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Coach, author, trainer, speaker, and broker Krista Mashore developed a highly successful real estate career before turning her attention to sharing the secrets to her success through her writing, coaching, speaking, and training. Krista has sold just around 2,000 homes in her career and has been ranked in the Top 1% of real estate agents in the entire nation. Krista’s innovative approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom about how real estate agents, other professionals, and all Business Owners should promote and market themselves

Through her best-selling books, coaching, webinars, and courses, Krista offers step-by-step instruction so others can achieve that same success. Krista lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. An active member of her community, her latest non-profit organization, Teens Lifting Lives, a mentoring and peer coaching group that gives young people the tools and encouragement they need to achieve their own success: https://www.kristahomes.com/

Robert Newman: All right. Welcome back to the Mail-Right Show, today we are on episode 291, and we are thrilled, overjoyed, and excited to have Krista Mashore back on the show. She came on the show; John is saying a year ago, I think it was a year and a half, maybe two years ago, regardless of when it was Krista was busily starting a second company. She was already a real estate agent and she was getting into real estate coaching, and now she’s had incredible success and we’re going to talk to her all about that.

Krista, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself to our guests and let them know how awesome you are?

Krista Mashore: Hi, Robert and Jonathan, thanks for having me. I appreciate being back here, man, if it was in the beginning, it’s been three years, but I don’t think it’s been that long but I started my coaching company three years ago. So, I’m a real estate broker, I’m with EXP Realty and Homes By Krista, and I’ve been in the industry for 20 years, top 1% realtors just about every year that I’ve been in the industry.

And about three years ago, I opened up a coaching company, now I coach real estate agents and lenders across the country on how to utilize digital marketing and social media to really expose themselves to the masses.

Robert Newman: Beautiful. And you’ve got your elevator pitch down pat. All right. My amazing co-host Jonathan is a WordPress developer extraordinaire who has a number of companies as well. He’s got a learning management system company, and he’s got a real estate marketing company, which is why he founded the podcast that you’re listening to. He’s an amazing guy, John why don’t you go ahead and tell everybody a little bit about yourself?

Jonathan Denwood: Oh, as I say, Robert said I’m the founder of Mail-Right; Mail-Right is a platform that gets you quality leads using the power of Facebook and video. We have a number of elements to the Mail-Right platform, go over, sign up, you get the first three months for free. You’re not risking anything, and it’s a powerful platform, over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman: And my name is Robert Newman, I am the dying breed, I am the singular guy in the United States that is the real estate SEO, expert. The only guy that will talk to you about long-term instead of short-term stuff, so if for some reason you’re the one person out of a hundred that fascinates go to inboundrem.com and you can learn more about me. In the meantime, John, did you already have a question that you had teed up or?

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah, we’re going to start the conversation with a video that Christine did recently when it was about using Instagram and specifically Instagram stories. I thought it was an interesting topic that we haven’t had a lot of people who know anything about on the show and we could start it off and then move on to some other subjects.

Krista Mashore: So, you just want me to talk?

Robert Newman: Oh, yeah, it’s over to you, Krista. I am actually, sorry, I don’t know what the video is that he’s referencing. So, I’m assuming [Cross-Talking 00:03:13].

Krista Mashore: I don’t either.

Jonathan Denwood: We don’t have to start with Instagram. Well, are you happy to discuss this?

Krista Mashore: I create a lot of content so I’m not sure what. So, Instagram stories are great, it’s kind of like your own personal little mini reality TV show and it’s a great way for your audience to get to know you. The thing about Instagram stories is that you can literally produce as much content as you want without over-saturating people or bothering them because it’s a story and they want to see what’s going on in your life.

It’s different than your newsfeeds, because the stories are really, really quick, they can just kind of keep tapping and kind of see what you’re doing and kind of go through your day very, very quickly. And it’s just a great way to really, really engage your audience and get them to know you on a little bit more of a personal level. And you can also do some brand building and bring in products and services that you’re selling as well. So, we use Instagram as well as Facebook and LinkedIn, and pretty much all of the platforms.

Jonathan Denwood: So, what do you think are some of the main differences between Instagram and Facebook when it comes to video? Are there any particular things you have to know about before you dive into it?

