251 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Chadi Bazzi And His Listings On Demand Method

Hey my name is Chadi.

I got into the real estate industry in 1997 when my son was born because I wanted to give him a life full of abundance. However, for the first two years, I struggled as most agents do, and instead of spending more time with my son, I spent day and night building the business. But I wanted more, I wanted to go beyond my abilities so I moved to California in 1999 to work for the #1 Real Estate company in the world. That is where I got my real life success “college degree.” In 2004, I decided to get back into real estate just to prove to myself and the general public that the skills that I developed are something that anyone can learn, and apply to create massive success very quickly.

Johnathan: Welcome back folks to the Mail-Right show, it’s episode 251. We’ve got a great guest. We’ve got Chadi Bazzi he’s from Listing On-Demand Method and also, he has his own great podcast. I actually listened to a couple of his shows and I thought how did a great job. And also, I’ve got my great co-host Robert Newman and we’re going to be talking about not precisely getting leads, but after you’ve got them, how do you follow through and some insights that Chad is hopefully going to give us. So, Chad, do you want to introduce yourself to the listeners and viewers?

Chadi: Yeah. First of all, Jonathan, Robert, thank you very much for having me on your podcast, I’m excited to be here and a little bit about me. I’ve been in the industry directly indirectly for, I’d say about 23 years now and sold real estate in two different marketplaces did very well in both market places. First marketplace, the biggest pickup we had over there is I wanted to make a lot of money and the commission checks were very small so I made the move from Detroit to Newport Beach, California back in 1999. And at that time, I went to work for a gentleman by the name of Mike Ferry. I think everybody knows who Mike Ferry is. I never graduated from college and I figured he’s the best college that I could possibly go to where I could learn how to excel and grow and do all the things I want to do.

And then in 2004, I went to work with Tom Ferry. So, I served with the Ferries for approximately 11 years. During my time over there, I had the most in-demand one on one coaching schedule, never had less than a hundred [inaudible 01:55] one on one coaching clients at any given time. Since then all together, I’ve been on over 30,000 one and one coaching sessions working with agents from all over the country. So, that’s like the quick version of my last 20 years. That’s like my 22nd, 20-year history.

Robert: Did you say 30,000?

Chad: Over 30,000 one on one coaching calls.

Robert: Wow.

Johnathan: Wow.

Robert: I’ve always said I’m the most experienced to online marketing consultants. You might actually beat me, brother. I’ve been doing it for 13 years, taking three to four calls a day the entire time. I don’t think that I can say that that equals 30,000.

Chad: Yeah. So, Robert for a good period of time, I was getting on the phones at approximately five AM and doing like half-hour sessions, five sessions, half-hour break, five sessions, half-hour break, like from 5:00 AM, till about four or 5:00 PM.

Robert: Jesus. Okay.

Johnathan: Wow.

Robert: That’s impressive.

Johnathan: Well, it’s great to have you on the show. Do you also want to ever, you know, you’ve got your podcast, but we discuss that later on during the show, so, to say we’re living through interesting times, would be an understatement so I don’t know what kind of feedback you’re getting from your coaching clients and that, but before we go into the main topic, you got anything you would like to say about what an agent should be doing now, mindset and also any kind of practical things that they should be doing to try and get them through this difficult moment?

Chadi: Well, I think the first thing that we got to do is, we got to take personal responsibility. There’s what’s going on on the outside and then there’s what’s going on on the inside. I can’t control my government is going to do, I can’t control who’s going to get sick, I can’t control what everybody wants to do, but I can control how I think and how I feel. And if I control how I think and how I feel that I can control what I do and what I do will get me the results that I want. So, when this whole pandemic, Corona Virus, COVID-19 whatever you want to call it all that good stuff came about. I’ve seen two types of people. I have seen the people that are freaking out and I have seen the people that said, hey, it’s opportunity time.

