#312 Mail-Right Show: Using YouTube The Right Way For Real Estate Agents

Using YouTube To Really Drive & Promote Your Real Estate Agent Business With Special Guests Jesse Dau & Jackson Wilkey From Real Agent Now Portland

Our story starts in 2019. We were working together, shooting the exact same content as each other, but working individually. We were paying big money to a marketing company so that they could take our videos and then repurpose them into blogs and social media content. They were directing us how to do everything from shooting to and what exactly we should shoot. We mostly made videos about the local area and businesses.

After doing this for months, we were spending $2,000 per video and $5,000 per month on marketing services. And what did we get? Zero deals.
Then after months…

of wasting time and money, we finally had a small win with our discovery of Search Engine Optimization. We found out that people were searching for information about the city 10 times more on Youtube compared to Google.

The viewers and the subscribers started growing rapidly once we finally decided to shoot content about the city, which people were searching for. We were excited. But still, no calls (Real Agent Now Portland.)

Robert Newman:
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to episode number 312, we are meeting with a couple of YouTube, experts, legends even. They have 13 YouTube channels. They’re part of the EXP team. They’re in general from what I’ve seen in my research really, really proficient at understanding YouTube algorithm. We’re super excited to meet with them today. So we’ve got, Jesse and Jackson. So I’m going to just start just because he’s the on-air personality that I saw first. I’m gonna start with Jesse why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself and then Jackson why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself.

Jesse Dau:
Yeah, my name’s Jesse Dau. I’m actually originally from Portland, Oregon, and I was a top-producing real estate agent Just started actually in real estate about four years ago. And my first year in real estate, I did 23 deals about 12 million in sales, but it was all through, cold calling and open houses. And, really didn’t like that way of doing business. And Jackson was actually my title rep, when I was in real estate, still practicing. And I just had this vision of wanting to get business calling us. And Jackson had the same exact vision and we didn’t really know what route that was gonna take us Down. And we actually made a chart of 14 different ideas and YouTube I think it was like our 10th or 11th idea on that whole matrix. And we tried to do a whole digital mayor style platform of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, Pinterest, like you name it.

And we really found that YouTube was our favorite platform primarily because it was content marketing answering the questions of the consumer. And, since then, fast forward four years later, we’re going to do over a hundred million this year and, with our 13 channels, we don’t close a single transaction ourselves. We just help. And then so we have about 30 agents or so that close those deals that we generate, but we have about 230 agents that generate their own business and close their own deals that have partnered with us. And we don’t take anything from them. 


We earn all of our money through the revenue share platform at EXP, which I think is phenomenal, but it allows us to really build our tribe and our relationships with agents all around the world, outside of the US. Before I was always focused locally to Portland, which now we don’t even live in the states that we created this in. And, when I made the move or we made the move, it opened my eyes to being more state-driven. And then we started looking at the whole United States as like our platform. And now we’re actually looking at, internet- or we have some agent, we have agents in four countries. So we’re now looking at global expansion and we’re looking for, basically, ambassadors in every country, which we know YouTube will work in other countries. So that’s pretty much the basis of, myself.

Robert Newman:
Alright Jackson.

Jackson Wilkey:
I’m Jackson Wilkey. I am from a small little town in north Idaho, born and raised in Idaho, and moved over to Portland, Oregon. So very blue-collar worker to getting into sales in the real estate industry for escrow. And after about 10 months realized I was on the wrong side of the deal. So yea Jesse and I had met halfway through that tenure. And I got licensed and thought, shoot, Jesse’s 12 million a year I can do that. I’m a hard worker too. I am terrible at real estate and I just, I can’t convert. I’m too nice of a guy. I hate prospecting. I hate converting. And, so I started really leaning heavily on video and marketing. 


Jonathan was asking us earlier about some of the stuff, did you do things wrong? It didn’t work. And we did lots of hundreds and hundreds of those videos that just, we were, we were told to do, marketers told us to do. But the one thing about both of us, whether we’re completely different is just a consistency aspect? And so my consistency was just, I’m going to shoot videos all day, every day, and something’s going to click. And then it took me down the path of YouTube. And, we learned from a gal kind of the introductory of it, but to become a true YouTuber was something that I just put a lot of time and effort into and, and understanding the platform. So the data, the analytics, the click-through rates, the ABDS, the metadata is that’s my, my baby, my everything. 

