#314 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Jimmy Burgess

How To Generating Listings Using Bomb Bomb Video 2022 With Special Guest Jimmy Burgess


Jimmy Burgess is the Chief Growth Officer with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Jimmy has been in the real estate business for 27 years as an agent, company owner, and team leader before shifting into his current position 3 years ago.

Since taking over as the Chief Growth Officer Beach Properties of Florida has seen its annual sales volume grow from just under $700M to now over $2B. Their agent count has grown from around 70 agents when Jimmy took his current position to over 250 agents all from organic growth and no company acquisitions.

He has a passion for giving back to the real estate business that has given so much to him and his family.

Robert Newman: Welcome back to the mail-right podcast. We are in episode number 314. And, I am super excited today to have Jimmy Burgess, the show, which, little known fact Jimmy is one of the only guys that I follow.

Jimmy Burgess:
Hello man.

Robert Newman: He is an Inman contributor and I stumbled across him because I’ve got Inman on my cell phone and I maintain a subscription. I read very fast. I actually, I peruse most of what I see on Inman. Very rarely does any of it catch my attention or do I dive into the whole piece? Most of it is stuff that that is not really super relevant to my interests, but Jimmy has had an unusual take on every single topic that I’ve ever seen him speak on an obvious expert, boots on the ground, super, super solid salesperson, willing to share his information with everybody for free. We reached out on the off chance that Jimmy would say yes to coming on the show. He surprised us with a yes, he’s here today. And we’re gonna talk about one of the subjects that he talks about, which is how to get listings in 2022. But anyway, Jimmy, go ahead and introduce yourself. We’re really happy to have you.

Jimmy Burgess:
I’m really happy to be here. I’ll tell you what I mean, I’ve said this before, man. I had a full head of hair 27 years ago when I got into real estate. This business, has been pretty amazing. And as we were talking before we came on, man there’s no out way I can out give what this business has given to me. And so, hopefully what comes through in some of the things that I’m doing and the content I’m doing is, is man, I’m just, somebody did it for me. I mean, somebody shared ideas with me when I was brand new. When I was struggling, when I was having, a plateau in my business or maybe it was just, I just wanted to have some gas on my fire. There were people that spent time and gave freely.

And so I think it’s just the right thing to do. one of the things that’s kind of interesting and I knew we’ll get into this, but, is to kind of through this journey, I mean, in reality I can look back over these 27 years and, we went through the boom of 2003 and 4 man. I was 34 years old. I’m thinking, man, this is, it’s all about me. You know what I mean? It’s so easy. I’m so smart, making a million plus dollars a year, selling real estate. And then all of a sudden in 2009, I’m sitting in bankruptcy court, literally with $500 to my name. And, the market had made me look a lot better than I was. And it made me look a lot worse than I was probably too.

But coming through all of that, on the other side of it, you begin to get a new appreciation for, how blessed we are to be in this business. How much we have the opportunity to literally affect, generational wealth, and change the trajectory of families, through helping them with the, buying and selling of real estate. And so after I came through all that, my, my marriage was still intact we began to build back financially, mentally, physically, all of it, you know what I mean? And then all of a sudden, now here we are, we’re on the other side of this thing. And, man, I’m just, I’m excited to be able to share some of the things I always say. I don’t wanna come from any, I don’t wanna speak on anything where I’m speaking from a place of theory. So everything that I do is coming from a place of where I either screwed it up or maybe we did it okay. Or I talked to other people and they gave me ideas and I did it myself and then we saw some results. And I’m excited to be here. We, can talk about listinings whatever y’all wanna talk about. I’m, excited to be here with you guys.

Robert Newman:
Well, right now I wanna talk to our new listeners about John. So my co-host, who puts up with my ass which is a bigger task than most of you will ever know or understand is also the founder of Mail-Right. He runs another epic podcast on the topic of WordPress. It’s, also one of the top shows in its category. So he has two top podcast that he manages this one and another one, because we’re quickly becoming one of the top podcasts in the real estate marketing space. So with no further ado, John, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to the new listeners Audience?

