#313 Mail-Right Show: eXp Pros & Cons / YouTube Pros & Cons

eXp Pros & Cons / YouTube Pros & Cons With Special Guest Jaime Resendiz

We have a great interview with Jaime Resendiz about how he built a large YouTube channel with 22.000 +  YouTube subscribers however he took a step back so he can move forward in 2022 he explains why.
Also, he has one of the largest teams with eXp and explains what he personally sees as the Pros & Cons of virtual brokerages.

Robert Newman: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the Mail-Right podcasts. We are so very lucky today to have Jaime Resendiz return to the show for the second time. Jaime appeared on the show about a year ago as a Facebook expert and over the last, 12 or however many plus months it’s been, he’s also been really growing a YouTube channel he’s joined or has continued to be a part of eXp. Today I’m super excited to say that we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of using YouTube as a real estate agent. And we’re also going to talk about something we haven’t talked a lot about, which is the perseverance required to use YouTube as a real estate agent. And then last but not least, if we have time, we’re also going to talk about the pros and cons of being a part of eXp.

I’m really excited about the show. Jaime, you seem to give everything a really even hand, which is one of my personal approaches to creating content. So I’m incredibly interested to hear what your thoughts are on all of these subjects, but why don’t we go ahead and introduce ourselves to the audience so that they refresh their memories on who you are, or if we have some new listeners they get introduced to you for the first time.

Jaime Resendiz:
Yeah, I appreciate that, Robert. Well, my name is Jaime Resendiz. I’m a real estate agent here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. So I’ve been in real estate for a little bit over four years, from the residential side. So it wasn’t until two years ago that I started building out a real estate team. So at this point, we have one of the fastest-growing teams under the eXPpRealty network and umbrella. And, really the majority of that growth I can attribute to YouTube directly the growth of the real estate team from the sales perspective. So helping buyers by helping sellers sell, I attribute YouTube as well to a big portion of that growth. So when we were talking about what we’re were going to share today, really it was YouTube and eXp could not be a better match of topics because one kind of helps the other

Robert Newman:
Beautiful. And, of course, as always, I am joined by the lead engineer, the mastermind behind the Mail-right show, the actual true founder of the podcast, the founder of multiple tech companies, including Mail-Right? The service that, John has been working on diligently for all of the amazing real estate agents that tuned in and listened to the show. So with no further do John why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to any new listeners that we might have.

Jonathan Denwood:
Thanks and we’ve got a lot of new listeners. Thank you so much. I think we’re in the top echelon of real estate podcasting now. And Jaime just great having you back on the show and I’ve been watching your videos. I even learned stuff from it. I think, really appreciate the entertaining but down-to-earth approach that you’ve been taken in your videos and I can highly recommend his channel. And can’t wait when you get back and you’re fully pushing out new content. About mail, right basically we are a combination of, we offer a load of fantastic tools and we can produce a custom website based in WordPress, which you own, which is your property. And you can build on back over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman:
Okay. So we’re going to queue up the first question for today’s show and, actually, I’m going to reverse the order because I’ve got ADD brain prior to the show, actually, I’m not. Prior to the show, you were saying to John in our private offline chat, which I hope you don’t mind if I ask a question about it, which was, you were saying that you’re slowing down and reevaluating how you’re approaching your YouTube channel. That was just a comment that you made. We didn’t follow up on it. John, I think was already in the know about why you might doing that. I was not in the know and now my brain, can’t let go of the question. So may I ask what has slowed you down and, how are you re-evaluating

Jaime Resendiz:
Yeah, no. So I started on YouTube three years ago, but actively three years ago. And it was a couple of months into it where I had the phenomenal idea of, if I can’t compete with quality, I can compete with quantity. So for me, push out as much content as possible. A lot of that was sort of sightedness. A lot of that was limiting self-beliefs and all that stuff, but thinking that the content wasn’t good anyway, everyone has those, and it kind of leads into the perseverance aspect. But from putting content out there, I had the idea of, well, let’s just put out as much content as humanly possible. And I started in September of 2019 doing daily YouTube videos. So I started publishing daily. So it wasn’t until two years later that I stopped that practice. So after 750 videos, later I stopped doing daily uploads. Now, the reason for that, a lot of people think that you’ve burnt out. You don’t like it anymore. Now that couldn’t be further from the truth. I still enjoy making videos and I get withdrawals right now. I feel like this should probably be a video that I upload

Jonathan Denwood:
You’ve become a YouTube junkie.