So, after about 16 months of struggles, it took off. You pinch yourself almost daily with what’s going on. So to be completely out of production now, after I’m not even licensed three years yet, just, just over two and a half years here to out of production and growing one of the fastest and biggest real estate teams, not only in a city but in the country.

Robert Newman:
Nice. Well, congratulations. Both of you, that’s, an amazing accomplishment. I have lots of questions, but, before we get into that, Jonathan, my amazing co-host is the founder of his own real estate tech company. He’s a WordPress guru and, is also for that matter a podcast [Inaudible 05:25] he’s got to between the two he’s produced over 800 podcast episodes. So John, why don’t you go ahead and, introduce yourself to our audience.

Jonathan Denwood:
Before that Robert, have I not found two guests that are your wet dream. Not only are they in the video but they can provide you with all the analytical gibberish that you love so much.

Robert Newman: You found me two SEO guys. They just happened to be focused on the YouTube vertical yes.

Jonathan Denwood:
Isn’t that your wet dream. [inaudible06:06], I found your dream pair so folks I am the founder of mail right. If you’re a UPX agent If you’re looking for a partner to produce a superb, looking WordPress-powered website, to, market yourself we’re the people to approach, so go to Mail-Right.com and try us out, back over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman:
All right so guys, there is so much great stuff to talk about. We’ve got on one hand, we’ve got EXP, which is, a virtual brokerage with an interesting revenue share model, which is what powers your ability to grow a business remotely, basically be full-time content producers. On the other hand, we’ve got the mechanics of YouTube. And of course, we have my undying passion for trying to convince real estate agents that they should be on YouTube using YouTube as a marketing channel because I am a marketer at heart. This just means I’ve looked at the statistics I look at the numbers, I look at what, what gets people lead. And the number one channel that I see that people can be in control of themselves has been YouTube for a long time. It’s been the best channel. The highest quality leads. You guys seem to be saying it’s even good for real estate agents. 


So I guess, I guess the first thing if you had to give somebody and let’s pitch this question at Jesse. If you have to get somebody an elevator pitch, that’s a real estate professional about YouTube and, and just like, keep it under 60 seconds. Why would you say to a real estate agent? Hey, you’ve got to be on YouTube.

Jesse Dau: Yeah. It’s very simple. One, it’s one of those platforms that you get to build your brand and create a relationship with the audience before they ever call you. And 2 that is the reason why is because we didn’t want to go out and call anyone. So you’re building this relationship with the audience. And when you look at real estate, it’s kind of like a funnel. So when somebody actually starts looking at real estate or even looking at relocating, whatever it may be, you’re catching them way at the top of the funnel. So way before Zillow, way before Redfin way before any landing page or anything. So when they’re ready to make that move or talk to you about the transaction, they’re calling us directly or they’re texting or emailing. They’re not hitting a landing page. You’re not getting a squeeze page. They’re not talking to some person that has no idea what they’re doing, and they just decided to buy some leads. 


So they’re qualifying us before we ever qualify them. Also, the other reason that I love it is because last year out of the hundred-plus deals, we closed, our average price point was 600,000 and the credit score was 783. This year we’ve closed more deals. The price point went up, the credit score went down a little bit, but it’s still over 760. So that’s the reason that I specifically love it.

Robert Newman:
So what you seem to be saying to me the way that I am hearing that response is that you feel like that your leads have increased in qualification via the YouTube platform is that correct?

Jesse Dau:
A hundred percent. Yeah, because typically like, and I know we were talking to Robert about this or Jonathan before the call started is he was saying a lot of people look at this as like a relocation platform. And I actually, when you close over a hundred deals a year, a relocation client actually is in my opinion, is a fantastic client because typically they’re professional, they’re relocating because of business. Their price point is a little bit bigger their credit is typically better. They’re typically selling a house so we get lots of referrals. And when they come to purchase, they’re typically willing to do, as long as you’ve set up the process correctly. They’re usually willing to let you lead the process where they’re not like, driving you. They’re not a difficult customer to work with. And Jackson and I were just talking about this today is that we had a client, one of our agents got a referral from another friend of theirs. And she said that like, she didn’t even know this person. She had to resell herself on them. So, yes, I think that your, your clientele is going to be a lot better.

