#374 – Mail-Right Show: KvCore New Features 2022/2023

KvCore New Features 2022/2023

If you want to learn more about the new KvCore features, you need to watch this video! InboundREM has released a comprehensive review of the new features, and it’s worth your time to read it. By the time you finish watching this video, you’ll have a much better understanding of the new features and how they will impact your business.

Episode Full Show Notes

[00:00:00.200] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Episode 374 of the MailR ight podcast with a recent purchase by Inside Real Estate of Boomtown. We are going to spend a little bit more time and energy talking about KV Core than we usually do. Specifically for this podcast episode, we are going to talk about the updates they announced at the end of 2022 in November, and we’re going to dive into those and dissect them. Before we jump into what is a very specific and very meaty topic, I’d love to introduce… My name is Robert, by the way, and I’m the founder of Inbound rem, but I’d love to introduce my co host, whose name is Jonathan, for anybody who may not know him, and let him tell you a little bit about who he is and why you should listen to him. Go ahead, Jon.


[00:01:03.780] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m the joint founder of mail hyphen write. Com. We build beautiful websites on WordPress. Plus, we offer a CRM and a suite of other digital marketing tools to convert possible leads into actual customers. Back over to you, Robert.


[00:01:23.360] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. All right. I’m the founder of a company that does everything exactly opposite in the way that all these companies that we always talk about this. I’m a content provider, a storyteller, and I have an expertise in SEO, search engine optimization. So we produce great content. We help get it found. So here’s… Oh, wait. I’m putting it on my screen like you all can see my screen. So here we’re going to jump right into it. But before we do, John, I want to make sure that everybody understands the way that these big real estate prop tech companies release their updates. First and foremost, the vast majority of these systems haven’t updated themselves in any significant way in at least five to seven years. In KV Core’s case, the last major batch of actual updates that changed the core functionality of their CRM took place in 2016. They’ve had five or six years of what are called hot fixes, and they’re releasing them as product news on their website. But were they product updates? Not really. They were more like people fine tuning the system that they’re already in, big customers, big teams coming in and saying, we want this one little thing added to this very specific piece of functionality.


[00:02:47.340] – Robert Newman

Kb Core going, okay, developing it into the platform and then launching it to everybody who probably isn’t even going to use it and calling it a product update. Was it really a product update? No, it wasn’t. I mean, yes, in the most technical way, yes, it was, but it wasn’t meant for everybody. It wasn’t meant for the average user. It was meant for somebody specifically.


[00:03:13.090] – Jonathan Denwood

I think what you’re saying is it wasn’t a real improvement to core functionality.


[00:03:18.960] – Robert Newman

Correct. So let’s just dive into this. So, ladies and gentlemen, you can’t see it. It’s off screen. I’m going to put it on my screen so it appears if I’m looking at you in the camera. But the update announcement came in November 9, 2022. And then I did some YouTube videos, and now we’re doing a podcast. So first of all, one of my main beefs with KV Core has been that they have not done any design updates since they launched the product. Not really. And this still remains true. We’re not going to talk about design updates unless you’re talking about listing design. Certain pages have been enhanced in terms of user experience, but their websites have not been redesigned. Everybody listening to this show really needs to understand that. What they’ve done, the first set of enhancements, and almost all of the enhancements, are going to be around the property display features of the site. One of the things that they did is they allowed sold listing carousels to be leveraged on the homepage. Normally, such a small enhancement would not cause me to say, Hey, John, can we do a podcast on this? But I think that KV Core got this one right For a very long time, social proof has been the way that you generate yourself more results.


[00:04:51.400] – Robert Newman

Kv Core, one of my main… You can’t customize their systems. Not really, not very much. They’re one of the least customizable solutions on the marketplace. So you might wonder why they’re so popular. It’s because they manage to do cheap and efficient very well. And so the cheap and efficient part is something that real estate agents love more than enough to give up customization, uniqueness, things like that. So one of those updates is you can now, on the homepage, add listings with a sold banner on them once they’ve been sold. I do not know if you can do it throughout the site. It would appear based on the notes on their own blog.


