#384 – Mail-Right Show: Effective Real Estate Digital Lead Nurturing Strategies That Work in 2023


Effective Real Estate Digital Lead Nurturing Strategies That Work in 2023

Are you a real estate professional looking to stay ahead of the competition?

Learn how to effectively nurture and capture leads in 2023 with digital strategies that really work. This podcast episode covers everything from setting up an automated response system, leveraging email campaigns, and optimizing websites for lead generation.

You’ll learn tactics that will help you generate more leads and increase your bottom line. Get ready to take your business to the next level – watch this video now and unlock the secrets of effective real estate digital lead nurturing!

#1 – Planed Digital Content (you need a real plan of action) Omnipresence Marketing

Are you that agent that everybody sees online everywhere connected to the agent’s local marketing?

#2 – Social Media With Paid Nurturing (you need to support your social media outreach with money)

#3 – Email – weekly or Monthly with real-value content

#4 – Google Displayed Adverts ( they’re very cheap compared to over forms of online adverts )

#5 – Monthly Webinars

Top Real Estate Branding Ideas and Examples For Agents




The Hosts of The Mail-Right Show

Jonathan Denwood



Robert Newman



Episode Full Transcript

[00:00:00.000] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mail Right Show. Today, we will talk about effective real estate digital lead nurturing strategies that will work in 2023. That’s a hell of a mouthful that we came up with. But here’s what you can also know about the show. We’ve done this 384 times. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the show number for tonight is 384. That’s just absolutely confounding.


[00:00:42.140] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:00:43.270] – Robert Newman

It’s bonkers. It’s absolutely bonkers. And I’ve been doing this for about 160 of those times with John. So that’s bonkers to me, too, for that matter.


[00:00:56.430] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s amazing that you could put up with the 480 out the sides, really, right?


[00:01:02.130] – Robert Newman

Or vice versa. It’s amazing both ways.


[00:01:06.130] – Jonathan Denwood

You’re more rational than me.


[00:01:10.130] – Robert Newman

I won’t argue with that. But I’m going to say this; it’s been a true delight, pleasure, and honor to do all these.


[00:01:19.240] – Jonathan Denwood

Sometimes you wanted to kill me, really, didn’t you?


[00:01:23.280] – Robert Newman

Well, any good relationships like that. If you’re not making the other person want to pull their hair out, you’re not really doing it right.


[00:01:29.460] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, you got some hair to pull out.


[00:01:31.360] – Robert Newman

I haven’t. Right. So you’re automatically ahead of me. I can’t do the same thing because you have nothing to pull out.


[00:01:38.650] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ve got a little bit left. It’s getting a little bit thin now, but.


[00:01:41.440] – Robert Newman

Still got some left. Make up your mind. First you say you’ve got no hair, then you say you’ve got a little bit left.


[00:01:46.960] – Jonathan Denwood

I haven’t got as much as you have, so there we go.


[00:01:51.580] – Robert Newman

All right. So before we jump into the show, ladies and gentlemen, John and I always do these shows the same way. We sit here and talk about ways to get a hold of us, and so on and so forth. So I’m going to… Every once in a while, I like to mix it up. So I’m going to mix it up this show. John is an incredible WordPress guy. He’s got another podcast, WP-Tonic, that is a leader in the field. It was one of the reasons that when I did my research initially that I decided that I wanted to partner with John on the podcast in the first place is that he obviously knew how to build up a successful audience. To dig into a topic, draw people in, and keep them there. If you haven’t already seen that other show, go to it. If you want to reach out to John, you can do so on his website, mail hyphen right, and he will give you a website or an email address if he wants. But here’s the thing. John’s making a WordPress website. He’s making CRM. He has lots of experience building these tools.


[00:02:50.090] – Robert Newman

He’s done a good job of it. He competes with services like Reelgeeks and other companies. He’s got a slightly more competitive price point and a much more competitive mindset because he’s still building his service. So if you’re looking for something like that, how would you like people to get in touch with you and have that discussion, Jon?