Robert Newman:
Ok alright.

Jesse Dau:
And Jackson, he’s the one that’s like really built this thing. I’m the one that like, was the real estate practitioner, and Jackson’s like the marketer. Like I sucked on camera when we first met. And it was really just like us being 180 degrees out where he was like the yin to my yang. And, he really understood the video marketing aspect of it. I was great with real estate. So he was really good at asking me the questions and stuff. And, I’ve obviously improved over time, but it’s really all about storytelling.

Robert Newman:
In one sentence you hit all without using the language you basically said that YouTube is an effective inbound marketing platform. Which has pushed for support marketing and in this particular case, you’re saying that the pull marketing that you’re getting is very qualified. That’s just essentially answering people’s questions and providing value in such a way that they’re inspired to talk to you when they have questions about the subject matter that you’re providing those questions for that’s inbound marketing, one on one.

Jesse Dau:
Yeah, absolutely. And Jackson talks about this a lot. And, it’s all about content marketing, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn is you have to answer the questions of the consumers when you want to get them at the top of the funnel. Because if you’re talking about the escrow process, buying process, inspection, those are people that are already in the process. Like you’re answering their questions as if they are at the bottom of the funnel. So you have to think to yourself and put yourself in the consumer’s shoes of saying, what would I be searching for? And this is when you’re at the top of the funnel. 

So it’s really like the way I was relocating to Phoenix and Jackson was going to Houston. We both, and he’s relocated more than I have. And this is like, he was thinking like, when we first started this, I was like, what was I searching for when I was moving from [Inaudible] to Portland? And when I moved to Phoenix, I was like searching, best areas to live in Scottsdale and Phoenix and things like that. And I’m like, man, there’s nothing out here. And when I came down here, I was like, I don’t even know why people love this area. Like to me, everything’s hidden Down here because everything has to be painted the color of the landscaping. That’s part of the city’s agreement with developers. So if you didn’t know that, I drive down the road and everything looks barren, but you take a left down the street. And then all of a sudden there’s a shopping mall behind the cactuses. That’s something that somebody would maybe find interesting. And when you’re answering those questions. 

So when you’re telling people that you’re the best, real estate agent on the planet, Jackson will tell you to this day that he’s closed two deals in his life, but he gets hundreds of calls every day. And it’s because he’s built a relationship with the audience before they ever decided to pick up the phone. And it doesn’t matter to them, whether he’s closed two deals or 200. And what has pedigree is. Our agents now answer those phone calls and close the deals because we’ve built the right system for them to have the best experience when they do relocate and buy and sell homes. So if they do ask for us specifically, we just say, look, these are, this is our team. We’ve put them into place to handle their situation. We’re great at the video, they’re great at closing deals. So I think, you never hear us say, we are the best agents or we’re the number one relocation team. We’re just like, hey, if you are, thinking about relocating or moving to Portland, give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email because we have clients relocating every single day, and give us a call and we absolutely love it.

So we’re telling them that it’s okay to call us and we’re busy. But until we actually put that call to action in place, we never got a single call. And we did hundreds of videos of restaurants, bars, the best places to eat and sleep, and things like that. But, we never got views, we never got subscribers same with listing videos. Those are things that we do not even touch anymore because we know that that’s not what people are searching for. No one knows about 1, 2, 3 main street or Joe’s crab shack in Portland, Oregon, but they only know Portland, Oregon. They very rarely even know like Beaverton or Hillsboro. They might know Beaverton because of Nike, but nothing beyond that.

Robert Newman: Okay. So we’re gonna do 60 seconds early, John, because I want to serve up a series of questions to Jackson, but, we’re going to go to break real quick, just one minute early so that I can then start asking some of my favorite questions that exist. Which are, there are two parts of YouTube is tell the story that’s what we’ve been talking about with Jesse. But there’s the SEO part, that’s the technical SEO, the keyword research, the coming up with the ideas that are all SEO search engine optimization. It’s my bailiwick. It’s what I love so Jackson, we’re going to get into that.