So, it became my job to immediately just shift the mindset of every single person from like, don’t freak out. Let’s just do the best that we can do and keep the focus on helping as many people as we possibly can. And that’s exactly what we did. And Jonathan, I have one person that I can think of in particular right now who had a goal to reach, to do a hundred thousand dollars the whole entire year single mom of two, okay. And when this whole thing, freaked out, she was at $10,000 for the year and I got to tell you she’s already exceeded the goal. In the last 90, 120 days during a pandemic, she made more money than she wanted to make all year long.

And how she did it was all she said is like, there’s no one who’s going to take care of my kids, I got to take care of my kids. Here’s all the things I cannot do. Here’s all the things that I can do and she just focused on the things that she can do. But the two most important things she focused on all day; every single day was not the business. What she focused on, how she was feeling because I kept on drooling in her head that the key to success has nothing to do with what you are going to do. The key to success has everything to do with how you are feeling while you are doing it. And when you are feeling good and you’re in the right state of mind, then you got the right focus, you got the right energy and you take action in spite of you. So, the other people who did not take that advice, did they [inaudible 05:40] absolutely, but that was personal responsibility, so I just throw it right back at every single person has just said hey, take responsibility for where you’re at and do the things that you need to do and you won’t have to worry about anything. Easier said than done, I get it.

Johnathan: Yeah. Over to you Robert.

Robert: Does anybody mind if I kind of go in a slightly different direction? I have [inaudible 06:00] okay. Chadi, I’ve been waiting 13 years to run across a guy like you. Because the Ferries are two people that… so, what I do is I make real estate websites and SEO, but a lot of my approach what drives my business is a huge website, 80, 90 videos. I have a lot of views that hundreds, if not thousands of hours per month. So, what I’m talking about though, is I’m trying to demystify the technology equation when it comes to real estate agents. But a lot of my clients as you can well imagine are also clients of Ferry and Mike, and they’ve also reviewed like Mike Ferry has all these scripts that he puts online and shit like that. I’m sorry for the big buildup and the big intro but here’s the question that I oftentimes get from people because they’re always very confused when they’re sitting here and they’re going to a coaching service, they’re very confused by what they do and don’t get.

Because nine times out of 10, when people call me and they’re coached by Tom, they’re like, hey, he’s great, but I’ve gotten zero trends, like no granular detail on anything related to tech. Yes, I get broad suggestions. Like go do this focus on video, blah, blah, blah. Start a podcast. But that’s where it is. So, your opinion, Chad, Chadi. How do I say your first name first of all? Chadi?

Chadi: Chadi.

Johnathan: Chadi.

Robert: Chadi?

Chadi: Yeah.

Robert: Okay. So, in your opinion Chadi, and if I’m asking you to like, where do those coaching services start and stop? Like, what can you actually expect to learn? Actually, you know what, why not let’s make this personal, what can you learn from those guys? What can you learn from you? I heard you talking about this at the beginning of the show. What’s the difference? And where does that level of coaching stop? How granular will you actually get with somebody, if they start tossing you real specific questions? I get mindset. That’s what Tom talks about all the time, but like, okay, I’ve got the mindset. I want to hammer outcalls. Can you help me? Yes or no?

Chadi: [Inaudible 08:20] I’m going to give you like four or five answers to that one big, fully loaded question.

Robert: Sure.

Chadi: First of all, I just want to say that I think Tom and Mike are two amazing people. And if we really want to face reality, I think the majority of the coaches in the industry are a byproduct of Mike Ferry, who is the godfather of coaching.

Robert: Okay

Chadi: Having been in their presence for as long as I have been in their presence is the reason that I am here today. So, had it not been for them, I most likely would not be who I am today and I’m forever grateful to the Ferry family. Okay now, where does coaching start and where does coaching stop? Okay so, I think that it doesn’t matter who your coach is more important is going to be, is the student. Is the student ready to take on the coaching? I get a lot of people and I’m very selective about who I work with. I get people that want to come into my program and you can’t buy my programs online, by the way, you can search all you want and you can’t join any of my programs online unless you have a conversation either with myself or my team member. And if we’re not a fit, we don’t let you in, okay.

