#375 – Mail-Right Show: 4 Real Estate Blogging Ideas To Dominate Your Market

4 Real Estate Blogging Ideas To Dominate Your Market

Generally speaking, it’s smart to take a two-pronged approach to your blog content strategy. The very best real estate blog ideas focus either on lead generation or broad engagement.

#1. Neighborhood Guides

There was a time when simple neighborhood pages generated leads. Now the game has changed. Neighborhood guides need to include lots of helpful content.

#2. Local Real Estate Niches Articles

So far we’ve covered neighborhood guides. Another excellent blog topic is anything related to your real estate niche. Take this article on Victorian homes from Ruby Home. It generates 2500 monthly visitors. It ranks #1 for the keyword “Victorian homes in Los Angeles”, for which 50 people search every month.

#3. Financial and Tax Information

You may be surprised to hear that many potential clients do not have access to this information, especially in a highly-readable format. People get frustrated because they can’t get a straight answer from anybody, and that’s a huge opportunity for you.

#4. Living In” and “Moving To” Blog Posts


Episode Full Show Notes


[00:00:11.320] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, everybody, to the Mail. Right Show. It’s episode number 375. Wow. John and I are going to talk to.


[00:00:21.730] – Jonathan Denwood

You about it. You poor man. You’ve had to pull up with me for, I think, 175 episodes plus, probably.


[00:00:31.500] – Robert Newman

Before we get into this, everybody, we’re sitting here before the show and John, we’re talking about how our weeks have been. And he looks at me and he goes, and I’m coming to him, Oh, my God, you’re so busy because I’ve seen all these calls in his calendar, and he comments to me, Well, how do I say this, Robert? When you’re so focused, I don’t know what the hell he was trying to say, but I honestly think that everybody is what he was trying to say is that usually I am a bike bike. Half way being an asshole.


[00:01:07.560] – Jonathan Denwood

You’re just very focused, more focused than me in some way. I’m a bit of a dark, closer F my way, don’t I? But I can waffle a bit, can’t I?


[00:01:23.660] – Robert Newman

You can at that. But hey, everybody, we’re here 375 times. And no matter what John and I say, we’ve done this 200 times together, maybe more. Maybe I think it’s actually about 220 times because I’m pretty sure I joined on Episode 155 or 154.


[00:01:41.060] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, right on that.


[00:01:41.620] – Robert Newman

So we’ve done this 250 whatever times, but you haven’t done it with us and you may not know who we are. So as per my usual, I would love for my co host, the lovely British gentleman that you can hear on your headset or on your speaker to introduce himself.


[00:02:02.020] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m Jonathan Dingwood. I’m the joint founder of Mel Highford Wright. We build beautiful custom, semi custom, real estate websites on WordPress. Plus we offer a load of digital services and products to get you more leads. And the beauty of WordPress is you own your website, you’re not renting it off somebody. That’s a great idea, isn’t it? Back over to you, Rob.


[00:02:31.760] – Robert Newman

It is indeed. And hey, everybody, my name is Robert Newman. I’m a real estate online marketing consultant. I’ve specialized in real estate SEO. I’ve been doing it for 14 years. I have had a very lucky impressive career with the number of people that I’ve worked with. In California, I would say I’ve worked with 50 % of the top 2 %, mostly on building websites and doing SEO. So John and I got together.


[00:03:02.120] – Jonathan Denwood

And you’ve kicked your sanity.


[00:03:04.780] – Robert Newman

Well, maybe, maybe, John. Maybe. So John and I got together a while ago when he had me on his guest podcaster. And we’ve been doing this ever since for years now, just talking about real estate online marketing. And today, what we’re going to talk to you about, everybody who’s listening, is we’re going to talk to you about four blogging ideas for real estate lead generation. So I want to be clear with everybody who’s listening to the show. You can write a lot of blog posts, and 95 % of them will not generate you any business ever, even if you had 100,000 people come to the website. There are certain things that you can talk about that either set you up for conversion or take you over the plate in terms of getting a conversion, getting somebody to call you, things like that. They’re oftentimes not what you think because the sexy articles are the ones that you can draw 100,000 people with. And the ones in my experience that produce calls are the ones we are getting one or 200 people to the site. But they’re really specific articles aimed at really specific people. And once the article is read, you’ve made your impression and you get the phone call.


