#364 Mail-Right Show: Real Estate Landing Pages That Actually Convert

Real Estate Landing Pages That Actually Convert!

Wishing your website could do a better job capturing leads? The perfect real estate landing page captures short attention spans and takes advantage of that tiny window available to convert a visitor into a lead. But what kinds of page elements, content offerings, and designs encourage visitors to offer up their contact information?

Start the show with general discussion points connected to the global key things that make great landing pages.

#1 – Home Valuation Landing Page

Home valuation landing pages give property owners an estimate of their home’s value for free. To be fair, a small cost is involved: Site visitors must share their contact information. These leads are especially valuable because now you know these site visitors are at least considering selling their homes.

#2 – Property Search Landing Page

Prospective buyers use property search landing pages, help leads look for available properties, and set up custom alerts. What is the cost of accessing these tools? Contact inf

#3 -.Coming Soon Landing Page

Coming soon landing pages are ideal for buyers, especially in a hot market. Buyers give you their contact information in exchange for early access to the photos, details, and pricing of a property about to hit the market. 

#4 – Community Guide Landing Page

Like this one by Luxury Presence, the community guide landing page is one of our favorites because it conveys your value proposition to your farming area. 

#5 – Exclusive Buyer or Seller Content Landing Page

Offering helpful guidance in exchange for contact information is a tried-and-true approach for a reason. Real estate transactions are complicated, which is why offering a resource that hits on consumers’ pain points is a great way to start a client relationship and highlight your value as a trusted adviser. 

Episode Transcript

[00:00:10.510] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We’re here with episode number 364, the Mail-Right Show. My gosh, we’ve done so many of these. John and I have done so many of these together. Today, we’re going to take you on a little journey and try to explain landing pages. Now, John has separated out the subject by landing page types. I would like to talk a little bit about the premise of a landing page because I feel like the language is way overused, and we’re not going to help that in this description. But before we get into any of that, I would love it, John, if you would do both me and everybody else the favor of introducing yourself and letting us know who you are before you explain landing pages.


[00:00:54.940] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s great. Robin. Rob’s been very nice to me because I’ll be late for this episode of late, and I’m normally not late.


[00:01:05.590] – Robert Newman

Normally, you are.


[00:01:13.540] – Jonathan Denwood

The co-founder. We build lovely-looking websites on WordPress for the real estate semi-luxury market, and we offer a suite of marketing tools that help you generate leads from your lovely-looking website. Over to you, Rob.


[00:01:33.410] – Robert Newman

So, first of all, I’d like to talk about that language for landing pages. The simplest definition of a landing page is a page that people land on. That’s it. What’s confusing for everybody is the many messages that you can get to have somebody land on a specific page on your website. You can have an email landing page because you can direct people to it from an email campaign. You can get somebody to land on a page in all sorts of ways. Recently, landing pages have started to have additional language attached to them, such as squeeze pages, and click funnel pages, as different people put different branding associated with something that is effectively still a landing page. It’s just a landing page that people land on. John and I are going to confuse the topic more by explaining different types of landing pages to you, which is ideas of pages that people can land on your site. And John’s premise for the show, which I agree with 100%, runs right along with all of my premises about digital marketing. How do we get an ROI from a page that people land on or a landing page?


[00:02:44.760] – Robert Newman

And John’s going to take us away and really show his stuff because he did the research, and he did. And I have what I do as an agency, so I’m the founder of my own marketing agency, and we use landing pages extensively, but we use them directionally, not to get the conversion. We use landing pages to send people to other places on the website. So that’s how I’m using a landing page. I’m not using it the same way we’re about to talk about, and I’ll explain that a little somewhere along the way. But John, the first example.


