#320 Mail-Right Show What’s Going To Be The Top Digital Tips & Trends For 2022?

Real Estate Agents What’s Going To Be The Top Tips & Trends Connected to Successful Digital Lead Marketing For 2022?

In the show, we going to discuss what’s going to be the top tips & trends connected to digital marketing for 2022? We start with an easy video that is going to just grow and grow in importance connected to all successful digital marketing connected to the real estate industry in 2022. We also discuss the changes we have both seen with SEO and Facebook.

#1 – Video is still going be the biggest and growing content that gets you leads linked to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

#2 – Mobile grows connected to the domination of search and consumption#3 – Facebook paid advertisement has changed (after iOS 14 & 15) so to get results you need to look at using these particular sub-areas.

a) – Facebook Lead ads

b) – Facebook retargeting ads

c) – Facebook custom audiences (only you have a good email list)

#4 – Instagram and Video with (Instagram stories)

Robert Newman:
Welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen, John and I are so excited to be here with you. I think John correct me if I’m wrong. This is our last show of the year. Is it not?  
Jonathan Denwood:
It is, yeah, for 2021, we’ll be back in the first week of 2022 folks.

Robert Newman: right. And so we’ve got a great number for the show. It’s 320 and we’ve got a great topic for the show, which John and I are tremendously excited about. We’ve decided to do this topic by ourselves. I’m gonna pretend like we did this on purpose. Like we didn’t have a guest lined up that didn’t run into a health crisis and could be with us. We are gonna talk about what we believe. This is our opinion. Gotta be clear about that. About what belief is gonna be successful for real estate marketing in 2022. 

Each of us has selected a small set of topics that we each want to talk about. John has his, list and I’ve got mine. And we’re also gonna talk about some far-flung ideas that may not be relevant yet, but we really do believe that they might be relevant at some point. We’re not guaranteeing that they’re 2022, but we’re saying we think you need to keep this stuff on your radar. So for those technologists, amongst our audience, from those people that just enjoy geek of all kinds, this is the episode for you. Before we get into it, I want to as always have my brilliant, the founder of the mail-right Show. The guy that made this all happen. I wanted him to introduce himself to you so he can get to know him a little bit.

Jonathan Denwood: Oh, I just love Robert being the co-host. He says it’s the only time I hear good things said about me. So, I survived 2021 with your audience that’s a top thing. Cause all the guests half died on us. So, I’m the founder and the co-founder of Mail-Right and we provide great WordPress-based websites for real estate agents and a lot of other great marketing tools, all in one package back over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman:
And ladies and gentlemen, I am arguably the top, real estate SEO specialist in the United States. But also in addition to that, I’m really one of the only people that focuses on a concept called inbound marketing. And I do it specifically for real estate. It is really based on the law of storytelling and attraction and making information that’s so valuable that your audience wants to reach out to you proactively without you really having to mess around with all these forms and things that happen over and over. Like this push marketing versus pull marketing. `

I don’t oftentimes talk about it a much because why because I’m an inbound marketer and those of you who are really interested in what I have to say have probably already come to my website and researched me. And I haven’t pulled very many clients out of this podcast, but the ones that I have pulled out have been absolutely incredible. So, including one of the top 100 realtors in, for 2021. It 1 of the top 100, I got off this podcast in there. They’re gonna be, listed in real trends and everywhere else. So I can’t wait for that to happen. 

anyway, ladies and gentlemen, what we wanna talk to you today about is how to get you into the top 100 and what are some of the things that we think we’re gonna drive that, or could potentially drive that in terms of digital strategies. So, John is gonna, tee us up because he has a great list that he preprepared for the show for any of you who’ve caught us on social media. You’ve already seen it. Go ahead John, why don’t you go ahead and, start to go into, well, actually, you know what-

Jonathan Denwood: I’ve got a good starting point. 

Robert Newman: Yeah. Go for it. Go for it. 

