#138 Mail-Riight Show We Interview Returning Guest Greg Hague Founder of BuyerHunt

Greg Hague Founder of BuyerHun


The Launch of New Stop Zillow APP & Website BuyerHunt

BuyerHunt gives home-buyers the ultimate buying advantage! Receive alerts directly to your mobile device 2-3 days before they hit the market. Sign up now to be notified when the app is available.THE PURPOSE – The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to help cover the cost of a new smartphone app technology that will attract buyers away from Zillow (and other third party websites) and connect them direct with real estate professionals.




Here’s A Full Transcription Of Our Interview With Greg

Thomas: Welcome back my friends to the Mail-Right Real Estate Agent podcast show. We’re on episode 138. I’m Thomas J. Nelson, your host, with my co-host Jonathan Denwood and I am super excited to have back on the show Mr. Greg Hague not only from Real Estate Mavericks but from what was originally the Stop Zillow campaign that evolved into the Plan To Save Real Estate and has culminated into the release of what we’re going to talk about today, buyerhunt.com and the BuyerHunt app. Greg Hague, welcome back to the show.

Greg: It is so good to be back with you guys today coming here from already getting hot Phoenix. Thank you for having me on Thomas and Jonathan. Really appreciate it.

Thomas: Well, we’re excited to have you here. I think this is a historical time for Realtors to take back control of not only out inventory from companies like Zillow but to take control of our buyers again and to, hey, how about that, create our own leads that we don’t have to buy back. We can just have our own leads.

Greg: Can you even imagine? That we don’t have to buy back our own leads. Is that an amazing concept, right?

Thomas: Yeah. For those that might not have heard about this prior or have heard rumors but not facts, let’s go back to the past last year and let’s take them from Stop Zillow to the Plan To Save Real Estate. We’re giving them a little history of where we started and where we are today.

Greg: Background is, I think it was on May 22nd of last year Zillow introduced a program called Instant Offers. Now, I’ve never been a fan of Zillow. I hated the fact that Zillow, inaccurate valuations, frankly, any valuations next to my sellers. I mean, if I did it, listed a home, my seller and I established an asking price and I ran an ad and I put my next to it that was contrary to the seller’s list price, I’d lose my license. Yet, we let Zillow and it hurts our sellers every single day. I hated that. I also takes my, I own a Luxury Home Real Estate firm here in the Scottsdale area, takes my agents listings and posts other agents next to them to make them appear not only like they’re the listing agent like they know something about those listings and most of the time not only do those agents not know anything about the listing, they don’t even know they’re in rotation being posted next to that listing.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: And that is for sellers, horrible for buyers, horrible for listing agents, it is just horrible for our profession. In my view, it makes us as a profession look like a bunch of because the public equates us with Zillow. They don’t really understand that Zillow really is not part of our fold and not part of our profession. So I always hated that but I didn’t. I just went on Real Estate firms, loving this business. But then, when Zillow introduced Instant Offers on the 22nd of last year, at least for me because we all know that Zillow has used our listings to attract buyers that it sells back to us. Everybody in the industry knows that and that was not the deal upfront. But Zillow has now seen, and that’s bad, but Zillow saw that it had an Achilles heel. There’s no question about this. is it a matter of opinion is a matter of fact. Zillow’s Achilles heel is us. Zillow’s Achilles heel is that while they use our listings to attract buyers and without that they’re nothing, bottom line is sellers still come to us to list their homes.

And if we get ticked off enough at Zillow, Zillow has to realize we could pull our listings and obviously a lot of Realtors have done it and talked about doing it. So Instant Offers was portrayed to be a quick, easy, convenient way for home sellers to go in, get a bid on their home, 15 investors that Zillow lined up, including, I think, OfferPad or OpenDoor was one of the investors. And 15 investors go in put in your name, put in your property address, put in some specifics and get an instant offer on your home. Well, bottom line is that program in my view, total sham. What percentage of people are taking the Instant Offers? Let me ask you this. These are all wholesale buyers. These are all. They’re all buying for profit. And oh, by the way, there’s an 8 or 9 percent service charge and oh, by the way, you don’t get the help of a Realtor. Now, let me ask you guys listening, how many, how many sellers, if you go on listing appointments, that were willing to list their home at wholesale and pay a 9 percent commission and not want you to do anything?