[00:03:10.170] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks for the intro. Really, that was fabulous. Well, just go to Mel hyphen Wright. Com and book a demo with me or Adam, my co founder. And we’d love to help you out or have a chat, give you some advice. Back over to you, Rob.


[00:03:26.700] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. And for those of you who don’t know or do know who I am, you can learn a hell of a lot more about me at Inbound R AM. Com. I’m a real estate SEO guy, an inbound marketer, a storyteller, and I believe strongly in the power of drawing people into you as opposed to pushing them in a particular place. And I talk a lot about that on my website. Give out tons. Actually, I give out a million dollars worth of free information on my site. No joke. So go check it out. Now, without any further ado, we are going to talk about real estate digital lead nurturing strategies that we think are going to work in 2023. N umber one on the list is planned digital content. I think I know what the heart of this was. I think I understood what you were trying to say when you put the subject down as part of this topic. But I’d love to hear exactly what you meant. What do you mean when you say planned digital content?


[00:04:33.010] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, it’s linked to the concept that we’ve discussed omnipresence marketing. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it, Rob? It’s been everywhere in your local market online, in person, and also online. When people… The buyer’s journey is returning to a more normal span timeline. Most of the leads you generate digitally aren’t going to become a commission cheque straight away because that time span, a lot of the people that are going to be approaching you are not at the present moment looking to buy, but in the next 6 to 12 months they’re going to be. So it’s important that you keep yourself in front of them. So when it and you prove that you’re the knowledge expert, that you’re not a commodity, that you actually have something to bring to the table. And that’s why what you offer, Robert, in your team is about helping agents prove that they got something to bring to the table. But you’ve got to keep yourself in front of that audience. And that’s why you need a plan of action. So you are omnipresence online is there. You’re in front of that audience. So when they are ready to hire a real estate professional, you’re that person.


[00:06:15.420] – Robert Newman

Don’t disagree. The way that I read this planned digital content, so I’m going to take this in a slightly different direction. And this is just a matter of interpretation. It’s not what John meant. He just told us what he meant. But the way that I read it was a digital content plan, a strategy that you map out in advance. That’s how I read the subject. So the thought that I had walking into our podcast was I haven’t followed up entirely on the show that we did a couple of times ago, but John came up with a really incredible list of tools, some of which were tools to basically chop up and edit existing video content that you have and then redistribute it. So when you say planned digital content, I was thinking, It’d be really cool to do 10, maybe big pieces of media, 10 videos, that thing. But then if you could use some of those cool little tools and hacks and chop them up, you’d really then have a plan of distributing all that micro sized bite sized content in many different ways in many different places, social channels, just like you said, and drawing them back into maybe the long form piece of content.


[00:07:29.960] – Robert Newman

Because what I’ve noticed, because I do long form, I do long form on my blog, I do long form for my clients, there’s no doubt that traffic is dropping the long form. Most of you would probably be surprised that a guy that does this for a living is going to tell you, Hey, interest and traffic drops to this. The thing about long form is that it doesn’t stop being effective. They have 10 people come and three read the whole damn thing. The three people end up being pretty sold on you and your expertise. It’s not about the high volume of numbers. It’s about getting a small handful of highly qualified people from beginning to end to an interest piece, something where you educate them on, let’s say, how to do a very specific thing. Maybe only 10 people want to know how to do that thing. Here’s the thing. All those little bite sized pieces of content that you planned, there are 10 lines in the water to draw people into that long form that are creative back in ways like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. You can get those little 30 second segments of a video that connects into a long form piece of content, you put them out there and have 10 different ways, 10 different little avenues to get somebody into a deeper dive.


[00:08:45.520] – Robert Newman

And that’s what I was thinking of when you said planned digital content. So it’s obviously not necessarily what you meant, but it plays.


[00:08:54.060] – Jonathan Denwood

Very well. No, actually, the two are combined because I totally agree with what you’ve just outlined, but I wanted to give, in my own thinking, why you want to do what you have so well outlined. And that’s the omnipresence because you got to plan it and re utilize the content you’ve produced, but you got to be consistent as well.


