#243 Mail-Right Show We Discuss All Things Follow Up Boss a 2020 Review

We Discuss All Things Follow Up Boss A 2020 Full Review

In this episode, we look at three great real estate online lead generation management tools for you the real estate professional.

Both of us ask almost every week what is the best CRM and marketing tool on the market at the present moment real estate agents and truth its semi impossible questions to answer. However, in this particular episode, we talk about three of the best that’s on the market at the present moment.

Here’s A Full Transcript of Our Discussion

Jonathon:     Welcome back folks to the Mail-Right show. This is episode 243. It’s going to be an internal discussion between me and my great cohost Robert Newman. We’re going to be talking about Follow Up Boss and Bold Leads and any other thing we want to throw into the mix. It should be a great and interesting show. Our numbers have increased quite rapidly this month. It looks like it might be another really good month in people joining us, Robert. So would you like to quickly introduce yourself to our new listeners and viewers?

Robert:          Yeah, I would love to. So my name is Robert Newman. I am the founder of a real estate marketing technology company called Inbound Real Estate Marketing. I’ve got an awesome website where a lot of the information that John and I talk about comes from, or I do the research post it there and then we discuss it later. So go find me there.

Jonathon:     And I’m the founder of Mail-Right. We are a suite of tools that help you market yourself online with our emphasis on using the power of Facebook to get you quality leads. There’s much more to Mail-Right, you can book a free consultation with me. Also, we’ve got all the interviews, internal discussions, and our great guests, and I’m trying to get some interesting guests to come on the show in the next few weeks. So, like I say, we’re going to be talking in this episode about Follow Up Boss Bold Leads and another system that my mind has gone blank on, Yay lui, that’s how you pronounce it?

Robert:          Ylopo.

Jonathon:     I love it. Ylopo. So how are we going to start this? Shall we start off with Follow Up Boss? Because I haven’t, time goes quick and it’s been, I think it’s been about seven to eight months since I’ve had a real look at Follow Up Boss. Great people, they’ve been on the show, their marketing manager came on the show over a year ago. I think it’s a superb product, but you been looking at it in some depth recently haven’t you Robert?

Robert:          I did. I spent about probably 10 to 20 hours, which is far less than I usually spend diving deep into CRMs or website CRMs and things like that. And I dove deep into Follow Up Boss. I got an in-user license for a small team, and I got the perfect example. I got very lucky with my example because the team that I was looking at has maybe eight lead sources. Like they’re doing realtor.com, active agents, Ylopo, inbound REM. So they have these different lead sources, which is where Follow Up Boss really starts to shine versus other systems like the second you start saying, Oh, I’m going to have multiple lead sources, but I have a Sierra interactive website as an example, you start getting boned a little bit because you got to send all of your information, even though that Sierra interactive does have a pretty good CRM of its own. It’s not really great on the, Hey, I’m going to import leads from other places, front.

Jonathon:     Well it’s at a price point, it’s not meant for that, Is it? That another one of our main themes that there is no perfect CRM for everybody because there are different CRMs that are suitable for different segments of the market. Isn’t it?

Robert:          Absolutely. And I think that’s where end users get frustrated. That’s what I try to clarify in my reviews. That’s what we’re going to try to clarify in this podcast for everybody that’s listening. Is that we’re going to try to talk a lot about what you as your customer persona should be because honestly, different tools are going to fit different people. And what’s more your tool that you’re using right now at the current place that your career is at, that may not be the tool that you want to use.

Jonathon:     I just want to quickly just say something, I’m sorry to interrupt you.

