094 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show Selling Homes to Professional Investors

Tom Cafarella is the kind of guy and Ocean City Development LLC is the kind of company you’d want to partner with as a real estate agent. Got a distressed property to list? Refer it to Tom, get a fair offer, make money on the sale and then list it for him when they bring it back to the market. It’s a great win-win-win-win! The seller gets a quick, clean deal that they may not get from the retail public, the agent gets 2 deals, Tom’s crew takes an underperforming property and puts it back on the market for a lucky buyer and improves the comps for that neighborhood!
Tom shared that only about 10% of the deals make sense. They do not square peg a round hole, the seller has to see the benefit to make it happen. That said, Tom’s
OCD LLC team closes 100 deals per year!



More About Tom

Tom is the co-founder of Ocean City Development, a real estate investment company based out of Boston, MA.

Tom’s unique lead generation methods have allowed him to transform from an accountant who had never done a deal in his life to a full-time investor who has acquired over 100 discounted properties in to fix and flip, wholesale and buy and hold without using his own money.

To learn his best lead generation strategies, go to www.learnhowtogetdiscountedproperties.com

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1. Help others get what they want and you will get what you want
2. Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins