#370 – Mail-Right Show: Effectively Using Google Local Guides for Real Estate Agents

Effectively Using Google Local Guides for Real Estate Agents

What are Google Local Guides? Well, anyone with or without a Google account can sign up, become a local guide, help visitors navigate your local neighborhood and experience well-hidden secrets that only a resident would know. But is there a hidden danger to businesses? This is a great opportunity for real estate agents to become what we call the “local digital mayor ” of your city, town, and region.

Episode’s Full Show Notes

[00:00:11.290] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to episode number 370 of the Mailwrite podcast. John has given me an extra special surprise treat today, which hopefully you all will enjoy as well. Today we are going to talk about Google Local Guides and how you can work that into your real estate marketing strategy. It’s something we’ve never spoken of before. I’ve seen a couple of people selling courses on the subject at this point, and I was telling John I was actually part of the beta on this service. I go all the way back. I love the Local Guides feature, and I can easily extrapolate how I might see some value for you, the real estate agent. But before we dive deep, deep, deep down the Google rabbit hole today, john, for all those people that may not know who you are, will you do me a favor and introduce yourself to our audience?


[00:01:08.950] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m the joint founder of Mail Hyphen. Right. We build beautiful websites on WordPress, which you own, you don’t lease, and then we provide a suite of digital add-on services to get you more quality leads. Back. Over to you, Rob.


[00:01:28.100] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. So, for those of you who may not know, there is this cool little feature that you’ve got that everybody who’s got a Gmail account has that suggests that once you’ve hit a restaurant or you’ve gone out, like, if you’re using Google Maps to get places, google Maps will say, hey, do you want to review this place you just visited? And most people don’t even notice it or say no. But what should happen if you should say yes? Well, behind the scenes. John, do you remember when Google was doing something with a feature called Google Authors?


[00:02:09.350] – Jonathan Denwood

It does trigger something in my memory banks, but my memory banks are getting a bit old, but it does. But like a lot of Google products and services, they come and go, do they not?


[00:02:23.700] – Robert Newman

They do. But here’s a difference between this and every other service. So Google did something cool called Google local author profiles. And what that was is that they attached value to the content that you were producing under your name, using your Gmail and user behavior as metrics of how valuable the stuff was that you were posting. They mothballed it because it was connected strictly to Google Plus, which is a service they also mothballed a few years later. But guess what? Just because they mothballed it doesn’t mean that they actually got rid of it. Oftentimes with Google, it does mean that they’re really going to mothball, or they get rid of it like Google Plus is gone, never to come back. But the pieces of the functionality that they liked, they kept. And they told us at the time, we are not done with Google Author Profile. For the moment, we are stopping collecting signals, but we intend to reintegrate the feature in the future. That was it. Total announcement done? Well, they’re using Google Author in the background of their local services programming. What that means is that they’re paying attention to not only what you post, but what the quality of those posts is.


[00:03:42.970] – Robert Newman

And they’re starting to measure how much value that you’re providing to your local audience. And when you provide a relatively high amount of value, every single time that you drop a review as a local services guide on any profile anywhere in the Google Ecosphere, you come up number one inside the reviews. Meaning that it’s pretty easy, if you know what you’re doing, to get a few hundred thousand people to be introduced to you personally. It is through the local services guide feature. But not only that, check out this bomb diggity bomb piece of information. I strongly believe that Google is starting to once again collect data and understand who their valuable local service commentators are. And I would expect them to mix those signals into your Google My Business profile. I do not think they’ve done that yet, but I got three years out ahead of this because I looked at it and said, god, it would make a lot of sense if they went back to the Google Author profile on what their new Google Plus business service is, which is Google My Business. And God, if they follow, if they’re true to their history, they’re going to reactivate the stuff that they liked on Google Plus all here on Google My Business.


[00:05:03.630] – Robert Newman

And I think that’s exactly what they’re doing. John, you came up with this subject. I didn’t tee it up to you. You decided you wanted to talk about it. Tell the audience, if you would, how did this get on your radar?


[00:05:17.570] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I was looking at some videos on the subject, and it kind of linked into I think two of the biggest trends in 2022 were that we were trying to communicate with people as one video, utilizing a lot more video. I think we’ve hammered away at that, and I think the other thing that we kind of regularly hammered away at was you should become what we I think we jointly I don’t know which one of us came up with the term, but I think we both liked it. As a real estate agent, you should be trying to become the digital mayor of your town city area region. Right. The go-to person. Well, this seems very a gorilla marketing technique that won’t take up too much time. You can do it on your phone when you’re moving around, it gives you more exposure. And it’s linked into this concept of the digital mirror that we have talked about. And the final thing I’ve got a question. I don’t think they’re doing this entirely for what I’m going to ask you. I think at best, it’s only a small percentage because they have had to ongoing I don’t have to classify this.