[00:09:28.110] – Robert Newman

But all this whole entire subject leads us really nicely into number two on the list, which is social media with paid nurturing. And John in particular, he’s put you need to support your social media outreach with money. So once again, I’m just going to say, hey, why don’t you kick us off and explain what you were thinking when you put this on the list?


[00:09:46.450] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, apart from Twitter, but also Twitter has just done some changes that directly support what I’m just about to say. In most social media places, platforms do your native reach. If you put a post or a bit of content on Instagram, Facebook, there’s a number of platforms. Every year, the organic reach of that content is being throttled down and is linked to point one, you need omnipresence. Well, you might put organically on these social platforms as much content as you like, but every month, every six months, every year, they are frottening down how many people see that content. So you’re going to have to put a little bit of money down and also use retargeting, uploading a list of names and emails and then retargeting those people. Friending somebody that just shown some interest on your website or some content is a bit creepy, but retargeting works if you can put that in a list and then retarget your social media. But you’re going to have to put some money in, not enormous amount, but you got to put some bit of money. So all this effort that you’re putting in to your plan of action to get omnipresent marketing actually works, Robert.


[00:11:35.560] – Robert Newman

I don’t disagree. So I’ve talked about this before, maybe not on this podcast, but the best marketing, hands down, everybody hear me, is let’s just say that you acquire… I was talking to somebody recently, John, who is going to target a luxury neighborhood that has 3,000 homes. Older neighborhood, been there for a while, average home price, 1 to 10 million. But all the stops are coming out. There’s no limit on budget, no limit on what they can do. But they only are interested in those 3,000 homeowners, nobody else, don’t care about anybody else. So what are they going to do? Well, first, they’re going to do what we always talk about, blog posts, content, do YouTube videos, be useful, all that. But then they’re going to take it a step further. They’ve already acquired the 3,000 email addresses and all the information from those homeowners, which with very good information providers, you can get most of that information. Most of it is publicly available. So skip tracers have really great ways of getting information from anybody anywhere. If you’ve ever given your information to anybody publicly, you probably have had your name sold. It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, what you’ve got going on, that’s probably true.


[00:12:54.820] – Robert Newman

So all 3,000 of these names and numbers email addresses are going to get uploaded into every social media platform, Instagram, Facebook. And then he’s going to do retargeting and remarketing with pixels. And so the ads follow these people around along with mailers, along with YouTube videos, the blog content. So basically, there are going to be five or 10 different ways that these people are going to be advertised to. And a small handful of those people are going to probably see the email, see the mailer, go online, see the ad, and subconsciously, whether they realize it or not, the only real estate agent names that if they don’t really have one in place that they’re going to remember is going to be this guy, this team. It’s brilliant. It’s an omnistrategy, just like you’re talking about. It’s using every marketing method that there is really traditional digital. And hey, you could even back all that up by getting the phone numbers to all 3,000 homes and do an introduction campaign on top of everything else, a gift basket along with a phone call. If the money is big enough at the other end of this, it makes sense to do all that.


[00:14:06.650] – Robert Newman

Makes sense to just completely dominate and take over market 100 % and then just reap the rewards over the five or 10 year period. When you say social media with paid nurturing, you don’t have to go that deep, everybody, but you could do a YouTube video with paid advertising. Brett Wallace just did a little experiment with this and spent $150 and got 2,000 views to a video. Didn’t really get any calls, but he’s got a heck of a lot of views for 150 bucks.


[00:14:39.700] – Jonathan Denwood

I’m not talking about a huge budget here. I’m talking about $100 to $200 a month. If you’re going to put the time… The other factor, which a lot of agents don’t understand, is the amount of volume of social media that you’re going to have to churn out to actually move the needle. It’s a lot more. That’s where having a scheduler, having a platform, having a plan, and then being proactive around commenting about more time related local subjects and combining it, but you’re going to have to knock out a lot more than you think.


