#388 – Mail-Right Show: Why Choose Follow Up Boss in 2023?

Why Choose Follow Up Boss in 2023?

Are you looking for a way to get your business ahead of the competition in 2023? Follow Up Boss is here to help. Our powerful CRM software provides features designed to help you build customer relationships, automate tasks, and increase efficiency. Learn more about why Follow Up Boss is the right choice for your real estate business in 2023. See how easy it can be to maximize productivity and boost sales with Follow Up Boss – don’t miss out on this essential tool!

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[00:00:00.000] –  Robert Newman

Welcome Back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mail. Today’s episode is number 388. We are super excited about today’s show. Jonathan is coming off, by the way, back-to-back epic shows because I caught about five minutes of his previous show. So John is just on fire today. And today, though, he and I, not him and his WordPress community, will talk about Follow Up Boss. And why would you choose it, or should you choose it even in 2023? So we’re going to do a deep dive, basically. It is a tool that we’ve mentioned many times, why LOPO uses them. There are so many different people and conversations surrounding this particular tool. So, Jon, without further ado, before we get started and dive into this meaty, meaty topic that you chose for us today, how would you like new listeners to refer to you?


[00:01:09.870] –  Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m the joint founder of Mel Hyphen. Com. We’re a platform that competes directly with real geeks and Sarah Interactive. Plus, we use the power of WordPress, so you can get a nice custom look with all the functionality from the previous platforms I’ve just mentioned. Back over to you, Robb.


[00:01:35.270] –  Robert Newman

All right. So for those of you who are not familiar, Follow Up Boss is a standalone CRM. That means it’s not directly connected to any particular website. They don’t build a website. They are not in the website-building business. They are only in the CRM business. And so they have a standalone product that integrates with many, many, many other products, but far more than anybody else. Full stop. 200 integrations last time I looked and checked. All right, native, what is called native. That means they’re already ready to go. You can plug and play with over 200 different programs and services. One of those programs and services, certainly the biggest by volume, would be Y Lopo, which uses Follow Up Boss as its core CRM tool that they’ve connected to all their other technology, which is probably its biggest enterprise client. But they also have many, many, many other clients that send business to them. John and I probably both send business to them, even if John doesn’t. I certainly do. So there’s lots of conversation about Follow Up Boss.


[00:02:44.880] –  Jonathan Denwood



[00:02:45.300] –  Robert Newman

It best in class? Is it something you should still look at in 2023? What does it do? What doesn’t it do? We’re going to try to dig into that a little bit and talk about that for 2023. So I have now been talking for a little bit. So, John, just what you wrote is the right choice for your real estate business in 2023. And I think the way you should probably talk about this is, why don’t you give a couple of pros and cons? I’m try to let’s start off with you, and then I’ll do the same as it relates to follow up boss, followed by the solid answer of, do you still think that Follow Up Boss is a good choice in 2023?


[00:03:26.060] –  Jonathan Denwood

Oh, I can answer that now for the right set up, I think it’s a clear choice, but like all things, it’s all in the detail. I think it’s a great product. I think they benefit on focusing a laser light focus rather than some of the other competitors in the lower end. I say that I think it’s starting price for what it offers. It’s not that expensive, but you’ve got some cheaper line desk, wise agent, similar type of lower priced competitors who try and do a lot more, I think, compared to follow up boss, they are mediocre, but in their defense, they would say they’re not really trying to compete with follow up boss. Obviously, my education, I’ve got a Masters in UX design, so I’m a bit of a UX snob. That’s one of the reasons why I like Follow up boss because it’s got a very clean UX design. It is extremely powerful. It is complicated, but considering what you can do with it, they’ve done a good job in making the complexity still reasonably accessible.


[00:05:11.900] –  Robert Newman

But it.


