255 Mail-Right Show:Are You Looking To Make Better Videos In 2020/2021

If You Looking For a Way to Make You Different From The Herd Of Local Real Estate Agent Competitors Video Is The Way to Go In 2020/2021

In this episode of the Mail-Right Show, we talk all about video. We all know that you can take great videos using the latest versions of the iPhone and with some inexpensive add-ons connected to sound quality you can do a great job by using your iPhone however, there will be a stage that you will be looking to improve your picture and sound quality to a level that the iPhone can’t meet, don’t worry we have all the info you will need in this show connected to what hardware and software you will need to improve your videos.

and take them to the next level without breaking the bank. Also, a great example of the power of video connected to getting leads in your local market is Malcolm Lawson who was a guest on our podcast a few months ago. He has a great YouTube channel that generates loads of leads for this agency: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKCXzw4V62g44ExQWXvaPNg

Real Estate Agents Its Time To Do Your Video to a Higher Standard For 2020/2021

DSLR Mirrorless Cameras Recommendations

Canon M50 About $650 including kit lens https://www.amazon.com/Canon-EOS-Mirrorless-Camera-Body/dp/B01LWUQDHJ

Sony A640 About $850 including kit lens https://www.amazon.com/Sony-Alpha-a6400-Mirrorless-Camera/dp/B07MTWVN3M

Here’s a Full Review of Both Cameras from ” Think Media” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrJ0P2jeJZk


Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Canon EF-M $300 https://www.amazon.com/30mm-F1-4-DC-EF-M-Mount/dp/B07YM1RWCF/

Commlite CM-EF-EOS M Electronic Auto-Focus Lens Mount Adapter $60 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0788PDN1S/

Gimbal FeiyuTech G6 Max 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer $250 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081T12MXW/


Tripod MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod with Phone Mount $67 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LAVA2OW

Sound Mics

Sound Rode VideoMic GO. $99 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GQDORA4/

Sound BOYA by M1 Lavalier Microphone $18 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MRMU2HU/

Sound: Movo WMX-1 2.4GHz Wireless Lavalier $118 https://www.amazon.com/Movo-Microphone-Compatible-Camcorders-Smartphones/dp/B081DB9GLD/


Ring Light, Pixel 19″ Bi-Color LCD Display Ring Light with Stand $114 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PPKVNJJ/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A26ZYWFS2COV5E&psc=1

MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit $69 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G32T189/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_5?smid=AMHXR0RJ3ME6T&psc=1

Best YouTube Recourses

Think Media Chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGxjDWAN1KwrkXYVi8CXtjQ

Tech Gear Talk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpHvDA_ladtos5LKzl8TzkA

AMaeTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9YTDw4Tb0onameb7cCRGXQ

Johnathan: Welcome back folks to the Mail-Right show. This is episode 255. This going to be an internal discussion between me and Robert and we’re going to be talking about all things video again, but with a twist. You know, you can take fantastic video with your iPhone, but what should you do if you want to take it to the next level? And I think a lot of real estate agents are missing the opportunity of building a real local brand with video. And we’re going to go…we’ll be going through everything you need to know to make your videos more professional and more likely to build that local brand. So, Robert, would you like to quickly introduce yourself to the new listeners and viewers?

Robert: I’m an awesome marketer. You should look at my website, inboundrem.com. There you go. Back over to you John.

Johnathan: And I’m the founder of Mail-Right. We use the power of Facebook to get you quality leads. If that sounds interesting, go over to the Mail-Right website, you can book a free demo with me, or just a discussion about your marketing objectives this year and next year. So, let’s go straight into it. So, as I was discussing with Robert and I sent him my pre-show notes, I’ve been going down this road myself, and about how to improve my own videos at the present moment I’m recording this using a webcam. And I’ve also used my iPhone and to be truthful, the modern iPhones, the latest two versions, they do take amazing video. And some of this equipment, you could just utilize with your iPhone and you’ll get immediate improvement with just using your iPhone.

So, you don’t have to actually junk your iPhone and buy a camera to get better video. You could just get better audio, better lighting. And it also really depends on what kind of video you want to take. But at some stage we had a great guest a few months ago, Malcolm Dawson, and you’ve been watching his videos Robert, what do you think about his YouTube channel? What he’s been doing?

