#325 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Ricky Carruth

With Special Guest Ricky Carruth

Top real estate agent in Alabama. He also started speaking, writing, and coaching in 2017 through his Zero to Diamond free real estate coaching company with a mission to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry by bringing awareness that it’s not about the deal, it’s about the relationship. Ricky is the No-Pressure Agent. Born and raised on the Gulf Coast, Ricky has been selling real estate since he was 20 years old. Starting his career in 2002, he has been through this roller coaster of a market and back. After tons of life lessons of ups and downs, Ricky has emerged as the #1 agent on the Gulf Coast since 2014.

His dedication to his clients, hard work ethic, and market knowledge are the key attributes that have placed him a step ahead of the rest. Top real estate agent in Alabama. He also started speaking, writing and coaching in 2017 through his Zero to Diamond free real estate coaching company with a mission to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry by bringing awareness that it’s not about the deal, it’s about the relationship. Ricky is the No-Pressure Agent. Born and raised on the Gulf Coast, Ricky has been selling real estate since he was 20 years old. Starting his career in 2002, he has been through this roller coaster of a market and back. After tons of life lessons of ups and downs, Ricky has emerged as the #1 agent on the Gulf Coast since 2014. His dedication to his clients, hard work ethic, and market knowledge are the key attributes that have placed him a step ahead of the rest.

Here is a Full Transcript of Our Great Interview With Ricky

Robert Newman: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to episode number 325. We have a world’s record holder in terms of person who’s been on the mail right show the most. we’re back with Ricky Carruth which as far as John and I are concerned, he can keep coming back on the show over and over because he is got such incredible things to share. But for anybody, the one or two–

Jonathan Denwood: He’s a pain for punishment though. Isn’t he? Robert? 

Robert Newman: Well and John’s on his pain meds today guys. I don’t know what’s going on with John, but he’s on one. So, but anyway, we’re here with, we’re here with Ricky. Ricky, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to the one or two people who may not know you.

Ricky Carruth: Yeah, for sure. Good to have me on, a fourth time. You guys are, it’s always an interesting conversation, so yeah, no I’ve been selling real estate for 20 years. I’m in Alabama, right on the beach right next to Florida. And, no, that’s about it, man. I’m just a hard worker, just trying to get better every day. I’ve got some interesting things, right. To share with you guys updates and stuff for the show. So, yeah I’m basically on a mission to help as many people as I can. Right. And then at the same time, you guys know not, I want to do it at no expense to the people I’m helping.

Robert Newman: So ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna, expand on Ricky’s, introduction. He’s at this point when he first came on the show, he was in the inception of becoming, a real estate coach. He’s now probably one of the top followed real estate coaches that exist, I haven’t checked your numbers lately, but they were, they were impressive a year ago when we talked to you last and I’m certain that you’ve just grown in popularity. At this point, when people call me from my consultations, your name is brought up frequently, which wasn’t the case when we first met with you. So Ricky is an amazing coach. He practices circle prospecting. He gives out some information about the real estate technology that he uses in his endeavors. And that’s just a couple of the subjects that he covers that I’ve seen. I’m sure there’s many more, but that’s what I’ve seen. 

And John guys for those listening is one of the top WordPress web developers, that I know of. He’s a master of his art. He has two companies. He has another podcast that’s wildly popular that talks about, WordPress. But John, why don’t you go ahead and share why you do this show? 

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah, Thanks a lot. Yeah. I’m big into WordPress. I run the biggest word press podcast at the presser moment that has between five and 10,000 listeners per month. This is a pretty big podcast, not as big, but I’m amazed at the great support we get and the amount of people we get to listen to us. But I think it’s the quality of our guests, not our insights, Robert. Robert has enormous amount of knowledge and I run mail right. We provide custom WordPress websites, to agents that want to own their most important digital asset plus a host of boat on extra functionality that, that agent can utilize to empower their digital marketing over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman: Well, it’s not gonna be over to me. So, ladies and gentlemen, I have a couple subjects that I wanna talk to Ricky about, which I’ve already shared prior to the show starting, but I wanna start off, asking Ricky to share with us, actually, John, I’m gonna have you take it away. Cause I don’t remember the title of the video. I did not watch it, but John did, he was really, really impressed with it. He wanted to ask.