[00:04:29.150] – Robert Newman

Do you have John’s nodding? But I want to hear your thoughts on that, John.


[00:04:33.100] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I think that’s spot on, really. I call them vanity metrics, the vanity how many social media posts consumed, how many visitors you get to a website, which is important. If you don’t get any visitors, you can’t convert them. But on the other hand, I’ve seen loads of websites with loads of traffic, but it’s the wrong type of traffic which had very little interest or very little intention of buying the product or service that the website is supposed to be promoting?


[00:05:18.890] – Robert Newman

I agree. So here’s what we’re going to do, everybody. John was kind enough to select an article from June 21, 2022, which is for real estate blogging ideas to dominate markets on inbound rem. It says it’s under real estate blogging ideas. And this is the post that we decided to reverse engineer for the sake of this show. One of those first subjects that we talk about that’s in terms of a blog post is neighborhood guides. But there was a time, and I had a lot to do with this article when it was written, Jon, I actually wrote an original article that this one is based off of. And a lot of the stuff that I left there is still here. So there was a time when you could write a decent little neighborhood page and get leads. And maybe in some places, in some markets, that’s still true. For the most part, however, you’re not getting a lot of leads that register with your site, no matter how good your neighborhood information is. Or at least most realtors don’t have the will to make a neighborhood information good enough. There are still a couple of Realtors out there who are mostly content background people, and they’ve set the entire industry on its ear because when they write a neighborhood guide, it’s like 3,000, 4,000 words.


[00:06:44.440] – Robert Newman

It’s a deep guide, has pictures. And both of these agents have been consistently generating leads for years. As a matter of fact, they’re two of the highest GCI, highest producing agents I’ve ever seen or heard of. I wrote a book on them.


[00:07:00.360] – Jonathan Denwood

Can I ask you why you think this is? Because if you’re a newbie agent, let’s say in your second, third year, this is something that you could do yourself. I would suggest you really need to have a WordPress website because if you’re renting it off your broker or one of these platforms where if you totally stop paying, you lose the website. But it’s something that if you spend a bit of time and produce a really nice bit of what we call, and I think you call it as well, evergreen content, you can just update it once a year and it just keep paying for itself year in, year out, won’t it?


[00:07:46.720] – Robert Newman

It does, especially if you write the right pieces.


[00:07:49.710] – Jonathan Denwood

But why do so little of them do it?


[00:07:54.510] – Robert Newman

Well, I think that a lot of realtors don’t understand what an information, like a good informational piece of content looks like. And the ones that do generally speak, think to themselves that they understand how much time it takes. Because if somebody was to say it would take me 20 to 40 hours to write a page, on our blog post, we use this example called Tanglewood. And we link to the page that we’re using as an example because not even we as a professional marketing company have done the job that they’ve done at Houston properties because they are off the hook with how deep their content is. And so somebody who knows how to write would look at this and go, Oh, my God. Somebody spent 40 or 50 hours writing the original version a week. And they would be correct. Houston properties has made the realtor Paige Martin millions of dollars. That is not an over exaggeration. The number is in the million. She feeds a team of 30 salespeople off this website. But they have been working at and writing great content for a while. Why do I think that realtors don’t do it?


[00:09:06.090] – Robert Newman

I think the initial investment of time and energy is too high. It’s too intimidating. And that’s assuming that you know what you’re doing, John. I think that some real estate agents, especially some listening to the show, because you all are amazing, because I think that some of them are going to go, Well, I could probably see making an investment. And when you start talking about investment for high end SEO, when you’re talking like $5,000, $6,000 a month, I just ran across Tim Stout. You remember Tim Stout, our previous guest? He went with an SEO company called Andor SEO. I want to say they’re doing nothing even close to what we’re looking at. I’d say they’re doing one fifth of what a page on Houston properties is. And Tim’s paying $5,000 a month for that.