Krista Mashore: Yes. So, Instagram is a little bit more of a younger crowd, so a little bit more of the millennials are on Instagram. And it’s actually becoming more and more popular even with 35 to 50-year-olds, but definitely, more of the millennials are on it than they are on Facebook. In fact, a lot of millennials aren’t even on Facebook, whereas people, my age, I’m going to be 50 here pretty soon, we’re mostly on Facebook and now we’ve migrated over to Instagram.

I think it’s really important just to be on as many platforms as you can, as long as you can actually do them, meaning I have a team, so it’s easier for me to be able to kind of be on multiple platforms. If you don’t have a team, I would say really, really try to pick at least one or two and really be dedicated to just posting on there as much as you can, really utilizing how well the software works. Facebook really is my specialty and that’s where I focus most of my attention and time and I have for years and years.

And so yeah, if you’re only one person, just try your best to pick one platform where your target ideal audience is hanging out and then learn how to master that and let it work the best that it can for you.

Jonathan Denwood: Well, there’s focus on Facebook, so where do you think Facebook is in 2021 as a platform that real estate agents can use to help them get leads? What’s the big picture? How do you see things at the present moment with Facebook?

Krista Mashore: I love Facebook advertising, and I know everybody’s worried about the whole iOS update, but really the strategy that I use we’re not worried about it at all. And basically last year alone, I sold 90 homes last year, which is for me really not a good year at all, I usually sell 150, but I’m coaching 99% of the time. I just work on my real estate business for about five hours a month and those five hours consist of me just making sure my team is doing everything that they’re supposed to.

And then creating video scripts and then recording video content and then taking that video content and then my team properly distributes it. I don’t show up for listing appointments anymore and as I said, we did 90 transactions, 88 of them were sellers, and from just one strategy that we use on Facebook, just one strategy, we generated 48 close seller transactions in 2020 generating in $740,600 in real estate commissions. And that was with less than a $12,000 like ads then, so a thousand dollars a month for that one strategy.

And that’s kind of true and it’s kind of not and what I mean by that is, is that it’s better than just creating this one ad that will generate these people to raise their hand and say, I want to CMA. So, for the CMA ads specifically was around $12,000, but it’s the whole strategy that I do beforehand, which makes the conversion so strong, for example, just in the past seven days right now inventory is absolutely completely across the country there’s no inventory whatsoever.

And we generated two listings in the past seven days, one for 1.1 million and one for 665,000 from this strategy of people requesting a market analysis. But how it starts is, is that we create content based upon a problem that we’re seeing in the market, so I’ve been focusing on seller problems. The problem that sellers are having right now is that they want to sell, but they’re afraid if they sell, they’re not going to be able to find a replacement property.

So, the content that I created for the past 60 days has all been around giving sellers solutions to selling and how they can still find a replacement property or things they can do to protect them and keep them safe. So, we create content, we don’t ask somebody to do anything as far as to take action until we know for sure that they’re interested in that specific content. So for example, if I’m creating videos around selling when inventory is low, and I can see that somebody through played, watched the entire thing, then I send them another video and they watch that.

I know those people are probably interested in selling. So, then the third act is either download the requested market analysis and then go to a savvy seller seminar virtual, where they’re all these videos answering their questions. Then I target them past my testimonials, then I target them my marketing examples, then I continue to target them more examples about selling and nurturing them. So, when you do it that way, and you don’t initially ask for them to raise their hand and give you their information, the conversions are a lot easier.

So, what we find is, is that the more content that we create and the more that we’re funneling people down and retargeting, and they’re engaging that when they do convert, they stick. They stick and so the process is, hey, my goal is to get them to raise their hand and request a market analysis. And from that market analysis, more than 50% will do what we call two-step where they’re actually giving us more information, they’re giving us when they’re thinking about moving, upgrades in the home, do they have a pool, name, phone number, email address, address, the whole nine yards.

Those are very, very serious buyers. So, once they do what we call two-step, then we follow that up with a series of 11 different steps that we do to guarantee that we actually get that listing. It’s not just to email them a CMA, it’s drop off a market analysis, drop off a copy of my book, What to Expect When You’re Selling, go back home do a video on zoom, going over the market analysis so that you can explain what the market analysis is. And develop more of a relationship that way, send a digital copy of the books and the digital copy of the marketing plans, and a copy of the seller’s guide.

So, that’s the after fact, what somebody gets when they raise their hand to say they want one. So, when you combine the fact that we are absolutely getting people to know us, like us and trust us, position ourselves, as the authority, break down their barriers, really develop a relationship with them, a one-sided one. Because they know us and we don’t really know them, but then if you follow it up with these other specific strategies in a very sequential, timely fashion with certain steps, it’s just very, very easy to convert.

Jonathan Denwood: Well, I’m blown away. Over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman: So, for everybody that is listening to the show, I was telling Krista a story about how we ended up sharing a prospect, and actually, funnily enough, she converted the prospect and I did not. But Ron is or Ron, who I already asked if I could use his name and he said fine, had mentioned to me that he thought that you had done some type that he was talking to me about funnels. And it seems like when I listened to you that you have a lot of experience with funnels. Is that a correct assumption?

Krista Mashore: So, I’ve built $5 million funnels, we just got our 10 X award our 2CCX award, which is like, we’ve done $10 million from one funnel strategy, so, all of our funnels go down to another funnel. So, we just got our 2CCX award and Russell Brunson, who’s the owner of ClickFunnels, just asked me to speak to his, two comma club members. He asked me to speak as a 2CCX member, teaching how we generated, because we’ve done almost $13 million in February.

So, in 37, just under three and a half years, so in 36, 39 months, so three years and three months, we’ve done about $13 million in sales online, just in coaching, not in real estate, there’s more with real estate.

Robert Newman: Brilliant. So, I should actually go back and change something slightly. It’s not so much that I actually don’t remember if I had talked to Ron about mentioning his name, but I will say this is that he said, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant things about you, which is actually what I wanted to mention is that he spoke incredibly highly of you and your services. And it’s pretty rare that when I personally talk to somebody offline and I talk to them about a coach, most of the time, you’re not getting really deeply positive feedback.

There’s usually a little bit of resistance, real estate agents are tough to service, and they oftentimes don’t necessarily see the value that you’re presenting. Somehow or another you’ve managed to communicate value inside the process, which this particular person really saw and then communicated to me. And I just wanted to kind of drop you a note online, live in front of all these people that, hey, I’m getting incredibly good feedback, strong feedback about what you’re doing.

And if I’m honest, I’m really familiar with Brunson’s work; I’ve studied it as almost any professional digital marketer has. I don’t pursue funnels quite the way that he lines them up, but anybody from Neil Patel to me, you have to study funnels inside the digital marketing space. So, I’m glad that you acknowledged that you’ve worked with him, what would you say now, have you worked with him, or is he working with you? Did you study with him or did you look at his stuff or is he literally just saying I’ve seen your work, Krista, and I think you’re brilliant come talk?

Krista Mashore: Well, I do have him on video saying that I’m the number one real estate trainer in the world, but actually I’m in Russell’s inner circle, so I have paid Russell to be in his inner circle and get access to his training. And so, I paid him well over $60,000 and which is well, well spent to learn this process and funnels are amazing, but if you don’t have good ads, the funnels don’t work. If you don’t have good pedals, the ads don’t work.

So, it’s not just a funnel or an ad, and it’s not just a video, it’s really about the strategy behind it. There’re so many different moving parts, I think and over the past three years I have a psychology major and my bachelor’s degree is in psychology. And I just think that there’s a science behind the psychology of a buyer and a seller, and I’ve sold over 2,200 homes, so I really understand the psychology of a buyer and seller. And if you take old school techniques and the problems and the worries and the fears that buyers and sellers go through, and then you attach a digital component to it.

Funnels, lead magnets, landing pages, and you start marketing like the 21st century, like you should be and not doing the old school techniques, like open houses and cold calling and door knocking. But you really start thinking about how do I reach these people in the masses? How do I serve and really expose myself and my properties online to the masses and really, really stand out as somebody that’s different? That’s why I’m very, thank you so much for saying that, I love my coaching program and I put so much energy into it.

So, I really appreciate that when people recognize it, so thank you for saying that, but I think when you can give somebody that different approach to real estate. And my students, we don’t talk about things like open houses or like, or door knocking, it doesn’t even come up, it’s all about really, really transforming their business, their mindset. The mindset has such a huge part to do with success for an agent, we have to really, really get rid of their limiting beliefs that they can, or can’t do certain things and really teach them what I call the millionaire producing mindset.

Because my goal is to have all my students be millionaires, we have created several of them over the past few years because they deserve it. And these poor agents have just been taught that they just need to sacrifice their soul and work every weekend and work every night and all these things. And it’s because they don’t, they’re a commodity, they’re just a commodity and the last five or six years that I was working, I would not work weekends I’d stop.