So, we’re always looking for the people that don’t want to spend too much time having the mindset conversation. I am sick of having the mindset conversation. Look, it’s black and white. It’s either you’re committed or you’re not. If you need help reaching that level of commitment, we’ll work with you on that. But if I want to sit there and babysit your mind forever, I don’t want to work with you, okay.

We give you the tools, it’s very simple, it’s a daily agenda that you follow through every single day and you’re good. Now I get that there’s a lot of coaches out there that tell you, yeah you need to build a funnel. Yeah, you need to start a podcast. You need to pay for this online service and Many Chat and all that good stuff to generate leads and the coach can’t coach you on that aspect of it, okay. Like me personally, I can draw out the funnel for you, I’m not going to build the funnel for you, okay.

So, the coach is giving you the direction to go in the right path. And you got to… we give you resources like, hey, go to Robert, he’ll upload your funnel for you, he’ll do this for you, et cetera. So, I think that’s across the industry. It’s the same, whether it’s Ferry or someone else, we push you in the right direction. But I think where people are pushing people in a wrong direction is when it comes to the most important element of how to succeed in this business. And that is the art of communication and how you take the leads that you generate and you turn them into actual appointments and actual contracts.

Robert: Okay. And that’s what your personal, strongest, like we all have core shit that we do and forgive me everybody, but I curse like a sailor, you’ve been listening to show you already know that. So, we have core things that we do. I do a lot of stuff conversion, and I build a beautiful website, blah, blah, blah but my real passion and skill is SEO. Like inbound marketing, SEO. I’m taking it that your real passion and skill is what do we do inside the conversation after we get the lead? Is that right wrong?

Chadi: 100% my friend, 100%.

Robert: Okay.

Chadi: So, I like [inaudible 11:43], for example, you and I would make a perfect team. I send somebody to you, you get them all the leads, I show them how to convert them. I can’t do what you do, I don’t know if you can do what I do, but together we make a perfect team. And, lead generation nowadays with the likes of whether it’s Zillow or Bold Leads or any of those online services, you pay a pretty penny, you get a lead and most people just don’t know what to do with the leads and that’s where a lot of people are failing.

Robert: I got you. I got you. And you’re right. I don’t know the answer to that though. I can tell you that I’ve spent a year or two building something for somebody and then getting to the place where I know they’re getting the part that I promised them, which is names and numbers of interest in people, and they often times are taking it over the finish line. And that is enormously frustrating as a marketer, not where you are at. So, you’re right saying to somebody like I am a guy that can help you take, like, if you have a hundred names of people that probably are interested and I can help take it over the finish line to get those people from maybe interested to, okay, I know they’re interested or not, yeah that sounds great. And that’s what you focus on, that’s what you and your team focused on and is the coaching done by you or is it done by other people these days?

Chad: [Inaudible 12:57] people on my team. I’d say it’s about 80% me, 20% team members. So, I’m the one that shows up more often than not. And the reason being is having been involved in two of the largest coaching companies in the world, what happens is when the message is coming from the top and it goes to the next person, then the next person, and the next person, it’s not the same message anymore, it’s not the same exact training anymore, it gets diluted. So, I like to keep the majority of control in regards to my training and my message, because I want my clients to get the result and my focus is a little bit different Robert. I don’t want to be the largest coaching company in the world. I want to be the best coaching company for my clients only.

Robert: Got you. John. I mean, I could keep going John, but if you have something you want to add, I suggest you get in here and do it because this is right in my bailiwick, so I can talk to Chadi all day long.

Johnathan: I’m just looking at the clock, but yeah, I think we go for our break where mini early, but we go for our break. We’re coming back. I think we’ve had a fascinating discussion already. We’ll be back in a few moments’ folks.

