266 Mail-Right Show Building a Digital Marketing Plan Part 3

This show is part of a series of three episodes connected to how you should consider developing a digital marketing plan for 2021 and why is so important. But we do something more and show you how to use a low price SEO tool ” Ubersuggest ” that can really give you insight connected to your local competitions

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Jonathan: Welcome back folks to the Mail-rights show. This is episode 265. This is going to be an internal discussion between me and Robert? We’re going to finish off our series or why you need a digital marketing plan for two 21, but it’s going to have a twist. We’re actually going to be talking about one of the tools that are priced so you can afford it, which Robert uses as part of his digital marketing plan. We’re going to talk about this tool, which is Uber suggests. And we’re going to talk about how you use it on your digital plan and then show you some tips and do a bit of a dive about which you don’t have to worry, just listen to the podcast. And then you can also see the visual side of it. If you go to the Mail-Right YouTube channel, so Robert, would you like to introduce yourself to the new listeners and viewers?

Robert: My name is Robert Newman. I’m a 13 year veteran of the real estate marketing industry. That doesn’t mean that I’m a real estate agent. It means that I’ve been speaking to real estate agents about real estate marketing for 13, almost 14 years now. And what I really specialize in is SEO. And one of the tools that we’re going to be using today specifically is considered to be an SEO tool, but it can be used to investigate competitors without any intention of using it to do SEO that’s what we’re going to use it for today. But if you would like to learn more about me, as John said, you can go to inbound rem.com. That’s the word inbound, Robert Edward, michael.com

Jonathan: And Robert I’ve got some great news.

Robert: Okay hit me

JOHNATHAN: Well, this is going to be our biggest month ever for the podcast, with, the past three months being some of the consistently the listener’s level was going up and up, and this month will be I think a great way to kind of end the year when we’ve got November and December coming up, but this will be our biggest month ever.

Robert: Wow, that’s great. That’s great news. I’m really glad that people are finding the show useful and continuing to download us and listen to us. I do get a lot of people way more than in the past referencing your show on calls with me. I think that they’re tuning in, listening and following along and finding it helpful in some cases, which is really great. I’m grateful for that.

Jonathan: That’s Great. So let’s start with this. So we’re going to be discussing Uber suggests what is and how can we help our rear state, friends, and colleagues connected to their digital marketing plan? Robert over to you

Robert: Whoa, before as we already discussed before we officially started the show we were living. So anybody who, the two people who are tuned into us can see that, but you’re going to need to let me share my screen. You’ve got it disabled so while you figure that out, cause I know you usually got to look at the tool and kind of get that going. I will explain Uber suggests is a website investigative tool. It allows you to take a look at your competitors’ websites and, decide what it is that you like you can see is the website ranking in Google organically. Is your competitor using paid advertising on Google? What are they targeting? Which is I find that to be an incredibly helpful thing. Is, are they spending extra time on their blog or their website talking about a specific area?

Are there pages on their site that are driving a lot of traffic? And if they are driving a lot of traffic, do you, as the realtor that we’re in that local area, believe that they’re probably generating business in that area because oftentimes as a local real estate agent, you know who your competitors are and you have a gut feeling about how much property they’re selling in an area, what you may not know is how are they getting in touch with their clients? How are they finding these people who are buying and selling homes and being able to see a website and what they’re doing on their website might answer for us the question of like, are they really targeting that neighborhood? Are they generating that business that lead online in terms of you making a marketing plan that I feel like that’s incredibly useful information to have?

Where are your competitors generating their business from? That’s effectively one of the things that Uber suggests is hopefully going to answer for us now for the example of the day, as soon as John has figured out the screen-sharing thing, which he already did. I, and for those of you who don’t usually follow along with us for this part, even though I am going to walk you through it verbally, I’m going to suggest that you tune into the visual part of the show, which will be on the Mail-right YouTube channel. And you’ll be able to follow along visually as well as on the podcast part. So for those of you who cannot see my screen, I have shared a local to Jonathan real estate brokerage called Dickson Realty. Now John is in Reno. Okay. And, the company that we’re looking at is one called dixonrealty.com.

If you follow along with the podcast, you know that John and I have talked many times about how competitive the Reno market is much, much smaller market than Los Angeles, but it’s very competitive right now. There’s lots of building going on in that. I have a friend of mine whose father is doing a huge development project in Reno. Reno recently got a Tesla factory, a Giga factory, there are all sorts of things happening in this local marketplace that make it red hot I’d even go so far as to say white-hot.

So anybody doing well with their website is way ahead of the competition in Reno, right now. So I did the search Reno real estate is simple. And the first private brokerage that came up is Dickson Realty. So here’s what I would look at. If I was developing a marketing plan before I used Ubersuggest, I would just really quickly find out who built the site in this case. It’s property-based, which is pretty unusual. They don’t usually build ranking websites, but in this case, they have. And, and all I know is that they’ve got an okay website. They’re a brokerage with lots of agents and they seem to have customized the website a little bit, which now looking at their roster of agents, that doesn’t seem to be surprising because apparently, they have hundreds of agents in Dixon so probably literally one of the largest brokerages in Reno.

Jonathan: They are, apart from the chase, which is based in like Todd, in the Reno area, I would say they’re the largest independent and probably the largest brokerage in Northern Nevada.

Robert: Okay. So let’s pretend for the sake of this podcast, that you’re an agent in Reno, and you want to compete with Dixon, which would be very, not surprising if you were an actual, if you were hanging your license and Reno, so how would you figure out what these guys are doing? Well, we know that they built their website with a property base. All right so we would go to Uber suggest, which for those of you who are looking, you can see that I’ve already done. So happens I have an account that I’m paying like $39 for, I’m paying so little for it I was surprised to discover that I had a paid account when I logged in here, but apparently I do. I might want to cancel that, but I have one, probably because I wanted to test it to see what it would see, what it could do.

So here’s the, when you, when you log into Ubersuggest, it asks you to enter a URL. Okay? In this case, it’s going to be Dickson realty.com. So we enter the URL into the tool. We click search, and now we’re going to see what Uber suggests gives us. So here’s what it gives us right off the top. It tells us that this website is ranked for 1,566 organic keywords. Okay. That, that is a lot 15,000, sorry, not 1500, 15,000. That is a huge amount. It tells us that, that it is getting what is called 6,500 organic visits. That just means that it is ranking in Google for certain search terms. It tells us what the domain score is, which is probably too SEO centric. I’ll just say the higher, the number, the better it is. All right and that we’ll leave it at that for the moment.

When we go down a little bit more now is when we start to get to the information that would help with the marketing plan. Okay. I’ve scrolled down. And here are some of the things that Uber suggests show you. It shows you what the top pages are on the website. It shows you if this person is active on Facebook and Pinterest now here’s, what’s important to you as a realtor, understanding if somebody is actively promoting their website on Facebook, in my opinion, is a helpful thing. It kind of starts to tell you, do they believe that Facebook is driving any interest to their business? Because if they’re not on Facebook either they don’t think it’s valuable or they just haven’t tried it. They could be one of the other in this case, this company is definitely on Facebook, mostly promoting the primary URL Dixon Realty is it’s been shared 835 times in Facebook, which I gotta tell you for a company that’s this big is not that much because they have hundreds of agents where, so if you were to put this into like think about this logically, that could very well mean that each agent has shared the URL twice.

And that’s not like if you think about that, that’s actually not that big of a deal. It does also show you that they’ve been sharing a couple of other pages on the site, mostly their Lake Tahoe page, which if I was a Reno, realtor tells me an important piece of information right now, right here. It tells me they’re not really focused on Reno as their primary marketplace for this website because this website focuses not just on Reno. It focuses on sparks, Lake Tahoe Truckee, Sierra Valley, and Lewis County

Jonathan: They got satellite offices they’ve got two main offices based in now, and they’ve got satellite offices over most of Northern Nevada, which is quite a large area. If you take the totality of it, even though it hasn’t got some areas of Northern Nevada, don’t have very large populations. and I’m not surprised that the focus of the website is lake Tahoe because that’s why they’ve got a lot of agents because it’s a kind of diary, which we discussed yesterday. Not yesterday. It feels like yesterday what we discussed last week that they hire a lot of agents and they use a kind of hybrid selling morphology based on the (12:43inaudible) model, which is the people know so many other people in the Reno market personally, where I think they’re probably aiming the website at the Lake Tahoe which is a more, they feel a more digital market. I you’re going to get a lot of internet people from the Bay area, from San Francisco, from and international buyers.

Robert: And that would all track with what we’re seeing. So guys, here’s how you read the page. We’re looking at I know some of you still can’t see it, but there, so there is something called backlinks. Now you don’t really don’t need to get into the complexities of backlinks. All you need to know is that Google was originally established as a voting system. That’s it? It sounds everybody complicates Google a lot, but Google wasn’t complicated when it started 12 years ago, it was simply a way, the way that they would decide how websites were voting for each other was with a backlink and a backlink is where I take your website, URL, your domain name and I put it on my website and that’s a vote. Okay. And that’s it super simple. The more longer my website’s been around, the more authoritative that it, that Google thinks it is, the more important that vote is, but here’s the thing, how many votes these pages have shown how popular the page is. And it can also show how much effort that the website owner has been putting into promoting those particular pages.

Now, there is a little bit of luck involved. Like the audience can just organically share your page a lot and you could just end up having a better response on a page. That’s not as important to you as a website owner. And it just happens that way, but there’s still a lot of great information to be found here, because if that is what happens, that shows you, that the audience in that area is more likely to share your page if you create a good one. So as part of your digital plan, you could target the areas that seem to be more in tune with sharing your information in their market. Assuming that you haven’t been a website page so is an important piece of information for deciding on a digital marketing plan. What Uber suggest is doing, is it showing how many votes have happened for each one of these pages? And in this particular case, Truckee, Montrose, and rental services seem to be three of the top pages on the site.

Now, a lot of people don’t, most people who are listening to the show are not a brokerage and they don’t care about rentals. This particular site probably doesn’t care about rentals any more than you did. They probably have a services division that handles property management, and it might not be the main thing.

Jonathan: They do

Robert: Okay. So renters are far more like renters don’t get a lot of websites aimed at them.

Jonathan: Sorry to interrupt but I just want to give you this because they are doing Lake Tahoe there is a lot more people the rental market is a lot bigger for a brokerage of this type in this area because a lot of people there’s a lot more leasing through the summer. A lot, those properties in Lake Tahoe are not the main residency of the people that own them. So they rent them out a lot more.

Robert: It’s good information to have you as an agent, anybody listening to this show, you’d already know this stuff that John has shared with me. You’d already know it. So you already intuitively understand why a competitor might have a rental services section of their business, even though they’re definitely trying to sell, like buy and sell real estate first, obviously the reason that these guys have that is because the market is so huge and renters in these areas like you have the out of state people coming in, renting a property.

Jonathan: What also might be interesting, but I might be wrong here is that there’s another agency called Marshall’s based in (17:28inaudible) And I think if you find the site and do a comparison, I wouldn’t be surprised that you will find that their business model is quite different to Dixon’s.

Robert: So I switched over to another tool, which, which you might have to do too. The one thing that you Ubersuggests does not do that I wish it did do, but it doesn’t do is it doesn’t show you if this agency is using paid traffic, why is that important? You do want to know if your competitors are using some kind of paid advertising to promote their site. Now I know automatically because I’m a real estate market that property base does use a paid advertising methodology. And we discover when I’m using another tool that before that I’m absolutely correct that there is paid advertising happening. And the tool that I’m using shows us what they’re targeting is not a lot of paid advertising. It’s probably 500 to a thousand dollars’ worth every month, which for a brokerage of this size is fairly small.