[00:05:12.520] –  Jonathan Denwood

Can do a lot. But it does benefit. I’m sure they’ve had loads of internal back and forth about should we provide a website solution, blah, blah, blah. I think they’ve made the totally right decision not to go down that path and just focusing on what they really do well. Where I would disagree with them slightly, but I understand I’m going to quantify this, what I was going to say is I don’t think it’s suitable for the one agent, but I’m not correct in saying that. It depends what type of agent you are. I think where it’s real power is in, if you’ve got a master agent and a reasonably large team and you want to supervise what other people in your team are doing, I think it’s ideal for that. If you are a power agent, if you’re really built your business and you’re really into digital marketing and you’re really into CRMs and you’ve got the ability time, I think as a sole agent, you probably can get benefits from follow up boss. But I don’t think that’s where its real value. I think its value comes into medium to larger teams. That’s my broad synopsis of it, Robert.


[00:06:51.450] –  Robert Newman

Got you. It’s hard to talk about it’s hard to talk about Follow Up Boss without comparing. But I’m going to do my best. I know I’m going to fail in at least one circumstance because I get asked to review a lot of systems, a lot of CRMs. And the most common thing that happens is these little CRMs that I’ve never heard of before message out to me and say, We’ve got this brilliant thing. It’s better than Follow Up Boss. Will you ook a look at it? And I go, Okay. Last time that happened was a system called Realty Juggler, and it happened in the last 30 days, which is why it’s top of mind. It does the same thing as FollowUp Boss, but the UX is horrible. It’s back from the 90s. Literally looks like a DOS program. Do you remember that, Jon?


[00:07:54.600] –  Jonathan Denwood

It’s hard to look at. Unfortunately, I do actually. You’re making me feel my age. Thanks, Rob.


[00:08:01.500] –  Robert Newman

Thanks so much. Right there with you. I will say this, Realty Juggler, this one service stood out in one way, which is they seem to be more hands on, more hands on customer service. We’ll send you a video for everything that you don’t have a question on. I like that. But what I hated was the fact that you had to do all this manual requesting. Follow up boss remains my top recommendation for CRMs. And it will probably remain my top explanation, like CRM that I recommend until the companies, the tech companies building these tools realize, universally and to a person that the number one, not number two, not number three, not number four, not number five, but the number one thing you need to focus on is making sure your bloody users can use your tool. And what FollowUpBoss does is they’ve got a one minute video on every single tab inside the system. I agree with John. It’s a complex tool. I went and learned sync. It took me 23 hours over the span of 14 to 15 days. I went and.


[00:09:23.940] –  Jonathan Denwood

Learned sync. That’s you.


[00:09:25.320] –  Robert Newman

And that’s me. I went and used CR Interactive, and it took me 30 or 40 hours because they have so many options, so many integrations. I went and used… I could go down the list, but they’re all like, you’re saying, Oh, follow up process. Complicated. I did want to laugh, John, because I also used Line Desk. And Line Desk was, I gave up at about 12 hours.


[00:09:54.180] –  Jonathan Denwood

I’m not saying that price and their positioning. I’m not remarking on their ease of use. No, I’m not making… Thanks for allowing me to quantify that because I was just the price positioning.


[00:10:12.220] –  Robert Newman

Right. So a little more expensive, for sure, than other systems you can get. Follow up boss has a massive con for those listening is that when you start and the reason that they don’t dominate the market universally, like why do they still lose out to KV Core? There’s a lot of really great questions that somebody could ask us that would relate to Follow Up Boss. Why aren’t they the only CRM in town if they’re really all that great? And that has two or three weaknesses. When you need really complex communication with certain integrations into back office stuff, FollowUp Boss falls a little bit off. They have 200 native integrations, so in many cases, they can get you there. They’re way ahead of every single other CRM out there, including Sierra Interactive, in terms of what could you integrate if you wanted to. It’s almost like working with WordPress. There’s so many options. You can integrate Happy grasshopper into it, which is a postcard sending program. So when it comes to flexibility about what can you send automatically out of Follow Up Boss to your customers? The answer is they dominate. Let’s say you have six different lead sources.