Robert:          You do it all the time Jonathon

Jonathon:     I try not to be too rude, you know? Because I do appreciate you being part of the show. If you’re the type of person that’s looking at Follow Up Boss, you’re not my target client. I think it could be your target client. I think somebody that’s using Follow Up Boss would be using your program. But the person that I may need, would not be using Follow Up Boss. It’s not my segment of the market,

Robert:          Right. I’d say that your segment of the market is probably, you know, it independent agents that are somewhere at the lower end of the commission scale and trying to get their careers established. You’ve got a good, easy to use tool that is less expensive than everybody else’s that does a lot of the same things that everybody else’s. But when you start talking about really high end, multi-variate like functionality, you as a small business owner, don’t have the ability to build that tool. So somebody might have to go someplace else. However, if you’re at the beginning of your career, there’s no freaking way you’re going to use me and Follow Up Boss and Ylopo, the cost on all these tools it adds up so fast and you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and why in the world would you even consider it

Jonathon:     As part of this conversation, I’ll be interesting to see what your update on your review of what Bold Leads is. So let’s start with follow up also, what are some of the key findings in your blog posts that you’d like to highlight about Follow Up Boss Robert?

Robert:          Right. So first of all, guys go to inboundrem.com. It’s one of the most recent posts there at the time of this podcast, which is on the 21st of May. And it’ll be there for the next few months so go and look at it. And then it’ll be in my reviews bucket. So, Follow Up Boss, what did I find out? Almost universally, it’s the best in class, like overall, utilitarian, real estate CRM. At the one to three-person level in terms of pricing, it’s the best value for the money out there by a million miles. So just in basic categories, here’s what Follow Up Boss does better than anybody else. They have a more robust importation system. You can import custom fields, you can import from over 200 sources of leads. And that’s how the system is prebuilt. All those integrations are already done, John. And you and I both know APIs are real important to systems. How complicated is it for you to transfer information from one place to the next. Follow Up Boss are best in a class by a million miles, nobody even comes close, like in terms of systems. So importing leads real easy from wherever you want, creating a gateway between the system that you’re using into Follow Up Boss. There’s a better chance that with Follow Up Boss, you can do that easier than with any other CRM.

Jonathon:     Do you think we need to clarify things a little bit here? Or do you think we’ve just lost quite a few people by API’s?

Robert:          Well drop the API. Let’s drop that language and just say, Hey, if you’ve got information in one place and you want to get it to the next, then Follow Up Boss does that better than anybody else.

Jonathon:     If you’ve got loads of differences, you’re getting leads from multiple online sources you know, you spread your money. You’re in a small power theme like three, six people and you got multiple online leaders, Follow Up Boss because of all the integration, I think they’ve been in business five, six, seven years. And I think they’ve got the biggest amount of integration. So you can combine all these different resources into one interface, can’t you?

Robert:          Yes. Nine years is the answer with Follow Up Boss. They made their first iteration of Follow Up Boss in 2011. And here’s the funny thing of John. They did what you and I have done so many times they started off with a $14 real estate came off WordPress and they customized it because there was nobody doing anything in the real estate space very good. So they’re like, there are two guys like us, they’re like, Oh, we can do better than what I’m looking at and serve the agent better. And so they started customizing this CRM template and that’s how Follow Up Boss was born. So the other things that Follow Up Boss does very well. So John mentioned it right now, but I’m going to clarify what he just said. Follow Up Boss to me would be the only tool that I would look at If I was a power team of three to six agents, like a small team, that’s the only tool I would look at. Because if you have multiple lead sources, multiple agents, and you’re all experienced veteran agents and you don’t have to monitor anybody, then you can see what everybody is doing clearly. Follow Up Boss automatically separates your lead sources for you and automatically tracks where your production is coming from. So deals, calls, lead flow, it’s all very, very easy to understand, and very easy to use.

Jonathon:     Well, I haven’t looked at it lately. That’s where I would, would I disagree? It’s not that I would disagree. It’s… Let’s put it this way. Actually, because I’m from web development, you know, I’m from the WordPress web development website. When it comes to UX design, that is UX. What does that mean? This is some viewers. It means the interface, the thing in front of you, you’re going to be logging into this quite a lot. If you’ve got the set up that Robert just described, you’re going to be logging into it almost every day. And of all the systems that I’ve seen it’s got one of the best UX designs. Well, slightly, why I say disagree is that it does a ton of shit. It does a ton of stuff. And because it does a ton of stuff, the more stuff something does, no matter how much time and energy you put into it, it gets more complicated. So it’s not for the light-hearted, there is going to be a substantial learning curve in using this puppy. Not because it’s got a rubbish UX design, it’s actually got one of the best UX in my opinion, but it just does a ton of shit. Doesn’t it? Robert?

