#380 – Mail-Right Show: Building Relationships With Your Dream Customers Online In 2023

Building Relationships With Your Dream Customers Online In 2023

With Special Guest Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer Showcase IDX

Even as marketing technology advances to make following up easier, many companies of all sizes find it harder to consistently follow up with clients and prospects in a meaningful way. Why is that?
What is the difference between authority and influence? How should a company bring their customers into establishing either?

Kurt Uhlir




The Hosts of The Mail-Right Show

Jonathan Denwood & Robert Newman




Episode Full Show Notes

[00:00:07.040] – Robert Newman

Welcome Back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mail-Right podcast. We are beyond excited to have the chief marketing officer from Showcase IDX with us today. I can’t tell you how grateful we are that you made the time to visit our little corner of the internet today. So, Jon, I’m going to skip you and me for the moment because Kurt’s definitely the rock star for this particular show. So, Kurt, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to anybody who may not know who you are, who showcase IDX is, whatever.


[00:00:41.570] – Kurt Uhlir

Yeah. Well, thanks for having me. Always blessed to be to join anybody’s tribe and get that little bit of trust you all give by letting me come on. So I work with showcase IDX. Com. So Showcase IDX. Com. For those that aren’t full in real estate, I know that’s where you all very much lay into and help with is we’re that home search. So by far, the dominant home search for individual agents. They help thousands of agents across 100-plus brokers as a team. It’s the only home search that consumers consistently choose Zillow, which is saying something. So there’s a huge benefit from the organic side, but people like to use it, which is a good thing. Myself though, I helped create three of the marketing channels that we all use today. And so when I got… I wasn’t looking to come into real estate. And so I had a fraternity brother reach out to me for some personal advice. And a couple of days later, I ended up actually joining the Showcase. And so it’s been a wild ride out of the last five years.


[00:01:39.230] – Robert Newman

Okay. Well, you can’t drop that intro and not have me ask, what are the three channels that you helped create? Because I didn’t have the time, obviously, to do the deep enough dive to figure that out. So now I’m just super curious.


[00:01:55.370] – Kurt Uhlir

Initially, it’s a location based marketing, location based targeting. So I was at a company called Navtech, became here technologies. And so any targeting of ads based on where the individuals are… Actually, I created some of the initial patents that Google and Apple and others and Amazon have licensed to do that targeting. And so as marketers, we all do that today and say, Hey, I just want to show these ads to people, real estate agents in the state of Georgia. So we helped. We built the data for that and all the core technology that was licensed for that initially and is now used globally. And then social media management. So I was one of the two companies that really was the enterprise plays for, we helped Facebook start their APIs for all the pages and social media management. Hootsuite would have been what each of us would have used individually with clients and things. But we were at a company called Vitor that Oracle ended up buying. And then I started one of the first influencer marketing platforms. So I mean, influencer marketing has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. But the true platforms that people go out to use, I helped start one of those.


[00:02:59.590] – Robert Newman

Well, I’m sure that you looked at that billionaire that just bought the hundred million dollar home here in LA, who is the king of influencer marketing. And you probably said, I wonder if I missed the boat slightly.


[00:03:14.610] – Kurt Uhlir

But we made a lot of other people get money. So that location company is like… Some of us did okay, but investors did a lot better. But at the end of the day, it takes individuals to make technology work. So I tend to be the operations person and the person with a high end technology background. But it takes people like you all that actually use those tools because most agents, most individual businesses, either they’re not capable of it or they have other things in their business to do. It’s one thing to do the technology, it’s another thing to make something magic out of it like you all do.


[00:03:51.380] – Robert Newman

Got you. All right, well, that hell of an intro. Super excited to get into it. I don’t know what we’re getting into, but we’re going to get into it. John, why don’t you… For those of you who don’t know who John is, he is my fearless co host. He is a technologist himself. He is a long time entrepreneur. He started many different businesses, one of which happens to be in the real estate space, helping realtors out with websites and things of that nature. But for those people that may not know who you are, John, why don’t you go ahead and give your own elevator pitch real quick?


[00:04:28.260] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. It’s my birthday today, Rob.