[00:09:55.020] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. Before we go on to the next one, do you think Because we don’t want to discourage people because I think there’s still some great opportunities here because so few other agents are prepared to put any effort into this. So I know a couple of agents in Northern Nevada who understood a bit about websites and educated themselves. And there’s a couple of names in my mind that I’ve done quite well. But can you give some tips, some ips, insights about what you think should be in a good neighborhood guide that maybe could give a quick outline? So we’re giving some advice to our listeners.


[00:10:43.160] – Robert Newman

Absolutely. If it’s going to be a good neighborhood guy, you’re going to have all the points of lifestyle interest associated with that neighborhood. I mean, the stores may be ranked by usefulness, usability, such as I have a Costco right down the street. That’s one of the first things I tell every single person about living in Van Nes is I can walk to my Costco. It’s enormously important thing for me. I actually do walk to it occasionally. Number two, schools. Number three, if you’re older or talking to somebody older, some note, notation as to not only the hospitals, but how friendly and easy to use are they? Another thing that is oftentimes commonly asked of realtors that you could throw into a neighborhood guide is information about that. Some people are so intent on their animals that they are, Is there a good vet in the area? And then last but not least, if you’re dealing with a younger audience, you might even go so far as to make notation of are there marijuana dispensaries in the neighborhood or around the neighborhood? Things of this nature.


[00:11:50.820] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s very California, isn’t it?


[00:11:54.540] – Robert Newman

Yeah. But you’re right, John, because I have a friend that’s buying a nine million dollars studio city home. And one of his main questions was, How far is this house to the closest dispensary? You never can tell in California. With money, with things.


[00:12:10.760] – Jonathan Denwood

I think the Vets would be more my cup of tea. You got to look after your Prairie friends, haven’t you?


[00:12:19.560] – Robert Newman

Sure. And I agree with that. It’s just what you have to look out for in a neighborhood guide is if you’re listening to this show, the thing that blows my mind is I do write some great content. What I’ve had the experience doing, John, is reading other content that other people have written for years. And I have a pretty good understanding of what some of the more creative things are that people have ever thought of ever inside the real estate business. And one of the things that I can tell you is that really somebody is going to think of something that everybody is interested in for the first time. They’re going to get it on a neighborhood guide, and that’s going to drive them a whole bunch of leads. Whether it’s not just restaurants, but reviews to restaurants, your personal reviews to restaurants. I think that the next step in neighborhood guides is connecting a neighborhood guide to your local service profile and starting to put down your own personal reviews as part of that neighborhood page. I think that’s the direction that we’re going for a strong content page. But now, let me tell you something else, John.


[00:13:24.200] – Robert Newman

If you do those things, take all that time. There is no doubt for those of you listening to the show the numbers are incontrovertible. Go to my website and figure out how I am a science guy, I’m a marketing guy, I’m a numbers guy. I make all my decisions based on the math that I’m able to get my hands on. And this guide that you’re talking about, these content pages, they generate more leads over time than any other method that you can try. They stay relevant, just like John said. Just like what happens to… Okay, Robert, you have to update it. Sure. But once the big thing is written, you go through, you spend 30 minutes every year. And if you have hundreds of these pages, that is a long time. However, like Paige and I’m forgetting his name right now because I’m tired. But the other guy that do Ruby at home, between the two of them, they’ve sold a billion dollars in real estate. That is with a B people, not an M. And they’ve done it all using content marketing and very little paid advertising. So when you’re wondering to yourself, what’s possible?


[00:14:30.440] – Robert Newman

The answer is you can create generational wealth by doing this well. That’s what the answer is.


[00:14:36.860] – Jonathan Denwood

So should we go on to number two then? Sorry. Yes. Local real estate niche articles. So give us an outline of what that is, Rob?


[00:14:49.280] – Robert Newman

So talking about Tim, Tim had Lake Homes on his website and was targeting very deeply homes that were on lakes. And I think he’s probably making his money, if he’s making any at all, off that specific search. So niche real estate is niche neighborhoods, niche home types, niche people. We’ve got probate people here in California. That’s niche. You’ve got other things as well. It’s t doesn’t… There’s a hundred different ways. I’m probably going to go back and talk about niches again because when you’re talking about niches, I wrote an article that had 150 different niches in it. And funnily enough, John, I can only remember like five or six. But I remember when I researched and wrote the article, I’m like, Holy shit, there’s a lot of different ways that you can make money because anything can be a niche for you. It doesn’t have to be a home type. It doesn’t have to be a neighborhood. It could be a Gotham properties here in LA who I used to consult with. Their niche was training their salespeople to be actual expert real estate transaction consultants. And they were brilliant at it. They had a deep level of knowledge about what you could do with a piece of property, how you could financially maneuver it, 10 31s, living trusts.