Jonathan: (18:45Inaudible) I would say that I wouldn’t be surprised that they have between 3 to 500 agents

Robert: Yeah. There’s not very much, but here’s what the fascinating thing is,

Robert: Yeah their targeting, their paid advertising, all of it is geared towards Northwest Reno. So of all the markets, we now have the answer ourselves another question like we have somebody that has a big budget is very successful and the only thing that they feel is worth doing paid advertising towards in Northwest Reno. That right there, for those of you who are watching and listening to the show now gives us a critical piece of information for our digital marketing plan. We don’t have to spend $10,000 of our own money to find out that our competitor really only thinks that there is a small section of the market that is worth advertising in a paid way. They only feel that Northwest Reno is worth doing, using paid advertising for now. I don’t know why I’m not familiar with Northwest Reno

Jonathan: I think I can give some insight, but we need to go to a break first and then we’ll be back and we will be I think it’s being a fantastic show already and I can’t wait for us to continue with this we’ll be back in a few moments.

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Jonathan: We are Coming back to answer your question, I think a lot of it is to do with Tesla and the Giga factory because of that part of Reno, and also there’s a lot of new development in that particular, part of Reno. When you get to the Southern side there are some developments, apartments, and that, but compared to the Northside, the Northern side, it’s nothing compared to the kind of development that’s going on there Robert.

Robert: Okay which answers our question we also find that on this particular website, that on the page that they’re driving all their paid advertisement to, they have a link to downtown Reno condos for sale. The North Valley’s (21:36inaudible) ranch, which is probably a popular development in that area. And summerset homes for sale. What I’m trying to say to the people listening to the show is that this particular real estate company has probably picked the areas that they want on their landing page, because they feel like these areas are more valuable. Now there’s a couple of listings here too, and they obviously are taking their personal listings and offering the most, the ones that they want to promote the most on this page, there’s a million-dollar listing, which I feel is expensive for Reno on this page. And I feel like that’s probably aimed at this paid audience that they’re sending to this particular webpage and everything that I’m talking about right now are pieces to a digital marketing plan.

Here’s the point that John and I have been trying to make doing this kind of research, spending $39 on Ubersuggests if you have to or honestly, even spending $80 on ARS, it’s worth it. Instead of spending like a contract with my company is going to be between 14 and $30,000. And I do a marketing plan for my clients, which is great, but it’s even better if you, as a client have done your own marketing plan and decided for yourself, what you feel is going to be your valuable, like your valuable target market before you spend 5,000 with anybody or 3,000 or whatever the number is with Jonathan or any number with any vendor of any kind, even if you’re talking a few hundred dollars that you would normally not think about. I would personally spend a few hundred dollars on these investigative tools trying to figure out what my competitors are doing before I personally made any kind of decision about what kind of marketing I want to pursue.

Jonathan: And you can just use this to, sign up for the first month can’t you or I think a lot of them come with a trial period just spend a couple you know, just write in your calendar that you’re going to spend a bit of time basically learn how to use the tool by watching a number of YouTube videos about how to use the particular tool. So then you are up to reasonable speeds and then use the free trial if they offer it or just book a month and really delve in and get some insight. It will pay enormous dividends.

Robert: I truly believe that it would, if nothing else, like if it, it may not necessarily make you money in the traditional sense of the word, because just because you try one of these strategies, maybe copy a competitor doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be instantly successful. You got to figure out all the things that they’ve probably figured out, such as scripts and responses and email tools and CRMs and all that good stuff, but here’s what will, for sure do it will for sure, save you money. So in essence, make your money. You can save yourself a lot of money by planning ahead and saving yourself, all the things you don’t want to try.

Jonathan: But I also think If you don’t mind doing this, do you think you could find Marshall, website, and then put that in and see the difference between how because I don’t know for a fact Robert I am just going by a gut feeling but with your expert, I think you are going to see a different marketing strategy than Dickson Realty so if you can find Marshal realty.