[00:04:31.160] – Robert Newman

Happy birthday. You never tell me that. So congratulations on making it another year.


[00:04:36.250] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, it’s good. It’s true. I feel very blessed to make another year. Actually, just to correct you, actually, Rob, I’ve only run three businesses in my whole… Well, four businesses in my whole life.


[00:04:50.000] – Robert Newman

Using the benchmark of zero, I still feel comfortable with my accreditation of the many.


[00:04:56.390] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:04:57.110] – Robert Newman

You would say. Most people have started zero businesses. Zero. Started four. That is still many in my book.


[00:05:04.480] – Jonathan Denwood

But you hear these people, they’ve had loads of businesses, haven’t they? You hear some of these online. But yeah, I’ll tell you that. I’m the joint founder of Mel Wright. We build great WordPress websites, semi or full custom for real estate agents. Plus we’ve got a CRM, we do text, email marketing all on our own platform. And it’s all at a great price. And we link that with Facebook and Google paid advertising. Back over to you, Robert.


[00:05:39.440] – Robert Newman

Cool. And today I’m your voice host. My name is Robert Newman. I’m a 14 year veteran of the real estate marketing industry. I’ve started a couple of tech companies of my own. Inbound rem is the only inbound marketing company that focuses on real estate in the US. And if you’re interested, you could go to inbound rm. Com and learn plenty more about me and what that company does. All right, with no further ado, we’re going to jump into it today and we’re going to talk about a component of real estate that I feel is talked about ad nauseam. But we here on this show, Kurt, haven’t had a conversation about IDX in maybe a year. So you stand alone in terms of our recent podcast episodes. I think the last time that we talked about IDX is when we had the previous CEO of IDX broker on the show, Chad, and I’m going to blank on his last name, but we had Chad on the show probably a little over a year ago, and that was our last conversation about IDX. So let’s jump into this. What would you say makes showcase IDX different from other IDX tools that are out on the market?


[00:06:47.990] – Robert Newman

Let’s start there.


[00:06:50.610] – Kurt Uhlir

The main competitors, and so I separated two, is that an all in one. So part of the whole website that’s built in or an all in one like an inside real estate, or is it a standalone IDX like showcase IDX broker, iH ome F inder? And so for us, we’re the only one that’s actually part of your own website. All of the competitors, while they may have little widgets that will embed into your sites, the main search either takes place on a subdomain search. Kurt Euler. Com, or they’re going to take place in iframes. And no matter what anybody tells you, when you go look on the technical side, Google is smart enough to tell that when a subdomain or an iframe that it’s not on the same server as the rest of your site, so it treats it very different. Not that you can’t get organic traffic, but good luck ranking for most of the buying keywords with any of the competitors there because Google doesn’t give that credit to Kurt euler. Com. They’re going to give it to whoever’s hosting that subdomain website or the iframe, which is really all the competitors tend to run on.


[00:07:51.530] – Kurt Uhlir

That’s different than when the all the one solution that are out there as well. We have clients like I give you the example. I think every agent could be Patrick Higgins. Patrick Higgins is a Compass agent in Nashville, Tennessee. He has Nashville Home. Guru. I didn’t even know there was a. Guru until he became a client. You go look up in Ahrefs, you go look in Sem Rush, you’ll see the numbers that he gave in the testimonial. He gets 50,000 organic visitors or more on a monthly basis from Google. And it’s not just because he dropped $100 plug in in there, but it’s what his team does with that technology. And you’re just not going to find those success stories with competitors. So that’s where I think a lot of people come. But people stay because, or a lot of agencies bring is because there’s that retention. There’s this huge drop off third party report saying… So not me, not my mom saying that we’ve got the best home search. But you look at the competitors and people go, yeah, you may get the lead, but there’s an 85 or 90 % chance that the buyer will still go to Zillow to do the home search.


[00:08:53.340] – Kurt Uhlir

So you know a competitive agent is going to call your client and showcase IDX is on the opposite end of that spectrum. People actually tend to use it and come back to your site.


[00:09:03.530] – Robert Newman

Copy you. So I actually, John, give me one last second. I should have opened with this question and.