Thomas: Right.

Greg: I don’t think I’ve had one in 50 years.

Thomas: And what you’re talking about, just for those that are listening is, when we’re talking wholesale we’re talking at least 20 percent off market value and we’re talking about paying at least 2 to 3 percent more in fees than you would with the help of a Realtor.

Greg: Exactly. So it was clear to me from day 1 that this is just lead capture. All they’re doing is luring people in who are thinking about selling, taking them away from you. And you’ve built your brand, you do the networking, we as an industry have done this for years and Zillow, at that point, was trying to get control of our sellers. And in my view, and I wrote about it quite a lot, if we let Zillow take our sellers, we’re dead. We will forever, ever. We will have to do what they say and pay what they demand or we’re out of business. So bottom line is I started a movement called the Stop Zillow movement. Went in and for 9 bucks I bought stopzillow.com.

I was just ticked off one morning, can’t believe they didn’t even protect that, wrote this thing that basically this is wrong, this is a slap in the face. I wrote a Huffington Post article about it, about how Zillow had slapped our industry in the face by doing this. And I think it was Realtors Fight Back Against Zillow or something, Greg Hague, Huffington Post, if you want to read it. And I talked about how on their website and I showed a screenshot that they would never compete against us. And how can you ever think going after our sellers is not competing against us. Are you kidding me? I mean it’s reverse brokerage. We list homes and try to find a buyer. They found the buyers and are going trying to find sellers. It is clearly brokerage. They’re clearly competing against us. So I started this Stop Zillow petition basically to NAR. “NAR, you need to step in and do something. We pay you over $200 million dollars a year. Get some guts and get out there. Get in Zillow’s face and tell them to back off”.

Thomas: Wow.

Greg: 41,000 Realtors signed that petition in a matter of weeks backing it up. NAR comes out with a policy statement that essentially was, “We’re afraid. We don’t want to take a position. We’re afraid we’ll get sued”, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So it was clear NAR wasn’t going to do anything and I’m not even going go make a comment on that. I’m an NAR member. You guys are probably NAR members. Whatever.

Thomas: Yeah.

Greg: But honest to goodness I would think that our trade organization, with all the money we pay it, would have the guts to get in Zillow’s face and recognize what Zillow is doing to our profession and make them back down. But they’re not going to. That’s clear. And I can’t even believe, by the way, that our trade organization sold our brand, realtor.com.

Thomas: We don’t even own it anymore.

Greg: Are you kidding me? They sell our brand and now that’s a third-party website.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: lead generation website. So basically, I just said to myself, “Look, I don’t know if I can get it done but somebody’s got to try. Somebody’s got to try. And been in the business a long time, well off financially, I am an attorney, I’ve been around the block like 300 times, so maybe I have the chops to at least get something going and get something started to try to take back control”. And here was my singular goal. Develop something, a technology, some idea, some concept and business, some technology, that would enable us as a profession to get our buyers back. Because my view, if we can get our buyers back, we’ll never lose our sellers.

If you have the buyers, you won’t lose the sellers. And then, we can kick Zillow on its butt, say goodbye, never pay another lead fee, never have another inaccurate valuation next to our list price and never have another pay for leads agent sucking buyers away, who, by the way, those buyers think that agent knows something the home and they don’t have a clue. So that was the goal and that brings us up to the launch of BuyerHunt, which I’ll turn it back over to you but we launched BuyerHunt just in the last few weeks and that is the solution, I believe, that can get it done.

Thomas: All right. So what we’re going to talk about now folks is the result of the Plan To Save Real Estate, which is this new app and a website that is launching soon. It’s kind of already pre-launched to those of us that helped crowdfund it. A couple of questions to talk about BuyerHunt Greg. So, first of all, are you still accepting funding and what are the advantages of BuyerHunt if people do fund and get involved in it?

Greg: Okay. So the crowdfunding website will end the end of the month. I forget what the date is today but whatever it is, on March 31st crowdfunding is over. The benefit to crowdfunders is for a contribution of $50 or more they get access to the technology we have in the app for 2 years at no charge. So that’s the botttom line there. We’re about ready to end that. Starting on April 1st, it’s still incredibly inexpensive, it’s $35 a month. So for anybody that comes in afterward, it’s $35 a month for access to the technology. Would you like me to explain what we’re doing, Thomas?

Thomas: I would love for you to explain BuyerHunt. Let’s tell them why they want to get involved in this.

Greg: Okay. So here is why you want to get involved in this. Let’s explain what it is first. BuyerHunt is a trademark, patent pending technology that we developed over a period of 9 months and a wheelbarrow full of money, by the way, a lot more money than was crowdfunded which I personally supplemented and was pleased and proud and to do it and here’s what it is. The concept, first of all, is to come up with something, this is where I started, what could we come up with? A concept and a message that would get buyers to come back to us, get buyers to come to you. To you, Thomas, to me, to my agents, to all of you out there, to everybody at Big Block Realty and all the other Real Estate firms there in the San Diego area.

What could we come up with that would suck the buyers away from Zillow and bring them back to us? So my idea was that, what do buyers want? That’s where you start with everything. It’s silly to do technology for the sake of technology. A technology in my view is for the purpose of implementing a good idea. So the idea that I had, and time will tell whether it was a good one, is that buyers want an advantage, buyers want, in a competitive market and most every market’s competitive, it’s particularly competitive now, buyers want the ability to be able to find the best homes and make the best buys. Would you agree with me there, Thomas?

Thomas: I do agree with you.

Greg: There’s a home buyer out there, they want to find the best home and make the best buy they can, right?

Thomas: They often call and say, “Hey. Do you know of anything in off-market that I can get early notice about?”. Because in a seller’s market, they’re getting beaten up in multiple offers.

Greg: Right. Exactly. And so, how do you give buyers that? How do you do something Zillow was not? Well, the way you do it is by what I call a first notification, a first mover advantage. Buyer will be able to learn about newly listed homes before other buyers, before they appear on Zillow, before they appear on realtor.com. That would be a huge advantage. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Pretend you’re looking between, let’s say, $400,000 and $500,000, a very hot competitive market and you have a particular community you’re targeting. Wouldn’t you love to know about every single home that’s listed in that market and learn about those homes before any other buyer? In other words, before they’re on Zillow, before they’re on realtor.com, before they’re in MLS, before there’s a sign on them, that you get a notification that that home was listed and that you have the first chance to see it, to buy it or reject it.

Thomas: Yeah. Absolutely.
Greg: If a buyer had that, would they be all over that Thomas?

Thomas: Absolutely they would and I would as an agent because that makes me stand out amongst the competition of other agents vying for that client because I’ve got a tool that other agents aren’t using.

Greg: Exactly.

Jonathan: Before Greg answers that, we need to go for our break Thomas.

Thomas: Okay. All right. That’s why I have Jonathan here Greg because otherwise, I’d just talk myself through 45 minutes with you. All right. I’ll just turn it over to Jonathan and take us away to break.

Jonathan: That’s great. It’s been a fascinating conversation with Greg. We’ll be back in a few moments folks.

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Jonathan: We’re back. We’ve had a against Zillow but there we go. Back to my great co-host, Thomas.

Thomas: Okay. Before I go back to Greg, Jonathan, I want to give you a chance to ID yourself and just say hello since I kind of blew through our introductions today because I was so anxious to talk to Greg.

Jonathan: Yeah. But Greg’s on a tight time thing. I’m the founder of Mail-Right. We get leads from Facebook. We get quality leads for our agents. Back to you, Thomas.

Thomas: All right. And I’m Thomas J. Nelson. I’m Jonathan’s co-host and I’m a Residential Realtor here in San Diego, California with Big Block Realty in America’s finest city. All right Greg, let’s get back to you and let’s finish that explanation on BuyerHunt.

Greg: Think about this. If you could give buyers that kind of a first mover advantage, buyers would be all about it. If you could market it out there, how could a buyer so no, particularly if it was free?

Thomas: Right.

Greg: So, that was the concept and here’s how we implemented it, here’s the technology we. We did something that’s never been done before. We developed two apps, two smartphone apps. And websites are easy to build. Smartphone app technology is 10 times more expensive, 10 times more complicated but we developed actually four apps, two for the Android store, two for the Apple store. So there’s four apps but think of it as two because it’s really just two. It depends on what type of phone you have. So there’s an Agent app and there’s a Consumer app. So let’s take the Agent app first. The Agent app, what you do is when you list a home, right there when you’re still you take a photo, you put in the address, you put in a short little description and you have word recognition that puts it in and you record a 45 second audio that pitches the home.