[00:15:33.150] – Robert Newman

Agreed. So next on our list is email. I’m in the Philippines and I’m recruiting a sales team, which is like making me relearn and request a lot of the basic sales principles that I talk about on the phone. One of the people that I follow, one of the influencers, said something interesting to me, not to me directly, just like in the span of teaching a course that I paid for, just emphasized again, 20, 30 years, ever since the advent of email, in their opinion, the most valuable thing that you can have is still an email address. And I don’t disagree with that. I think long, long term, over a five or 10 year timeline, email is still one of the most consistent, reliable forms of marketing they can do, which is why I’m happy to see that it’s number three on your list. Email, real weekly or monthly value content. So why don’t you explain what you mean by that?


[00:16:33.660] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I totally agree with what you say, but it’s also the most abused bit of marketing in the real estate industry. I mean, it is really a totally abused child of marketing. I don’t send weekly or monthly newsletter with mail write, but my other business I do. And I personally write it. I write it every week. I have a list of news topics, and then I write personally about a specific topic. And I’ve been doing that for about seven years. It’s a 1,000 person list. I do cleanse it every year, and it goes up a bit, and then I cleanse it, goes down. So it stays around 1,000. So it’s not large. But they’ve been receiving my email for almost seven, eight years now. And I know that some of my biggest clients, some of my most profitable gigs have come from that list, Robert. One of my biggest clients that spent a lot of money with me came from their outreach. But when it comes to the real estate industry, it is so abused d. You need to provide some value and you need to spend time on it, or you need to pay Robert and his team to do something like that for you.


[00:18:18.100] – Jonathan Denwood

But it needs to be done in the right way and you need to provide consistent value. And if you do that, it will pay off.


[00:18:29.210] – Robert Newman

Again, don’t disagree at all. Well, actually, I’m going to say this to everybody. When it comes to my clients, I’ve got my service built in tiers, John. The first tier is, let’s just build them a website, get them organic traffic, get them in front of YouTube, maybe get them ranking hyper locally, essentially get them some placement visibility on Google, right? Anywhere, any channel that makes sense. But then the second step, once there is visibility, is to install some more of the modern AI tools that are actually available that most people don’t know about, which are you can buy and install tools that will scrape traffic information and grab email addresses to people that have actually visited your website. It’s one of my favorite hacks in the world of marketing is that there are these tools that exist and you can probably collect 30 or 40 % of the traffic’s information that comes to your website and then send out emails to it. And then if you want, create further marketing redundancies because once you have the email information, you’re seeing who’s opening your emails. There’s nothing to say that you can’t create a list out of that, upload it to the social media channels that you like, and create retargeting campaigns around strictly people who’ve already engaged with your email.


[00:19:51.530] – Robert Newman

And so now you’ve got a truly impactful multi string advertising campaign, which, by the way, we’re going to do here at Inbound rem as soon as we actually need more clients, which we don’t. I’m in the Philippines training additional salespeople so I can do some of these things because I don’t need to right now. But for our clients, it’s a really great tool conceptually, and it’s very low cost. When you have these targeted, highly focused people that you’ve somehow pulled down and then you’re sending emails and they’re opening those emails, getting an ad in front of them and keeping it there is really not that expensive. So really effective, really inexpensive, and starts with email. Email is an important part of that. So love to see that. All right.


[00:20:44.440] – Jonathan Denwood

Shall we go for a break?


[00:20:48.340] – Robert Newman

Yeah, let’s do it. Sorry about that, everybody. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, John is going to say, Let’s do a break. I oftentimes forget, but we’re going to check out wherever you’ve seen us, wherever you found us, please do us a favor. Give us a thumbs up. Share any thoughts that you have about the show with us. Hit my contact form at inbound rm. Com. Hit his@mail hyphen write. Com, and we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about the show. We’ll be right back.


[00:21:15.840] – Speaker 3

Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need Mail. R ight. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail. R ight. Com.


[00:21:40.000] – Robert Newman

Welcome back to episode number 384. We are talking about effective real estate digital lead nurturing strategies that are going to work in 2023. We just covered number 3 on the list, which was email, weekly or monthly value content. Number 4 on the list is Google display adverts. They’re very cheap compared to many other forms of online adverts. Why don’t you explain… Yeah, take us away, Jon.