We’re coming back. We’ve been talking about mindsets, about actually getting the leads but not doing anything when they are there. Why so many agents are like that, it’s been an interesting discussion already. So, everything you’ve said in the first half, I agree with Chadi because of the Mail-Right system, we do get leads. We’ve got [inaudible 15:07] we’ve got a small group of agents that are using the product but they’re getting results, but of that small group, even a smaller subset because we can see all the reports, we can tell by when we have a weekly chat with them, the ones that are followed through and the ones that aren’t. Why is this such a problem in the industry of consistent follow through?

Chadi: I think everybody’s looking for the magic pill, everybody’s looking for that one quick hack, and a lot of people are trying to move away from the reality of nothing’s going to take the place of your work ethic and you show up and doing the work. I think that’s part of it, and I did, just a few days ago, I did another podcast episode and in that podcast episode, I think it hovers around the answer to your question. I said a lot of people don’t follow through for a couple of different reasons. Number one, it’s the neuro association, okay. That one activity or that one thing that they signed up for that one thing that they committed to, what meaning are they given that in their mind? Like for example, if we say prospecting when somebody thinks about prospecting, they think about it, it could be fear of rejection, it could be of pain, it could be hard to do, it could be, will not work for me, it could be not worth it.

So, that’s the neuro association. Now for someone else, prospecting could equate like this is like an ATM machine for me, this equals more listings, this equals more whatever. So, it begins with what is the meaning that you’re giving the activities that you need to make. And here’s the thing, nine out of 10 times the meaning that you are giving it is not valid. It’s not valid. It’s the first thought that pops into your mind. And this is what I tell people you have to sit down and you have to write down, like, for example, Mail-Right equals what? What does that equal? I would want them to come up with… I would want them to invent an answer that’s going to get them excited.

Equals more leads, equals more opportunity, equals less stress, equals more consistency. Do you see where I’m going? So that’s number one, your association number two is the lack of desire. A lot of people lack the desire. They lack the desire and like everyone says, hey, I’m committed, yeah, I know what I want. I was like, if you know what you want, then you will do whatever it takes but you are not doing whatever it takes, which displays that you lack the desire to really want what you say you want. So, we got to dig deep and we got to connect the why. Why are you doing this? Why did you begin this? Why do you want to make this happen? So, we got to create that connection. And the final thing is a lot of people don’t follow through because they don’t know what to say, they don’t know how to say it, they don’t know when to say it.

Which Robert talked about a little bit ago and he said hey, there’s a bunch of scripts online. I think scripts suck. I think scripts screw more people than help people. That’s why in my Listing On-Demand Method, we created something called dream scripts. Dream scripts, yeah. I give you a script to begin with because that’s going to serve as the foundation that has the framework, okay. And then we’ll get you to memorize it like it, or don’t like it I get you to memorize it. And then I get you to internalize it and number three, I help you personalize it to your personality and sales style and that’s what makes it work. If everyone looks at their script and says, I can’t say that that, doesn’t sound like me and et cetera. And that’s why everybody tried every single script [inaudible 18:50] the sun and they’re still struggling.

Johnathan: Yeah. I follow your logic with that 100%. I totally agree with what you just said there. Over to you Robert.

Robert: Well, as a… I’ve been selling stuff since I was 17 and Chadi, I have to say that your skills and experience and what you’re doing right now really appealed to me because I’m actually at a different section of the real estate marketing industry, but exactly the same history. I’ve worked for all the big names, I’ve consulted with them, I’ve worked for some of them directly and then after a long, long time, I decided to strikeout. Now you have a lot more years than I do, but I worked for other people for nine years and started my own thing five years ago. And one of the things that I think that people would be well served to understand is that when you’ve had a conversation with 30,000 people, if you struck out and started your own thing, the reason that you did it, and you’re being very kind to Tom and Mike, so I’ll call it out is that you were seeing something that you felt wasn’t being done and you were plugging that lead yourself, probably my guess would be as a coach. And then finally, you just said, why do I keep plugging the hole that already exists? I’m just going to go out and start my own thing. Is that roughly correct? Chadi?