Jonathan Denwood: Oh, thank you, Robert. And I like to point out to the listeners and viewers. I love that word Robert used peruse wasn’t it? He doesn’t really listen much to what I say anyway so there we go. I’m the founder of mail-right. What is mail-right, listeners and viewers? Well, we build websites for agents on WordPress. So you own them. You’re not leasing them. And we got a host of other marketing tools that will help you on your online marketing, digital journey back over to you Robert.

Robert Newman: Wonderful. So Jimmy, I heard you when you said, and what I’m thinking is I probably would wanna do more than one show, but John’s already titled this one and he titled it, how to get business listings in 2022. So I wanna segment that just a slight bit. I wanna, ask you a question that’s gonna be easy for you to answer, but I also wanna segment out that question a little bit. So we’ve been in this super-hot market. It’s one of the hottest markets I’ve ever seen in 16 years of doing this, except for maybe 2007, when I first got into the business. But I am noticing that that market is starting to and that a lot of people are starting to hit me with the, oh, I’ve got time to build this web website and stuff like that. My agents are finally calling me back. People are having some time, it does feel like something is changing in the market.

So here’s my question for you. You obviously have a lot of content that’s already been published on how to do listings. What do you say to somebody in a market that’s slowing down that says, Hey, I had these three strategies that were getting me listings, two of the three aren’t working. What do you tell that person as a person that’s been doing this for 25 years?

Jimmy Burgess:
Yeah, I would just say this. We’re coming out of a portion and I don’t mean to, offend anyone where the market’s made you look a lot better than you are. It has made all of us look a lot better than we are. and so when that happens, you either decide to get yourself humbled and learn some new skills, or I’ll promise you the market will do it for you speaking from experience. and so what I would suggest is, is now more than ever, now’s the time, refine your skills, become the expert, that you, know you should be and can be in all areas, whether that’s the digital marketing and doing the things with your website, whether that’s become the local expert and knowing the market better than anyone and having literally your thumb on the pulse of exactly what’s happening there. Refining yourself in a way.

Study what’s happened in past, slowdowns. What did people do? I think we can all agree that there are certain people that when the market shifts, there are certain people that really thrive and there are people that get harmed in it. And understanding that, especially right now growth and comfort cannot coexist they just can’t coexist and so now’s the time to get uncomfortable. Now’s the time to start stretching yourself, learning new skills, applying new skills, throwing some spaghetti against the wall, so to speak, seeing what begins to stick and really start, doing not just the things- what got you here is not going to get you to that next level. So what is it, the skills that you need to learn? What are the strategies you need to learn, become a student of some of these other folks that are out there.

That’s the beauty right now is man. You can learn anything. I mean, YouTube, come on, all you gotta do is go on YouTube and say, how to generate listings in a slowing down market? Man, there’s gonna be a million people out there are gonna tell you exactly what they’re doing. so it’s just right now, I think we are going to, literally, we are in the process, in my opinion of seeing the wheat and the chaft being separated very quickly in the near future.

As this shifts a little bit, and I think we’re gonna have a strong spring. I’m not saying this market is done. I think we’re gonna have another strong spring. And I think we’ve still got another little while here on this, but it would be naive to think that we are going to go back to back to back years, like what we saw last year, as far as the amount of growth and the price increases the number of transactions. So historically speaking, as you see transactions begin to slow and prices continue to stay high for another year or so. We got a ton of demand out there that needs to be filled once we can get the right properties out there. So, I mean, I’m not saying this thing is over, but I’m saying right now is the time to really dive in and become strategic about stretching yourself and become more of the professional that you are supposed to be and that you can be for your clients.

Robert Newman:
Got you. So I love that high level advice, I personally have watched and actually I’ve, stolen a couple of ideas from you in terms of creating my own content. I put a digital marketing spin on anything I’ve heard you say so it’s not like I’ve taken directly, but, I’ve translated into the digital space. So here’s my follow up question. So that’s the broad answer. I couldn’t agree with you more I’m on the same target.

Jonathan Denwood:
. Now you said that the last downturn humbled you a bit, Jimmy, if you could go back in time and talk to that younger agent with hair, what would be the two things you would’ve advised that younger Jimmy to have done that would’ve made the situation a bit better for you?

