How Real Estate Agents Can Use Facebook Messenger Bolts To Get Quality Leads

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Facebook Messenger Bolts To Get Quality Leads

One of the most intriguing things about Facebook Messenger marketing for real estate is the ability to build chat bots to engage with your leads. Chat bots are simple scripts that respond to your leads when they interact with your Facebook ad.

The way people communicate is changing in a big way.

Just compare the way you communicate today with the way you did 10 or 15 years ago. Like most people, you probably have shifted away from email and phone calls and toward SMS and messenger apps.

People prefer communication that is convenient, instantaneous, and smartphone-friendly.

Messenger bots are the perfect solution.

Jonathon: Welcome back folks to the Mail Right Show. This is episode 201. I’ve got my great cohost Robert Newman with me. I’m a bit battered, listeners and viewers. I had a slight, somebody tried to run me over on Friday. So I got bruised and battered. So any good thoughts you got for me, send them my way. But I am healing. Robert is so woken up. I’ve got a looks with it there. Would you like to introduce yourselves to the listeners and viewers Robert?

Robert: Sure, sure. So I’m, my name is Robert Newman. I am the founder of InboundREM, which is a blog about real estate marketing. And I also have a service company by the same name that builds real estate websites. And does SEO and does real estate lead generation. John and I are having a hell of a day, so he got hit by a car and I overslept. And mind you, John already moved the show till noon. So I overslept and it’s noon. And he has stopped asking me after doing this show free or how is it possible that I am sleeping in the middle of the day. And he can’t even get me to come onto the show the right way. But anyway, I hope you’ll join me, everybody in now sending some messages to Jon and letting them know that we’re glad he’s still with us.

Jonathon: I just go some bruised ribs and a very sore backside basically. But I’ll be okay. And what we’re going to be discussing during the show folks. Well, I’m going to have with Robert’s help. I’m going to have a bit of a look at this world of Facebook bots. These are through Facebook messenger. This is messaging, semi messaging automization. It’s a hot subject. It has died down a little bit. I wanted it to die down a little bit before I started is to investigating it a bit. We’re going to hopefully going to talk about some of the leading companies. Some of the pricing structures and some resources that might help. And we just have a general discussion about this between me and Robert. How does that sound Robert?

Robert: Sounds lovely. I’m almost ready. No, I’m just kidding. I’m ready. Let’s go. Let’s do it.

Jonathon: So basically, what these bots are you using. No emails, still powerful. Text messaging is still powerful. But like all marketing, there is contacting possible leads. For phone calls, emails, text messaging, the conversion level tends over a period of time to diminish. So we’ve bots with Facebook bots, a lot of people spend a lot of time. And they get a response right which compared to traditional email when some other traditional marketing outreach is very, very high. We’re talking about over 50%. I’ve looked at some case studies where they’re talking about 60, 70, 80%, which in the other regions is unheard of. Would you agree with that Robert?

Robert: I would agree with that though. The medium that you’re talking about right now as you’re talking about a traditional Facebook ad or you’re talking about the bots?

Jonathon: The bots.

Robert: The bots, okay. Yeah, the auto responders, which is what you’re going to get into. You’re going to get into that. Because I’ve seen similar statistics, but I’ve seen them with very specific things that have to happen. But I have seen the same statistics. I’m looking at one right now where somebody did a case study with pretty high response rates, but there are some tricks to that, but continue on.

Jonathon: You just touched the 200th question. They are much targeted, a very targeted audience. And basically, if somebody uses your permission, you can send one message to them for a bot. But after that, if they don’t respond, you can’t then send them another message. The Facebook system won’t allow you to do that. And Facebook kept a reasonable amount of control so you can touch somebody. Why is this of interest? Well, it comes with how you can integrate a Facebook advertising campaign and instead of sending them. You would, especially on the mile bow you don’t actually have to send them to traditional landing page. You still can make the offer. The lead magnet offer has to still be made, which is normally information of some type. Or you’re going to find the latest properties. You do a custom search for an offering or some pdf.

That’s the offering. But in Facebook, you can set it up so it doesn’t go to a traditional landing page there. The log in, the email address that you utilize to set up your Facebook account. The pdf is automatically sent to that email address. And then a bot message can be triggered. To be sent to you through Messenger. Or the actual pdf. The lead magnet can be sent as part of that initial bulk message. And then you can send a second message. But they will have to reply to that second message. There’s some time which is changing. But that’s the dynamics. Hopefully you can see listeners, and hopefully Robert can see. It can remove a lot of steps and say use send the pdf to them. Or you could have combined, you going to have a session and then you can send the secondary message for the bot. Saying here is some additional information through this pdf. Would you like it? And then they reply yes. And then they’ve replied. And then you’ve got the right to send them a series of messages. Did I explain it reasonably coherently Robert?

