#368 – Mail-Right Show: Best Real Estate Lead Marketing Tools For 2023

Best Real Estate Lead Marketing Tools For 2023

#1 – PostcardMania


#2 – Promo


A – produce marketing video advert quickly and painlessly

B – 3,000 Templates

C – $25 per month paid yearly 36 Premium Clips per year

#3 – Canva


A – Great free account

B – thousands of great templates

C – Only $119 per year

#4 – Jasper


A – Helps you produce great copy for your website, and Facebook adverts, plus a lot more

B- Easy-to-use interface

C – $40 per month


#5 – Tailwind


A – posts automatically to Pinterest and Instagram accounts and Facebook page

B – Ghostwriter AI writing service

C – Starting at $12.99 per month, paid yearly


#6 – SurferSEO


Price $49 per month


Episode Full Transcript

[00:00:12.810] –
Robert Newman

Welcome back to the mail. Right, Podcasts? Ladies and gentlemen, today’s episode is number 368. Woof. We’ve done a lot of these. John and I are going to talk to you today about we’re going to have a little bit of back and forth in this because John was saying best Real Estate lead Marketing Tools for 2023, and I didn’t really have a chance to get back to them and say maybe we should just say some unusual ideas for lead marketing tools for 2023 on the list. I’ve tried five of these six tools so I know how most of them operate, which is probably why I didn’t communicate back to you super fast. I was like, oh, I know all these tools except for one. So without any further ado, though, I think this is going to be a really fun podcast, especially if you like to hear me and John go back and forth about things. So let’s introduce John though for those of you that may not know him. And then, I’ll introduce myself. Go ahead.

[00:01:15.750] – Jonathan Denwood

Thanks, Rob. I’m the joint found of mail, right? We build beautiful websites on WordPress for real estate agents, and a host of marketing digital tools will be part of the package. It’s a great value package. Go over and have a look at it.

[00:01:31.730] –
Robert Newman


[00:01:31.950] – Jonathan Denwood

Over to you, Rob.

[00:01:33.550] –
Robert Newman

My name is Robert Newman. I am essentially the only inbound marketer that focuses on real estate, which is a whole bunch of things all wrapped into one storytelling, SEO many, many different things. But you can go to my site inboundrem.com and learn everything that you need to know about all of those subjects. Without any further ado though, let’s go on to talk about the set of tools. Now I want to give a summary, so everybody knows what we’re going to be talking about. We’re going to be talking about Promo.com, canva.com, Jasper, AI, tailwind surfer, SEO; those are the list of tools that we have up to discuss today. They’re a good list of tools. Maybe postcard mania, or did I pull that from someplace else? Yeah, postcard one.

[00:02:19.470] – Jonathan Denwood

Number one is postcard mania.

[00:02:22.030] –
Robert Newman

Okay, so let’s start there, then. Without any further ado, why don’t you discuss with me why did you put postcard mania on this list, John?

[00:02:35.860] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think a lot of people, if they had regularly listened to this podcast, would get the impression that we are all about digital marketing, and to some extent, that’s true. But I think both of us have made it really clear that we are not against more traditional forms of marketing. And when it comes to action postcodes and other printed outreach, I think it really can be part of your marketing quiver and can be really quite effective and cost-effective. And I think you have mentioned that some of your clients do utilize print media quite successfully. And this particular company they don’t totally specialize in real estate, but they have parts that do, and they can send out you can get postcards and other printed materials at very reasonable prices, and they have a very good reputation. What do you reckon, Robert?


[00:03:47.930] –
Robert Newman

So I reckon that postcard strategies can be and oftentimes are incredibly effective. I currently have in my list of clients for Inbound Ram, one of the people that has made the most waves of anybody that I’ve ever met using postcard marketing. And her strategy is to partner with local artists, get original pieces of artwork that focus on the communities that she services and then translate those onto a postcard and send it to her clients. Send it to people. Now, I don’t think she does handwritten notes because she farms the entirety of two full communities. It’s probably 25,000 cards if I had to guess. So I doubt she’s going to be doing 25,000 handwritten notes, but she may have a single note that gets printed on the back of these cards and perhaps she signs them because that is the kind of person that she is. Everything is about the personal, the thought out, the details matter a tremendous amount to her. So somewhere on the back of these cards there’s a little note that says and by the way, I hope you enjoy these beautiful pieces of art that local artists have produced. So the card actually promotes the artist more than it promotes herself.