 With no further do everybody that’s listening to the show right now. This is a show you really should be paying attention to. These guys have it dialed in. This is classic inbound marketing. This is setting up a digital strategy, a funnel, a channel, and letting other people do a lot of the work for you. That’s the power of digital right there. So anyway, no further ado, we’ll be right back.

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Robert Newman:
Welcome back to the Mail-Right show ladies and gentlemen, it’s episode number 312. We’ve been talking to Jesse and Jackson who are YouTube experts they are with EXP they built up a big digital funnel, they’ve leveraged YouTube for a lot of it. I’m going to be asking some questions to Jackson who has been identified as the more technical SEO guy of the two. So, Jackson, the question that I have for you is, in my opinion, a lot of YouTube success comes from the keyword research element. I know how I do that. I’m Kind of curious to know how you do your keyword research. Do you use particular tools? Do you have a strategy when it comes to figuring out what topics that you’re going to talk about?

Jackson Wilkey:
Yeah. So originally we started doing the restaurant interviews and the listing videos and putting that there. Again, it was told to us to do that and that YouTube was the platform for it. But when you don’t ever get any views or if the views you get are forced, meaning you’re having to pace those videos out on other platforms to steal of you. You’re not doing anything that the platform is allowing you to do, which is SEO search engine optimization. It’s the second-largest search engine in the world. And when I started discovering.

Robert Newman:
One quick thing, third, it dropped, the image library- The Google image library is the second largest search engine right now. But continue on, I have to say that, or else I get my spurs taken away. So, go ahead.

Jackson Wilkey: Yeah. And the cool part about that for real estate agents, it’s actually the number one, because what I started realizing in Google using tools like keywords everywhere, like Beaverton, Oregon, was searched 31,000 times a month and not much competition. I’m like, holy crap. So I started early on using tools, like Tube buddy was, it was okay at the beginning, like the OGs, remember it didn’t have everything. I used to use, morning fame. It was one that had a check system and it allowed you not only to search, but it also said, hey, these three green checks mean that you could rank for these keywords better, than whatever. So, and then tube buddy has come around full force and it’s just amazing. 


But I start searching that in tube buddy and it was searched 331,000 times a month in YouTube. And I’m like, holy crap, everybody wants to see this stuff. They don’t want to read about it, or yes, they want to read about it. But 10, 12, 13 times a month more in YouTube.  And that was kind of the day like, okay, Jesse, I don’t know anything about Portland, whatever, but as you do, let’s just show up, let’s meet up. We’re going to start shooting these videos about the cities. Not about like a house, we’re like an evergreen. And so we started kind of doing that top five neighborhoods. And so that’s what I started learning was the keywords were the cities and the suburbs. That’s like what’s getting searched living in Portland, Oregon, all that. And then after doing videos for a while, that’s why I had the epiphany like holy crap we’re missing out on some of the biggest SEO in real estate history, which is living in Portland, Oregon. So I changed our YouTube channel name from Jackson Wilkey and Jesse Dau, which never gets searched to living in Portland, Oregon, which gets searched thousands and thousands and thousands of times a month. And if you search that in YouTube right now, boom, the number one thing that pops up is not just our videos, but our entire YouTube channels. 


So SEO with tools like Tube buddy.com. That’s the one that I use and I have a whole entire playlist on how to use it on my channel junkies channel, in-depth. of not just finding the keywords, as you can come up with the greatest title and keywords of all time, but it’s the substance of that blog or that video, which is what I always call it. That gets you into the suggested. So you can’t just have keywords, you can’t keyword stuff. You can’t just have a great title. There are a whole plethora of things that, that, encounters that encapsulates all of that metadata. That allows you to get suggested I’m into getting my videos suggested, more than getting found so that we can get deeper on that. 

But SEO is how you have to start. There’s no other way around it. You must, must, must start with SEO and finding the keywords that people are searching. And then from there, you’ve got to fill that title in with a great video or a great blog that keeps people’s attention for a long time, which is something that took us a while to figure out, but we’ve done very well with it.

