#246 Mail-Right Show Special Guest Ricky Carruth

Why Are Most Online Real Estate Agent Coaching Courses Are Crap!

About Ricky Carruth

Ricky was born and raised on the Gulf Coast. Ricky starting his career more than 20 years ago therefore has been on, and watched, the roller coaster of an up and down market. Throughout Ricky’s real estate career he has learned many lessons, He knows what do to, what not to do, he watches trends in every angle of the real estate business, from the quality of build to newly built remodels, from comps to inspections, and negotiating with buyers and sellers.

In 2014 Ricky emerged as the #1 real estate agent on the Gulf Coast and has maintained that throughout and into the present day. Ricky’s key attributes include his dedication to his clients, his hard work ethic, and last but not least, his market knowledge of Real Estate. His unparalleled desire for every client he represents to become part of his extended family and his true commitment to doing anything to help them achieve their living dreams is truly a service only described as World Class.




Jonathon: Welcome back folks to the Mail-Right Show. This is episode 246. I’ve got my great cohost Robert Newman, and we’ve got a returning friend of the show. He came on over a year ago and I thought we had to have him back. He’s a pretty busy guy though, he’s Ricky Rivers. And I’m going to let Ricky introduce himself and what he’s been up to since the year we last chatted. So Ricky, can you quickly introduce yourself to the listeners and viewers?

Ricky: Absolutely man. Thanks for having me back by the way, and it’s good to be here. Since last time, everything that’s happened since then, it feels like ages ago. We’re in the middle of one of the strangest years ever. However, one of the most productive years ever. I mean, if you look at everybody’s numbers and volumes, you know, we’re looking really strong on the year, considering all the weird stuff we’ve been through. So it’s really, been an incredibly great year. You just got to stay optimistic. I’ve just continued to grow. I’m continuing to train.

Jonathon: So just tell the people where you’re based and the name of your company, and what you do Ricky.

Ricky: I got you, man. I’m in Orange Beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Right on the Florida Alabama line. And I’m just an 18-year, real estate agent. I just love helping people buy and sell real estate. You know what I mean? So a couple of years ago I wrote a couple books and started coaching and speaking and writing. So I kind of do that on the side and I’m just in a good place to be honest with you

Jonathon: [Inaudible 00:01:45] I’ve got my great cohost Robert. Would you like to quickly introduce yourself to the new listeners and viewers??

Robert: Well, if your new check out my website, inboundrem.com and it will tell you everything you need to know about me.

Jonathon: And if you want to find out more about Mail-Right. Like I said, we’ve got over 200 plus of these interviews from some of the best experts or internal discussions between me and Robert. About everything around technology and real estate on the Mail-Right website. And if you’re interested in the Mail-Right product, you can get a free demo from me, by just booking on the website. And we can show you the power of Mail-Right, and its ability to get you leads. So Ricky, like we touched on, we’re living on strange times at the present moment to say the least. I think, really concentrating on your market and promoting yourself effectively online at the present moment will pay enormous dividends when the market gets a bit more normalized. I do agree with that. And what are some key things that you advise, the people that come to you for your knowledge about marketing themselves effectively online?

Ricky: Marketing yourself effectively online? I mean, it really comes down to a couple of things. Number one, a lot of people say, what do I post, and all this and that, and I go to their account, they’re not posting right? So the very first step is: to post consistent content. If you’re not posting consistent content, then we can just go ahead and end this conversation right now. Until you start posting content, you don’t really know what works and what doesn’t work. You know what I’m saying? So you need to pick your platforms and you need to start posting original, consistent content, right?. Your audience needs to be ready and have a routine, where they expect to see your face, once a day or whatever the case may be.

Weekly emails, once a week YouTube video, three YouTube videos a week, once a week podcast. Whatever platform you’re going to use, the way to effectively market yourself is number one. Post original, consistent content. But number two, what people find is very interesting. The reason why a lot of people follow other people-because that person has done something different from everybody else online. What can we all do? That’s different from everybody else online? We can give our opinions on different things going on, give our 2 cents on the market. Like, the market is this, here’s the inventory, here’s prices, here’s interest rates compared to last year. I was showing a property the other day, and this buyer said this.