Robert: Oh my God. Malcolm is really… we talk about video all the time and Malcolm is living the proof that video is the way to go. He’s got this massive group, his videos are amazing, his thumbnails are amazing, he talks about the tools that he uses, his microphones are amazing and the most important part, listen up, everybody who’s on the podcast. He is riding tons of business. There we go.

Johnathan: Okay. And when people say to me, well, I don’t really know what to say or what to produce. Well, I’m going to make sure that Malcolm’s YouTube channel URL is in the show notes, right at the front. Also, everything we’re going to be talking about during the show there will be links to the Amazon product pages, where everything I talk about and that will be all in the show notes. So, don’t worry about taking notes when you’re driving, just go to the Mail-Right website next week and all the notes and links will be there for you.

Robert: Okay, John, real quick, because you may not know this, so I’m going to check you on one small thing and I’m going let you go to town. This is a John show everybody, it’s all him. I have nothing to contribute. I’m a pretty face and he’s the intellect so…

Johnathan: Oh, we’re going to want your feedback so it’s making sense if it doesn’t make sense to you, it’s probably not going to make sense [inaudible 04:24] so at least…

Robert: This is what I want to ask, wait, John, before you go off to the races, are you making any commissions off any of these Amazon things?

Johnathan: I am not.

Robert: Okay, there we go. Then go, hit it.

Johnathan: So basically, now if you go to Malcolm’s website, one of the things you’ve got to decide is what type of videos you’re going to be taking and also you might mix it up. So, there’s what Malcolm is doing, he’s taking these videos in doors and he’s seated and he’s got the camera in front of him and he still can direct to the camera about certain subjects that would interest people buying property in his area. Then you got the video where you’re doing a tour of a house that’s just come on the market, which you’re representing so that’s a different type of video. Then you might have videos, which you’re taking the outside. So, there’s about three to four different types of video that you might be doing. With the equipment I’m going to be talking about, you should be able to do literally all those types of videos.

Now, like I say, the iPhone does a fantastic job and especially the latest models. They’ve got multiple cameras, it’s just amazing. The other thing I want to mention is that I recommend that you don’t look at doing 4k video. The reason why I’m suggesting that, and that’s a slightly higher quality of video than what you average you see on the internet the present moment, but YouTube can handle 4K video. The reason why I’m recommending that you don’t look at that is that the file size is become very, very large and you do need a very, quite a powerful computer if you’re going to edit those files sizes. So, I suggest that you don’t look at 4k, you look below that. The difference is only… there is a difference, but only somebody involved in video could probably see it.

Now, if you want to take better images for your video, you are going to have to drop your iPhone and you are going to be looking a dSLR and you’re probably going to be looking at a mirrorless camera. I’m not going to go in the detail what the difference between a mirrorless and a mirror camera, just say that the most powerful, affordable camera that will enable you to take better video than your iPhone are the new breed of mirrorless cameras. And the two that I would recommend is the Canon M50 and the Sony A640. Now both of these cameras been on the market for about a year. The Canon M50 they’re probably in the next few weeks, they’re going to bring out a version two, and if you’re not taking, or you’re not planning to take 4K video, I would recommend that you look at the Canon M50.

Now, the Sony is a powerful camera. And in some ways, a better camera than the M50, but it’s almost $400 more than the M50. And you don’t want to blow all your budget just on the camera, because there are other things that you’re going need. There are, you know… but I put a price of 650 for the Canon M50. That would probably include a kit lens, you’re probably going be able to get this a lot cheaper. You’re probably going to be able at the right time by shopping around, you probably are going to be able to get this for around 500 with a kit lens. There’re good deals on the Canon website, refurnished cameras, eBay, there’s some brand-new camera offers there. Sometimes there are good offers on the Amazon website and the same thing applies with the Sony.

I out about $850 to $900 well, you should be looking at not paying that, that’s the kind of average price if you’re not looking hard enough. You’ll probably be able to get that more like $700 or maybe a little bit less. Now these cameras are not that big, but they’re definitely bigger than our iPhone. I’m always going to be putting links into YouTube channel resources that will help you get up to speed. One of the channels that I recommend is called Think Media and in the show notes there’s going to be a link where they do a joint review of the Canon and of the Sony camera. Now with your iPhone or with one of these more expensive video cameras is the one thing that you got to improve is your sound. It’s counter-intuitive, but one thing that people won’t tolerate on your YouTube videos is bad sound. Does that make sense Robert?