Robert Newman:
Beautiful. So ladies and gentlemen, with a YouTube video, SEO falls into a number of categories. You’ve got keyword research, which we just discussed. You have thumbnails, which is their desire to click on the image first, which then leads you as a gateway into the content. You’ve got, the description inside the video, which is currently a stronger signal than it used to be. You’ve got tags, which are less of a signal than they used to be. And this is what this stuff is- this weight is stuff that changes all the time. And you can find all sorts of places like search engine journals to keep track of the way they change you can find individual bloggers. You can find guys like Jackson. My favorite is to follow a couple of people like Jackson who are really deep into it inside these specific verticals that you’re servicing. In other words, real estate guys, trying to focus on real estate because while the general information might help you, what really helps you is the guy that’s trying to do what you’re doing and is commenting to you about what he’s seeing inside this one small little space inside the entire YouTube ecosphere.

So I would definitely pay attention to whatever you’re posting about, oh, Hey, I see tags don’t seem to be doing quite what they’re doing. Or I’ve noticed that 1 in city name is not, responding quite the same way it used to stuff like that. Anyway, John, I’ve been totally hogging the microphone here because you’re right you handed me two YouTube guys and I’m just going to go buck wild if you keep letting me. Do you have some questions for these 2?

Jonathan Denwood: I’d be quite happy. Because I took up a fair bit the time last week, with Justin didn’t it? So I’m quite happy for you to keep on going, Robert.

Robert Newman:
Alright, perfect. So I guess one of my questions is going to be this, I know the answer for myself, but I want to hear what you both say, each of you individually, and see what you say to this. But I’ve had reports of the types of videos that generate the most leads for real estate agents. I’m super curious that without me saying it, to see if you guys had the same experience. So the question that I’m going to tee up to the two of you is do you have a video type that seems to generate all of your 300 plus agents worldwide, more leads than others?

Jackson Wilkey:
Yup. And I’ve got it nailed. So I’ve traveled all around the country and started these channels. So if I’m going to go in and do I go in for two days, I do 20 videos and then I’m out and that’s all I need. And so if I go to a city I’m never going to waste my time with stuff that doesn’t work. And I know it doesn’t work because I’ve done so many of these videos. the videos that work the best out of the gate, no matter what is one is like a pros and cons video. Like God honest, the truth of the good, the bad, the ugly of what it’s like to live there. That’s what kind of sets the tone for me as a person. This is like, okay, I’m telling you about this area, but I’m also being who I am.

The most important thing about algorithms is that you get people to watch content because they like who you are.  And so the more honest we are, the more it attracts the right people. And they watch your videos longer, which gets your videos suggested our suggested times are through the roof because YouTube is very smart at suggesting your videos. Another reason why we never share our videos on social media. So pros and cons kind of sets that bar of like, Hey, I’m just going, to be honest. If you’re not honest and you sugarcoat everything. Usually, those videos don’t do well.

Cost of living video. Hey, if you’re moving to a new area, you want to know exactly how much it costs there. And it’s not just like these raw statistics and numbers. It’s a lot of just personal stories from daycare to electrical expenses. Here in Texas, the fricking property taxes are through the roof, and I get a hundred plus emails of like, Hey, thank you for being so open and honest about those, property taxes. Hey, we’re moving there. Can you help us? 

But the one thing that put us on the map and that I really invented in as the logo here, channel junkies is the real estate blog. Remember I mentioned that these cities and suburbs were getting searched 10, 12, 15 times a month, more on YouTube than Google. So we started going around the city and showing you what it’s like to truly work, eat, sleep, live, play in these areas, the typical styles and neighborhoods. What it’s kind of like in this area, why you would like it, why you wouldn’t. And we were boots to the ground. There was nothing out there like that where people were showing you what it’s like to be in these areas. 

And it was just enough to where they didn’t have a full grasp, but we tell them with our strong calls to action, like, this is why you reach out. We know these areas, you tell us two, three things you need to know that you like that you want to be close to styles of homes. And we know these three, four areas you’ve never heard of that are going to fit your lifestyle Perfect. So make sure you reach out to us. So, a lot of people don’t have the courage to go out and blog, so it’s fine. You can do a lot of studios or green-screen like you have there, they work. but I would say why we have so much success and honestly, why going back to SEO, if we have the exact same title, I’ve realized that I can outrank just about anybody because I’m going to shoot a better, longer video and especially a vlog that keeps that average view duration longer. And so it’s going to recommend my video, a lot more. And it’s also going to rank that video better. So for leads for real estate purposes, in closing what 247 homes, in the past, two years, those are the videos that work and we don’t waste your time with other ones.