Jonathan Denwood: I looked at a few of them, but I thought this was a, quite a good one. Okay. I’ve gotta tell you, this is an infuse. Robert is struggling. He’s been out and about last night, the Rotter, there we go. So he’s like a cat for the musical cats. So there we go. So, I watched this video and I thought, so can you tell us, and it was called, you got to change your way to play the game intriguing title, Ricky. And I thought the video. So can you tell us what the videos was about and why you wanted to make the video and the point you were trying to make?

Ricky Carruth: Tell me what you got out of it. I’m looking for it on YouTube.

Jonathan Denwood: Oh, sorry. What did you say?

Ricky Carruth: I said, tell me what you tell me what you got out of it. Cause I honestly is it on YouTube? I can’t find that.

Jonathan Denwood: No I’m sure it was on your channel. No, no, I’ve got it wrong. Now if I’ve got it all wrong, Ricky. So if you wanna, if I’ve got, I apologize if I’ve got it wrong,

Robert Newman: John, John, let me, let me save you this particular time. So ladies and gentlemen and Ricky I’m gonna pick up the ball. We’re, we’ll find this video and then we’ll talk about it for all of you listening to podcast. 

Ricky Carruth: Find that video, John I’m searching YouTube when you said it earlier. I was thinking, it sounds like something I say, but I don’t–

Robert Newman: So at the beginning of the show, what I asked Ricky so when we first met or when I first met Ricky and it was me and John collectively the market, the real estate market, it was very different. I think that we did our first show with you Ricky, before the pandemic even hit if I remember correctly. So since then, we’ve had a pandemic we’ve met with you twice and the strategies that you’ve used and in that time, right in the middle of a pandemic, you also decided to switch brokerages in the midst of all of this market change. So there’s two things that I am really interested in knowing. So we’re here a year later. When did you change over? You changed over to from RE/MAX to EXP if memory service me correctly. Is that right?

Ricky Carruth: Yea, it was March 10th. So the shutdown happened, like March 15th or something like that. So it was literally days before the entire shutdown of the US economy.  
Robert Newman:
Okay. So what has your, like here we are March, so yeah, we’re almost exactly a year later. 

Ricky Carruth: Two years, 
Robert Newman:
We’re two years into it, there are lots of people that are thinking about changing, like brokerages, where they work, how they work, which I think is an important part of any conversation about real estate, because EXP is a digital broker they’re in the cloud. It definitely is one of those places where the mechanics of doing business theoretically are different. So I am curious to know, you’ve now made this change a while ago. How are you feeling about it? Did you change the method of you, the, how you did business in any significant way? And do you still, I mean, I’m not asking you to pan anybody or, or anything like that, but do you still appreciate the way that you’re being supported a year or two later?

Ricky Carruth: Well it’s a good question so first off there’s a lot of misconceptions out there, right? So EXP people say it’s a digital, it’s a virtual, it’s a cloud based brokerage. Well, the fact is all brokerages are right. Every brokerage uploads, their documents to the cloud, they get electronic signatures. They communicate by texts and email, so on and so forth. So we’re all digital. Everything is in the cloud, no matter what brokerage you’re with, it’s just a matter of where you’re working. So again, another misconception EXP, doesn’t say you can’t have an office. They just say, we don’t care if you have an office, if you want an office, go get an office, get it approved by the state, commission, get it approved through us and have a branch of our office. They’re fine with that.

 I own a branch office. So I have an office, right down the road where I have a team that works and I have employees and everything else. Through my organization that I built with EXP around the country. We have many, many branch offices, all around. And so it’s really, instead of really the misconception that it’s different it’s really the same thing, right? It’s the same thing, but better. Because you have to think of EXP as a platform that you can take and build your business on your corporation, your company. So like a traditional, it’s not a traditional brokerage. They basically have gone out and they’re classified as a brokerage, but in reality, what they’ve done is they’ve created the infrastructure that you can take and go build your company on. Okay. 

So let me go deeper with RE/MAX. I was with there, it was there for 10 years. Okay. I paid them a half, a million dollars over that 10 years and nothing to show for it whatsoever. It just went into the RE/MAX deep dark hole, and I have nothing to show for it. I can’t grab anything tangible and sell it or give it to you or show you. It literally just went into making the corporation rich. So EX P founders, in 2008, when he decided to do this, the biggest part of it was he realized that all the agents are out there in the industry, working their ass off to help people buy and sell real estate, right. To come back to pay fees and commission splits to the brokerages, making these corporations rich, and the agents get nothing in return.