Jaime Resendiz:
I’m a YouTuber that’s my thing. So while I have paused the uploading on my primary channel, as I was mentioning, off-air, we have several channels that we own and manage and launched. We’ve launched them, we own them. We’re actively doing content on them right now. So it’s not that I stepped away from the platform altogether, it’s I stepped away from my channel. Now, to answer your question, the reason being is because I did not believe that the growth was in line with where the industry was. So there are some people that are doing a similar type of content to myself on my primary channel. So I did not believe that my content was where I needed it to be.

So the content that I share is really speaking to real estate agents in the education field, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, podcasting, anything that’s going to help. That’s modern media for real estate agent to leverage their time to increase their business. That’s what I talk about. So the content in and of itself is not the topics are not going to change per se, but the way that I deliver it will. So the challenge with daily posting is you find a rhythm and you stay on that rhythm because if you get off steps, so if you are dancing and dancing and you get off step then it throws off the rest. So I could not afford to make changes. I could not afford to make something different that would break my streak if you will. It became an ego play at some point.

So long story short, I have stepped back. So I’ve slowed down to speed up. I’m not only reassessing but restructuring the way that my videos are made. There’s a different level of production that goes into it. I have a whole new team of editors, a whole new team of story writers at this point. So are actually helping me tell a better story or out the old, or, and I guess we’re going to say in with the new.

Robert Newman:
Beautiful that was an amazing answer to the question. I have plenty, more queued up before I just jump into them. John, was there anything that you wanted to add to that?

Jonathan Denwood: It’s just a comment, Jaime. Do you think it was because I just don’t know how you do it, a daily producing a weekly podcast? I do a lot of YouTube, both for my other business. I’ve got another business. Yeah. I’m that crazy Jaime. And I couldn’t even think about doing a daily video. Do you think that was part of the problem just committing yourself to a daily video?

Jaime Resendiz:
Not necessarily. So I got into, such a workflow. So now I was able to do it so quickly as I just have a little system in place to where there are times through that journey, those two years, that I was a full month ahead. So I do this whole batching system where I create multiple videos at once. And, I had my team together at that point, had my editors and all that fun stuff, my design people that would do my thumbnails. So I did have a little team that would help me make the videos, or at least I would make the videos, but they would piece them together. So it wasn’t necessarily the actual act of doing it. It was more of what am I doing here and giving you some more tangible examples. Let’s just say, if I was talking about, let’s change it, although as, if I was a real estate agent let’s just say which I am, but if I was speaking to home buyers or home sellers. Let’s just say, if I was making a video on the home buying process, the way that I was doing it was just talking head mode.

So just me sitting down, talking into the camera, well, there’s the pros and cons to that is you’re able to do those videos much faster. The cons are that it’s not as entertaining. So you have to inject a little bit of personality. You have to do some B rolls, you have to do some overlays. So I know that I personally don’t like those types of videos all of the time. So at the same time with the daily videos, I could not go on location and get all the B roll that I wanted to stand in front of a home and make it an engaging video. So it was more about the type of video that wasn’t necessarily the act of making the video.

Robert Newman:
Okay. So, we promised the audience a little bit about perseverance as it relates to YouTube. So at this point, in my opinion, YouTube is no secret. We, John and I have had an increasing number of superstars. And by the way, for everybody that’s listening to the show, Jaime is a superstar in this category. Don’t let him fool you with what he’s saying. He’s got 22,000 subscribers on the main YouTube channel that I’m looking at just by himself. So 700 videos I don’t even know how many views he’s getting, but I’m going to guess, like tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands maybe per month. So it’s going to be a large viewership most, I’d say probably 10% of you should already know who he is based on the size of the real estate industry.