[00:06:52.070] – Jonathan Denwood

I wouldn’t say problem but it’s flared up with Yelp. I think Yelp has either attempted to sue Google or they’ve had a rocky relationship, haven’t they? Yet? An ongoing one. And it does seem to me, and I don’t be interested to have your faults. It does seem Google this is a kind of attempt to encroach or whatever terminology that you want to use on what Yelp the same time.


[00:07:28.590] – Robert Newman

Get out of my head, dude. You literally like nobody’s going to believe this. So John’s talking about this. I did a video yesterday, and I swear John and I did not compare notes. And the title of my video is The Death of Yelp for Realtors. As a matter of fact, I’m finding this so astounding that you would just immediately leap over to the thing. You got to give me 1 second to just share my screen. I just want people to see that I’m really telling the absolute truth because I have the video up and I’m literally in the process of editing it. But look at the title. The Death of Yelp. For realtors. And I was commenting on this because and I’m going to stop presenting now for those of you who are going to catch our bonus notes, if you’re interested, we will post this to one or both of our websites in video form. But I will say this. I totally agree with that concept. Yelp should be pushing back a bit. But where Yelp is going to lose every single time, which is why I pointed it to in my video, is that ultimately they can sue Google as much as they want about positioning, about Google, competing with them.


[00:08:52.090] – Robert Newman

And Google is doing all those things, make no mistake. But the reason they’re doing them is because Yelp has done a terrible, terrible, terrible job at anything related to providing additional value with market dominance. They’ve mostly sold people ineffective marketing campaigns with ineffective information. And that’s what my video focuses on. Not so much like, yes, they’re not getting positioned inside the Google algorithm. Google is going to be able to prove to any court that cares to listen to them that they don’t make these choices, that it’s an algorithm. Is the algorithm in favor of Google Search? Sure. Why? Because Google is properly instructing their clients. Like, that’s us. That’s everybody that has a Google profile, they’re properly pointing us in the direction of creating something that’s useful for the end user. They’re saying, we need pictures. We need video, we need reviews. Here’s how you do all that. They gamified it. They added gamification to it so that it’s fun to do it. They’re offering all sorts of other incentives for us to do it. Positioning, views, marketing advantage. So has Yelp done any of that? None. So they’ve just been out competed. And if Yelp was a brand new company and Google was the big bad guy with a hammer and smacking him on the head, I would feel bad about them, but they’re not.


[00:10:19.480] – Robert Newman

Yelp has had a commanding position for over like a decade now and a.


[00:10:24.980] – Jonathan Denwood

Pretty crummy repetition as well with some of their business practices, haven’t they?


[00:10:33.450] – Robert Newman

So whatever they get, I think that their business reputation has earned it. They didn’t stumble into this position. They’ve had dominance in the review space for many, many years. They have not leveraged that dominance very well. It is time for them to be gone, in my opinion. And I think that Google is doing the right thing by creating a better ecosystem for us to live in and play in that revolves around local services and reviews. I think I said something a little bit like fiery this time. I think it’s usually you.


[00:11:12.440] – Jonathan Denwood

It was a bit big too. Part of my reading of this subject. They gamify it a little bit by giving you points. It’s not totally clear what the benefit? I think it’s up to 10,000 points and you get various benefits. The benefits aren’t particularly that clear to me, but I think it’s probably linked to your comment that your perception that they’re probably going to link this to your local business profile or something linked to that. I might be totally wrong here, I suppose, but you did say anybody that’s got a Google account can participate in this views about how affected the gamers and any insights about how they might link that at all to Google business profiles.


[00:12:24.270] – Robert Newman

So they’ve already linked it to business profiles. I did say it, but I’ll say it again because I think it’s split by you. When you leave a review for a business and you are a local guide, your review comes up first. They have made it so that when you are operating in the local profile space, if you’re a local guide, if somebody has 500 reviews but none of them are ranked in the local guides category, you’ll never read all 500 reviews. You might read five or ten. Google is telling us this local guide has had 50,000 reviews, 50 likes. People trust them as a reviewer, and because they trust them as a reviewer, we have put their review of this service at the top of all 500 other reviews. In other words, you gain positioning based upon your repute of using local services. And the more videos and the more things that you do, leaving a review for a business is a very tricky way to get in front of that business is traffic. So if you leave a great review for, let’s say Disneyland, a place that gets 30, 40,000 visitors a day, whatever it is, half a million per month or whatever the number is, I don’t know, but whatever the real number is.