[00:03:19.920] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I just want to quickly respond to what you just outlined, because I’m in total agreement, which normally is the case, not always, but I see this, Rob. It’s very similar to the language utilized around real estate CRMs, because it’s just a general term CRM. There’s marketing CRMs, there’s sales orientated CRMs, there’s lightweight CRMs, there’s heavy duty CRMs. It’s just a very general term. And the same with landing pages, squeeze pages. Landing pages, very generalistic term. A lot of people abuse. It a bit like CRMs. If you’re going to use the landing page as a kind of conversion tool, then that’s the classical term. The other way is the layout, the landing page. Classically doesn’t always apply. But classically the landing page, you don’t have your normal navigation in the head or the footer. You only have one call for action. You don’t have multiple. But you could apply that to, well, optimized normal pages that you don’t have two to three different messages on the page. So there’s a lot of overlap. So let’s start with number one valuation landing page. So you’re offering either a cane system or a better solution, a more customized home valuation.


[00:05:03.710] – Jonathan Denwood

This, to me, is the real kind of classic landing squeeze page that’s utilized a lot in the industry. I’ve got such mixed feelings about it because people say they still get great results, but I feel it’s been slightly used and abused. What’s your feelings, Rob?


[00:05:26.740] – Robert Newman

So, as usual, I’m going to give off I’m going to write a lot of some stuff here. Home evaluation pages, where you’re using an automated tool, they still work. That’s basically what you’re saying when people come to them. Do they still work to generate leads and give you ad names to your database? And the answer is yes. Do they work for high value, high intent leads? Not that I’m seeing like I’m not seeing it somebody selling the home in a few years that gets trapped into your form, that reluctantly takes a communication from you. Sure. But I am seeing people using a variation of this that I really love, which is probably because I follow so many inbound marketers and inbound marketers, everybody, they add a lot more value than your average marketer does to a page. And I’m watching more and more people brace videos, something that John and I have talked about for ages, but now it’s actually happening. We’re finally watching a full embrace of video happening. And part of that is that somebody is leaving a trail like, this is my home evaluation process. And step number one, if you’re interested in involving it, like, you outline seven steps, a little video, and then at the very end of that, they’re still the same form, and then you input your information.


[00:06:43.270] – Robert Newman

But I am seeing a mix where home evaluation is part of a longer, deeper, targeted strategy, and I’m seeing a lot of value coming out of that longer, deeper, targeted strategy. John, that involves the home evaluation tool.


[00:06:59.550] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. I can see how that could work if it’s presented in the right way. On to number two, property search landing pages. Well, I think it’s going to be linked to what you just said about home. I think it can still work, but you just got to be a bit more creative and offer a bit more value. What do you think?


[00:07:30.040] – Robert Newman

I’ve taken them off my websites entirely, that’s what I think. I don’t use them anymore. I don’t use them on home pages. I usually tell my clients to take them off. I’m not seeing them on a lot of high performing sites that I’m looking at that are starting to do really well. The day and age of property search sites, they’re diminishing. Like they’re not gone. But you probably need to have a site as good as a real estate webmasters here, attractive in that category. WordPress. If somebody said, I’m going to do a property search site on WordPress, I’m going to be okay. If you really want to, I’m just going to say I don’t believe in them. John. That’s the simplest way I can put it.


[00:08:14.610] – Jonathan Denwood

How would you classify a search landing page first? How would you describe it to our audience?


[00:08:27.110] – Robert Newman

Well, the way that we do searches, we do guided search. We drive you into neighborhoods and show all the listings for those neighborhoods and you’re getting a guided search experience on site. So if you’re doing a guided search experience or neighborhood search, like you’re seeing property search, when you say property search landing page, that is to me a bar where you can search for property. I’ve taken those off my site entirely. They don’t exist. So if you’re going to ask, how are you leveraging? The answer is really, truly, I am not. I have a single search function on my site, which is an advanced search function where somebody can fill out an entire form and not a bar and do a search. Not that many of my sites have that even in the top 50 pages that’s visited. Like, it’s usually an almost inconsequential feature on the sites that we’re building. So how would I define it? I mean, I don’t know, just like I did search bar, but I wouldn’t use it. That’s just me. If you’re using WordPress, I wouldn’t use it. If you’re using something really cool like Share Interactive and you’ve got everything on the site boiled down to neighborhoods or buildings or you’ve done something really specific with the site so that somebody can get a very drilled down piece of information, it might be interesting to have a search bar connected to that experience in some way.