Jimmy Burgess:
The first thing I would’ve done is punched him in the throat that little jerk. No, I’m just kidding. I would’ve tried to get his attention first, because I think sometimes what can happen is we can get to this place where, our ego, our pride takes us to a place where, I mean, there were people that were telling me, Hey, listen, you’re making all this money, put it away. What I would say right is stockpile cash and reduce debt. And listen, if this thing continues, which I hope it will, and I believe we’re gonna have a few more years of this. If this thing continues at this level and you continue to make the money you’re making or more, and you get to three years from now and you save cash, you win.

If this turns in two years and you saved cash, you win huge because now you’ve got the opportunity when, wealth is made during times of transition. So now you have this cash on hand to be able to take advantage of some of the opportunities you see. As far as my business goes, here’s really practical what I would tell myself back then. quit being so transactional and become more relational, quit worrying about the next transaction and trying to find the new, next new lead and focus on the ones you’ve got. Looking back, and this is what I really preach right now is if I would go deeper with the people, we’ve already got business relationships with. People that already know like and trust us, I promise they’ll take you wide. They will help your business growth through referrals, through additional business, through additional opportunities.

The biggest thing I made a big mistake on, well, first off, I was literally just spinning as quick as it could come in. I mean, it was, it was bottles and models. You know what I mean? Kind of set up, but basically where we’re at now is we’re at a place where we’ve got an opportunity really, to set ourselves up by building these relationships. People love you right now. Everybody, if you sold something to somebody two years ago, I mean, they’ve made a pile of money as far as equity on that home. If you helped someone transition from one property to the next in the last year, you’ve helped them navigate, something that they may not have been able to do unless they found the right person. Now’s the time really to drive those relationships, surprise those folks with new and fresh ways to build that relationship. And if you build those relationships, no matter what the market does, those will continue to feed you. View it almost like you’re planting seeds, drive the roots deep in those relationships and it’ll bear more fruit. Does that make sense?

Robert Newman:
Yeah. So you’re building these relationships up with these people that you’ve already done business with. Once again, couldn’t agree with you more. I subscribe to the a hundred and a hundred theory, which is just basically the concept that somebody put out there a long time ago. It says your fur hundred clients are the, the hundred clients that establish any business. I felt that way as a salesperson, my entire career, I feel that way as a business owner, there’s always a hundred relationships that define your business, I think, and by the way, it works the opposite way with employees. If you’re building a business, there’s a hundred relationships that probably establish your company. They tend to be the employees that you’re bringing on that that you know you have as you build the brand or the business, whatever it is. It’s like the first 100 or the hundred that you relate to on a day to day basis. So the, the math can be taken any way that you want it.

But, taking that into account Jimmy, and how would you go about working an existing data base to get some listings? Let’s start there like an existing client listing. I don’t like talk talking about people like their data because they’re not so you’re trying to build these relationships and you’re trying to- you wanna open the door to conversations that will also potentially yield you referrals for listings? How do you do that?

Jimmy Burgess:
Yeah, so I mean, man this is my favorite thing to talk about right now because I believe this strategy alone. If you would do this, would change your business and what I title unsolicited video CMAs. And let me tell you the background on this. OK. Basically what this is, is in the last quarter that I was selling that I had my team and we were selling was, the fourth quarter of 2018. So just a couple, three years. And when we were at that time was, is I decided what I was gonna do is I was gonna evaluate, okay, because basically our real estate business works on a 60 90 day cycle. The things we’re doing now are gonna show up in 60 to 90 days. So Hey listen, crazy to say this we’re less than 70 days away from being in 2022. So how are you gonna start off next to year to be where it’ll be your best year?


And this is what I did. I just said, you know what? I’m gonna figure out. What is it that my past clients and how could I generate listings? Well, I started thinking about, well, gosh, everybody wants to know what their value of their home is especially right now with these big moves. I’m not even gonna ask ’em if they’re curious, I’m just going to take the time I’m gonna record my screen. I’ll get real practical with this on how to do this. I’m gonna send these video emails. I’m not gonna ask ’em if they wanna list, I’m not gonna ask if they wanna sell. I’m just gonna give ’em the value and just say, Hey listen, here’s where the value is. Here’s a range. If you’re curious about what it would sell for literally I’m giving you a 50,000 range for instance, I can walk through your house in five minutes and tell you exactly what the value is.