Give them a little story, give them a little of your opinion and give them a little bit of your personality. That’s when people start really tuning in to your content, they start following you harder and harder. And before you know it, they’re engaging with you and they’re commenting and you’re replying, you’re direct messaging each other. Next thing you know, you’re on a phone call talking about looking at a house.

Jonathon: Yea, I follow that. Over to Robert.

Robert: So we were talking a little bit about– Here’s my brief understanding. So, I’m finding this pretty fascinating. So for the audience that’s just tuning in Ricky is identifying himself as one of the fastest growing real estate coaches in the US. And indeed, if the numbers are what he has said they are, which is a hundred new clients per day. He probably is one of the fastest growing real estate coaches. He’s also free, if I understand correctly with no hooks, no back door you got to pay me something. At some point you are literally giving out your advice at no charge to the people seeking it. Is that correct?

Ricky: Yeah. It’s a hundred percent correct.

Robert: Okay. And, so I’m on his website and it seems like what you do in the first 90 days- is step them through an online course. Or is that just a wrong impression of mine?

Ricky: No, not at all. The 90 days is this- there’s a course that I put together. So, the middle of the 90 days, there’s a 28 days challenge. What happens is text a number and then you start on whatever Sunday, after the text. You will start getting a video texted to you every month, every day at seven o’clock, whatever time zone you’re in. Okay. Every day seven o’clock you get a video texting for 28 days straight with your challenge of the day. This is very incredible and intense. We take Sundays off, which you want with the family. We organize our week. We’re going to get up 30 minutes earlier than we normally do. We’re going to work out, we’re going to drink water all day.

Ricky: We’re going to organize our day in terms of our open houses at the end of the week and phone calls and all this stuff. I organize the whole thing. It’s a 28 days challenge. Before you jump into the 28 days challenge, I want you to get a little bit of taste of my philosophies. What I believe, and how I built my business before you just dive into that. For someone who doesn’t know Ricky, or what I’ve been through. How I’ve built my business, it can be like a little bit too much. So what I did was, I said, you know, you guys, here’s a course, that will kind of brief you on what I do and how I do it. Once you get that idea behind you — what I’m thinking now is dive into the 28 days challenge.

So that’s basically the foundation of it. And then from there, I want you to take your favorite parts of the challenge and the favorite strategies that I do. Create your own little strategy and finish out the 90 days.

Robert: Okay?

Ricky: When you complete the 90 days, you email me and you and I get on a call, right? You said, we set up a call, and we do a coaching call, or I want to hear how the 90 days went. What were your successes? What were your failures? What do you have a problem with? Where do you want to be in five years? This start to help you strategize a plan on what you can do, day-to-day. And help you visualize how this day-to-day strategy can get you where you need to be in five years, whereas you won’t stress out every day.

If you can visualize where you’re going to be in five years based on what you’re doing today, even though it doesn’t seem like it. But if I can help you visualize where you’re going to be in five years, it takes a lot of pressure off. Most people are going through life every day, just busting it. Then they go home stressed out, wondering if they did enough to hit their goals. What I want to do is help you visualize the strategy, because I’ve already done all this stuff. I was a number one Reemax agent in the state of Alabama, three times. I’ve been knocking down seven figures year over year, over year. I’ve sold a hundred properties a year since 2014. I wrote two books. I speak all over the world. I’ve already done all these things.

And so that’s where I shine. If you tell me what your big scary goals are, your big five and 10 year goals. I can tell you exactly what you need to do day-to-day and help you visualize how these activities are going to get you where you want to be. And it’s in a way where you can knock off at five o’clock and relax and spend time with the family without feeling guilty at the same time. Knowing that you’re doing the things you to do to get where you want to go. So, there’s a lot to it man. It’s got many levels. It’s not just this shallow, ‘Oh, it’s a free thing. It’s not worth anything deal’. No. It actually provides more value than any other program out there. There are coaches that would charge. I don’t know how much for this–

It’s a ridiculous amount, I’m sure. But it’s real. When it’s free, you know I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. When you’re charging, it’s like, well, he’s charging me. He’s telling me all these things and making me scared that if I don’t do this coaching program, I’m not going to succeed. I guess I will give him a thousand dollars a month. And then you get in there and you’re like, you just tell me what I needed to hear to try to keep the thousand dollars a month going. With me, it’s like, here’s what you do. Go do it. I don’t care if you do it or not. I’m not making any money off of you. Go succeed. You know what I’m saying?