Robert: I’m going to do that in one second, for those of you who are following along by watching the screen share, you’ll notice that I just did one last thing using Ubersuggests. Here’s what I did. I just asked what keywords were driving traffic to Ubersuggest. Now most of this, most of these tools that John and I talk about measure organic that’s kind of SEO. That means that somebody is ranking well without paying for the traffic to be sent to the site. But there is valuable information in understanding what keywords are driving value to your client’s websites that could help you personally in targeting the neighborhoods that you want to target. Because as a realtor looking at Dickson, you’re not going to want to target all of Reno right out of the gate You may want to target just the Northwest section as an example. And that’s one of the things that a process like this is going to help you identify.

If you already live in Reno and everything’s a 20-minute drive away, where do you want to start targeting your market? If you’re going to do some kind of advertising? Well, this keyword list is a final clue. Like we’re looking in for clues we’re investigating right now. So what’s driving traffic Well, the name of one of the partners is one of the top keywords, John Williamson, or that’s either a broker, the name of the partner, somebody, but that’s one of the top keywords

Jonathan: I think it’s one of their top producers actually because you’ve got a lot more experience for this but I found with their particular brokerages. Because I do actually know some of the actual owners, but the family that owns it has been in the real estate market in Northern Nevada for almost 70 years. And they’ve got some top performers and then they’ve got a lot of agents that sell between 10 to 20 properties a year and then they’ve got about half a dozen that do over a hundred per year.

Robert: Okay so, that helps the other keywords right below John Williamson and John Williamson also, if you look over here on the right, it might be that the reason there’s so much traffic because there are 90,000 searches going on for this keyword, that’s probably not an agent, very few agents get this kind of search volume, not even the most popular in the world. You as an agent wouldn’t know that I do. Most likely it’s connected to John Williamson, the singer. Okay but we can tell that right here on the right-hand side, so this is probably not relevant, but what is relevant is right below it, which is Truckee so their top keyword is Truckee, then serene Lake. And then down here, we get homes for sale in Reno, Nevada, and it’s showing us what we estimate the visits are on the website. And I think that Michael givens is probably an agent because he’s getting 6,600 searches. So he probably is one of these mega agents.

Jonathan: 28:45 The Truckee Market is the I would actually in some ways I would say it’s hotter than the Lake Tahoe market. Actually, a new agent an independent agent, but he lived in the Truckee area or did he, but he was totally independent. You had to be part of a brokerage, but, he really was a kind of quasar independent agent. And he used quite a reasonably sophisticated SEO. He was really very important to him because most of his buyers were coming outside the Truckee area. So he spent a lot of time on his own personal website business SEO and content marketing strategy. And, he got some fabulous results from it.

Robert: Excellent, amazing. So, that’s great. That’s great. All these other keywords, there’s so many associated with Reno, we’ve answered our question here. Like in terms of in market importance, obviously like Tahoe and as John just said Truckee is important to this company, but when you start looking at all of these mid-range keywords, they’re all Reno related. So now we probably say we discover that we’ve answered ourselves in question, in terms of what is a priority to this particular brokerage. And if you’re doing a digital marketing plan, I think you’ve answered some important questions. Like, can you probably, as an agent already know if you’re in Truckee or can be in Truckee or Sparks and the answer is probably not. I wouldn’t want to drive whatever across the state line to sell real estate. So let’s look at your, this other, this other company that you’ve mentioned, right.

Jonathan: Marshall Realty

Robert: So we are going to look at Marshall Realty so its Marshall Realty team. They have not done as good of a job, but no surprise. So they’re using inside real estate, property-based and inside real estate or to two birds of the same feather, they both focused on the CRM side of the website experience. Neither one is creating a very creative or interesting website. They’re fine. But on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give them each a 6, just to put that into perspective,

Jonathan: They have changed actually they were using Boomtown but I haven’t looked at the site for a while time is flying but they were actually big Boomtown users.