My last point would be at four o’clock and people would wait for me. The year I left to go to coaching, I sold 154 homes with just myself and a transaction coordinator and assistant it wasn’t a huge team. And people would respect my time because my product and service that I gave were just so unique and so different and I think that many agents are lacking that. And now more than ever with everything going on in the industry with Zillow, basically becoming a brokerage and trying to put us all out of business, we really, really need to be different and unique as much as possible.

Jonathan Denwood: I think that’s a good time, Robert, for us to go for our break.

Robert Newman: All right, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be right back. When we come back, I’m going to toss over a question to John. I have a lot of things to mention, I want to point out some inbound marketing stuff that I’ve seen you do. I actually did a lot of research for this particular show, which would impress, John. So, with no further ado, we’ll be right back.

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Robert Newman: All right. Welcome back to the Mail-Ride Show, it’s episode 281. We’re with a rock star real estate coach, who is also currently and previously been a rockstar top 1% agent. Her name is Krista Mashore and if you haven’t already looked her up and you’re interested in learning some great stuff on YouTube, I strongly recommend that you do so. So, without any further ado, John, I want to give you a chance to get a breath in edgewise here, because as I said, I actually did research, so I have tons of questions. Go ahead and take it away, sir.

Jonathan Denwood: So, pleased to hear that, Robert, you made some strong remarks about Zillow at the end of the first half of our interview, Krista. So, how does an agent, it’s a big question? You’re not very; I don’t think you’re going to be on Zillow’s Christmas card list. So, how does an agent in 2021, make them different than those lovely words that you said about Zillow?

Krista Mashore: So I really think that what Zillow is doing, I get it they’re a business, but real estate agents have basically been paying Zillow over the past numerous years, me included, I paid Zillow for leads as well. It’s probably the worst money that I’ve spent when I really look at how much money I’ve made from Zillow compared to Facebook advertising, I should’ve stopped a long, long time ago.

But we are paying Zillow to put us out of business, Zillow recently they’ve gotten rid of all of my past sales, so it shows that I have never sold a house before on Zillow. Their premier agents that are paying them, they’ve kept theirs up and they’re telling us that, oh, it’s a mistake and there’s an issue, they got rid of all of my reviews and I have hundreds of them. And not all of them are backed up only some of them are, and it’s almost like they’re lying, they’re lying to the public.

So, they’re telling the public, I have zero past sales so that the public will go use their agents that are mostly agents because they couldn’t make it as real agents. It’s like, hey if you can’t sell and you suck, you’re not making any money at all, go work for Zillow or Redfin as one of their agents, so people are going to be hiring agents that don’t have the experience, couldn’t make it on their own, haven’t sold a lot of houses and that’s who they’re trusting.

So, Zillow is absolutely competing with us, also what Zillow is doing and I have screenshots of this, is when people list their homes, Zillow, not the brokerage, but Zillow is sending emails to these homeowners, telling them how they can get rid of their agents, giving them tips and tricks on how to get rid of their agent. It is pathetic what they’re being allowed to do especially with all the rules and guidelines that we have and unfortunately, I’m not sure how deep of pockets NAR is with them, but I’m just surprised that all these things are happening.

And I really, really do believe that it’s our responsibility as real estate agents to let the public know exactly what they’re doing now when they’re using Zillow problem is, is that it’s like, they’re a beast. It’s like Amazon, dealing with Zillow is like dealing with Amazon and the owner of Zillow, he actually is the same guy that was at Travelocity. He put most travel agents out of business, and he’s trying to do the exact same thing right now with real estate agents.

So, everyone really does need to be aware, they need to educate people when people go to Zillow to get information; they’re really going to a brokerage. And so, you have to think how accurate is that information does Zillow have the consumer’s best interests at heart, or do they have Zillow’s. And I will say that they have Zillow’s best interest at heart because of the fact that they’re taking away the sales of top producing agents and saying that there’s zero.

That shows they do not have the consumer’s best interest at heart, because the consumer should want to go to an agent that sold more homes, that has more experience that has more relevance. So, it’s just really, really sad what’s happening.

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah, fundamentally totally agree with you actually. I put this last week to our guest and because really what they’re really attempting is a Redfin model, which hasn’t been that, greatly successful. But I put it to our guest and he said, they might do better because they’re Zillow; they’re more focused on the customer experience. But I actually think it’s not going to work out great for them, and I think more agents are waking up to the reality. What do you think?