[00:09:48.190] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, I agree with you. On to the next one. Coming soon, landing pages. I’ve seen more Facebook advertising where people really dependent on the condition of the market. Last couple of years, just getting something to sell was the problem. You could put it up and you’d be in a date in a lot of areas. You would have multiple people queries in other areas. So it just depends on market conditions and other factors. What’s your thoughts about Coming Soon landing pages?


[00:10:33.700] – Robert Newman

Well, again, I’m really glad that you put this one on your list because I have a case study. One of my clients in Los Cabos has development with a Coming Soon page on it, and it’s a top performing page. It is also a top frustration for them because they have they are getting leads. They’re getting a list of name and they’re talking to they’re calling these people up. They’re legit. So you putting it on this list is a very I couldn’t agree with it more. There’s just some marketing positioning, things that I think everybody would need to realize if you are successful with this strategy, understand that a certain number of people might be very excited for whatever development or building or thing that you’ve decided to put up. If your page is performing well, that is going to be because there’s some excitement about the community or the building or whatever it is that you’ve posted on your site that says Coming Soon. Sign up now to make your reservations or to get updates or whatever, however you’re going to position yourself. So my clients have dealt with a deferred development on the shore of Los Cabos.


[00:11:44.320] – Robert Newman

It’s going to be millions and millions of dollars. It’s a super exciting project, but of course, as with many luxury things, it’s getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back. And every time there’s a pushback, they’re reaching out to the entirety of their development list and communicating with these people. Then they’re getting calls because the level of excitement is so high. So they have spent a tremendous amount of time without even having anything to sell. There’s no unit to walk through or sell or do anything with. But from a marketing perspective, though, it worked. So, like I said, it has a place on this list. Just understand that with what you said, John, some people are not prepared mentally or marketing wise, like with how well the strategy will work and where the market is at. Even my client, who’s two extremely skilled entrepreneurs, and they haven’t said it to me directly, but I hear it in their voice. They’re, like, a little frustrated with how much time and energy that they’ve been spending on a thing that they can’t.


[00:12:51.660] – Jonathan Denwood

Even yeah, it’s unfortunate. Understandable, but unfortunate because Kelly Williams and the Bread Book, you know, the money is in your database. How do you know you’re going to drop a certain percentage of a year out of your database? So you need to keep filling that database with new possible connections. And that’s what you’re doing in one way with what has been established with this landing page. So it does have value, even though you can understand the frustration. But in my experience, and I think you would agree that’s hard for a lot of people to understand that, isn’t it?


[00:13:34.910] – Robert Newman

It is indeed. Wow. Do you mind if I introduce this next one?


[00:13:41.440] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, sure.


[00:13:43.760] – Robert Newman

So the next page John interestingly, had found somewhere a Luxury Presence page. Then he said a community guide landing page like this one by Luxury Presence. A Community Guide Landing Page is one of our favorites because it conveys value proposition to your farming area. Everybody does this differently. And the reason I asked to read this one is I use these pages on my site. This would be the closest thing to that gateway page that I mentioned to you. It is a community page that covers in broad a larger swath of territory, separates it out by smaller categoric areas, and directs people to those smaller categoric areas while still being very informative. And I use custom maps, I use custom images. I go very deep into what could very easily be called a Community Guide Landing page. That’s why I asked to intro this one. Luxury presence does it, too. We each spend, actually, a fairly large amount of development time because the quality of this page might connect somebody a little bit deeper into the lifestyle premise that you’re selling if they’re not already familiar with the area that you’re communicating to them about.