Chadi: Pretty much, yeah, I want to do, I wanted to do things just a little bit differently. Again, both gentlemen, both programs, absolutely excellent programs for the people that fit that personality style and that agenda. I wanted to do things a little bit differently. I wanted my coaching to be a little bit more personalized. Meaning, I didn’t want to follow a specific coaching format and I don’t want to sit there Robert and talk to you about lead follow-up if you don’t have any leads. I wanted to personalize the experience for every single person and that’s what I did.

I took the whole big puzzle, the whole big puzzle that had about 40, 50 moving parts, and I said, hey, what are the three most important parts? And let me just focus on that. And that’s exactly what I’ve done, everything else I was like, once I get you to about a hundred transactions, that’s somebody else. They can go to another coach or to someone else that can take them where I can’t take, but I wanted to focus on what are the three things that are going to get you to increase your production by two to three transactions every single month, like literally inside of the first 90 to 120 days. That’s what I focused on.

Robert: There’s a guy that came on our show by the name of Michael Hollenbeck. And I really suggest maybe Chadi that you check him out because he said something and he had a way of saying it, but I’m not going to be able to nail because he’s he did it really good, but basically, it was this, and I’m going re-parcel what you just said. Real estate agents and brokers tend to have different phases of their careers. Let’s just say you’re one through five, you’re building up an income up to maybe a hundred thousand dollars in however many transactions that is, In Newport that might be 10 in, someplace else that might be a hundred, right? Depending on what part of the country in. So, but you build up that funnel, right? You get it to a point now you’re making 120, and we all know anybody that’s dealt with real estate agents understand that as you’re building that up, you’re getting busier and busier, your schedule’s getting fuller because you’re trying to do every fucking thing yourself, every damn thing that you’re supposed to do, you’re doing it solo. And now you want to go to phase two of your career and Michael said there were six phases.

And phase two is where you start hiring on people to replace yourself like an assistant or something like that. And you go from, let’s say one 20 to two 40 or 300 in terms of income. And then you have tier three, tier four, tier five. Now very few people are in tier five, that’s the top zero 1%. But what I’m hearing you saying is that you’re a guy that’s probably maybe like tier two through tier four, where you’re somewhere between 120,000 and you want to get up to 500,000, maybe to a million dollars in commission. And maybe you’re a guy that you then talked to when you’re in that bubble, you’re getting coached by you to help you go from that one level of your career into another level. Am my hearing, that right?

Chadi: 100%. I got a gentleman I was working with and when he came to me, he was doing three transactions. He was at 3 transactions and inside of one year, we took him to over a hundred transactions and when we got through a hundred transactions, that’s where my job pretty much finished. Because [inaudible 23:19] like taking on more team members and more management and all that good stuff and that he went on to someone else with of course my blessing. I was like, you need to go somewhere else to get to the two, three, 400 transaction mark. So yeah, look, I tend to focus on anyone I would say from anywhere from a brand-new agent, all the way to about a hundred transactions and I think my stopping point would be about a hundred transactions. Now, mind you, I have another client that does about… not working with her right now, but I’ve worked with someone that does about 350 transactions a year.

Johnathan: Wow.

Chadi: Now, that person came to me for not how do I get more leads, not how do I convert the leads, that person came to me of like, hey, can you take what I did and combine it with what you did and can we help the other agents in my office take it to the next level? So, can I work with someone who’s doing over 100 transactions? Absolutely. It just depends on what they need help with.