Jonathan Denwood: Well, I think after I did the list, I was thinking about all the guests and when we come back in the new year, we’ll be talking about our most popular guests and the most popular ideas that we covered in 2021. But I think the key thing to understand for success in 2022 is using technology to keep yourself in front of your target audience. but allowing technology to give you the bandwidth so you can do those personal touches; do that personal video, using Bomb-Bomb, identifying somebody that’s got a real interest in the next couple weeks and really being able to focus your personal attention on those prospects that might become real paying clients. And I think using technology so you can keep contact at, keep your swear influence, keep close to them, but give you also that bandwidth. So you can do these personal outreaches. Those that can do that the most effectively are gonna be the bigger winners next year and the year after. What do you think about that, Robert?

Robert Newman: So for those of you listening to the show, I strongly recommend it, I couldn’t agree more. We have had a rock star of a client I’ve started to call him the Zig Ziglar of real estate for the new millennium. His name is Jimmy Burgess and episode number 314 of the Mail-Right podcast. He actually gave specifics about how he’s utilized this strategy, including, and we did a deep dive didn’t we, John? Where we went in and we talked about how he’s managing this data, where he gets it from we got real specific in that episode. So go review shameless plug for the show, but it was a great episode. It speaks directly to what John’s saying.

Go into that episode number 314, and definitely write down a step-by-step action plan about how you’re going to reach out to your sphere, who your sphere is, who you wanna be contact. And then if you have the ability to use this strategy, it could very well kick off your new year with, a 20 or 30% bump in productivity. Even though it’s a tough market with low inventory, all the things that we know exist because the strategy actually is focused on getting existing homeowners to list their homes with you. So inventory is irrelevant to this particular strategy. It is a strategy meant for this exact marketplace. Highly relevant to all of you, listening to the show. And I, so,

Jonathan Denwood:
And I think the other, which I dunno if you are hearing this on other podcasts, but I haven’t heard it that much myself. So maybe you can give us some feedback audience about if you’ve heard this somewhere else. is that I think it’s not really spelled out that technology is not there to remove the personal side of real estate, which is the most important bit. Is the reason why you can still in 2021 and the next few years still make a really good living as a real estate agent. Because that person-to-person relationship is still so important in this industry. A lot of people in our area for understandable reasons, don’t really spell out that the tech, well, some have a different message. Like they want to remove the personal element, from the whole industry.

They just want a person to buy a house or sell a house to them online. And I’m sure there will be a, a small percentage that will want to do that. But I believe that for the foreseeable future, people still want an advisor, a representative, somebody to hold their hand around the purchase or sale of their largest asset that they will hold in the whole of their life. And I don’t think there’s too much emphasis that the technology will automate all that. What the technology in my belief, Robert is about enabling agents to have the bandwidth, to be more personal in their engagement of people that are ready to either sell or buy a home. What do you think of that, Robert?

Robert Newman:
 I think I agree with you somewhat. I think that I’m gonna add a little bit of my opinion to this. So what I believe is that yes, I think the technology is actually changing and that, real estate agents who are not keeping up with technology are gonna be increasingly closed out of the sales cycle. And what I mean by that is they’re not gonna get as many leads. They’re not gonna get as many closes. And what do I mean by that? Like, let’s get specific because that’s a very high-level general statement. Well, Inman connect this year for the first time ever, there was a huge amount of conversation surrounding, not technology. So in all the years when you go to these like real estate, only conventions, which many of our listeners have you’re hearing about what the newest, latest, greatest marketing thing is and blah, blah, blah.

This year, the conversation was dominated by not that, but by the automation of the transaction process, the writing on the wall is clear. Regardless of how you sell a home, the process after you’ve sold it. It needs to be seamless there’s no longer an age in which 500 pages of paper should be handed from one person to another ever not in the US no. if you don’t understand options available to you to digitize the process from start to finish whether or not you’re using a brokerages tool such as KW or whether or not you’re using an independent tool such as Nile home, which is a brand new tech startup that is digitizing the real estate transaction process from end to end on the paperwork side. So it’s a middleware tool where an independent agent or brokerage could use it to automate the entire process.