[00:05:02.950] –
Robert Newman

And when all of that is done, she mentions this was ultimately sent to you by Sharon Steele. So anybody is curious, you can just Google Sharon Steele and you’ll be able to see her strategy. She talks about it on our website a lot and it makes her a lot of money. 50% of her business probably comes from this postcard strategy that I’ve just described and she is one of those real estate agents that is in the enviable position of being in the top 2% of income earners inside the profession. So it is definitely in the right place, in the right hands. Postcards can be devastatingly effective.


[00:05:48.910] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I might be wrong here, but when I did my research on them, I think they do integrate with a certain number of CRMs. I’m not sure if any of them are the Pacific leaders in the real estate sector, line desk or follow up boss, but I think there’s some that they do. So definitely have a look at them. Shall we go on to the next one?


[00:06:16.950] –
Robert Newman

We should just give me 1 second here. I have written about this, but unfortunately I am not in the top ten or 20 results on the Google search results, which is pretty rare. But anyway, if you go to my site, I’ve done a full post with expanded thoughts on how I feel about postcards. So number two, Promo.com. The only video maker that you need join millions of business creating videos in minutes. The unlimited media from iSock and Getty Images. All right, so John, you you go first.


[00:06:52.520] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, well, we’ve been hammered for the past two years, and especially in 2022, we hammered away about video. You know, you got a powerful tool in your pocket, your iPhone or your Android phone. But making videos or getting over the hurdle is difficult. That’s why you should be doing it, because a lot of people won’t to make videos for Facebook, for social media, and having an editor. Promo provides it all. It provides a web based editor and app editor for your phone. It provides a library, extensive library of video templates with royalty free music video, videos in a library, and you cannot pre made ones. And it starts at $25 a month, paid yearly. You get so much of the library is what they call free videos, and then they have what they call premier clips at the starter plan, like I say, which is $25 a month. You get 36 of these premium clips, as they call them. I haven’t personally used it, but I gave the website a good look over and it looks a pretty cool service to get you going into producing more video. What do you reckon, Rob?


[00:08:34.230] –
Robert Newman

Well, I think a toolkit like this, something that makes it video easier, is definitely something to look at. I get ad nauseam big websites that produce video trying to talk to me and do something called getting backlinks, like they want to post blogs. Video IO is one. There’s just so many there’s so many of them, and I’ve never really dived too deeply into any of them, including Promo.com. So, unfortunately, in this subject, while I can agree with John 100% that if this is a toolkit that is going to increase your ability to make an efficient video, then you should do that. My only additional piece of commentary is to take us back, because there is an easy way to get a feedback from people who are doing lots of video on their website. You can very much get into people get input from people who are actively doing what you’re doing on Facebook. It would be the Real Estate YouTube Mastermind, which are done by friends of the show. We’ve had both the founders of this group on the show in the past, Matthew, and I am not remembering as clearly his partner, but if you just simply look on Facebook, you go and you search the group real Estate YouTube Mastermind.


[00:10:03.480] –
Robert Newman

This is the place where I would go and drop a comment about, what does everybody think about Promo.com and see if anybody is using it and just basically get your own internal reviews from people who are real estate agents. And I think that that would be brilliant if you took the time and did that. Blissfully john, this is the only tool of the ones that you listed that I can honestly say I just don’t know that much about, but everything else I’ve used or used currently. So thankfully, I will be able to speak to them with a high degree more of expertise.


[00:10:40.010] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, you don’t have to buy the yearly, you just get the cheaper price. You can go month to month. I think the month to month is around 45, 55, so you can try it for a month. I think you can sign up for a free plan, which you can try out. You can’t export anything out of it, but you can sign up for a free account and play around with the back end. I think do that and then just pay them for a month and try it out. It’s not a ridiculous price and they look pretty feature rich. And they do have a library of templates designed for real estate. So I think anything that can get you making video and utilizing video in 2023 is worth a go at maybe, but I think what you’ve said is also fantastic. Onto the next one. Canva? Well, you can have a free account. The free account is useful on its own. It’s not crippled. It has a lot of value. The Free Account or Canberra. But to get the real power canva, you want the Premier, which is about for a personal account. It’s 119 a year, so it’s not ridiculous.


[00:12:04.590] – Jonathan Denwood

I know all these subscriptions do add up. If you’re producing images, producing flyers, it’s got a lot of value. I use Photoshop, but I also use Canva and I pay for the Premier for the 119 a year and I find it well worth the money. What do you reckon, Robert?