Robert: Yes. [cross-talk 11:03] jump in the middle here, John’s on a roll, but I want to let everybody know who’s listening to this show because we have two sides to the audience. We have the side that find the show through me, and we have the side that just find the show through the Apple store and find the podcast for those that follow me, John has done the kind of job that I do on my content for this particular piece. There are literally 20 or 30 links that he’s put together that are going be in the show notes. So, for all of you who listening to show, this is one of those rare times when John and I… I mean, you should always read the show notes, but this time you’re going to find so much value in going to the actual notes and looking at all of these links. John obviously spent just a massive amount of time getting this together for everybody. So, I hope you’ll take the time and review the show notes.

Johnathan: Oh, thanks for that. So, the first thing which you could improve just keeping using your iPhone is you’re going to have to improve the audio. And I’ve got three things. I’ve got a link to what is one of the leading manufacturer of external sound equipment for these type of cameras or for your iPhone is the Rode VideoMic GO, and you can get it on Amazon for $99 and they have a range of external mics that will fit your camera or your iPhone. The next one down is a lapel mic which has a physical chord and you can get an extension, but like I say, you’re going to have a cable and it provides two mics. A mic for yours and a mc for somebody you’re interviewing. And they’re quite cheap, it’s Boya the brand, they got almost five stars and it’s only $18.

And by investing 18 to $20 and these cameras do have a mic so you can put your mic lead into the camera. Unfortunately, the higher iPhones, they don’t have a mic jack, you’re going to have to use Bluetooth. So, I’ve also provided a brand, a really good price and they’re Bluetooth mics, so you don’t have any leads. And that starts… but they they’re a lot, they’re triple the price, but this particular brand also got five stars and it’s $118 compared to $18, but you don’t have any leads basically.

Robert: Wires, English guys, he’s talking about wires.

Johnathan: Wires, yeah. But if you’re going to start on this journey trying to improve your iPhone, or you’re looking at buying one of these mirrorless cameras, you’ve got to improve the sound, that’s number one. We’re getting close to our break. We’re going to go for a break folks, and when we come back, I’m going to be delving into lighting and some of the other gear that you need to improve your videos in 2020 or 2021. We’ll be back in a few moments, folks.

We’re coming back. Gone through cameras that are I recommend. Sound that’s important. Lighting. Lighting is also really important, especially if you’re buying one of these cameras, because initially if you don’t improve the lighting dramatically, especially if you’re doing video where the cameras in front of you, you’re not going around the house or you’re outside, you’re going to be disappointed with the video. You’re going to think I’ve spent this money and it looks worse than my iPhone. The reason is that these cameras, their picture quality is going to be a lot better, but they need a lot more external lights, a lot more light than you think.

But the good news is you can buy lighting kits and they’re not that expensive. I’ve got two options here, one’s at $114 and the other one’s at $69, and the $69 you will be able to see what the difference is. One is using LED lighting, which is not hot, the other one is using normal lighting and that’s why it’s 69 bucks, but it will do the job. So, I suggest that the first thing you do either for your iPhone before you look at buying, one of these cameras is that you invest in some sound equipment and you also improve your lighting before you look at buying one of these cameras, because otherwise you’re going to be disappointed. How does that sound? Robert?

Robert: I think that that is I mean, John, never mind. Let’s hit me at the end of the entire…

Johnathan: Alright, so on we go. The other thing that I’ve put on here is a gimbal and that’s a device. So, when you’re walking around, these cameras are a lot heavier than your iPhone and they do have, these cameras, they do have internals electronics, stability electronics so the picture won’t be shaking all over. And on the Canon, the lenses that specifically designed, I think with the Sony, the Sony, the actual lenses have the stability inbuilt into the actual lens and they do a great job, a better job that you’re going to get with your iPhone, even though the latest iPhone also have electronic stability inbuilt in them so you don’t get all this shaky picture. But it can only do so much, especially if you’re doing a walk over, over a house, you’re showing a house the outside, and then you’re showing the inside the house, then you’re sharing outside again so you’re moving constantly, as you’re talking, you’re probably going need a gimbal for that. :

And I’ve put one that here that works with the iPhone and also works with these cameras that I’m suggesting you also look at. It’s not cheap, it’s not the cheapest gimbal, but it has a lot of features that are worth it’s $250. And if you plan to do a lot of walkthroughs of homes, you’re probably going to have to look at this because you don’t have to buy it straight away, but it’s going make a difference to the quality of the video that you’re providing. Another thing you probably going be looking at is a tripod, a traditional tripod. And that’s probably going to be more useful if you’re going to be looking at the camera and doing like a particular subject. Just body, head, and your shoulders, or if you’re standing in front and you’re doing a review of the local restaurants or all the things that Malcolm does in his video, there’s endless subjects you can talk about, but you’re probably going to be using a tripod for that.

