve never heard of this guy, Robert, to Robert is the best blank person in the industry that does blank, blank at the end of a call, partially in conjunction with our podcast. So that’s my opinion about local knowledge and marketing positioning, which plays directly mostly into that marketing positioning part that Jon wrote in his subject line. I couldn’t agree with that more. That’s what I personally have experienced with this podcast, which is I don’t do three, I do one. And I have barely been able to be bothered being a guest on other people’s podcast. But I will say…


[00:23:12.110] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, that’s the other side of it is that something I’ve neglected, I’ve tried, but I am going to have to make the effort is going on other people’s podcast. But that’s more in the industry and regional national. I think on a hyper local, I think being the presenter and bringing people in to interview is probably the biggest benefit when it comes to this specific area that we’re talking about. So shall we go on to the email marketing and postcard side of it?


[00:23:51.350] – Robert Newman

Sure. So number five on the list is email marketing and postcards. Jon’s trying to goose me along here. He’s tired of talking about marketing positioning. So why don’t you lead us off and talk about emails?


[00:24:02.720] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think really sending out a really nice weekly or monthly newsletter and also talking about some of the properties, some of the people that you’ve helped. It’s in the niche. Now, if you’re talking about a geo area, that’s your niche, a particular area of a town or city, talking about what’s going on in that community. And also in your post card, if you’re doing postcard marketing, having the address of your website and having a method that people can sign up and making it really clear that they would get a list of the events going on. If you are geo focused, that is your niche. If it’s a big area and you’re dealing with a certain property type or a certain type of buyer seller, that’s what your newsletter. And if you’re building up your email list, utilizing that by uploading it to Facebook, Instagram for your targeting, retargeting, you’re getting enormous benefit from that.


[00:25:33.350] – Robert Newman

So now I’m going to say I’m going to capitalize on what John just opened up, and I’m going to share everybody, including with John, which I’ve probably done before, but I’m going to share a true story. None of this is fake or unreal. I have a client that is in Cranfield and Westfield, Cranford and Westfield, New Jersey. These are two towns that collectively have about 10,000 homes in them. They’re not huge, but they’re basically suburban New Jersey homes. I have a client that bought, right when she, many years ago, every single name and number and phone number and address of every single resident of these two cities, just these two. She’s been email dropping postcards with local painters into their mailboxes for 10 straight years. She has been this strategy, along with a blog that talks about the hyperlocal area and an email that follows up on these postcards, has gotten her national acclaim. Coldwell Banker has acknowledged her. Plaster has acknowledged her. Basically, the idea of sending a postcard with a local painter, she takes a local artist and she puts their painting on the postcard and then writes on the back of it, Here’s a little piece of art to brighten your day.


[00:26:58.870] – Robert Newman

She does it once a year. And literally, all of these Cranford, they look forward to the postcards because they’re interested to see which artist she chose.


[00:27:07.850] – Jonathan Denwood

I’m amazed, actually. If you talk about New Jersey, as soon as you said that, I thought about Tony Sopranos. I didn’t know they were into art.


[00:27:16.970] – Robert Newman

Yes, they sure are. And she’s gotten national recognition from the.


[00:27:23.500] – Jonathan Denwood

Come on, Robert. That was a good one. I thought that was a good little joke.


[00:27:27.600] – Robert Newman

I’m not throwing any jabs for competing people from New Jersey on our podcast, man. I cherish my life.


[00:27:40.270] – Jonathan Denwood

You got a point there.


[00:27:45.600] – Robert Newman

I guess what I’m saying is this, another way to take that is once you have those 10,000 names and they’re people that you’re marketing to consistently but very subtly, man, you can easily own the market. This client of mine does. She probably does 50, 60, 70 % of the business in these two markets. She makes gobs of money. I won’t reveal her income online, but I’ll say she is way, way, way, way, way above the average. And she does it, I think, without even thinking, which is what happens when you adopt territories and truly market to them in a creative way. You can be online and do the same thing she does. You can have an ad that follows them around, but maybe instead of just trying to get them to constantly solicit them to do searches or something, you say, Here’s this interesting fact about the area. Go check it out. I wrote it up. And now they know who you are. They see you on the street. You’re in their grocery stores. You become the realtor of that area and most people will do business with you?