[00:16:19.250] – Robert Newman

These were all things that they talked to their clients about. They basically raised the bar of technical education very high and actually created this mystique around the salespeople that they were actually educated like a doctor or lawyer would be. When you went to them, you were getting advice from an investment person, from a real estate officer, all of it. And it was pretty incredible. It was so incredible. The guy who founded it got bought out almost instantaneously. He created a huge curriculum, John, and then he got bought out within six months. It was pretty crazy.


[00:16:58.070] – Jonathan Denwood

I think we’ve spoken in other episodes about if you’re starting out, it’s totally understandable. But as soon as you get any traction and understand what are the type of customers, properties, locations that you like dealing with, the more that you can focus on a niche as a real estate agent professional, the better you’re going to do in this industry. That trying to market to everybody seems to be the right idea, but it isn’t. It is. It’s not a good idea.


[00:17:46.100] – Robert Newman

At all. There’s a list of names of people that focus on niches. So it’s Jeffrey Hyland before he passed, Maurice O’Mansky, Josh Flagg, my client, Jacqueline Thompson. Every single name I just mentioned to you is probably top 50 in California, top 50 producer in California. There’s a few people, really old school people such as Joyce Ray and a few others that don’t seem to appear, don’t focus on niches, but they’ve been around for so long. You would never be able to replicate your success if you tried to do it exactly the same way in the exact same cities. You’d have to wait as she has had to wait for 30 or 40 years before you started to see your business grow the way that hers is. Everybody else, even here in LA, even in Hollywood, they’re focused on niches and surprising niches at that. They’re not the niches that everybody thinks. Like Jeffrey and Mauricio, while they would do the listing and take the listing, I think they focused their actual energy on luxury condominium high rises, like their actual marketing energy, their shaking hands and going places and meeting people. All of that was more focused around buildings that had units that they could sell from between two and 25 million.


[00:19:10.880] – Robert Newman

And so that’s a niche. And everybody who makes a ton of money is doing it. Some people like Christoff, too, have targeted… He is focused on Beverly Hills for almost the entirety of his career. Just Beverly Hills. Now he has many other places.


[00:19:29.380] – Jonathan Denwood

Do you think, obviously, there’s a lot of other factors, intelligence, hard work, commitment, blah, blah, blah. But do you think this is one of the key factors? Because you know and I know that only about 20 % of individuals in the real estate industry make a really good living from it. Do you think identifying a niche is one of the key factors that will determine if you’re going to become one of those 20 %?


[00:19:59.860] – Robert Newman

It certainly does. But I’d say mindset and self education of the others. Yes, understanding that you have a niche, but understanding and being disciplined and diligent about targeting that niche, talking to that niche, showing up for that niche. Jacqueline focuses on a single neighborhood, Shady Canyon. It’s where 80 % of her business comes from. It’s only 300 homes. And she’s one of the top producing agents in the country. The same thing goes for other people. But just because the market is small does not mean that there isn’t a very, very large degree of work that that agent has put into building up the untouchable reputation that, like, Jacqueline has put up because she’s doing it. She’s marketing to these people. She’s mailing, she’s knocking on their door, she’s walking the street, she’s putting her signs up. She’s doing probably… Brian Tracy used to have this old sales methodology that he used to train on called the five touch mechanisms, and he pulled it from other sales trainers. But the psychology of a sales process, Jon, is that somebody has to be introduced to you five times before they’re ready to buy. And things have not really changed in the digital age.