Having said all that how do you feel about a perseverance mindset in regards to YouTube? Like when you think about it, look at it and go, like you’re saying, oh, I don’t know that what I was doing was in line with what other people are doing. I’m curious to know who the heck are you looking at? Cause, like you, ‘re definitely in the top 5%, top 10% that I’ve seen. So who are you trying to chase? And how does perseverance come into that?

Jaime Resendiz:
Yeah, no. So as far as my competition, I wouldn’t necessarily consider other real estate coaches my competition. Yes, they are my competition. I’m just thinking that way. I think that that’s playing too small while at the same time, I’m a realist. I’m not also looking at the million subscribers, those types of channels. I’m looking more into the general education field. So we’re talking about educators that will teach math to students. There are massive channels out there. We’re talking about educators that teach other business owners how to build a business. So I’m in the education category, that’s who I’m, quote-unquote chasing and recognizing that the lane that I’m in, which is real estate agent education. In the United States, there are 1.2 million real estate licenses out there than the United States alone. 

When we go worldwide, some of the same marketing principles apply because real estate is done differently somewhere else. Like, in Australia, as an example, you’re not looking at having a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent. So I recognize that there are some differences there, but at the same time, I see that there’s a large audience out there. So that’s who I’m comparing myself against, but taking it one step further, and the whole perseverance, you have to assess what you’re doing. You have to continue to assess what you’re doing. So if you’re seeing growth, great, well, fine-tune it. If you’re the leader in this space right now, and you put the cruise control, which I feel that that’s what I did, then someone’s going to beat you. It’s just going to happen. So if you’re not growing, you’re dying is something that I really subscribe to. And I heard Tony Robbins say that once.

So if you don’t have a growth mindset, if you are the leader, you’re eventually going to be toppled if you will. If you’re behind, if you’re in second place, you’re working to get to the first place. So back to the perseverance mindset, whether it’s podcasting, whether it’s YouTube, whether it’s Facebooking, whatever. With YouTube, it’s not all about the subscribers. It’s not all about the viewerships. For me, it’s more about the impact. So really what came to a head was not necessarily, oh, I’m not getting the views. It’s just, no, I’m not really reaching the people that were once coming to me. And without getting too much into it. There’s a metric that I use on the backend on recorded conversations. I speak to over 3000 agents on a one-to-one level, every single year. So means the zooms and things of that nature. So I’m not talking about, oh, you watched one of my content. No, I speak to 3000 agents every single year.

And when I saw a dip in that number of where I’m projected to be at, at the end of the year, I knew that something was off because the channel is larger than it’s ever been, except it’s not translating into people that I actively help. When I say actively help, I’m not saying they gave me their credit card. I’m saying I actively helped by either having one-on-one and consultation or them joining one of my programs that are free. That’s what I’m talking about, but perseverance is just assessing or reassessing what’s working and what’s not. And at some point, it just, wasn’t where I thought the channel should be.

Robert Newman: Got you. And the perseverance you’re calling it perseverance, but there’s also a bit of like marketing and accountability. The way that I am perceiving your story is there is a little bit of like marketing accountability goals, perseverance towards, an objective, maybe. But listen, this has been amazing. We’re going to go to, our break ladies and gentlemen, when we come back and talk a little bit about, eXp we might ask for, some more pros and cons. So I think we’ve kind of accidentally touched on a lot of pros and cons in terms of some of [Inaudible 15:49 ] shows, but maybe we’ll actually officially address that subject from exactly that kind of language so that we can match up to what I just told my private Facebook group in my group, we are going to be talking about. So, stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, we’re super excited to come back and talk to you and see you on the flip side of the show. We’ll be right back.

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Robert Newman:
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, this is episode number 313, a lucky number in my book. We’re here with Jaime Resendiz. I’m not quite getting that as well as at Jaime does it, but-

Jonathan Denwood:
Doing a bloody better job than I did.