Okay. Nothing. Okay. The ones that give support and training, great. All brokerages do. So take that off the table. What else? You got nothing because your clients are doing business with you because they like, you has nothing to do with the brand of the brokerage you’re with. So they said, well, if all the agents are out there working their ass of to help our corporation become wealthy and, and get rich, that it’s not fair that the agents aren’t cut in on that action. Why can’t we build a model where agents are actually partners with us. That was the infancy of EXP was that they wanted to be partners with the agents. So how can they do that? Well, they created a model where if you’re out there just selling real estate, like you normally are at other brokerages they award, you with being a partner in the company and giving you equity in their business.

So here we are, I’m two years in, okay. I paid a half, a million dollars to RE/MAX, nothing to show for it. I’m two years with E XP. I’ve paid ’em 40,000 total for the two years, they gave me 50,000 in equity, which is right now worth 150. So I’ve got 150,000 worth of my own company. Where I’ve used their platform to build my company. That’s worth 150,000 right now. So that’s the first part of it is that it’s an infrastructure for you to go build your business. And if you wanna go out and just sell real estate and build equity in the company, great, they’re a $5 billion company Agents own two and a half billion of it. Right? So the agents, the 73,000 agents, that’s growing by a thousand a week the agents are a half 50 50 partner with the corporation. That was the original plan by the corporation for the agents to actually be a 50 50 partner with them. 

Now, why would the company give up half, half their corporation? Well, the two and a half billion that’s still left is still worth five times more than RE/MAX’s entire company. So they created a scenario where everybody wins, not just the corporation, everybody wins. So there’s that part of it where you can actually build equity in your own company and build it up and use their infrastructure to build your business. Then there’s the platform that you can expand. Now, like every single agent, in EXP gets their own franchise. They basically say, here’s a franchise, here’s a franchise, here’s a franchise. And you can literally open up an office if you want to. And you expand nationally and even internationally immediately for no money, no liability, no broker responsibilities, nothing.

So I brought in 150 agents over the two years, that’s turned into a thousand agents so far, I brought on three brokerages, two were a hundred agent brokerages, one in LA, one in Fort Lauderdale, 38 agent in New Jersey. So you have the power just a single agent to actually bring on entire offices from anywhere. And all those agents get added to your organization that you make money every time they sell something. And as those agents go out and build their organizations, you get credit. I’ve got 25 agents in South Africa, 34 in Canada, 4 in Australia. So I’m able to expand, not just national and acquire entire brokerages. I can bring on agents from other countries and build my influence in these other countries. And we’re growing in these other countries. So my group is, we’re almost to a thousand, I’m in the high 900s growing by 75 a month. And I probably bring in three or four of those a month. The other 70 are brought on people in my organization. Right. I don’t even know who these agents are.

Now it creates a situation where you can actually create your own empire and be your own Gary Keller. Whereas Gary Keller has 200,000 agents at Keller Williams. But he probably knows 500 to a thousand of them if he has the memory of an elephant. But he’s making money on 200,000, he doesn’t know those agents. They’re just in his organization. Same thing here, the thousand agents I have, I probably know 300 or 400, the other five or 600. I don’t know who they are, but I make money every time they sell something and this is going to continue to grow, right? So it’s put us in a position where we make money like Walmart now and Quicken loans.

Quicken loans has the cheapest rates in town. Okay. And your local lender can’t come down to the same rates as Quicken loans. Why? Because Quicken loans is dealing with volume. They’re making a little margin on millions of transactions, same thing with Walmart. They undercut the price cuz they’re buying in bulk and they make a little margin on millions of transactions, not like your mom Pauls, where they’re just getting paid on a couple. So they have to charge more to even make ends meet. And so they’re putting in position to do the same thing because my a thousand agents are closing 500 deals a month. So I go out there and work my ass off to go sell a hundred properties a year to make all the money. Or I can get a little margin on 500 deals a month without even touching any of those deals.

And I can scale the 500 to 10,000. There’s a guy getting paid on 10,000 deals a month. He doesn’t touch any of the deals. I can’t scale from a hundred as a single agent. I can’t go any more than a hundred a year as a single agent. and so they’ve put us in a position where we can make money, like a Quicken loans, like a Walmart, where we’re getting paid small margins on hundreds and even thousands of transactions instead of working our off to make all the money on one. So there’s many different facets to this us. There’s many different avenues of, how you can use this platform. Cuz it’s a platform, right? It’s not like an everyday brokerage. Like, oh, we switch from RE/MAX to EXP or go to Keller Williams or go to century 21.  You just look at the commission, split the numbers. If you’re gonna make more, that’s not what this is. 