[00:05:35.250] – Robert Newman

The answer to that is no, you can only do it on the homepage. Still a feature that I really love that connects into social proof. So, Jon, what do you think about that feature?


[00:05:48.320] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s okay. It’s about okay, isn’t it? I think one of the main things is it’s an enterprise level product. Which was at the same price as some of its broker level competitors. And then they decided to do some deals with some large brokerages. And they did some very large package deals with agencies, brokerages that had tens of thousands of agents, regional brokerage, and they discount it heavily. And it’s offered to a lot of agents as part of their monthly digital package, which they have to pay for as part of their breakage charge. And they get their half to pay for it anyway, or it’s highly advised. It’s either they’re forced to buy it or it’s highly advised and they buy it because the normal price is quite expensive, but they get it at a tremendous discount, or they think they’re getting it at a tremendous discount.


[00:07:13.450] – Robert Newman

Agreed. Okay. So that’s another thing, guys, that I’m just going to add on to John’s. One thing that everybody needs to understand about KV Core, and I’m going to read it to you right now, our featured area is effectively to showcase your local expertise while capitalizing on how consumers search today with automated community centric highlights. The trick here, guys, is automated. So if you are on a team of 50 and you have a KV Core site that your broker is giving you and all other 50 people are located in your area, you must understand that the automated data that is being presented on your website will be presented on every KV Core website, and thus it’s repetitive. It will never rank for SEO. My supposition to anybody listening to the show is that it devalues your information or brand. We live in the information age, and I still just I will never understand as long as John and I do this show, why people don’t understand that that being information and informational and unique is a brand. It’s an enormous brand for real estate agents. It’s a huge brand. So why would you just pile on to people that are literally telling you, We’re going to do the same thing for everybody.


[00:08:33.130] – Robert Newman

It’s going to be automatic, but it’s cheap. Well, yeah. I mean, if you want to drive an Edsel, drive an Edsel. Sorry, hugely weird reference there.


[00:08:43.000] – Jonathan Denwood

I think one of the main concerns with this, and I wanted to see if they’ve updated this through your own recent research, one of your main criticisms of it was the performance of the platform. You said it was so bad that you just couldn’t price. When you were even last time, you did an extensive testing of the system, you just couldn’t stand it because the performance… I think one of your strongest statements, you said you just found which is slow. So what do you think? Do you think they’ve improved that at all?


[00:09:24.610] – Robert Newman

I haven’t looked at it. I haven’t logged into a cloud version of their CRM since I did that review, which was probably a year or two ago. So the original review still stands. It’s still a cloud based system. They’ve added a lot more people onto it. It’s possible that they’ve deeply expanded their server base so that each individual user can have a faster, more seamless cloud use case out of it. I do not know. Kv Core is oftentimes given to agents like… I just took on a new client today, John, that had 22 agents, and they’ve handed KV Core to their client and can’t tell me if anybody’s ever logged in. It’s one of those things that you provide as a broker, sometimes at $35 a seat, where 90 % of the people that you’re getting it for don’t use it. And even if they pay for it themselves at $35 a month, they don’t use it. And the ones that are using it, which is probably well over 110, the number that I saw published a few years ago by KV Core was 110,000 daily users. So that’s slowing the system down. Now, let’s just say they become far more popular and they have 300,000 daily users.


[00:10:31.530] – Robert Newman

That means that their server capabilities must be way more than what they were previous. Have they kept up with that? I have no idea. I don’t know at this answer.


[00:10:43.320] – Jonathan Denwood

You need some cloud resources if you’re running that amount of people into app. And it’s quite intensive. The other factor is it’s all embracing, it is powerful, but it was aimed at a broker level or some in a brokerage that was a digital manager, in my opinion. It’s the same level as Boontown, which they have pulled out recently. They’re merging, aren’t they? Or Zink, I always pronounce it C IA. Zink? Zink. I always struggle, thank you. Zink, which is another, what I see as a brokerage, one of 100, 200, 500 level product, which is what Boone Town was a Broke Ridge that had 100, 200, 500 agents. And KV Core was not quite there, but similar. But then through a lot of discounting, eXp, they did a deal with eXp and their main agents to promote it on YouTube. It’s been sold as a single agent type tool or small power team. Those origins are not really for that type of scenario in my mind. What do you feel? What I’ve just said?