[00:22:12.450] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, it’s one of the more foldable. It’s conversion is lower than word targeting advertising on Google. I’m not going to lie, it is no shape or form as effective in lead generation. But combining it with the other things that we’ve discussed, it should be looked at, especially in a local market like your example of those 3,000 households that you’re working with a Pacific agent on, it linked to the concept of omnipresence. It’s very effective and it’s very affordable. But I think it combined with some of the other things that we said, it’s something that’s forgotten. But if it is combined with some of the other things that we’ve talked about, it’s very affordable and it can work. But just doing it on its own, I would say it probably isn’t. But I’d be interested in your thoughts, Robert.


[00:23:34.080] – Robert Newman

I’ve used Google advertising and adverts many times in many different ways, and I’ve always felt like in a specific circumstance, ads work really well. There’s never going to be a time that Google ads or adverts, whether it’s display advertising or text advertising, it couldn’t be effective. Ecommerce, real estate. I like the idea for advertising and real estate for something unusual. I dislike the idea of advertising and real estate, direct advertising, like search marketing advertising when you’re saying, I’m just going to say I’m up against everybody else that’s targeting the keyword homes for sale in Orlando, Florida as an example. I just don’t like it. So much competition, the bidding is really aggressive, the value of the traffic is diminished because you’ve got four or five other people that they can easily check out in the same keyword grouping. Now change that over to hit to to steal a little bit from John’s list here and instead say looking to learn about relocating to Orlando, I’m doing a free webinar on relocating from Canada to Florida on such and such a date and using that as a display advertising right up against the same keyword. So you’re advertising the same keyword, but your ad is incredibly different.


[00:24:53.040] – Robert Newman

And so now you send people to a page, you have them sign up for a free webinar, and now you get in front of the traffic that’s actually interested in learning something. If that’s what we’re using these advertisements for, I love it. Bout it all day long. And it’s much better than organic marketing because organic marketing is too slow to pivot to that strategy.


[00:25:16.080] – Jonathan Denwood

I totally agree, but I didn’t mean that actually. But you’ve put a new face there and I totally agree with what you just said. But I was linking it more about pointing the agent’s face in the in front of the target audience. You’re remarketing to them on social media and it’s just reinforcing. It’s just putting yourself in front again at a very affordable price at that target audience. But everything you’ve just said, though, I also totally agree with. It’s another way that you can utilize these display adverts.


[00:25:57.560] – Robert Newman

True fact. And last but not least, you got local search services, search packs, which Google separated out into its own category of advertising. So it’s actually completely separate from the entire eco sphere of other advertising products and services that they have. And it’s still a year into it being launched, it’s still the best deal available to a real estate agent in terms of price and acquisition price. You’re not going to get more than one or two deals a year because of how oversaturated it is. But seeing as how you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad or calls you, you can’t compare. Zillow doesn’t compare. Nothing compares. Every realtor in the country that has a license should be there because you get one deal a year, you’ll pay $150 acquisition price at most for that deal, and there’s no deal like that inside real estate advertising.


[00:26:55.780] – Jonathan Denwood

I don’t think still a lot of agents know about that or it’s traction. Do you think because it is Google and they’ve just been slowly rolling it out, why do you think the fact is why that hasn’t become more popular? Is it really just what you said? You get one or two deals, but it’s not enough to really move the needle a lot.


[00:27:19.000] – Robert Newman

I think it’s the complicated sign up process, really. It’s not easy. It’s not a given. You can’t just do it. Like I am saying, a license, but you have to hold the license. They check the license. It’s complicated. It’s complicated to sign up for. And then at the end of the day, somebody’s looking at how complicated it is to sign up and understanding that they’re spending all that complicated time for a method of advertising they have to pay for. I questioned it when I put my first client in. I’m like, This is a lot of hurdles to jump through so that I can pay you money. You have to be Google to pull something like this off.