[00:09:11.710] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:09:12.740] – Robert Newman

Escaped me. So I’m going to do a follow up. And then, John, you booked this guest, so I know you reached out and did all the things. So I suspect strongly that you have your own list of things that you really are dying to ask. But one more question for me. I’m curious to know, I looked up your resume and it reads like any really strong tech digital resume would, which you don’t see inside the real estate space. Not really. There’s only a handful of people that really have a deep and solid tech background. Even when you look at the founders for real estate marketing companies, you find a couple of developers here and there like Ben, who did Sierra Interactive. You find a couple of SEO guys like me and Morgan. You find a couple of, but there are not that many true technologists here and there. You find the guys over at Plaster who were experienced technology startup guys, but they had no experience inside real estate. So you’re an experienced tech guy. What in the world got you to say yes to an IDX plug in company?


[00:10:25.190] – Kurt Uhlir

And a small IDX company as well. So I had taken 18 months off on a sabbatical after exiting an influencer marketing company and had been doing consulting for about another 18 months. And literally was now a friend and co worker, Alan Finstein, who started showcase IDX back in 2003. But it also started another real estate company called technology company called Tour Bus, which he had sold. And he reached out to me and we didn’t know each other, just fraternity brothers from different schools. And he’s like, Hey, you talked her. The intro was like, You talked your wife and letting you take a while off. That seems like a hard conversation. Can we grab coffee? I’d like to know how that conversation even gets started. He told me about showcase IDX, and he wasn’t bragging. But as I asked questions, it was clear the technology was light and day versus anything else that’s out there. I asked them, Hey, would you want me to talk to them? Because market adoption was their issue. And he introduced me to Scott Lockheart a couple of days later. And I mean, Scott Lockheart is a salt of earth, wonderful person, decades of time in real estate.


[00:11:36.630] – Kurt Uhlir

So he’s got that background in real estate, as does Allen that you mentioned. And I was like, Wait a second, you already have the technology and selling it and getting people to use it as a problem, I can help with that. And so I think it was five days from conversation with Allen to me and Scott finding terms that I agreed to and joined.


[00:11:55.930] – Robert Newman



[00:11:56.670] – Kurt Uhlir

That’s how I came in. Not at all looking for it whatsoever. I mean, there are some deep technology people, but it’s not who the average agent will get. I f you go talk to the gentleman who’s founded and runs Tribus, deep technology, way more technologist than I am. But he builds things for big brokerages. And it’s like that’s the average agent doesn’t just spin up and go, Hey, I want to go pick up Tribus.


[00:12:22.560] – Robert Newman

Right. Okay, interesting. Jon?


[00:12:26.320] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, it’s great. So you mentioned about this age and it’s getting nothing. You use a figure of 15,000 hits on his website. A lot more.


[00:12:35.810] – Robert Newman



[00:12:36.920] – Kurt Uhlir

Is the number. 50.


[00:12:39.330] – Jonathan Denwood

Thank you. What do you think are some of the things… Because I try and put myself into the shoes of our listeners and viewers. So I try and ask questions that they’re probably wanting us to ask. So what are some of the things you think this agent is doing, utilizing showcase IDX the right way? How they’re utilizing that technology? Give a couple of examples, could you, that you feel they’re using it that gets them that type of success?


[00:13:10.980] – Kurt Uhlir

Yeah, fundamentally he’s building community pages. You can see it if you go looking at your reports. I see Ross or anything about the pages. He builds these local community pages. So he’s in Nashville, but you can go look. I lived in Nashville for a number of years. And so there’s a suburb of Brentwood, Tennessee. He’d have a page for Brentwood, condos in Brentwood, townhomes in Brentwood, open houses in Brentwood. And he has a process that they just build those out over time. I think too many agents, they think about their website as I build it, then I’m done. Patrick didn’t take that approach. He built it, knew that people don’t generally search for addresses. They search for subdivisions, community property types and areas. He just started building those community pages that uses showcase IDX technology, but then he puts his own unique words on there. First of all, he has the page. Just having that standard operating procedure and says, Hey, look, I’m going to build two of these or five of these every week is what most agents won’t do. They either want to write a small check or a big check and be done with it as opposed to start it up and just start building these over time.