[00:11:22.940] –  Robert Newman

Every single other CRM, since they have an intuitive position of we want you focused on our lead generation system, not these other people’s. So either they close it down entirely or they make it very hard for you to integrate or it’s limited integration. Now, that’s stupid because the average broker usually has a minimum of three to four different lead sources. It is absolutely patently ridiculous. And so oftentimes a broker has hired a whole team member with a big salary just to keep track of all the different tools that they use. Whereas with Follow Up Boss, all your leads come into one place integrated with every single lead source that you can think of. John and I are just a really infinitesimally small cog in that world because we have where IDX brokers is where our leads come from. So they go into that system and that’s just a single vendor out of 200 that they deal with as an IDX broker. They also deal with KV Core. They also deal with Sync. They also deal with unlike all these other guys who go, no, fuck you, you’re a competitor. Follow up boss does exactly the opposite and says, We’re not competing with you for the lead business, for the website business, for any of the business.


[00:12:43.200] –  Robert Newman

So we’re going to integrate with all of you.


[00:12:46.690] –  Jonathan Denwood

And that allows them to focus on what they could… The only thing is, and it’s understandable, I’m not saying that this is a problem because they’ve got the experience and knowledge and they’re probably aware of the problem. One thing, I think until recently, they didn’t have text messaging. It only had email outreach. I think recently they’ve introduced text messaging. I think they had integration with Bonbon, but I think they’ve integrated that into their… I wouldn’t say competitor, but they’ve integrated so much video outreach functionality into the core follow up boss. The problem with that sounds great because you get people saying, well, I don’t have to pay for bomb bomb. The problem is it makes the thing get more and more complicated. The more functionality, the more things you add to the core rather than integrations with other systems. In that inevitably, the complexion, the code base, the complexion of what you’re dealing with increases, Robert. But it’s understandable because you’re going to get a lot of agents saying, I don’t want to pay for bomb bomb, and I don’t want to pay for these third party. But I think that’s a false economy, really, because line desk do that.


[00:14:32.410] –  Jonathan Denwood

They got their own version, but it’s no good. It’s not as good as bomb bomb. But this is an endless battle between the Swiss army knife philosophy, value for money, and specialized products and services that have a laser focus. What do you reckon, Robert?


[00:14:55.290] –  Robert Newman

I agree with everything that you just said, for the most part. I’m going to make a couple of small edits to some of your statements. Follow up boss has done text messaging for a while.


[00:15:07.130] –  Jonathan Denwood



[00:15:09.070] –  Robert Newman

Limit it to one text message, which is where the frustration lies. It’s still there, it’s still limited. I don’t disagree with any of your other core reasoning. Making Follow up Boss into a mass text messaging system would be a nightmare of compliance and advisory issues that they would have to deal with if they did it. There’s no doubt with the way that they built their business that some of their clients would abuse the ability to send out more than one text message to more than one customer, so they don’t mess with it. And I don’t disagree with their philosophy, though I will tell everybody listening to the show that if you’re trying to incorporate text messaging responsibly into your strategy the same way that, like, Y Lopo does with optins and things like that, then it’s very frustrating. It’s very limiting. It doesn’t matter what their reasons is or how good it is for their business. It’s not good for your business. So you might need to go and explore structurally or you might need to go explore Wail opo, which, by the way, for those of you listening to the show, we had the CEO and founder of Structurally on the show about a year and a half ago.


[00:16:14.040] –  Robert Newman

And if you get interested in that, Google them, Google his name, and then look up the show because I thought it was a fascinating show.


[00:16:20.250] –  Jonathan Denwood

Well, you might look at MailR ight because we have that functionality built in my system.


[00:16:25.140] –  Robert Newman

There you go. Or you might look at mail right because John apparently allows you to send out as many texts as.


[00:16:29.280] –  Jonathan Denwood

You want. Well, we advise you, we work with you, if you’re prepared to listen to sense, but if you’re going to be a bit of a arsehole about it, I’m not going to allow you to pull me down into the depths of a spammer world. But I think I can be an arsehole when I want to be, but surely I’m reasonable.


[00:16:55.900] –  Robert Newman

You were reasonable 85 % of the time. And I’m saying 85 % of the time. I’m probably being overly generous. I’m not. No, I.


[00:17:05.970] –  Jonathan Denwood

Would say that’s correct. I would say 85 % you’re okay. But I can be a totally arsehole when I want to be.