Robert: So many people are bailing off Boomtown right now it’s not even funny, but I hear you. And a lot of those people bailing off BoomTown or going to these second and third-tier sites that, and when I say second or third-tier inside the real estate and property-based both have created CRM systems that are just as good as Boomtowns like management systems. So BoomTown is getting lots of competition for people who are charging a fraction of what they’re charging and because BoomTown is not delivering the value anymore for they are charging way more than anybody else for the CRM system that they use. And they’re running up against some stiff competition because they always have been charging just a bundle of money for what effectively is a decent website, CRM combo.

So Marshall is not doing anything in terms of competition for these keywords. Like there’s definitely not that much happening with them. They’re only getting 300 visitors from the search engines as opposed to 6,000, to put that into perspective for people just listening to the show. It is a big difference, like a massive difference. The main pages for the Marshall site are the agent’s page. So instead of having areas rank on their website, all they really have is they’ve got agents ranking on their team roster for their names and such as

Jonathan: I’m surprised because I thought but I do know when I was looking at them they were very active from the radio. They were using radio local radio a lot and they were using billboards or a lot as well. They were spending a fair bit of money. And, I know that the radio stations have bundles where you can purchase radio and link it to billboards because they are the same company that owns a couple of the local popular radio stations also on the major billboards in the area. So they were doing that, but I, I’m surprised cause I thought they were doing more on the digital side, but it doesn’t look why he does it.

Robert: The last thing to check is the PPC and they’re not doing any PPC. So this is an example of, but we have answered yourself a critical question, certainly not of waste of our time that (34:03inaudible). What we’ve answered for ourselves is that this Dickson Realty is using, I would call it a small to medium size digital strategy. They’ve definitely invested in website and SEO. The Marshall Realty based on John’s boots on the ground, which by the way, all of you listening to the show would have the same knowledge that John just described. You’d know if this real estate company was advertising on bus benches billboards or the radio because you’re in that market, you’re paying attention to your providers. So we now know that Marshall is not focused on digital

Jonathan: Can you just do one and humor me I know we are wrapping up can you just do one more? That would be chase international.

Robert: Sure I’m gonna look up the URL on another screen so that people don’t have to watch me fumble around.

Jonathan: I think it’s chase international reality.

Robert: So it’s Chase international luxury real estate Tahoe you’re correct. The URL that we’re interested in is chase international and chase has a nicer website. It’s cleaner. It’s got a big image on it.

Jonathan: Actually, you need to put it into the actual screen.

Robert: Now these guys, my guess is they’re using (35:37inaudible) but here’s how I, now this is an experience thing. And nobody listening to this show or watching this video is going to be able to do this. I’ve looked at thousands of real estate websites. I can oftentimes just tell two seconds on a site who probably built it. There is a tool though, that takes the guesswork away from that you could use as part of your digital strategy. The tool is called builtwith.com. It’s simply built with.com. Write it down. If you’re listening to the show we built with tells you what technology is being used on a website and with enough research, you’ll start to discover that certain people use certain things. Now I can tell you something interesting about this company right away

Jonathan: Are they using word press

Robert: Yeah.

Jonathan: Their website a couple of years ago was dreadful they really won’t invest it, they, they were using very light Dixons and they were using the Pothini more with, they were not they are another local agency that has over 500 agents.

Robert: Okay.

Jonathan: Literally anybody that lives full time in Lake Tahoe hat isn’t fully retired is a real estate agent. And they are mostly employed, with chase

Robert: So here’s what this tells us though. There is a valuable piece of information. Granted your learning, like learning how to do a digital marketing plan this is kind of like on the upper level, the upper end of the skillset, but this tells us what this down here. When we look at the bottom of the website, it says copyright chase international. Now I’ll tell you something that’s weird about digital marketing companies. Mine included we do not take our built by stamp off the bottom of the site. Not for anybody. The only time that real estate webmasters took they’re built by stamp of the site. Somebody had to spend a million dollars with them that’s a true story. I’m not gonna reveal who it was because I, I might get myself in trouble, but that’s a true story. So, we don’t take our stamp off a site like not unless you’re really small and you have a group of very small, independent developers. So what that tells you is that chase built this as a custom way, they hired a team.