And all I want from the agents in return is, to just go succeed. Agents ask me all the time. Man, I’ve doubled, I’ve tripled, quadrupled my income. I have an agent that did a hundred deals in their first year in the business in Mississippi. And they’re like, what can I do for you, Ricky? You’ve done all this for the industry. What can I do for you? And I’m like, nothing. I just want you to succeed. If you just take something I do and go succeed and then email me and tell me about it. That’s all I want. And so my entire thesis behind it is two things. One, always value relationships over transactions, every single time. And the second thing is, the goal with the free coaching program is to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry.

There’s no way you can make a difference in the world if you’re charging. Why? Because when you have that gate of dollars between you and the information or the agent. You’re going to turn away a lot of agents, or let’s just say in general, other industries just success in general. You have this wall where nobody can get past the wall unless they pay you. There’s going to be a few people that come in the wall and pay you. But not everybody. Most persons are going in an opposite direction. If you want to make a difference in the world, a positive difference in a big way, and really make your mark on this planet. You have to give the information for free so that everybody who encounters you come in. Every single person that encounters you or looks at you online comes in.

There’s no gate, you come in freely. And so that’s why I’m able to sign up a hundred plus agents all over the world every single day- is because it is free. And because of that, I might’ve helped. Let’s use the law, 1% actually do it. Alright. That’s one agent a day. Whereas if I was charging, I may only get what 20-30 a month, a hundred a month. Something like that. 1% of that is one a month. So I’m doing 30 times more damage in helping reduce the failure rate in the industry than I would, if I was charging. You know what I’m saying? And in the long run, if I have a bigger following of people who love me. Here’s the difference, man. When I got into real estate coaching I said, the reason that I’m doing this is-because I don’t do anything unless I want to be best in the world.

So when I got into real estate coaching business I said, who’s the best in the world? Here he is. Now, what do I got to do to dominate this? What’s the metric that I used to realize that I’ve dominated, right? The metric I use is how many people in the world love you? So when I look at the big coaches, I see a lot of polarizing figures. I see coaches who either hate him or you like him-you don’t even love him. You’re just hating, or you’re liking. Very few people might love me, right? But for me, I don’t have a hate, a like and a love. Everybody loves me because I do nothing but give back. I’m not asking for anything. So therefore, everybody loves you.

And now from that point, everybody follows you to the ends of the Earth. They go to every event that you do. They stand in- I go to speak at an event, agents stand in a single file line for hours to take a picture, shake my hand, tell me a story about how I helped them. Let me sign a book, whatever the case may be. And that’s, what you’re after. When you want to change the world, those are the kind of metrics I’ll look at.

Robert: So, you certainly have passion. And I have two questions surrounding that. I love what you’re saying. By the way I, live very similar philosophies. Most of the stuff on my site, about three years ago went unnoticed. I shared my SEO formula with the real estate world for free. Exactly what I get paid to do. I shared it. I did five hours worth of videos and step somebody through every single fucking thing I do. So if all they wanted to do, was done. I taught them how. Like I just literally sit here.

So I believe in giving it away. Like I’m totally on board with that, but your numbers raises some questions. Which is, a hundred people a day sign up, and they get a call with you, 90 days into the program. I know from personal experience, because I still take calls from agents myself today. I can only do two to four of those calls a day. So you’re not getting a hundred people a day that are graduating your program. You’re getting–

Ricky: Not at all. Here are the numbers of that. You know how many people over 30,000 have actually completed the 90 days and got a call with me?

Robert: I don’t know, how many?

Ricky: 100

100, now here’s what happened. They get into the program. All they want is the information, right? So they get into the program. They suck it dry for all the information that’s going to take them to the top. And then they go to the top. They don’t do the 90 days. They just take the information. They go double and triple their income. I’ve got thousands of screenshots of agents who messaged me on Instagram say that they doubled and tripled. They changed their lives, or they were about to quit the business. Now they’re selling properties left and right. So there are hundreds and probably. I don’t know what the number is of agents that actually helped in a hugely positive way.

The number’s really big, but as far as people who actually say. I’m going to complete this 90 days. I’m going to do this call with Ricky. There’s only been a hundred who have actually completed. The reason I know is because once you complete that 90 days, you get that call. I put you in a separate Facebook group of people. Only people who have completed the 90 day. That way those agents can get together, they can network. They could, do what they do but, those are the numbers.