[00:13:41.640] – Robert Newman

But imagine if you left a review for Disneyland and that review was happened to be the number one review for Disneyland. It’s theoretically possible that over the span of a year you get a million views on that review.


[00:13:52.280] – Jonathan Denwood



[00:13:52.840] – Robert Newman

So if, let’s say you’re sitting here going part of your title of your local services profile is Robert Newman, online marketer extraordinaire. Right.


[00:14:04.400] – Jonathan Denwood

Supreme one.


[00:14:05.890] – Robert Newman

Yeah. Guess what? You now have a little bit of an advertisement, plus you get what’s called the local services profile. So actually somebody can go review all your content. And here’s the tricky thing, ladies and gentlemen, this is what I love about this. You can leave a review for your own damn business and you can keep leaving reviews for your own damn business.


[00:14:27.500] – Jonathan Denwood

So that I thought you couldn’t leave a review for your own business.


[00:14:34.630] – Robert Newman

Maybe I’m wrong. I thought you could. I did for mine long ago. But the rules may have changed, John.


[00:14:42.000] – Jonathan Denwood

When I do that with a very regular basis.


[00:14:46.570] – Robert Newman

Well, we have to go to our break. So we’re going to come back and we’re going to keep our amazing dialogue going about this. I’m super excited that John brought it up. It is definitely something that I think could be leveraged for huge traffic and huge gains. We’re going to talk more about that when we come back from break. If you are liking what you’re hearing, give John and I some encouragement. Email us. John, what’s a good email for you. It’s Jonathan@mailhyphenrite.com and I’m Robert at inboundrem at the word inboundrabbit. Edwardmichael.com, thank you so much. We’ll be right back.


[00:15:23.750] – Speaker 3

Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need mail, right? It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today, go to mailwrite.com.


[00:15:48.510] – Robert Newman

Three, two, one. Welcome back to episode number 370. John and I were having this intense dialogue about local services. The new local services function, it’s not new, it’s years old, but google has been really pushing, as they have with everything with this local services. And John was in the middle of a comment when we went to break. So, John, why don’t you finish your thought?


[00:16:10.390] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I’ve got another question actually. I think you’re the SEO expert, but Robert totally knows this. But I’m just going to lay it out. There were some major differences between local SEO and regional and national. And one of the main differences when it came to local was there’s still some vested dominance about utilizing directories and what directories were trade lists. You had various directory websites that would list product services and there were online services that you could pay an annual fee. Moss SEO, and I think they still have it, was one of the better valued ones. And you filled in a form on the moss SEO website or through their interface and it would push to all these local directories. Do you think, and almost all SEO people that knew about SEO knew about this and blah, blah, blah. So do you think that Google is trying to build this up so it gets better quality signals about local businesses and services so it helps them with their search? Or am I totally off there because I don’t even know if they’re utilizing directory placement. Got you. Or they plan to utilize this to give them a better signal strength.


[00:17:57.790] – Robert Newman

They still use citations? Yes. So they still use nap citations. These are all fancy names for exactly what you’re saying. Directories. Google has moved in the direction where they ignore all directories for the purposes of hyper local, except ones that are manually verified. That means there’s a real human being looking at your business submission, checking real quick to see if you’re an actual business. And most of the directories that do that are actually smaller directories. The only change in the big, weird thing that’s happened in the hyper local in terms of technical signals related to directories is that it used to be that the big directory, super pages, white pages, manta, those were great places to be. And there’s still good places to be for traditional SEO. As you said, regional, but not hyper local. Hyper local is all about those hyper local little directories that you know nothing about. Little mom and pop businesses that maintain like a list of businesses, but they manage the directory themselves. That’s more valuable in Google’s eyes these days because they know a human being looked at your submission, and when you verified it, that they’re assuming that that other human being said, oh, you’re a legitimate business in my area.


[00:19:06.780] – Robert Newman

We’re going to add you to our directory.


[00:19:09.230] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I suppose what they’re doing with this has the same taste, really, doesn’t it?