And you can buy really cheap ones, but they’re very flimsy and they don’t last. For $67, you can get a five-star review one on Amazon, and it’s a pretty sturdy tripod and it’s well worth the investment. So, I’ve gone through lighting, sounds and some of the other gear that you might not think of. But then what you’re going to understand is both of these cameras come with what they called kit lenses and if you’re doing a walk-through of a home, that’s on the market, an outside walk through the kit lens is probably going be totally adequate. But if you’re going to do an internal shoot where you’re looking at the camera, even with the lighting, I suggest your probably going be disappointed with the kit lens because you’re still going get some grainy video because the lens is designed to be a Swiss army knife of a lens and it’s not… what you probably looking if you’re doing is what they call that moco look.

Moco is that when you’re in focus and the background isn’t in focus, you probably you’re looking for that look, and it’s called moco and with your normal kit lens, you’re not going to get that look. So, you’re probably going have to look at buying another lens, and that’s why I’m recommending… that’s why at the beginning of this, this is why I’m suggesting the Canon might be a good purchase because it’s a lot cheaper than the Sony and that gives you the budget to buy some of this other equipment. And a lens that’s really been recommended a law for somebody who wants that moco look, they’re in focus on the background is blurry is… and I’ve just bought it myself actually, because I’ve bought the Canon 50 and I’m planning to use it on a lot of video that I plan to do and for our podcast.

But I’ve learned that I’ve got the kit lens and it just won’t do the quality of video I’m looking for. So, I bought this lens called the Sigma 30, and it’s around 300, but I actually paid 260 for it and it’s coming as I talk, it should be there in the next few days. And with this lens, you will get that look, which you see a lot on a lot of YouTube videos, the persons in your focus and the background is blurry. So, keep that in mind, but if you’re not planning to do that type of video, you probably won’t be looking at that particular lens because you’re looking at about $250 there. The other thing you got to understand that both of these cameras especially the Canon, the Canon will only accept lens is being purposely made for this mirrorless platform.

But Canon, the good news is Canon has a load of other lenses that you can buy second hand at very reasonable prices and there’s an adopter that will cost you $60. And you can put the adapter on this M50 and then it will accept all these older lenses, which you can buy a lot cheaper. So that’s going to be in the show notes, like I say, it’s $60 and then by utilizing this adapter, if you got a older camera, a Canon camera, and you’re looking to do live video, you probably could use some of your old lenses. So, how are we doing for time? So the last thing is editing, I’ve also put in the show notes about three YouTube channels that I follow myself plus Malcolm’s channel that tell you everything about what I’m telling you about cameras, about the lighting, about the sounds and the resources that I used to learn about this, right. So, they’re going to be in the show notes as well.

And the last thing is editing the video. Now unfortunately there is a bias on the Mac. If you’re using a Mac computer, you’re going to have more choices and more affordable choices when it comes to editing. If you’re on the PC, there’s about two editing packages that I would recommend but let’s start off with the Mac. Now, if you have got a Mac, the Mac comes with iMovie as a free download, just probably pre-installed on your Mac. And as an editor, it will work fine, it will do the job.

Now, if you want something slightly better to do your editing there’s a program called ScreenFlow. It’s for the Mac as well, it’s $129, it’s a one-off payment. And that a lot more powerful than iMovie and you can do all sorts of fancy stuff with it. I use it myself; I probably only use about 10% of what it offers because I do very quick edits. Also, you don’t have to edit yourself, there’s plenty of resources on Fiverr and other online freelancer resources where you could get somebody else to edit for you.

If you’re on the PC, you’d be looking at a program called Camtasia. It works on the Mac and PC, but it’s $250 to buy. And the last one that I would recommend that works on the Mac and PC is from Adobe and that’s Adobe premiere, but they have a monthly subscription model where if you want to buy premiere, I think you’ve got to pay like $50 a month so you got to keep your subscription gong. So, like say all this is going be in the show notes. So, what do you reckon, Robert?

Robert: Okay.

Johnathan: How well have I done?