I sent those out. Listen, I didn’t work that every day, but I decided I was gonna do one a day. I did 72 of them in the fourth quarter of 2018. And out of those 72, before I transitioned in May of the following year into this position, I listed 11.2 million directly from those 72 CMAs that I sent out. From those now, listen, this is back in the day, you didn’t sell everything. It wasn’t like having an ATM card like it is now if you get a listing, I sold 9.1 million worth of those listings. And so when I broke this down, those activities that took me and I’ll tell you exactly how I did it and what it looks like in just a second. That took me on average, about 30 minutes to put together, basically gather the information, record it, email it out a five to seven minute video. It came up to a $3,600 per hour activity. Think about this.


Now, listen I’m on a coastal market. So my average sales price may be higher than somebody else’s list. Say yours is half of my $1,800 an hour activity. The only thing I’m sad that I didn’t do was more of because when I understood that and I understood the fact that listen, the way that I was giving value and I was building relationship because listen, I’m giving ’em what they want. They wanna know where their value is and I’m giving it to ’em in a way that nobody had ever given it to ’em all of a sudden it began to stand out. Now here’s the crazy thing. And then I’m gonna get to the practical side of exactly how to do this.


This has a tail on it. Like nothing else I’ve ever seen. We can post something on social media and literally it’s like it, scroll, scroll, scroll, it’s gone. You know what I mean? It’s gone within an hour. Maybe you catch a flyer on this thing. And it stays there for a little while. The beauty of this was that I did these in fourth quarter of 2018. I shifted into this position to not make an outbound call for real estate. From the time that I shifted in 2020 hits, I had done a little thing that I would encourage people to do in this is I, during those videos for them, I would say by the way, if you’re ever curious about where your value was, now, you can always come back, just go to your email and search your address or valuation update. And you’ll be able to see exactly where this was.


People began to go back to that thing in 2020, and I got calls back. Now I was using BombBomb, which told me when they went back there. So when I’d see that pop up in 2020 about like Bing might wanna call those folks, but it gave me a little of a heads up, but I listed another over 5 million in 2020 from those things I did 18 months before. And then they bought those that sold. Some of ’em just went ahead and turned around and bought another two and a half million. So now think about that seven and a half million dollars from a 30 minute, a day activity, 18 months ago only that I generated a 9 million worth of sales back then seven years, 16 and a half million worth of sales from something I did 72 times for 30 minutes.

Come on, man. I mean, there’s nothing else out there we can do like that. And I’m gonna tell you exactly how I did it. Let me get real practical with this, because this was the critical part of this. I would just basically I would have my screen pulled up. I would have tabs pulled up and I would have a couple of things. The first thing I would have is the active, pending and sold places like theirs. Okay I can send you a copy of one of these if you wanna take a look at it. I would have an estimated seller net sheet giving them a dollar volume, a dollar price that they could expect based on the range that I was gonna give them. And the first thing I had on there was I had Google earth pulled up. Listen, I mean, I was low tech, but I could pull up Google earth and then I would have their address pulled up right there on the screen. And the second that I would hit record screen with BombBomb, and I’d be the little person down on the bottom screen of the screen and I’d have the rest of it recording.

As soon as it would get to one, I would hit the go button on that. And all of a sudden from outer space this thing narrows down on top of their house, the click through rate was stupid y’all and here’s the thing when I would do this, because I was using BombBomb, they had the Gif where it’s embedded in the email. So it starts moving. When they see it, they see this thing zooming in on their house and they couldn’t- I mean it was like literally like addictive they could not, not push play on that thing. And then I would just zoom in there and I would say, Hey, it’s been a little while since I’ve given you an update on your valuation, wanted to just give you an update because the market’s been moving. Then I flipped my screen and I flipped the tab over to the active, pending solds. I didn’t have to memorize ’em. They were right there in front of me and I just walked and talked them through it. And then I said, based on these, I wanna give you a range. I haven’t been in your house in a little while. So obviously I’m gonna give you a rough range. If you’re curious about what it would sell for take me five minutes to walk through the house, just give me a call and I can tell you exactly what it’ll sell for. But I wanna give you a range of where this value is.

And then I would go through, I’d give ’em the range. And then I went over to the net sheet with the other tab that was pulled up and I would take that and I would bank down the typical closing calls for a seller in our market. And then I would say, this is an estimated net of what you might and what you might walk away with the purchase price being in the middle of the range I gave you, here’s your standard closing calls, excluding payoff of mortgage, HOA, the probations, all those kind of things covering our sales. And then here’s the dollar amount you can think.