[00:19:14.210] – Robert Newman

Yeah, it does. And I think we’re going to continue to see one of the things that I cannot emphasize enough is that all of the resources that Google used to throw towards Google Plus, they didn’t just fire all those people. The most recent round of layoffs, if you look through the departments that Google is laying off, you’ll discover, as I did when I read the footnotes, they’re not laying off anybody in their Google Maps division. This division continues to be well funded, have lots of extremely veteran software engineers involved in it, and they continue to make innovation after innovation after innovation inside hyper local. They have correctly surmised that all the growth that they want in terms of how do you lock businesses into a search engine. They figured it out, these hyper local profiles, which, by the way, people would say that Google Plus was a mistake. Google plus wasn’t a mistake. It was a learning experience. They learned that nobody really wanted to use Google as a social media company in the traditional sense, but they also learned that people associated Google with their business, and they were more than willing to put a business profile up on Google Plus and then start posting content ad nauseam.


[00:20:34.370] – Robert Newman

So Google said, we need to combine all that activity into our primary platform. And thus Google my business was born. Now they continue to invest millions, billions of dollars every year into hyper local. It is the place that the most innovation is happening, that the most recognition is coming from Google. They are starting to get socially involved. And if you doubt that, just go to YouTube and look up Guiding Stars 2022. They are honoring in a big way, all the people that contribute heavily to Google. And by the way, I have some of the same ranking that some of the people are that they are honoring, and they’re honoring them from all over the world. It is an incredible effort that they’re making not only to have us be contributing, but they’re trying to create a community, John, which they’re trying to do social a slightly different way. They’re trying to say, this is a community ambassador. That’s what they’re angling at. And guess what? If you’re a business owner, imagine how valuable it could be to you, John, to have a title like Realtors are the number one people that should be pursuing this, because what person is supposed to be representing a lifestyle more than a real estate agent?


[00:21:56.500] – Robert Newman

It’s supposed to be real estate agents. So more than plumbers, more than roofers, more than landscape artists, more than every other professional, realtors are supposed to be lifestyle experts. So imagine you’re a Realtor, and you go on and you leave a review and it says, Ambassador.


[00:22:16.250] – Jonathan Denwood

I tell you, R1 estate. Unfortunately, I forgot his name. It’s our friend from Montana, the video guy that also had the massive Facebook group. I bet he’s onto this like fly on ice cream. I have to outreach and ask him to come back because I’m sure he’s on. But if you’re not doing this or looking at this, and hopefully we’re giving you some ideas in this podcast, I will make the link available where you can sign up to become an ambassador. But you would be really missing opportunity if you’re not listening to this podcast. And B, not to do this because it’s totally free and spending a little bit of time on it.


[00:23:07.680] – Robert Newman

Correct. And I’m going to give you some tips. Let’s say those people are out there. You’ve already got the profile. Maybe you left one review for somebody ever. All right, so here are some tips. Google is once again pushing hard for you to do video inside your reviews. It’s possible, and they want it. They are starting to reward extra points, extra upload points, extra everything for video attached to your view. Use it. It’s a way for you to catch up to more established reviewers like me pretty quickly, because I never did video. As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure you could upload video when I started using the service. So it’s something that people who are just getting used to using it now are going to be more comfortable with than me. I always just take a couple of pictures. My superpower is writing long, detailed reviews, which is the next thing you should do. You should really do the who, what, why, when, where of the place that you’re at. Why are you there, when were you there? What did you eat, do experience while you were there? How did you hear about the place?


[00:24:09.380] – Robert Newman

To start with, tell a compelling story in your review, because part of what Google is looking at is how many views do you get, how long do people stay on your review? And the better that those numbers are, there is some way that they are likely to recognize your profile. By the way, John, I wouldn’t be so sure that Google between your Google business profile and all the reviews you get there, I strongly believe that when somebody has verified who they are, like, I’m Robert Newman, I proved it to you. Google. I think that Google is going to head in the direction of making sure you’re a verified human, you’re a verified business owner. We know it’s you.


[00:24:51.470] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, it’s kind of linked to the average launch, which we not last week, but the week before, around artificial intelligence, because to counter it a bit, they’re going to place more well, this is only my interpretation. I’ll be interested to hear what you think about what I’m just going to say is that I feel they’re going to really emphasize people that can prove that it’s actually a human giving the writing the content, or they’re going to if you can prove it’s actual person, a real person, that Google is going to give it a lot more emphasis. What do you reckon?


