292 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Michael Cuevas

Looking For Advice On How To Make Great & Engaging YouTube Videos

Hey there! My name is Mike Cuevas, and I am The Real Estate Marketing Dude. I’ve spent 17 years working in real estate, and let me tell you, I got TIRED of constantly trying to sell, sell, sell. I thought to myself, “Mike, there’s gotta be a better way to do this.”

trying to come up with a solution to a problem that ALL real estate agents face, I realized that my answer lay in marketing. At the Real Estate Marketing Dude, our goal is to create a personal brand that revolves around YOU, as well as content creation strategies designed to keep your brand at the top of your client’s mind. So, if you’re looking to start up your personal brand and reach new audiences, go to our website at www.realestatemarketingdude.com or click here!

Johnathan Denwood: Welcome back folks to the Mail-Right Show its episode 292. I haven’t got Robert with me, unfortunately, he had a prior engagement, which meant he couldn’t join us this week, but I’m delighted to say we’ve got a great guest, Michael Cuevas with us. He’s an expert in producing videos for real estate agents. He’s the founder of the real estate marketing dude website. He seemed a great guest for the show being that we’ve been over the past few weeks, being talking heavily about using video to market yourself. So over to you, Michael, do you mind doing a quick intro about you for about 10, 20 seconds? 

Michael Cuevas: Absolutely Hi guys. My name is Michael Cuevas, AKA real estate marketing dude. And, we do a lot of content created specifically in the real estate niche. So, I think we’re going to get into today is exactly the who, what, when, where, why and how, to actually do it because, unfortunately, video, isn’t any longer optional, it’s become a necessity, in many, many ways. But, yes, I’m happy to be here. So thank you for having me.

Johnathan Denwood:
Now like I was telling Michael our guests last week, did a fantastic job describing how she and her team had used video to get people from out the state is that she was based in Savannah and there’s a lot of army base, but, I want to talk to Michael about people that are not in that particular niche, but still want to use video to get leads for their business locally and also increase their branding awareness. So, Michael, where do you think we should start in this conversation?

Michael Cuevas: There are a million and one ways to use video, but where you start is why are you using it first? But let’s be very clear that video isn’t what generates the lead. You still generate the lead video is just the most impactful way to communicate. So just getting on video, isn’t going to, make you the next millionaire agent without intention behind it. So I’ll explain a little bit further about what I meant. Let’s talk about, last week’s guests you had Karen Carr on the show. Awesome. Awesome. Karen attracts clients from, YouTube, and that’s a specific strategy that you can utilize with video. And if you’re playing the YouTube game, there’s only a certain amount of videos that will actually generate clients. And they’re generally along with the terms of like the pros and cons. The closing costs, the top three neighborhoods, their search related to community and their lifestyle. And it will be a hundred percent relocation clients. 

And it doesn’t work in every single market, but it does work in a lie like in midsize to very large-sized markets. And you could run a really good-sized business, just doing just that, but where you want to- When I look at video, I look at it as a way to grow your personal brand. I believe real estate is just a big, giant popularity contest at the end of the day. And the reason why every agent like you can look at, whoever’s listening to this. You can look in your office or in your market right now. There’s somebody you despise. You’re like, I don’t know why the hell that dude or girl is generating or selling way more houses than I do. And I’m going to tell you right now why they are, they have more friends than you do right now. They have more people that know what they do, then know what you do. In other words, they have a bigger and much larger personal brand. They’re not smarter than you. Most of them, aren’t better looking than you and

Johnathan Denwood:
But I bet they are all better looking than me, Michael.

Michael Cuevas:
But in all honesty look at, cause here’s what the business comes down to like the video converts and generates attention video, doesn’t generate the lead you create the lead by how you are on video. So the key to doing it is figuring out which is the right way for you. And that’s going to be different for every single person out there. I’m going to give you a go a little bit further into context. How you do video is what people watch. Just like in anything nobody cares what the hell you’re talking about. They’re really watching how and what you’re saying. So when you break down communication, here’s where it breaks down.