Robert Newman:
Do you mind if I tag on, maybe I’ll give you something a little bit to think about. So there’s a couple of signals that you’re not mentioning. Number one it’s interesting to me because of the pros and cons, then why live in, the cost of living. These are all things that I have found, but you missed the number one performing video that I have reports of everywhere. So we’ll see if it worked for you. You might want to give it a shot, which is what you need when you relocate to. Or basically, it’s relocation to, and the actual surrounding language over relocation is gonna change. You’re gonna have to do a little bit of research on each area. But relocation videos are consistently one of the number one highest producing lead-generating videos that I know of personally is relocating to.

Now, I got that, I get that and a lot of my data comes from the real estate YouTube mastermind on Facebook that Matthew runs and there are 5,000 agents and they’re producing videos and they talk about what’s working for them. So if you’re wondering where I get my dataset from, it’s typically just paying a lot of attention to the agents inside this group who are all over the US and Canada. And they’re all talking about what is working for them. Producing actual leads. This still consistently is one of the top things that comes up is why relocate to the city name, whatever that may not be the best title, but it’s close. It’s like 10 things you should know before you relocate to.

Jackson Wilkey: We got a lot of those. We actually, and it’s usually to that effect, which is a great point. It’s usually like 10 reasons not to move to such a city. And so that’s a title that I’ve found over time works because what is this whole entire world based on terrible news. The fricking booster shots, the border crisis, like all of it’s all negative. So I’ve found the pros and cons because it has cons in there. I’ve done videos where it’s just the cons of moving to such an area. I always, and I guess I forgot to mention it. You’ll notice in every channel I have is 10 reasons not to move, to such a city.

Jonathan Denwood:
Jackson  you need to do a video of the cons of having an English co-host

Jackson Wilkey:
You nailed it though. And it is, it’s moving to- in our calls to action. Or if you’ve been thinking about moving to, relocating anywhere in the Portland, Oregon, Metro, make sure you give us a call. Shoot us a text we hammer moving, relocating. And you’re absolutely right. Yeah. It’s moving to, relocating to.

Jesse Dau:
Yeah. And the one thing I would add to that as well as, yeah, the, so like we have like our, our core 20 videos that we shoot. So yeah, we always do like seven things you must know when relocating to whatever city. And then we always do like the 10 things, 10 reasons not to move. But, the one thing that I find interesting is like, because people always say like, what video drives the most leads? I mean, we’ve done over a thousand videos. and we have no way to pinpoint what video drives the actual call because a lot of people, some of them will actually say like, oh, I found this. I’ve only watched one video of yours. And I called you because you were the first one I saw. And then some of them are like, I’ve been watching you guys for over a year. And we just finally decided to call, because we don’t want to bug you.

 And some of these guys call us and men or women, they call us one year, two years, three years, five years in advance. And some of them call us like the day they are coming, like we’re just sitting around, waiting for them to show up. And one of the actual, really interesting things that we’ve, because now we don’t close any of the deals that we’ve mentioned a couple of times, but, there’s been like an evolution of the way that we do our business. And we do sell, as we have, our Jackson gives everything for free away on the channel, junkies, YouTube channel, but some people have always asked us, like, we just want the playbook now. So we do have our course@thechanneljunkies.com, but our team lead Heather, in Portland, created this like a self-guided tour, which is it’s called the hotspots we call it. And, what it is, it’s basically, if someone comes to town and they say, oh, we’re not really ready to come to move or we’re unsure, but we want to come and check it out. A lot of agents will get in the car and we did this early, where we would drive them around showing the city and it’d be like a four-hour tour and waste all of our days. 

And now, Heather created the self-guided tour and, it is just a list of all the hotspots and some agents can do, whether they’re doing YouTube or not. And we give them the hotspots of the greatest areas to go check out like wherever they’re looking to buy or move to. And they can go to like the restaurants, the bars, the parks, whatever. And we always say, hey, if there’s an open house, feel free to go in. If there’s new construction, feel free to go in.