[00:12:38.370] –
Robert Newman

So me and the team here use Canva. We are building most of our infographics off Canva, so I can’t really say, as with most design type products, my eye for them is the ease of use, the price and the execution. But I’m coming at this from like an agency leader standpoint, not from an I’m using them personally standpoint. Here’s what I can tell everybody about the feedback that I get from my team. They say these guys are the hand down leader. There’s lots of templates that you can choose from. There’s almost every type of content that we want to produce. That’s a graphic that already has a template, so we can just go and remove or change elements. Since we’re in the real estate space, as everybody listening to the show, there isn’t actually a very high bar for custom graphics that you might put into a blog post, put into a flyer, put into something hard copy. The bar is very low, making canva for us in the real estate business an incredibly valuable tool. John just said the premium I don’t even know what the premium price is. If I’m paying $119 a year for canva, then it’s got to be one of the best values that we have for a production based tool.


[00:13:51.450] –
Robert Newman

So I think very highly of it, john and I think that everybody should, if anybody is interested in graphics, they should look at it. But it is one of those things where it doesn’t make any sense unless actually I’m probably using canvas for teams now that I look at the options. The idea here is that you’re producing graphics to go along with your business. And if you are, if anybody here is listening to the show, is spending a lot of money on custom graphics, this might be something to look at to cut your costs down and increase your productivity.


[00:14:28.070] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I think like I say, that they have a free version. The free version, they have a certain amount of their library which you can have access, they have a stock imaging, imaging, which so much of it’s available with a free plan. I think if you start using it, I think for anybody that can’t afford to hire a graphic designer to help them, I think it’s invaluable tool to keep all the time plates they provide. So it will help you produce flyers, graphics, thumbnails at a certain standard that won’t look amateurish. So I think it’s invaluable and it’s something if you’re not looking at, if you’re doing a lot of this work yourself, which a lot of real estate agents are, I think it’s invaluable. Shall we go for a break, Rock?


[00:15:29.410] –
Robert Newman

Sure. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, while John and I do promote our businesses on here, our first interest in the show is making sure that we’re giving you valuable information mostly on the subject of marketing for your real estate business. That’s it. We don’t know if we do a good job or a bad job. Our user count grows, our repeat listeners keeps growing. So we presume that we’re doing a great job, but the number one piece of feedback that we look for, that we hope for, that we wish for is something like comments or written form feedback. You can email me at robert inbound REM. But more probably a better bet would be to email Jonathan or John at mailrightmail. Is it malhefen right? Even on the email?


[00:16:10.090] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s Jonathan@mailhyphenright.com.


[00:16:14.070] –
Robert Newman

Okay, Jonathan@malhefenwright.com. All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for tuning in one way or the other. And we’re going to give you a small break and we’re going to be right back.


[00:16:23.610] – Speaker 3

Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need mail. Right? It is a powerful but easy to use online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads at a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee. So don’t delay, get started today, go to mailwight.com.


[00:16:48.690] –
Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. It’s episode number 367, I think, 68 and we are doing a show on good real estate marketing tools for 2023. And the reason I keep hesitating is the next tool up on our list is Jasper AI. And this is literally the reason that I will not be using the words best real Estate lead marketing tools for 2023, which will give John a clue as to how I feel about Jasper AI. But before we jump into that, John, have you used Jasper AI?


[00:17:27.390] – Jonathan Denwood

I use alternatives. Jasper is one of the leading, obviously utilizing AI for copyrighting and that has become a very big topic. I’ve been using WordPress equivalent, which we offer on all our websites, which is Bertha that uses AI technology. OpenAI is the company that is the leader in providing the background technology that all these type of products like Jasper is built upon. And Jasper is one of the leading SaaS providers people, and I’m sure Rob is going to I’m guessing what Rob’s going to be saying, which is dangerous because I could never work out what Rob’s going to say. I don’t even attempt to work out how his mind is working. That’s a good one, Rob. You should green. It basically helps you write content and it can be abused, but a lot of people really suffer in getting going. It’s a bit like video. It’s a bit like promo that we discussed in the first half for the cost. I really see it as a tool to help you get more video. I see Jasper as a tool in helping you produce some content for your website and getting you over the hump. I see it’s an aid.