Now, why is that important? Listeners, why is that important? Because it allows you to compete with the Homes and, those people, what those big huge digital providers are doing that you should worry about is they’re digitizing the entire real estate process. And, that’s what you’re competing against. Now they’re still getting market adoption, which means they’re buying homes for too much and selling ’em for too little. So you don’t have much to worry about over your individual services, because you’re still gonna get better, deals for your clients. Where you’re losing is in the conversation that relates to convenience. And some people are willing to give up 10 or 15% of the value of their home for convenience. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. That’s what the 

Jonathan Denwood: It makes total sense. I totally 100% agree with you, Robert. That’s rare. Isn’t it Robert?

Robert Newman: Yeah. Yeah. So when we’re talking about the next year, what is your next job as a concierge? Like for all of those of you who are white glove experts top in your class top, you know what, I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Jade mills, Joyce Ray, all the people that I love dearly the time is coming to a close in which you can ignore technology, even if you’re already successful in making millions. The time has come where some of your methodologies are gonna have to be questioned. You are at least gonna have to look at how to improve the fastness, the speed of your real estate transaction process. And if you’ve got three assistance to make that happen for you seamlessly, because you’re already at the top of your game at the top of your career, well time has come where you should look at technology tools.

I hate to say it, but you might need to eliminate some of these human resources that help you make it appear as if you’re doing a really fast, really seamless transaction because you’ve got three people involved in the process, which by the way, is what Joyce Ray has. So if most real estate agents can’t afford that, you’re gonna be looking at small, like fast nimble agents, like Josh flag here in LA, who are really embracing technology. And they’re gonna have a faster end-to-end transaction process than you will and believe it or not, that is gonna start to impact your ability to make a commission. So please don’t ignore this. I really am talking about a sales tool for 2022. If anybody hasn’t done it already, I suggest that you look at Nile home, full transparency. I’m doing some consulting with them on their platform, but it is-

Jonathan Denwood:
 Maybe we can have them on the podcast next year.  
Robert Newman:
 We should actually I think you would enjoy both of them. It’s Collin and Tim that are the co-founders. I think you’d enjoy them.

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah, definitely. So to touch one of the key things before we go for our break, cause we’ve got another four, five minutes. I think on my list that I sent to you, Robert, I think what is obvious is that video, which has grown over the past 18 months because of various factors, one of them has been the pandemic COVID 19, but it was also there. Anyway. I just think it’s accelerated and I just see video dominating effective, digital marketing more and more and more. What do you think?

Robert Newman:
I think that it can’t be questioned. 82% of search technically searches and video platforms these days, 82%. So ladies again, for those of you listening, these numbers are, inalienably arguable. But the one thing about that kind of shades that statistics because statistics are, are funky and can kind of be used by anybody in any way that they want, if you know what you’re doing. But it’s that Pinterest is a video platform. LinkedIn is a video platform. Instagram is a video platform. Facebook is a video platform. YouTube is a video platform, but the content that’s been consumed on all of these platforms is mostly video in terms of time. That’s how they’re looking at it. And the searches that relate, who clicks on what 82% is a video search, a video result. I believe that that statistic is correct.

So 82% of people when they do a search and they see a piece of video content, that’s what they’re clicking on. I’m not saying it’s universal. I don’t know that it is, but if you’re looking for the thing in 2022, it’s still video. Now the one thing that, John and I haven’t really talked about is okay, where? I say Facebook groups, YouTube and, TikTok and Instagram would be my big four. TikTok is still not– there aren’t a ton of people, but it’s one of those things that’s so bleeding edge. I don’t have a specific strategy to be successful. John and I have talked to Tik Tok expert. What was it? About six, six months ago, right?

Jonathan Denwood:
It Was time that has gone. I can’t even, I can see him. And it was an interesting conversation. Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name, but I think he will be one of the guests that we’ll be talking about in our first show of 2022. I’ll be surprised if he won’t be.

Robert Newman: Perfect. So there’s no doubt that that platform in my eyes, what do you think, John?

Jonathan Denwood:
I think, well, it’s gonna be linked to what I want to say about Instagram because well, we’re gonna rectify that mistake, but Mail-Right and my co-founder of Mail-Right is something that we’re gonna change in 2022. But, so I wanna leave that till part two and we need to go to that Robert.