Robert: Okay. And so now, all of this begs me personally. You mentioned earlier on in the show. You’re like; Hey, nobody knows Ricky’s story, and they should know it before they sign up for my program. So it’s a pretty unusual mindset, especially in real estate to find a guy that wants to give away his information for free. And you’re being really kind, I think because you competed against these guys. Dudes, like Tom Ferry and Mike Ferry, they do not give their time away for free. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard stories of them charging as much as a thousand dollars an hour or more just to sit down and have a one on one conversation with somebody.

And they’re usually not very specific conversations. It’s more about mindset and attitude than it is about anything else. So here you are saying; hey, I’ve got the success boots on the ground. You’re saying, I’m going to give it a week. I’m going to give them my secret to you at no charge. So what is behind that?

Ricky: Well, I just explained it pretty well. It’s a matter of, do I want to change the industry, right? And so here’s the thing, through doing it for free. Building a 10 times bigger audience than all the other coaches puts you in position. If you want to make- you can do both. My coaching business is a seven-figure business. You can do both. You can change the world and make money. I’m 10 steps ahead of the rest of the coaches is what I am. I’m early to the party on this type of coaching program basically. We’re going to see a lot of these apps, as I continue to grow. You’re going to see a lot of these pop up, or people aren’t charging.

They got a course, they got a 90-day plan. They’re speaking, you’re going to see a lot of these things pop up. By the way, speaking of Tom Ferry. He messaged me and says, please stop coaching for free. Please, Ricky, please stop coaching for free. I’ve got people like that, saying, Hey, because that used to pay him a thousand a month, they come to me, they get way more value for free. Like you said, he’s not even giving nuts and bolts. He’s just telling your mindset. I mean, how could he give you nuts and bolts? He never had a real estate license.

Robert: Right. Exactly my point. [Inaudible 00:18:07].

Jonathon: We’re going to go for our break folks. We’ll be back with this fascinating discussion with Ricky. We’ll be back in a few moments.

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Jonathon: Welcome back. Ricky’s come out far already, all pistons. Now Ricky, looking back, I remember some key parts of our previous discussion. You were very honest that before the recession, you were highly successful. You bought a lot of property, borrowed a lot of money. And when the recession hit you lost everything. And I think you were really honest. And you say you have to get out the industry for a little while to feed yourself and your family. I think you’re on the out field, on the platforms. And then you learn, a better lesson that reinstate, it’s all about relationships. And you made sure that you had a very tight group of people and you did what a lot of real estate agents don’t do that well. You keep in contact with previous clients. You’re religious about that. Its also not, only about posting and using technology, but also a key part of your coaching morphology is building those relationships and then keeping them active.

Ricky: Exactly, man. I mean-it’s the name of business. This can go for any business it’s relationships over transactions. Think about it. Every human being is going to do a real estate transaction, X-amount of times in their lifetime. I don’t know what the number is. On average, every human being does certain number of transactions in their lifetime. They’re going to refer a certain number of referrals out to an agent in their lifetime. So, when I look at real estate and I think about human beings in my market I think. Man, if I were friends with every human being in my market, I would do every deal in the market. So what that makes me realize is that market share is not the definition of- market share for a real estate agent is not how many listings, how many closings, how many appending deals compared to the rest of the market, right?

How many appointments you’re setting. That’s not market share to me. Market Share is what agent has the most real lifelong relationships with property owners in their market. Which agent is friends with the most property owners period, right? And who is building a great personal brand with those people that’s who owns the market. It doesn’t matter about how many numbers of transactions and closings, whoever owns that we all have more in the future than everyone else, period. So when you start to break that down and you start to think as you’re prospecting. If you run across a prospect who doesn’t necessarily want to buy or sell anything right now, what do we do? We spend just as much time on that prospect as we would a hot prospect, because that person is going to do multiple deals in their life, and they’re going to refer multiple people in their life.