Krista Mashore: I think a lot of agents are, it’s funny, one of my students, she’s Alicia Collins, she’s closing 40 transactions, she actually said 50, but I’m just going to say 40. So it’s low but she said, she’s doing 40 transactions since the beginning of the year and she went back to track, and not one of them is from Zillow and she spends a numerous amount of money on Zillow. So, it’s all from her Facebook advertising, her video marketing and retargeting, and all that, so I was like, I’ve been telling you to quit using Zillow.

And the thing about Zillow too is the number of leads that actually convert, it’s usually under 3%, these leads are being distributed to everyone, but if you can get leads from a different source. So for example, the reason why our conversions are so high through our Facebook advertising is because we’re doing brand awareness campaigns. People are literally developing a relationship with me all the time because they’re seeing my content, they’re seeing my market updates, they’re seeing my community videos, they’re seeing my tips and tricks videos, they’re seeing me go to a restaurant and talk about the best hotdogs in town.

They’re seeing me all over the place, so when they call my company and my brother shows up now, but they’re calling because they already know that they like us or they wouldn’t be calling. So, it’s kind of already, we’re winning before we arrive just by them seeing us, so therefore now when you make a phone call or you call a buyer or seller back, they always know exactly who I am.

So, it’s not a cold conversation, it’s a warm conversation and in fact, we do not do very many outbound calls, they’re mostly all inbound. We’re calling people back, but we don’t do any kind of outbound calling, it’s like an attraction-based model where the calls are coming into you.

Jonathan Denwood: Wow, fantastic. Over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman: Well, actually that was what I was going to say. So, the kind of marketing that I’ve always focused on search engine optimization is a designation. It says that you understand how the search engines work and in this world that we live in that kind of primarily means Google, when you’re talking about real estate, that’s mainly it. But the name of my company is Inbound Real Estate Marketing and the reason I’m saying that is because what I’ve focused on for the entirety of my lifetime, 35 years in sales has been the concept of attraction marketing, which is what you’re talking about.

So, you put up a video, the concept of that video appeals to somebody enough that they reach the end of the video, which is for you, what is a trigger inside your funnel. But what you’re doing is you’re giving somebody an ever-increasing amount of information which they find valuable, you’re answering questions or solving problems for the people that you’re working with. You’re doing a little bit of what I would refer to as push marketing because you’re giving them a lot of marketing material like you outlined your 11 steps after somebody does some kind of marketing with you.

But still, ultimately what you are providing, which is something that I love in inbound marketing is you’re giving them a huge amount of data that you’ve created for them. And if they should happen to read it, they will probably receive a lot of value from it, is that a correct analysis of your marketing process?

Krista Mashore: Absolutely. Serve don’t sell, when you serve, don’t sell, ultimately you will sell. So, in order to be considered as a solution, you must be solving a problem. So, figuring out the problems that people are having and figuring out how to become that solution, taking a customer through the acquisition process from cold to warm, to hot.

Cold being, they have a problem and don’t even realize they have a problem, or they have a problem but they don’t know what the solution is, I want to turn that cold lead into a warm lead, hey, there’s a solution, let me nurture you and explain what that solution is. And then ultimately get them to become a hot lead where now they know they have a problem, they know the solution and they know that I am absolutely the best solution to help them and to meet that need based upon how much I’ve served them before they got to that level.

It’s so, so important and there’s a book called, Sway, and it talks about how there was a study done from MIT and there was a professor that they said was sick. And so they gave these students the biography of the professor, 50% of them got the exact same biography talking about his accolades, his status, the schools he’d gone to, his experience, all these great things about him. The only thing that was different in both of these biographies as you call them, was one of them said he’s a rather warm person, the other one said that he’s a rather cold person.

So, they gave 50%, 50% got rather cold, 50%, got rather warm, in the end, the ones that got rather cold said he was pompous and arrogant and conceded and just not a good teacher. The other ones that said he was rather warm, they all said he was very charming, a great teacher, very personable, just from those two words being different. So, this is why this is important because we have to understand that the pre-frame, what we’re saying to somebody prior to moving them up or the acquisition phase, we have to be able to bridge the gap from where they are to where they’re going.