Robert Newman:
I’m in the neighborhood. And we’ve been having an amazing conversation about YouTube. And, so far we’ve talked about YouTube and perseverance within YouTube. And we’ve asked, Jaime, some really important questions, as one of the top contributors in the YouTube space, as it relates to both real estate eXp Facebook marketing. There’s a huge amount of subjects that, that prime is covered 780 to be precise on his YouTube channel. Some more than I can cover getting back into this, but before we go any deeper into that. So you’re three years into your YouTube channel. What are the pros and cons from your perspective of driving a lot of your business through YouTube?

Jaime Resendiz:
Yeah. So the pros are YouTube it’s a free platform, doesn’t cost you anything to upload. It’s a set it and forget it type of a platform where once you get through with the video, you upload it, it starts building, it starts its work. So you don’t have to be there actively seeing or managing it. There are some adjustments that you can make along the way, but there’s some management, very limited management. The traffic is there. There are over 2 billion, monthly users every single month, put that in perspective that’s twice the size of Instagram, monthly users. So the platform in and of itself the traffic is there. It’s free to use your upload and it starts working for you.

And video outside of the physical world. Video is the best way to develop a relationship with somebody. So you’re building credibility, you’re building a relationship you’re generally building a business while you sleep. So those are all benefits to YouTube and something that goes back to when I started, I’m going to put as many videos out there as possible. So I can give myself as many opportunities for growth. So that’s from the pro side.

The con side is that it does take a little bit of skillset. And I say a little bit, cause I don’t want to overinflate what making a video is because it can be very simple, but you could also make it very complicated. From the audio, from the video, from your storytelling, from the way that you present things. So it does require a skill set that a lot of real estate agents do not have. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, but there is a, very thin layer of barrier to entry. And that is effectively just effort. There are people that take years to get on the platform because they don’t like the way that they sound. They don’t like the way that they look. They don’t like the whatever. So it’s going to keep them from the platform.

And really from the con side yet it does require some skill set. It does require some time, but even the time, I almost see it as a pro. I do see it as a pro, given that there’s no other platform that I’m aware of, that if you invest four hours to make a video, as an example, where else are you going to be able to invest four hours into anything and be able to reach a hundred, a thousand, 10,000, a hundred thousand people, even a million with those same four hours of effort. Cold calling can’t bring you that, direct mail, I suppose, could bring you that best cause gonna cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars door knocking. Can’t do that for you, even Facebook ads, I suppose, I guess it could do that for you, but again, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars. So I see YouTube as a great equalizer. I see YouTube as a great amplifier and I see YouTube as a great builder of businesses. So for its downsides of course there’s. I consider a few downsides. The pros are just far exceeding any cons.

Jonathan Denwood: When we go into bonus content, I like to be able for you to give your view about how a local agent could use video to promote themselves effectively. But before we go on to, eXp I want to get on to the grind. I think for understandable reasons Jaime There’s the kind of silver bullet mentality in the real estate industry, but for understandable reasons. Everybody’s looking for the silver bullet. Something has to get results because you’ve got to, make a commission. You’ve got to pay your mortgage, your costs, so you’ve got to get clients. But on the other hand, there seems to be a lot of short-term, looking for the silver bullet in the industry. Would you agree with that?

Jaime Resendiz:
Oh I absolutely agree. And really not just this industry, but every industry where there’s always going to be a shortcut, oftentimes it’s real, but the way that– let’s see there are instant wins every single day. For the most part, you have to pay for those instant wins, whether that’s Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, you have to pay for those. So you’re there, you’re trading time for money, or I guess not trading time for many years, essentially paying to buy yourself some time. Here it’s one of those, platforms that you invest some time that will ultimately buy you back time without you having to spend any money. But yeah everyone is looking for that silver bullet. Is it YouTube? Maybe for some, it will be that I absolutely get in there, get to work and, make it work for them.