[00:12:21.100] – Robert Newman

I would agree. Sorry, I was trying to think, I was going to go deep in the weeds, but I’m just going to say, I know I agree with you.


[00:12:26.900] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s just my interpretation. They just nd I think if you’re going to look, if you’re a single or a married couple or small boutique power team or experience broker with four or five junior agents, I think you’d probably be better off looking at something else, basically. But that’s just my opinion. I think bold leads, real geeks, something like Mel R ight, or something like that. I’m not sure that, but it is enormously popular, isn’t it?


[00:13:14.940] – Robert Newman

Well, by far and away, the biggest system with their purchase of Boometown, they are now, besides Placester, they might have the largest install base. And I’ve heard rumors that Placester sold off a big percentage of its customer base to Brand Co. So I don’t know that to be true. I don’t know what the arrangements are. I don’t know what the contract is. I just want everything to be clear. It’s just something I heard that is unverified as of now. But if that’s the case, then Placester actually tried to take care of the problem that you and I pointed out. Remember, hundreds of thousands of agents calling in for customer service? They sent that customer service contract to Brandco and tried to offload it from them entirely. That’s what I heard. So whether or not that makes Inside Real Estate the largest user base by far. probably inside real estate, hundreds of thousands of agents, I would guess, making it nobody even comes close to touching them. Having said all that, it’s also, of all the big systems, least customizable. If I was going to list it, pros and cons or give it an overall score, it would come in one of the lowest.


[00:14:23.940] – Robert Newman

I might even place CHIME above KV Core, but it is easy. There’s so much content produced about it. Now, John, this is something I’ve talked to a lot about. I’ve oftentimes said it’s not so much the system itself, it’s people’s ability to use it. Now, what KV Core has that nobody else has, as all the high level entrepreneurial minded content producers that sat here and are producing teams all over the US for eXp, and they’re under a multi level marketing system, which means that that attraction of agents and is amazing major part of the revenue model, if not the biggest part of the revenue model. So they sit here and do content explaining how to use these eXp sponsored tools ad nauseam. So now KV Core, even though it’s one of the worst sites, it is actually one of the easiest to learn how to use at the highest level because so many great people have done so much great content surrounding it. So now I always have to rejigger my reviews when it comes to KV Core because it’s more usable than the other systems, even though it’s got all these features because so many people have done tutorials on how they’re producing deals using those individual features.


[00:15:38.980] – Robert Newman

That makes it more adaptable and profitable than other systems. But it’s not as feature heavy or as fast or as friendly in many ways. So we’re going to come back from our break in a second. We’re going to go to break, I suppose I should say first, and then we’re going to get into a little bit deeper into this. And one of the things that we’re going to cover when we come back is an incredibly powerful subject that is going to be… We’re a few months off. In 2023, it’s going to be something that’s in every single Realtor’s inbox, if it’s not already. And you all need to be aware of it. It involves texting. Kv Core finally got out in the head of everybody else. I’m really impressed the fact that they’re one of the first big people to address this problem. So without any further ado, we’re going to go to break. John, if somebody would like to look you up, how would you like them to do that? Actually, not you specifically. Let’s just say that somebody wanted to compare Mele R ight against KV Core. Where would you recommend they go to do that?


[00:16:41.450] – Jonathan Denwood

Let’s go to male hyphen right. Com. All right, perfect.


[00:16:45.460] – Robert Newman

And ladies and gentlemen, inbound RMM is not really comparable. We’re a different thing. We’re looking for high end, elite users that want to set themselves free from systems. So different type of client. But if you’d like to research me and understand what we do, just go to inbound rMM.