Whether you use us or not, you need to have your own representation. So don’t get tricked by having this listing agent talk you into using them. So we’ve had so many people call us on their own little self-guided tour and say, Hey, I went to this new construction development. We want to buy a house, but they say, you have to be here, never met this person in person. We’ve only met him on zoom. They put our name Down, we show up or they’re like texting us the whole time saying, oh my gosh, this is the greatest thing ever. But it’s just one of those things where when you feel like you’re, removing yourself from the transaction, these people, everyone thinks they’re giving up their real estate commission or whatever it may be. But this has actually given us more power to treat more clients. And it’s really been a game-changer.

Robert Newman:
I would agree with that guy. I strongly suspect that the vast majority of real estate can be done digitally. Like you could even use DocuSign if you wanted to do the paperwork, but people are. I think that part of services, answering questions digitally, giving them control of their time. It’s not the way all that comfortable. If you guys think about it to, ride around with an agent, that’s an old-school mentality. There are obviously going to be clients that like that. There’s also going to be a lot of clients like me that don’t like I don’t want to ride around in a car with real estate. It’s nothing personal, but I don’t really want to ride around in the car with you guys. I like you. I’d prefer to drive myself. I always prefer to drive myself.

Jonathan Denwood:
 I want to see if Jess agrees with this. I think what we’ve discussed in that last bit is having the capacity to, design the experience about what the client wants. Some clients would want more of a personal handhold others don’t but you have the option of fitting your experience around what the actual client wants. Would agree with that Jesse?

Jesse Dau:
Oh, absolutely. Sorry the UPS guy showed up. 

Jackson Wilkey:
I’ll take over. No, it is. And that’s the thing that, as this really started to, as evolution took it do its thing, it was actually the less we did with people. Early on I’m such a nice guy, I couldn’t convert I hated traditional real estate. And I wanted people to call me, well, I like, I talked to them too long I didn’t get any information. And these people weren’t going to go anywhere. They weren’t going to not work with us. And so, the other thing was they would come in and, I felt like I always had to take them around. We drive them all day and Jesse’s was like, your time is valuable, dude. You could be shooting two videos and getting us more business. And if you tell people upfront, Hey, I only have two hours to show you. Or, Hey, I need you to just meet me at a couple of these properties because I got to go open doors. They respect the hell out of that actually. And they think of you more as a professional.

So you really put it up there. People are just like, oh man, I’m riding I can’t wait, whatever. But COVID really changed that too. So it’s almost like we don’t do that right now with COVID it’s just not it’s with the rules. And like, if we even get caught on a, on a ring camera without a mask, we can lose our license-type stuff. So yeah, you can just really feel these people out, but we never have to convert anybody. So we’re having open conversations and learning on that initial zoom call when we actually schedule with them, what they’re like, we really learn the kind of person hopefully on that zoom call. So we know if they really want a lot of hand-holding or they’re just kinda like, I mean, we have people call me like, Hey, we already found the house. We just love your videos. Will, you write the offer.

Robert Newman:
[interposed talking] And John, we’re going to go to our video bonus content and John, whatever the question is that you’re serving up, we can serve it up in 5 or 10 minutes that we’ve agreed to at the beginning of the show. Listen, guys, this has been super brilliant. If you wanted somebody to look the two of you up, somebody may be interested in EXP, or somebody who’s interested in following your YouTube channel, how would they do that?

Jackson Wilkey: finding us on YouTube is just go to YouTube type in channel junkies, YouTube for real estate. You’ll see me, 500 videos on there, to reach out to us about our partnership and learning more about getting all of our tools, resources for free, and the partnership. It’s jackson@realagentnow.com and jesse@realagentnow.com. Those are our email addresses.

Robert Newman:
All right. And John, if you wanted somebody to reach out to you, how would they go about doing it?

Jonathan Denwood:
Just go to the Mail-Right website. If you’re looking for the power of WordPress or a real custom look WordPress real estate website with a fantastic marketing automation platform, we’re the people to hire, back over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman:
And if somebody has any questions about SEO, which is a very big topic, cause that’s YouTube, Google images, traditional SEO results. Hyper-local the list goes on. Those are all my fields. It’s pretty easy to research me. I’m very visible. You can always email me at robert@inboundrem.com. All right. With no further ado guys. We’re going to maybe have five more minutes. John I’m going to have you serve up that question that you started to think about, and then we’re going to let these guys get on with the rest of their day. Stay tuned.

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