Robert: I’ll take a crack at summarizing. So guys, there’s a tool there called bots. It’s just an automatic. It’s an auto responder for Facebook. So the auto responder uses messenger, which is a particular widget or tool that’s connected to Facebook. And this auto responder can be designed to send a series of messages, or what John was trying to say can also be designed to send a piece of digital content such as a pdf. That’s how I would explain what John just explained.

Jonathon: You did a much better job. There are a few points in this. So you get the email. Soon as I say I want that lead magnet or I want that custom report of these properties that are available in this specific area. They don’t have to fill in a form. Facebook just gives you the email address that the person of the name and that gives you and that can be sucked into your CRM. If it communicates with Facebook. And then that automatic bot can be triggered. I like to say that you, I’m just giving some rough wording. Well hopefully your custom report was useful. We’ve got a detailed pdf about that particular area, the schools. And how prices are doing in that particular area in the past six months. Anything that would be useful to the target audience. And then you click yes, please send it to me and that that’s seen as a permission. So you can send out more bot messaging, which could then be built automatically. So you keeping touch with individual, very similar to the Mail Right system when it comes to text messaging and email. You’re trying to keep a relationship going basically.

Robert: And here’s some marketing statistics for everybody that is involve Facebook marketing. Now I want to be honest with everybody. This is not my strongest skill set. I don’t focus on Facebook all that much. That’s not to say that it’s not wildly valuable. It’s just to say that I choose to spend my time researching SEO and methods of doing content through websites and content drops through websites. So I’m reading a statistic because it’s weird that John decided to do this topic. Because I follow Neil Patel, he’s one of my mentors inside digital marketing. And he literally this very week, three days ago, right at the same time that John messaged me this. Was talking about chat bots and Facebook messenger. And he said something like 60 to 80% of all Facebook messenger messages gets answered.

Another thing, which is a small tangent, humor me please, John. That this particular article said it’s called Facebook. This article for from him was called how I grew my dying Facebook traffic. Here’s one of the fascinating things. Part of his case study was done on a real estate company, which never happens with Neil Patel. He doesn’t focus on it. So for those of you who are in real estate, you should check it out because he shows as part of his articles, somebody that leverages Facebook messenger using a real estate bot. And they’re sending out listings to their audience. And they’re getting a 60 to 80% open rate. Which means if let’s say you figure out how to curate a list of a thousand Facebook contacts. And you send a message out. You’re seeing 800 of those people are going to see your message. That’s really impressive. So anyway, go ahead John.

Jonathon: I think the reason might be, I’m not sure here. The reason why he’s suddenly got interested is I think he’s got some connection with Mobile Monkey. Because the founder of Mobile Monkey, Larry King was the founder of Wordstream. You’ve probably heard of.

Robert: I did

Jonathon: So I think they are buddies. I’m not sure if there’s some tighter arrangement. They are not aware of. But I think they are buddies. And I think Larry King, he’s well known in the world of online marketing for being a fan of Wordstream. He invested into it. He is the original founder of Mobile Monkey. Now this free companies folks that seemed to be the main players in this helping you build bots. And the first one is I’m not saying these any preference. I think they’re all kind of equal big players. Is marble monkey. Now I’ve tried that a little bit. One of the nice things is, they got a really nice free version. All these players seem to have a reasonably functioning free version. Mobile Monkey has got that. And one of the nice things is they’ve got templates, what they called templates, which build out predesigned bot conversion funnels for you.

And one of the templates is specifically aimed at real estate agents. And it’s available in the free version. They’ve got a paid version, which normally is $49, but they’re giving it to you for $19 a month. And I think you get that price for six months. I think you probably could do a deal with them. But the free version, I think you can start off with the free version. And then utilize this template that specifically aimed at real estate to try and get you going. I think we’re going to go for our break. Because it kind of reminds me almost got to 14 minutes. Robert has brought me back to some semblance of focus.

Robert: I am, my coffee is hitting.

Jonathon: So we’re going to go for a break. So when we come back we’ll be delving more in this fascinating world of Facebook messenger bots. We will be back in a few moments’ folks.

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Jonathon: We’re coming back. We are going to be dominated by the bots. If I survive. I’ve got a little bit do you vote because, but on the free now and wanting to make sure listens, you understood what we were gonna talk about. Because I just didn’t want to delve into a load of terminology and totally lose some of our listeners and viewers. So just in the first half of the show spoke about Mobile Monkey. The next one which is another well-established player is Mini Chat. And they got a slightly different price. And they got another free product that doesn’t seem too crippled. And then the paid version, I go by how many people that have subscribed to your Facebook page. And for 1000 people that are subscribed to your page, you can send unlimited messages to these people for $15 a month.