[00:17:03.720] – Jonathan Denwood

That was one of his clients.


[00:17:07.380] – Robert Newman

Yeah. And we’ll take care of it. All right, we’ll be right back. Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need MailW rite. It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail. R ight. Com. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to episode number 374 of the Mail Write Show. We’re so grateful that you’re here. John and me are reviewing… We’re having a dialog about KV Core, and we’re having a dialog about its updates, which is the first in many, many years. One of the first things that they are leading the pack in, is they are the first to insist on compliant text messaging options inside their platform. No longer can you send out an unlimited, unsupervised stream of text from KV Core. Their language that they use to what is scaling down a feature, not scaling it up, but scaling it down, is a master class in marketing because it says we are helping to ensure you are compliant in your marketing efforts through new opt in language at various customer touch points.


[00:18:38.610] – Robert Newman

The new worry free texting enables you to take advantage of KV Core’s direct messaging capabilities, worry free exclamation point. So what is that telling you? John, these guys have understood that their clients are abusing text message marketing. It’s one of my biggest frustrations in today, 2023, the leading edge concerns, drop my historical stuff. I get calls and text messages all day long. It’s illegal. Anybody not hear me? It’s illegal. You should not be texting anybody on the text message marketing system. You must have them opt in the same way that you have to do it with telemarketing. You have to opt in.


[00:19:28.640] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ve paid people. I’ve never done business. I must have about 10 text messages a day, sometimes a lot more, from companies, business loans, health insurance, blah, blah, blah. I’m pretty sure I never signed up for a lead magnet for most of these people. They’ve just brought in a list and they text me.


[00:19:54.350] – Robert Newman

Which is illegal. And eventually there was a guy out there by the name of Zin marketers. Eventually, he’ll nd what he did is he took all these companies to small claims. He used to do it for tele marketers, John, and he made hundreds of thousands of dollars every year because he won every single case. It is illegal. The fact that we as a consumer do not operate, act on it is just an anomaly. Here’s what you guys as real estate agents and every single person who leaves the show who’s done real estate for longer than a year is going to nod their head to this. You have a concern that very few other professionals have. Your competing realtors are not your friends. Sorry, I’m trying to change this inside the real estate industry. But realtors are competitive and oftentimes they’re snotty. So they will literally, if you break a rule that they themselves are following and you just don’t happen to know that you’re breaking the rule, they’ll turn you in. You’ve got probably five or six of your competitors on any email or marketing list. I know I do. I have every single competitor of mine the CEOs and CMOs.


[00:21:02.100] – Robert Newman

They’re all on my marketing list. I know that. I don’t know if they’re looking for me to stumble and fail, but with real estate agents, there’s definitely something going on there that says that your own competition is going to turn you in. Google ad words budgets are constantly hacked and inflated by agents. I know because I run paid accounts and I see how Google is catching the fraud because it’s fraud. If this same person whose competitor clicks on your ad 15 times, that’s a form of fraud. They’re just trying to make you pay 30 or 40 or 50 bucks or whatever it is, and they have no intention of doing anything with you. And they think, hah, spend the $50, you bastard. Sorry. So, like, John is barely keeping it together. So this, from a compliance standpoint, this is great. From a marketing standpoint, they just took something away from you and sugarcoated it, like big time. It was the Wild West.


[00:22:11.130] – Jonathan Denwood

I got a buy, they weren’t. They must have had a few minutes to get that worded like that. I have been touched.


[00:22:18.650] – Robert Newman

Right. I told you a master class in marketing. I mean, that’s the sweetest way anybody’s ever said, hey, we used to let you do whatever you want. Now you can’t. But that’s what that says. And yet they were like, well, anyway.


[00:22:33.800] – Jonathan Denwood

On to another feature, which I think you highlighted in your excellent video. Rob’s got excellent video on the Inbound YouTube channel on his late you set up date review, go and watch it, folks. But I think I watched it a couple of times. And I think one of the things she talked about was their map widget, which they’ve updated. Do you want to quickly give a description of that improvement or added feature?