You know what I mean? So if you stop thinking about the transaction, you start focusing only purely on relationships and how you can help people. Then you can really build a big business. Now, one problem that agents run into because business is a hundred million percent unlimited for every agent, right? Meaning that there’s more than every agent can handle. The industry is massive and each agent is microscopic dot in this huge abyss of business. When you think about the volume of business and an individual agent’s volume, it’s just a drop. It’s a microscopic piece of sand in an ocean kind of deal. So, when you realized that business is completely unlimited, regardless of what happens in the market. For example, the market just went down, transaction wise, 20% average across the board in the nation. But there were, there were places like New York City that experienced 85% downturn and number of transactions through the pandemic.

We just had our condo market here locally had a decrease in 45% year over year in April in terms of transactions. Even in those moments, I’m still doing just as many deals as I was before. Because I understand that there are, more than I can handle at any given time. The market could shrink down to 10% and that 10%, you’re still a little dot within that 10%. You know what I mean? So the problem is, that agents will get three or four prospects who are looking to do something in the next 90 days. And then they’ll focus on those three or four people that won’t really try to. They’re thinking they have three or four deals, but really three or four people thinking about doing something in the next 90 days is really just one deal if you’re lucky.

It’s actually going to go through; you know what I mean? Maybe two, if you’re lucky, something like that, I want you to do those two deals. Here’s the secret man. Every agent needs to start a Google sheet. They need to call it real estate deals. And on that sheet, they need to make it a favorite in their browser and pull it up and have it on their computer every day. And on that Google sheet, they should have names and information on every prospect they have that wants to buy or sell a property in the next 90 days. That is thinking about buying or selling in the next 90 days. The problem is ages don’t know what the benchmark is of how many potential deals they need to hit their goals.

Me. I want to do a hundred deals every year. If I wake up January, December 31st, and I haven’t done a hundred deals, I’ve only been in 20. I’m still just as happy, because I knew I worked just as hard to sell those 20. It’s not about the results. It’s about how much action I’m putting in on daily basis, but agents just don’t understand. This goes back to the guy that sold a hundred deals in his first year.

You can easily- even as a new agent. You could easily sell 5,200 properties in your first year. Or if you’re an experienced agent, you’re doing 20 deals. You want to bump it up to 5,200. This is not a hard thing. The problem is, people don’t know the benchmarks. If you could keep a Google sheet of people who want to buy or sell in the next 90 days, and you keep that number between 20 and 30. 20 and 30 people at all times thinking about buying or selling in the next 90 days, you will start closing one or two a week.

Now, the Google sheet. If someone’s on that sheet, and they decide to move forward with you, they list their property, or they put something under contract. There’s a buyer, they’re off the list. This is a list of possibilities. If they list or put something on the contract with another agent, they’re off the list. They go ghost on you, they’re off the list. So people are going to become an off the list. You’ve got to replace it with people. You got to replace it with new people to keep the number between 20 and 30.

Jonathon: Well, what I think you’re trying to explain here is something which I think a lot of agents don’t understand. It’s getting away from this feast and famine scenario. I call it personally the hamster wheel. Basically you got too many clients and I can’t handle, so I don’t do any prospects. And then when the deals are closed, there are no leads in my funnel. So I panic. And then I’m rushing around like a demented something, trying to get leads in my funnel. So what I think you’re describing is to get away from this feast and famine scenario that might create some of that, Ricky?

Ricky: Listen, man, the problem is that agents are trying to do too many things. Too many things, they don’t know what is most efficient. If they knew what was most efficient, they would just do that. But they don’t know what’s most efficient because nobody’s really explained it to them. Here’s what is most efficient. Whoever talks to the most property owners with the best intentions to help them, not necessarily to sell them, but to help them. And then they build a brand around that with all those property owners that they talk to. That’s who is going to win. It’s real simple. So if you focus on [inaudible 00:27:03], whatever method you go about contacting property owners, it can be social media. It can be phone calls. You’ve got to have fresh property owners. You’ve never talked to that.

You’re talking on a daily basis, you’ve got to have a Google sheet full of people that might do something in the next 90 days. And you need to do a weekly email to your entire database on the same day of the week forever. I’ve been doing my emails since 2007, every single Wednesday. This is the foundation- the reason why I’m able to sell a hundred properties a year now. No phone calls, no nothing. I don’t do social media for my real estate business. All my social media is for my coaching business period. No social media from our real estate business. I do a weekly email. That is the foundation. It should be the foundation of everyone’s personal brand. The highest organic reach, right under text messaging, 10 text messaging hasn’t gone mainstream enough yet for people to actually use mass texting in their businesses.