And then I would end it, like I said, I would say, Hey, listen, I hope this has been a value to you. And listen, if you’re curious about what it would sell for like I said earlier, it’d take me five minutes to walk through it. But if you’re ever wanting to look back on this, this is a great place to, just to have where you have a marker on where your value was. At that time in the fourth quarter of 2018, this is always something you can come back by doing that. And then I just say, have a great day, listen, I’m here as a resource. I can do anything for you guys. Or anybody that you know please let me know and I would end it. I would send that thing out and it killed.

Robert Newman:
So, John, I’m gonna tickle your memory here. You ready, buddy?

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah.

Robert Newman: This is the guy that Steven Pacinelli talked to us about.

Jonathan Denwood: Oh yeah 

Robert Newman: This is the guy.

Jimmy Burgess: Yeah Steven for BombBomb

Robert Newman:
Right. So did a podcast with the CMO of BombBomb who brought you up in a podcast talking about this. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy, John, we’ve gotta go to break. We’re gonna come right back. When we do, we’re gonna have some more amazing questions for Jimmy. John, I’m gonna give you this very small window to ask another question of him. So when we come back, John is gonna see if he’s can scratch his chin and think of something to something to ask this incredible guests who is, already a legend on our show and didn’t even know it. Stay tuned. We’ll be back.

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Robert Newman:
Welcome back to the Mail Right podcast, ladies and gentlemen, we’re here with the, incredible Jimmy we’ve just figured out it’s episode number 314, by the way. We’ve just figured out that he was talked about by another guest that we had on the show probably six to eight months ago, a guy by the name of Steven Pacinelli, who is the CMO for a company called BombBomb. And Jimmy was literally one of Steven’s stories on how to get great usage out of BombBomb. He used this story that Jimmy just told us before the break about how he leveraged BombBomb. For the record, Jimmy, anything that you have on this strategy, anything at all that you wanna share with me, a video, anything written a page on a website? Anything I would love to see. So John, before the break I told you that Jimmy and I verbose dudes that we are, we are gonna give you a chance to actually say something. So what amazing, question would you like to ask Jimmy?

Jonathan Denwood:
Well, Jimmy, we’re coming in the end of the year, we’ve done a lot of really great interviews and we’ve had a lot of great experts like you. And I’ve learned through those interviews, Jimmy, I think there’s kind of 3 things that really come to the surface. One of them is what you were talking about, getting close with clients. I call it the [Inaudible 23:14 ] method.  Based on what [Inaudible 23:18 ] coaching teaches their students. But I personally think that the most successful agents are those that combine what I call the [Inaudible 23:29 ] method with online marketing.

I’ve also noticed that it’s very hard to find an agent that can do both successfully at the same time. So maybe you can give me a reflection why you think, if you agree with that and why you think that is? And another one that I’ve learned is you’ve got to niche, you’ve gotta find your niche. Trying to sell to everybody means you’re probably not gonna effectively sell to anybody. And thirdly, you’ve got to keep at it. You’ve got to have focus and do the grind. They’re the kind of 3 things that I’ve learned this year from all the interviews that we’ve done. Maybe you can like number one and maybe give a quick, if you think I’m on the right track on the other two that I’ve learned this year.

Jimmy Burgess:
No, I completely agree. I think, the biggest thing most people do is they quit right before they get some success, bridging those two though, because listen, you can’t be great at everything, but what’s happened right now, is the folks that, first off there are great experts out there. I mean, obviously we’re sitting here talking to you that can help on the digital side. You don’t have to learn everything, find somebody that’s really good at it, hire ’em. It would be my suggestion. If that’s the area you struggle with, you struggle on the relational side, man I mean, that’s going, that’s gonna affect every area of your life. You really are to work on that.

But from a standpoint on the relational side, the person that is good with building relationships with clients and they’re having difficulty bridging over into that, on, digital marketing, the biggest bridge right now that is out there is video. And I always say this, your vibe attracts your tribe. Just be yourself. I mean, there’s people that man, they’ll hear this Southern accent I’ve got and energy that drives my wife crazy. And I’m gonna turn some people off, you know what I’m saying? But those aren’t my people. I call ’em OKP. I wanna find our kind of people.

