#321 Mail-Right Show Best Show Interviews of 2021

Our List of the best interviews of 2021

#1 – #300 Mail-Right Show – Successful Instagram Marketing For Real Estate Agents. “Neal Schaffer” https://youtu.be/KqshrzZz9mw

#2 – 275 Mail-Right Show Special Guest “Tim Stout” https://youtu.be/uCtPlrV-jro

#3 – 253 Mail-Right Show: With Special Guest “Dr. Lee Davenport” https://youtu.be/s834_aZo7Ss

#4 – #310 Mail-Right Show: Finding The Right Niche For Your Service or Product “Seth Price” https://youtu.be/T5j32UU8_qg

#5 – #295 Mail-Right Show: Real Estate Agent’s 5 Ways to Create a Real Customer-Centric Culture “Shep Hyken” https://youtu.be/Y3SrWUSQkQ4


Show’s Transcript

Robert Newman:
Welcome back to the mail right show. We are so incredibly happy, grateful, and excited to be back. It is January 6th, 2022, and today’s episode is number 321. And I separated that out a little bit because if you guys didn’t notice that’s the same as our countdown 3, 2, 1. So, today is absolutely one of my favorite shows of the entire year. We, John, and I are gonna talk about, each of us are gonna list what we felt were our 10 best shows or best guests. Actually, in my case, it’s the 10 best guests because many of the guests that I like come on the show a number of times throughout 2021. So with no further ado, John as always was way more organized than me and he had his list together. Actually, you know what, before I forget, John, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to somebody that might be joining us for the first time.

Jonathan Denwood:
That’s great. Thanks for that, Robert. So I’m the joint founder of Mail-Right. We’re a platform that helps you be the champion of your local area. We give you a website built on WordPress and a number of marketing tools that keep you tight with your local lead tribe back over to you.

Robert Newman: All right. So, as I was about ready to say as always John is more organized than me and, he has got his list over to me. I did not do the same for him. He’s gonna find out in real time who my favorite shows were and why, but since he was organized, obviously that gives him the right of whatever you wanna do. You can go first or second and John, it’s your–

Jonathan Denwood: I’ll go second. I’ll give you the lead Robert. 

Robert Newman:
All right. So, ladies and gens my list goes back all the way to the beginning of the year. And I’m gonna start off with the one that I think is gonna surprise everybody, including John just to get it right out there early on episode number 219. And here’s, the funny part guys. John won’t remember this guy, Steven Ross.

Jonathan Denwood:
Was he not the guy that knocked on a thousand doors and had the book? 

Robert Newman:
Holy shit, you did that from memory. I wouldn’t have gotten that right? Yes. That was the guy I just liked, he had kind of a quirky personality on the show and he was a good storyteller. He was also identified early on in the show that he was an introvert, which I identify as being an ambivert. So, we kind of related to each other for a little bit about being introverts yet being in sales, like things like knocking on doors and talking to people and stuff like that. I thought it was a cool show.

Jonathan Denwood:
Yeah. And I think it kind of to beat our own drum, never, never beloved listeners. It was a little bit, we just don’t have it, every guest is a kind of either real estate agent or a marketing expert. We attempt to mix it up a little bit. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t dramatically, but in this case it did work, I think because he’s not really into digital marketing, he built his business utilizing what would be classified as kind of old school face to face street mart guerilla marketing really didn’t he? 

Robert Newman:
Which is how I built a lot of my businesses. And honestly, there’s always space John it really doesn’t matter what we’re doing. What kind of business that we’re talking about. I don’t really care what anybody says or tells me digital is super cool. It’s where I make my living. It’s the only place that I wanna market. However, anybody with a little bit of drive and ambition can still get out there, knock on doors, pick up the phone, make enough calls you’ll be successful. And Steven reminded me of that. That’s why I like the episode so much is that he reminded me that the basics still work.

Jonathan Denwood:
Yeah. So to continue that I’m gonna go with one of, I’m not gonna go in the like either order from one to five, but it wasn’t that I thought number one was better than number five. So I’m gonna do ’em slightly out of order, but on a similar kind of subject is Tim Stout. I think I’m pronouncing his surname correctly, he was the broker real estate agent that came from, I think, some form of martial art. He wasn’t seen as the typical real estate agent and he just built through the will of power. And he’s just built. And I got the total impression that he’s a totally honest, straightforward guy and really built up his own, his own book of business very rapidly, and then really understood the fundamentals of, using digital marketing as built up a, brokerage, a very successful one. And that was show 275. And he just impressed me with one word. When I think of him, one word comes determination.

