261 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Austin Glanzer All Things TikTok

We discuss TikTok with Austin Glanzer joint fonder of Glanziar a digital agency that specializes in social media platforms and Google paid advertisement aim at the property investor.

Austin in less then a year has built a TikTok audience of over 70,000 and has used the platform to build a large email list which he has actively monetized.

Johnathan: Welcome back folks to the Mail-Right Show, this is episode 261. We got a great show, I’m most excited to have our guest or Austin Glanzer on the show. We’re going to be talking up all things TikTok and I know nothing about TikTok so I’m going to be really in Austen’s hands. I also got my great co-host Robert Newman with me. We’re going to be just delving deep into this new platform and then we’re going to be talking about some of Austin’s experiences and experiences of flipping properties, being involved in digital marketing in general, it should be an interesting show. So, Austin, can you quickly introduce yourself to the listeners and viewers?

Austin: Yeah, absolutely. And thanks for just making the time for me to come on here. I’m really excited to just talk about some of my experiences. Yes, I’m Austin. I live in Pennsylvania. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I actually just had my first child one week ago, literally right now.

Johnathan: He’s a daddy, he’s a new daddy.

Austin: Yes, I am. So, that’s the biggest thing in my world. I haven’t really been able to do too much.

Johnathan: You look to rested and relaxed Austin. What’s going on?

Austin: Well, you know, to be honest, my wife is like taking care of the baby so well, so it’s been a little bit easy for me. He’s a great kid, we’re really excited. We named him Axel. So that is…

Robert: You guys are Guns and Roses fans?

Austin: Well, actually everybody has asked me that. It was my grandfather’s name, so…

Robert: Okay.

Austin: Yeah, but yes, I’ve had probably 10 people send me Guns and Roses songs since we named…

Robert: Okay.

Austin: My son Axel. But yeah, it’s kind of cool how the name kind of came around because he was from Germany and he was named Axel back in the 1930s so I named him after him.

Johnathan: Oh, that’s great. And I’ve got my great co-host with me. Like to quickly introduce yourself Robert to the new listeners and viewers?

Robert: Well, not really, not today. I’m going to say hey guys, I do real estate SEO and if you want to learn more about that, not about me, just go to my website inboundrem.com I’ll teach you a lot that you need to know about inbound marketing in a different way to approach marketing. I’ll do the introductions at the end of the show.

Johnathan: Yep, and I’m the CEO of Mail-Right, it’s a platform that helps you get a quality buyer and seller leads. It uses the power of Facebook advertising. It’s much, much, much more than that. It’s a coherent marketing platform in one interface. If that sounds of interest to you and it should go over to the Mail-Right website and find out more about our product services and you can have for a free consultation with me personally over zoom, if that sounds fun.

So, Austin, TikTok, it’s been in the news obviously Oracle and I think Walmart have bought it or it might be just Oracle on its own. And it’s a video… I know it’s a video platform, but I’ve not used it. So, you’ve been… obviously you… I was intrigued that you wanted to talk about it. So, obviously I presume you’ve been using it for marketing for real estate. So, can you tell us more about TikTok and what you like about it?

Austin: Yeah. So yeah, it’s a very interesting time for me to be doing an interview on TikTok because you’re right. Trump, he basically said no more TikTok. And I think he also banned another…

Johnathan: [Cross-talk 04:00] Shares he has in Twitter [inaudible 04:02].

Austin: Yeah, yeah. He said no more TikTok so… which could be the right decision if we’re actually getting spied on who knows, but kind of that to the side, yes, Oracle and Walmart are working on purchasing it. So, I think at the current moment, if someone’s watching this and they want to download TikTok, you can’t actually download it right now, it’s blocked, but they are going to update that once an American company moves in and acquires it kind of fully. So, it is an interesting time for me to talk about it, but I still am a huge believer in it because it’s been one of the best ways for me to get my content out there organically. I have had just these videos I never would have thought would have gone viral and yeah, I mean, I’ve gotten multiple millions of views just from quick tips about real estate and I definitely think if someone’s watching this, that has a unique niche and or niche, I don’t know how you say it in in Great Britain, niche. But…

Johnathan: Oh, you don’t want to follow my pronunciation because.