[00:17:19.290] –  Robert Newman

We’re going to go to break while we collect our thoughts, and we’re going to finish the wrapping up with some… I would like to continue to go down the detailed list for the use cases and not use cases for follow up boss. It is not a tool for everyone, despite how John and I talk about it a lot and recommend it and this, that and the other thing. That does not mean it’s right for every single person listening to the show. I could name so many different cases where I would send them to another CRM, and I’m going to cover some of those to give you an idea of where the system might be weak or where it may be too much effort to string everything together and make it usable for you. All right. Without any further ado, we will be right back. Thank you so much for tuning into John and I. We deeply appreciate it. We appreciate it so much that we’ve been coming back to do the show for five years, and mostly it’s due to the very limited accolades and input that we both get that you guys like what we do.


[00:18:19.650] –  Robert Newman

All right, thanks a lot. We’ll be right back. Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need mail right. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail. R ight. Com. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Today’s episode is number 388. Today, John and I are updating our thoughts on Follow Up Boss or the actual title of the show. To just keep everything linear is going to be should you or should you not use FollowUpB us in 2023, or would we recommend FollowUpB us in 2023? I think is the way the title of the show will come out. So we’re talking about use cases, and I’m just going to say a couple of things that may not be 100 % positive. The reason that sync is so complicated, despite the fact that everything I said was true, it’s a really big system, really hard to learn, no doubt about it.


[00:19:24.040] –  Robert Newman

What I loved about sync was you can find all sorts of features only on that platform. That is a unique platform. There’s a lot of automated functionality that is built in that has to do with back office management, such as how many agents do you round Robin to, lead distribution functionality, do you or do you not give a piece of your deal to X amount of people, and how many of those people are there. You can set it up in a really deep and detailed way when it comes to lead distribution and finance distribution and all these things can happen directly out of sync. It’s a big team platform. And what’s more, if you’re running a big team with a lot of complicated back office financial stuff, like you split your advertising budget three ways with three separate mortgage agents. The only recommendation I would have for you if you’re trying to find back office stuff that plugged into a single platform is sync. Followp us doesn’t do that. Not even close. You have to do all the ship manually out of the back someplace else. They may have an integration I’m not aware of.


[00:20:27.600] –  Robert Newman

Out of the 200, I don’t know them all. So maybe it’s there, but as to the best of my knowledge, it’s not. So there are very specific big team use cases. But having said that, one of the biggest teams that’s out there, collectively as an enterprise, is Y Lopo. And they have clients like Robert Slack that are on Y Lopo, which means put this in a way that everybody can understand, probably 30,000 people on Slack. Not Slack, sorry. On Y Lopo. Sorry. Follow up on Jesus Christ.


[00:21:01.420] –  Jonathan Denwood

Oh, my God. You think you’re back in the field? You want to go back to the field?


[00:21:05.080] –  Robert Newman

Please, then. Help me, man. Help me. What do you think of what I just said?


[00:21:08.270] –  Jonathan Denwood

I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, too. Never stops me from the crap that comes out of my mouth.


[00:21:13.850] –  Robert Newman

But what do you think? So do you agree, disagree?


[00:21:20.350] –  Jonathan Denwood

I haven’t got the experience that you’ve got. I’m not an idiot. I mean, I’ve got a lot of experience in development and WordPress and web design. I’ve now been at it for 20 years. I think if you’re dealing with that regional brokerage that’s got 250, 500, 500 plus agents, it’s a totally different world than what I’m at, what MelR ight is aimed at. I see Follow Up Boss is that middle platform. I see it. If you’re somebody that’s looking at real geeks, you’re looking at Sarah Interactive, you’re looking at Mel Wright, but you’re looking at, we’ve got CRM inbuilt. It does the job. It integrates with IDX broker and it integrates with our own landing pages and it will then trigger off a text and email campaign and you can search and see the records and send individual text messages. And you can do all that in real geeks and serious interactive. But our one, and it’s not aimed at the 20 50 100 where you’ve got somebody in the organization and they want to send the leads out that come through funnels, they’re paying a lot of money through Facebook, Google ads. That’s where I see the power of follow up boss.