As a matter of fact, this podcast right here, you guys are only going to retain 10% of what’s coming out of our mouth because it’s a scientific fact, right? If you’re watching this on video, you can see the tonality and the body language is I’m moving my arms right here because that’s how people communicate. We communicate through body language and through tonality. As I use the dialect, my voice, right? We’re not sitting here talking like this the entire time. Otherwise you guys would fall asleep. We have to be-

Johnathan Denwood: I’ve known a few people do [Inaudible 05:01] I’m sorry at least you are laughing at it.

 But that’s what it comes down to. Like, I could care less what you do, videos on. I care more that you’re smiling while you’re doing it because that’s when attraction happens. People want authenticity. So you have to define how you’re going to be on camera. The first place, like for me, I’m a dude. I talk like a dude. I feel like a dude, everything I do as a dude and I sold real estate, I was Chicago real estate dude. Now I’m selling video services to people in the real estate industry. My dude-ness didn’t change. It’s just called real estate marketing dude, because I found out what my brand was, years ago.

 So everybody has that one thing, just like, we all have like a fingerprint. God made you one way and that’s pretty cool. No one could compete against that. And when you embrace that, that becomes your unfair advantage over the competition because no one else can be like you, which means how you do things matters. So I got a question for you on lead gen because you’re seeing so many sites. So question back to you is going to be, how much better does a video on top of a page perform than a non-video on top of a page. Have you seen results on that? 

Johnathan Denwood:
well I use it, I’ve got two businesses, two online businesses, Mail-Right is a full year journey it’s cost me an enormous amount of money to set up Michael. But my other business makes the money that I spend on Mail-Right. but to be truthful if you’re using YouTube, it really does help the SEO enormously, dependent if you set it up correctly with the post-it does seem to be as strong even though they say that they are separate and they are, to some degree, there seems to be a strong correlation between SEO if you put a video on YouTube and you write a nice post and you combine the two together and just page retranslation how long they keep on the page? Also seems to increase dramatically if you combine a nice article with one or two videos, especially if it’s a really key evergreen page on the website. It seems to make a big difference

Michael Cuevas:
An on our end and that’s awesome advice just from like the technical end, but in our end too, it’s like it does nobody. Nobody, you know, just runs up to someone says, Hey, come marry me tomorrow. Like you have to date them for a little bit. And nobody isn’t most people when they go to your site like your about page is very heavily visited. And that’s because people are looking at who the hell you are before they’re trying to give you their email and social security number and phone number and everything else that you’re asking for on your forms. So the video, I look at videos, a conversion tool, and there are several different ways to use it. I’m a big fan of having a, we’ll talk about conversion and we’ll talk about personal branding next.

Conversion for your site I think your site is a huge online business card and it’s only going to convert the more personable it becomes in my opinion and video is what does that. I think that the less professional and the more personable you are, and video is just, that’s just where it’s at. So the reason why I say figuring out your brand is so important because that’s how you’re going to know how to speak on video. That’s how you’re going to know how to present on video. If you had me do a video right now, and you said, Hey, Mike, go do a cooking show. I’d look awkward and I’m not nervous to get on video I’d be nervous about talking about cooking on video. See, so you have to do it your way. And that way there is a way for every single person.

 But a video on every page. I look a bit to personalize I like to put a face with the name. When you see people will feel like they know you, then the first time they meet you and some will even like you, but that’s okay. You’re not supposed to resonate with every single person. I like to tell people if you don’t have any haters, you’re doing it wrong. You should, because you’re not meant to resonate with every single person in the world right. Now, from a personal branding point of view I like using video to nurture relationships. I like using video for marketing as opposed to advertising because I like using video to stay in front of the people that know like, and trust me already, instead of me always sending them content about interest rates or real estate market updates, or how well or bad the market’s doing that they fall asleep reading. I’d rather just send them little simple reminders of contents that remind them I’m in real estate versus hitting them over the head with my lockbox and the reason for that.

Johnathan Denwood: And just a slightly not trying to be rude. But I think the other thing people don’t understand is they’re very blessed to be in the real estate industry, because people are fascinated by houses aren’t they? About seeing other property on the market. Where industries let’s say, if you’re selling widgets, it’s really hard. So my really interesting videos that people really watch, but people are fascinated by real estate aren’t they?