[00:27:56.810] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, that was my own fault as well because we did some videos on it and I do believe in it. But it does seem a bit painful. It’s very typical of Google, isn’t it?


[00:28:10.270] – Robert Newman

Very. So last but not least on the list, and I preempted the subject, but it’s monthly webinars. I know so many people that still use this to such incredibly powerful effect. So, Jon, why don’t you share what you were thinking when you put it on the list?


[00:28:30.290] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I’d like to expand it because I think it’s the concept that we’ve pushed over the past year and a half of becoming the digital Mayor of your local market. I link it to doing a podcast where you interview movers and shakers in your local community, and then doing a monthly webinar about market conditions, proving that you’re the expert, that’s why I do the podcast. That’s why we do this podcast and why I do my other podcast, which is up. I did it this morning and we’re up to 760 shows. I’ve been doing it for eight years, Robert. God, for eight years, Robert. But the reason why I keep doing it, Robert, is I can’t directly. I do know that it has led to other people in the WordPress space sending clientele to me. For me, it’s social proof that I’m serious in the word of spray. There’s enormous amount of benefits, and that’s why I’ve continued. And I enjoy doing this podcast with you is that I think it proves that we’re legit, not so much you, because you’ve got a much longer track record. But I have been doing this podcast now for almost four years, Robert, so I think I’m reasonably serious about male riot in the business, really.


[00:30:07.180] – Jonathan Denwood

But it proves that you’re doing the webinar. I would link it to podcasting as well. But the thing is, it’s all right suggesting all this. It’s just the time factor, isn’t it, Robert? It’s really difficult for real estate agents because it’s famine or it’s either you’re inundated or it’s famine. It’s very hard to get consistency. But if you do block up, you just need to block a bit of space to maybe do a weekly podcast and then do a monthly webinar about the subject. Block the space off unless it’s a crucial deal. Keep it blocked. And I think you’ll get benefits. What do you reckon, Robert?


[00:30:58.590] – Robert Newman

I think it’s a skill just like any other. I love the webinar format because it truly is a teacher’s format. T hat is really my whole jam with the web is that I think it’s a great space for us to educate, tell stories, compel through knowledge, compel through experience. That’s the direction I think marketing is going is gone. I love any tool that does that. Webinars are incredibly powerful. They’re like the old infomercials where you found yourself, if you’re older like me, I’m 52, I’m not going to call John out, but he probably knows what I’m talking about. But there used to be infomercials and we.


[00:31:41.620] – Jonathan Denwood

Used to sell… I wish I was 52.


[00:31:44.540] – Robert Newman

We used to sell… In Girls Gone Wild, we used to spend $7 million in infomercials per month. So we’re doing all this advertising. And we sold tens of thousands of DVDs. And it was really a compelling story that you were telling now. That was a really skill, not the proudest moment of my entire career. I didn’t really believe in that product. But I will say this, the storytelling format worked wonders. When you told a story and you drew people into it, you’d be amazed at how compelling that was and how many people stayed through to the end. A 30 minute commercial, really. And then they stayed through to the end and bought something from you. It’s all about how you do it, how you educate. So I love webinars. Same thing as an infomercial, really.


[00:32:34.990] – Jonathan Denwood

I think linking it, promote it through your podcast, promote it through your email list. It’s also something you can promote through social media. You can link the subject to somebody that’s really further on the sales journey. It can really generate a really a group of people that might be further on that journey and really get some really strong leads. So it’s definitely worth it. It’s just planning it out and being consistent. It takes… It’s not easy for Rob. You’ve hardly missed a session with podcast. I’ve hardly missed one. We’re very dedicated, aren’t we? A lot of people, they just don’t want… Like Einstein said, the sign of madness is you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. But on the other hand, you’ve got to be committed and you’ve got to turn up. It’s a combination of the both, isn’t it? I feel. Yeah, I.