[00:23:12.760] –  Jonathan Denwood

But you also got some individual people that love follow up and they really utilize it. But I think you got to have a few years under your belt and you got to know and you’ve got to be in… There are some agents that got some assistance, and they’re small, but they’re doing a lot of transactions, but they don’t want 50 or 60 other agents, buyer’s agents. They want to keep small and mean, but they’re doing a lot of transactions and they probably would love something like follow up boss. Does that make any sense or am I waffling?


[00:23:56.130] –  Robert Newman

No, I agree with you. And by the way, follow up us has excellent team functionality. So let’s just run through this again for people in the cheap seats and do a recap and a pros and cons. So small medium sized team’s follow up boss is an extremely strong choice. They do have all that functionality built in lead distribution, lead ponds, they have round robin, they have a lot of options, but comparatively to some of the systems, the options could be considered basic or mid tier. So everybody listening to the show understands. They have the incredible unique ability to take in leads from way more sources than anybody else. There’s no competition there. They’re 10 of 10. They’re the top of the stack, best of class. Nobody does it better. You want to have a place to send all of your leads, regardless of source, and have some type of trackability, that’s all going to be fault loss. There is just no doubt. So if you’re an individual or small or business team or a midsize broker, and you know that you’re doing six different types of advertising, a whole bunch of referral sites like HomeLite and stuff like that, and you’re tired of trying to figure out lead source as part of your evaluation of marketing campaign efficiencies, fucking follow up boss is the choice.


[00:25:17.640] –  Robert Newman

It’s the choice. There is no other choice. Stop looking. Call them. John and I do not get an affiliate credit. We are not affiliates of theirs. We are just giving you advice. So this is just now here’s where…


[00:25:32.170] –  Jonathan Denwood

Just quickly say something, because we get clients when I have my consult t chats with them and there’s certain trigger words and I get the impression that they are a certain type. I say, Well, you I say, you’d be better off using Mel right and we can integrate it with follow up boss. And I get push up and I say, well, why should we pay this extra hundred dollars when we’re paying so much to you? And they say, well, because you’re going to be happier, you’re going to get more out of it, blah, blah, blah. And I know if I get push back or I never hear any more from them. But if I’m dealing with agent in their first, second, third year and they’re just trying to get leads, I’m going to say you should be happy with the mail write system, because what you need to concentrate on is getting leads and turning them into commission checks and building the business up, not spending a lot of time learning the ins and outs of the system like follow up boss, because you can, you can delude yourself. You should be concentrating on other things.


[00:26:42.470] –  Jonathan Denwood

That’s my position, Robb.


[00:26:44.290] –  Robert Newman

I’ll just agree I don’t disagree. Usually, the simplest, most straightforward marketing strategies are actually the best, regardless of the stage of career you’re in. My nurturing policy is like a YouTube market report done by the agent themselves. That part of my strategy is very unpopular, John. A lot of agents don’t want to get in front of the camera even for five minutes and talk about their local real estate market. So if they don’t want to do it, what is a very simple strategy doesn’t ring true for them. They can go spend $2,000 a month with Y Lopo who will nurture their leads automatically and just email them and get them sent back to a website, but they never have to do shit. And it is a good system to work a larger list.


[00:27:27.380] –  Jonathan Denwood

Can I ask you a little bit of a chopper? But we discussed Yopo. Obviously, they could build. They’ve decided to use other people’s technology and combine it into a coherent package. But they’re quite money wise and technology and knowledge of market. They could build their own platform. Is it Dan, I presume it’s linked to the selling of Tiger Leads. Do you think they’ve probably signed a non compete? It was in the selling of Tiger Leads where they can’t build their own technology platform, or do you think they just decided they just didn’t want to do that?


[00:28:12.190] –  Robert Newman

Full transparency. I just have updated my… I updated a Y L ope review. It wasn’t as favorable as other years. The Y L ope team called me and for the first time in a very long time, I’ve now had a conversation with Howard Tager and Gigi Fung. In a strictly respectful way, I’ve agreed to not disclose a handful of details. I will say this, I have gotten the sale of Tiger Leeds wrong in terms of how that impacted them. And I’ve said that publicly. I’m going to have to take all those videos down, John, and unwind it because Howard confirmed to me what the details, the selling details is, his continuous involvement with who they sold the company to, what his mindset was, why they got back into doing an entrepreneurial effort inside the real estate space, not for the second time, what the objections of the company are. And I got that 100 % wrong. They made an agreement, which I can’t talk about specifically, but I will only say this, they are fucking set, capital S set. And they have no intention of giving up control of the company. And they’re still capital S set.