[00:14:22.240] – Kurt Uhlir

Because anything in marketing, as we all know, whether it’s inbound, drip campaigns, pay per click, SEO, it takes consistency. And so refining things. And frankly, Patrick wasn’t scared. He got started. Did he do the first pages perfectly? No. Just like none of us did our first podcast perfectly. This version is probably way better than the first five that you did. And so he just keeps doing those time and time again. And there’s lots of examples of customers like that. Red Wagon team. Red Wagon team.


[00:14:53.940] – Jonathan Denwood

Com is another one, J Volanto. He now at this point, probably has thousands of those community pages, but he started by just building a couple. It’s great. Just observation. I don’t know if you agree. I think also a lot of people, they get a bit daunted by the whole concept because they’re busy with other things. So you see a lot. So these community pages, these guide pages, a lot of them are very cookie cutter and they don’t have a lot of value because they… So what are, of the successful community pages you observed, what are some of the key things that you think people really love with a good quality community page? I think for me, there’s.


[00:15:38.050] – Kurt Uhlir

Always those two audiences that agencies need to be aware of. There’s the consumer, the buyer and seller, and there’s Google. The consumer is only ever going to see your page if you send it out to them unless you can make Google happy. And Google wants something different. If you did, we’ll stay with the Brentwood, Tennessee example. If I did condos in Brentwood, Tennessee, if I don’t put something unique on the page, there could be 100 agents using showcase IDX in Brentwood, and they’re all going to be the same basic list things that are available for condos there unless you do something different. And so the difference is, what would you say if I was an agent or if you were an agent and I called you and said, Why should I buy a condo or not buy a condo in Brentwood, Tennessee? Agents tend to get locked if you ask them to write that down. Go write me 300 words or 800 words about why somebody should buy a condo in Brentwood, Tennessee. They’ll freak out and they’ll find every reason for the next three months to not write something that if I just called them on the phone and said, Hey, I’ve got $300,000.


[00:16:41.390] – Kurt Uhlir

I want to buy a condo, they could all talk for three minutes on that. And so the successful agents, they find some way to get unstuck. In some cases, it’s writing it. I literally find that the agents that really get unlocked is they’ll leave themselves voice message and then send it to their virtual assistant, or they’ll do a voice note and then they’ll just send it to Rev. Com to transcribe it for them because every agent in an area could talk enough to get any of the content we would want to see as a marketer like we all are on those community pages. But if it doesn’t get out of the agent’s head onto the page, Google is not going to see it. But when Google sees it, they’ll rank it because that’s not something that Zillow can do. Zillow may have more listings and coverage for your area, but Zillow can’t write unique content about moving into that property type in your area or that neighborhood, and you as an agent can. And when people do that with the right technology, Google pays attention.


[00:17:40.350] – Jonathan Denwood

Hi, it’s Rob.


[00:17:43.000] – Robert Newman

So there are a lot of innovative things that K site IDX has done, things that they stand alone in interactivity with the audience, viewing properties together as a group. These are innovations that showcase IDX has put into the marketplace, have comments on a property, stuff like that. They created properties and then they made a little widget that says you can add a comment as if it was a blog post. But I think that the comment then gets sent to the person who owns the site. So instead for the website user, it’s a tricky way to increase engagement on your website using your property search tool as an engagement reducer. It is.


[00:18:31.010] – Kurt Uhlir

It’s also that way of, look, no matter what site you’re on, whether Zillow or not, nobody searches for a home alone. I mean, if you’re married or you’re in a relationship, you’re searching with your partner. So you’re texting or emailing them links from Zillow or other places. If you’re single, you’re still texting your friends, Hey, I saw this place, or you’re asking your mom or your ex or something, Hey, what do you think about this place? And so that same widget allows you to invite people just into that private search on the site and choose whether or not you can actually, as a home buyer, not let the agent see that. You can turn that off in your settings. And at which point is like, No, then that’s just a private conversation between me and my wife. Or I can uncheck things and say, Hey, I want the agent who owns the site to offer feedback on this.