Robert Newman: Certainly ladies and gentlemen, it’s the end of the show. It’s the end of the year. John and I have both worked, hard. I’ve shown up, he’s done everything –

Jonathan Denwood: It’s not the end of the show. It’s in part one.

Robert Newman: I know. I know. So please do us a favor wherever you’re watching this, whether it be YouTube or, you’re listening to us on a podcast channel station, whatever it is. Please give us a thumbs up or a like, or comment on, that channel on that stream. It, a lot of you are gonna be listening to this on vacation and you have the time I’m looking at you. I can see you through the little microphones that you’ve got stuck into your ears. Okay. Do us a favor, leave the comment someplace so that, if you have some ideas, some questions for John and I. would you like us to cover something in 2022? Please we’re wide open we’ll, we’ll try to find some guests that will suit whatever your comment is. As long as it fits the podcast, brand, all right, that’s it. We’ll talk to you after the break. We’re really looking forward to it. We’re going to talk a lot more about, what’s gonna be relevant in 2022 for marketing.

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Robert Newman: Welcome back to episode number 320 John and I are talking about what we feel are gonna be the real estate marketing trends of 2022. So far we’ve covered, transaction automation. We’ve covered the video. You covered something else. I think in the very beginning. Am I right?

Jonathan Denwood:
Yeah. Well using technologies to give you that bandwidth so you can provide that real personal engagement.

Robert Newman: Okay. So we also, John has prepared a deep list. So John, why don’t you, hit us with the next thing on the list?

Jonathan Denwood: Well, I think the next thing, and I’m gonna be totally honest with you and you know about this, we discussed it last week a little bit, but I’m gonna be totally Frank with the audience. Mail-Right has been an ongoing, platform that I’ve built out over the past few years. We were getting some success and it was one of my main marketing, pillars, messages of the mail-right platform that we used the power of Facebook advertising not totally, but it was our main what Mail-Right was built up around.

What happened to Facebook, especially around how apple and iOS 14 and 15, has made Facebook tracking as a platform, a lot more difficult. Plus the market conditions were basically literally anybody or in many parts of the US, they could literally just select an agent, put their house on the market, and get multiple offers. So those possible, sellers, weren’t gonna respond to a Facebook advert to get information or, lead magnet because why should they bother? They could literally just choose an agent and sell their house. It was very difficult to market conditions for Facebook, and for Mail-Right. Because it was the key pillar of Mail-Right.

So we have had to re-look, and we are looking at our strategy with some existing clients of ours and we’ve been testing some new ideas and we’re getting ourselves prepared for 2022. But on the other hand, we are not totally giving up on Facebook, but you’ve gotta understand what things will work. And we’ve had to re-look at our analytics and at the campaigns that we have been running for clients and what worked and what didn’t. and what seems to still work to some extent is if you use Facebook lead ads, and what that is, is basically that takes out away what apple is doing through iOS 14 or 15, is that you’re keeping the prospect inside of Facebook.

So basically we’re using exclusively video adverts now to get the engagement. And when the person responds to get, a lead magnet, that’s linked to the video advert. I’m not gonna go in, but we’re also targeting a very different audience through our adverts than we were. But we keep ’em inside of Facebook. Basically, when Facebook has a form, you fill it in and it prefills it with the email and the contact details that you utilized when you set up your Facebook account. And that is fundamentally what Facebook lead ads are. And after you click, it will send you the lead magnet automatically. And then we link it to the mail right system, that data is then moved into the CRM that we provide. And we found it much more effective in the testing that we’ve been doing.

We found that a much more effective setup than what we were utilizing last year. Where at the beginning, we were still getting results, but as 2021 progressed, our traditional, Facebook ad that took somebody to a landing page was getting less and less effective. And I just don’t think it was affecting Mail-right I think it was affecting all the major lead-generating platforms from Bold leads to Real Geeks anybody that was using Facebook. What we were hearing was that they were getting less and less effective. The other thing around Facebook is retargeting is still effective. And the cost of retargeting to your existing Facebook a is still in our opinion effective. And thirdly using custom audiences on Facebook. But that really relies on having a really strong email list that you’ve kept you’ve pruned, you’ve kept relevant, that gets reasonable engagement, and importing that into Facebook and using that as part of a Facebook lead ad campaign. 