[00:29:20.660] –  Robert Newman

And so it changes my opinion about why they’re doing the things that they’re doing and how they’re doing the things they’re doing. I don’t think they have a non compete. I think that if I had to guess, and it is a guess, super clear with everybody, I would say that maybe G and that team has enough. They’re trying to be really good. The way that you just described what he did to me is he considers it to be his art. But he’s very focused, and I believe that 100 % I’m the same way. And he’s incredibly focused on a very tight data set. I’ve always felt that way about G. I’ve said that many times online. He’s never pushed back on me, and I don’t think I got it wrong. He’s focused on a very tight data set. I don’t think he wants to open up. Just an opinion. I wouldn’t want to. I can’t see him wanting to say, Oh, by the way, let’s build a CRM. They’ve already built an IDX. They’ve already built a customized behavioral marketing system that they call Raya.


[00:30:20.750] –  Jonathan Denwood



[00:30:22.810] –  Robert Newman

Already built three or four tools surrounding Y Lopo. There’s no doubt that with where their revenue is at, they could build anything they wanted, John. They could probably go ahead and get into AI. And they are testing AI is what I was told. They never revealed to me what AI they were testing. Merely said they’re experimenting with AI. So who knows how that’s going to roll out and play out to their business. But I think that the real interesting part about Y Lopo or Follow Up Boss, because it’s my opinion too, I see no reason to even consider building a CRM because the follow up boss folks have done it pretty fucking well. They’ve done a pretty goddamn good job at it. And while I could see a handful of areas that I would improve, there’s not that many. And with an enterprise client like Y Lopo, I really deeply feel that if Howard Taker got on the phone and said he wanted to talk to the CEO of Follow Up Boss. They pick up the phone and listen to him. They’re the largest enterprise client for Squarespace. Y Lopo is. It’s crazy. Think about how big they are.


[00:31:27.480] –  Robert Newman

So they’re going to call up follow up boss. Follow up boss is going to listen, probably get 10 to 15 % of their business from While Opo alone. And then Howard’s just going to say, I would like you to put this on your development schedule for the next 12 months and probably get them to shoulder the cost and the energy and the effort while getting the result that they want. Why build your own unless Follow Up Boss becomes a non response?


[00:31:56.750] –  Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I see where you’re coming because I think what you’re saying is they had a good seller. So you would only build the technology if you’re thinking of selling the company for the second time. So you got your own. But you’re pointing out something that I was incorrect in the video. I thought the majority of the technology they brought in, but you’ve clarified that some of the technology they’ve built in the house. But unless you can attempt at some stage to sell the company, if not, it’s just maybe it’s all swings and roundabouts. As long as you’re getting the result. It doesn’t really matter if it’s not in house technology anyway, does it? It doesn’t really matter, does it?


[00:32:38.340] –  Robert Newman

Yeah. So let me clarify to the limits of my current understanding. So that we know, they have used other people’s technology layered on top of such a huge effort that they can legitimately white label and call it whatever they want, such as Rhia. I’m pretty sure that they use somebody else’s core technology to do the text. What I believe, maybe inaccurate, but I do believe that Huelo has done hundreds of data endpoints. And I forget where I heard that because the Huelo guys in their desire for accuracy kept asking me where I heard the information from. I didn’t always remember. I don’t remember now where I heard from.


[00:33:20.690] –  Jonathan Denwood

Are you saying it’s a worse interrogation than you get from me?


[00:33:24.300] –  Robert Newman

Yeah, for part of it. Yeah, a little bit. But I deserved it. I want to be clear because I told them all that I would unwind some of the stuff. I feel terrible about it, putting all those to it. But fortunately, I only had the video for a few days and only 85 people saw it. But let’s get back. Let’s stay on point. We can do a whole another thing on my new knowledge. I have one or two more calls.