[00:19:17.870] – Robert Newman

Okay, we’re going to go to break, but when we come back, I’m going to see if you have… So I already personally between me and John, I was already familiar with Red Wagon team and Nashville guru. They have, one, come up in my consultations with people as websites to chase. And two, they have come up for me as an entrepreneur because we have been using IDX broker for a long time. Do you know you to some visual customizing things that I happen to really love about IDX Broker. However, I have probably looked more at showcase IDX than most of the people that you will speak to that isn’t actually a client using the tool. And I have some questions that I personally would.


[00:20:09.460] – Kurt Uhlir

Love to know. Awesome. I would love the feedback too. There’s things I do like about IDX brokers. If I was running an agency, there are reasons I might use them as well, too.


[00:20:17.130] – Robert Newman

So with no further ado, we’re going to come back and do an even deeper, deeper dive than we’ve been doing. Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned, stay buckled in. We’ll be back in a number of seconds.


[00:20:28.290] – Kurt Uhlir

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[00:20:53.700] – Robert Newman

Welcome back to the Mail. R ight podcast, ladies and gentlemen. We are in a conversation with Kurt.


[00:20:59.730] – Robert Newman

Kurt, am I saying it right when I say euler?


[00:21:02.680] – Kurt Uhlir

Yeah, euler. You have to say it closer to the way the Czech pronunciation is, but my family says euler here.


[00:21:09.560] – Robert Newman

Uler. Okay. All right, Kurt Uler. To be fair, I travel a lot, so I would normally go towards the natural language pronunciation of the word. So Kurt Uler. We’re here with Kurt Uler, who’s the chief marketing officer for showcase IDX. And I’m here with my co host as well, Jonathan, the founder of MailR ight. And of course, I’m Robert Newman, the founder of Inbound R AM. Welcome back to the show. We are here talking about showcase IDX. Now I’m about ready to ask some questions that may make most of you have their eyes glaze over, but there might be a handful of you brokers listening to the show that are curious about some of these same things. So one of the things that I’ve noticed, and it’s not your fault, I got to say this before the audience, Kurt, this isn’t a showcase IDX issue. This is a person using the website issue, which is not showcase IDX. Showcase has done a great job of providing a tool that helps realtors get traffic back to the site. Got to just massive, full disclaimer right up front. But I’ve discovered that with the kinds of pages that some of these guys are writing, that while they do occasionally elicit response, oftentimes the response is extremely low quality, false leads, things of that nature.


[00:22:34.580] – Robert Newman

I am curious to know that as the chief marketing officer, have you spoken to these customers and have you ever asked the question about ROI on these sites? I don’t doubt that there’s massive lead generation. I’m saying specifically, do these leads convert to sales?


[00:22:53.140] – Kurt Uhlir

I’ve asked that question. Different sites do get hit with sometimes waves of spam that come up at times. In some cases, that also just happens as you start to rank much more, you’re going to get more lower quality leads. And so some degree, if you have a site that doesn’t rank, you’re not getting very many leads. And so in my experience, pay per click leads tend to be pretty good for getting responses. They’re not always the best from converting to closed transactions, which is also the ROI that I really like to ask. And so for me, I end up looking at and asking questions about what happens to your closed transactions with using showcase IDX, whether organic or pay per click compared to others as well. And so those tend to be very good. I do say, I don’t care what you’re using, whether in your real estate or not, you need to be able to vet and pull out clients and choose the who not to work with, especially as your business starts to grow. Sure.


[00:23:48.610] – Robert Newman

So the answer is, the case studies that you’ve talked to, they are taking some of the leads that they get, no matter how… And we’re attributing them to the website and showcase in particular particular because if most search tools, that is the primary lead driver for most agents. Not as an inbound marketing company, by the way, we get a lot of phone calls off phone numbers. But I also, since we’re using IDX broker, we get leads through IDX broker. They tend to be lower quality than the actual calls that we get. That’s why I’m asking you the question is I’m just curious to know if you’ve ever dived into that with a client. I have.