Robert: Okay.

Johnathan: Half the time I can’t even pronounce our guest’s names…

Robert: Pronunciation, yeah right there. Right in that word.

Johnathan: Half the guests won’t even talk to me now because I couldn’t even pronounce their names. Correctly.

Austin: Well, don’t worry. You did actually pronounce my name incorrectly too, but I wasn’t going say anything. So…

Johnathan: And I thought I’ve a reasonable job there.

Austin: No. It doesn’t even bother me at all, people pronounce it wrong all the time. But anyway, yeah, it’s a platform that if you have a cool niche in real estate whether it’s you’re an agent in a specific area, you’re doing some cool stuff with flipping like new term Astro flipping is out there, your wholetailing, you’re wholesaling, you should be making videos on TikTok about what you’re doing and how to do it. Because those tutorial videos are a great way to get onto the organic page of TikTok so that way they start showing it to people…

Johnathan: But can we start on the basics before I throw over to Robert?

Austin: More basic, yeah.

Johnathan: Why do you think it’s taken off as a platform? What makes it different from other video hosting platforms? What is its key source in a way, Austin?

Austin: I personally think in my experience with it is they have gotten better. I guess I should dumb it down even a little bit more real quick here. If you don’t know what TikTok is, or you haven’t really looked at TikTok, it is just a video, social media, no pictures. It’s just 15 to 62 seconds videos that you can put on your page and people can go to you to watch your content so it’s kind of a hybrid of YouTube and Instagram. So, the reason that I kind of believe in it the most is that their platform has gotten better and better at understanding what the user are interested in. So, I have found that my videos are starting to get shown to the right people and that has grown my mailing list, my email list, it’s grown my website I’ve gotten links to other websites through it. So, I’ve been able to use it to connect with real people who are interested in what I have to say.

Johnathan: Well, that’s great over to you Robert.

Robert: So Austin, I usually focus on numbers, and honestly, you emailed me before you emailed John, which is rare because our partnership usually works he’s going book the guests and I’m kind of getting that little bit of history and background because somehow or another, you came across some videos or some blog post from mine and then you reached out to me and somehow found the podcast through my site, which I don’t really point it out as much as the Mail-Right site does, and then we booked the thing. And the reason I booked with you is I was curious about the following information about TikTok. So, we hear about tik-tok all the goddamn time and you’re the first person that I’ve met that does anything real estate related so that our audience is clear, you’re a flipper, right? You’re an investor, that’s what you do. Am I right on that? Okay.

Austin: Yeah, correct.

Robert: So, most of our guests have something to do with the residential real estate industry, which is slightly different than the fixer flipper or investment, or like bigger pockets type of information, but where you got me, where you really sunk the hook in deep was, you said you had 70 thousand followers on TikTok and I have not yet met directly anybody that had such a big following in any real estate related field. So, here’s my follow-on question. You’ve also said in this conversation that you’ve had millions of people view videos; I presume that part of what you’re talking about is what you do in terms of investment. Is that correct? Correct assumption or a false assumption.

Austin: Yeah. Okay. So, that is a correct assumption and it’s also a false assumption.

Robert: Okay.

Austin: So yeah, some of my videos have been around investing specifically, some of my videos I kind of do a broad real estate just tip page. So, for someone who’s just a residential real estate agent, one of my best videos was just a video about how you can get sellers assist when buying a home. I got like 3 million views and I actually think I got a hundred thousand shares, which was crazy to me. So yeah, I’ve had videos that were specifically just about residential real estate that has taken off as well.