[00:19:31.330] – Jonathan Denwood

But a lot of people I think there’s a balance here. I think it can be overplayed overstated what it can do, but I also think it’s useful. Over to you, Robert.


[00:19:46.250] –
Robert Newman

Okay. AI is a hot topic. I follow like two people on Twitter and one of those two people who is Rand Fishkin, who many of you may not know, but Rand Fishkin is a pioneer, an incredible dude that had previously built one of the most relevant SEO companies that existed called Maas.com. And I just like the way that he approaches everything. He’s a very well researched guy. He always talks from a deeply, like, educated perspective. And his comments to AI were that he tweeted today. So interesting that John brought that to my attention. And I’m going to ask that you bear with me here. Just give me 1 second worth of patience.


[00:20:56.990] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I got no worry about that. You were patient with me last week because I was late. I had a flat tire. I was in a bit of a mess when I arrived late for the show.


[00:21:08.310] –
Robert Newman

Here’s what Rand said, and it echoes what I feel. Here’s my favorite take so far on the Chat GPT and AI content. Hype train. I hate the hype around chat GPT Whenever the topic of AI writing tools comes up, I’ve noticed that the proponents of AI tend to group everything else into two camps haters and technology ludites, and fellow fans and avid users. I don’t fit into either group. I’ve been enthusiastically playing with every AI tool I can get my hands on. Jasper copy AI, chat, GPT, stable diffusion dollar e canvas, existing AI image generator. On the other hand, I don’t agree that these tools will change the world of professional work anywhere close to the scale that most coverage describes. I would love to take these tools on the repetitive marketing task I currently find mind bogglingly boring. But we aren’t there yet. I have used Jasper AI extensively. I was hoping that the tool would eliminate some of the guest blog posting responsibilities that we still handwrite. I have a team that writes over 300 guest blog posts each and every single month. I was really wanting and hoping that this tool would either take some of the weight off or all of the weight off that team.


[00:22:25.920] –
Robert Newman

I have discovered that Jasper AI isn’t even remotely close to being there yet. It does not write anything that’s engaging on a human level. It does repeat itself, even though, theoretically, they say it’s not supposed to. It does. I’m telling you, not from the perspective of this is not an opinion. I use the tool on similar subjects in similar areas because that’s what we do. I wasn’t trying to trick the tool. I was trying to experiment with it for workflow, and it did not work. I cannot be more clear about that. Did not work. It regurgitated large segments of the same content, slightly different, but not enough, unfortunately, to make it past Google, which is what is just flabbergasting me, is that these tools are literally advertising, including Jasper AI. On its home page, on the scroll, it’s saying, use this tool to produce SEO content. Holy meatballs. Everybody that’s listening to the show, do not do that. You will get yourself penalized into the ground. Google has been very vocal on the subject of AI and using AI to produce content. And I’ll summarize it, don’t you dare do it, is what they say.


[00:23:49.370] –
Robert Newman

That is literally what they say. And if they catch you doing it, and they catch you doing it in Plentitude, you are just asking to have your website blacklisted. Because if AI could write all the content on the site, number one, that would defeat the purpose of what Google is supposed to be about. But here’s the most important thing. Google is filled with rocket scientists. They’re very smart people. We all wish that machines would produce content at a level that a smart human being could learn something from the machine. None of them are there yet, including Rank Bring. The AI that Google uses. They’re just not there yet. No machine learning has learned enough yet to educate us on a subject, which means that human writers and human content producers and human thinkers need to be behind something if you’re going to really try to provide valuable to a searcher. And guess what? Google’s core business is providing value to searchers which means that AI runs directly contrary to Google at this exact moment. Which means if you try to use it for SEO, you are guaranteeing it. So here’s the problem. You might get away with it for a little while because maybe you wrote a piece of content or two that nobody else had written yet.


[00:24:59.230] –
Robert Newman

But you really think that everybody in the real estate game is not going to get in there, or that they’re not I mean, there’s like 1.6 million pages on Van Ice. I live in a podunk town in the middle of, like it’s just not a very exciting place, and yet there’s 1,600,000 people have written about it. So what do you think is going to happen with your little towns and your little cities? It’s going to happen. And when it happens, the website that once ranked well is going to go get its ranking dropped into the ground, and you will not be able to figure out why that happened. I’ve seen this type of shit hit the marketplace in the past, john, I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I think you need to stay off this train. And I don’t even know that you’re ever going to be able to get on the train because Google currently and I see John’s frowning. But here’s the thing that most people say I’m frowning.