Robert:          It does. And one of the things that they did, which I’ve been telling vendors to do forever and Follow Up Boss is the only ones that are doing it. Even above Bold leads, which we’re going to get into in a second here, Follow Up Boss has installed next to each piece of functionality, a one to three-minute video that explains the functionality. Now I got in there, John and I went from knowing nothing to being a medium, to an experienced user in under 30 minutes because of these ones to three-minute videos. They literally show each piece of functionality and what it’s supposed to do. Now, if you don’t know anything about technology, yes, it’s going to be daunting because they’re talking about filters and some other things and groups and action plans. And they’re using lots of languages that is going to be like, Oh, come on, fuck off, what’s the difference between an action plan and a filter. But all you’d have to do is watch that video a handful of times and just keep going through them. And I honestly believe that even inexperienced users

Jonathon:     I’m going to have to have a look at it again. Because when I last looked at it, say really impressed with it. If you’re at that stage, it is the right tool. I think a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for and you do get value for money from followup boss, in my opinion. I could not get it up and running in 30 minutes and I’m used to, and that was not down to a crappy interface that was down to all the stuff it did. It does a lot of stuff.

Robert:          A couple of things. So this is a con, not a pro guys, and it’s not on Jonathan. I have no intention of keeping my review updated on this topic. Follow Up Boss has changed their pricing six times since 2011. And your recollection of pricing would normally be correct because first they priced themselves so high they price themselves out of the market for almost everybody. But now they’ve adjusted their pricing so that they are the best value for users, one to three, maybe one to four, in my opinion, it’s $69 a seat.

Jonathon:     That’s not so bad is it?

Robert:          No, Lion desk is $40. And if you compare Lion desk and Follow Up Boss, to me, there’s no comparison. Follow Up Boss is the hands-down winner if you’re looking for a lead generation support system for real estate.

Jonathon:     Do you think they had to respond because of Lion desk?

Robert:          I think that they’re playing around with pricing a lot, trying to figure out the sweet spot. And here’s where they shit the bed. Since we’re using lots of curse words in this particular episode.

Jonathon:     Yeah I started it didn’t I?

Robert:          Yeah, you did. So I’m going to roll with it and be so happy I get the curse. I’m like it makes me so happy. So they really didn’t do themselves a service because at the higher end, which is 10 users or more, they’re at a solid thousand dollars a month. They call it a platform quote, which puts them right in line with Sync and KV core. And the problem is, is that the perception of realtors is that, Oh, but I get a website with these other systems so they’re looking at it from a very antiquated point of view. They don’t understand that you’re getting a much better CRM for that price. So all they see is the cost. And I really honestly believe that like Follow Up Boss really kind of, and I said it in my review. I said, listen, guys, you need at the higher levels, like a hundred to 500 agents, you need to start competing with KV core, which is $15 a seat, $15 a head. So go ahead and do that

Jonathon:     Well it isn’t because they’ve been doing a hell of a lot of brokers side discounts, discounts in KV core. But you hardly get any support. It’s a bit flight, I’m not going to go into it. So they’ve been trying to buy market share free brokers and what I’ve seen,

Robert:          They’ve succeeded dude. They’re not trying, they’ve done it. They’re like 180,000 registered users. There are not very many systems that are bigger than KV core right now. So they’ve done it.

Jonathon:     Yeah, they’ve done it. But… Yeah, alright. Fair enough.

Robert:          All right. So guys but here’s the thing because I don’t want to lose the comparison parts of this. But before we start the comparison, John, why don’t you take us to break?

Jonathon:     Yep. So we’re going to go for a break and then we’re coming back. Discussing more about Follow Up Boss, Bold Leads, and whatever else we want to throw into the mix. We’ll be back in a few moments folks,

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Jonathon:     We’re coming back. I started it, started swearing. Robert dived in as well.