I’ve thrown in a lot of, meats into that Robert. Hopefully, I haven’t lost the audience. It’s always a balance that I’m getting too specific and not on the other hand, if we are too vague, it doesn’t offer any real insight. However, I’ve done, Robert?

Robert Newman: You’ve done well. Here’s what I hear. Here’s what I hear heard you say personally, I’ll summarize it. Video type of video advertising on Facebook is still yielding results. Traditional Facebook advertising because of targeting issues that relate to the platform and their lawsuits and their ongoing battles with big tech companies has gotten a little bit more problematic and affected lead generation. The one thing that I agree with you about, a very small handful of, of those we’re really blessed with because our audience falls into two categories. Our audience for this show that I’ve, that I’ve gotten feedback from falls into either brand new agents or number two, really, really, really seasoned veterans and COOs and things like that. And those people staying on the hook for little tidbits of information like this. So let me add my one take to the last bit of what John said, which was retargeting.

I don’t talk about this much. I don’t use it much. I have used it for inbound. REM it’s been wildly successful. It yields a lot of traffic at a very low cost. The reason I haven’t really leveraged it is I am maxed out on how many new clients I can take. So I don’t have the incentive to grow my audience past a certain point. However, for clients who are, better structured to scale than I am in my business, they, an Omni approach where let’s just using, John’s like analogy where you have 5,000 good email addresses, which you could then load up into a retargeting program. Every time those people are on Facebook. They’re gonna see your particular advertisement on the side of the screen. In terms of brand awareness, this gives the average real estate agent and broker the ability to be a McDonald’s or Coca-Cola. That’s how I explain it

Everywhere. Somebody goes because you could also do retargeting on Google. So think about where people spend their time in terms of being online. It’s like it’s mostly Google and, Facebook. And here’s the weird thing about Google. They have an advertising partnership program called ad sense. Ad sense has licensed with almost every website that exists like 80% of them. So even though you may not be on  Google, your ad would be on, let’s say Revlon. Okay. So everywhere somebody goes that they’re looking shopping for stuff, they’re gonna see your little advertisement doing retargeting. It’s what I call an Omni branding approach. And Facebook would very much be part of that. So when John’s talking about retargeting, I say that I couldn’t agree more.

If you have a few hundred at like, when you’ve reached a certain point in your career where a few hundred to $500 does not matter, but if you could get in front of 80% of your best customers, each and every single day for $500 a month, would you not do it? I would no doubt about it. If I was big enough and I had a brand, of course, I would, because every single person that’s listening to this show, that’s a real estate agent already knows that 80% of the results come from 50 to a hundred percent of their past clients. Every single one of you knows that. So would you wanna stay in front of them in every way, shape, form possible? Of course, you would. You’re emailing them interesting information. Also making sure that your banner, your brand is in front of them. They don’t have to click on it. It’s not intrusive. It’s just reminding them that you’re there. So I love retargeting for businesses of a certain size. I love it. Agents of a certain, like in a certain place in their career. I love it. So I, I feel like I understood what you said. How about you?

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah. Cause I was throwing a lot of, Facebook terms there, but we have had to, and the kind of, we are coming near to the end of the podcast when it comes– hopefully, we can have bonus content, Robert because I want to tell the audience about what kind of videos we’ve changed our video strategy. We’ve been testing it and we’ve got some good results. So we’re gonna be pushing it more public at the beginning of next year. And also I would say my biggest blind spot has been around Instagram. And we plan to change that in 2022. So if we can wrap up the podcast part of the show, Robert, and then we can go on to a bit of bonus content.

Robert Newman: Absolutely. So ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for tuning into, the primary show. All of you should be listening to this. Most of you are a very small handful, you will have tuned in to our YouTube channel to start with the YouTube channel. For those of you who’d like to consume our content that way, is, youtube.com/mail-right YouTube. I do occasionally republish some of the content on inbound REM for those of you who are my followers of which there are many who listen to the podcast at this point. You know that you can find ’em on the podcast tab of inbound REM. My team has actually caught up, a lot. I’m only a few episodes behind at this point.