[00:25:52.110] – Jonathan Denwood

It’s just dickens. Sorry, I interrupt.


[00:25:55.080] –
Robert Newman

That’s okay. I just think people don’t understand the way that Google is, like, reviewing even what are supposed to be standard content pages. Like, you’re going to catch a penalty. You get penalized if you use a big provider. Like, let’s just say somebody’s producing 10,000 websites like Agent Image, and they have the same buy sell page that they put buy, sell real estate. Sell real estate. And in the past, it was always very exciting for all of us to say that some of your website content was going to be written for you and then you didn’t have to worry about it. Guess what? Replicative duplicated pages even like that, even ones that are no followed, impact your SEO ranking. So there’s a way to get Google not to read those pages. There is no way to ignore the user behavior that comes off highly repetitive websites, which is very bad. Okay? If you produce a site that looks similar and acts similar as a competitor right down the street, and you’re thinking that you’re going to get great user behavior, which is in turn going to yield you good SEO rankings, I’m here to tell you you are wrong.


[00:26:56.020] –
Robert Newman

You are wrong, wrong, wrong. Go ahead and write your own pages. Even put down a sentence. Put down a link someplace else, but make it original. That’s what Google rewards in terms of rankings and anything else, you’re either taking a penalty or you’re hitting the neutral button, the neutral gear button on your site. Now, having said that, the place that I think the AI is kind of exciting, John. And that could find a use for everybody right now is some of the use cases on it I do agree with. So the use cases of writing emails I do not agree with. Writing sales copy. I do, however, agree with writing certain customer service copy, certain business mechanics copy, post process copy. But here’s the thing that everybody I think is forgetting. You do have to go and proof the copy. You have to read it because it’s not producing perfect copy. It doesn’t matter. I’ve never seen an AI, I’ve not personally tested an AI, John, that’s producing perfect copy. If you have, then you have got an experience. I have not, no, I think the.


[00:28:03.870] – Jonathan Denwood

Majority of what you said I would agree with. I just see it as a tool to some extent, but a limited tool. And I think if you see it and they’re promoting it like you say, but they’re bound to, aren’t they? Also, Google is going to have no love for this because Microsoft was one of the largest investors in OpenAI. They have invested about 50 million. Open AI is an open source, but it’s a nonprofit company and Microsoft has never liked open source or nonprofit companies. So I was a bit puzzled why they were one of the major investors. Because they came on my radar about a year ago. But then we found out the past couple of months, it’s become very obvious why Google Microsoft is because they’re planning to invest I think they publicly have state they’re going to invest a billion dollars into open AI.


[00:29:15.810] –
Robert Newman

They already have. I just watched the CEO talk about this the other day on a program in India and they’ve got an Azure backbone there. They’ve invested most of the designers, developers and engineers for the core programming came out of India. And this is Microsoft stab at probably defeating Google’s monopoly. They hope the AI gets good enough to be able to write content autonomously. This is a competition between two massively sized technology companies.


[00:29:50.810] – Jonathan Denwood

Yes, fundamentally, I just see it’s overplay tool overhyped to some extent, but I do think it’s a legitimate tool. But you can get into some hot water if you don’t really know what you’re dealing with. So let’s go on to the next tool, which has as part of its sales pitch, AI writing tool element, that’s tailwind and tailwind. I want to point out that Mail Wright has a similar functionality than this. But basically it provides a library of content that you can set up in a calendar scheduler for Print, Pinterest and Instagram. And for Facebook, it has a library that’s specifically aimed at real estate agents. It’s also included what it calls a ghost writer, which seemingly works with Pinterest API and write some reasonable stuff for your images that you’re going to place on Instagram. And the price starts at 1299. I haven’t used it for what the price level if it helps you post more to these platforms, I think it might be worth a look at. I’m not indulcing it. I’m just saying, have a look at it. What do you reckon?


[00:31:37.150] –
Robert Newman

So Tailwind is I use it. I’ve used it for years. Do not use the AI feature so that everybody knows, we manually write our Pin descriptions. Okay? We manually write those Pin descriptions on the actual images because Pinterest will import the image into Pinterest, and then you will get the description that’s located inside the image into Pinterest, which is what makes, like, the way that we have done SEO optimization. We add a layer of value for the handful of people that actually post images off their site, because, honestly, the captions are already done for you. You just post the caption. It comes complete with the writing into wherever you’re sending it to, whether that’s Instagram or Pinterest. Pinterest has always been one of the most valuable SEO tools that we use. There is definitely a social component to the way that Google ranks sites. There’s a branding logarithm that Google uses to rank sites making anything that you consider related to Pinterest interesting. Instagram can’t be read by Google. So if you’re thinking about SEO, there’s no value on Instagram for that except for the transfer traffic from that platform to your platform. John, you’re off screen.