When you figure in the equity, they give you back. That’s gonna expand over the years. When you figure in what you can do with the rev share if you want to recruit, you don’t have to recruit. You don’t have to build your own brokerage, but let’s say in five years you do wanna expand, well, you have the opportunity to right. But by that time you have so much equity built up. That’s multiplied. Listen they profited 65 million through three quarters, last year they haven’t reported the fourth quarter yet. RE/MAX is down 19 million compass is down 300 million, Redfin loses money, Zillow loses money. They’re up 65 million. They got a hundred million sitting in the bank. They own success magazine, right? Tony Robin’s son runs success magazine. They, we own it. 

We own veil of the virtual world. We own showcase IDX. So when you own the stock, they’re giving you equity in the holding company that owns all these other companies and all the other companies they’re gonna buy in the future. So this guy’s very innovative. The people running this ship and it’s just, there’s nothing you can really compare it to anything else. They’ve created a platform that we can go out and really build something mass. Every day regular agents can go out there and build something massive nowadays.

Robert Newman: Beautiful. Well, I guess that’s a thorough report. We need to go to our break when we come back, either John or I will queue up another question from Ricky, but I think it’s safe to assume that Ricky doesn’t have any complaints about the support he’s receiving. I’m always curious about EXP I want to do a full disclosure I own a little bit of their stock. So I don’t wanna, I don’t want people to think that I’m shilling without telling anybody that I’m shelling I’m really actually just curious to see how the model is going. I like the general concept that I saw years ago when they first came on the marketplace with people like you, Ricky and I have many contacts. You’re you are not the only one who have left and gone over to EX

Ricky Carruth:
 I mean, you see big, big teams, big teams, like we just had a hundred million dollar team. The number one RE/MAX team in Alabama and Birmingham come over a couple weeks ago. I think it’s Charlotte, North Carolina, where EXP was actually number one in volume over all the other companies, here in my market two years ago, EXP had, there were number seven on the chart in terms of market share this last year we’re number three, we went from seven to three. you’re gonna see because the model’s so attractive to, to agents, not just team leaders and brokers, but even new agents, what their mentorship program and all the stuff that they offer for new agents that it’s such an attractive model with equity and the opportunity to expand that you’re gonna see these big producing teams continue to come over, which is gonna do nothing but catapult us into getting closer and closer to outselling everyone. We’re picking up all the top agents in each market. It’s just a matter of time before we’re the top a top agency in the world

Robert Newman: Don’t know that I disagree, but before we go any further, we’re gonna be right back for whatever platform any of you are watching, viewing, listening to us on. Please do John and I favor and Ricky too go ahead and give us a thumbs up. If you’re on apple iTunes, go ahead and leave us a comment on apple iTunes, wherever you are. If you have something to say about the show, if you want to ask some additional questions, if, for some reason, Ricky, loses his mind, decides to come on time number five, do you have any additional questions for Ricky? You can find Ricky all over the internet, just do Ricky Carruth real estate and you’ll find his YouTube channel and his website and his, his coaching, his coaching company and just everything else. And John, you can go to mail-Right.com and me, you can go to inbound REM.com stay tune ladies and gentlemen will be right back.

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Robert Newman: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, we’re here with Ricky Carruth its episode number 325. Before the break we were talking about how Ricky has, is feeling and has felt about a transfer over to EXP from RE/MAX that he made two years ago, I’ll summarize and say he feels pretty good about it. The next question that I have, which, John, do you, are you needing? 
Jonathan Denwood:
 No, I think I better keep my mouth shut because I’ve managed to find a video that I’ve come to the conclusion that Ricky never made. So I dunno what that means to me. I’ve never done that I apologize, Ricky.

Ricky Carruth: Let me spiral into something here. and maybe this will spur on some, some conversation, while we’re here I didn’t mention this cuz I wanted to kind of do it, live with you guys to kind of give you an update of where I am right in my business and kind of what’s going on the direction I’m going in and everything. Which you guys will probably find very interesting, but for 20 years I’ve been a single agent. I was the number one RE/MAX agent in Alabama. I’ve closed a hundred deals a year for the last eight years. Last year was number eight. And I finally, come to this place where, I’m gonna step out and I’m in the process of building a team to take over my residential sales. Whereas I’m gonna take that step back outta residential production and go out and pursue commercial sales Big apartment complexes, strip centers, whatever stuff like that. 