 So, wherever you’re watching the show though, do us a favor, leave a comment. If you see it on my website and decide to watch it there, leave a comment on my website. If you see it on YouTube and you decide to watch it there, please leave a comment on the website. Either John will answer the questions on the YouTube channel. I’ll answer the questions on my website. But we really appreciate the feedback and the input wouldn’t we, John,

Jonathan Denwood: I certainly do, because it’s really important to encourage that kind of feedback. And if you’ve got anybody that you want us to interview or any subject you want to cover, just email me or email Robert. And we will probably definitely cover that subject if we get feedback from the audience. And before and before we go, I just wanna wish you Robert a great Christmas new year. You’ve been a great co-host.  You’ve been a blessing coming into my life. I’ve got closer to you, you’re a strange dude, but I’ve got to know your crazy ways a bit. 

I think we’ve really built a great podcast together and we’ve really covered some really great subjects. And I think we’ve helped the industry to some and helped obviously helped to ourselves. But, I think we are both reasonably giving individuals. We understand we gotta give value to receive value. But I just wanna say thank you for being my co-host in 2021. And, I just wanna wish like I say wish you a great Christmas and you, Robert,

Robert Newman: Thank you. And John, it’s been, an honor and a privilege. You make this thing. I know people think I’m, I’m being tongue in cheek, but you do make this thing,  run, and it’s the perfect partnership for me. And I know I’m a strange dude I’ve heard that so many times, and for those of you listening really am I really am, but I do my best to provide some kind of value to the relationships that I maintain. And, you’ve provided a lot of value for me. You’ve given me a platform to share a lot of thoughts and ideas that I have about the real estate industry. I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be on a podcast if it wasn’t for you. 

Don’t think that if I ever leave John or John leaves me or kicks me out the door, I probably won’t find the time or the energy to think that this is relevant. But as long as John’s doing all the heavy lifting, I get a chance to, just show up and express my thoughts and opinions about things that are important to me. It’s just this, this is just a kind of a different, thing. And thank you. So just any way, thank you, John, Merry Christmas and happy to year, and thank you so much for continuing to do all the lifting that you do to make this thing happen and putting up with me.

Jonathan Denwood: it’s been difficult because also the audience, I won’t go into graphic detail, but I’ve been seriously ill during the year. God’s blessed me and I’ve had a full recovery. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve had to put Mail-Right on the back burner to some extent plus market conditions because I’ve been facing a major health crisis in my life. As Robert knows, but God has blessed me. I’ve had a full recovery and I’m looking forward to 22, 22 and moving mail right forward, and providing great value to the audience Robert.

Robert Newman: It’s beautiful. All right, ladies and gentlemen, when you come back, we’re gonna let John talk a little bit about video targeting and get a, go dive a little bit deeper into the test marketing that he’s done for video. This would fall under the idea of Facebook marketing tips for 2022. For those of you who are, trying to or already have, or thinking of leveraging Facebook, I have no doubt that John is gonna provide us some, some nuggets I’m gonna be here listening as attentively as the rest of you because Facebook is not the platform that I focus my efforts on. I certainly could, but I have chosen a different avenue for me and my clients. So, which is what makes us such a good team is that I’ll talk about YouTube and John usually just sits back and lets me do that. And I will sit back and let him do talk to you about Facebook. Please join us on the YouTube channel. We’ll see.   Oh, John, how would you like people to reach out to you?

Jonathan Denwood:
Just go to the Mail-Right website. And that was a mouth full, would it. I was tippy there a little bit. Just go to the mail, hyphen right.com website and book a demo or book a chat with me or Adam and we’ll help you out.

Robert Newman: Awesome. And guys, girls, men, women, boys, all of those folks that sell real estate. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about how to do that organically, to do that with websites, to do that with YouTube, you would go to inbound REM.com. For the small full of you, that think that you want to talk to me directly, maybe hire a full-service company to do these services for you. Inbound REM is a boutique company and it’s all I ever intended to be. It’s gonna service a small handful of customers, new clients each month. We take them on very selectively. So if you think you wanna talk to me about that, you can find my contact form on my website and reach out to me.

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