[00:32:53.240] – Jonathan Denwood

Oh, sorry.


[00:32:56.550] –
Robert Newman

So I apologize for the interruption and for that. John. So, guys, I strongly think that Tailwind has value. It’s a cool tool. It automatically adds value. There’s other tools that are interesting in this space. I think that here’s a secret. I do use automated or behavioral marketing in certain elements of my marketing, which is how I know what does and does not work. Audience I test. It exhaustively trying to find the places that we can hack like Google or Social without breaking any big rules and still getting strong results for our clients. I’ve probably tested 50 or 100 tools so far. I will keep testing them, by the way. I’m not going to back away from testing them. I’ve only found one that I can use out of all that testing. I’m not going to name it. I worked way too hard to find it. But I’ll tell you what it does. It automatically posts to a number of social platforms simultaneously leaving comments on people’s profiles, liking and disliking stuff, and building audiences. I’ve used this tool to build my audience on Pinterest, which currently stands at 17,000, and I have done very little to do that.


[00:34:21.510] –
Robert Newman

So to say to everybody here that’s listening to the show that there’s not a place that there can’t be a place for tools like Tailwind and other tools that automate really arduous processes. Now, why do I have a tool that automates something? Well, I’m already creating unique graphics and design elements and unique content on my site. I spend a bucket ton of money doing it all. I want is to promote it in social places. That’s all I want to do is take actual, real, deeply valuable information that I have produced that is original, and I want to promote it on other platforms. That’s where you get complicated. It gets complicated. I found a tool that kind of does that. Okay. It does it well enough. So Tailwind does make that process easier for a single user trying to post stuff off a website. If you have a personal assistant, if you have a social media marketer in the Philippines, if you have anybody that’s helping you, then I think Tailwind is brilliant. If you don’t have anybody that’s helping you, I think it’s too manual. That’s my opinion.


[00:35:24.230] – Jonathan Denwood

Yes. On to the last one. Server SEO. It’s a pacific SEO tool. It uses some of the elements of artificial intelligence. It starts at $49 a month. It’s a quasar professional level SEO tool. Robert is an expert on SEO. He might disagree with that statement.


[00:35:53.070] –
Robert Newman

We use it. John, I’ll cut you off the past. I currently use it, and I use it on every single article that we publish on inbound REM. But I have a very specific thing out of the toolkit that they’ve done very well for $50 a month that automates this one thing extremely efficiently. But I don’t use the rest of the toolkit.


[00:36:13.990] – Jonathan Denwood

I think I use one of its competitors.


[00:36:20.090] –
Robert Newman

Why wouldn’t you put the competitor down here?


[00:36:27.630] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think somebody trying. I think it’s a good tool. I’m a cheap skate. I’m using something I got a better deal on as polish new design terms as it does the job. Maybe you can explain what surfer SEO does for the audience, Rob.


[00:37:00.300] –
Robert Newman

Well, it does a lot of things, but what I use it for is the semantic keyword recognition component of it. So what we do is we feed a title of an article in there and we feed like a written article into it. And usually we’ve got about 1001, 500 words, 3000 words. When you are pretty convinced that you’re going to write a blog post that is going to rank in the search engines here’s, where most people, myself included, lose a lot of value on that article, your article can rank for either 100 keywords or 1000, depending upon the semantic value of the article. Now, semantic value is really mostly in the headers, the headers that you’re using inside your content. That’s mostly what Google is examining. And then they’re comparing it to the title and seeing how well those things add up. Now, what surfer SEO does in an instant is measure all of your subheaders, not the title of the article. There’s plenty of tools out there that do that for you. What’s a good title? Keyword research. There are not that many tools that do a really good job at looking at your subheaders and saying, oh, you should change this to this or that, and then.


[00:38:09.390] –
Robert Newman

So you go down the content and you change your headers up, and you sometimes can increase the reach of the same article. You’re not really rewriting the article. You’re just kind of changing around the headers and such. And you oftentimes double the reach, increase the reach by 10% surfer. SEO for that one task is pretty cool.