[00:28:46.300] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I think we should go to our final thought. To mine, though, is what you’ve just outlined is powerful because I would say 95 % of agents won’t do anything of what we’ve discussed in this show. I would say 95 %. So that’s a great opportunity if you’re listening to this podcast because 95 % I am pretty sure… I don’t know if Robert would agree, but I think 95 % of agents wouldn’t even think of the things. The other factor is the factor that Robert mentioned, but I think we got a final, is by doing this, you’re giving really clear signals to Google and doing all the things that we’ve discussed and then also doing this type of stuff on your Google Local Business page. And it’s going to be enormously beneficial to you. So combining all this together, you will clearly get benefit in the area that Robert is an expert on. So I’d be interested to see what you thought about what I’ve just outlined.


[00:30:02.500] – Robert Newman

I think that you’re right, but ladies and gentlemen, so I’m going to, in very quick order, for those of you that stayed on the show, we’re 30 seconds past the 30-minute mark, and I’m just going to give you some bonus content for everybody, for John, for everybody. Jon, use this in your conversations because there are… So postcards is one really creative idea. Here’s another creative way to combine a digital and physical strategy, which you would want to do if you were actually doing this. You can also send postcards out that actually crazily advertise a YouTube video. You just put down the URL to the video or a custom URL that will redirect to the video, and then you tell a story through the video. And using a compelling combination of both physical and digital strategies is a rock-solid way to get into older audience territories, which I’ve heard of constantly. But even my 95-year-old grandmother, that just passed, knew what YouTube was and had access to it. She wouldn’t go on to it. But might she have gone on to YouTube if she got a postcard with an exciting byline?


[00:31:11.260] – Robert Newman

Yeah, she had a computer. She knew what was up. She might have done it. So I’m giving all those people that have… We here in the valley where I live, there’s a part of the valley like West Hills. It’s 99 % retired folks, John. They’re all older. It’s not a young community. The question always is, well, how do you get into that community? Well, you do the same thing you do in everywhere else. You buy the list, except you get creative in strategies. If you have a YouTube strategy, send a note that talks about something valuable to that community, something related to retirement or old age or something, and then put it on the postcard. Anyway, for those of you that would like to reach out to me, I’m going to go first this time just because I’m on this one tangent if you want to get some specific ideas about video and how to apply this strategy, reach out to me at Robert at InboundREM.com, and I will happily guide you through the rest of the information that you need to know that will be specific to you in your area. John, if you would like people to contact you and contact you, how would you like them to do it?


[00:32:11.850] – Jonathan Denwood

Yes, but first of all, I want to make clear that if you’re living in New Jersey, it’s a fabulous state. It’s a fabulous place to live. I’ve visited it many times, and I can see the benefits of living there, and it’s fantastic folks—joy to you. So if I insulted anybody about New Jersey, I apologize. But to be serious, if you want to contact us, go to the mail hyphen write. Com website, book a demo and see what we got off. I’m sure you’re going to be blown away. Back over to you, Robert.


[00:32:49.120] – Robert Newman

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been so lovely spending some time with you. We hope you enjoy our Ted Talk and our fireside chat. We really enjoy doing the show. We’ve been doing a long ass time and hope you get some value from it. If anybody’s feeling particularly inspired, you can also not talk to us about anything related to marketing and tell us what you think of the show. I’m sure I speak for both of us when I say I’d love to hear from you. I promise you I won’t talk to you about anything marketing.


[00:33:21.370] – Jonathan Denwood

We’ll see you later, folks. Bye.

The Hosts of The Mail-Right Show

Jonathan Denwood



Robert Newman





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Personal agent photography is really important but usually semi-forgotten. We have a great guest "Preston Zeller" on the show who recently Read more