Robert:          Happily

Jonathon:     The bombshells are coming., hope you’re not being too offended listeners and viewers. We do have occasions where the swear words start off, don’t they? Then we finish it, don’t we Robert with our fist. So where are we going to go? I think we’ve had a few words about Follow Up Boss. Do you want to go down to Bold Leads?

Robert:          Well, here’s the thing. Because, now Follow Up Boss I’ve said repeatedly in my review it’s best in class, but I learned something after I dropped the review that shocked me. So in their action plans, they only allow one text message to go out, and then they don’t allow any other templated text messages to go out at all. And I said that in my review, I said, and I want to correct myself here on the podcast and you’re giving me the platform to do it. So I said, Oh, I think that with all that Follow Up Boss offers they’re hands-down choice, probably even better than Bold Leads. I take that back. Bold Leads allows for what’s called the text concierge, a real live human being that will text back and forth from your user. And they allow text templates inside their system. So between the two, since Bold Leads is offering both hands-on service and they’re offering an unlimited number of texts to go out in an automated way. Bold Leads is actually the better hands off like maintenance system. But if you’re looking to cycle in like phone calls and you’re going to use an actual CRM, then Follow Up Boss is still far better. Like if you’re actually gonna get on the phone and hammer out calls, then Follow Up Boss is better

Jonathon:     I think that’s a great point you made. The way I would word it is if you got multiple sources and you want a system that can cope with your internal way of doing things to a degree, Follow Up Boss, you can customize it to your own requirements, to a certain degree. Where Bold Leads, and to some extent, male right but I would say that mail right’s got a bit more flexibility and we provide a website as well, which Bold Leads and Follow Up Boss does not provide, is that with Bold Leads you don’t have that customization. Because it wasn’t built for that it was built just to get reasonable leads at a reasonable price into its CRM and into your email box, which then you can phone out and hopefully turn into a commission cheque, wasn’t it?

Robert:          Yeah. And of course, guys like me who are building a really amazing web experience, we’re going to talk very well about Follow Up Boss because Follow Up Boss is my CRM. Like that’s it, that’s all there is to it. And when you understand CRM’s, you just understand that, Hey, I can install a login button on your website that says log in. And as far as you’re concerned, you’re logging into your CRM straight off your website but it’s taking you to Follow Up Boss, which by the way, is what every single website provider does. They have a completely different database based system in the cloud or something like that. And you log in and you’re going to a different system. They just put the button on your bloody website, which is what makes you think you have one destination, but you really don’t. So that’s that, but I do want to talk about one other system today because guys I’m really excited. And John was just telling me, he’s never heard of this company and that’s understandable. Ylopo is founded by some guys that founded a company called tiger leads a number of years ago.

Jonathon:     I’ve heard of tiger leads yea.

Robert:          And those guys, I’ve been talking to these guys, meeting with these guys on and off again since 2011. And they’re really very similar to John. They’re one of the handful of entrepreneurs that excite me inside the real estate space because you have to be, I don’t think that everybody understands how dedicated you have to be to provide a good service to realtors, it’s not the world’s best niche to be a digital marketer in. You have to be pretty excited about serving it in order to really do good at it. And these guys at Ylopo are experienced, this is the second time they’re building a company and they’re doing things with Ylopo that I’ve never seen, but that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is that they gave me, they approached me. They actually got in touch with me off my blog and said, we want you to do a review on Ylopo, that’s the first time that’s ever happened. And it just so happened as a complete random circumstance. The guy who contacted me was the head of business development, Aaron Franklin. And I’ve never talked to him before. The people that I know are the founders, Gigia Fong and Howard Tigger, but they didn’t contact me. They had no idea.

Jonathon:     Any chance of getting one of them on the show?

Robert:          A huge chance, probably.

Jonathon:     Yes. Can you do a bit of outreach, a quick email and see if one of them will come on?