Jonathan: I know who actually built it for them. So it was a major local web design agency that built it for them.

Robert: Okay. So there you go. So that tells us that they did invest a decent amount of money into,

Jonathan: (38:34inaudible) little bit serious I might be wrong here because I’m just going by my very fluid that when they initially got a bit more serious about it, they went to Boomtown. And I think it was for about 18 months, it was a BoomTown website. But then they went to this local agency and got a customer solution, which cost them a fair wack of money I heard.

Robert: Right. Which is how, because I know what custom websites cost So for the audience listening, here’s what a guy like me is going to tell you if called us for a custom website, we’re going to start you with a conversation that ranges between 10 to 25,000 start it doesn’t mean that’s what they spent. That’s not, what’s not necessarily what chase spent

Jonathan: That (39:30inaudible). But there were a lot of extras.

Robert: There you go. So that’s just the start, like to start the conversation, to qualify the person on the phone, that’s the number you get from a guy like me and for these guys who are not real estate specialists, probably they charged to a quarter million. So needless to say, here’s what that tells us though. Like when you’re writing your plan, when you’re listening to the show, what does that telling you? I don’t want anybody listening to the show to get scared. You don’t need a custom real estate website, 9 times out of 10. This is a major brokerage thing, but it tells you that they thought

Robert: This particular brokerage does, we’re talking about a gross We’re not talking about net profit. I’ve no idea, but gross we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a year because we’re talking about Lake Tahoe and they are the biggest brokerage in the Lake Tahoe area.

Jonathan: Right. And for those of you looking at the screen, a couple of things happened, right away, which is, when we were analyzing the site, here’s I gotta go to another screen. Cause I’m just going to get rid of Dixon for the time being, here’s the thing, there were major SEO, Arizona home page, whoever developed the site were not SEO experts, but they were just good web developers. And that’s two separate skillsets for everybody. That’s listening to the show. It’s not the same thing. I can build a good website and it can look right. And it’s not going to give you any what are called obvious errors. But that doesn’t mean that you built it for SEO. Like one of the things, an SEO guy like me would tell you is ditch the video on the homepage, or do it in a certain type of technology. And that right out of the gate is not what chase has done. Why you do that? Because Google is concerned about how easily the website is consumed using its tools. If you slow the website down intentionally, Google will not give you great scores. Now, this site is shown authoritative it still has some value. Like it’s still, I got to find it here.
It is.

Jonathan: Actually We’ve got to wrap up the podcast part of the show, but we’re going to continue the discussion for another five, 10 minutes might be, which you’ll be able to see everything on the Mail-Right YouTube channel. And because we’ve been sharing screens that you really do need to, to get the best experience and get the most knowledge. You really do want to watch us, on the video version of this podcast. So, Robert, we’re going to wrap up the podcast. What’s the best way that people can find out more about you and your knowledge, Robert?

Robert: Sure, just go to inbound rem.com, guys, for guys, gals for all those lovely people are listening to the show, go there and do Jonathan. I have favor by the way I know that it’s your inclination to keep guys like us secret. When you discover that you’ve got somebody that you really think is going to move the needle in your business, your inclination is not necessarily to share. We’re begging you. We’re, we’re spending a lot of our personal time and energy with the show. Do us a favor share maybe, a real estate agent that doesn’t work in your market, like works in another market. Share our show with that person. Give us a thumbs up on the video. John works so hard on these things. It would mean a lot. Thank you.

Jonathan: That’s great. Thanks so much for saying that. Robert, we’ll see you, next week folks. We got a great guest. We’ve got some great guests lined up and we’ve got some great internal shows this season folks.


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