I’m seeing agents be scared to do that. They feel like it’s still too intimate. But email, you got a 90% organic reach. The other 10% either just didn’t check their email or went to spam. But people are seeing that in their inbox, you on social media got a 1 to 2% organic reach on Twitter and Facebook. You got 25% on YouTube. It’s probably lower than 25. Now, on Instagram, I don’t know what they are, but they’re nowhere near 90. If you do a weekly email every single week on the same day of the week, you’re showing that original, consistent content I was talking about. You’re building a brand there. You can stack social media on top of that, but that should be the foundation and then build from there. So all I do is a weekly email. I want to talk to the most property owners more than any other agent in my office, because remember market share is what agent is friends with the most property owners in the area.

It’s real simple, man. That’s another reason why this is free. Robert was asking why, it’s free because there’s no-it’s real simple stuff. This isn’t like a brain surgery or anything, man. This is really simple stuff. I almost feel guilty telling people how to sell real estate, because it’s so easy. People make it hard. And most of the people making it harder, coaches that are charging. They’re trying to make it seem real complicated. If you’re paying me, I can make your life way easier. No, it’s already easy. They’re just trying to get paid.

Robert: I really appreciate you spending time exercising the explanation twice. I’ve taken a look at your website and it looks like the affiliates. So, before we started recording guys I asked the same question, a different way, which is cause there’s a lot of time and effort. I know because I am an organic inbound marketer myself and I probably give away 80% of my time without charge. It’s a lot of work. I sometimes spend as much as two, four, six hours on the phone with people every single day. And I’ve rarely met anybody committed to giving away that much of their time. So I asked the questions and for me, it’s simple. I wanted to build my brand like a certain way. And I take on very few clients, but there’s the perfect clients. And I get in touch with the perfect clients through all that stuff that I give away for free. And you are partnered up, it looks like with Red X, Constant Contact and Webinate.com. You mentioned that you do monetize your efforts. You just do it through affiliate marketing, which means that your partner with brands. And if you choose on your own to use those brands, then Ricky will get a commission of some kind. Am I correct in that?

Ricky: Exactly. Plus I have books, I get paid to speak. I have YouTube revenue. There’s many different levels of different avenues of income.

Jonathon: We need to wrap it up for the podcast. Hopefully Ricky can stay on for a little while, another 10 minutes, some bonus content. I just wanted to say that I admire Ricky, because you are one focused individual. You not only do the talk, you do the walk. I’ve been watching your YouTube channel and what you’ve been doing over the past year and I’ve been hugely impressed, Ricky. What you’re trying to achieve. So, in a short while I’m saying folks. Go over to Ricky’s website, we make sure the links are in the show notes and listen to what Ricky is saying because when he’s one of the people that’s on the show that really I would listen to if I was an agent. So Ricky, what’s the best way for people to find out more about you and what you’re up to really.

Ricky: And I think the best way is just go to zerotodiamond.com. I mean all my social medias are there. Everything’s there laid out for you step by step. Also, if anyone listening just wants to connect with me and ask me questions. Whatsoever, anything, nothing. No question is too small. I spent about an hour and a half every day answering every single Instagram DM that comes through my Instagram messaging. So that is the very- I check that every day and I go through those messages and it’s agents reaching out for help. They really need help. And, so I can’t turn my back on that. If I’m really trying to do what I say, I’m going to do, and I’m backing up what I’m saying. I have to answer those DM. So, if you guys want to connect with me, that’s the best place to just connect with me on a one on one level. If there are any questions or anything I could do to help you feel free to reach out there. Otherwise, go to zerotodiamond.com for the free training and I’ll be glad to help.

Jonathon: That’s great. And Robert, how can people find out more about you and what you are up to Robert?

Robert: Inboundrem.com. That’s it.

Jonathon: So, if you want any advice or help listeners and viewers all you have to do is to email me at jonathan@mail-right.com. And I’ll be more than happy to give any advice or help that you need. [inaudible 00:22:27] Ricky. We’ll be back next week with a reviving internal discussion or a great guest like Ricky. We’ll back next week folks. Bye.


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038: Good Quality Photography & Video is Important! 1

Personal agent photography is really important but usually semi-forgotten. We have a great guest "Preston Zeller" on the show who recently Read more