[00:25:38.990] – Robert Newman

I reckon that they can already do that. I think it’s already done. They can verify the metadata. There’s timestamps, there’s location stamps, there’s device stamps, all off a cell phone. Since I use an Android device, it would just absolutely knock me on my ass if Google wasn’t 100% sure that when I was uploading the review that it was Robert Newman. Because I got to do a fingerprint to get into my device, and my device is a Google device. I think that’s how they’re going to win the device for long, long term. And keep in mind, Google is full of rocket scientists who do look at these problems from a very long term perception. When we win the business owners over, like in terms of this is now a marketing device, I can promote my business off it really efficiently and effectively, and I can do it for free. Then there’s an argument to be made about why you might migrate off an Apple device onto a Google.


[00:26:32.700] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I can see where you’re coming, but they have some slight problems with the justice partner right there. However, I’m sure that’s going to go down a bundle, isn’t it? That’s going to go even more what I mean, listen to some views, if you’re not aware, is that the Justice Department is just taking as just declared that with a number of state justice departments, they’re taking Google to court as a monopolistic entity that needs to be taught some manners, that they are gunning for Google. Am I basically correct about that, Robert?


[00:27:21.450] – Robert Newman

I haven’t kept up to date with that. There’s never a time that Google isn’t in court with a country, state, city or entity about some type of no, I’m not kidding, like monopolistic advice. And in many ways Google got a lock on certain pieces of search. And I think some of these lawsuits, in my own opinion, are warranted. But in some of these other ways that when people take Google to court, they lose because they don’t understand how Google works. And in certain things, like Google doesn’t yet have a monopoly on hyper local. They don’t okay, they are moving in.


[00:28:02.840] – Jonathan Denwood

That direction and they’ve struggled with it, haven’t they? They’ve consistently changed things, put new heads in head of departments. I think Melissa was head of it before she became head of Yahoo and finished a career to some extent. But now this particular one is on a different level. I think everything you said is correct, Robert, but the Justice Department, it was published yesterday, and they really mean business. And their focus is on the paid advertising side of Google. And they’re saying that they’ve got a total strangle hold on paid advertising and they’re not happy with it in digital spaces.


[00:28:55.200] – Robert Newman

And that may very well be true. There’s also many things that since Google is reading the web, like they have stringleholds on analytics programs, browser programs, and they stay away from making those things too apparent because the way that Google works is they track most things through Chromium, which is our browser. 80% of the people in the world use Chromium, and when you count Opera and other systems, chromium operates in those browsers as well. So actually we’re probably talking like 92% of the world uses Chromium version browsers to the Web.


[00:29:31.750] – Jonathan Denwood

And I think I don’t know what you feel about this. I think this was linked to the actions of Apple around OS about blocking, which really has affected Facebook’s advertising model. But I also feel that this is also a tent to pay back Google because it’s rumored, and I think it’s true that Apple are going this year or actively going to publish their own advertising platform. And this is one of the reasons why they’ve increased the security on OS, because the data will only be available if you advertise on the Apple platform. I think that’s the overall plan. What do you think of what I’ve just said there?


[00:30:23.530] – Robert Newman

Well, I haven’t heard about Apple’s plans to get into the advertising ecosphere. It would be shocking to me if they didn’t eventually consider it. I know for sure that I’ve read enough and followed him and some other people to understand that Google or the Apple is starting to see a more sunsetting environment for the device business. Obviously, they’re the world’s leader in this, but there’s all sorts of things that go into that. There are supply chain issues, which is Tim Cook’s master skill is he’s a supply chain maestro. So he’s managed to keep on top of basically the same device pool, growing in user base and all this different stuff. But there’s only so much of certain types of things in this world, some of which devices use. In the meantime, they’ve jumped into making equipment, like making TVs, making laptops, and I think that they’re going to combine all that into a content based ecosphere. And I would be shocked if they didn’t get into the advertising side of it. Ultimately, I haven’t looked into it too much.


[00:31:37.500] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I think you’re totally right about that. I think on the device, the only thing that’s heavily rumored, to the extent that you can be pretty guaranteed that it’s true, is the glasses, the Apple glasses linked to either phone or watch. Apple Watch, which is virtual reality or augmented. Thank you for that. I always get the two terms intermingled. That seems to come this first half of this year. It’s strongly rumored, and I have no idea if that’s going to be a winner or not. I really can’t tell you. But I do agree with you. Apart from that it will be highly profitable, but it doesn’t seem to be any big extra revenue producer. That’s why they’re looking at the ad model, isn’t it?