Michael Cuevas: Because it’s relatable. We all live somewhere and it’s a journey. There’s a whole television, and this is a perfect segment. There’s a whole television station dedicated to our profession. Yet. We wonder what to create content on. Like, dude I’m not doing anything crazy. I’m just copying what I’ve already learned just from other television habits. And, the reason why I like shows like million dollar listing and all that is because you have a very emotional process. You have a journey involved with the buyer or seller, and there’s always a story. It makes great television.

So when we create content to build our personal brand and use it to nurture people, nurture your Facebook friends, nurture your Instagram followers, nurture your email list through video, email, nurture all of your social channels. You start attracting business because it becomes mathematical 10 to 15% of the people that see your content they’re moving this year. Most don’t know it yet. Some will get divorced, some will die. Some will have a kid and they need a bigger house. So will get relocated for a job transfer, but that’s statistically true, 10 to 15%. Now, 100% of the people that, you know, have a referral for you right now, the question is, are they going to give it? It’s not your friends and family’s job to remember what the hell you do for a living at your job to remind them. But when you’re very good at reminding them, they will flood you with more than enough business than you need. Because-

Johnathan Denwood: Before we go for our break, there’s one question. I think a lot of real estate agents really struggle with production values. You know they see these celebrity real estate agents and the top echelon in Beverly Hills or New York or Chicago, or any really large American city. And they see these really very expensive to produce, promotional videos for the top echelon. And they feel that they’ve got to produce similar content and I’m not knocking that content because for specific purpose it’s worth the investment. But then on the other hand, I see agents that have really poor sound. The video shaking all over the place. And I don’t think they’re doing themselves a great lot of favors. Where’re the goldilocks. Where’s the sweet point in production value where people, it doesn’t have to be a Hollywood film, but on the other hand, you don’t want to look amateurish in equipment was the key things. I know it’s a big question, but we’ve got about three to four minutes for you to answer it and then we can go for our break.

Michael Cuevas:
So how, the equipment, is your cell phone and no, you don’t need Hollywood production. You need a good story. Good storytelling is the number one skill to answer your question is to get good at. It’s never about you, it’s about them, but how do you maintain their attention and tell a story about something, because as long as you can do that, you can do this selfie mode and do that on Facebook Live. It’s just when you’re on Facebook live and there’s a dead space in between, and it just feels awkward that that story falls apart and no one watches it. So storytelling is the key to, I believe on being consistent with video and you can story-tell on everything. So from a skill, it’s more of scripting, not so much even in scripting, but just a script as simple as this, it’s a, the way you write a script is the same way you write a book report or an essay as a kid, there’s an attention-getter. There’s an introduction, there’s a body, there’s an outro. 

So once you go back to the basics, it’s very easy to tell a story because it’s the same thing. Once you learn that skill, it’s all about budget, right? What kind of, you only need a cell phone. You don’t need to create Steven Spielberg videos. My advice is anywhere between two to eight minutes, depending on what your strategy is. If you’re playing the YouTube game, go a little bit longer for him. So there are different ways to use video, but in short, you got to figure out what your is first and determined whether or not you need editing behind it.

Johnathan Denwood:
 I think that’s great. And I’ll just do, before we go for our break, I think I’ve just been amazed at the kind of quality especially from the recent I-phones, it’s just the quality video that you cannot say it’s mind-blowing isn’t it?

Michael Cuevas:
It’s the same, more or less, you could go wide-angle now you have every tool that you need is in your pocket. It’s just, you know, how to use it. So, shooting the videos is actually extremely simple once you know what you’re doing, but it is a skill it’s not hard. It’s a skill to give you an idea. I can’t tell you since COVID how many kids we trained for their parents that are now shooting the videos for their parents. And they’re producing like production quality, because it really is as simple as writing an essay, you just need to know how to structure it. A lot of that, I would say skill set first, storytelling. Once you could get storytelling, then it’s just a matter of, editing. If you’re going to do some production quality, it really is that simple. If not, you go Facebook live and you create a show that has consistency. You create something that has consistency` like this podcast.

Johnathan Denwood: Well, I’m really interested also in your service. So hopefully when we come back from the break, we can delve into, what your service is about. I think it really offers value to our audience so we are going to go for a break folks. When we come back, I’m going to be talking some more with Michael from the real estate marketing dude, we’ll be back in a few moments folks.