So that’s one that I’m making and, and I’ve actually consulting with people who have helped other agents build billion dollar teams. They’ve done this many, many times helped me structure the team to do it right. And also I’m consulting with commercial people on that end, who are doing a hundred million dollar deals who are basically telling me everything they know and showing me the ropes on that side. So I’m kind of stretching myself and, not just saying, okay, a hundred deals a year kind of passively and, got the EXP thing going. My coaching business is going well and all these things are going great. And I’m happy where I am. That’s not where I’m at.

I didn’t know what I was gonna do with my real estate business. If I was gonna throw it away or just give it to somebody and say, pay me referrals or what, because it’s not really worth my time anymore to go on listing appointments and to continue showing property. It’s just, it’s not where I’m at anymore. And so I didn’t know what I was gonna do. So for me to step out and go build a team is really fun to me because now I can take my 50 million dollars a year business and actually turn it into a company that I’m running from like more of a CEO position and ramp that up from the 50 and the goal is to get it to a hundred million. And that’s a lot in my market.

We did like 2 billion in sales in my area, in the Gulf shores, orange beach area. So a hundred million is 5% that’s a big market share for one entity in MLS. So that’s the goal there, right? And then in, in terms of the coaching, this is our first round. We started January, first of doing completely free one-on-one coaching where I’ve actually certified coaches, zero to diamond coaches who actually call the agents once a week, 30 minute calls this is all free. So I revamped the zero to diamond program and changed it from a 90 day action plan to a 60 day challenge. Another key, fact here is that now zero diamond.com is a social media platform where when you go and log to zero to diamond it looks like Facebook, right?

There’s a wall, right there, there’s, there’s a news feed where, you can post, you can post on your profile, you can follow people, friend, people, DM people like their posts, like their comments, create groups, all that stuff is right there within that zero to diamond ecosystem at zerotodiamond.com. Whereas the 60 day challenge is attached. And it’s more set up like a, like a course with week one, week, two week three, and then we have the application for the free coaching. So the free coaches, they help the agents through that 60-day challenge, and then as they go through the 60 day challenge, then we’re gonna take a month off. And every quarter we start a new batch of agents. So right now, as we speak, I’ve got 22 certified code coaches. And we’re coaching about 110 agents through the 60 days right now, nothing but incredibly positive reviews. And everybody’s just extremely over the top, happy with how everything’s going.

The agents who didn’t make it to the one on one, they’re still doing the 60 days. And they love. I’ll end this whole rant with a survey that we did, we did a survey about a month ago. Because we wanted to really dig in and see exactly what kind of impact zero to diamond has had on the industry. So we found in the survey, of course there’s a lot of incredible stories about people that were making 150 that went for making that, to doing the program, to making 650, the next year and people that are making 350, they’re making 850 and people are making a hundred thousand making 350, just all kinds of stuff like that. 

The most interesting part of it was that seven out of 10 agents say they get more listings and close more deals. 87% say they have better time management, which means a lot to me because it tells me that they’re probably spending more time with the family and doing things that they like to do. 75% say they read more and 99% say they enjoy being a real estate agent more. And that was the biggest one for me. Because at the end of the day, that’s really kind of what our goal is, is to reduce the failure rate, but also try to help people, enjoy it. Because we got into this business to set our own hours and, to have freedom and to enjoy our life more and make more money and to be happier.

A lot of agents feel, like their business is controlling them and they’re working until 10 o’clock and they’re stressed out all the time and it’s not really what they thought it was gonna be. And so what we’re trying to do is help agents on that side of it, get back to the reason why they got into real estate, and really kind of take control back, from their business and create a scenario where they enjoy being a real estate agent, their closing more or spending more time with the family. Right. So said a lot there probably gave you some good ammo.

Robert Newman: You said I of course ran right over to zero to diamond and registered and logged. It’s interesting I haven’t been here long enough, to have any comments about that. As a general commentary, I love your story arc as a human being, I don’t know that I have something that’s specific to the show except to let our listeners get to know me and you a little bit better is that all I hear is a guy saying, he’s decided he’s gonna level up and that this is what leveling up looks like to you. And I like a, serial entrepreneur who has, a few different interests of his own, and I understand what that’s all about because you’re just always looking for whatever the next level is for your particular thing.