Robert:          I’ll talk to Aaron about it. He’s the most available? Ylopo is currently probably the fastest growing real estate marketing company out there. And so the guy that has maybe…

Jonathon:     I’ve always been reasonably easy. I’m not sure I would have Bold Leads on because they’re just all real geeks and they’re just too direct competitors to me. And it just to be a little bit difficult, but everybody else I’m reasonably okay about having them on the show really. Because I just want to provide the best value for the listeners and viewers and I know you want to. So yeah, if you can, that would be great. I think it would be an interesting discussion won’t it?

Robert:          Yeah, it would. Well, they’re all like everybody I’ve talked to on their team. I’ve talked to the head of sales, the head of business development, and I got a chance to meet with (inaudible 22:31). And I haven’t had a chance to meet with Howard again, I haven’t met with Howard probably for six years. And they were all incredibly helpful, receptive, they added me to the Ylopo success community. And Ylopo was essentially, if you brush off all the fancy language, they are basically a Facebook advertising conglomeration that focuses on generating leads for real estate. But they do have a lot of cool shit that they’ve done around that they do re-marketing, they’ve got a little website that they put together with Squarespace that connects into Follow Up Boss. And they do all of these things very, very well. And the reason we’re talking about them on the show is that John was like, Hey, what do you want to talk about today? And I’m like, John, I’ve been so deep in the weeds with, I’m doing one review a week right now. And that basically means I get off this with him, and I start writing like there’s so much work that goes into my reviews. I don’t do like little, teeny tiny reviews. I do these huge deep dives and learn every single detail about the company, the leadership, the system, it’s a lot of work. So I get like, doing one a week is just a killer schedule. And so, this Ylopo thing is what I’m in the middle of associating. He’s like, let’s just talk about them. I’m like, all right. So anyway, Ylopo has this really low cost of acquisition. What I’ll tell people that are listening to this show today, it’s definitely a team slash, it’s a team advertising plan. It’s like, there are some ways to get into it for less money, like 800 or a thousand dollars a month you could get into it, but you’re getting a fairly high setup cost. Then you’re getting a reasonably high monthly, like something like between $800 and $1,500. For all of that money, you absolutely get a result, but you have to have a lot of back system tools in place in order to take advantage of the quality and type of lead that the generating for you. So now you’re talking about a lot of layers of costs that add up fairly quickly. And when you take all of that into account, they fall on the medium to high end of the marketplace, which by the way, so do I. So I’m just saying that there are certain people that are going to fall in love with Ylopo. Like, if you’ve got a team or you’re starting a new team and you’ve got a budget and you need to spend it someplace and you absolutely have to have leads the second you turn on the lights, Ylopo is one of the places that I would consider.

Jonathon:     And you know, because of their background and their history background, they are very credible, aren’t they?

Robert:          Absolutely. And they’re doing a great job, that’s the fundamental part of it. They’ve got great systems in place. They’ve got a Ylopo support community where actual realtors using the system will give you step by step tips and tutorials because guess what John, they’re paying the realtors to be their advocates. And they’re super transparent about it. I love it because they’re like, Hey, we’re paying these guys a small salary, but what they do is they show their success with all of you. And there are 4,500 members to their Ylopo success community. So 4,500 realtors get tips and tricks from guys that are really using the service. It’s brilliant in my opinion. Brilliant. Anyway, look out for my blog post that’s coming on Ylopo.

Jonathon:     I think you just deafened quite a lot of our listeners and viewers, but there we go. So just to finish off, I think, by my clock, we still got about four or five minutes. So you’ve recently looked at Bold Leads so you’ve spoken about the concierge service. Is there been any kind of fundamental changes from the last time you looked at them?

Robert:          No, and I suspect strongly like every single other real estate marketing company, they were acquired by property base and property base has now moved heavily. So the reviews and the way I’m tracking Bold Leads is I still can log into the system. I still have end-user access. Have I seen any differences in the end-user access? Absolutely not. Have I seen any differences in the way that Bold Leads is positioning itself as a company? Huge differences, but I think property base has said, let’s integrate you as our lead generation system and slowly but surely Bold Leads has been backing off the advertisement on being an independent tool. So basically it’s part of the property based family. And it’s the part that generates your leads.