Robert Newman:
I loved Tim stout. He’s on my list. If I had to say, I would even put him in my top five, what really impressed me about Tim was, I don’t know if you remember this, but during the episode, we were talking about somehow it came up, like he just kept mentioning, I’ve got a coach for this. I’ve got a coach for that. And he’s talking about all this education that he’s doing in terms of his own real estate business. Like I’ve talked to this person, I’ve talked to that person. Every time it seemed like we mentioned somebody. He was like, yeah, I’ve talked to those people. And, so I was like, well, how many coaches do you have? And he is like, well, six. And I was just like, I just felt like it was such a good representation of a success mindset. Like, he was so incredibly, like I don’t.

Jonathan Denwood:
 Focused, <laugh>.

Robert Newman:
Focused and like, Hey, I’m gonna go learn what I need to learn from the person I need to learn it from. But that’s the attitude that he kind of got. And then I’m just gonna go out and hustle of all the guests that we did. I mean, we have a lot of people that have so much Polish that came on the show pretty much every single other person on my list had a lot of Polish. Tim was just kind, of like pure determination and grit in my eyes. He wasn’t trying to put on, like, I definitely have this, oh, I’m gonna educate myself. And I have a, like an educated manner. Tim had a determined manner and it’s different. It’s different. And I love that about him. I think, anybody that listened to that episode, number 275 could pick up something that they need to hear. You took it away. Do you want me to go or do you wanna go? 

Jonathan Denwood:
You go.

Robert Newman: I’m sure many of ours are the same. 

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah, I hope so.

Robert Newman: So somebody that we interviewed three separate times throughout the course of the year who was a personal favorite of mine in 2021 because I got to talk operations. I got to do marketing analysis conversations with him over and over and over again. And I could do, honestly, I could do another 5 or 10 in 2022, because he was looking at and thinking of marketing providers, the same way that I do, he was analyzing results. He was looking at spending, he was looking at back-end core issues that we never talk about as it relates to vendors, such as can we import or export our information easily. these are questions that is overlooked and they shouldn’t be because in some cases they cost real estate agents and brokers, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, if the problem is big enough.

Some of these issues can be so significant that they can take a seemingly profitable marketing effort and take most of the profit and dump them straight down the hole of some kind of unrealized problem that you didn’t know that you’re gonna have. Chris [inaudible09:18 ] is probably one of the, like, he is one of those guys, ladies and gentlemen, boys, and girls and listeners. He’s one of those people that’s wildly underrated. We don’t have enough people talking about real estate from the operations perspective, in terms of marketing. We’ve got guys like, like Ricky Carruth, and me and Jimmy Burgess and, Tom Ferry. And yes, we’re all great. And you should listen to every single one of us. You should listen to my partner as well, but you know what? We are all focused on the higher level, the top tier, you need somebody focused on the nuts and bolts as part of your listening routine. Somebody who’s literally gonna say, oh, KVcore doesn’t do this, this and this. And, I didn’t like ’em because of this, this and this reason. 

It may be boring, but you all really need to understand your tools in depth, because, that knowledge, which is what Chris brought to the table because he was an operations guy for a major real estate team. That level of knowledge is what will stand. And if you don’t have it fine, listen to somebody else that does or hire somebody else that does. Anyway, I guess I’m on one. I like Chris. I like him a lot. 

Jonathan Denwood:
Yeah. I thought you might choose him. right, one that’s gonna surprise, maybe surprise you, but, is Seth Price, well known in the industry, agreed to come on the show, really open, very intelligent, answered a couple of hard questions that I put to him graciously, and didn’t kind of deflect them, just dealt with ’em. Would love him back on the show this year. We’ll outreach to him, see if he’s up for it. So I thought, that was a great interview. What do you think Robert?

Robert Newman:
Probably my number one for the year, not only was he an amazing guest, he’s just an amazing human. And, I have to admit, he opened my mind in terms of what may or may not be happening over at Placester I’ve started to say them, talk about them again. Think about them again, wonder what they’re doing again. He opened up the doors of curiosity inside my mind, and I didn’t think that that would be possible with what kind of service Placester is. Not in the sense of following them intently and really looking like really paying attention to what they’re gonna be doing. But he did all of that. 

He did all of that, not through the force of his just unusual, creative and curious personality. Like I’m still surprised that he agreed to come on the show. Not that we’re, not worthy of coming on. We are at this point, a major show inside the real estate marketing space, but he’s a busy guy. Good. Who’s wearing a lot of hats. So it was really, and that show was fun. We stayed on talking to him for an hour. Like we were passed one o’clock we were like in a 1:05, 1:10.