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Johnathan Denwood:
We’re coming back that 15 minutes went really quick. I’m not sure about being interrupted too much if I have to apologize. But it’s hard to keep everything in 30 minutes but I like to do that. Unless Michael’s agreed to stay on for another 15 minutes for our bonus content. So we’ve got about 45 minutes, so you should get some great value from these listeners and viewers. so let’s talk a little bit about your actual service, cause it’s, to me, by looking over your website, it’s a bit of a hybrid you’re trying to really help real estate agents so they can produce these videos themselves. So they don’t have to hire somebody. I’m sure for that really top-notch production they can still hire somebody, but it’s just the volume of video they’ve got to produce. The only economical way, unless you have very large brokerage is to do it yourself. So you help with the training and all the aspects to allow an average agent to really utilize video Am I correct about that Michael?

Micheal Cuevas:
We’ll go a step further. We, define their strategy tell them exactly what they should be doing with it. We build them a show that fits it. Then we script at it and distribute it. But you’re exactly right. So we’re like a whole production [Inaudible 18:27] we are here at marketing dude. The problem that most people have with this is this is that the editor is not the same person as a scriptwriter in real estate. The scriptwriter is not the same person as the person who shoots videos, the person who edits is not the same person as that. And you really have typically a lot of different spaces. I’m not in the doctor industry for a reason. I don’t know that industry. So it’s very hard for me to script around it. I’ve sold real estate for 15 to 18 years, say 16 years, whatever the hell it is. So I know that industry I know how to speak it. I know what to create. I know the content to create for it. 

So we always handle the scripts. We handle all the editing then we handle the distribution. The distribution, like half of the battle is just creating the content. But the other half is you got to get it seen otherwise, what the hell is the point part of that process is, you know, you want your content on YouTube. Some videos are geared and catered to rank and generate clients on YouTube depends on your strategy. But optimizing the video on YouTube tags, thumbnails, descriptions, all of the SEO, if you will, of YouTube. We do all of that for people. We write a blog post on their website. We video email it to their database for them. And the only thing they need to do is post on their social profiles. But, regardless of what you guys do, if you start creating content, you have to distribute it. You have to put as much emphasis on the creation as you do on the distribution. The aspect of it, because if no one sees your videos, what the hell is the point?

The question is who should see your videos? My advice we already know first and foremost, then you must repurpose it to other places.

Michael Cuevas:
 Yeah before we go on to about different strategies for different I think talking about some of your recent clients and how you help some clients would be helpful as well. I always think, but, if you don’t want, I was going to ask you around price, cause I’m sure that a lot of our agents listening and watching this think he’s the guy, but I think this is going to be totally out of my price range, but I don’t know if- does the pricing for these type of services is difficult because a lot of it varies depending on each client doesn’t it? But can you give some ideas about pricing or don’t you want to go down?

Michael Cuevas: I’ll be happy to I have no problem all our pricing is right on our website. The same process we teach, preach and do for people is the same thing we practice. So if you look on my site, everything we’re doing is I’m just doing it in video, but we’re just doing the same thing in real estate, because it really is the same process. But in short, we onboard people. We buy ship you and we buy you all the equipment. We include your first two videos. We build your show, we do your logo. So we on-board and train you for 45 days and that’s $1,500. And then once a month you go on like a gym membership it’s a subscription-

Johnathan Denwood:
 Did you say 1500? 

Michael Cuevas:
 Yep. That’s it. 

Johnathan Denwood:
 Wow. That’s amazing.

Michael Cuevas:
Once a month you go on a subscription and its $1,200 a month. You get two to four videos a month, depending on what you’re going long-form or short, we create 10 different pieces of content for you on like call them memes. So you have filler content for your social channels in between your videos. We optimize and rank every video on YouTube with the tags and thumbnails, we write a blog post we put the blog on your website. We video email to your database. We also have a software that’s included with this and it’s a calla database farming system type CRM. And then we support you along the way. I mean, you have questions. We always tell you what to do next.