Jonathon:     Can you give for the listeners and viewers a quick outline of what property, what’s the name?

Robert:          It’s property-based. So interestingly enough, John, I said the same shit. So interestingly enough, I guess, I don’t know what the hell is going on with property-based because property based feels to me like a tool that nobody’s heard of, yet apparently, they’re a very widely receptive another real estate CRM that kind of does the same thing that Follow Up Boss and ( crosstalking 27:37)

Jonathon:     Never heard of them.

Robert:          Me either. And I still haven’t had a chance to review them, but apparently, they’ve got enough bloody money in the bank to go ahead and buy Bold Leads, which is nuts to me. So my best guess is that maybe they’ve been around for a while and they had a forward-thinking CEO because they’ve made a couple of acquisitions instead of trying to build out their own technology. What they’ve done is they’ve looked at it.

Jonathon:     Well I totally understand why they decided to do that. Because It isn’t easy

Robert:          It isn’t no. And so property based went out and bought like they bought a couple of companies and not just Bold Leads. And they’re basically fleshing… because I think they realized it’s all well and good to have a great CRM, but what the hell are you going to do? Like more and more and more website companies have been chewing into the CRM companies revenue, because they’re just saying, Hey, we’re doing it all. Why do you need these guys? You don’t. And a lot of people are buying into that. And so the CRM companies are watching their market share, get shoot away at. So they’re like, okay, we’ll fight back by buying these CRMs. Like it’s crazy how people are kind of mixing and matching and trying to get their piece of the pie. Because I think the realization is on the real estate side, like real estate agents and brokers, of which, by the way guys, there’s 2 million of you and that’s not even counting the lenders and the mortgage brokers that dig into your world as well in an effort to do business with you. So if you add those guys in, there’s probably another 500,000, so there’s really like 2.5 million people, which is 10% of the functioning business world in the US is focused on real estate. So that’s a pretty big piece of the pie. That’s a pretty big number. And so these guys are like, everybody’s starting to realize, Oh, I need a CRM, the outlook isn’t good enough. I need something focused on real estate. So the numbers go higher and higher and everybody keeps trying to build out their own tool to satisfy that quote-unquote all in one solution. And there’s like a war going on about who gets your business. So which should really just be about functionality like who’s building the best tool? But I think that that’s not the way it usually works out.

Jonathon:     Well it’s kind of linked on, I forgot his name again, but his own podcast is getting really popular. I’ll have to have him back. But you know, the gentleman we had that talked about the five tears of

Robert:          Hollenbeck, Michael Hollenbeck

Jonathon:     The five tiers of a real estate state agent’s career really, you know, the natural progress. Because you know, and I know that a lot of people don’t understand this. If you’re not growing, if you’re not moving forward, you’re not actually staying in the same place you’re actually going backwards. So to remain in the same place you literally have to move forward in personal growth and in company growth,

Robert:          Oh, in technology, there’s nothing that’s truer. Technology is 10 times that rule like if you’re not advancing your service, you are literally dying on the vine. The only reason that a lot of these real estate technology providers do so well is that real estate agents are so reluctant to learn technology and hate it so much. They oftentimes buy a half baked piece of technology and just decide I’m done. And then they stay with it forever. Like the fact that Ihouse Web and superlative and other website providers that are charging as much as $400 a month for a sub-standard set of tools is shocking to me, but they still are all companies with a great user base and tons of clients. And they do quite well. And it’s insane because they don’t compare to half the shit that’s out there anymore, but they still are in business.

Jonathon:     And just to finish off, last week I was on a developer, zoom with the people from IDX broker. And they seem to be waking up a bit about improving their standard templates and kind of moving into a more modern API kind of based environment. So I was encouraged by that because it’s a great company, but I think, because I’m in the world of WordPress and that’s becoming more and more dominant by Java script and certain libraries, especially react. I mentioned these listeners and viewers because he used techie talk, but this makes your website much more powerful, much more quicker, much more responsive. And that’s what end users are looking for. And hopefully, he’ll agree to come on the show, but I have to do some outreach, the CEO of IDX brokers agreed to come on.