[00:15:03.710] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, there’s a bit of just before we go for our break, Rob, there’s a bit of overlap with this being Evergreen page, isn’t it? And we’ve spoken about Evergreen pages as well, haven’t we? To my mind, there’s a little bit of overlap. Would you agree with that?


[00:15:20.400] – Robert Newman

I would. So we’re going to go over our break, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to take a couple of minutes here. Do us a favor. Wherever you see us, wherever you hear us, give us a like share. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people that I’ve been getting shared meetings and that some of this podcast has occasionally been getting shared in real estate sales meetings for all those people who are brokers and are looking for ways to educate your sales team. Do John and I a favor. Drop us a line and let us know what you want us to talk about. Message John and say that you would really love to see XYZ digital marketing subject on the show, because I think that I could speak for both of us that we would love to get some feedback and help you out, right?


[00:16:07.240] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, we might.


[00:16:08.490] – Robert Newman

Okay, so we’ll be right back. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in.


[00:16:13.540] – Speaker 3

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[00:16:38.660] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. I am here with my amazing co host Jonathan Dinwood. We’re super excited to be here with you today. We are talking about landing pages, which is a misunderstood term and if I had to stick with what the traditional term of landing pages, I wouldn’t be very excited about talking about it. Fortunately, John was really lovely in the beginning of the call or the beginning of the podcast and said, please take some time, explain all the different things that can mean. And some of those meaning types I really gravitate into, one of them was community landing page. But we’re going to move on. That was what we covered right before the break. Coming back from the break, we’re going to talk about exclusive buyer, seller content landing pages. Why don’t you take us through the journey of what you meant by that, John?


[00:17:26.740] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, it’s kind of linked to the last topic before you went to break because in my mind there’s a lot of overlap between this particular section and evergreen pages. They overlap because you’re offering guidance, exchange, consumer pain points. So it’s kind of quasi evergreen blog kind of scenario set up. Would you agree with that.


[00:18:11.910] – Robert Newman

Blog set up?


[00:18:13.450] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, because in my mind, probably not right more the Evergreen, the blogging, it’s time related, isn’t it? So I probably push that bit too far. So it’s probably the Evergreen in it evergreen page maybe.


[00:18:32.180] – Robert Newman

So, Evergreen is a page that you write out and that you don’t change or don’t change often for many of you listening to the show, because some of you are. And I know this because I’ve gotten a chance to talk to a few of you over the years, which has been great. And I know that some of you are already in your own ways dedicated content marketer. So let’s just say that you have a 20 point sellers plan that you’ve mapped out over a 20 year career. That’s probably an Evergreen page, which is what John is talking about. You have to take the time to transpose it digitally and maybe you use some cool graphics or some cool white spacing to make it really like digestible. But you should have your own seller and buyer’s road map that is custom to you, to your sales approach, to your team’s approach, to your approach. It’s an Evergreen page on your site, right John? Yes. So that’s what John was talking about. Exclusive buyer, seller content, landing page. That could also mean in my head, exclusive could mean that you have an exclusive offer that gets a little trickier, a little hairy, just depending upon what state you are in, what the law is as it relates to your MLS.


[00:19:48.310] – Robert Newman

But some places, including, I think California, have a cooldown period when you take on a listing. We have X amount of time to get between taking the listing and then listing it with your contracted MLS system. Right. So you could theoretically send an email out to all of your customers and before the thing is even fully digested into the MLS, you could already have offers on the property. Technically speaking, I’ve seen that work that way many different times in many different states. That’s definitely an exclusive offer. Like, pay attention to me today we have this house. Yeah, it gets listed in the MLS in two days from now. You’ve got a 48 hours exclusive. Right?


[00:20:30.140] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, when you were saying that you got this scenario in a more normal market where you could say, well, we’ve had great success in a particular area, here are some examples and we’re offering this exclusive package to those in this area and you can also prove that you got some prior success, that type of scenario. Do you reckon about that?