Robert: Okay. And for you, when you’re doing all this TikTok content, whether it be aimed at residential real estate or whether it be aimed at something else, what is your desired result? Because we’re talking about TikTok as a marketing platform, and you’re talking about these videos that you’ve done that seem to be from the sound of it geared with like trying to appeal to a particular market, which would be marketing in general. So, what are you trying to accomplish? Who is it that you’re trying to get ahold of? Are you trying to get ahold of investors?

Austin: Yeah, it’s kind of two twofold for me specifically. So, I have a marketing business myself as well, and we do at Google ad words to find motivated sellers so I have that piece of it that I just want to specifically get people who are into investing that want to get motivated sellers in their area. So, that’s one of the pieces that I want to get to those people. And then there’s kind of just a broader part of it where anybody who’s interested in real estate, I’ve done a couple of free resources for people where they can go through the link in my bio on TikTok and download Excel sheets, download multiple like marketing plat… not platform marketing PDFs to follow, I’ll get their email address and then I’m able to build my email following and send out blog posts and just kind of grow my following of people who are interested in real estate at the current moment. And I got that idea from a shoot…what’s the book’s name? Atomic Habits.

Robert: Okay.

Austin: The guy, if you’ve heard of that book, that’s kind of how he’s he started his career actually was he just grew his email list and got people to trust him.

Robert: Okay. So, really, you’re just collecting your…

Johnathan: Just before we go any further, we need to go for our break, but we will be continuing. Sorry, sorry, Robert. I know I’m always ruining…

Robert: Always. I’m always the one getting in…

Johnathan: Yeah. But we have to go for our break folks. We’ll back in a few moments.

We’re coming back. We’re engaged in a TikTok discussion, talk about a platform that I know nothing about, but Austin has done a really good job of explaining some of the basics. And also, as normal, I rudely interrupted my co-host. I apologize, Robert. Back over to you, Robert.

Robert: Okay. So, I legitimately don’t remember where I was going with the previous statement, but I have another one so it doesn’t really matter because TikTok fascinates me because you said okay, I’m a marketing company and I’m building my list. That’s kind of what I heard is that a good summarization?

Austin: Yeah.

Robert: Okay, alright. Which is totally fair. So, you’re building an audience and you’re trying to attract the list so you’re collecting email addresses. So, since that’s your end objective with TikTok and you’re one of the only TikTok marketers that I’ve talked to so far, how successful can we… are you willing to share with us how many let’s call it email addresses have you actually collected with your TikTok efforts? Like what has been the net result for you?

Johnathan: Yeah. Can you also go through the mechanics? Because I presume you just don’t get them through the interface, you have to send them to your website or a landing page. Can you go through the mechanics as well?

Austin: Yeah, so I can do both of those. So, when I first started TikTok, I kind of felt like I think this is here to stay, this was maybe back in January of this year. So, I was like I think I can be an early mover on this. I looked up the word real estate on TikTok and there just weren’t many people, there were maybe two or three that had good content. Other than that, it was just kind of people who made a real estate page and weren’t keeping it populated. So, I was like I think if I just start posting consistently about real estate, my page will grow. So, I made… I think how it worked was I made like five videos and just posted them all, went to bed, woke up and my notifications were like out the wazoo.

I had all these comments, I had all of these likes and stuff and I was like holy cow, this is really cool and I kept posting these videos. I didn’t realize at that time how powerful it actually was and that there were real people who liked my content. Like it didn’t hit me like oh wow, people are actually coming to my page for information so I didn’t actually start collecting email addresses until this summer. So, I was making all these videos, I didn’t know what to do until I finally made a video that was like… I made a flipping calculator, just an Excel sheet people could go through the link in my bio to my website and then they could download that Excel sheet on my website. So, and when you talk about conversion optimization, that’s kind of a lot of clicks. Like they had to go to my page, they had to click my bio, they had to go to my website and download something, there’s like four steps there.