Robert:          No shit. That guy owes me a thank you. I need to talk to that guy.

Jonathon:     So I hope to do some outreach this afternoon and we’ll confirm a day for him to come on the show, but I think that’s encouraging because it’s a great company, but in some ways, I felt it was falling behind in the technology states a little bit, what was your feeling?

Robert:          Oh God, yes. I’m a master level developer with the IDX broker tool. We’ve done shit with that tool that I’m pretty sure that nobody else has done. Like that’s how far out we are, but we’ve had to deal with their clunky API. The fact that it’s slow, I had a client calling me the other day, who was like, these listings aren’t appearing quite right. What the fuck’s going on. You guys are supposed to know what you’re doing. And we’re like, every time we get these calls, it’s like this isn’t us. This is an IDX broker. There’s something going on on their side, something going on with the data feed, something going on here, something going on there. And you get tired of having these conversations because we’ve integrated as bout as well as it can be integrated. And yet there are still things that happen and you’re like, come on man, we are competing against Sierra interactive and these other guys that are doing like PHP or Ajax, super like aspects, like super, super, super, super fast systems. They’re on agile for fuck’s sake now, and I know guys, I just don’t dove deep right off the fucking diving board in detect. Let’s just say that they’re using the newest, latest, greatest technology in order to deliver.

Jonathon:     Well, it’s basically JavaScript. And you know, depending on your flavor of a library, it’s not just a little bit of… Because you know, they were talking about J query where if you’re in the WordPress community and your.. I’m not a developer anymore, I just dabble. But if you want a career as a hardcore WordPress developer, you’ve really got to be good on PHP and on react, you know, and react is not an easy thing to learn. So there we go. I think we’ve lost most of the audience, but also, I think we’ve given them some insights about who the guests we’re hoping to come. Robert, how can people find out more about you, your company, and what you’re up to?

Robert:          Hey guys, listen, I spend all of my time and effort on the website stuff. So go to my website when you get a pop up that says, Hey, can I have your email or something like that, just say yes. Also, understand that I have some very clever technology that grabs your email address without you necessarily having to subscribe. So just go to the website, hang out there for a minute. Look at my content. That’s what I want. Inboundrem.com.

Jonathon:     And if you wanted to see all the interviews from all the great guests, they are internal discussions, go to the mail-right website. They’re all listed there. We’re still hammering away with the male-right university getting closer and closer to our launch date. It’s a slow progress, but I’ve been busy with my other business. I got many balls in the air and hopefully, we’ll have some great guests giving some great insight or some great internal conversation. I’ve really enjoyed this one. I thought last week’s and this one were top-notch actually. We will be back next week, giving you insight in the world of technology mixed with real estate. What more could somebody ask for, we’ll see you, next week folks?

Robert:          You could ask for John and I to cut you a million-dollar check. We know that. Hey, if you listen very, very closely for some of you who take action on some of what we’re saying, we’re either one, going to save you like 30, 40, 50, a hundred hours of your time. And that’s worth something. And then number two is for an even smaller handful of you who’ve already been through this mess for 10 straight years. Then John and I are really going to cut down the time for you, save you some major decisions with major amounts of money that you may very well end up owing your future success to us. And that’s what we’re hoping to do.

Jonathon:     I think it would be great to hear some people that listen to our podcast acted on some of the things that we talked about and go, I’d love to hear that because that’s what I hope for that some people listened about what we’ve said about Google local search, Google local pages. You know, that just done some of the things because we’ve given some real insights about some actions that don’t cost you an enormous amount of money. Do they, but quite achievable for the average person and video, you know, it’s not all about, I think we’ve given a clear pathway if you started and you wanted to improve your situation with a little bit of dedication and a little bit listening to the podcast, you can actually get some great results, can’t you Robert?

Robert:          You absolutely can.

Jonathon:     We’ll see you next week folks, keep trying to sell those properties. Bye


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