[00:38:33.730] – Jonathan Denwood

I use it because the articles rewritten takes a few months for Google to assess them, and then I use other tools to keep an eye on it. And then I use a similar tool to give me insight about how Google seen it, how I might be able to improve the article if it’s not ranking as well as I hoped. And I just use it as a method to help me improve existing articles, and I found it useful for that myself. And it has worked. But you got to know a bit about SEO, and you got to be motivated to consistently utilize it. Like all these I see, all the things that we’ve outlined, maybe even canva everything we’ve outlined, none of it’s ridiculously priced. And they’re just tools, basically. They and if you’re at a certain stage where you can’t afford to also have people helping you, that might help you improve your digital marketing as a real estate agent. That’s why I thought it was a reasonable list. What’s your thoughts, Robert?


[00:40:10.380] –
Robert Newman

My thoughts are you added a thing at the end, which I agree with, but I’m going to add just a contrary thought. So John has listed a whole series of tools that all pretty much fall under the sub, $100 a month. And if any of you are brand new agents with very limited budget, selling one or two homes per year, making $30,000 to $60,000, whatever the number is, this is a great list if you happen to be in $100,000 range anywhere in the US. I’m going to add one tool to this list that I feel dominates all the tools, and that is a virtual assistant that comes out of one of the countries where you can pay them a reasonable living for somewhere between three and $6 an hour, which is mostly parts of India, Pakistan, and Philippines. Now, Philippines is where I go. It’s where I suggest you go. But if you get stuck, you can look at these other countries as well. So a personal assistant can if you’ve created any processes around these tools, you can use a personal assistant for that. Actually, one last thing on the list. It’s not so much a tool.


[00:41:21.310] –
Robert Newman

It’s fiverr.com. Fiver.com, if any of you haven’t heard of this service. For between five and $20, you can get a lot of marketing tasks done for you for the amount of money that you spend, as long as you spend a little bit of time making sure that you’re shopping for a good vendor for the task. A lot of things done. Thumbnails on graphics. The same graphics that I spend my money on in canva. You can actually have somebody do them for you on fiverr, no problem. Like that’s one thing you can get done all day long, video is a little bit more expensive on fiverr, but you can get it done there. Content copywriting, you can get that done there. So basically every single thing that we’ve listed, you can get done, including sharing images on social media, it can all be done on fiverr. So it’s a one size fits all recommendation. These are the additional thoughts. But ultimately, when John is listing these tools and I’m looking at them, he is absolutely correct. Each one of these single tools does an important thing to install inside your marketing process. But the most important thing for all of you, everybody, including John, listening to the show is create a process that other people run and take yourself out of it.


[00:42:28.290] –
Robert Newman

And then focus on improving the process so that it gets you more people to call, more people to do what you really do, which is sell real estate or keep in touch with people. But a process with fiverr as part of it, or a virtual assistant, even more important, even if that person was working for you one or two days a week at 8 hours a day, $24 a day, you could get them for $116, which is really not that much different than the rest of these services. Go ahead.


[00:42:59.370] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah. Or you can try it out and then get somebody to do it for you, either using the service or doing it themselves. There’s a host of ways to approach this. I think it’s time to wrap it up. Rob, what do you reckon?


[00:43:18.510] –
Robert Newman

I reckon that you are correct, sir. So let’s do this thing the way that we always do, except I’m going to switch it up. My name has been Robert Newman. I am a real estate online marketing consultant. I’m an SEO guy. I’m an inbound marketer. I’ve been doing it for 14 years. I have founded a company called Inbound REM. We build websites, we do SEO campaigns. We’re really meant the service is designed for the veteran agent, the veteran broker who’s looking to own everything that they do, all the content, the website, all of it, and take themselves off systems. So if you want to learn more about that, go to inboundrem.com. John, how would people look you up?


[00:44:04.270] – Jonathan Denwood

Just go to the Mail hyphen right.com website. And if you want to book a chat with me or add them, you can book it on the website and we are always happy to have a quick discussion with you and see if we can help you.


[00:44:17.730] –
Robert Newman



[00:44:18.050] – Jonathan Denwood

Over to you, Rob.


[00:44:19.310] –
Robert Newman

All right, brilliant. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for your time. We really appreciate it. We’re excited to continue to serve up incredible content in 2023 and we hope that you’ll be along on the ride with us. All right. Have a great day. Bye, you.



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