I’m doing the same for some of my primary business and some of my ancillary businesses and the Mail-Right real estate bit was, John doing the same. And, he doesn’t talk about it much, but he also does investing in some other stuff too. So he’s always on his own, his own way of, leveling up. So we’re all on this journey and I hear this is your journey and I’m excited for it. I haven’t added the chance to research it, but I will get into it and look at, how you’re coaching, clients are talking about you now I will say this, go ahead, John.

Jonathan Denwood: I think we’re getting close to the end of the podcast, but I think in the bonus content, I think if, Ricky’s okay about it, we can have another 10, 12 minutes. We can delve in some of the things he’s observed in his coaches around practical things that they, see patterns that they improve the agent’s performance. Because I totally believe the things you’ve said, Ricky, cuz, you always struck me as a straight shooter. So you’ve made some powerful statements about improvement. I would like is your insight about how you and your coaches manage to get those agents to improve. And I think that would be useful to the Mail-right Audience, what do you reckon of it?

Robert Newman:
 Sure We’ll follow your lead. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, this time around, unlike the break, I’m gonna let the guys, sing themselves off the show. So Ricky, if you’d like, since you have changed so much and things are so different for you, where would you like people to go research either you or your companies or your other coaches? Where do you send people if they were interested in following it?

Ricky Carruth: I mean anywhere, really, whatever your favorite platform is. I mean, I do a lot of stuff on YouTube. I’m actually going a different direction with YouTube where I’m actually creating the content now as opposed to, editors and stuff like that. And I’m trying to be more thoughtful there. I wanna do better on that platform and it’s actually worked really well for the past couple weeks. It’s been just purely content. I’ve created also Instagram so you can follow through I post on my stories quite often, follow me through my day and everything. Everything’s in the link of my bio in terms of, I have a discord, I have a text community. I have, the free coaching platform. All that stuff is right there. I drop a podcast every day, seven days a week on iTunes and all the other podcast channels. 
Jonathan Denwood:
 You do

Ricky Carruth:
 So. Yeah. I mean, zero to diamond.com is a good place. Instagram is the best place to get me. I answer all my DMS there every day. So, I get tons of messages from agents all over asking all kinds of stuff. So if you want to have that more personal connection, Instagram is the place for that. Otherwise, check out zero to diamond.com and connect with the other zero to diamond agents and, and chase that 60 day challenge.

Robert Newman: Go ahead, John, how would you like people to

Jonathan Denwood: I thought I was a pretty old worker, but this guy, beats me I dunno. Well, Robert doesn’t care because he’s roaming last night, but it makes me feel he’d have to quit. Like, no, I dunno what to say, Robert. I think we better end the show on [Inaudible31:14 ] from Ricky about my performance. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Robert Newman:
 Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you wanted the numbers, Ricky, has, 81,000 subscribers, his channel has millions of views at this point. He has got 1,288 uploaded videos on his primary profile and he started a second channel. So something that John and I talk about frequently that I only, I look at this and I know a couple of different things, no matter what you told me right now, I know that you feel like YouTube is effective. You wouldn’t invest this much time and energy into it. If you didn’t feel like it was moving the needle for all of these businesses that you just mentioned. And you’re investing in it deeply. I, I do the same. I don’t know that I wanna do it to the level that you’re doing it, but you’ve had tremendous success on it.

If anybody wants to, to follow Ricky, I strongly see that you go there. I can’t even begin to imagine what the value might be to a brand new agent. You could probably just watch Rick’s videos and basically get coached up to the point that you could make a really good living in real estate and all of it for free. So his statements about this being free, I find them to be true, especially with all the content, he has on the channel.

If anybody would like to reach out to me, I am not free. You can go to inboundrem.com. A conversation with me is free. I also try to give away my time. I just do it one person at a time. I do have a lot of, content about, reviewing, existing real estate technology. I also have a little bit of commentary on my YouTube channel about EXP not much, but some, so anybody can check me out on YouTube, Robert Newman, inboundREM, same thing with my website, inboundREM.com with no further due. We’re gonna go to our final break. We’re moving over to the mail-right YouTube channel. And you’ll be able to see the last 10 minutes of the show there. And, I forget what John says. We’re gonna talk about but we are gonna talk about that. See you soon.


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Greg McDaniel literally began his career at his father’s knee. It would not be an exaggeration to say he has Read more

041: Personal Agent Photography With Preston Zeller
038: Good Quality Photography & Video is Important! 1

Personal agent photography is really important but usually semi-forgotten. We have a great guest "Preston Zeller" on the show who recently Read more