[00:23:03.500] – Robert Newman

So the map widget, which I’m looking at on the screen, it is pretty freaking cool, man. They’ve gone ahead and updated into Polygon searches, which is where you can draw a map. Here’s what I like. The user experience, the UX, and unfortunately, John, if I said specifics and you watch my video more recently, please catch me at the end of this. But I’m going to say this, one of the things I really enjoyed, just in general, was the experience on the old map system on KV Core was standard. It was like with all the money they have, you could never understand why they just weren’t doing a better job. This new map experience, I felt, was very slick looking. I just felt that way, and I’ve never felt that way about anything with KV Core. Those of you that have followed me who’ve watched my reviews know I’m very even handed. It’s very rare I say this many non complimentary things about a provider. I think they got the math function right. I think it’s very cool and very nice and I really enjoyed it. Now, what did you think, Jon?


[00:24:11.090] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I thought I want to say it’s a major improvement, but for what it does in UX design and usability, it’s a nice feature. Is it groundbreaking? No, but as an additional feature, my only concern about this is that there are they’re taking over Boone Town, they’re marketing hard, they’ve got this deal with eXp. There’s a lot of info on YouTube about it. They’re pushing it hard. My concern is performance because, like I say, it struck me because you are when you’re talking about these on your YouTube channel or in this podcast, you choose your words more carefully than me. Most times I’m a bit wilder, but you had quite strong wording when you were talking about utilizing their system. You said it was awful. It was really rough experience, and that was down to the performance.


[00:25:23.240] – Robert Newman

It was to the performance. There’s nothing unique about it. Even in their update that they are releasing to all of their customers, which I wish everybody could read. I think that one of my Southern relatives, which I haven’t talked to in a long time, but they’re saying they’re painting a dirty pig old. It’s an old Southern saying. I’m just going to jump into that. Some of the things that they announced that we’re not going to really cover in depth here is the listing machine and design center. What they allowed you to do is slightly better brand your listings on their service. That’s it. A couple of updates that they literally are making it sound like this major upgrade, beautiful feature. And maybe it is for KV Core. They haven’t even caught up to what standard inside the feature. So yes, it’s an upgrade for them. I agree. Is it an upgrade in general across all of the KV Core people, like, No, not doing anything interesting here, not doing anything unique. Go ahead. John really wants to say something.


[00:26:38.700] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, you’re going to have to tell me if I’m being fair here because I am a competitor in some ways. I’m a top of the tiny independent. I think if you’ve been made to pay for it, if you’re in your first year and you’re part of the XP or you’re part of a brokerage, and part of the monthly digital fee that your brokerage is charging you, or you’re being highly encouraged to use it because it integrates with the brokerage, blah, blah, blah. Try and use it. The problem is I know they’ve got the improvements, more customisation by look, but it looks old fashioned. It’s not going to really brand you. But if you can’t afford anything else and you’ve been made to semi pay for it, you might as well set it up and use it. I don’t think it’s not going to unless they got your email address, it’s not going to show up high with Google because of the factors that you will know about because that’s your expertise, content marketing, SEO. It’s not that KV call is inherently bad in its structure. You might probably know a bit more about that than me. It’s just that, like all these platforms that you don’t own, you would be bonkers to spend a lot of money putting content on it.


[00:28:19.910] – Jonathan Denwood

The only way that, apart from knowing the address, the only way you’re going to get traffic is to pay traffic through Facebook or Google. My problem with that is, which has improved the map you’re pointing out, a little bit more customisation through the templates offered, is my main problem until they brought the these updates is, yeah, you drove traffic to it. I think because of its look and that, the performance concerns, I think to convert those into email, into something you could remark, it’s going to be lower than other platforms. Is this making sense?