[00:21:09.400] – Robert Newman

We’ve just transferred those touches online. So when you’re working a neighborhood or a niche, or anything, you target the hell out of your audience and just try to keep introducing yourself to them so every single person in your niche knows who you are. That’s really the only objective. It’s the only objective I have with them about who I am. Not trying to sell everybody a website. I just want them to know who I am. That’s what I think. And when it comes to blogging, because we’re talking about blogging, guys, when you have a niche, it gets very hard for me to talk to you about what that niche is going to be or what you should be blogging about within that niche. Paul Kaplan is one of my favorite people to talk about. He sells modern homes here in California. He does it specifically out in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. That’s his niche. And he talks about modern homes on his blog all day long, 24 7. That’s all he does, is talk about modern homes out in that part of the country. But sometimes he talks about them in other parts of the country, too.


[00:22:13.930] – Robert Newman

He talks about the history and where you find these homes and why he likes them so much and what’s unique about them. And I can go on and on and on and on. And so that’s what you talk about when you have a blog. And he gets a massive amount of word of mouth. He sells a ridiculous percentage of the modern homes that are for sale in Palm Springs and Palm Desert because he committed to a niche. He loves the niche, which is interesting. He actually just likes it. Give him a chance to sell just a regular old house or modern home. And I haven’t confirmed this, but I think that he’s going to go, Oh, yeah, give me the modern home. If his schedule is full and he has no ability to service and he has a modern home over here and a non modern home over here, he’s going to go sell the modern home. I’m pretty sure.


[00:23:00.720] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s great. Shall we go for a break, Rob?


[00:23:03.340] – Robert Newman

Yeah, let’s please do it. So everybody, thank you so much for humoring me. And John, last night was one of my deep, deep, deep, deep insomia nights. I only got a few hours of sleep, so I may be a little lost in the sauce. It happened every so often. So thank you for bearing with me. John, thank you for bearing with me. Wherever you guys are at, where you’re watching the show, listening the show, do us a favor and give us a comment. All right? We’d really appreciate it. We’ll be right back. Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need Mail write. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail. R ight. Com. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mail Right Show. We are on episode number 375. And as usual, John and I are all over the place talking about so many things, but we’re talking, trying to talk about really good blog ideas for real estate lead generation.


[00:24:10.140] – Robert Newman

That’s what we’re trying to talk about.


[00:24:13.140] – Jonathan Denwood

I think we’ve been successful so far.


[00:24:16.400] – Robert Newman

Okay, I’m going to take your word for it. We talked about neighborhood guides, and the second thing that we talked about was blogging about a very specific niche inside the real estate space. So now let’s talk about financial and tax information. Okay, now niches and speaking deeply inside your niche. So everybody needs to hear me on this. All these ideas work, all of them. But if you want to say, Robert, what’s the most effective strategy, short term, long term, all term? It’s absolutely the one we just covered. It is picking a niche, discussing it, really getting into what people care about inside that niche. And everybody hear me. What do you think, John, if you had to guess, if I was to say, here’s an idea for how to write for a niche, but this is the number one thing you should do. What would you think you would need to do to write about a niche? What do you think one of the things is that you could do to find some interesting ideas to write an article when you’re talking about a very niche market?


[00:25:23.020] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, you caught me out here. Nothing occurs, part of having a passion for it, which you touched in the first half. Yeah, you caught me out there, to be honest, Robb.


[00:25:37.040] – Robert Newman

Nothing beats talking to people that actually live, work, and exist inside that niche. Nothing beats it. Nothing beats it then thinking that you have an idea for a blog post and calling a business owner that may be in an area that you service or calling a past person that you did a transaction with. All of you, every single person, you included, Jon, we are content machines when you train your mind for the discipline of remembering the questions.


[00:26:06.720] – Jonathan Denwood

That people have. I think that’s a great insight there, Rob, because it fits in because doing a podcast, doing videos about the niche, just building a whole… Getting those five touch points, which you outlined before we went for our break, it all links in, doesn’t it?


[00:26:30.340] – Robert Newman

Yes. But the number one thing I do, I do research, I do keyword research, which is part of it. And you can do keyword research, but I teach my clients. Keyword research is secondary because you’re going to tie a subject into a type of title that people are searching for, and then you’re going to match the content to the title. But what you really should be doing is you should be out there talking to people, remembering the questions that they ask you. And for those of you listening to this show, anybody that’s a professional salesperson, John, me, anybody that promotes a business, you get sick of answering some of the same questions because it’s an absolute fact that if you’re selling something, eventually you’re going to have the five or six questions that everybody asks you and you just get a little bit tired of answering them. Those five or six things are your number one blogging subjects because at a minimum, you can send somebody to a digital place to answer those questions. At a maximum, you’re now driving in a lot of curiosity, curious people who appreciate you answering those questions. So much so, the expertise that you have is so well established in their mind that they pick up the phone and they call you.