Jonathan Denwood:
Yeah, what I liked about it is that he knows this subject. He’s on message, but he’s not totally on message. What I mean by that we do get some guests that are extremely slick, but they’re literally what I call. And I don’t know if Robert would agree with this on messages. They have one core message they want to get across and they treat the interview as the purpose of the interview. And it does sometimes make it a bit difficult because there’s a little bit of over repetition whereas with Seth yeah, he was there to promote his business. But he was open enough and generous during the interview to attempt to answer the direct questions that we gave him. Wasn’t he?

Robert Newman: He was now that’s a perfect lead-in because this guy, we caught him on a, day when he was on fire. He was totally on message. And thank God that he was because, he probably did– I feel like for a new agent, somebody in your first year, there is no question in my mind that in 2021, we had one show with one person that stood out above all others to help the new agent. You wanna know what you should do. Do you want to have a general game plan? You want to have a business plan, an outline, a map, a blueprint. Brad Sugars came on, on episode number 318. And I think he had, and I don’t know it was on message, but I don’t think it was canned. I just think he had like three cups of coffee or something. Like I just think he was on it. It didn’t sound canned, but it sounded like he’s done this for so many businesses. So many times that he just knew the information and it was an amazing show. 

I sat there in my chair and, as he was going on for like 30 minutes, like, this is what you need to do. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and was doing that with his fingers, just like bang, bang, bang. And I’m like, I have nothing I could possibly add. Holy cow. Huh. 

Jonathan Denwood: Well, it’s like any really good sportsman or anything, he’s done it so long. And obviously, he’s super bright, but he makes effective communication like that takes a lot of intelligence and a lot of practice. And he really came across really polished, really slick, and gave a load of information. And that takes a lot of experience training and ability. Doesn’t it?

Robert Newman:
It does. He reminded me, I think that Brad was a little bit more fluid and even though he’s not a real estate agent, I liked that show slightly more than I, I liked Michael. Hollandsworth. Who was 2 years ago? And it made our top 10 list two years ago. And I still think that Michael Hollandsworth did one of them– but when you say, oh, blueprints or canned sales talk or on message, I literally, in my mind flashback to that episode with Michael who’s coming onto our podcast in the suit and had every single word, that he was gonna say, like memorize down to like literally down to the last letter. 

I’ve seen and heard other shows they sound exactly like our show. Like they all sound alike. I have mad respect for people that are incredibly tight, like canned marketing or sales presentations. It’s hard. You practice it. It’s not easy. So I don’t have any, like, please don’t anybody misread me. No, not being disingenuous. These guys are brilliant, but it was this, like, I listened to something that Michael did that sounded of like the word for word. Exactly. Like what he did with us.

Jonathan Denwood:
I have myself, I think it’s time for a break, Rob, and comeback. Okay.

Robert Newman: So ladies and gentlemen, listen, thank you so much for joining us in the new year. We’re so happy, grateful, and excited to have you, be part of our show. Part of the people that listen to us. Part of the people that deal with us. So do us a favor though. If you’ve liked what you’ve heard, if you’re on Facebook, if you’re living right now, give us a thumbs up, leave us a comment. If it’s not live, give us a thumbs up, leave us a comment, let us know how we did. What, do you wanna see us do in 2022? If you’re watching us on YouTube, please smash that like button and the notifications button helps us manipulate the algorithm. And, also if you leave us a comment, we’d love it. All right, we’ll be right back.

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Robert Newman: Welcome back to the mail right show. We are on episode number 321. My amazing co-host John and I are– and this is Robert Newman by the way, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m the founder of inbound REM. we are, talking about our favorite episodes for 2021, and many of our guests as it’s turning out of course are the same. So I’ve taken the last one or two. I know that at least one person that I have on my list is on your list too. We just covered Brad Sugars episode number 318. You, you do the next one.

Jonathan Denwood: It’s Neal Schaffer, he’s not part of the real estate industry. He’s a social media expert. And a lot of people out there say, yes, I’m a social media expert. Neal is the real McCoy. He’s got a large, large following on his social media and this guy is on fire. Cuz I follow him on Twitter. And we still have regular little exchanges and he’s coming on my other podcast and I’ll be asking him to come back on ours and he really knows about effective social media strategy and he knows how to implement it. And he’s really a great communicator. And I think you were impressed. I was, he’s very knowledgeable on social media and digital marketing in general.