[00:24:27.900] – Kurt Uhlir

It does also depend on where that traffic comes from on the page. And so those that are getting their traffic and leads from those community pages, especially where they’ve written the unique content, the quality of those leads are heckable is what I hear. The issue is sometimes, I mean, this is using technology for good and bad, you can also use the technology to also drive a ton of traffic to your home page, which is going to be generally a lower quality lead, no matter what industry you’re in. But if I go, if we stay with that Brentwood, Tennessee page, if somebody has searched for Brentwood, Tennessee or Brentwood Condos and your website shows up and I choose to click on that, there’s such a high one that’s a very buyer related keyword. But also then the trust that comes with you as that local agent over a big national brand tends to be much higher. If on the other hand, I end up getting driven to your homepage, it’s brand versus brand at that point, at least in my experience. I’ve heard a little bit of that too, but the leads on those individual community pages are quite high from a conversion perspective.


[00:25:35.430] – Kurt Uhlir

Now with that, I also personally, what I like and experience, I love the organic side of it where I see things then have a 10 X increase for agents is when they built the community pages with the content and they bring it in to their inbound either on the pay per click side or just their content marketing. So what happens when I meet somebody that’s out in the real world or somebody my team does, and you say you’re looking in Brentwood, we’ll stay with that example, and my follow up to you is a community page with 500 words of unique content on Brentwood, Tennessee. Now, I’ve just passed the vetting test with you that Zillow is not going to have. Most agents are not going to have because they may have a community page, but they’re not going to have anything that details those two. But it also gave the agent something to follow up with. I just say from the inbound, that’s when I see things really start to change is when the agents take the inbound upon their actual relationships. I had another agent in Florida. How many people buy vacation condos? After he started building community pages, him and his son run a site together.


[00:26:41.370] – Kurt Uhlir

When he met somebody, instead of just giving them his business card and hoping they’d follow up, he’d be like, Oh, you’re around this weekend? Hey, Robert, there’s some open houses here. So he’d bring up his site because he knew it. And he’d be like, If you just send this email to yourself, just give me your email, it’ll send you to a page where all the open houses are for condos at the beach that you like this weekend. Well, that was the first part of his process. It changed his interaction because it became… It’s a sales thing when I give you my card or I ask for your info. When instead I have that open houses that are available this weekend, you and your wife can go look at, I just gave you something then. So he was like, people almost 100 % would take his phone and enter their email address to forward the page themselves. The game changer after that was when his inbound marketer said, Did all those people sign up? And he was like, Well, not all of them. And they went, Could you just go through your sent emails on Sunday and send me the people that you met that didn’t sign up?


[00:27:43.030] – Kurt Uhlir

I’ll follow up with them. Those two things, it’s the content in the inbound side that changes your interaction. So you’re not a salesperson at that time. You truly are a service person at that time.


[00:27:57.030] – Robert Newman

That is a fascinating case study. John, please remember to send me this show. I’m going to have to go back and review that. That sounds deeply fascinating to me. I might even follow up with you, Kurt. It’s been a while since somebody has made me sit here and think, if I want to change the consultations that I give, the strategies that I apply to my business. Usually, I’m a little bit out in front of the pack because doing information marketing and trying to inspire response is very different than doing push marketing or trying to send somebody into a landing page and then grab their email address, usually through hiding something or telling them that they have to register, blah, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, fascinating. Jon?


[00:28:46.560] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, thanks. So both me and Rob utilize WordPress, and I’ve been involved in the WordPress community for 15 years, and I run one of the biggest podcasts in WordPress development community on the internet. So me and Rob, we’re quite passionate about utilizing WordPress ownership, all the benefits of customisation. But what do you say to people? Why should they look at a WordPress website, utilize and showcase IDX, rather than it’s a real geek? So a number of total SaaS based enclosed platforms.


[00:29:37.320] – Kurt Uhlir

Yeah, that’s a great question. There are other platforms. I do all very much know Wix and Squarespace. And God, if I hear Webflow, no, never use Webflow. I understand why the creative designers that want to move stuff by a pixel care about it, but don’t use Webflow people. WordPress is just so far advanced. Wix and them may come along with it, and I hope that they do because they have an ecosystem similar to WordPress. It’s just most of us that build the technology, we can’t integrate with those the way that we can with WordPress. And so the ability for our technology to integrate with WordPress and in a proprietary way make our content that those homeless things appear native to Google is something I just can’t do on other platforms right now. So always choose WordPress. But there’s nothing wrong with doing a Reel Geeks or a KV Core or a sync or something like that. But I think the agents need to think about it in terms of do they want an all in one or a tech stack of best of breed? And so we almost all have that multi tool that has wires and you open up and it’s got a knife and it’s got a phillips head screwdriver and a bottle opener.