So I’ll give you an example. So there’s a channel so everyone can look it up. Ola Franco. So just like Ola Franco. He is one of my agents that started in February of this year and nothing was happening for him for three months. So there’s that man. We have weekly calls. I just haven’t, I’m getting 50 views in a month that says, this is not working. And he was doing daily content, not daily content, weekly content. Some adjustments along the way, some refinement of topics, and all that fun stuff. Well, we hit right in July we hit a viral video. It wasn’t planned, but we had been working towards it. Well, now he went from getting 50 views per month. You mind he has been doing this since February. And it wasn’t until July that really popped to fast forward to, we just ended September at the time of this recording now is getting over 300,000 views a month.

And that’s something that again, where else are you going to spend? Well, maybe I’m sure you could, but what else are you going to buy that type of traction? And it’s just taken off. He went from getting to his first 1000 subscribers. It took him seven months. Now he’s getting a thousand subscribers every seven days. So it’s just one of those exponential things that we think we know what exponential means, but we really just disguise that as linear. But there’s no other platform out there that can give you this type of return. Sure. People are going to say Tik-Tok, but tik-tok, that’s not the, I don’t think it’s as effective as YouTube.

Robert Newman:
It’s been fascinating. John is this, the way that my clockwork we’re about a minute away from rolling over to bonus content. Is yours working the same way?

Jonathan Denwood:
We need to wrap it up and give Jaime the chance to say where people can find out more because they need to listen to Jaime a bit more. And then maybe in the bonus content because I think you’ve covered that original question for the bonus. So in the bonus, we can talk more about eXp

Robert Newman:
Let’s do that. Let’s spend 10 minutes. So ladies and gentlemen, for all those, those who’ve, who’ve tuned into the show. Do us a favor, please. I don’t know whether you found us on iTunes or you find us on some other service an RSS feed of some kind, but, John works, really hard on doing these shows could use the–

Jonathan Denwood:
I think the good news Robert is that we are becoming one of the top podcasts in the real estate industry.

Robert Newman:
Well, right on, I’m super excited by that. So said, that’s great news. Still do us a favor though. Leave us the like on those, whatever channel you found us on. Leave us a comment on YouTube. If you see us on YouTube. Leave us a review, on iTunes. Let John, and I know how we’re doing. Are we doing a good job? Is there something else that you’d like to hear that we’re not talking about? Now, keep in mind that the Mail-Right podcast is mostly about marketing, digital marketing, as it relates to real estate. It’s not all it’s about. We occasionally do cover other topics, but I’d say that 80 to 90% of the show is about digital marketing as it relates to real estate, which is what my personal focus is on. And oftentimes that’s a huge amount of what John is focused on for these channels. So with no further ado, Jaime I would love to know how to get in touch with you, man. So how would our listeners and viewers do?

Jaime Resendiz:
Yeah, so just go to YouTube and type in JaimeResendiz.com and that’s the best place to find me. That’s the best place to engage with me. And that’s really where I live. So your comment on any of those videos, ideally, there’s one that is there that helps you, that’s the goal, but, that’s really the only thing I asked just going over there and checking out the content

 And I would like to say I highly endorse Jaime’s channel. I’ve watched quite a few of his videos and he’s got a very down-to-earth approach. And I would say almost 90% of everything he said to me. It’s very knowledgeable and it’s practical advice that would help you as an agent.

Jaime Resendiz:
Thank you.

Robert Newman:
Strong endorsement. All right. Well, yeah, well, you’ve picked up, at least one fan that we know for sure by coming onto the show. 2 technically, but, certainly for one. So, all right well ladies and gentlemen. Jaime, can I confirm that you’re willing to do about 10 more minutes talking about eXp with us?

Jaime Resendiz:
Yeah, that’s fine. Absolutely.

Robert Newman:
Okay. So for everybody that’s listening, we’re going to do our bonus content on the YouTube channel for mail- right. Which is YouTube Mail hyphen Right that’s the channel that you’re going to go seek. I’m eventually going to get my together and start publishing all of this content on my various channels. I do an okay job of that, but, it’s now part of my mission before the end of the year to put some team members on this and repurpose the content on the inbound REM channels. So John, that’s your notification that I’m doing that right there, live, on the show.

Jonathan Denwood: That’s always been our agreement from day one. Isn’t it?

Robert Newman: All right. So we’ll see you all on the YouTube channel.


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