[00:20:58.640] – Robert Newman

I think that’s true. So that’s our final thing on landing pages. And I want to throw John and everybody else a curveball on the show, if he’s up for it. I didn’t think of this in advance and I apologize, John. That’s why I didn’t write to you about it. It just came up super recently. And here’s the thing that I want to point out to everybody that’s going to sound like a sales pitch. It’s really not. So something that I’ve been noticing. The second that the interest rates stopped rising, my agency got really stupidly busy. All my competitors that are dealing with direct marketing are slowing down and laying off employees. Everybody’s in trouble. They over committed. They’re offering these massive deals and discounts, trying to get sign ups, trying to keep their workforce busy. And I’ll explain why I think that is to everybody on the show. And this impacts you too, John. So I think that the reason for all of this is that when the market slows and direct marketing stops working and many of the people that are calling me right now are people that have significant budgets in direct marketing efforts, those budgets are not working, or they’re not working in like they’re coming back with maybe an even money return.


[00:22:21.250] – Robert Newman

They’re just not working. They’re barely working. And in many cases they’re not working and they are literally losing money. So instead of throwing that money away, they’re deciding, now is the time to take control of my marketing. I can’t spend it anywhere else anyway and get a result. I might as well turn around and go to owning a product, getting rid of that really expensive golden handcuff thing that I’ve had for so long. And I want to say that that logic is 100% accurate, whether you call a guy like John or a guy like me. Now is the time. For all of you listening to the show, now is the time. The slowing market, the toughness with direct marketing trying to figure out where to put your money, where to put your time. Now is definitely 100% the time that you should be making moves in your strategy. Like I said, it sounds like a sales pitch, but I firmly, strongly believe it. John is looking really confused. Like, he’s looking super confused.


[00:23:28.940] – Jonathan Denwood

No, I think it’s very insightful. I think one thing you got to clarify, not for me, but for the Listers, what you mean by direct marketing, you’re talking about paid advertising.


[00:23:40.410] – Robert Newman

Paid advertising. You go direct to the source. Direct marketing is where you go direct to where the audience is or you paid. Yeah, you’re right. Another way to say is paid marketing, search marketing. If you want to get in front of directly get in front of somebody, you’re going to pay YouTube, Pay, Instagram, pay Google, pay somebody, right. You’re going to pay them. And I can put an advertising in front of you tomorrow that’s paid advertising, search advertising, direct marketing. Direct marketing can also be other things. So you’re right, not the best language. So I apologize. But the idea is this. We all want to say that if we spend $1,000, we get X amount of return. Now, even in a good marketplace, you spend $1,000 a month with, like a whileobo or somebody like that, and 90 to 90 days to six months is when you should expect a return. That is not happening right now. I’m hearing case studies that are like 13 months, 14 months. When you start saying you’re going to wait a year to see a return on a new direct marketing or sorry, a new page search initiative. Man, that’s actually probably longer than an inbound marketing campaign or something that John and I would tell you to do, like blogging or getting your own website.


[00:24:58.010] – Robert Newman

That’s longer. You’re looking at a longer timeline right now and a significantly larger amount of money, and you won’t own it, which is the nutty bananas part of that whole conversation to me. Sure, spend $12,000, don’t get a deal for 13 months. And by the way, you don’t own Diddley Squad.


[00:25:19.860] – Jonathan Denwood

We haven’t discussed it for a long while. It’s also linked to the dirty thing that was known that wasn’t really explained, and that lead inflation, I call it the platforms. There was scarce at the beginning, but there was because of lead inflation. The actual quality of the lead was getting more worse, wasn’t it? The digital lead, wasn’t it?