If you don’t like what you recorded, just record it again. So you describe the home, you put in the basic features, one photo, if you don’t like it, delete it, put in another one, just get a good photo and you click upload. You can do this if you list a home in 3 minutes, 3 minutes while you’re still with the seller. What happens, is that information goes to our buyer match process or we call it the BMP, Buyer Match Processor and it takes a look at all the buyers who have registered on their app. So now, let’s look at that app. That’s the Consumer or the Buyer app. Now, that app is a downloadable app that consumers, for free, can simply put in what they’re looking for, their zip code, their price range, basic parameters, what they’re looking for. And listen to how tricked this is.

Whenever a home like that gets listed, right like within minutes of when it’s listed, when you upload it, the buyer gets a flash notification on the screen of their smartphone, that a little dot appears on the BuyerHunt app that shows one or if two homes have been uploaded before they look, it shows two. They open the app, boom, what do they see? They see a photo of the home. They see the price. They see the description. You don’t need multiple photos here. This isn’t about that. This is about a quick notification.

Give me a quick photo. Show me the price. Give me a description. Let me listen to that 45-second audio. And then, if the buyer likes what they see and remember, the home was maybe listed 12 minutes ago. That’s what so cool, like 12 minutes ago. So the buyer then can do one or two things. Whomever you are that listed the home, your photo’s there, your contact information’s there and they can just click your phone number and it’ll dial you while you’re still in the home with the seller, it will dial you right from the app. And they can say, “Hey. Tell me more about the home”, or, “I’d like to see a pic”, or we have our spin dial appointment setter. Now, the spin dial appointment setter, the consumer, rather than call you, can just spin it to the time and date they want to see the home. Maybe they want to see it that afternoon at 5 o’clock. It defaults to today’s date. They put in 5 o’clock. Click. Guess what happens? On your app, you’re the agent now, on your app, boom.

That consumer information comes up right in front of you. You see their name, their phone number, their email address and everything and it says, “They’d like to see the home at 5 o’clock”. You can click and you can call them to either confirm it or to say that you need to reschedule it. So the bottom line is the whole goal here is for you to be able to, from the home, upload information that goes to buyers who are interested in the home. And now let me tell you the big vision. The big vision is to, let’s take San Diego where you’re based, the big vision in the next 12 months is to build a database of buyers, people who have downloaded the BuyerHunt app for free, why not?

Who wouldn’t want a first mover advantage? And if you haven’t seen our commercial, it’s really cool. You guys should post a link to it, to our TV commercial on your Facebook page because it is, I mean, it is getting rave reviews. So bottom line is to build a database of buyers looking in every price range, in every area, for every type of home, in the San Diego area. And guess whose disposal that’s going to be at? Yours. Every agent in San Diego for 35 bucks a month. I mean, it’s like the cost of a sign for gosh sake.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: You list a home. You can expose the homes you list to virtually every potential buyer who are waiting and anxious. You’re not bothering them. They’re waiting and anxious to hear about the newly listed home that fits their preference. It’s going to be the best home selling tool ever imagined in Real Estate, hands down. You see that. And here’s the thing that I think a lot of people are missing. Also the best listing tool in the world. If you go up against an agent who doesn’t have this, you’ve got access to buyers, to this huge database, sellers will have seen the BuyerHunt marketing, BuyerHunt whatever.

I mean, you can’t not have this. This is the killer listing tool of all killer listing tools to be able to go and say, you know, most agents when they list your home, they go out and start looking for a buyer. Guess what? I’ve got buyers right here waiting. I’ll probably start getting calls the second you sign the listing contract. I do the photo and do the upload. So the whole idea is to suck buyers off of Zillow using this first mover advantage. And here’s the thing, unless you guys screw it up and if you do, I’m just going on vacation. Unless you and I mean you Realtors out there screw it up, Zillow can’t compete because you’re up, let them have their LMS fees.

Let them keep doing what they’re doing. Every buyer will love this first notification advantage. You use this, you upload it, we will take the buyers back off of Zillow. And if Zillow comes out with something like it and whatever, that you say, “Hey”, now Zillow, like 6 months or a year from now, they offer whatever, they could. It would probably violate our patent. We’ll sue and all that.