[00:27:46.360] – Robert Newman

So going the route of highly specific information, especially if it’s based on questions that people who work want to buy homes in that niche, want to sell homes in that niche, want to look in that niche. Million dollar homes are great for one thing. They get lots of lookaloos. You could build on a massive list by trying to sell a single five or 10 million dollar home or one that’s in the top two % of your market, and the smart realtor would create a mailing list around it, have conversations with everybody, understanding they probably weren’t going to sell that home, but they would create a large amount of dialog and then come to market with a couple of smaller homes in the same area, like the same niche. You take the top of market and then you collect all the information from all the people who just want to look, want to gawk, who want to dream, and then you let them dream. And then you say, by the way, now that we’re done dreaming, I’ve got this really cool thing over here.


[00:28:49.940] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, the other thing is, before we go on to the financial taxes, the other thing occurred to me, as you were saying that, Rob, is that this is so fantastic because it’s self fulfilling. What I mean by that is that the more you talk about the niche and all the things you’ve outlined, the more these people consume it that you’re targeting it. They’re pre qualified in themselves, aren’t they? The more they consume it before they approach you.


[00:29:20.760] – Robert Newman

Correct. Financial and tax information, closing cost, property taxes, 10 31 exchange information for specific areas. A lot of financial and tax information will surprise everybody listening to the show. Some of it doesn’t change state to state globally. Some of it’s federal, some of it doesn’t change. Unfortunately, though, a lot of it does. And your consumer, whether you know that or not and you should as a professional real estate agent, but your consumer will know that, especially they bought or sold a home before. And the financial and tax information is something you get burned by once. And then generally speaking, people are willing to do a much deeper dive than you’d ever think looking at things like closing costs and property tax and really understanding what they are, what can possibly input the sale. And why is that? We all get handed a big stack of paperwork, but as one of the line items, eventually we’re going to have our closing fees and things like that as part of that. And we’re going to see things like 1 % on for something, which is going to be here in California, it’s going to be $10,000 that we just took from you, Mr.


[00:30:24.610] – Robert Newman

Newman. Thank you for the 10 grand. You’re like, what? It’s not small. The numbers are never small in these things. A quarter of a % adds up. 1 % really adds up. More than 1 % I would recommend that everybody’s paying attention to it because this is a 20 to 25 year transaction for most people. And in California, it exceeds a million dollars almost every single time. So it is simply not small. And you should be paying attention to where your 10 and your 30 and your 40,000s are going.


[00:30:57.220] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think I’m not. Well, yeah, I think you’re spot on because I think, like you say, a lot of housing in Southern California, a million dollars. The property tax, a lot of people are in for shock, aren’t they, in the next few years, aren’t they?


[00:31:21.740] – Robert Newman

Yeah, they.


[00:31:23.220] – Jonathan Denwood

Sure are. Not a pleasant shock.


[00:31:28.000] – Robert Newman

Another financial tax information is things like probate. And I can go on and on. There are lots of different things to do around financial information. In my article, we listed an example of an article that we wrote three, four, five years ago. I don’t even know it’s still on the first page and we never updated it. It’s basically property taxes in Atlanta. And we still somehow remain on the first page for this article for years and years and years talking about property tax. And we don’t really get that much competition. The people that want to competition with us are like nerd wallet and property base. They’re not actually direct competitors of ours, and they’re not direct competitors to the client, so it doesn’t really matter to them. They’re not competing for your real estate prospects’ attention. They’re competing for some other reason. They want to sell back services or something.


[00:32:19.360] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ll tell you another good subject, but I just want to see if you think it’s a good one for agent to write about is HOA fees, about how are they how can you tell if your HOA is just ripping you off? How do you judge you’ve been charged for it? Because they seem to be all over the place, don’t they?