[00:25:47.460] – Robert Newman

Correct. And now they’re just not happening. They’re still bad, but you’re not getting that many of them. So there is a whole different shift, John, like a massive shift, and everybody’s noticing it, which is why I’ve tagged it onto the show. The shift happens fast. It happens very fast. And the shift is happening lightning fast right now. And this was luck. I think my original prediction about the way the market was going to work, I think it’s just going to turn out that way. I think we’re going to see the rest of the heat escape really high sales prices through the first quarter and then the marriage go round ends. And for all those people who are writing the last of that marriage go round, not seeing that many leads, but still getting a couple really high price deals off your paid advertising campaigns, great. Expect that to dry up. If I was all of you, I would be at least considering a backup option and dividing my budget barest minimum. Have a backup. Like, okay, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m wrong, and I would be love to be wrong for a lot of people.


[00:27:05.150] – Robert Newman

But you know what? Divide your money up.


[00:27:08.230] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, if I had a decent budget, I would really look at improving the website. I’m bound to say that. But I’m saying it from a quasar truthful place because I do honestly believe that. But I would really look at video, really look at my investment in equipment, but also a consistent way of producing video for my social media platforms and for my YouTube. Just getting as much video out there and having a production plan and having some basic equipment in my organization, my boutique brokerage, my power team, but really having understanding about how many videos we’re going to produce every week, every month, and really having a go at it. What do you think about that?


[00:28:02.210] – Robert Newman

I couldn’t agree more. Like I said, there is truly a groundswell happening where realtors have come to the realization that marketing has changed. It’s finally happened. The only strongly performing section of marketing that I see is messages passed through Kinesthetic, learning things that’s all really fancy language for saying that people are embracing the idea that they want to see you before they call you. Video not just a picture of you, not just a resume. They would like to see what you have to say. They’re getting spoiled with it as it takes hold across throughout the market. In almost every market, somebody doing searches or somebody looking around does have the option of running across. Somebody using video as a tool to explain the neighborhood, to explain a lifestyle, to explain themselves. And if that person makes a connection with them, they’re getting the call, man. That’s it. Full stop. To get in the call. I get calls off my profile for real estate stuff. I’ve sent out two referrals this month alone. All right, because people like, oh, you seem like a cool guy. I can tell that you are a marketing company. I know you’re not a real estate agent, but you must know a few.


[00:29:13.000] – Robert Newman

So let’s call you. I shit you not, John. I get them. I’m not a real estate agent. I clearly say it everywhere. But no, still get the call because they like me. And trust me, that’s the message for all of you who’s listening to the show. You’re going to have to embrace video if you want to really separate out, like, break the mold a bit.


[00:29:43.250] – Jonathan Denwood

And I think just to finish off, I’m not going to be blase about what next year is going to be like if you’re a real estate agent. But the good part of it is that I think the days of somebody thinking, oh, I can hire my uncle that just got his license six months ago, or Auntie Gerald, or this friend of a friend, and I don’t care, it’s just a friend, and they be able to sell it. I think when people have got a property and they’re looking to sell it, they’re going to do a bit more research and a little bit effort about who the agent is that’s going to represent them. Do you think I’m on the right role there a little bit, or am I deleting?


[00:30:34.040] – Robert Newman

I agree with there’s an element of what you say that I couldn’t agree with more. And I’ve used the analogy many times in a call, and my dad just proved this to be somebody in our family passed the property, went into probate. My dad had to sell it, and he ended up doing a shit ton of research on the person that he was hiring the family. He’s getting pressure from his brothers. Everybody’s pressuring them to sell the property fast because they just want the money and they want to do something with the money. My dad is like, that’s not going to stop me from calling referrals. Like, I’m talking he drilled deep down into it, John, and the reason that he drilled so deep into it is he’s like, hey, we’re going into a bad economy. I can tell that this is going to be difficult. So I want to find a Realtor that’s really going to fight for every last penny of value, and I’m going to do the extra work to find that person. And he read reviews, he fucking ran real estate licenses and then looked at what they said. I hadn’t even thought of that.