Robert: Right. And so that everybody, I mean, listen, I crawl the marketing, I’ve done all the call centers, I’ve run… believe me when I tell you having a specialist that would come in and say, what happens once we’ve given you a lead? That’s a really incredible, valuable skillset and I’m really excited that you’re super honest and transparent Chadi and that you’re willing to say that’s my focus, that’s what really my primary call to action is and that’s what I can help with because I think there is a huge need for that. I love the fact that you’re focusing on that as maybe not the only thing, but it’s certainly something that you’re talking about. I think it’s important for coaching people to understand what kind of coach are you hiring and what is it that their main skill set is and do you need help with that thing. If you’re a mindset person, go sign on the Toms monthly calls for $600 a month, do that. But if you’re not, if you’ve got the mindset and you’re determined, you’re just bumbling the words are not, hey, call Chadi. So, I [cross-talk 25:27]. Go ahead.

Chadi: I was going to say I have one person on my team who is an NLP hypnotherapist and she’s known as the mind trainer. So, one of the things that we try to do with every single person is we’re not going to just have a mindset conversation with you. What we focus on is let’s reprogram your mind, let’s wire your mind inside of the first seven days so you hear the message correctly. From there, what we focus on is like let’s build the absolutely best listing presentation that you can possibly have to give you the courage and to give you the confidence to go out there and generate leads. The industry average is 30% of the listing appointments that people go on, I’m sorry, they convert 30% of the listing appointments they go on an average, my clients are converting 75.2% of listing appointments into listing contracts and then we focused on lead generation, which I think is easy. And we can pretty much get you to generate anywhere between two to five listing appointments every single week, and usually thinks about 90 days to get you there.

Robert: Nice, I love that. John, we’re running up on the tail end of the first 30 minutes. I want to hand it back over to you and let you ask one more thing. The direction I’m thinking of going in, we could do, if he wants to do bonus content, we can do bonus content if that’s [cross-talk 26:58]

Johnathan: Do you want to stay on Chadi? We finished the podcast, but we with some of our guests, we do some bonus content, which we show the whole interview on the Mail-Right YouTube channel and the site, do you want to stay on for a little longer?

Chadi: Yeah, of course. Let’s do this.

Johnathan: Right. But just before we wrap up the podcast part of the show is with all your years is there…and if you say that is too big a question, we should leave it to the bonus I understand. But is there anyone factor that you’ve noticed with all the people that you’ve interviewed that you look for that will tell you that person, that individual male or female is probably going be successful in this industry?

Chadi: Is there like, okay, so basically, it’s that like one characteristic?

Johnathan: Yes.

Chadi: I think the most important thing that I look for in an individual is if their level of desire. I’m looking for the hungry person, I’m looking for the person that, like, hey man, just show me what to do and I’m going to go out there and do it. I think that that’s the most important ingredient that I look for. I just want to work with someone that really, really, really wants it and just needs direction on how to get it.

Johnathan: That’s great. So, Chadi, what’s the best way for people to learn more about you and your company?

Chadi: I think the best way is hey can connect with me online Chadi Bazzi, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, et cetera. The podcast is called Top Listing Agent Show. If someone wanted to get some free training, they can go to listingondemand.com. and that would be a great starting point as well, too.

Johnathan: That’s great. And Robert, what’s the best way for people to learn more about you and your company?

Robert: Actually, it’s always, it’s just going to inboundrem.com and catch up on my blog, or if you really want to just go to my services page and you can schedule a call with me.

Johnathan: And if you want to find out more about Mail-Right, all you have to do is go to the Mail-Right website. We’ve got all the interviews from the podcasts on there. It is a great resource as it is. If you want a personal chat with me, you might find numbers on the website, you can just give me a ring and then you can get a free half-hour consultation for me and I’ll answer to the best of my ability, any problems you got with your online marketing, and I’ll try and help you out. And also, if you’re interested in the Mail-Right product, we can always arrange a demo and show you the power of Mail-Right? We’ll be back next week with another fantastic guest or an internal discussion between me and my great co-host Robert, we will be back next week, folks. Bye.




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