But they also got a reasonably functioning free version. And one of the problems is all these companies use different kinds of verbiage.

Robert: John I missed it. Who are we talking about? The first time we were talking about Mobile Monkey. That was the first one.

Jonathon: And the second one we now are talking about is Many Chat.

Robert: Many chat. Okay got you.

Jonathon: MANY chat. So that’s And like I say, with Mobile Monkey, they got a pretty full functioning free product. And then the paid version is $15 per month for a 1,000 people that have subscribed. Up to 1000 people, which in truth for a real estate agent. Not a celebrity agent or some of the big players that we’ve mentioned, some of the people you know, but for the bot standard. Every agent probably a 1,000 would cover a lot of agents. Wouldn`t it Robert?

Robert: Yeah.

Jonathon: The verbiage, how they describe the functionality difference from each. But it is really hard and unless you really play around with these programs. Is to workout which one offers the most functionality compared to the other. Cause they use different language to describe the same thing. That’s why it gets a little bit confusing. But I think of the three that I’m going to mention during the show I will be reasonably happy that if you look to any of those. And then you’ve got to make a decision which one has the best interface. Which one can you get has the best teaching tools? The best support online tools? That’s one of the things what I like about Mobile Monkey cause they seem to have a lot of training videos. And a lot of re training resources which isn’t surprising being their founder is Larry King.

The next and last one is Chat Fuel. So that’s CHAT FUEL, Chat Fuel. And they’ve got a free version. Their pricing model seems a little bit clearer than Many Chat. Because their pro version is $15 a month. That’s it. Just seems a bit more straight forward where Mobile Monkey seems a bit expensive with the normal price of $49 with the pro version. It just really depends if you need the pro version. And that’s probably what I do in this special offer of $19.00 for the first six months. Cause compared to Many Chat and Chat Fuel, its normal price of $49 seems a little bit high. Doesn’t it?

Robert: Yes. I’m going to say yes. I’m going add in guys, the reason I’m so quiet is I don’t know a lot about these tools. And I haven’t done a lot of research on them unfortunately. So I don’t really. All I know is that the marketers that I follow swear by some of these automated chatbots. I have some comments about how to get people into your chat lists, but John’s got to get to a point where he’s talked about these bots.

Jonathon: But the good thing is. I think it’s something worth looking at folks. The problem is I’m going to be looking at it. Because I am into Facebook, but it’s something I’ve kind of been really busy and I kind of want to see if these companies continue. And it’s not jet science but it’s not the easiest thing. So it’s really a fun interface. I would suggest you spend like a Sunday and look at all three of these companies. I will make sure they are in the show notes. That you look at all three and make some judgment about the actual support documentation, and the videos. And the basic interface because I tried Mobile Monkey. Funny enough, other people might find the other two interface a little bit easier.

So I can’t say because it’s around personal taste. I don’t think any of them, we’ve got terrible interfaces. None of them seem to me that they was shocking. These are subtle differences and their pricing structures are subtly different. When it comes to value for money Chat Fuel seems the best. If you can use a paid version. Of the three it’s more straightforward. It’s a flat rate charge. But if you can get away with the free version, I think all three offer a pretty powerful free version. And is like the normal with all these free versions, with the free version, you have their marketing on the bot. So that’s one of the main things when you go in for a paid version. You have your own marketing on there. And some of the restrictions where around actual linking it to Facebook advertising campaigns. And that’s when you get well with Chat Fuel.

For that flat rate you seem to have full access to utilize the unlimited the amount of subscribers on your page. And as many campaigns as you want, either linking them to a Facebook marketing campaign. When it came to Many Chat, it wasn’t so clear. And it’s a bit clearer with Mobile Monkey where you could still do it. But they seem to be some restrictions where you probably are better off looking at some stage at the paid version. Now when it comes to actual resources, I had a scour to find some resources that have come from people that I thought were semi legit. I spent a good afternoon looking at videos and reading people’s resources and really came to some conclusion. They didn’t really know what the hell they were talking about. I have got about three resources here from resources that I think have some credibility.

First one is from social media examiner. Those who are in marketing now about social media examiner. They are a pretty legit resource. They’ve got article that goes through the basics. Don`t worry folks, I will make sure things are in the show notes. And another company and I am going to butcher their name. Is Falcon and they had another nice tutorial about setting up one of these bots. And the last one was from Leads Bridge, which is a company that’s better known in the Facebook marketing in providing software that enables leads to go straight into the CRM of your choice. They provide a bridge, like Leads Bridge. And they dominate that particular market. And I’ve utilized their product. So they are pretty legit. And they had a nice Freebie.