But you know, if you knew what was going on behind the scenes, Zillow is all over this. I could tell back end here, they see the writing on the wall with this and they don’t like it one bit. You can bet on that for darn sure because this puts you back in control. Buyers are going to love it. You’re uploading and exposing homes to buyers. I mean, like the minute you list the home, bottom line is we can take our buyers back and we can never lose our sellers and that’s what this is about Thomas. So I’m sorry. I get all excited.

Thomas: I was going to say it’s good to have someone with a little passion behind this because I’ll tell you, I believe you about Zillow because as we discussed off camera, I’ve been posting about this and I got my first attack from Zillow for supporting this and if was very interesting to see them clutching at straws because they didn’t even have a solid argument. But let’s open this up a little more. Okay. So I’m a Real Estate agent. How am I getting my listings on BuyerHunt? How do I do that?

Greg: You simply download the BuyerHunt app. We’re just about live. We just found out yesterday that our app, it was a long process to go through the Apple and the Android approval process. But I found out yesterday from our app builder that three of the four apps have been approved. There’s one little tweak they’re making to the Consumer app on the Apple. We’re just about ready to release. I’m guessing that will be in the next week or so.

Thomas: Okay.

Greg: I’m out of control with Apple. But all you do is you’ll go to our website buyerhunt.com and you’ll pay $35 a month. You can cancel anytime. You can always download the app but to make the Agent app work, you need an access code. So in about a week, you’ll see buyerhunt.com will change. You’ll be able to actually go in, sign up, get an access code, download the Agent app and start using it. It’s just that simple Thomas.

Thomas: All right. And let’s talk about what’s unique about this because how long will my listing stay on the app before it vanishes?

Greg: 72 hours.

Thomas: Okay. Why?

Greg: Here’s why. And with a lot of people, boy, that is the most commonly asked question, “Greg, why don’t they just stay up there forever?”.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: Here’s why. I’ve been doing this a long time. I mean Real Estate a long time. And I believe it is critical to have a niche position, particularly when you’re taking a startup. This is a startup. Yeah, I’m a successful Realtor but this is a startup. We’re going against a 6, 7 billion dollar corporation. So I believe we need to have a niche position and we need to be doing what they aren’t. So this whole imaging is that we have the fresh new listings. They stay up here for 72 hours. Then once they migrate through MLS, to Zillow and the other websites, we’re done.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: You can go see them over there because then you’re going to have more photos and all that stuff. I don’t want to compete with that.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: We’re not in a position, we don’t have the money to compete with that. We want to be where they’re not. That’s all we want to do. And that’s why the 72 hours. I think of it as, we have the fresh they have the rest.

Thomas: And it makes sense. We’re hammering on Zillow here but we’re talking about all the Zillow like sites out there too. It’s not just Zillow that we’re trying to take this back from because there are so many sites that we compete with as agents. There’s a comment I want to address. I know we’re going to address some Q and A that came in from my blogging on this but there’s one I want to make sure it gets on our podcast because it’s the number one pushback I’m getting from agents, the agents that aren’t on board with this yet is they’re seeing this as a coming soon site or a pocket listing site and their number one comment is, “I am not allowed to do coming soon here”. I’m getting that from Chicago, from North Carolina, from Kentucky, from Wisconsin, from Minnesota. A lot of the back East agents are saying, “Hey. This will not work here”. How do you address that?

Greg: Okay. So let me use a few terms of here. First of all, with respect to pocket listing, this is the furthest thing from a pocket listing because we even have a co-broke field. When agents upload their homes, they put in the amount of co-broke so that buyer agents out there with buyers who are using the Consumer app, and I’ll talk about that in a second, they know they’re protected. It’s the furthest thing. A pocket listing is when you take a listing and you kind of hide it from everybody so that you can sell it yourself.

I know. I was around when they developed the concept like 40 years ago. This is not that at all, number one. And by the way, this is an amazing tool for buyer agents. You’re working with buyers. You simply download the Consumer app. You put in what your buyers are looking for and you get notifications of newly listed homes you can call your buyers on before they appear anywhere else. I want to mention that some buyer agents have said to me, “Wow, gosh. What’s to keep my buyer from downloading the app themselves and leaving me in the dust?”. What’s to keep your buyer from going on Zillow or realtor.com and leaving you in the dust?