So, I had…I think on that first one, I probably had like 250 people download it. And I was like holy cow, like, this is really cool, I had 250 people watch my video go through and download something. And then I was like okay, well let me keep doing this. So, I started making some more things, I had 200 people, 150… I just recently made another flipping calculator. It was like a little bit more in detail, it had a mortgage calculator involved in that, just all in Excel, and in the first 24 hours, I had a thousand people download it and my website was just like blowing up. I mean, my traffic went up, whatever that is 2000%. And just for me making a video, I’m not even kidding you, the video took me 12 minutes.

The Excel sheet maybe took me I don’t know, an hour to make, and the video, it was just me recording myself just saying hey, here’s an Excel sheet to help you flip a house and I recorded my screen. Like I literally took my iPhone, I did like do a screen recording. I took my iPhone like this and just like showed what the Excel sheet looked like and said, you can get it in my bio. So, at the current moment, I have 4,200 people since June that have given me their email address for resources that I have.

Johnathan: Now, is there any insights about the actual audience? Because I think I got to be honest that I was presuming this myself that it was a very young audience and I would say I would kind of pass. My attitude would be what the initial attitude to Instagram would be, that it’s a very young audience and they’re not really the target audience, but for your activities, you are kind of proving that incorrect. So, do you think that the media, in general, got it wrong to some extent about what the audience is that using TikTok?

Austin: Okay. I don’t think the media is wrong about that. It is a younger audience, the majority of people who are on tick-tock are junior high teenagers, college students. But that doesn’t mean that there are still 40 million adults on it. You know what I mean? Like 50 million adults there are… I can’t remember, there’s like a billion users or close to a billion and there’s a lot of adults. So, I have a friend, a good friend of mine from college who started making golf trick shots and it’s more for kids’ kind of like Dude Perfect, if you know Dude Perfect on YouTube and he had some videos literally explode. And he’s up to at 1.3 million followers because his median his target market is kids. My target market is older adults or at least college students who have or maybe they’re just out of college who want to get into….

Johnathan: [Cross-talk 18:49] aspirational millenniums.

Austin: Exactly. So, I have 70,000 and I personally feel like that’s pretty good because my 70,000 isn’t just little kids, it’s who want to watch real estate stuff, I have a lot of people who are legit interested in real estate. But my friend has 1.5 million or 1.3 million and he’s getting sponsored by stuff like NBC just sponsored one of his videos for golf so…

Robert: Right. So, here’s what my comment is for the audience because John and I both come at this from different perspectives. I’m not familiar with TikTok, I am deeply and intimately familiar with how much effort it takes to become an expert in any social platform and I’m going to tell everybody in the audience right now, I’m going to choose to take a pass to TikTok right now. However, what I would say to anybody that’s looking at it is I strongly believe that if you are looking for something that somebody isn’t doing, if you’re looking for a low barrier of entry, if you’re a new real estate agent or you’re trying to do something different, which essentially is what I hear Austin telling us as an audience is that he looked at it in January, which is really in the world that we live in that’s not that long ago and now he’s got 70,000 users. Your barrier to producing original or different content on there is going to be very low because it’s not yet adopted.

And my experience with everything, Facebook, Instagram, you name it is if early adopters who come in and take the chance and build an audience that momentum, regardless of who the audience is, whether it’s college students or junior high students, that momentum carries them into the full bloom of that platform. So, in other words, as people who are your market come onto the platform, and you’ve already got 200,000 users, that is worth actual money to you. Being there first, having a big audience doesn’t really necessarily mean that the audience you’re engaging with originally is going to result in a ton of revenue for you right away. However, that social presence might very well be wildly impactful for you because the second the bike dance deal goes through and everybody understands the TikTok is here to stay, I really have already had wheelchairs asking me, should I be producing video for TikTok? And my answer is I don’t really know enough about it, which is one of the reasons I brought you onto the show. Now I’m looking at a guy that’s talking about real estate and you’ve got 70,000 followers in, in eight months.

That is enormously impressive. So, I’m going to change my recommendation to say if there’s anybody out there on the show who’s looking for something you need to do, this actually sounds promising. And I suggest you can follow Austin and look at what he’s been doing. I always tell people Austin, to emulate content type don’t reinvent the wheel. People are going to call me or message me on my website and ask me what specifically should I do? My answer is always going to be the same hey, I’m not the guy that’s doing this so go to the guys that are and kind of model yourself after them until you come up with some of your own creative, interesting ideas, and then run with that.

Johnathan: Yeah, that’s fantastic. We’re going to wrap up the podcast part of the show. Austin has agreed to stay on for some bonus content, which you can see on the Mail-Right YouTube channel. You’ll be able to see the whole interview, but the bonus content as well. We’re going to be talking about his flipping activities, the new investment activities, which I think in the coming months are going to be very important if you’re a real estate agent. I think it’s going to become more of a professional investment market in the coming months but that’s my opinion and I’ll be totally wrong. Do not listen to any investment advice from me, you would be bonkers. But Austin…Robert he’s just shaking his head. It’s just true, just truthful. You be mad to listen to me.

Robert: That’s a hell of a disclaimer, don’t listen to me…

Johnathan: I do not want [cross-talk 22:57] …

Robert: You’d be bonkers.

Johnathan: [Inaudible 22:58] I want nothing to do with it. Austin, obviously, you know a lot about TikTok, I think you also got a special offer that you wonder offer to listeners and viewers. Like you said you also do a lot of work with Google paid to advertise. So, what’s the best way for people to find out more about you, the special offer, any links that you want to air to our audience.

Austin: Yeah, for sure. So, if anybody is watching this and they’re interested, I know you guys both have a Facebook advertising and SEO businesses so if you’re listener, the faithful listener to Mail-Right, check those guys out, check out their website, I’m a competitor. But yeah, we do ad words and SEO for people as well to find motivated sellers so if you’re into investing wholesaling we’ve done stuff for realtors as well, you can go to glanzair.com. So, that’s G L A N Z A I R .com and you can get all the information on there. You can get some of the free resources on there as well. And I also have a podcast, so I have the Real Estate Marketing Podcast you can check out, that’s on my website as well.

Johnathan: Well that’s a…

Robert: I think how he found us man; is he’s trying to probably search for himself. And he came across the Mail-Right Show.

Austin: I Actually… I can’t remember how I found you guys. I think I was looking up real estate marketing and I saw your website and I was like you know what? I think I could probably talk about TikTok or what we’re doing. So, I think that’s kind of how it all worked, you were right.

Johnathan: You did a great job. Robert, how can people find out more about you and what you are up to?

Robert: You can go to inboundrem.com. I’ve got the leading website on real estate SEO info, I don’t expect anybody to take my word for it, why don’t you just go to the site, check it out. I am, however, going to pitch somebody right in front of all of you so if you want to see how you get it to be a guest on a podcast, listen very carefully. Hey, I would like to be on your podcast, Austin because I think you offered me the trade. Do I remember that correctly?

Austin: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Robert: When we’re off this show, will you do me a favor and email me the information?

Austin: Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

Robert: Okay.

Austin: We can make that happen.

Robert: There you go, guys. That’s how you get on a podcast for those that are curious and are looking for an extra tip from the show. Okay, John, how can people find you reach, you get a hold of your special offer [cross-talk 25:30] or take advantage of your amazing consultation and listen to your English, dulcet tones?

Johnathan: Most of the people that have signed up for the consultation just because of my English accent but I don’t care. You can sign up for a free consultation from me on the Mail-Right website, also, we’ve got a load of information on there. It’s a superb product, we’ve been getting some decent results for our clientele so far in the last couple of months, it was very encouraging. Go over and find out more. Like I said, we’re going to be talking about flipping with Austin and his experiences of that. It should be a fascinating discussion which you will be able to listen to and watch on the Mail-Right YouTube channel. We’ll be back next week with another guest. Actually, I’ve found some really fantastic guests like Austin in the coming weeks and we’ve got some really interesting discussions coming up. So, tell anybody, tell other people that they should join us and be part of the podcast show. We’ll be back next week. Bye.

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