[00:31:37.670] – Jonathan Denwood

No, I haven’t. I’m amazed at the moment. I just thought it was market conditions, really. Rob I’ve always been a little bit but statistically, it wasn’t only market conditions. I’ve always been a little bit surprised about this industry, that people aren’t a bit, but I think it’s going to change. I think that’s a good thing. But people need to be a little bit fussy about the agents that they hire.


[00:32:08.390] – Robert Newman

They really do. And for those of you that did not live through 2007 to 2009, here’s a number for you that is a real number. The last time the market slowed, we had 2.2 million licensed agents. At the beginning, at the height of the real estate market, before the market slow stopped and things reversed, we got down to 1.4 million. Putting that into perspective for everybody that’s listening to the show, 50% of the people that were out there that had a real estate license surrendered. It. You are going to watch a lot of people get out of the real estate game. And for those of you who know that you’re committed and you’re going to stay in it, you have to ask yourself the question, how do you want to position the next leg of your career? Because there was 2007 to 2009 and then there was after that, and before that. You can ask anybody that’s been in the business, you made a mint, especially if you’re in mortgages. Before that, then you lost a lot and had to be committed to your career. And then slowly but surely, many people have been banking like a lot of money for a long time.


[00:33:18.860] – Robert Newman

And now that we’re going into a harder market with not such easy advertising directions for people, and the referrals have stopped coming in and every aunt, uncle, mother, sister stopped calling you for a piece of property. Yeah, some people are going to surrender and other people are going to figure out the ways to connect with people that they want to be connected with. And I deeply believe that whether it’s video on YouTube or video on Instagram or video is the way to go. Everybody should have videos on the website, on all those other channels.


[00:33:50.160] – Jonathan Denwood

And just to wrap it up, I know it’s self-serving, but honestly, honestly believe these folks. You really want to listen to the backlog of podcasts and videos that Rob’s got. You want to go to Rob’s website and have a deep dive, and you really want to listen to the 100-plus of podcasts because it’s just a fountain of knowledge from our guests, from you, about how to market yourself in this new coming-up period. I really believe that, Rob.


[00:34:32.240] – Robert Newman

Thank you very much, John. That’s very nice. And by the way, everybody, if you’re starting your career and you’re scared to death by some of the things I just said, john is a good place to start having a conversation to get you on the track. I believe that there can be an evolution of owning your own websites. I am a done-for-you service that takes on a very small number of clients who are very well-established and are basically ready and willing to spend a reasonable amount of money to achieve success. And I do everything for them, almost everything. But you don’t start there. Full stop. You don’t start there. You start someplace else. And if you got used to WordPress and you got used to blogging and you took all the same advice that you’re hearing from me, but you took it from John, because he’ll say the same thing 80% to 90% of the time, you will have a huge platform of success to then to call a guy like me.


[00:35:28.390] – Jonathan Denwood

Yes, I do honestly believe that. And that’s why I think we can still work together on this podcast because that’s how I see it totally as well, Rob, completely.


[00:35:41.260] – Robert Newman

All right, well, listen, everybody, we’re going to wrap it up. We’re going to take us off. Aaron here in a second. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everybody had a good day of things spent with family and friends, no matter where in the world you are. We appreciate you listening to the show. You can email me at Robert at inbound REM. And John, how would you like people to get in touch with you?


[00:35:59.450] – Jonathan Denwood

Oh, just go to the Mailwrite.com website, and you can book a demo discussion with me or my partner, Adam. And one other thing, we have an amazing guest next week. I haven’t told Robert. I probably won’t let you’re going to be blown away, Rob. Well, you might not be, but I’ll be surprised if you’re not blown away. And it’s great I’ve had a chat with him; I’ll give you a hymn. And he seems to be he’s really interesting stuff to say, and he seems a great guy. And I think you and the audience are going to be blown away.


[00:36:42.010] – Robert Newman

Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Thanks for doing that, John. Alright, everybody, have a good one. John, take us offline. Bye.

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