Thomas: Right.

Greg: If you don’t have a good enough relationship with your buyer that they want you to help them buy a home, believe me, the world we’re in now, you’re toast.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: So, this is a not a buyer take away thing, this is a give me an advantage thing.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: Now, coming soon part. This is also not coming soon. Coming soon. I think that’s one of the stupidest phrases on the face of the Earth, by the way. Coming soon implies that it’s coming to the market soon. We all know that the homes that are coming soon are for sale.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: All you’re really saying is, “Not in MLS yet”. It’s not really coming soon. It’s just not in MLS yet.

Thomas: Right.

Greg: I think there’s a good reason for not putting homes in MLS right away, personally, it has nothing to do with BuyerHunt because MLSs track the market and time on the market is acid to the price of a home. You can take the same home, same home, same price, same everything and if it’s been on the market 3 days, it’ll sell for more than if it’s been on the market 300 days. Time on the market hurts the price of a home. So bottom line is I think there’s a good reason to try to market home pre-MLS. Use MLS as a tool. There’s a time to use it if you don’t get a home sold. Maybe that’s after 5 days. Maybe it’s after 20 days.

I don’t know. That’s up to you, price range etcetera. But this is not coming soon either. So that’s number two. Number three, there are a few MLSs, very few MLSs like the one up in the Seattle area. It’s ridiculous, like the Gestapo up there. These people are looney tunes, in the MLS, not the agents. They prohibit agents, even if a seller wants you to, up in Seattle, they have this prohibition in the MLS that you list a home, you’re not even allowed to tell the agents in your office that you’ve got that listed until you put it in MLS, even if the seller wants you to, even if the seller wants you to do pre-marketing, even if the seller doesn’t want to use MLS. This is a Broker-owned MLS that’s scared to death it’s going to lose its control and you have a few of these around the country and you have to realize very few. It’s a small percentage of the market. But if you’re in one of those, then what you have to do to use BuyerHunt is take the photo, do all this, take it back to the office and the second you push the MLS button, then push the BuyerHunt button and then let it hit BuyerHunt.

So you’re not going to be able to give buyers the 1 or 2 day advantage but you can still give them a few hour advantage and they’re going to be on it and you’ll still get the leads. But I will tell you as a side note, MLSs that try to preempt you to tell you what’s best for your seller, you and your seller should decide what’s best for them and these people who run the MLSs, many of them have never sold a home. They have no freaking business telling you or your seller what should be done in pre-marketing. They’re way out of line. And once I get Zillow taken care of, maybe we’ll turn over.

Jonathan: I think that’s a good ending point for the audio part of the show. What do you think Thomas?

Thomas: Yeah. We’re going to continue for a few minutes on our video where you can find us on YouTube or on the Mail-Right podcast site. But we’ll wrap up the audio portion now. And I agree with you, Greg. You know that comment about Seattle, isn’t it funny that it’s Seattle, isn’t there someone else based in Seattle?

Greg: Yeah.

Thomas: I agree. Funny enough, that company’s not run by a bunch of Real Estate professionals either.

Greg: No, no.

Thomas: But I digress. Greg, if people want to get more information about this or talk to you about it, what’s the best way to get in touch with you can get more information?

Greg: Yes. You can email, that’s one on the front, one on the back at buyerhunt.com. Also, you can email Jen. Jen is my right arm and handles a lot of my emails. So if you don’t get a response back from me, just. And so, you can email Jen, jenn@.com.

Thomas: All right. And Jonathan, if people want to learn more about Mail-Right, how would they do that?

Jonathan: It’s really easy folks. You go to the Mail-Right website. All the shows are on there with the show notes or you go to the Mail-Right Facebook page and there’s all the information on there Thomas.

Thomas: All right. And if you want to network or you need help with buying, selling, investing in Residential Real Estate in the San Diego, California area, I’m Thomas J. Nelson with Big Block Realty and I’m never too busy for your referrals. Come join us on the video. We’re going to sign off the audio now. We’ll see you again next week for another great episode folks but come join us for the bonus material.

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Personal agent photography is really important but usually semi-forgotten. We have a great guest "Preston Zeller" on the show who recently Read more