[00:29:08.240] – Robert Newman

Yeah. And I agree. And that’s some of the other things that KV Core has announced as far as updates. This idea that they will provide templated in mass updates. Another thing that they did was they basically created a print system where you can digitally print your listing pages out of a printer at your local location and then take those printed flyers to listings and then hand those out. It’s not unique, but it’s cool. I like it. The all new Core Social is just KV Core finally acknowledging that social media is a strategy that should be paid attention to. But what they did is they took a library of content that they themselves produced, give you free access to it, and all the agents get to come share it. They effectively are trying to lock their user base into something that most brands, people like me influencers, we are trying to produce really incredible content so that you will share it. Kv Core is telling you, Oh, to use our system right, share our content everywhere.


[00:30:20.280] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, Bill Wright has that functionality, but the way we’re mittled. I totally agree with what you say, but when it comes Facebook page, because of what Facebook has done, it just will not generate. But you’ve still got to have a reasonably active Facebook page because you’re going to have possible client to check you over. And if you’ve got a Facebook page, which they will expect, and it’s not being updated, it’s not going to look well. Our system will also push so much content to Instagram. We suggest that you mix it with individual content. The reason why we still push and it’s still part of our system is a lot of agents don’t understand about the volume required. So most think producing one or two pieces a week. We provide a mixture of semi content a week. We cannot offer individual programs, which costs a lot more. So we offer different options. I see where KV Core are going from, but you are correct as well. It’s filler to some extent, but it can be useful. But you are right. You got to mix it with individual content where either they’re hire experts like you have on your team or they hire on the low end male right, at least they’re doing something, can’t they?


[00:31:55.960] – Robert Newman

Yeah, and I agree with that. At least they’re doing something. And by the way, John did say something magical in one of his earlier statements. I’m going to point out the magical thing he said. I think the KV Core is a great place for agents who are working for other big teams, who are new to real estate. Man, don’t try to become an expert social media person, extra digital marketer in your first year. Not unless you have a background in it, a love for it, a passion for it, for something that’s really driving you. Other than that, learn the real estate business and let, yeah, use your KV Core account, press the auto post button. Use all the tools the providers give you to try to make the job easy so that you can develop your own opinions about posting content, see how your friends or family or audience responds to it. I have no doubt that if you were to contact KV Core or MailR ight or any other company that does social media suggested content, that they probably have given it to their clients, their clients have used it, and in some cases gotten response and made money.


[00:32:54.600] – Robert Newman

No doubt, zero doubt, none. It’s just when it comes to your you’re trying to establish your own footprint, really lock in your audience, my opinion is always the same thing. It has to be your own authentic voice in most of your messaging. Even if you were to use, like John said, even if you’re going to use templated content, alter it, adapt it, put your voice into it, whatever. Make sure that people understand that you have something to say about it. Like, if you’re doing a meme, nothing wrong with posting somebody else’s meme, but at least take the time to post a sentence or two about it so that with a hashtag or two.


[00:33:31.940] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s just the volume. When they hire you, they’re hiring your experience and your team’s experience. You interview, you learn about the agency, the brokerage or the individual broker agent. They specialize, you customize the social media to the individual requirements of each customer. It’s a bespoke service you’re offering. Mail rights are much lower. We can offer a bit of that, but we do not We’re aimed at a different type of clientele in the real estate industry.


[00:34:05.820] – Robert Newman

So there is one thing that they have done that I don’t have much experience with. Here is one place that KV Core decided to go in a different direction than every single other provider out there. I admire them for doing something different, John, regardless of how it treats and functions. They announced something called Amp Stats. Amp Stats plays into KV Core’s mass popularity and the fact that so many eXp brokers are using them. If I had to tell you, I think that 30,000 of their customers are probably eXp agents. That makes them the eXp preferred broker, which makes their they build functionality to do recruiting straight into the platform. I don’t know. What they’re doing is they’re allowing you to vet candidates faster, check their past production as part of the platform, do net income comparisons. You can check their income, which is going to tell you if they’ve been doing splits, not just the number of transactions they did, but how good they are doing double sides, things like that. All of that allows you to make the choice as a broker about whether or not you’re going to select this candidate, assuming it works correctly and that it does what it’s supposed to do.