Robert Newman: I think that of all the people that you, you, and I have interviewed Neal is the closest that we’ve come to what I would refer to as an actual digital marketing guru. Like he has got it all. And what do I mean by all Neal wasn’t just good at social. Neil knows his shit for SEO. He has a major blog, when you Google his name, you find Neal. I can’t even say the same. I’m still outranked by a guy who’s from the guiding light a soap opera. And by the way, I’m an SEO guy for those listening. I haven’t put my, feet as deep into social, but I’ve written about it a lot. Some of my blog posts rank, if you’re gonna do real estate hashtags, as an example, you’ll find me on the first page of Google. And I always presume that a lot of you know that because I get, a lot of traffic to my site. Whatever I get, whatever I’ve done is nothing in comparison to what Neil has done. Nothing. The guy gets in front of a hundred, 200,000 people a month, every month. 

Jonathan Denwood: He’s a machine folk. He really, and a lot of people that famous people in social media have people doing their social media. This guy answers my Twitter. This guy’s him that’s actually done. And he’s a machine. The amount of material he’s producing and his knowledge level. And he’s trying to build a business, a consultancy business in social media, the most competitive area in social media or in digital marketing in general and he is not an overnight, success this has taken many years, but this guy’s a real force of nature. Isn’t he,

Robert Newman:
He really is just looking at his numbers socially he’s got 300,000 or so followers. I’ve got about 50,000 followers. So Neal is, really like the real deal. I focus very little on what Neal does is incredible to me because he actually responds, as you said in real-time, you have to be connected to your devices and do all that crap. And I refuse. I’m not trying to be that I’m just a content marketer. And so I will answer comments on my blog more quickly and my YouTube channel, more quickly than I will anything else. He is live engaged like talking to people, you wanna know how you can do something from zero. This guy is a living breathing example of it really is. I love Neal. I love the example. I’m super excited for you to have him on the show. I mean, and he really surprised both of us. He pissed you off, which is my favorite little thing is he was late and he wasn’t just a couple of minutes late. He was like five minutes late. We’re sitting here going, well, we’re probably gonna have to do the show by himself. And John was getting a little grumpy. He was like, well, that kind of–

Jonathan Denwood: Really did I get grumpy?

Robert Newman: And then he showed up and he was like eating or something. He was eating.

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah, I didn’t think this was gonna be a very, but then, we got into it. It was obvious this guy really knows what he’s talking about.

Robert Newman: Yeah. And, and I don’t know that anybody in the entire year made a worst first, like 3 to 5-minute impression on John than Neal did. And yet, by the time we were 10 minutes into the interview, it was obvious to both of us that we were dealing with somebody that was just a superstar in every category that you can talk about in digital, which is rare. You wanna talk about Twitter? He’s an expert. You wanna talk about YouTube? He’s pretty good. You wanna talk about SEO? He’s like an 8 of a 10. I mean, you don’t find somebody who’s got all the skills individually. Like I don’t John doesn’t either one of us–

Jonathan Denwood: A lot of people make out they do, but they don’t do they?

Robert Newman: So, yeah, totally agree with you on Neal. Couldn’t agree with you more obviously. let’s go on to the next one, which is, this guy wins prizes for geeking out the hardest in all of our episodes. So for those of you who remember we got into episode number, it was right around the same time, which is why I’m bringing his name up. We actually did, these interviews with this guy right around the same time we talked to Neal, his name is Isaiah, Colton. Okay. Isaiah owns an agency like me, like John, we all have our agencies of different sizes. I think Isaiah is probably the biggest of all 3 of us though. He has an actual office with people that come in and he is, got all this s**t going on. And he just decided that he was gonna do some podcast. Right. But we got into talking about hyper-local. And one of my favorite memories of this entire year is he like rolls up his sleeves and he gets a whiteboard out and then he is just like [Inaudible26:06 ] I’m just like, wow, buckle up buttercup. Like, Jesus.

Jonathan Denwood: He’s very obviously for understandable reasons. He’s an extremely busy guy. So he’s extremely focused. I mean, but I think we got him on the role. We got him in such a role that he agreed to come back the following week. Did he or the week later? I can’t remember if it was the following week, but he agreed. Cause he got so work. He actually loves all this stuff. Doesn’t he? It’s not only about making money. He actually lives breathes all this stuff. Doesn’t He? 

Robert Newman:
He really did, which is another reason why he was really one of my favorite episodes. It’s not that he was real estate specific. It’s that he really geeked out on this stuff. Like, like I geek out a bit and I love the way that Google works a little bit more esoteric. I don’t like all the nitty like all the details sometimes drive me crazy. Like how many details you need to be on top of like, is it like I let other people do the detail, the list stuff. I love science though. The science is fascinating to me, but this guy, wow. He really went to town. Like he really went to town on the Google, my business stuff. And you could just tell like he was in it to win it. And I just, ah, it was such, he was so fun.