[00:32:41.220] – Robert Newman

Yes, but here’s, for all those people listening to the show, here’s my prediction. Listen, I really strongly believe that what John just mentioned, I think Apple is the best positioned company to make an augmented reality product happen. They have the brand recognition, they have enough people that would try it that maybe if Apple released something, it could get adoption. If it gets adoption and it’s good, that means it’s now going to become part of our common societal vernacular. Only Apple, of all the companies that we talk about, has the ability to just literally apply a sea change for everybody globally by doing something like that in the technology space. And I think that the time for augmented reality is here. I do not think that we’re here there for virtual reality. Maybe another five years. Yeah, I think augmented reality, yes. Today, give us something that works. I think that and and like I said, I think it’s Apple that’s going to do it. So my prediction is a couple of years from now, augmented reality and glasses as a device, if it’s like that’s their big move to something that could really, product wise, that can move, like really advance them, draw new people into.


[00:33:57.370] – Robert Newman

The brand. Like if they make an augmented reality product that works, for the first time in my life, I might buy an Apple something or another. Never done it, never wanted to.


[00:34:08.350] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I’m a real apple. Well, I’m quite cynical about Apple, but I do buy a lot of their stuff, but I’m a total fan buy. I’m very careful because obviously you are being taken to the cleaners to some extent, so I’m very careful. But no, I totally agree with you. If anybody is going to be able to do this, in my opinion, must be Apple, because they’ve got this compared to Facebook, they have a lot of people that got computer power in their pocket through their iPhone or through their watch, which they can piggy bank on to the glass device. So that’s enormously beneficial for Apple attempting to build something. So I totally agree. Well, I think it’s time to wrap it up. I think we’ve given people a bit of insight and I make sure the link there’s some links in the show notes, folks, go over to the Mail Hyphen website. So what do you reckon, Rob?


[00:35:19.690] – Robert Newman

I reckon that I’ve enjoyed the show so much, I’d love it if you download the link and get it over to me. I don’t need you to do it every show, but this one I really want. I would like it. I’m going to publish this on my side, I think. John, get out of my head, man. I have been thinking about doing a video like this on my own channel, but you actually beat me to the punch, so I’m thrilled it’s such a good topic. It’s something that we’re probably going to talk about many additional times. You heard it here first. Great show. John, if somebody wanted to reach out to you and talk to you about a website, or just pick your brain about where you think the future of real estate marketing is going, how would they do that?


[00:36:01.060] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, thanks for that, but we got a great special offer which we’re going to be pursuing for most of this year. We are looking for city region Mail Right ambassadors, people that really want to move their real estate business on and that also are popular in their real estate community. And what do you get? You will get a beautiful Mail Right website which will be yours and we will help you semi customize it and we will host it free of charge for one year, plus maintain it for one year, free of charge. And that will give you a fantastic resource, get to know the product and hopefully you will become an embarrassed for us and talk about it. And if you’re not happy with it after a year, we will migrate it somewhere else for you so you won’t lose the website. So if that’s interesting, go over to the Mail Hyphen Rights.com website and book a demo discussion with either me and Adam and we’ll see if we are a good fit. Back. Over to you, Robert.


[00:37:13.110] – Robert Newman

And if anybody would like to learn more about me, about my vision for Inbound marketing, about how I believe that you should be representing yourself in the Information age, which is the age we’re in right now, and everything we’re talking about plays into it, then you should go to Inboundrem.com. Click the about button or the Services button. Those would be the first two places I would start. They learned the most about me about what we do as a company. We produce a lot of content for free and we also have a service line, but it’s mostly for veteran agents looking to get off the cycle of systems they don’t own.


[00:37:48.310] – Jonathan Denwood

Robert, I would say, is the leading expert in SEO when it comes to real estate. So if that’s your bag, go over and talk to Robert.


[00:37:58.770] – Robert Newman

Thank you so much, John. I really appreciate it. Everybody else, good God, we appreciate you. It’s 2023. Can you believe that? We’re so excited. Everybody joins the show. Do us a favor, leave us comments on either one of our channels. Call John. Leave a comment.


[00:38:15.310] – Jonathan Denwood

I think we produce some of the most unique down to earth content in the real estate podcast area. I truly do believe that.


[00:38:24.420] – Robert Newman

I agree with you, too. And so I forgot to mention this, but I’ve had some incredible feedback. Finally, some people have listened to this and this thing that I’m doing right now, which is why I’m so enthusiastic about it. John, I’ve actually had a couple of people now call and thank us for the show that we’re doing. And it’s great. It’s great. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for tuning in.



Jonathan Denwood & Adam Brown





Robert Newman




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