 So, we’re just a way less expensive option than hiring out all those individuals. We just have it all in the house because you’re right. It would be four or five K a month. You’d be, staffing that in your office. So we’re a fractional cost and that’s exactly how we’re positioned. We’re right for the entrepreneurial agent that wants to build a brand and just own their market and become that celebrity. That’s what we’re looking for.

Johnathan Denwood:
Yeah, I totally understand. So can you can obviously not name them, but are there any clients in the past six months that you helped that, you could give, that would be a good demo demonstration of how you help different clients with different branding and marketing needs.

Michael Cuevas:
Sure so, let’s do a recent one. There’s a brand new agent he’s brand new in agent, used to live in Miami, moved to the Southwest side of Florida. His name’s Alex, Nicholas, you could just go and search Fort Myers and his videos are going to pop up on YouTube. We did the same strategy that he’s as Karen Carr strategy. So for him, he’s moving into a market and he doesn’t know anybody. So he has no referral base, no sphere of influence. So it’s just like, oh my God, how are we going to generate leads? So we had to generate business off of YouTube. That channel is only five months old. It’s the type of content you create. So what we ended up doing for him is we ended up creating five to seven videos. he’s got a lot more than that, but we strategically pick these specific five to seven videos today has channel is up to 840 subscribers. He has over a hundred thousand views one video at 23,000 views. And he’s attracting relocation clients, he’ll have a team working for him and probably six months, he’s a brand new agent with no sphere of influence. 

Now, when you start creating content, that’s what content does it leverages in and other opportunities. But as long as he’s got that lead intake, he’s going to own that search for quite a while on YouTube because he got there first. So that’s one aspect. We have another guy Eric Eby from Northwest Arkansas. He’s probably been with us the longest. He’s got a really interesting story. He used to work for a lead generator guy. Let’s just say he spent a lot of money on lead generation, lots of money per month. And Eric’s the top guy who, generates or converts leads a sales guy and Eric’s born and raised basically in that Northwest Arkansas area. But he didn’t have a sphere of influence. He never got referrals. I’m like, well, why not? No one in his network even knew what the hell he did for a living. They forgot he was in real estate. Hey, why don’t you? Why don’t you remind him? How do I do that, Mike? Well, you got to create content, but his thing, like most people, are reserved about getting on video at first, right? 

And if you see Eric, he’s tattooed from his wrist to his like back, like he’s a walking tattoo. And early on, if you look at his videos and his channel, every single one of them he’s fully dressed long sleeves and everything because he was nervous and he thought people would look at him and think of him differently. And I said, Eric, what the hell do you think they do when they get in the car? Now I can look at you differently then I go, no one cares about your tattoos, except you get out of your own way. 

So we created a show for him called naturally NWA, which has everything to do with his insecurities. And naturally, NWA is just about a lifestyle show, just on the local area. What it’s like to live in Northwest Arkansas. He started out doing business owner interviews, business owner interviews aren’t going to get a ton of views on YouTube. They are going to get a ton of views on Facebook. And Eric started generating a bunch of referrals that he never had before, just from the people he already knows.

Johnathan Denwood:
Because I’m obviously English and I used to, as a child, listen to radio four so I love podcasts. I was saying to real estate agents. You know, if you don’t like going on the camera, do podcasting. Why? Because you’ll then be able to meet every mover and shaker in your community and in a state of when you approach them being totally brushed off. If you say, I want to interview you for a podcast for the local area, instead of getting now all the time, I want to have a coffee with you. Now I haven’t got time, you just get people saying yes all the time don’t you?

Michael Cuevas:
Yeah and that’s what happens. Like I see this works better in the smaller towns. I can give you story after story. But, Eric, it’s funny with him because now he’s like a little celebrity, you know, go in and he gets free dinners at places. He, people like just know him because it’s that he’s built a personal brand and he never had before. And quite frankly, no one else in his market was doing it. They still aren’t. So we talk about differentiation in the real estate industry. Well, your brand is the only way, right?

Johnathan Denwood:
 And I’m not trying to be disparaging here Michael cause I’m not here to put people down, but a lot of new agents, they’re just not thought this they are told you got to get on the phone, you got to get expires. You, you got a door knock. And it just wouldn’t be my cup of tea. You know, if I had to put food on the table, I would do it. But I would prefer to do what we’re discussing rather than those more. But they, so I could say I’m not knocking them because you know, some people, they built really great businesses doing that, but it’s normally the only things you hear when you join a brokerage, isn’t it these more traditional methods? 