[00:33:46.730] –  Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, we could do that next week. But let’s finish up with follow up boss. So this is what I just want to see if you agree. I think, like I say, if you’re not a real power individual agent or a power mini team. If you’re a couple or individual and you’re in your second, third, fourth year and you’re not really into technology in a big way and you’re not really big way in running your own Facebook and blah, blah, blah. You know the type I’m trying to draw a picture. You get some of these power individual agents and they’re promoted. We did 25 million in our first year types. And they are some of those around, but they are small in number, put it that way. But they’re out there and they are a certain type, aren’t they? They’re really smart men or women, and they’ve normally got a marketing background or sales background. And they’ve spent out hundreds of hours looking at all the YouTube videos and looking… They’re that type. That’s not the average. So I don’t think follow up boss is right if you’re an individual agent for the bulk of individual agents, unless you’ve got a lot of experience or you’re one of these that I’ve just described.


[00:35:23.230] –  Jonathan Denwood

But then if you’re a more experienced agent, but you’re trying to keep your team mean and lean, your friend in Beverly Hills, he might be like that, mightn’t he? Does a lot of transactions, but I got the feeling he doesn’t want a big empire. He’d probably be fine with… But he also struck me, he’s not really big into the technology. He uses technology to help his business, but he’s not a technology junky, as I call it. So if you’re one of these more experienced agents and you’re trying to keep mean and lean, but you’re not got enormous brokerage, I think Follow Boss is really a sweet platform for you. If you’re one like Dick Dixon’s in Re no that’s got 500 to 800 agents, because of some of the limitations that you’ve outlined, I’m not sure that Follow Up Boss would be the right solution for you. But on the other hand, you got Wyoming for using it and you got some other bigger players. So I don’t know about that. You know more. But because I’m a dyslexic, I never worked for corporate America. You’ve worked in big telephone centers. You’ve worked in that environment.


[00:36:49.680] –  Jonathan Denwood

So you’ve got more knowledge of that than me.


[00:36:54.330] –  Robert Newman

Yeah. And there’s a small number of corrections. I would say Christoff is fairly tech-forward, at least in certain areas. I would say this; I think that he and most other top brokers have correctly been told that they need to find somebody else to handle all the tech details, like the ones I often talk about. Past a certain amount of revenue, there really isn’t somebody. You need somebody below you getting the tech leads because we both know how long you spend with a machete hacking through just random bologna. Like, oh, this tool really should work. No, really, it should work. Click, click, click. It really should work. Okay, I’ll be right back. Let me fix it. Five hours later, I figured it out.


[00:37:42.800] –  Jonathan Denwood



[00:37:44.410] –  Robert Newman

So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for staying tuned for our extended Follow-Up Boss. John, you’ve been in ordinately brilliant. No, I’m just kidding. You’ve been brilliant today. We appreciate everything that you do. And I love all of your insight about CRM and the dialog about Follow Up Boss.


[00:38:01.950] –  Jonathan Denwood

To finish, Tom Ferry said one thing that was spot on. He said The best CRM is the one that you bloody use.


[00:38:17.020] –  Robert Newman

Right. Absolutely. The best CRM is the one that you bloody use. And I couldn’t agree more. The most usable CRM in the market, by many iterations, is FollowUp Boss. The second most usable CRM, though, it doesn’t do anything particularly special from what I’ve seen is Chime. So having said all that, John, I’m going to continue in my creative way. We’ve always done this; how do you want to reach me? And then everybody usually, we both give out our websites, instead of giving out your website today, how about if you give somebody an email address if they get an email if they wanted.


[00:38:54.900] –  Jonathan Denwood

To do so? It’s Jonathan, J oin, a chan@chime. Com. mail. Right. Com. You email me; you get a reply.


[00:39:07.100] –  Robert Newman

There you go. Same thing with me currently; probably not as sure as John, but my name is Robert@inboundrem. Com. So if you want to reach out to me and have a conversation about SEO and about marketing, you can strike out that conversation by email. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, or have a question about a CRM? Ladies and gentlemen, great. It’s been great, great, great, great, great doing the show. Thank you all for tuning in. We so appreciate it. We will catch you the next time we’ll probably talk about Ylopo.




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