Jonathan Denwood: Just to finish off before we go onto my one, one of mine is that he was right and, and I know something to cause your focus on SEO regional or local, you are very fo– and I totally agree with it as well. Having an understanding of all that is really crucial as an agent, if you’re gonna utilize digital media correctly. So let’s go on to one of mine. And she’s been on the show a few times. She is always a delight to interview. Gonna try and have her back this year. And that’s Dr. Lee Davenport. Always very knowledgeable, is a doctor, has a PhD, is a real estate trainer. But also a real techy as well. Loves her apps always brings great value when she comes on the show. Doesn’t she?

Robert Newman: She really does. But did we do a show with her in 2021? 

Jonathan Denwood: I’m pretty sure we did. Yeah, I think we did. Yeah. Unless I’m losing the plot. Show 253 No, I’ve lost it. I figure the reason is.

Robert Newman: No 253 was 2020 we did an interview with her at the end of last year.

Jonathan Denwood: I’ll tell you why I’ve put her on this. Because she was supposed to come to the show and she had to cancel at the last minute. Unfortunately, I think she got COVID and I’m gonna follow up with her, she was supposed to come back on the show, but she is still worth mentioning even I’ve got it wrong because she came on the show a couple of times before that and just amazing guest.

Robert Newman: Yes, no, totally agree with you completely in agreement. Just making a comment about the 2021 thing, but Dr. Lee Davenport is, I mean, if you’re gonna say who’s one of your top 10, all-time favorite people to just consistently talk to on the show, it’s always gonna be, it’s gonna be her because she’s just a delight. She’s like a ray of sunshine. She comes onto the show. She’s got me and you laughing and smiling. That’s on top of the fact that she’s an actual subject matter expert. Like she’s just a delight and she knows her stuff, which is wow. It’s double trouble. 
Jonathan Denwood:
 Do you think I make people smile when I go on their shows? Be nice. It’s the start of the year for god’s sake

Robert Newman:
I think you make ’em laugh. alright Krista Mashore, since we’re talking about powerhouse women who, I don’t know if, if she’s quite in the same category in terms of making you smile, but she is a delight, Krista Mashore. I would say that the reason I like Krista and put her on my list is that she is very much canned. Her interviews are very focused. So there are a lot of things that you may not appreciate. But as a digital marketer who understands what she’s doing and how she’s doing it, she’s really taken the time to like she’s funnels and systems. And she really gets ’em dialed in. Now she charges an enormous amount of money from them and she makes an enormous amount of money from them. 

Having said that she is really in tune with making sure that they work. She is constantly spending money, like lots of money of our own money. Like when you get really good at what you do, like I spend more money on SEO courses than anybody listening to this show by far. I spend more money on white papers and eBooks and, funnels and systems than anybody listening. I guarantee it, I love that about Krista. She does the same thing. You always like when you get to a certain level, like when you’re making multiple six figures and you’re sitting here. It is so very much worth it to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars in somebody else’s education package to see if they came up with one thing that you don’t know yet. If you can take that and add it like if you’re an educator like Krista is, and you can change a funnel and help make every, single one of your hundreds of students, like a few thousand extra dollars. Well, you just made 300 grand by dropping a few thousand. It’s a no-brainer at a certain level. So Krista was one of my favorite guests. What do you think John?

Jonathan Denwood:  Oh, she knows her stuff and she’s very, very focused. and I mean that in a good way, a little bit intimidated how focused, she, but I think what you’ve just said just about says it all and I am in total agreement, we need to close the podcast and then maybe we delve some more. Because I think you got–

Robert Newman: I’m not done with my list, so yeah. 

Jonathan Denwood: So we delve with a few more of yours, right. So you wanna wrap up the podcast part of the Show?  

Robert Newman: I do, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, real estate agents, professionals of all shapes and sizes. Thanks for tuning into our first show on January 6. We really, really appreciate it. John, if somebody wanted to do some research extraordinaire on you, sir, how would they do that? 
Jonathan Denwood:
Well, just go to the Mail-Right website. It’s a great-looking website and books a demo with us, with me or Adam. And we’ll show you how Mail-Right can benefit your business.

Robert Newman: And, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to learn anything about digital marketing, as a residential real estate professional, my blog is probably one of the top resources to do that in the country. So that’s inboundREM.com. My name is Robert Newman. I am an SEO and inbound marketing expert. I will always identify myself as, a world-class storyteller, but really, I get my story heard by being good at SEO. Thanks for tuning in for those of you who are gonna join us on the, video part, go to YouTube/Mail-Right and we’ll see you on the the bonus content.

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