And by doing video, it almost acts like a natural filter. It’ll also gives you the ability, the same conversations that you can have with those clients, have it on video, post those things strategically after you’ve identified who your ideal target audience is. Find someone that can help you put that message and present that message to that group in a way that it gets it in front of the right people. And I promise you’re gonna start to bridge that where all of a sudden now online digital marketing is gonna begin to build relationships before you ever meet anybody. How many times have you done that? Where you’ll meet somebody that, that you’ve been watching some of the stuff on video and you’re like, wow man, I feel like I know you and that’s what we’re working on. We want people to know us first and then to get to a place where they like can trust us. But ultimately it all starts.

So for me, I don’t think there’s ever been a better time. And, and you wanna be, people be like, well, I don’t look as good on video. Well let me just say this. You want to get entertained, go back to my YouTube channel and watch those first couple videos. I mean, go back to y’alls. I mean, anybody I’m telling you, I mean, listen, I always say this. When a baby’s born, they crawl at some point they get up and they fall, but nobody’s like, oh, you suck at that I guess you’re never gonna be a walker. I mean, they keep pushing the baby to get up and keep walking. All of a sudden they start running. And then all of a sudden they of got this out, but everything is a process.

So whatever it is, I’ve never found it where you’re gonna start out and you’re gonna be like, I’m a natural at this easy, never gonna get better at this. I’m as good as I’ve ever been on the first take, get into a place where you’re taking those reps on video. Because to me not only is video important now, just think about this we’re literally sitting here having this recording and there could be a hundred years from now, now somebody could watch this. Think about That.

Jonathan Denwood:
I do hope not Jimmy.

Jimmy Burgess:
No I do too. But I’ll say this, that conversation we had before we got on the air that we hope nobody ever hears. They’re not going to, they have a chance of hearing this one. And so it’s one of those where I think if you’re trying to expand your audience, especially on social media or digitally or on your website or whatever it is to reach that online audience video is the way to go. It is absolutely a natural filter. It’s gonna take it where you’re not gonna have those bias. Because those people that are gonna get turned off by you and then aren’t your people. That square Peg is not gonna go in your round hole, but they get to learn that early. And so do you. So by the time they get to you, all of a sudden now you you’re getting these people that you’re like, man, this is a, ideal client I wanted it to be it’s because you had the ideal messaging, you were authentic in yourself. And then you found someone that could help you present and package that in a way that you put it in front of the people that needed to hear.

Jonathan Denwood:
I think before I put it over to Robert, I think you’ve just pointed out something, as you was saying that Jimmy like doing the videos is in a way nichifying–

Jimmy Burgess:
It absolutely.

Jonathan Denwood:
In itself because you literally, you only are going track the people that really dig your vibe really aren’t you? So in a way you using the video as nichifying kind of methodology on its own, it’s quite interesting. What do you reckon, Robert?

Robert Newman:
Yes. I think that I would phrase it differently, but video and like, okay, so Jimmy, his personality is sizzling through the podcast, wires here, everybody you can pick it up and he’s just it, for those of you who watch it or decide to watch, he’s just the same in person he’s full of energy and vim and vigor. He reminds me a lot of a slightly more energetic Ziglar, which is one of my favorite all time, probably because of the Southern accent. I’m gonna be straight with you, Jimmy, but I am giving a huge compliment because I’m-

Jonathan Denwood:
Would you use those terms with me Robert?

Robert Newman:
I’m a massive Zig Ziglar Fan.

Jimmy Burgess:
I’m gonna quote right quick there Robert tweet that out. I’m going to tweet out your quote.

Robert Newman: please. You are welcome to do so, man, I have been smiling inside and outside. But what this does is like people get to nichify you’re saying nichify and maybe I’m misunderstanding the way you meant that. But for me nichfying is also saying you’re picking up that very small percentage of people that just naturally gravitate to you, which I am identifying for everybody that’s listening why I naturally gravitated to Jimmy. He’s triggering some memories for me. When I was very young about like sales material and sales leaders and people that I would listen to and things like that. And so for me, he’s a person that caught my attention, I related to ’em and then we developed a business relationship beyond that.