Michael Cuevas: Well, the main reason for that, I mean, you blame it on social media. Cause you know, an individual never had the opportunity to build a brand on such a small budget ever before. So as social came about individual personal brands grew, the brokers became less reliant. I mean, I started in 2002, and back then I had to be with a big brokerage for a brand like, credit, I guess if that’s even the right word. Because I remember being like, if you worked by yourself back then people like, what brokerage do you work for? And I just joined this big company called Canuck and stray. Well, I worked for Canuck and stray. Oh really? You worked for Canuck and stray today that conversation doesn’t even happen anymore. No one cares about the brokerage and 96% of consumers choose the agent, not the brokerage they’re affiliated with anymore. And I don’t know how long that set’s been there, but that’s been for a while now. 

So that tells us that the agent is, the brands. So we have to put ourselves at the forefront. One of the questions I get a lot too is, Hey Mike, why don’t we just use someone else’s videos, to put my brand on there. I’m like, well they remember your face. You cannot outsource authenticity ever. And that is the key to why you want to build your own personal brand. And that’s really what happens with video because other opportunities come across when you become the center of attention, you put yourself to have other conversations that were never planned prior. So in the world of lead generation, what we’re really buying is conversations fair. We’re buying people who want to have a conversation about a house for sale or something like that.

All right. So in a certain percentage of the conversations that come in through lead generation advertising activities, we’re going to convert what 2 to 6% is that fair. So it’s very manageable right. Now Lets just take that same concept though, mathematically and apply to building a personal brand. Because what happens is, is that you start having individual conversations with people on messenger that you haven’t talked to in 20 years. And the more people who see your content, the statistics show this 10 to 15% of them are moving and 100% of them have a referral. So the more content you create, the more marketable you become, the more memorable you become. People always ask me about the ROI attached to the video. I said it’s a very difficult question to answer. I could give them a good guest. You can’t attach an ROI to your personal brand because you don’t know what video they watched that really got them to sync and make the connection that you’re in real estate every time they see you, it’s a combination of them over time, right? 

So it’s no different than, this podcast. This is a show that you create and you do it consistently. And then you put in front of your audience. So they come back and then you’re providing value. You’re not out here having to hit everyone over the head with your lockbox and be like, buy my products and services. You’ll attract the ones and actually who do. And that’s exactly what happens in real estate. It’s the same concept. It’s a giant popularity contest. And 78% of people will close with the first agent they meet with. So when I look at the statistics mathematically, you don’t need a huge database. That’s totally different there’s advertising and marketing. What I’m talking about, is just the marketing, staying present with the people you sold because they all buy three to five houses over the course of their lifetime. And they all have referrals for you, which makes them the most valuable asset to your business.

Johnathan Denwood:
 I think I agree with everything we need to wrap up the podcast part of the show, Michael I personally have really enjoyed this conversation. Hopefully you agree to come back on the show we’re wrapping up the podcast. We are going to continue the discussion, which you’ll be able to see on the Mail-Right.com YouTube channel. Michael has agreed to stay on for now for 15 minutes. The first couple of questions I’m going to be asking Michael, is that I feel that there are some real and unreal restraints when it comes to females using video. And also want to really talk about using video when it comes to evergreen content on your website. And listeners and viewers you really do need your own website, not depend on your brokerage. That is not a great idea. So Michael, what’s the best way for people to find out more about you and your services?

Michael Cuevas: you could visit our website, real estate marketingdude.com. Everything’s there, if you visit it, trust me, you’ll see me online somewhere. And, that’s, you’ll see everything we do there, but we keep it very simple. We script out and distribute videos for people that want to build a personal brand and attract business.

I’ve really enjoyed the conversation hopefully you have Michael, we will be back next week. Next week I’ll be hopefully back with my co-host Robert Newman. And we’ve got some great guests lined up in the next four or five weeks. I’m really, really delighted. Michael’s been a great guest. Karen was great last week and we got some great people in the next couple of weeks. We’ll see you next week, folks bye.


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