[00:35:28.420] – Robert Newman

I don’t know the answer to any of those. What I will say is that to the best of my knowledge, they’re the first platform to introduce something like this. I love the try. I love the swing. I love the…


[00:35:41.480] – Jonathan Denwood

I don’t know. Maybe you know. Does eXp, is it set up with their preferred list of digital vendors? Or is it exclusive deal that KV Core is done with eXp?


[00:35:58.360] – Robert Newman

I don’t think it’s exclusive. They do have a large set of people that they work with, Keller Williams, eXp, just to name a few. Basically all the big brokerages that still like hammer recruitment, usually KV Core is the place that they go. Keller Williams and eXp are definitely the top two. But between those top two, that’s 220,000 licensed realtors, which makes it 10 % of the real estate agents in the country. So it’s a pretty big swing, just saying eXp and Keller Williams.


[00:36:30.840] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:36:33.020] – Robert Newman

Is most of what they have here. There are some things that they said were upgraded functionality to the listing feature. I went through the set of listed things very carefully. What you could basically say is they changed a couple of small things, put some gold paint on the pig and called it a fresh piece of meat. It’s not true.


[00:36:53.010] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think we got to do a shout out to the listeners now. If you’re utilizing their platform, please outreach to either myself through the Mel Wright YouTube channel or inbound marketing email me or message Robert and just tell us what your experiences have been lately with the performance because t’s the performance I think is one of the main concerns of Robert myself. Robert based on his testing experience, me about what some other people have said to me directly is that it’s not been a fantastic experience. But please share yours with us about how you found the platform because that’s one of our major concerns, isn’t it, Robert?


[00:37:37.160] – Robert Newman

It is indeed. No doubt about it, John is correct. My email is Robert@inboundrem. Com. You can message me about your experience with KV Core. I’d love to hear it. If there’s anything that’s really unusual and we feature it, like, if you give me a piece of information that we decide that I decide is relevant enough to update my review with, we will credit you, which means that you’ll get a backlink, which is a big deal. All right. So thank you, everybody, for tuning in. John, we’re way past. We really got deep in the weeds with this. This is my jam, this stuff, getting deep in, trying to interpret it for all of you who listen to me, follow me, try to make sure that you understand what is exciting and what’s not. That’s it. That’s my hot take. John, if you wanted people to contact you to either ask a question about comparing your system to KV Core or just asking you some questions in general, how would you like me to go about doing that?


[00:38:32.550] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, go to the mail hyphen write. Com website. I just want to point out, folks, for the basic system for one agent, we are the third of the cost to real geeks to KV Core, unless you’re getting it highly subsidized. We are one of the most cost effective platforms out there.


[00:38:53.030] – Robert Newman



[00:38:54.440] – Jonathan Denwood

You have the insurance state. It’s a WordPress website. I have one of our template solutions, but we offer option for semi to full custom solutions. And we give you a cast iron guarantee that if you get fed up with us, we will migrate your WordPress website somewhere else. So you’re not locked in and you lose everything. We’re one of the few providers. Like I say, I think the functionality that we offer is equivalent to most of these platform. It beats out a third of the cost. Back over to you, Rob.


[00:39:25.440] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. And ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for some higher end customized solution, content base, setting yourself free from all platforms forever for the rest of your career, you can reach out to me at robert@inboundrem. Com, or you can simply go to inboundrem. Com and hit my About page or my Services page. Either way, you’ll find ways to contact me or my team and schedule a call. Everybody, listen, we so much appreciate you. We appreciate your patronage to our blog, to our blogs, respectively to the show, which is a collaborative effort between the two of us. Everywhere that you engage with us, John and I appreciate it. If there’s anything that we can do, anything at all to improve the information that we’re trying to provide for you, let one of us know. You’ll probably be surprised by how responsive we are. That’s it. John, anything else you want to add?


[00:40:19.870] – Jonathan Denwood

No, I think we’ve offered some good information. We’ll see you next week.


[00:40:26.410] – Robert Newman

Bye, everybody.


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