That’s the same thing to me about that video does for us and, and every other kind of media that we’re currently that’s in the digital space, but I love video the most. Why do I love it the most? Because we get a chance to connect with anybody in a very personal way, because we’re talking about such specific things Jimmy is, I am, we’re talking about like how to list your home and really super specific stuff. If you’re in the right space like if you have a home to list as an example and you happen to listen to Jimmy, talk to it, or if you’re a real estate agent, you need more listings. And you’re in a place where you’re hungry enough to get uncomfortable. As he said in the very beginning of the show, it’s gonna feel like Jimmy’s speaking directly to you. It’s gonna feel like, oh wow, light bulb, light bulb, light bulb. That to me is how I observe your comment. Is that what you meant, John?

Jonathan Denwood:
Yeah. I think you are using your personality to attract people that would want to work with you, but there’s gotta be something about your person. We all have that. There’s you remember that interview we did I’ve forgot the gentleman’s name that wrote a book about a thousand doors that he knocked on. I think the he was a self-proclaimed introvert. I don’t think Jimmy is an introvert by the way. I’m introverted, but I’m on video a lot, but I’m more of an introvert myself, but he forced himself to go out and knock on doors. Didn’t he? And he built out a successful.

I think video, you can use it to attract the right clients and you don’t have to be a total extrovert. And I think we’re coming to the end of the podcast, but if we can do some bonus, I think you also get a lot of agents say, well, what do I talk about on video? Well, I’m just- there is just so much to talk about when it comes to property, cause everybody likes to look at properties, and know more about properties. You talking something that. People love to hear you, aren’t you Robert?

Robert Newman:
You truly are so Jimmy. I’d like to give, our audience, if you’re willing to stay with us just a few more minutes after we wrap the podcast up for bonus content. Our bonus content for both you and our listeners, it goes on to our YouTube, channel. Okay. Which is the Mail-right YouTube channel I also have started to re the show’s content, and put it onto the inbound REM marketing channels, as well. So you have two different places you can find it because John does all the hard work. I’m gonna suggest the Mail-Right channel first, if you wanna learn some other stuff about real estate marketing, you can look at me second. Having to said that Jimmy, what I’d like to serve up is I’d like to change speed on you a little bit. and just give everybody a taste, of maybe the top couple of things that you’d recommend for building a big brokerage fast, because that’s something else that you’re currently doing. Hold on let’s wrap the show up. So if everybody, could–, so Jimmy, we like to end this show, the podcast part with giving, our audience a way to look you up or get in touch with you, whatever, however you want that to happen. Can you  help ’em out?

Jimmy Burgess:
Yeah, absolutely. I would say, the real estate sales podcast is the podcast. YouTube if you just go there and search Jimmy Burgess, there’s over 200 plus videos there on how to grow your business. And, man, that would be great, that’s where I’d love for people to go. Again, it’s me trying to give back some of the stuff that people gave to me. and I’m like you Robert, I’m just really literally spinning back, and paraphrasing a lot of the things I’ve heard or I’ve experienced, so really appreciate y’all having me all, man. This is, has been great. We gotta do this again. For sure as well.

Robert Newman:
Yeah I’ve had a ton of fun. I don’t know if John has, but I’ve had a ton of fun. So John

Jonathan Denwood: I have been Smiling and laughing. He’s always giving me a hard time Jimmy I can’t help if I’m English.

Robert Newman:
So John, if everybody wanted to reach you, how would they go about doing it?

Jonathan Denwood:
Oh, video me go to Mail hyphenright.com. You can book a chat with me. I love to consult with you just back over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman:
same thing, go to inbound REM under my contact me, I am still doing, one-on-one consultation calls.  I don’t say this to one of these days I won’t be and that’s the truth. I still am today though. And I probably am through the end of the year. So if you wanna talk to me directly 101, go ahead and use my website and, do that.

So with no further ado, thank you everybody for tuning into the podcast. We so deeply appreciate it, please. If you are listening to us on the iTunes, go ahead and give us a review.  We’ve worked so hard on the show, our guests are increasingly amazing as years gone on. We’d really appreciate any feedback that you can give us. We wanna know that we’re doing a good job, John and I, work for this praise. That’s really what we’re doing. Our little cup is out. We’re like, please praise us. Anyway that’s it. Bye.


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