[00:30:49.670] – Kurt Uhlir

That’s useful. It’s nice. Kv Core and sync and real geeks are nice because they’re just all together. And so if you don’t have somebody like one of you to one of your companies to help put together the full stack, they’re just going to work out of the box. But are they the best? Well, no, but they serve a good purpose. And that connectivity is wonderful for a lot of agents. But it’s like if any of the three of us were going to… I tell people, hey, even though that’s a good tool, that multi tool or Swiss Army knife, if you had a million dollars to build a house and 20 people showed up as contractors, would you give them all that multi tool suppliers, or would you give somebody a saw and somebody a hammer and somebody a screwdriver? No, you’re going to use specialized tools and you’re going to use what’s best for each one of those pieces. And that’s what WordPress was showcased in choosing the right CRM, the right marketing agency to do things on top of it. That’s what you get when you either do it yourself or you have somebody else assemble the best of the breed searches.


[00:31:52.530] – Kurt Uhlir

I’ve been to websites that use Reelgeeks or Synk or KV Core. I’m not going to use those to do my home search, but I will use that with a showcase IDX. Are they the best CRMs? I actually personally prefer Follow Boss. Follow Boss is my favorite pure real estate CRM. Now there’s others that are okay, but does KV Core get by with it? Yeah, it’s really good. You just have to know how to use it. So that’s how I choose to explain to people is, do you want that set ofliers that folds out to get a knife and a screwdriver? Or do you want a stack of the best tools and somebody that will help put that together for you?


[00:32:31.860] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks for that. Over to you, Robb.


[00:32:34.720] – Robert Newman

I’m just laughing.


[00:32:36.320] – Kurt Uhlir

Kurt, if.


[00:32:37.980] – Robert Newman

You watched my KV Core review or my Follow Up Boss review, you were more succinct about it, but you discover that I said almost word for word, identically what you just said. Certainly the spirit of the videos is the same. It just made me laugh. That’s why you’re.


[00:33:00.160] – Kurt Uhlir

In the business that you’re in.


[00:33:02.330] – Robert Newman



[00:33:03.040] – Jonathan Denwood

A bit like mail rights CRM. It’s pretty okay. The CRM that you use is the one that really works. But I say to people, if you really into really utilizing a CRM to the top level, you should look at Follow Up Boss. It’s the leader. But you should use one anyway to get started because so many people do have it, but they don’t use it. Sorry, Rob.


[00:33:35.000] – Robert Newman

No, that’s the key.


[00:33:39.160] – Kurt Uhlir

To me. And using it and using it with other parts of marketing you should be doing. You should be doing drip campaigns. You should be sending out things. I love following boss, but I know people who have… I’ve told them that they should leave Follow boss because they’re not using it, whether it’s them or the tools or the combination. It’s not intuitive to those individuals, so they should find something that works well for them. I’d like.


[00:34:06.480] – Robert Newman

To do if you’re okay with it, Kurt and John, both of you, I would love to do five extra minutes of the show for bonus content. If you’re down, the five extra minutes would be asking you, Kurt, what your favorite integrations are that work in or around showcase IDX. We started on the subject already with some of the conversations that we’ve had, so we’re just going to continue on in this vein. But I’m asking you if there’s anything you haven’t already said that you may want to say on the subject, and then that’ll be that. Are you down? Five more?


[00:34:38.330] – Kurt Uhlir

I’m good with that. Okay.


[00:34:40.350] – Robert Newman

All right. John, are you down? Yeah, sure.


[00:34:43.170] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:34:44.350] – Robert Newman

Lovely. So, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be right back. And then, you can find the bonus content on the YouTube channel, and we hope that you tune in. It will be about Kurt’s favorite integrations that work in or around showcase IDX.


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