[00:32:44.540] – Robert Newman

They’re all over the place. And the second that somebody comes up with a comprehensive national website that covers that, that is a social media platform that covers all these HOA dialog that has proper… I’ve seen one or two of these, by the way, John, but nobody really has the experience growing a digital brand. They don’t understand how expensive and how time consuming it’s going to be. But the minute that somebody does, that’s a $10 million idea right there because everybody should be having a conversation with everybody else that’s ever managed, used, but dealt with this HOA so that you know in detail what to expect. You shouldn’t have to attend some meeting in the basement or the rec area of your own building and do it at eight o’clock on a Tuesday ight, all so that you can just basically learn what your fellow homeowners are going to try to force you to do on a piece of property that you’ve already bought. It’s ridiculous. It’s a ridiculous system. And so, yes, everybody’s dealt with those HOAs where there’s just random.


[00:33:47.520] – Jonathan Denwood

I don’t see on any of the Northern Nevada agent websites any outline of what is the price? Are there any guidelines these HO should follow? Blah, blah, blah. Because when you look at different properties, it can vary from $180 to $600 a month.


[00:34:16.700] – Robert Newman

That’s just tip of the iceberg in California dollars. There are places here whose HOA fees move you a very long way into what your mortgage payment is. I’ve seen them be as much as half the mortgage payment. Or more. Some HOAs in some communities here cost equal amounts because they’re providing security, they’re providing many other things that go along with the fees. And along with that, you come with all the crazy California laws where you have to insure everybody and make sure everybody’s making over $15 an hour and blah, blah, blah. So it adds up. So for those of you listening to the show, number three is that tax information. Go to my blog post if you’d like to see more. Now, number four is engagement blog posts. And this is our bonus content because really, we’re out of time. This is the end of the show. John’s going to separate it. We’re going to have a little piece of a bonus content. Move on to either the mail hyphen, right blog channel or move on to just Google YouTube inbound rem. Either way, though, you’re going to find an article. Now, the last way to make a lot of money using content for real estate lead generation ideas that involve blogging.


[00:35:34.320] – Robert Newman

And this is very low hanging fruit, everybody. Relocating to, moving to, or living in. I just gave you the three top titles. Those are keyword titles with the digital landscape shifting the entire country and its population. Those three keywords are massively used, plus retiring in. So it’s moving to, living in, retiring to, and moving to, right? Relocating to. That’s what’s happening right now. All the fan companies letting all those people go. Everything that you’ve heard about or read about in the news is propelling a large movement in our population, maybe as much as 3 % to 4 % of the population is on the move right now. And that means that these guides get a tremendous… They’re both sexy, they get traffic, and they get you leads. It makes them a trifecta in terms of writing about. Like, anybody that has a website or a YouTube channel or a Instagram channel, it’s not trying to explain to your audience the pros and cons of moving into a neighborhood, relocating to a neighborhood, you’re really missing out on a big revenue stream possibility. I wouldn’t even understand that as a real estate agent. Van Isis is a really blue collar city.


[00:36:45.860] – Robert Newman

And I don’t think that very many people, except ones who are struggling with home price, move here. It’s one of the only places.


[00:36:54.920] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ll give you an example. I like to ski, Rob. And I normally ski at Hefner in late time. Every time I go skiing and I’m on a ski lift. I start chatting to the person next to me. We’ve moved to Northern Nevada. We’ve moved four months ago, a year ago, three years ago. We moved from the Bay Area. We’ve moved to Northern Nevada because we like the area. I must hear that f there isn’t… When I go skiing, I must hear it three times during the day. I’ve moved to Northern Nevada from the Bay Area.


[00:37:41.260] – Robert Newman

And that would be what John just said was an opportunity for content piece because now if I’m the realtor and I’m sitting here on a ski lift and that’s the reality, I get to do this. I get to say the surprising reality of skiing in Reino for those who’ve just relocated. I’d have to rejigger the title, but I have a blog post based on what you just said. I do. And the blog post would be, what does it cost? Where do you go? And how do you get into skiing? And I’d aim it specifically. I’d mention the amount of times I’ve had people from the Bay up here talking to me. So I figured I’d just make it a little easier for everybody else. And now I’ve got an article that’s targeted at people moving from the Bay, headed into Reino, doing something that they love skiing.