And it’s good sometimes to do blanket marketing, blanket marketing means I’m speaking to everybody, but let me give you an example of what the pre-frame looks like. If I say it is an amazing time to buy right now, interest rates are incredibly low and they’re lower than they’ve ever been in history, if I’m a veteran and I don’t have any money in the bank, I’m a veteran, and I’ve got a great job, but my credit score is not that great, I don’t think probably that I can buy a home.

So, I’m not even hearing the message about being a great time to buy but if I say, are you a veteran with no money down, not a lot of money in the bank, you have an okay credit score, but you have a good job, thank you by the way, for serving our country. Did you know that you can probably purchase a home and most likely your payment will be less than what you’re paying right now in rent, and you’ve got a tax advantage? All of a sudden that cold veteran that never ever thought that he could purchase now is like, oh my God, I could maybe buy.

Now, I’m going to give him more information about buying, solutions, the type of VA loans, how you can buy with no money down, and all these kinds of things and educate him like crazy or her like crazy. And then later on convert them, hey, go to my veteran’s buyer’s seminar on five things that we can do to help you get into a home more quickly. Most people start there, go to my seminar, go to my buyer’s seminar but if you start here and bring them up and you’re targeting the right information to the right people, they’re more likely to convert.

It’s the same thing about talking to a seller, right now sellers are afraid to sell because they’re afraid they’re not going to be able to find a replacement property. So, if I say it is an amazing time to sell your home right now, we are getting multiple offers and bidding wars, if you’re thinking about selling, now’s the time. However, if I’m a seller, who’s afraid of selling because I think that if I sell, I’m going to be homeless or I’m not going to have anywhere to go.

When you tell me that it’s a great time to buy, I’m tuning you out but if I say, are you thinking about selling, but you’re really afraid that you might be homeless because there’s no inventory. Well, guess what? We’ve got solutions for you, now all of a sudden that person is listening. Do you get the difference? And so, most people don’t think about that, most real estate agents, if they even do any content, they’re putting the same content to the same people, to everyone and half the people aren’t listening.

Now, there’s a time to do that, like in my nurturing process, when I bring them down the funnel, I’m trying to get them to continue to know like me, and trust me, I’m nurturing them. That’s great to do market updates and more blanket marketing, but it’s really important to also do messaging and marketing, it speaks directly to a certain person.

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah. I think it’s fantastic. It’s time to wrap up the podcast part of the show, Robert, and then we can go on with some bonus content and over to you, Robert.

Robert Newman: All right. So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for tuning into the iTunes podcast. As I’ve been ending every episode, I’m asking all of our listeners, listen, if Jonathan and I and an amazing guest like Krista are providing you any value, we’d love to hear what kind of value we’re providing in the form of a review on iTunes. Our iTunes reviews, which are excellent, are a little outdated and we’re looking for some new ones. So, without any further ado, Krista, how would you like people to find you? Because I know they’re going to.

Krista Mashore: Yes. Thank you so much. So, I have a two-day event that I do once a month, you go to kristamashore.com/2dayslive, that’s Krista Mashore dot com slash two days live. I do a two-day about 20 hours’ worth of coaching, where I go over the exact same strategy I was talking about where we got the 48 seller transactions and talk about all about digital marketing and video and how to properly use it.

It’s only $97, it’s $10,000 value, you will absolutely walk away from there, just like blown away and I promise you that you will learn a lot more than what you’re learning right now. So, if you’re interested that’s where you can find me.

Robert Newman: Lovely. And Jonathan how would you like people to reach out to you.

Jonathan Denwood: You just go to the mail-right.com website, we have a great selection of interviews from experts like Krista being blown away, hopefully, she can stay on for a little while. We’re going to have some bonus content, which you’ll be able to see on the Mail-Right YouTube channel but if you want to talk to me, just go to the Mail-Right website, Robert.

Robert Newman: Alright. And ladies and gentlemen, if for some reason there’s something that you want to learn about search engine optimization or my take on inbound marketing, which is slightly different than Krista’s and other people that are leveraging paid platforms, then you can go to inboundrem.com. If Krista’s going to agree to stay on the show with us, what I’d like to talk about for those final 10 minutes on video is a little bit more about taking control of your marketing destiny, using multiple platforms, not relying on one.

She touched briefly earlier in the show about Zillow, both John and Krista expressed some strong opinions. I’d like to add my thoughts to that after we come back for the bonus. So, with no further ado, thank you for tuning in.


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