[00:33:54.300] – Robert Newman

Feel the same way. And I think that just depending on the webinar, the podcast, whatever it is that you’re talking about, if you take the time to understand your audience and how they’re responding, it’s going to position you very well. I’ve had the same experience, John, as I haven’t. I’ve probably acquired a couple of customers directly from the podcast, but what I have really acquired that is invaluable is a slightly more authoritative bent to my voice, the chance to have conversations with countless people that I really wanted to have countless those conversations with. And by the credit of having spoken to those people, when I mentioned that I have had conversations, it adds a lot of authority in even my sales presentations. It adds authority to my opinion about those competitors. It adds authority to it’s so So I wouldn’t say podcast directly has been responsible, but when I look at the ancillary benefits, there are many, many, many, and that’s why I continue to show up and do a million. I know we.


[00:34:55.890] – Jonathan Denwood

Need to end it because it’s late at night for you. I just want to quickly say this. It just occurred to me when you were saying that, Robert. Agents, do you just want to be seen as a redfin? I’m not having a go. I’m not being disparaging. Do you want to be seen as a redfin agent? Or do you want to be seen as a real knowledge professional that really brings value to the table? You’ve got two choice. Either you’re going to be turned into total commodity, a redfin agent, or are you going to be seen as somebody that brings real knowledge, real value for the table? And I think you’ve got the next.


[00:35:38.490] – Robert Newman

Few years.


[00:35:39.040] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, exactly the latter. I want to.


[00:35:42.980] – Robert Newman

Be considered a real source of knowledge, help, and inspiration for agents, both new and old alike, like experienced agents and newer agents.

[00:35:54.870] – Jonathan Denwood

But as an agent, you’re going to be totally commoditized. You’re just going to be that red thing, or you’re going to be somebody that actually brings value to your local market. And you’ve just got to display that. And the beautiful thing about displaying it, doing a webinar, doing the things we said, is that you can utilize that to market yourself effectively.

[00:36:20.800] – Robert Newman

True. Very, very true. Well, you called it correct. We will wrap the show up because it’s not so important that it’s early in the morning. It’s important that I have one more call to do, and I’ve got a team of people here in the Philippines now, so I don’t have the flexibility I often have with my schedule. But I’m going to say all of that and I’m going to say, John, how would you like people to… John and I always toss out their website addresses when we age the show. Sometimes it just feels like I’ve heard it a hundred times, probably because I’ve heard it 160 times. I don’t know. I did this the last time for you. Pick a method, not your website. Another way that somebody could find you. Do you have a Facebook page? Do you have an Instagram account? Yeah, join me.

[00:37:14.180] – Jonathan Denwood

If you follow me on LinkedIn, Jonathan Denwood. I post a lot of stuff on LinkedIn. I love the platform. So if you want to follow me and see what I’m up to in my other podcast, I’m really dedicated to Word of Prayer Press. My degree was in computer programming; my Master’s was in UX design. I’m not an active developer, but I have over 15 years of experience in WordPress. But if you’re interested, follow me on LinkedIn. What about you, Robert? I’m going to.

[00:37:52.020] – Robert Newman

Do an unusual one, too. We will say today we’re going to do Instagram because I’m posting content to it for the first time. So it’s Instagram forward slash inbound rem. I post more business lifestyle stuff. I’m posting pictures of me and my team because I’m here in the Philippines, and taking shots with me. They call me Sir Robert and they all want to take pictures.

[00:38:19.470] – Jonathan Denwood

With me. Sorry to laugh. I’m sorry to laugh, Robert. What do you think they call me, Robert? Don’t try. We want to keep the show clean.


[00:38:32.010] – Robert Newman

I don’t know.

[00:38:33.360] – Jonathan Denwood


[00:38:36.010] – Robert Newman

I got some interesting pictures of these young Filipino people and me, and I’m uploading them to Instagram. So go there. If you want to see what I’ve been up to, go to Instagram. That’s the platform I’ve been on.

[00:38:46.660] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s what I will call you from now on, so Robert.


[00:38:52.340] – Robert Newman

Just great. All right, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll catch you the next time. Thank you so much for tuning in. John and I really appreciate it. Stick around and we’ll hear you next show where you’ll hear us.



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