[00:38:31.090] – Jonathan Denwood

I’m not normally a better man, and I might be wrong. If we did a search to find a really good article, what you’ve just outlined on any Northern Nevada website, Lake Tahoe based or the Reino area, I bet we won’t find one. Probably not.


[00:38:52.120] – Robert Newman

Is my guess. I don’t think that we would find one. I don’t think that we would. So, ladies and gentlemen, that’s it. We’re done with this subject. But let me just summarize this and close this out by saying, if you don’t understand that we are living in the information age and that providing the best information is actually a marketing strategy, please do yourself a favor. Sign up for some beginner digital marketing courses, some beginner courses in SEO. We are deep in the weeds in the information age. John and I are just talking about little signs of that. People consume more information on video. Hey, you know what? Chatgbt may change that and say that Microsoft stuff starts to propel audio ads inside their search results and that they take a much larger percentage of the search market than they used to have. But guess what? It doesn’t actually change what John and I would really be talking about. Not really. It just changes where it’s happening. That’s it. That’s the destination. You’ve got to say to yourself, where do you stand on being a personal information provider? And for those of you who are still in that, I just want to pay somebody and get my leads.


[00:40:12.200] – Robert Newman

And if I’m going to share any of my expertise, it’s going to be inside a single conversation with a person that I’m talking to already. Guys, that is a dying and dead strategy. You are living in the past. I hate to break it to you, but that’s the truth. John, how would you like people to get in touch with you have a strong client.


[00:40:33.000] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks for that, Rob. I just want to point out, if you’re looking for a good platform for your website, plus a CRM, Mel, right, we’re a third cheaper than real geek bold leads, most of the other CRM website systems that you’re looking at, at least a third cheaper. So if you’re looking and I’ve been at it for about five years now. So if you’re looking for a really good platform that you own, plus it’s great value, go over to Mel hyphen Wright. Com and have a look at what we got to offer. Back over to you, Rob.


[00:41:14.220] – Robert Newman

Ladies and gentlemen, listen, thank you so much for sharing your time with John and I. We appreciate it. We’re both a little crazy, trust be told. But I think that most people are in their own different ways. We’re just our own brand of crazy. And we really appreciate your patronage. The numbers, as far as I’ve always heard, keep growing. I occasionally do promote the show. I occasionally don’t promote the show. When I do promote the show, my numbers, my side of it, they go way up. That just means that I know a lot of people are listening. And I occasionally get that feedback too, John. And I just want to say, everybody, we know your time is valuable. We know how hard the job is that you’ve chosen for yourself. We really appreciate you giving us to listen. And if we can ever be of more service to you, just drop, please either email me at Robert@inboundrem or Jonathan@mail hyphen write. Com. Either way, you’ll get a response. You’ll discover that we’re what we sound like, just two guys doing our best to one, build businesses, no doubt about it, but also number two, provide good advice and help while we do it.


[00:42:22.240] – Robert Newman

Would you agree, Jon?


[00:42:23.780] – Jonathan Denwood

Oh, yeah, especially from you. You’re the one that’s got the 15 years experience. But I think the main thing is, yeah, I think there’s great opportunities still out there if you’re a committed real estate agent professional. I think it’s still possible to build a really great business and use your website and your online marketing to really get that success for you. I honestly do believe that. And the great thing, if they listen to quite a few of our episodes, I think we give a great outline of the things they’ve got to know, not only through our discussions, but through our guests. I think we’re given a lot of value, Rob.


[00:43:07.720] – Robert Newman

Me too. And I certainly hope that we have. But if anybody disagrees, you can always talk to us. I don’t know what our response will be, but we’ll listen. All right, everybody, thank you so much for tuning in. Jon, take on. If you’d like to find out more about me, I am a shameless plugger in a different way than Jon is. I’m visual. You can see it on my shirt. You can see it on my background. Just go to foundrem. Com, see, John. I went back with new branded logos so that I don’t have to incessantly do this. This is who we are.


[00:43:40.770] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s very impressive, Robb. We’ll see people next week.


[00:43:44.840] – Robert Newman

Bye. Bye.



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