084 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show With Special Guest Aaron Hendon

We had a wonderful guest join us for Episode 84, Mr. Aaron Hendon, a New Yorker now living in Seattle who’s an investor, real estate agent, entrepreneur and author.
He’s a man that preaches with his feet, as he’s putting action behind his words and education by teaching buyers and sellers how to hire a Realtor, work with a Realtor and set expectations upfront. Aaron’s book: Won’t Get Fooled Again addresses these points and more; including the questions every seller should ask their agent before they hire them.



We discuss interviewing agents, expectations, why discount brokers cost you more than full service brokers and why the local agent with all the bus bench ads isn’t always the “expert”.

We had a lot of chatting with Aaron and feel you’ll get a lot out of his answers to our questions and advice he shares.

(p) 206-280-3312
Skype: hendon.aaron