Robert: You’ve done great. So, I have quite a few comments, but they’re going to be brief. So, everybody that’s listening, I’ve been talking to anybody that will listen for a very long time about good content and John has done an amazing piece of content. Why do I say it’s amazing? Because we always give amazing information, John is always giving amazing information, but this time what he’s done is he’s given you very actionable links, he’s done all the work for you. So, if any of you are looking for an example of how you’d… let’s say produce a good podcast, one that’s going to set you apart from other people, or you’re going to produce a good video, the descriptions, the stuff that you use to support your content is actually just as important as the quality of your information and John has done an unbelievable job.

There are like… Like I said, there are 20 some odd links here that take you different places, give you all the support information that you need. Now having said that, I have one over- arching comment to everything. I’m going to talk briefly about who I think this is for. Because for those of you who are brand new in the content and producing video, I personally, John may have a different opinion, but I personally am not going to tell you to go out and buy a thousand dollars’ worth of gear. However, if you’re already producing content, already starting to see results, and now you want to up your game, you want to take it to the next level and really separate yourself from everybody else, that is absolutely the time you start having a conversation about reinvesting into what you’re using to produce and that’s where this piece of content that we’re doing right now, that’s where this is amazing. For that small set of people, this is exactly what you’re going to need. John’s done all the homework for you. So, for those people, I think this is an amazing value add John. I think you’ve done an amazing job.

Johnathan: Yeah. I think you’re totally spot on like most things we agree and that’s why we make a good team Robert, me and Robert because most on the fundamental things we agree. And I agree with everything that Robert’s just said. I’m not telling you to go and buy this, I think you can get some great results with a reasonably modern iPhone, all Android. I think the iPhone is more adaptive and easier to use for video. But by getting a tripod and also sorting out your sound and your lighting for a couple hundred dollars, you can sort out your lighting and your sounds. You an bump your iPhone videos up to the next level and then you could look at the camera and maybe a lens and the lens, the extra lens, you only really need that if you’re going to do this kind of what you can see on this podcast, if you watching on our YouTube channel, is that when we’re looking straight at the camera, like I say if you’re going to be doing walk throughs of houses you will be able to do that with the iPhone. And you’ll probably be able to get a cheaper gurney that helps you not get that shake.

So, do you don’t have to buy it, but at some stage if you’re really, really getting some really great results from your vides and you’re getting some quality leads, you’re going want to go up to the next level and that’s when you’re going to be looking at buying one of these cameras. And a couple of years ago, what’s costing you a thousand dollars to set up and almost get… well, you will get professional quality video, would have cost you from five to $10,000. So, what you can buy now and compare it to the quality is quite amazing, Robert.

Robert: Yeah, I totally agree with everything you just said.

Johnathan: I think we’re going to wrap it up now because Robert he’s got some important clients to talk to and I’ve got some stuff to do. Please give us some feedback if you liked this show. I put a bit of time, but it’s something I’ve been doing myself is upping my video equipment, so it was timely to share what I’ve learned in my road down this path. So, Robert, how can people find out more about you and your company?

Robert: All right. So now everybody gets a serious answer. So, especially lately I’ve been proving my worth in terms of, I’m probably one of the top real estate SEO guys in the world, if not the world right now and my website reflects that I’ve got massive amounts of valuable free content on every subject that you can imagine from platforms like realtors that you can shadow, like what they’re doing in terms of producing this. I’ve also linked Malcolm’s channel because he’s amazing and I’ve linked to other channels too, that I found valuable on my blog that is inboundrem.com. That’s the word inbound rather Edward Michael. So, inbound rem.com, that’s how you can learn more about me and what I do.

Johnathan: Yeah. And if you want to find out more about Mail-Right, like I say, we have texts, email social media. After we’ve got your lead from Facebook advertising, we follow through with you on an automatic platform and it’s really very impressive what we’ve done. We’ve been beta testing it for the past six months. It’s version two of Mail-Right. I kind of up the game, it’s taking a bit longer to test it and then I had the pandemic to deal with, which is been interesting to deal with, but we getting there where we’re going to be really moving it to the public level. So, if you’re interested in coming on board and maybe we can offer you a really great deal coming on board with us, go to the Mail-Right website and book a demo with me and I can have a chat with you and I’m sure you’re going to be impressed with our platform. We’ll back next week with a… I think we’ve got a guest, I’m pretty sure we got a guest this week and it’s going to be a great interview and hopefully you enjoyed this all about improving your video. We will be back next week, folks.

Robert: Bye guys.

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