How to create an effective Facebook messenger Chat Bot for real estate. And they are focused in. They help a lot of marketers and real estate companies to do Facebook advertising campaigns. And then transfer that lead data into a number of CRMs. So they are pretty credible company. I read the article and they seems a pretty good resource. And it was focused at real estate agents. So I will make sure this will be in the show notes. Which you’re going to find next week on the Mail Right website folks. What do you reckon Robert?

Robert: About which?

Robert: Well about this whole subject about bots.

Robert: So I love the fact that we’re talking about bots. I think that a, I’m going to add my, if I’ve got a space right here on the show, I’m gonna add my own spin to the conversation about bots. And that’s this. So Neil Patel and I both agree that in terms of how do you establish value with bots? It’s going to be having a Facebook messenger list. So Facebook and a lot of other marketing that is out there right now. Instagram, it’s losing its value in terms of the way that you use to be able to get organic content in front of your audience. Facebook and Instagram, both going through major evolutions where getting pieces of content even in front of you’re established to audiences harder. So how do you, these messenger bots are very good workaround from everything that I’m seeing.

In other words, if somebody has liked your page, they’re part of your messenger contact list. And now you can send them off a marketing message. There’s a lot of different ways to do it, but here’s the things that I want to emphasize. Doing it using a messenger Chat Bot, which is one of the ways you can do it, is an excellent opportunity if you have a preexisting Facebook messenger list. Now anybody that’s ever liked your page or left the comment, it is part of your contact list on your Facebook marketing page. So you might have a few hundred names there. Utilizing those names in conjunction with the Messenger Bot is something I highly recommend. Something else I highly recommend is doing quizzes and doing content that invites comment on your Facebook page in order to organically get your audience grown for your Facebook Bot campaigns. And there are a lot of different ways that you can do this kind of content. And maybe we will talk about. We’ll talk about kind of like organic Facebook or Instagram.

Jonathon: How are you for spending another 10 minutes on bonus content? Or do you have to fly away?

Robert: No I’ve got some coffee.

Jonathon: So we are going to discuss that with Robert. He’s going to give some great ideas about some of the things you just outlined in the bonus content folks. Which you’d be able to hear on the Mail Right YouTube channel. So you’d be able to see the whole interview and you’d be able to see me and Robert in the flesh. And also the bonus content. So go to the Mail-Right YouTube Channel when you’d be able to see the bonus content. So before we wrap up things for the podcast, I just want to say I’ve had a couple of people approach me about when I was looking for beta testers for the whole new functionality of Mail Right. And I’ve had a couple people approach me and I’m having a chat with them next week.

So I’m still looking for a couple more agents that looking to utilize the whole Mail Right system, for free. Plus they get bonus support from me personally, it’s a great offer. Fundamentally you get the program for life for free as long as you keep using it and keep giving me feedback and my team. Basically we’ve added a lot new functionality to the Mail Right system. Which I don’t want to burden my existing clientele. For becoming beta testers which won’t be fair on them. So I was looking to get some new young guy agents. So that’s what I’m looking for a couple of people to join the beta crew. And like I say, you get everything in the Mail Right system for free. And you get me to talk to as well. Maybe that`s a bonus, maybe that`s a negative. I don`t know. I would hopefully think that was a bonus actually. So Robert how can people find out more about you and what you are up to?

Robert: Guys I would love it if you came by the website, which is I would love it even more if while you’re reviewing this content that you like it in the comments that you share it with your friends and the people that you know. Please, John and I work really, really hard on this show. Some of the time. I know we hit the mark and some of the times we don’t, but regardless, we work hard on it. And it’s here for the people that are in real estate that are looking for some free marketing advice. Like hand out the show to them. I post the show under the university section of my website and my blog section contains content that is a little more in depth that talks about marketing content. Or more the marketing topics that we cover here. So if you want to find out, go to That’s the word inbound Robert Edgar

Jonathon: Thanks for that Robert. And I forgot how you contact me if you’re interested in becoming one of these beta testers for Mail Right. Basically just go to the Mail Right website and there’s a contact us page with a form. Just send me email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And we have a chat, see if it could fit and then we get everything set up for you. We’ll see next week where we hopefully have a guest. Or another great internal discussion. We’ll be discussing some technology or some way to help you become a more effective real estate agent for yourself and for your family. We will see you soon folks.





MobileMonkey Homepage

$19 per months for the first 6 months then its $49

Founder Larry Kim of WordStream


1 K $15 per month


Pro $15 Per month


This Strategy Gets Open Rates 242% Higher Than Email…

Social Media Examiner

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How to create an effective Facebook Messenger chatbot for real estate




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